Famous in Love (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Found in Translation

1 [crowd cheering] (Paige) Previously on "Famous In Love.
" [gasps] Happy birthday, Paige.
I would sell my soul for one of those and my soul would be worth around $4000.
What are you doing? None of this would have been possible without you.
Oh, there she is.
One of my last customers who hasn't left me for Craigslist.
Rainer is in the middle of the biggest film of his life.
He deserves to know who his father is.
(Nina) His father just became head of the studio.
- So what's your deal? - Set PA Adam.
- 'At your service.
' - Noted.
Take your money and get out of here.
[siren wailing] I'm telling you that's not mine.
(male #1) 'Ma'am, step out of the vehicle now.
' Remember, we agreed on 50 more bucks? I need the money for school.
I'm so glad you decided to celebrate our little victory after all.
I really wanna have a great working relationship together.
- Fresh start? - Fresh start.
Jake, if you don't show up tonight you could seriously damage this friendship.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa Whoa whoa whoa whoa (Paige) 'Thank you again.
' Best birthday ever.
I had a really, really great time.
Me too.
- When am I gonna see you again? - Everyday at work.
- But we have two days off.
- Speak for yourself, buddy.
I have a scene today and I have to study.
I may be failing econ, so I have to get up the rest of my grades to As to offset my GPA.
Maybe I can help you study.
Did he come to the party last night? No, he didn't.
Let's go to Vegas.
Two syllables for you.
Ah! Okay, look, hey, you can study on the plane.
I have a lease share.
Private jet.
That sounds like a date.
Definitely not a date.
Invite Cassie, invite Jake.
The plane seats six, invite two more.
Well, Cassie is definitely down, but Jake is a wildcard.
Have you ever been to The Buffet at the Bellagio? No.
Lime-soaked ceviche.
Angry mac and cheese, which has a smoky, chipotle flavor.
- Go on.
- Truffle mashed potatoes.
And we can wash it all down with a bacon double decker from Fuku.
And my boy Vince knows this really great tutor May.
So between hangovers, you can study.
You had me at bacon double decker.
[chuckles] [theme music] - Hey, Cass.
- Hey, you 21-year-old.
You know, it's all downhill from here.
[scoffs] Don't I know it? Um, hey, did Jake say anything to you when he came in last night? Like why he didn't come to my birthday? No, but he just came home this morning so my guess is he stayed at Alexis's place.
So he spent my 21st with the biggest B in Hollywood.
[phone chimes] Oh, um, I forgot.
I have this dinner scheduled with the, uh president of Gold Brothers next week.
Oh, hey, uh, did the three diamond bracelet ever come back from the jewelers? I should probably wear it to dinner.
Um, yeah, no, I just checked on it the other day 'and he was still resizing it' but that was a few days ago, so I will check again.
I'll go make us some coffee.
But I sold it for $2000.
Why is it now three? (Dennis on phone) 'Sorry, honey.
That's how the pawning works.
' 'You sell it to me at a discounted rate' 'and I upsell it.
' Okay.
Thank you.
Hey, it's Lacey.
I need as many shifts today as possible.
Yeah, that's right.
As many as I can get.
[sighs] Hey, I'm headed out.
I'll be home later.
What's up? Maybe an explanation of why you didn't make my birthday party last night? Something came up.
I'll take you out to Los Amigos this week.
Oh, I cannot even with him right now.
Totes just noticing this, but are you wearing his shirt? [gasps] - So did you do it? - No.
No, of course not.
In fact, he gave me the bed and he slept on the couch.
- No, come on.
- Yes, I'm serious.
Oh, by the way, he invited us to fly on his private jet and spend two days in Vegas staying at the Bellagio.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you in? Wait, we as in me? Yes.
We as in you and I.
Yes, totally.
I'm in, I'm so in! Uh, I have to skate for my shift at the Pizza Dome.
Hey, Cass.
You think I should invite Jake, right? No.
Look, if he wants to work on contracting every STD known to man, that is his deal.
But you and I are going to be drinking yard full of margaritas while we hit the clubs.
- Love you.
- Love you.
We'll take it up and down I wanna live this night over and over (Nina) 'We have a big problem, Alan.
' Is this about the Chinese distributors? They are threatening to pull out because they think that Tangey's role as the Time Sorceress is a ghost.
- So.
- So they don't do ghosts.
It's cultural.
The Chinese refuse to release anything that has a ghost or a spirit in it.
And I don't do seafood on Sundays.
What? It's my thing.
Let me speak a language you do understand.
- Hmm.
- Greed.
"Ghostbusters" and "Crimson Peak" never released in China.
- That means millions lost.
- Yes.
That I speak fluently and that's nothing a phone call can't fix.
I'll call today.
Getting lost in translation is not gonna secure your distribution, Alan.
Your producer is.
I have to go.
To China? You are right in the middle of production.
No, you can't leave.
You know this is how the Chinese do business.
They sit down, have tea and bargain.
It's a process.
They love negotiating.
And obviously, they're not finished yet.
I'm going to Hong Kong.
[upbeat music] - So I guess we're partying.
- Yeah.
Didn't feel like studying anyway.
Study sess was never gonna happen on game day.
Bro, the game isn't for another six hours.
Dude, hardcore pre-gaming happening right now.
Keg's over there.
Jungle juice is in the fridge.
Look, I ain't mad at it.
Oh, and there's some strippers or something in there.
- No way.
Strippers? - Yeah.
(male #2) 'Hey, Jake, grab me a drink.
' (Jake) 'Yeah, I got it.
' (Jake) 'Cassie?' Hey, have you seen Cassie? Um, no.
She had a shift at the Pizza Dome.
But you haven't heard from her like in the last hour? - No, why? - Just, uh.
- I was hoping she'd be here.
- Is she okay? You know what? Um, it's nothing.
Just, uh, let me know if you hear from her.
Jake, hey.
Is there something going on? Was there an accident? Jake, it's me.
She was at my friend's study-group-turned-party.
working as a topless maid.
What? She ran out and I-I haven't been able to reach her.
No, no.
Are you sure it was her? [scoffs] [scoffs] I-I-I feel awful.
She must feel so humiliated.
That's why she hasn't called me back.
Don't worry.
We'll find her.
You called me over here.
What do you want? I'm your mother.
What do you think I want? [laughs] Bail me out.
- No.
- No? I've been bailing you out my whole life.
I just handed you 50K for your nail salon in Tucson and you still land here on drugs.
I've been clean for months, Jordy.
- Don't call me Jordy.
- My apologies, Jordan Wilder.
May I have your autograph? That coke wasn't mine.
And if you didn't plant it, then that bitch you was with did.
That was all you and you know it.
She framed me, J, 'cause I didn't do this.
- It really is amazing.
- What? How you blame other people for your problems.
Nina wouldn't frame you.
Oh, you don't feel like talkin'? Fine.
There are plenty of interesting people who do.
Your girlfriend's mom stopped in.
- Ida? - What did you tell her? - Nothing.
Didn't trust her.
- Good.
But she did put me in touch with someone I might trust.
I trust Barrett Hopper would be willing to invest 5K into bailing me out and, uh, that type of generosity motivates all kinds of talkin'.
Honey, pack your bags.
We're going to Hong Kong.
You know I love egg drop soup, mother but not enough for a 15-hour flight.
I need to convince our Chinese distributors to uphold their agreement to release "Locked".
And you, my son, are the face of it.
- I thought Jordan was.
- Well, you both are.
But the Chinese love you.
You have a presence there already.
[sighs] When? - Tonight.
- I have plans.
Rain, if those plans involve your standard silicon implants and hair extensions, cancel.
The plane leaves in three hours.
I can't believe you're springing a 15 hour flight at me at the eleventh hour.
Well, I'm a suit.
And suits don't care about other suits.
But you, you're the face of "Locked" and a huge star in China ever since "Dragons in the Sand" was released.
What about hiring Jordan for his international sales? Take him as your carry-on if he is so valuable in the foreign market.
Jordan's an important part of the movie, but.
you're the first face they'll see on the poster.
I'll bring a deck of cards.
We can play hearts.
It'll be fun.
- We'll fly private.
- Done.
Kyle said she hasn't worked at the Pizza Dome in weeks.
What? Jake, why would she take a job like this? She must really be in trouble.
I just don't understand why she didn't reach out to us.
[sighs] Zack's douchebag friends were calling her Lacey.
Paige, I think she's been hiding this for a while.
She made up a fake name.
- Oh, my God.
- What? I was, I was on the phone with her the other day and somebody in the background called for Lacey.
And I.
Oh, my God.
I've been so consumed in this stupid movie and Wyatt always yelling at me all the time that I.
It was right in front of my face and I didn't even see it.
I'm such a bad friend.
Hey, I didn't know either.
I had no clue.
Where would Cassie go if she was trying to escape everything? You better not have cheaped-out in the meal service.
- Never.
- Alright.
Honey, I'm home.
What the hell are you doing here? Well, I'm coming with.
I've been cleaning up after your messes for years, Alan.
I can handle this.
Oh, you can handle a lot of things but I'm not letting you do this on your own.
[sighs] [upbeat music] Well, well, well, you've been holding out on me, son.
[sighs] Wow.
And to think, I only asked for 50K.
It's not mine.
It's Rainer's.
You can stay here till he gets back.
Don't get too comfortable.
- 'Hey, Paige.
' - Jake, hey.
So I checked her favorite spot on the fourth floor library.
I checked the coffee shop, the quad.
Where could she be? [sighs] I don't know.
[exhales] Wow, feels like forever since I've hung out here.
I miss this.
So hard to do It's easier said than done [phone chimes] Can't forget - Is it Cassie? - Uh, no.
Whatever it is, it must be pretty important 'cause it keep blowing up your phone all mornin'.
I hate to ask you, but are you and Alexis like a thing now? - That was my agent, actually.
- Oh.
I have a meeting about my script in an hour.
I just called him earlier to let him know I might not make it.
Wait? Like to sell your script? I already sold it.
Yeah, to Newcastle Studios.
No way! Oh my goodness! That's so.
Gah! That's amazing.
Why didn't you tell us? You know, the three of us haven't exactly been talking a lot lately.
[phone chimes] Ah, shoot, um, I'm supposed to be, uh at my fitting right now for production.
How long will your fitting take? An hour? Then my meeting will take like a half hour, if that.
We can meet up after to continue the search? - Okay.
- Okay.
You better leave your picky eating habits in the US, Alan.
The Chinese consider it rude not to sample each and every dish served.
I've been successfully conducting international business for years.
You just better let me do the talking because the Chinese regard patience and politeness above other qualities.
Guys, give it a rest.
[phone ringing] - Hey, Rainer.
- Hey, Paige.
Um, slight change of plans.
He better not be screwing his co-star.
Isn't that one of the perks of the job? [whispers] Guys.
Uh, Rainer? (Rainer) 'Hey, sorry.
Bad connection.
So I-I have to go to Hong Kong to meet with a few Chinese "Locked" distributors.
'Guess they're getting cold feet.
' Don't worry about it.
Stuff's pretty crazy down here right now anyway.
'Cassie is dealing with this thing and.
' - What's wrong? - She's missing.
'I can't reach her.
She's only been gone for a few hours.
' But I am really starting to get worried.
It's just been a few hours? I'm sure she'll turn up.
I'll fly from Hong Kong to Vegas and meet you both there.
I'm buying you and Cass tickets right now.
Check your inbox.
There's no way you're getting out of this, Miss Townsen.
'I've gotta go.
I'll see you soon.
' Bye.
Were you really surprised? [exhales] Completely.
So crazy how many people showed up.
You guys were all in on it? Mm.
So you two a thing now? 'I mean, he really went all out last night.
' [chuckles] That party must have cost a fortune.
[knock on door] - Hey, Vince.
- Here.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, by the way, do you have any aspirin? My head is killing me.
Hey, I'll check with the set medic but, uh I'm not your assistant.
I can't be running around for you when I got things to do for Rainer.
- I'm just saying.
- Oh, I-I'm sorry.
I-I thought you were a set PA like Adam.
You know you get your own assistant, right? 'You're the star of a major studio motion picture.
' You could probably have three.
[clicks] Pick a hot chick, would ya? Let's keep it interesting.
Wait, wait, wait.
I thought we were booked at the Ritz.
Well, we're not.
We're at the Hyatt.
You booked my rooms while on my desk.
You know that I can't sleep in any bed besides Ritz' beds.
Mom, do you have a Dramamine? Feeling a little car sick.
- Car sickness is psychosomatic.
- Cruel.
Cruel woman.
Motion sickness is miserable.
Take it from a guy who travels a lot.
Thank you.
I've been telling her that for years.
I can't ride on roller coasters, boats.
(Alan) 'Me either.
' One of my girlfriend's talked me into this Alaskan cruise but I only lasted a night.
Had to wait it in a motel in Ketchikan while she saw eagles and whales and bears.
Oh, my! Everybody gets motion sickness.
Thought you said, it was psychosomatic.
Yeah, for you.
Yeah, well, since then I take it with me everywhere I go.
- Here you go.
- Pathetic.
Hey, Adam, um, you haven't talked to Cassie lately, have you? I mean, you saw her last night, obviously but in the last few hours or so? Yeah, not since this morning.
That's great, by the way, the whole you and Cassie thing.
It's just great.
[chuckles] Hey, if she reaches out to you in any way can you just let her know that we're pretty worried and she should call or text us.
Okay, mom.
[sighs] Anybody home? Hey.
[siren wailing] Ooh.
I guess this is, uh, a bad time to tell you I'm trying to go gluten free.
[chuckles] So I ran into Paige on set today.
I really think you should text her.
Hey, what is it? If you knew, you might not like me anymore.
I've been around.
Try me.
Well, my private loan fell through and I've fallen behind on my CMU tuition payments.
So I took a job as a.
a topless maid.
Well, a hooker would've been bad.
But topless maid, who cares? You use organic cleaning supplies, right? [chuckles] So what's the problem? I had a job this morning.
and it was kind of a party.
and my friend Jake showed up.
- Awkward.
- Yeah.
But, hey, Cassie.
I promise you.
your friends will understand.
[vehicles honking] (Alan) 'Ni hao.
' Thank you for your hospitality and receiving us so graciously into your country.
Pleased to have you.
Thank you for making the trip.
Your English is impeccable, Miss Lin.
As I was saying over the phone we wanna clear up any misunderstanding regarding the Time Sorceress character in "Locked".
The Time Sorceress is not a ghost.
Or a spirit.
The Sorceress moves around in time like "The Terminator".
Just like "The Terminator.
" - Schwarzenegger? - Yes.
But you see, "The Terminator" was not set in a specific time period.
Since "Locked" is in present day 'jumping around in time is inauspicious' 'for the Chinese people' considering our belief in reincarnation.
'The only way we can distribute "Locked" in China' is if you cast a Chinese actress in the role of Time Sorceress.
Xu YiFei is one of China's fastest rising stars.
'She's perfect for the part.
' But Tangey's already playing that role.
Yeah, we've, uh, we've already shot half those scenes.
We'll do reshoots.
[instrumental music] What are you doing? [sighs] What? I have no choice.
Cassie didn't come home last night.
So you're going through her stuff? Well, yeah, I mean, we-we have to find her.
Maybe there's something here that will.
[sighs] Jake, why won't she just text me back? She hasn't posted anything on Insta or Snap.
Maybe it's not about this.
Maybe it's more about the movie.
What? That I got the role? If it weren't for her, you wouldn't have even auditioned.
A-and now she is obviously having money issues.
What about you? You're the one off selling your scripts and hanging out with starlets in the desert.
(Jake) 'Hey, okay.
' Look, I-I just feel you've been a little - Been what? - A little distant lately.
- That's all.
- Me? Are you serious right now? You're the one who just spent four days with Alexis.
Look, we both have gigs in Hollywood.
We're so lucky.
I guess we just made her feel worse.
[sighs] It's a receipt from a pawn shop for two grand.
- Is it for a bracelet? - 'Yeah.
It looks like it.
' [sighs] (Rainer) 'I almost didn't recognize you without a suit on.
' Figured you slept in 'em.
Well, what can I say? I'm human, after all.
Mom said I should broaden my culinary palate.
Fish ball? Uh, no.
- Still sober? - Three years.
Good for you.
Hell, I was sober for years after my dad died.
I mean, not that I had a problem but because he did.
You know, put it this way.
He wasn't a friendly drunk.
Did you know that your mother started out on my desk? Yeah.
She still complains about it.
[laughs] Well, I probably deserve that.
Never have had a way with women.
I married twice and now I am thinking about.
proposing again.
Maybe the third time is the charm.
Uh, you know, the only thing that my ex-wives have in common is their disdain for me.
So maybe not.
[instrumental music] How do you know I ain't already eaten? Because I know your go-to breakfast is coffee and cigarettes.
I gave up smokin'.
You and I pulled enough cons.
I know when you're lying.
Besides, breakfast wasn't in your mothering handbook.
Or lunch.
Or dinner.
I was a good enough mother to go to jail for five years for something you did.
I have to admit your access to craft service makes you a very desirable dating candidate.
But really, thank you for letting me stay here.
It's not like we're together or anything.
We're together here.
This is true.
So you're gonna text Paige? Are you gonna give 'em a little credit? I mean, they obviously care about you.
I think I just need more time, you know? I can't ever take that moment back.
I mean, one of my best friends saw the girls.
You know, there's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world.
It's a pity to hide yours.
[laughs] "Princess Bride".
Pretty good.
It's one of my favorite movies.
[sighs] What? Nothing.
I just like the way the light hits you.
And now I have to figure out what to do about my massive debt.
I probably have to drop out.
[sighs] Wow, I never thought I'd end up like this.
Hey, I'm a 26-year-old PA.
You think this is where I thought I'd be? So what do you wanna do? You know, in life? I was gonna be an actress.
You're in LA, you don't need a degree for that.
But I'm not even sure anymore if it's my dream or my mom's.
She actually won an Emmy for her supporting actress role on a nighttime soap.
What's she doing now? She died of cancer.
I was nine.
I remember she allowed me to stay up late to watch it.
But before she accepted her award I fell asleep.
I've never forgiven myself for that.
I'm gonna go make us some coffee.
[phone chimes] There's never a time that is not now There's never a time that is not now Oh, my goodness.
Uh, J-Jake.
Jake, there's bubbles! So many bubbles! - What? - Oh, my goodness.
Look, s-she's about to reply to my text.
[sighs] [instrumental music] Wow.
Well, we just have to give her some more time.
She'll come back when she's ready.
Let's be patient and we'll wait it out here.
I'll make omelets.
- Denver with extra cheese? - Yes, please.
[instrumental music] (Alan) 'Can't sleep either, huh?' You just missed your son.
'He's on his way to the airport.
' Bartender, bottle of your best champagne.
Let's celebrate, hmm? It's more of a period victory, wouldn't you say, Alan? - Hmm, yeah.
- We didn't win.
We just avoided annihilation.
Hmm, I do have to admit I'm not looking forward to telling Tangey she's been recast.
But that's a Xanax moment in LA.
You did good job today, Devon.
You also did a great job with Rainer.
He's a good kid.
It couldn't have been easy being a single mom.
That's why I got Rain in the showbiz in the first place.
To combine work and being a mom.
I guess it worked out.
You know, I've often wondered why we didn't make it work.
I mean, you're smart.
You're sexy as hell.
[laughs] [instrumental music] Well, uh.
[glasses clink] (Chip on voicemail) 'Hey, Rainer, it's Chip.
Missed you at the gym today.
' 'Give me a call back when you can and uh.
' 'I can come over to your place for a private se.
' (Vince on voicemail) 'Rain Man, it's Vince.
' 'Your agent called.
He booked you with this Rolex commercial.
' 'And your lawyer called and he's a talkative.
' And I know it's gonna take sometime But it is slo-o-ow So now we know who's got The sad eyes And I know it's gonna be alright But it don't show Wow.
Exactly where I left you.
'I thought you would've made some progress by now.
' I've decided I'm protesting in bed 'like John and Yoko.
' Yeah.
Got you a present.
Now, I can't stay long because this took me about two hours to get and I gotta get back.
Set thinks I'm on the longest coffee run ever.
What's this? My buddy works at the television academy.
He did me a solid.
(Kathryn) 'Thank you.
' Thank you to the Academy.
'But most importantly' 'thank you to my daughter, Cassandra.
' Honey, you were my inspiration.
'I do this for you.
' 'You inspire me to never give up on my dreams.
' I love you.
Now go to bed.
Thank you.
That was worth it.
[sighs] I need to get back to set.
Should I lock up when I leave? I need to go home.
Hey, about earlier I'm grateful for what you did for me.
But you have to stop holdin' it over my head.
You know I did it for you.
I know you did.
Now sit yourself down.
'cause I made you a grilled cheese sandwich.
[chuckles] Mmm.
I burned it, but now you can't say I never made you a meal.
[chuckles] I kinda like burned grill cheese.
J, uh, I know our lives together have been tough but you gotta admit some of it was kinda fun.
[laughing] I mean, how many times did you steal my purse so I could lift a helpful Henry's wallet? Thousands.
In our sleep.
And Red Tag Special? Take a red ballpoint pen shopping.
Bam! - Instant 50% off! - Instant 50% off! - Man! - Oh, oh! And do you remember when the Millers were out of town? What, pulled the For Sale sign and lived in a mansion beach side for six months? - Mmm.
- Yeah, I remember.
And I pretended to be the realtor.
[laughing] Turned away all the potential buyers.
That house is actually only, like six or seven houses down from here.
That's why this place feels like home.
Hey, Rainer's gonna be home in a couple of days.
You mind if we start talkin' about findin' you a hotel? - No, no, it's-it's cool.
- Mm-hmm.
I have, I have a friend I can stay with.
I'll just.
I'll just clean out now.
I'll stand by Notice how we shine J, uh, it was really good to see you, son.
Bright as sun we.
Don't worry about payin' me back for bail.
We'll get you a good lawyer.
Into my desire A tender phase We passed our ideal days Held them to the light Know that We will never lay in doubt In wonder I'll never let you down Please don't ever do that again.
I'll never let you down - I'm sorry.
- No, Cas, I-I'm sorry.
Actually, I'm sorry-est of the sorry.
By the way, pact, right here, right now.
- Never speak of it again.
- Complete memory wipe.
Paige, I pawned the bracelet.
My loan fell through and I was late on my tuition fees and Hey, don't worry about it, Cas.
I'm, I'm so sorry.
I-I-I didn't realize how distant I've been.
- I'm the worst.
- It's okay.
And I'm not sure, but maybe I'll drop out of school for now and get a full-time job and then save up some money and re-enroll next year.
No, no, no.
We can lend you the money and y-you can always pay us back or.
What if you had a full-time job but you could still go to all your classes and study whenever you want? Well, that's amazing, but not possible.
Well, I just found out that I get an assistant on the movie and I don't even really need one so you could just do it in between classes.
I-I'd be your assistant? Yeah, it's gonna be so cool.
You'd literally be getting just paid to, like hang out with me on set.
Oh, my goodness.
This is such a good idea.
Should we celebrate? Should we got to Los Amigos? Okay, let's do it.
I could crush some tacos.
[cell phone rings] Umm, it's Rainer.
It's probably about Vegas.
Uh, okay, what did I miss? We were gonna go to Vegas with Rainer in his private jet and stay in the penthouse of the Bellagio but, yeah.
Uh, give me second.
I'm gonna take this.
Hey! Rainer.
(Rainer) 'Hey, so did you find Cas?' 'You girls at the airport? I just landed.
' Uh.
Uh, yeah, she-she just came home but we can't go to Vegas with you.
Umm, we really just need to be home right now.
(Rainer) 'But I already bought your tickets' 'and I'm here in Vegas waiting for you.
' I'm-I'm really sorry, Rainer.
I gotta go.
[instrumental music] (Rainer) 'Thanks for the ride, man.
' Needed a pick-me-up after being ditched in Vegas.
(Jordan) 'What the hell.
' We've been robbed.
Son of a bitch.
[theme music]