Famous in Love (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Secrets & Pies

1 (female narrator) Previously on "Famous In Love.
" When you told Paige you'd rather be friends I didn't believe a word of it.
I didn't see that guy coming.
Every time they put up new sets it never gets old.
- Let's go to Vegas.
- We can't go to Vegas with you.
(Jake) 'Cassie is a topless maid.
' I just found out that I get an assistant on the movie and I don't even really need one so you could just do it in between classes.
I'd be your assistant? Xu Yifei is perfect for the part.
Tangey is already playing that role.
You're fired.
She's in jail.
She's my mom.
What am I supposed to do? Look at it this way.
Now, no one will know that your parents aren't really dead.
You can stay here till he gets back.
We've been robbed.
[instrumental music] I could love you for you Multi-tasking, huh? Uh-huh, I have, uh, an Econ midterm exam.
- And I'm failing the class.
- Come here.
Bring it in.
Oh, Paige, you're a superstar.
You're gonna knock that out just like we're gonna knock this dance rehearsal out.
- Is Rainer coming? - He's still not feeling well.
Haven't rehearsed all week.
Rainer is a solid dancer.
He'll catch up in no time.
[sighs] It's not him I'm worried about.
I just really wanna get this right.
- You're comin' along.
- You know what? I think I'm gonna give Rainer one last call.
Just to see if he's feelin' any better.
[cell phone ringing] Hey.
- Yo.
- Ah! I used to think these lounge chairs were so comfortable.
Not after sleepin' on them for two nights.
- Who keeps calling you? - Paige.
We have a dance rehearsal.
Right now.
- You headed out? - Going on a run.
Wait, so you're just gonna ice Paige out? No.
I'm finally listening.
'She has been pushin' me away for weeks.
' Message received.
Every time I-I think of making headway I realize I'm that much further away.
It's like a riptide.
'She didn't even try to meet me in Vegas.
' - So I'm done tryin' so hard.
- You still gotta work together.
Of course.
I'll show up.
(Jordan) 'Hey, man.
' I checked a few places where my mom and I used to pawn stuff.
So far no luck.
I'm sorry, man.
Don't sweat it.
My designer ordered new furniture.
Well, the same stuff I had.
So, everything will just go back to exactly the way it was before.
[cell phone buzzing] Was that a smile? You like that line I added? I'm getting performance anxiety.
How am I suppose to read with those big brown eyes tracking my every word? I just want to know if you like the rewrite.
Better? Worse? It's great.
I love it.
Hey, you helped make it better.
You're a great producer.
Yeah, well, it doesn't matter what I think.
It's what Newcastle thinks.
And we'll find out today when we get their notes.
You know, I'm glad I did the rewrite.
It's finally in the shape I want it to be.
[instrumental music] That's not the only thing that's in shape.
- 'You gotta be kidding me.
' - 'Tangey.
' (Alan) 'The reason you're being replaced' has nothing to do with your performance.
Replaced? Like fired? No, there are some issues with foreign distribution and grosses.
Because of these external considerations you're being replaced by an actor who offers something additional to those markets.
Well, I mean, what don't I offer? You're just, you're not Chinese.
Okay, look, Tangey, you have a stellar future.
We're already lookin' into projects at Gold Brothers for you.
And we cannot wait to work with you and your soundtrack for "Locked.
" Boom! I signed a contract.
And we're paying that contract out.
In full.
So you're absolutely not fired.
But as of today, you're no longer legally obligated to render acting services for "Locked.
" It sure sounds like I'm fired.
And we're rolling.
Today, it's been confirmed that Xu Yifei China's highest ranking box office star 'is replacing Tangey Turner.
' 'Fei's actually the third actress to take on' 'the pivotal role of "Locked's" Time Sorceress.
' 'But will the revolving door of actresses stop with her?' She just walked through the shot.
[instrumental music] - Nice.
- Oh! Oh, wow, Cassie, please stop, you're too kind.
- Yes, please stop.
Too kind.
- Cassie, this is.
Stephen Twitch Boss from "So You Think You Can Dance.
" You do not wanna know how many times I have YouTubed "Dreaming With A Broken Heart.
" Twitch and Quarantine are my OTP.
You're routines are the stuff of legend.
Thank you, alright.
It's, uh, very nice to meet you, Cassie.
Um, you can just call me Twitch.
Apparently the, uh, other half of your OTP and let's a take a five, I'm gonna see if Rainer actually ever showed up.
- Okay.
- Cool.
Nice to meet you.
Not a bad morning.
Twitch and a Barret Hopper sighting.
Hey, what's up with all the news trucks outside? They hired some mega movie star from China.
But all the roles are already cast.
I'm just, just tellin' you what I heard.
Look, I'll be back.
Hey, Cas, did you fill out your paperwork? Uh, no.
I just got here.
But I was thinking I should've told you this morning that I.
Is everything okay? I'm not really sure if I'm gonna have the time to be your assistant full time and go to school.
That's kind of why the other job worked out so well.
No, no, no.
It's not full time.
That's the thing.
You can do whatever hours you want.
Don't even worry about, I don't even really need an assistant.
Hey, Vince, this is Rainer's assistant.
I'm gonna go grab some water.
Can you show her where to fill out her paperwork and stuff? - Yeah.
- Great, love you, Cas.
[clears throat] This is the one-liner for the rest of the week.
You'll get one in the production office.
You know what a one-liner is, right? You need to make sure that Paige has her sides every night.
Make sure you check it with the final call sheet that we'll issue at wrap.
If Paige is late it'll be your fault.
Also constantly check your emails for any new script revisions or Wyatt will be all up your ass.
My ass? Hey, Adam, can you give Paige's new assistant a ride to the production office so she can fill out her start paperwork? [sighs] [buzzer sounds] [chuckles] Did you know about this, Rainer? Did you know this was gonna happen? Was that why you were in Hong Kong? Slow down.
Uh, what? God, you were always such a bad liar.
I guess, now you're a bad friend, too.
I tried to talk them out of it.
It happened so fast that I-I.
There was nothing I could do.
What the hell happened? Tang, wait up.
Come on, stop.
Stop, stop.
- What did Rainer do? - His mother fired me.
Did you know about this? Did Rainer tell you? No, I had no idea.
What happened? They replaced me with some girl from China.
No, no way they're doin' this.
I'm talkin' to Nina about this right now.
Why would she listen to you? 'Cause she's Rainer's mom.
I've known her for a long 'Cause she couldn't even tell me herself.
You know why I think she did this? God.
'Cause I cheated on Rainer with you.
- No, I don't think so, Tang.
- Why else? Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is? I've done tons of press for this movie.
It's gonna look like I suck as an actress.
That's not true.
Twitter's already saying I don't know who I am 'cause I wanna be a country artist.
And then I got people saying why does she wanna be an actress? God, this just proves them all right.
Well, I don't know, I gotta do somethin' about this.
- You're not thinkin' about.
- No, I can't go back to my mom.
I mean, I fought too hard to get away from her.
Alright, go out to the beach house.
I'll meet you out there later.
We'll hang out, we'll grab dinner at Nobu.
A change of scenery would do you good.
Yeah, but maybe come to the Chateau instead though.
'Cause I do not want to be anywhere near Rainer.
Rainer's shooting all night.
And I promised I'd hang out at his place.
He got some furniture being delivered this afternoon.
What? You're his assistant now? Someone robbed the place.
My fault, I left the sliding door open.
- Alright, fine.
- We'll figure this all out.
I promise.
[instrumental music] So let me guess.
You didn't tell Paige you don't wanna be her assistant.
Nope, I couldn't.
She was so excited.
Here's the paper work.
I'll take you to the production office now.
You can start tomorrow.
Maybe if you told her the real reason you don't want the job, she'd get it.
Or maybe it would just ruin our friendship.
[instrumental music] Oh, my God.
Ben and Lauren from "The Bachelor.
" Wow! My roommate and I we-we love you guys so much.
We'd never miss an episode.
- You're Paige Townsen, right? - Yeah.
Oh, my gosh.
We were just here for a meeting.
And we thought we'd ask for a private tour of the "Locked" stages.
And Ben here's read the book six times.
- Oh.
- What can I say? I'm a sucker for a great romance.
- Wow.
- We gotta get going.
But it was so good meeting you.
A-awesome meeting you guys.
- Thanks, thank you so much.
- Wow.
This is one of the biggest stages on the lot.
Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Carrie Grant they all made movies right where you're standing.
I grew up on American movies.
'I always wanted to see this.
' Remember the favorite scene you were telling me about? That, that one from "A Star Is Born" with Judy Garland? 'Filmed right here on this very stage.
' I've been acting for ten years and every time I see new sets go up.
(both) It never gets old.
Hey, hey, hey, Rainer.
You look like you're feelin' better.
- It must've been the jet lag.
- Must have been.
I was just showing our new co-star around.
This is Xu Yifei.
She's now playing the part of the Time Sorceress.
But that's.
Great! Great! Oh, my goodness.
So nice to meet you.
Uh, Rainer's been so kind to give me a tour of each and every stage where my favorite American actors did scenes from my favorite movies.
Uh, the history is enchanting.
I got that tour too.
Okay, I guess I'll see you around.
Uh, so nice to meet you.
Now, where's my trailer again? (Orly) 'It's just a few minor changes.
' That's Mike's copy.
He didn't really feel the love story.
I, I thought Mike Tanen loved the script.
Oh, he does.
Really, he does.
But we all agree that the script needs a little more work before we can move to green light the project.
Okay, but, um.
Speak of the devil, that's Mike right now.
I need to take this.
- Okay, don't freak out.
- I'm not.
Okay, I am.
A little.
I'm not afraid of putting the work in.
I just don't even know what they want.
I think they wanna take the love triangle out completely.
Just don't take it personally.
They just have to put their stamp on it to make their own.
It's, it's like how they justify their jobs.
Sorry about that.
I've gotta run.
It was so great meeting you, Jake.
Yeah, you too.
- I'm gonna go grab the car.
- Great.
- Are you two.
- No, of course not.
We were just working on the script and came straight from the office.
Well, I'm so glad to have you on this project as a producer.
Thank you.
Which leads me to our next piece of business.
The casting of your co-star is going to be crucial to getting this made.
Here is our list.
We're hoping you might have relationships with some of those actresses.
Let's see.
Won't leave New York.
In rehab.
Should be in rehab.
Cannot act.
Wait, Rachel, Rachel Davis? Do you know Rachel Davis? Yes.
But she's quite a handful Mike Tanen is obsessed.
He can't stop raving about her since he saw her in that indie film that premiered at South-by.
She's got a real cult following.
Yeah, no.
I just.
I don't think that she's great for it.
You know, she just got, she got recast a lot.
Hmm, our target audience is completely different.
And Tanen likes her today so if I were you, I'd run with it.
If you can attach Rachel Davis you might get your film off the ground.
[instrumental music] (Tangey) 'Hello? Excuse me?' Who the hell are you? I'm Jordan's girlfriend.
Who the hell are you? I'm Jordan's mother.
Jordan's parents are dead so I don't know who you are or what you want but you need to.
I'm calling 911.
Don't, she's tellin' the truth.
I left you a message.
I told you to not come back here! - Jordan, what is goin' on? - You need to leave.
I need to talk to you.
It's an emergency or I wouldn't be here.
It's always an emergency.
Don't move.
Your mother? Baby, listen, I'll tell you what you need to know, but not now.
All those times you told me how sad you were that you don't have your parents.
Jordan, you've lied to me.
God! I hope you're happy.
About what? Your new little girlfriend? Famous pop star.
She's cute too.
- Good for you.
- About messin' up my life.
It seems to be your specialty.
I didn't know she was gonna be here.
Why are you here? There's nothing left for you to take, mom.
- Aden's bookie has it.
- Aden? Why are you dealin' with Aidan's bookie? Every debt Aidan owed, I now owe.
But why? They're not yours to pay back.
Because they think I killed him, Jordie.
Would you like me to tell them the truth? Why should I believe you, mom? First it was the 50k for the nail salon.
- Then the furniture.
- There's no nail salon.
Ever since I got done servin' time they've been after me to pay it back.
And if I don't come up with all the money.
they're gonna kill me.
[instrumental music] Sorry.
Excuse me.
Oh, uh sorry.
You see, few people know that the first use of paper currency dates all the way back to seventh century, China.
The Tsang Dynasty.
So sorry.
(Hawkins) 'Let us continue.
' How much is this dollar worth? Yes.
It's the base unit of US currency.
It's value is set by the Federal Reserve and is tied to the consumer price index.
Actually, it's worth nothing.
'It's just a piece of paper.
' It's value comes in trade.
You see, this instrument allowed ancient societies to shift from primitive barter economies 'to sophisticated modern markets.
' That's what the Chinese figured out.
But I'd like someone to cite an instance of the rise of a modern barter economy.
Anyone? - Yes.
- It was just last year.
Greece, during their economic crisis.
Thank you.
'Moving on to chapter four.
' [instrumental music] Rachel.
What the hell are you doing here? Look, this is my yoga class.
Find another one.
Relax, as much as I enjoy getting a workout with you.
- I'm not here to sweat.
- Look, I'm already late.
Rach, please, just here me out.
It'll only take a second.
You sound desperate and I'm curious.
What? I came to give you this script.
There's a part in it that's perfect for you.
And what's in it for you? - I'm producing it.
- Really? "Jake Salt?" Wait, isn't that Paige Townsen's friend? Let me guess, you're screwin' him too.
Rachel, wait.
I'm trying to tell you what happened.
You don't need to, I already figured it out.
We've been friends for a decade.
I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt you.
- You know that.
- So it's true then.
You slept with August.
[grunts] Cut on rehearsal.
Guys, let's let the stunt doubles throw the punches.
Why? I don't need a double.
Man, I can do it.
It's like a six foot drop.
Listen, I'm the stunt coordinator.
It's and eight feet drop and we've been over this.
You know what happens to actors who do their own stunts? Their movies don't look like crap in post? [scoffs] Lawsuits.
You're an insurance liability, Rainer.
[groans] I'd be happy to perform this death defying leap anytime you want.
Alright, wise guy.
- Sorry about Tangey.
- Why didn't you say anything? Honestly, it wasn't my place to.
I was also kinda hoping since my mom stayed behind she would've worked somethin' out.
But know, I had nothing to do with it.
Tangey was just starting to tolerate me again.
It was all my mom.
I don't know why she was so quick to get Tangey off the movie.
Why do you think she would do that? I have no idea.
[instrumental music] Geez, Alexis, what are you stalking me now? I follow you on IG, Snapchat and Facebook.
- It's better than GPS.
- What do you want? - I want you to apologize to me.
- That's rich.
Okay, you know what? I am sleeping with Jake.
But that only because you chose to think the worst of me.
[scoffs] God! Go back to therapy already, okay? What are you going on about? I didn't get you fired off of "Locked.
" It had nothing to do with me.
Yet you were right there without ever even asking without even, I don't know, checking to see if it were true.
Yeah, you're right.
When my agents told me that you didn't get me fired I should have called and apologized.
You knew and you didn't say anything to me? It wasn't the only thing I was upset about.
I mean, you never give us a chance, as a couple.
Rachel, maybe I let my agents and managers and press mess too much with my head.
My career is built on being the girl next door.
And even though it's 2017 everyone knows that the girl next door is supposed to be with boy next door.
But don't you get it? I mean, no one cares about that stuff anymore.
Maybe, it was just easier to use that as an excuse than admitting my career was over.
Olive branch? All I'm asking is that you just read Jake Salt's script.
Honestly, it's really good and it would be good for both of us.
I'll read it.
So sell some stocks or whatever do whatever it takes.
I need to take care of this right away, get it done! Hey.
Thought I might find out here, they're ready for us inside.
Is everything cool? [sighs] Couldn't help but hearing.
You in some money trouble? You know you're like a brother to me, right? Of course.
I wouldn't ask this if didn't have to.
I need to get some money and mine is all tied up.
Say no more.
How much do you need? Seven hundred fifty.
Thousand? For that amount, I at least get to hear what kinda trouble you're in.
You're one of the few who know my story.
- I know, man.
- The real one.
Yeah, man, I-I know, your mom.
What a nightmare.
Yeah, well.
This time, it isn't exactly her fault.
You know, when my mom and I first moved here we started grifting for this Irish dude, Hayden.
Then he was her boyfriend.
- Then he moved in with us.
- Hmm.
He was alright when he was sober but he was hardly ever sober.
He started knocking her around.
First it was occasionally then it was more and more.
Me too sometimes.
But mostly her.
Watching your mom take that kind of abuse everyday having to hear her apologize, as if she deserved it.
One night, I was in my room doin' homework and it started up.
He kept goin' after her and he wouldn't stop and I snapped.
I grabbed a bat, just to warn him.
You know, my only thought was to get him off of her.
I wasn't tryin' to but he moved or something and.
that was it.
The bat connected.
I killed him.
I, I don't even know, what to say.
I have to help my mom.
I can't leave her with that when it was my fault.
- Hey! - Cass.
Hey, I-I did not think that you were gonna be home.
'I know, I swore that I wasn't gonna do this anymore' but I got a call from one of my regular customers.
He's a total nice guy, always pays me really well and I just desperately needed the money.
But I, I thought, we were working on the movie together.
I'm sorry, I just think that it's gonna be too many hours.
Okay, but I-I really don't understand why after all you've been through you would go back to that.
Um because they're just boobs.
Most actresses have to show theirs at some point in their career.
They're just lucky to get paid more to do it.
Not respected actresses.
Okay, you're totally judging me right now.
You know that.
No, no, I, I, I didn't mean it like that.
I-it came off wrong.
I just.
I don't understand.
I mean, topless cleaning? You just don't get it, do you? No, uh, no, obviously, I, I don't.
Please help me get it.
I don't have parents who pay for my college, for one.
I have huge debts from school which is why I've had to pawn everything that I own.
And I'll help you with your debts.
You don't even have to pay me back.
I have enough money now, Cass.
- Stop feeling sorry for me.
- Hey! I don't feel sorry for you, dude.
I just wanted to help you with your fees.
What? What? What? What could I have done wrong now? Why can't you get that maybe I don't wanna watch you live out my dream day after day after day? Don't you get that? I'm so sorry I asked you to be my assistant.
I'm so sorry but you know what? I'm even sorrier that I'd let you drag me to that stupid audition.
News flash, Cassie.
You begged me to do it.
What, you're just gonna hate your best friend now that I-I got it? Because I didn't think that you would! I'm the theatre major! But you, you just, you just waltzed right in and you got it.
Like everything you do, it's just so easy.
You're right.
'Cause everything's just so easy for me.
[door closes] You okay? [instrumental music] You okay? Because we don't have to.
No, no, no, I'm ready.
Let's do this.
(Alan) 'W-w-w-whoa!' No stunts, okay, buddy? Come on.
It's easily doable, Alan.
Well, the thing is, I can't be in the business of hurting my stars.
'Besides, you're not even 21.
' - Let's go.
- I'm 23.
No, you're 20th birthday bash at the Marquee was all over TMZ last summer.
Yeah, my mom shaved three years off my age at the first audition she ever took me to.
Thought it would help me get parts in my forties.
Alright, well, always thinking ahead.
Come on, let's roll.
- Go with me, I'm doing it.
- Throw the punch.
(Austin) 'Let's roll cameras.
' You yell cut before that punch.
- 'Scene five, take one.
' - And action! So it's true then you slept with August.
[grunts] Aah! - Oh.
- Oh.
God! What the hey! See, easy.
Dammit, Rainer, I told you, what? Relax, Alan.
It's in my blood.
- You know that.
- What? My dad was a stunt man.
He worked in that movie with you and my mom.
Uh, the one in Morocco.
Back in '93.
- Steve Channing? - Steve Channing.
No, don't remember him.
But I do remember that film.
It was.
[instrumental music] Jake? Hey.
- Do you wanna come sit? - Sure.
Did you, um.
Did you get to see Cassie before you left? No.
I think she went to Adam's.
I'm such an idiot.
I don't know how I didn't look at it from her perspective.
I mean, she was so excited all the time I just figured.
she was okay with all of it.
She is excited for you.
I don't know but maybe she's right.
Maybe I didn't deserve any of this.
The film, the role, just any of it.
No, it's not it.
You deserve it, Paige.
So take that part out of the equation.
That's math you can probably do.
[laughs] It's the only math I can do.
You ready for your test? I cannot cram anything else in so I really hope so.
How's your script by the way? When am I going to get to read it, if ever? I mean, who knows if it will be the same story by the time I'm done changing it to make them happy.
Maybe I shouldn't have sold it.
Jake, selling a screenplay while you're still in college? [chuckles] That's huge.
- Yeah.
I guess it is.
- Yeah.
It is.
So crazy.
All our dreams are coming true but.
if all that went away tomorrow and we just went back to being college students.
Would it really be that bad? No.
It wouldn't.
Oh, wow.
Here's your pie.
Thank you.
[sighs] Are you stress eating? I ordered, uh, one slice for everyone on the menu.
Man, I've always wanted to do this.
Mm, and what ever is left over we can always take home for Cassie.
[chuckles] Okay, this is so good.
Mm, my God.
[chuckles] Do I have something on my face? You didn't get it, did you? [instrumental music] What are you doin' here, ma? I'm here 'cause you're screwin' everything up.
And I worked too hard to let you throw it all away.
I have contacted some other managers.
I will work this out.
You don't need to pay another manager to work things out! Tangey, nobody knows you or your career better than me.
And what with the press havin' a field day.
over why you were replaced.
You don't have the luxury of time to hire somebody else.
I didn't ask for your help.
You didn't have to.
I'm your mother.
Listen, Tange, I know you're grown.
And I know we have had our differences.
So you ask yourself as much as you've hated to hear the truth.
How many times have I been right? Okay.
You've been right.
So what? So I can get you back on this movie is what.
Nina owes me.
She promised me you would be on this film.
And let me guess.
She didn't even have the guts to tell you herself.
They're paying me.
Of course, they're payin' you! And they'll do a whole lot more than that.
Now shut the door.
We gotta sit down and get ready for our meeting.
I don't want you to be my manager anymore! If that means I have to deal with this by myself Fine! Fine.
Just think of this as, um me finishin' the job I already started.
Sit down.
[instrumental music] - Watch this.
- Okay.
- Hit up.
There you go.
- Okay.
[chuckles] Okay, there you go.
[chuckles] Can I, uh, talk to you for a minute? Alone? - I'll catch up with you later.
- Absolutely.
- What's up? - What's up? What's up is that you're supposed to be rehearsing that dance number with me.
Rainer, I can't afford to screw this up.
Okay? So I guess what I'm asking you is to stop, stop blowing me off.
Like how you blew me off in Vegas? (Paige) 'Oh.
' For a friend crisis, which honestly didn't seem like much of a friend crisis at all.
Considering all the missing friends were present and accounted for.
So that's it then, huh? First time I say no to you, this is how you treat me? God, Rainer, grow up! Seriously.
My friends needed me and I was there for them.
That's why I turned you down.
And if I don't get to, you know, take private fancy jets to amazing, weird places, then cool, whatever.
I don't care.
If you don't understand that you've just proven my point.
This is exactly why I didn't wanna date you.
[instrumental music] [upbeat music] Hello.
You surprised me, Miss Townsen.
You're the only one in class to get a hundred percent on the exam.
[chuckles] I studied a lot.
It shows.
It's a shame that you wait until the semester was almost over to put the effort in for my class because even if you get a perfect score on the final.
The best I can give you is a C in this class.
But if you reconsider and take a look at my midterm paper.
- We've been over this, Miss - I know, I know.
I don't accept papers after the deadline.
Everyone else managed to get theirs in on time.
It wouldn't be fair to the other students.
Right, right.
Completely understand that.
But I really put so much work into this paper.
Please, just consider taking a look at it.
Um, both my parents are teachers.
So I understand how much hard work you put into your lesson plans and.
Oh, are those your daughters? The one on the right is.
'She's 13 now.
That's her best friend as well.
' They look so close like me and my best friend were.
Are we done here? Is Amelia a fan of "The Locked" books by any chance? My daughter is a fan.
Well, great, 'cause I learned a lot about barter and trade this semester in your class.
Miss Hawkins, what if.
I could arrange a set visit for Amelia and her best friend? Would you consider taking a look at my paper and allowing it to still count for 25% percent of my grade? The most I can do is 15%.
What if I throw in a selfie with Rainer Devon? Twenty? Isn't Jordan Wilder in that film? Selfies with both of them but I would have to stay firm at a 25%.
[instrumental music] (Twitch) 'What's up? You warmed?' Uh, yeah.
I'm ready.
And let me guess, uh, Rainer didn't show up again.
I'm here.
Alright, let's do this.
(Twitch) 'Alright, now we can work.
' 'Now, get to your startin' positions.
' Now, remember, dance is about the give and take.
You gotta be generous with each other to make this dance come to life.
Which means.
'you gotta feel what the other one needs.
' Hmm? Where do y'all wanna take it from? I think I need more work than Paige.
Let's take it from the top.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Hurts me the most when I wake I fumble and twist 'til the truth starts to click There's so much space in this bed These sheets go for miles Dreams of your smile I don't wanna be just a memory And I don't wanna feel your wings break free Because without you I'm lost in the breeze I gotta be strong now I gotta show you how I'll love you like I've never ever loved somebody I'll give you things you didn't even know you wanted.
[knock on door] I like it.
Wanna come in? But what I like even more is that you're the producer.
Maybe instead of looking at this project as staying in the acting game.
You could look at producing as something you could do long term.
So, um, does this little pep talk mean that you're interested in the movie? - I'm interested.
- Great.
I'll get us another glass and we'll celebrate.
I'll sign on to the film on one condition.
It needs a rewrite.
A major rewrite.
Actually, Jake's already got a set of notes from Newcastle and is hard at work.
Not Jake.
I've got Kevin O'Hare, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright to agree to do a full rewrite.
He's been dying to break into Hollywood and he's wildly talented.
Thank you.
Now get out.
[sighs] [clearing throat] - You need something? - No.
But I got acquainted with your mother when she needed something.
My mother passed away a long time ago.
You can drop the act, Jordon.
When Brandy Michaels needed bail money she was pretty eager to chat.
I know she didn't say anything to you, Barrett.
She didn't have to.
I know all about little Jordy Michaels but a man's grasp should exceed his reach.
There's a bigger story about your involvement with Brandy.
And the man she killed.
Was it Aidan McGhee? Your mother didn't want to talk to me.
But, um, I'm giving you a chance to come clean so how about it? [gasps] Do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from me.
If you don't tell me the truth, someone else will! Someone always does.
[instrumental music] [theme music]