Famous in Love (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Crazy Scripted Love

1 But I just need to know if you'll give me another chance.
Maybe after the movie wraps.
[grunts] - Dammit, Rainer.
- Relax, Alan.
It's in my blood.
My dad was a stuntman.
He worked on that movie with you and my mom.
Back in '93.
Okay, you've been right, so what? So I can get you back on this movie is what.
We all agree that the script needs a little more work before we can move to green-light the project.
I thought Mike Tanen loved the script? I've got Kevin O'Hare the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright to agree to do a full rewrite.
Why are you dealing with Aidan's bookie? Because every debt Aidan owed, I now owe.
And if I don't pay back all the money they're gonna kill me.
When Brandy Michaels needed bail money she was pretty eager to chat.
So, what, you're just gonna hate your best friend now that I-I got it? Because I didn't think that you would but you just waltzed right in and you got it, like everything you do.
It's just so easy.
[instrumental music] Still looking for him, sweetheart? Mmm.
Well, I think I see him hiding right over there.
Go get him.
[chuckles] August we have to talk about this.
- You can't keep avoiding me.
- I'm not going back.
We've built a life here.
These are our children.
Go back and ask Leila again, okay? - There has to be another way.
- It's not up to us.
[sighs] At least, this way, I'll be here with them.
But I'm their mother.
Cut! Cut! Cut! - Go in close on Rainer.
- Going in tighter.
Make it quick, folks.
Still dry, Townsen? You couldn't shut off the waterworks before.
What gives, Paige? You know, Wyatt, you have a real way with actors.
You really speak our language.
Get lost, Devon.
What's the problem? I'm sorry, I, I got a little distracted, I guess.
A little? You're leaving your children for God's sake.
I need to see you moved.
Whatever it is you're dealing with deal with it.
[theme music] [instrumental music] [cellphone ringing] - Hey.
- Hey, Jake.
How's it going? Yeah.
Uh, yeah, I'm still working on the script.
- What's up? - Uh, did, did Cassie call you? Oh, she's fine.
She's at her grandma's.
- Wait, her Ohio grandma? - San Diego.
Hey, can I call you back? I'm in the zone here.
Oh, uh, yeah, yeah.
Of course.
- You okay? - Great.
Better get back to it, Jake.
Hey, want to run some lines or I know the lines, that's not my problem.
So, what is it? If I tell you, I'll sound like I'm in high school.
Well, I skipped most of high school so, it'll all be new to me.
[chuckles] Well, uh Cassie and I got into a huge fight and she won't talk to me now.
I can't stop thinking about it.
It happens.
But relax.
You have a lot of other emotional scenes in the movie.
By the time you get to those, you'll be ready.
I hope so.
If not, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.
- Happy to share them with you.
- Tricks, huh? But not here, too risky.
[chuckles] Okay.
So when and where then? The caterers are serving hammered chicken again.
Or I know this great little Italian place close by.
I do love carbs.
Well, I have a meeting, but I can meet you later.
[instrumental music] [cellphone ringing] Hello.
(woman on phone) Jordan, I've got Curtis from TCA on the line.
Put him on.
(Curtis on phone) I'm sure you slept through the announcement but you snagged a Golden Globe nomination.
Can you believe it? Congrats.
Listen, I've got a million phone calls to make but I'll call you back later, okay? Thank you.
Thank [instrumental music] Call Helene, my neck has been killing me since I got off the plane.
Done, there's the breakfast meeting with the Weinstein's tomorrow.
Oh, and we lost the Bradbury Building.
Are you kidding me? Okay, we're supposed to shoot the New Year's scene there on Thursday.
Um, Wednesday actually, things got moved around.
Okay, just get me tomorrow's prelim call sheet and, uh, make sure to send a gift basket over for Jordan for his nomination.
On it.
Oh, and Xu Yifei's entire family is coming to visit.
She wants to know if they can do the lot tour next Thursday.
You backstabbing bitch.
Didn't see you on my schedule, Ida.
Sorry, she was next on my list Just go.
Ida, you were going to be my first call.
Oh, well, now you can tell me to my face what the hell happened? Listen, I understand why you're upset, but Upset? Try furious, Nina.
We had a deal.
And then you go behind my back and fire Tangey.
After everything we've been through with these kids over the years? Can we please sit down and talk about this? Let me explain.
I'm fine right where I am.
Thank you.
The Chinese pulled their distribution deal on "Locked.
" I fought for Tangey, and it didn't work.
But we are going to pay out her contract.
I don't give a rat's ass about China or the money.
"Locked" was supposed to launch Tangey's acting career.
- You know that! - She's still doing the music.
You damn straight she is, and you will be paying through the nose for that now.
We can discuss possible points on the back end, or I'm done dealing with you, Nina.
You'll be hearing from our attorneys.
[dramatic music] (Orly) Okay, bye, Mike.
Mike got held up, maybe we should reschedule this meeting.
I-I wanna talk about this now.
What's going on? I don't think that we need to bring another writer on "No Place Like You.
" It's not "Another writer.
" It's Kevin O'Hare.
He's a Puli Pulitzer Prize winning playwright.
I know.
But you didn't even consult with me and I'm a producer on this project.
Then you should be thrilled.
Kevin's got real heat coming off his Broadway hit.
What about Jake? He's been working his butt off on our notes.
You couldn't wait for his rewrite? Newcastle bought Jake's script based on concept, not execution.
You're gonna love Kevin, he's coming in tomorrow to pitch us his take.
Well, if we're gonna have two drafts can you at least consider Jake's version? Maybe we could pick the best script.
That's not the way it works, Alexis.
I'm sorry, but this decision is above your pay grade.
When are you guys letting Jake know he's off the project? Actually, Mike and I thought it would be best coming from you.
[instrumental music] [engine revving] [car approaching] So you're the guy who's been threatening my mom? Don Oxley.
I don't make threats.
If someone owes me money, I get paid no matter what.
You must know that, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Are you ready to settle up? - Brandy doesn't have that - Then you're wasting my time.
Unless you came to tell me you're assuming her debts? Will you leave my mom alone? If we're dealing with you, we won't have any issues with your mom, now, will we? Okay.
Yes, I'll assume her debts.
Then I'll expect you here on Friday, same time so we can resolve the matter.
[music continues] [door opens] Oh, hey, you wouldn't happen to know where, uh, Rainer is, would you? Uh, he just left, like, a second ago.
Um, good luck at your Newcastle meeting.
Oh, how, uh How did you know about that? - I know everything.
- Oh, of course you do.
You know, my agents have been really hounding me about what I'm gonna take after "Locked," so Dance with whoever you want.
Just don't forget, uh, who brought you to the party.
[instrumental music] Hey.
Nice one.
(female #1) Hey, Steve, Wyatt needs you at video village.
- Hey.
- Take it.
You've got a good arm.
Oh, this old man was once the star quarterback at West Valley High.
You play sports? Nah, didn't attend a regular school long enough to be on the team.
Well, but you surf.
See, you got a thruster.
- You're a surfer too? - Yeah.
Since I was about your age.
I kinda prefer a quad.
Like the way it rides.
Loose and fast.
Where do you hit the waves? I have a house in Broad Beach.
So, Trancas Point? - Yes.
- Cool.
Hey, there's a big south at Little Dume tomorrow right in front of my house.
- You in? - I'm in.
[instrumental music] - Great.
- Alright.
Watch out.
I'm giving this one the Mills signature spiral.
Go up.
Here you go, baby! Oh! Boom! [Alan chuckles] So, your agents tell me you're interested in our Margaret Sanger biopic.
I am.
I-I love her.
She's progressive and fearless.
I also love how she really fought for women's reproductive rights during a time when it was just so taboo.
- You'd make a great Margaret.
- Thank you.
I just wish you would've told us sooner.
We're out to a few other actresses already.
Oh! Okay, well, I still love the role.
We'll see how it all plays out.
But, since you're here, let me tell you about some of our other projects.
We've got Clive Barker's "Damnation Game" with Christophe Arnold directing.
- Are you a horror fan? - Yeah.
I mean, who doesn't love a good scary movie? Then we'll send you the script.
And you might also like our latest project "No Place Like You.
" This is a beautiful, little dramedy set in Detroit in the 1950s since you are interested in period pieces.
Yeah, I'd be so interested in reading this.
Um, I hear it's pretty great.
Do you mind if I just take this home with me? Uh, not yet, we bought that from some baby writer, a college kid.
Honestly, we just really love the story.
But good news, we locked in playwright Kevin O'Hare to do the rewrite.
That's great.
How um Uh, what about the original writer? Jake Salt? O'Hare won the Pulitzer and his take on the story is spectacular.
We'll get it to you as soon as it's done.
Of course.
[sighs] Come on, Cassie.
Please, will you pick up the phone already? It's about Jake.
I just found (automated message) If you're satisfied with your message, press one now.
- Drown my woes in a lake of fire - Sing a song gonna take me higher Good Lord turned his back on me Lucifer gonna set me free Good Lord turned his back on me Lucifer gonna set me free It's a mean world That I've known Now you'll find me where Devil don't go Cast me down where the Devil don't go Devil don't go where I make my home (Nina) Congrats on the big news this morning.
- Thanks.
- You don't sound very excited.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah, just You didn't happen to say anything to Barrett Hopper about me, did you? Why on earth would I talk to that troll about you? I don't know, but he's just been on my ass lately.
I thought maybe you wanted to get back at me.
- Back at you? - Over Tangey.
Did you let her go because of us? Because I couldn't bear that.
Do you think - That's not why we let her go.
- What happened? Our investors were about to pull out.
We had to negotiate.
That's all it was.
But don't worry, I'm working on a solution to get her back.
Hope so.
Her scenes are really good.
Are you okay? Is there something else you wanna talk about? More Brandy drama.
I don't wanna bother you with it.
Who else can you confide in? After Aidan died, she owed a lot of money.
- And now it's on me.
- Well, that sounds serious.
Wouldn't be so bad.
But I haven't got paid for "Locked" yet.
Rainer wanted to float me, but that just didn't seem right.
What if I could get you an advance on your fee? Don't answer that.
I'm gonna take care of it.
I'd never do anything to hurt you, Jordan.
You mean more to me than you'll ever know.
[instrumental music] Did Mike and Orly set that meeting? Yeah, uh, it's tomorrow, but I don't think that we'll need you, it's just like production stuff, so But I know production stuff, remember? Because I can miss my biology class.
Jake, I need to talk to you about something.
There's something I wanna show you first.
So I haven't been sleeping much so I pulled a few all-nighters, and, um You're finished with the draft already? - Okay.
So, about the scripts - Wait, one more thing.
Can I take you out to Nobu this weekend? But that's so expensive.
I'm about to get my first check.
Yeah, but, Jake, it's like an indie movie, so I want to.
Okay? Please, let me.
Now, what did you want to say? Nothing.
Just that I love Nobu.
[chuckles] Yo, Lexie.
(Alexis) Small world! Heh.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Uh, how's the script? - It's, it's great.
Alexis is producing the hell out of this movie.
We're fast-tracked at Newcastle.
That's so great.
Who knew a year ago, I-I'd be writing "Fade In" at the CMU library? We'd be green-light a year later.
Yeah, you know it's amazing how quickly things can change.
Looks like our table's ready so we're gonna go eat.
(Rainer) See you guys.
(Paige) Thank you.
[indistinct chatter] - You wanna go somewhere else? - Hm? Is this weird for you? Them? Uh, no.
No, what's weird is I had a meeting today at Newcastle and they told me they're firing Jake off his movie.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't know.
I mean, I should tell him right? Should I tell him? No.
- Don't tell him? - That's Mike Tanen's job.
Or Alexis', not yours.
Well, clearly she hasn't said anything.
(Rainer) Maybe she doesn't know yet either.
She doesn't look like someone who's about to knife her boyfriend in the back.
But then, you're talking about Alexis.
Oh, my God, this is so terrible.
What am I gonna do? If there's one thing I've learned it's keep business and personal separate.
So, in this case, do nothing.
Let the producers handle it.
I don't understand, how do you deal with how cut-throat people are in this town? Okay, here's a more positive way of looking at it.
It's like a roller coaster.
You can't control it.
You just got to find a way to hang on and enjoy the thrill of the ride.
It's not so bad when you have someone to share it with.
Keeping business and personal separate, huh? Could've fooled me.
(Wyatt) Let's get the techno crane set up.
[indistinct chatter] [instrumental music] [instrumental music] (Nina) Congratulations.
We are all so proud of you, Jordan.
I'm still in shock.
Well, you deserve it.
Which one of these gift baskets is for me? - The biggest one, I hope.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Looks like Christmas in here.
That's what happens when you're a Golden Globe nominee.
Uh, I'll catch you both later.
- Got to hit the gym.
- Later, buddy.
- How was the rest of your trip? - Exhausting.
And I have jet lag, so I'll probably be up all night.
Is that a new surfboard? No.
Alan dropped off his board.
We were surfing in the morning.
Alan? Alan who? You know, Alan-Alan.
Your boss.
Why are you surfing with Alan Mills? He was hanging on set all day, we got to talking Why was he on set? [chuckles] Maybe because he's the head of the studio.
What? Did you two have it out in China or something? Not at all.
I Alan doesn't go to set.
So, I'm just making sure that they're no fires that I wasn't aware of.
He's a cool guy.
We actually have a lot in common.
- Is everything okay? - No.
Solving one problem in China has created five more here.
Ida's giving me hell over Tangey losing her role in "Locked.
" Can't you shoot two versions? One with Tangey and one with Xu Yifei? Well, that would be expensive.
Not as much as a lawsuit.
- Actually - What? - I think it's brilliant.
- Really? It's the one solution that will make everybody happy.
- Mmm.
- Look at you! Producing is in your blood.
[chuckles] Wow.
[instrumental music] Jake Alexis? What? Um, where's Jake? What are you, what are you doing here? We're working.
He's in the bathroom.
Want some? No.
[sighs] So, I had a meeting at Newcastle today.
Did you know Jake was being replaced on his own film? So-so you did know.
Well, did you tell him yet? Okay.
You don't understand what's happening.
What I do understand is that Jake has been glued to his desk, 24/7, busting his ass on a rewrite that nobody wants.
Well, the rewrite is in his contract.
He's still getting paid for it.
Stop! Stop trying to spin this.
That is my best friend over there that's about to have one of the most disappointing moments of his life.
All because you sold him out.
Whoa! This is not my fault.
Well, why does everyone assume that if it's evil and if it's happening to Hollywood, it's all me? Alexis, Jake deserves to know the truth.
If you don't tell him tonight, I will.
Okay, I'm going to tell him, okay? It's just, it's It's not easy telling someone that they've been fired.
(Jake) I've been fired? Alexis I'm, I'm gonna give you guys a moment.
[door opens] [door closes] I'm sorry.
- I really am.
- How long have you known? Since this morning, but I kept trying to bring it up to you You should've tried harder.
Okay, I-I know that you're upset.
And I'm sorry, but I-I tried, Jake.
There wasn't anything that I could do.
It's normal for feature films to go through multiple writers dozens sometimes.
It's part of the process.
And even if you're getting rewritten you're probably still gonna get credit.
Probably? Wow.
Thanks a lot.
I feel much better.
It's not that bad.
You sold a script.
You're getting paid.
Don't you get it? This story is personal to me.
You think I'm not smart enough to know this is your big unrequited love story with Paige? You can't fool me just because you're set in Detroit in the 1950s.
Jake Hey, look We'll go to Nobu, a-and, and sip sake and talk about your next idea and it'll be o-okay.
Forget it.
We're done.
Jake I care about you a lot.
[instrumental music] Something tipped me over You okay? Not really.
I'm sorry.
How did you find out about this? I had a general meeting today with Newcastle and I tried to call you after, but Great.
When I was working.
[chuckles] I feel like such an idiot.
I trusted her.
I-I trusted them.
And the whole time, they were telling me what I wanted to hear so I would hand it over.
Hey, you are not an idiot, Jake.
You're beyond talented.
It is not your fault they screwed you over.
It's just just so unfair.
This is how it works, I guess.
What if there was a way to get your script back? I mean, they haven't paid you for it, right? What if you you do a Kickstarter? Yeah.
You, me, Cassie.
I mean, we've We've always wanted to make a-a movie one summer.
Yeah, I-I could direct the thing myself.
Just tell them the deal is off.
I can't do that right now, but, um But there's a meeting tomorrow morning.
Go to that meeting and Go get your movie back.
Thank you.
Of course.
To show you beauty from inside I'll pray I'll pray I'll pray all night Still be somebody worth the fight (Eva) Ida.
She's in a meeting.
So, should I call my attorney? Or did you figure out how to get Tangey back where she belongs? So sorry, Nina.
I tried to stop her.
- Try harder next time.
- I did, but she Just go.
Now, put your phone away.
I knew I could count on you.
Oh, I'm just finalizing the details now, but The new plan is to shoot two versions of the "Time Sorceress.
" One for the American market and one for the Chinese.
- So, Tangey - Is our American "Leila.
" - She's back in "Locked.
" - Brilliant! - I will call her right now.
- Not so fast.
- I have one condition.
- Of course you do.
You tipped Barrett Hopper off about Brandy Michaels and now he's harassing Jordan.
Why do you care? You're the one who told me about Brandy in the first place.
So, what if Barrett knows? I wanted the truth to break up Jordan and Tangey, but But they're not together anymore.
So call off your dog, or you and I are gonna have much bigger problems than keeping your daughter employed.
I can lose the additional financing to shoot the two versions just as easily as I found it.
You have a deal.
[instrumental music] (Kevin) And then Virginia drives off the lot in the very car Frank's just finished putting the shiniest chrome rims on.
In that moment Frank realizes he'd give up the entire factory for her.
Jake? - You must be the new writer? - Yeah.
Kevin O' Hare.
Maybe you can take Kevin to your office, Orly, we need a moment.
[dramatic music] I'm sure Alexis told you we decided to go in a new direction.
We think bringing in a fresh vision will help elevate the material.
If you want to tell a different story, go ahead but don't screw up mine.
I want my script back.
Well, I'm sorry, kid, but we own the property now.
Now, you haven't paid me a dime yet.
So, give me my script back.
The deal's already closed.
(Alexis) Mike I think we can work something out.
Well, if you'd like, I can have one of my lawyers come and clarify the details for the both of you.
It's all in the contract you signed.
How do you sleep at night? [music continues] [doorbell dings] Well, I'd say nice surprise, but that would be a lie.
I drove an hour to get here.
The least you could do is offer me a drink.
This is either bad news about "Locked" or a social visit, I'm not sure which is worse.
Oh, I'm here because I think Rainer is my son.
[instrumental music] Don't flatter yourself, Alan.
That's ridiculous.
Well, first, it was the motion sickness.
Then finding out he's 23, not 21.
I saw his birth certificate.
"Father Unknown?" His father's identity is none of your business.
You can tell me the truth now or I'll find out in a few weeks.
I already sent out our hair samples for DNA testing.
So I'm right? 'It's true?' Yes.
How could you deny him a chance to know his dad? Are you that selfish? Well, you kept promising to leave your wife.
And in case you forgot, that never happened.
Instead you fired me, and then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant.
So don't talk to me about being selfish.
You still should've told me.
You never even gave me a chance.
I didn't choose to be a single mother.
Nobody chooses that.
But Rainer is the best thing that ever happened to me.
And I wasn't the monster you made me out to be.
I had a right to know.
You didn't want kids back then, and you don't have them now.
That doesn't mean he wouldn't have been the best thing that ever happened to me, too.
Rainer can't find out.
You don't get to make that decision.
He's my son! I've missed 23 years.
I'm not waiting another minute.
No, okay! Alan! I-I will tell him.
Just let me be the one to break the news.
I have to go to New York tomorrow to secure locations.
I Just give me a few days to work out what I'm gonna say.
I will tell him when I get home.
I promise.
I'll have to think about that.
[music continues] [instrumental music] We missed you last night.
How did it go? - I don't wanna talk about it.
- Hey, what's wrong? Talk to me.
Some guy was pitching his version of my script when I went down there.
I-I made a complete ass of myself.
I mean, they threatened lawyers.
So, no, I didn't get my script back.
And once word gets out about this I'll never work in this town again.
Hey, hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Jake.
I I gave you really bad advice.
I-I Paige, come on.
This isn't your fault.
Well, screw 'em, okay? You'll write another one.
I-I don't feel much like writing.
Maybe you can take your rewrite money and you know pour it into your thesis film.
Whatever I need to be learning I'm not learning in film school.
You're being way too hard on yourself.
- Am I? - Yes.
I got an interview to PA on a Richard Linklater film.
Uh, maybe I just need to get out of here and learn something.
- Y-you can't just drop out.
- Why not? Richard Linklater never went to film school.
Uh, John Hughes, Oliver Stone.
I mean, Woody Allen.
They made movies.
Something I'm not doing in school.
- For how long? - Three months.
Uh, maybe longer, if I work through post.
Look, I don't know.
Maybe I'll like it more in Austin.
Austin, Texas? No, no.
Jake, come-come on.
Y-you can't just give up on Hollywood.
You're still a film student.
Things are gonna get better for you.
I mean, they're not really that bad.
You're right.
Hey, I'm still learning.
Which is exactly why I want to go to Texas.
[cellphone buzzing] Jake, I really Uh, sorry.
I, I have to go right now or I'm gonna be really late to set.
I'm sorry.
But I'm gonna order us Pad Thai later.
I'll pick it up on the way home.
And you have to wait for me until I get home to make any decisions, okay? We're gonna talk this out.
Okay? [door closes] How was the breakfast with Weinstein's? Well, I wouldn't know because you gave me the wrong time.
And Hilary at New Line had no idea what I was talking about on our conference call because she never received the package.
But I sent it, I sw You are never going to be a good executive if you can't be a competent assistant.
You're fired.
I know I screwed up, Nina.
And I'm sorry.
Oh, by the way, I got the Bradbury Building back.
I spoke to the LA Film Commission.
They were instrumental in working things out.
We can shoot there on Friday.
Well, good work, Eva.
A problem solver is exactly the kind of person I need.
In fact, keep it up, and you might even get yourself a raise.
[knock on door] Come in.
Chocolate glazed or sprinkles? Whatever will help me get through this emotional scene.
I hear Meryl Streep with sprinkles all the way.
Thank you.
You still worried about it? Yeah, still very distracted, and no word from Cassie.
What about Jake? Yeah, he knows.
It was pretty awful.
And I know now I'm supposed to you know, get my head into this but I'm just not sure I can.
We'll do it.
- As August and Noah.
- I know.
I just Crying's never been a problem for me before.
And here I have this heartbreaking scene right in front of me and nothing.
So, when am I gonna learn these tricks of yours, huh? The truth is, there are no tricks.
Acting's a lot of hard work.
I focus on a sad memory.
Like the reason why I am sober.
When I was on "Backsplash" my mom was off on location a lot and I wound up at parties drinking when I was too young to know how to handle it.
I had a car accident on PCH when I was 16.
I was wasted.
There was a family in the other car.
Everyone survived.
But I never hated myself so much, so I quit.
It's hard to admit to yourself that you're not strong enough to handle something.
So, when I need to dig deep and really feel something I just stop trying to control it.
I'm so sorry, Rain.
[sighs] Thank you for sharing that with me.
You're ready? Uh, hey, Wyatt.
Can I talk to you for a sec? Sure.
What's up? Well, I've thought a lot about scene 61 and I know I can give you a better performance.
I'd like another chance in my close-ups.
We're past that, Townsen.
Like I said, we'll be on Rainer's coverage.
Right, because you have to cut around me 'cause I didn't deliver.
Wyatt, look, I know I can do so much better than that.
Please, just give me another chance.
Let's do it.
Thank you.
(Rainer) August, we have to talk about this.
- You can't keep avoiding me.
- I'm not going back.
We've built a life here.
These are our children.
Go back and ask Leila again, okay? - There has to be another way.
- It's not up to us.
At least, this way, I'll be here with them.
But I'm their mother.
Please! [sobbing] I want to stay with them.
Don't make me leave.
- And, cut! - Cutting.
You nailed it.
So, you did have something to think about.
I guess there's still a lot about me you don't know.
Wow! Thank you for talking me into that.
So worth it.
Loved it.
- Nice job, Townsen.
- Thank you.
[whispering] I think that was my first compliment.
[dramatic music] Nice doing business with you.
You don't want to count it? I know where to find you if there's a problem.
Hey, Jake, um, I'm home.
Where are you? Austin.
Sorry, I couldn't wait.
Oh! Uh, okay.
I needed to clear my head, and it's just an interview.
Okay, well Hey, listen, I-I've been thinking all day and what if I attach myself to your script and then I tell Mike Tanen that I'm only gonna do it if you stay on as the writer.
Have you read it, the script? No! But I mean, I-I know it's amazing.
Okay, now I know how Cassie felt.
Um, that was very different.
Why would you attach yourself to a script you haven't read, Paige? Unless you felt sorry for me.
I don't need your pity.
I'm trying to help, Jake.
I And I don't need you to solve my problems.
And, Paige, if I get this job, I'm taking it.
Come on! Jake, at least Hey, Richard's ready for you.
Uh, look, I gotta go.
[dramatic music] [sighs] [instrumental music] Lord don't owe me In the end Take your soul and it Tell me.
How did it go? Did Nina buy it? One hundred percent.
Boy, did I sell it.
I should've stuck with acting.
I knew I picked the right girl for the job.
So, what did you find? I'm dying to know.
Every email, every text Nina Devon's ever received or sent, it's all here.
James Bond has nothing on you, does he? [chuckles] I didn't get a chance to look through everything but from what I did see, you won't be disappointed.
And there's something else.
Oh, wow.
This looks compromising.
Trust me, their story alone will make your toes curl but there's juicy dirt on the entire cast.
Thank you.
Sounds like I'll finally be able to go national and destroy Nina Devon.
It'll sure be fun taking this bitch down.
The queen is back [theme music]