Famous in Love (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Fifty Shades of Red

1 I just need to know if you'll give me another chance? Yeah, maybe after the movie wraps.
Keeping business and personal separate, huh? - 'Could have fooled me.
' - I think Rainer is my son.
Let me be the one to break the news.
Don't you get that maybe I don't wanna watch you live out my dream day after day.
What, you're just gonna hate your best friend now, that I-I got it? Because I didn't think that you would! Did Cassie call you? Uh, she's fine, she's at her grandma's.
I got the Bradbury building back.
Oh, good work, Eva, keep it up and you might even get yourself a raise.
I knew I picked the right gal for the job.
What did you find? Sounds like I'll finally be able to destroy Nina Devon.
- I've been fired? - I'm sorry.
But there wasn't anything that I could do.
- Okay, we're done.
- Your mother? Baby, listen, I'll tell you what you need to know, but not now.
Jordan, you've lied to me.
- 'Where are you?' - Austin.
'And it's just an interview.
' And, Paige, if I get this job, I'm taking it.
[alarm buzzing] [instrumental music] Cut your branches at the root That long have grown that bitter fruit Cut your branches at the root That only gave me bitter fruit I was conceived in a red cage There she is.
Hey, Paige.
It looks like you and Rainer Devon are quite the item.
Um, what? What are you guys talking about? Uh, what? Hey, Paige, how long you've been together? We're not, we're not together.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, guys.
[clamoring] 'Are you just hooking up?' Um, no! Mom, why can't the housekeeper feed the cat? The last time I left Mr.
Freckles with Theresa he almost died, and listen 'I'm only asking you to come over here twice.
' Fine, I'll swing by your house and feed the cat.
Anything else I need to know? - 'Mom.
You there?' - No, yeah.
Uh, the food is in the cabinet next to the fridge.
Look, I gotta go.
Have a safe trip.
- 'I love you.
' - I love you, too.
Another congrats on the Golden Globe nom? I might have to build an addition if this keeps up.
Actually, this one's for the new movie.
It's from my agents.
The premier's tomorrow night on the backlot, right? Yeah, they're pulling all the stops for this one.
Long way from our Teen Choice Award days.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Rain.
Means a lot.
You can make it to the premier, right? Wouldn't miss it.
You and Tangey walking the carpet together? Actually, I might be flying solo on this one.
- Tange still upset? - Yeah.
Not sure I blame her.
I should of told her the truth about my mom, man.
Oh, come on.
You were trying to start a new life.
And by the way, it worked.
Look where you are now.
Yeah, well, she doesn't see it like that.
She won't even return any of my calls.
Tangey can be tough.
Believe me, I know.
But, hang in there, she cares about you.
She's just angry right now.
Alright, don't give up.
[instrumental music] [indistinct chatter] - Uh, hey.
- Hey.
Uh, when did you get back? Uh, yesterday.
Oh, but you, you didn't come home? No, I stayed the night at Adam's.
It's not a big deal.
Glad to see you guys hitting it off.
Um, did you get any of my messages about Jake getting fired from his movie? He's in Austin, Texas now for some job interview Yeah, no, I know.
He told me, we've been talking.
Of course you have.
Well, uh, I mean, what's he gonna do about it anyway? He's not gonna, like, actually drop out of school and Well, they offered him the job.
So, yeah, I think he's gonna take it.
The-they offered him the.
[cellphone dings] Um, I have to go to set, or else I'm gonna be really late.
But, Cassie, we really should catch up and, uh.
- 'Where's Rainer?' - 'Look this way, Paige.
' Does he ever bring you to class? 'Bet you two do a lot of "Studying.
" Um.
Cassie, um, I'll.
I'll, I'll text you, okay? [clamoring] (Paige) 'Excuse me.
' Morning.
I was just heading to hair and make up.
Care to join me? Uh.
Yeah, sure.
You okay? Uh, no, I've suddenly got Paparazzi following my every move.
TMZ picked up a photo of us at the restaurant in Malibu.
I was hoping they'd only come after me.
Yeah, well, now they think we're like a couple.
They turn the story into whatever they want.
They always do.
Just don't talk to them.
Eventually, they get bored and go away.
Did you and Cassie work things out? No.
But apparently, she and Jake talk, like, everyday.
They just.
Both don't talk to me.
So, I guess I've been iced out of the three amigos.
You've come to the other side.
- Welcome.
- What do you mean? The same thing happened with my friends when I started working.
Sometimes the people you had in your life before you became famous just don't fit anymore.
I'm not famous, Rainer.
And yet, you have paparazzi following your every move.
It's because of you.
Th-they're interested in who you date.
Look, Jake and Cassie, they're not like that, okay? We just, we've got some stuff to work out.
- I hope that's the case.
- It is.
[cellphone ringing] - 'Hey.
' - Hey, it's me.
I was wondering if you could talk right now, if you're free.
Hey, did you know that there's a hoard of paparazzi camped outside our apartment? And they're getting really agro, FYI.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Rainer says it'll all blow over.
Just don't talk to them.
Trust me, it's not me who they wanna talk to.
Hey, look, I'm off this weekend, what do you say we watch the new episodes of "Gilmore Girls" tomorrow night? 'You know, we could have, like, a little marathon' and order some pizza, margaritas.
Um, what do you say? Okay, sure.
- Really? Yeah? - 'Yeah.
' Totally, that sounds fun.
Um, great.
[knock on door] Paige, they're ready for you on set.
Uh, I'll call you back, okay, Cass? Bye.
- Lookin' good, Red.
- Thanks, Adam.
Pretty great about Jake's new gig, huh? Crazy fast.
I mean, Cass asked me one day and my buddy Zach hooks it up the next.
Uh, wait, uh, Cass asked you? Cass told me that Jake needed a change of scenery, like ASAP.
- Did she? - 'Yeah.
' 'Working for a legend like Linklater' is an amazing opportunity.
Plus, Austin is so fun.
If Jake gets started in that crew he might never come back to LA.
No, he might not.
[scoffs] - Hey, Tange.
- Hey.
I gotta go to hair and make up.
So, what do you want? A chance to explain.
Do you remember our first premiere together? Jordan, come on.
We weren't even invited but Rainer got us in, remember? Yeah.
I mean, you guys were already on "Backsplash.
" I didn't even have an album out yet.
And you were fifteen, and we were both so into you.
- You were? - Come on, you know it.
It started for me way back then.
My premiere is tomorrow night.
Walk the carpet with me.
Let me show you how much I want us to work.
- Jordan.
- Just say, "Yes.
" I can't.
I can't, Jordan.
I'm sorry.
I can't be with someone I don't trust.
[indistinct chatter] Paige.
Have you heard from Jake? I've been kind of worried.
Now you're worried? Do you even know where he is right now? Austin, Texas.
He's taking a job there, he's quitting school and he's leaving in LA, all because of you.
That's not fair.
You have no idea what happened.
I fought for Jake to stay on his movie.
(Wyatt) 'Rehearsal's up, let's go!' - It's a fat suit.
- I didn't say anything.
- Hey, Jordan.
- Hey.
(Wyatt) 'Action!' Our flight leaves in a few hours.
I know.
I just.
I can't help feeling like I'm forgetting something.
Just focus on us.
A week in Hawaii, feet in the sand.
I know.
I can't wait, but, uh.
What am I forgetting? Maggie! Maggie! I-I didn't tell Maggie we're gonna pick her up.
Where is my phone? I thought I'd put it.
You were my first love, and I want you to be my last.
August Roch, will you do me the honor of marrying me? Hey, we're ready to go.
I picked up Maggie.
We're parked out front.
(Wyatt) 'That's a cut on rehearsal!' Hey, Wyatt, I have a question about the scene.
Yeah, sure.
What's up? Why can't August just give Ed an answer when he asks? I mean, in the book she says she has to think about it so why can't I just say something like that? Look, the point of the movie is that she can't make a choice.
Remember, the scene happens in the very beginning of the film.
You're with Ed, he loves you, he's just proposed to you.
You all get on a plane, and it crashes.
You and Noah are thrown back in time.
Your journey through the course of this film is to return to the present.
And along the way.
you fall in love.
Uh, right, but So, the proposal hangs over the entire movie.
It informs her inevitable love story with Noah and whether or not you stay in time with him or return to the present to be with Ed.
This is my mother.
Hey, mom.
(Alan) 'Alright.
Listen up, gang! Listen up!' Listen up.
One of our own, hit the big time.
Not only did he land his first Golden Globe nomination this week but his new movie, a Gold Brothers Select division I might add.
Opens around the country tomorrow.
Way to go, huh? Look at that smile right there.
And the entire cast.
'Everybody is gonna walk the red carpet' 'in support of our boy tomorrow.
' 'Alright, and let this be, let this be the start' of some great things for our franchise.
Jordan! [all cheering] What are you doing? Uh, helping Jake.
He ask me to help him, he's flying back in a few days and then he only has a day before he needs to drive back to Austin.
And whose fault is that? - Excuse me? - 'I talked to Adam.
' I-I know this whole thing was your idea.
- So, what? - "So, what?" It-it's Texas, Cassie.
What if he loves it and he stays? Why-why would you do this? Because it's a great opportunity, Paige.
When Adam mentioned it, I knew that Jake would go for it because it's exactly what he needs right now.
Yeah, maybe after he felt defeated because he got fired.
But, come on, long term.
You remember our freshman year when he wrote his first stage play and that creative writing class completely tore it apart in front of him? He wanted to leave, and he wanted to go home.
And what did we do? We stayed there all night, talking him out of it.
That's what you should have done.
We're not freshman anymore! - This is different.
- Yeah, maybe, but.
Your job as a best friend was not to convince him to leave.
Jake didn't get what he wanted here.
Not with school, not with the script and not with you.
Don't you get that it's killing him to stay.
And I can't believe you're so selfish you can't even see that.
[instrumental music] [cellphone buzzing] We drifted to survive - - But I let you drift away My love where are you So you two still haven't made up? Well, we kind of did, and then she found out from you that I hooked Jacob with that film job in Austin.
- Sorry.
- Don't be, it's not your fault.
I just need to vent, so let me vent, okay? - Vent away.
- She's just so controlling.
I mean, as if I have that kind of mind power over Jake.
'She doesn't even realize that everything has changed.
' Like, her life is totally different.
And she expects me and Jake to be exactly the same.
Like, all of this just doesn't affect us.
It's so unfair.
- We done venting? - Hold on.
Yeah, okay, I'm done venting.
You know what you need to do, right? Yeah, I know.
I will talk to her.
- Thanks, Adam.
- You're welcome.
Hey, when's your roommate coming out? - Is she dating Rainer? - Uh.
- Get your roommate out.
- Girl, you know, you know.
'Tell us.
Tell us!' - How long you've been going on? - 'Come on.
' So, I think this is the one, right? Uh, Cass, hi, um.
It's okay that they're here, right? It's your apartment, too.
Excuse me for one second.
'Cass, hey.
' Look, I-I'm.
I'm really sorry about all this.
- What's going on? - Um.
They're fitting the whole "Locked" cast for Jordan's movie premiere tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night? So, we're not doing the "Gilmore Girls" marathon? Yeah, I-I wanted to talk to you about that because y-you see, they.
They threw this on us, super last minute.
And they're really not even giving us a choice.
So, I was wondering if maybe there's another night we could do it.
It's cool, Paige.
Hey, Cass, I really am sorry.
It's fine.
Have fun.
[instrumental music] (male #1) 'This is your moment, Jordan.
' So you wanna pursue that Liam Hemsworth project? - Great double blow.
- Yeah, of course.
- I'm a big fan of his.
- Well, he's a big fan of yours.
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg also want to sit down with you.
They've got a comedy heist film that you'd be perfect for.
Oh, that's great.
Let's do it.
We'll see you at your premiere tonight.
Wear something nice.
Hey, Tange.
- Power lunch? - You could say that.
Everyone is very interested all of a sudden in what I do next.
Well, I mean, the Golden Globe nomination is huge.
Yeah, you shouldn't, you know, take that for granted.
Oh, I'm not.
Well, I'll see you around.
Hey, hey, Tange.
I thought you, of all people, would understand this.
Excuse me? You talk all the time about having a controlling mother.
Why you think I was running cons and stealing at 14? Because I wanted to? So, the first chance I got to put the past behind me, I took it.
See, I thought if you knew the truth you wouldn't want to be with me.
- Looks like maybe I was right.
- Oh, no.
I gotta go, I have a scene to shoot.
I'll see you around.
[door opens] - Hey, what? - You wanted to see us? Oh, yeah, that-that's gonna look great.
- What? - Steadicam shot.
Light streaming through.
The big sex scene shoots tomorrow.
I just wanted you guys to run through it.
Get the choreography down so it looks natural.
Choreography? Well, I don't wanna dictate to you two when to kiss, when to take off your clothes.
So, you can figure that out yourselves so it looks good on film.
I'm sorry, h-how much exactly are we planning to show? Don't worry, we'll capture it all.
We can cut around anything, we're not allowed to see.
We'll have a closed set, it'll be okay.
Okay, I'll give you guys privacy to block it out and we'll see what you guys come up with.
Okay, so, uh.
Ho-how do we do this this whole, like, "Act natural" thing? I always wondered how actors did it.
We think about what Noah and August would do what they're feeling.
You forget about everything beyond the lights and all you have is, right now.
Okay, so, you remember where Noah and August are at this point of the movie, right? They're holding off being together but their attraction is growing and New Year's Eve.
They danced all night and then the clock strikes midnight, and they kiss.
'And after that, they can't keep their hands off each other' they're-they're making out at the dance hall in the taxi on the way over up the stairs, down the hall to right here.
S-should I, uh, block this with you? Yeah, come here.
Come here.
Um, so, they're kissing.
As he, um, kicks the door shut I-I feel like.
Noah would maybe push her into the wall.
[dramatic music] Um, and maybe.
August would pull him closer to her? And then he'd kiss your neck.
As she takes your jacket off.
And I with my hand up your skirt as I kiss your ear.
And then, lift you to the bed.
'And I would pull you on top of me.
' Kiss your face and your neck.
I would kiss down the length of your body.
down your chest, through your stomach.
And then I would pull you up.
push you over.
and get on top of you.
[door opening] 'Alright, guys, let's get those set pieces moved in.
' - Ah, something like that.
- Yeah, something like that.
[instrumental music] [indistinct chatter] There she is! Come on in here, girl.
There's somebody I want you to meet.
Ry Coolidge, it's nice to meet you.
- I'm a big fan.
- H-hi.
Ry is a songwriter.
He was nominated for three Grammys last year includin' country album of the year.
Wow, that's really impressive.
I could say the same thing about you.
Y'all killed it on Conan with that new track of yours.
- I really dug it.
- Thank you, thank you.
Listen, I'm on a red-eye back to Nashville tonight but maybe when you get some time, we can kick around some ideas about the rest of your album? - Yeah.
- That would be fantastic.
- Ha ha.
- Alright, y'all be good.
- Ya hear? - Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Okay, what is happening right now? Look, I know I haven't always been in support of this whole country thing.
but we're in this together.
And I'm gonna do everything in my power to make the album a success.
- Really? - Really.
And Ry is the most sought after writer in Nashville right now.
And it doesn't hurt that he's good-lookin'.
And single.
- Ma.
- What? I mean, now that you're done with Jordan you're available, right? I don't know.
Maybe I'm not done with Jordan.
[sighs] Tangey.
Come, come over here.
Sit-sit down for a minute.
Ahh here we go.
I know it seems like I'm always hatin' on him but there's a good reason.
I know, "Jordan has a past.
" "Jordan is a player.
" But what you don't know is the whole truth, Tangey.
Okay, so then tell me what're you talking about? Jordan killed a man.
in cold blood.
What? No.
No, ma, it's not, it's true.
It's true the fact is, he'd be in jail for life right now if his mother hadn't taken the rap.
And it was Nina who wrote his fake life story gave him a new name, and made him a star.
No, ma, I can't believe that.
You don't have to believe me.
Ask him yourself.
Maybe now you'll understand why I've been so tough on you about this.
I'm sorry, but I'm the one who really cares about you.
[instrumental music] - Hi.
- Hi, hey, oh.
- You wrapped? - Uh yeah.
- Are you? - No.
We still have to mop up some stunt pieces in the last fight scene.
- Boo.
- Yeah, where you headed? Home, I was gonna go try and work things out with Cassie.
- Oh, good luck.
- Thanks.
I promise you, this new life you're starting is gonna be amazing.
It's just.
Where you're headed? You can't take them with you.
It doesn't work that way.
- I really hope you're wrong.
- Me too.
[instrumental music] [sighing] [music continues] Hey, um, I let myself in.
- Hmm, what's wrong? - It's about Jordan.
Look, I just found out something horrible about him.
Something that I can't even believe.
Tange, you can't listen to every stupid thing you hear No, no, no, Rain.
Rain, this is serious.
- Okay.
- Look.
I know he's your best friend and everything.
But please, don't try to hide anything from me right now! Don't try to lie! I need the truth.
Straight up.
Did Jordan kill someone? [music continues] Eh yes.
[gasping] - Oh, my God! - But.
But it's not as simple as that.
What? What do you mean? He either did, or he didn't.
He was fourteen.
It was his mother's boyfriend.
He was beating her, he was beating Jordan.
This guy was really bad news, Tangey.
The night that it happened.
he would've killed her.
and probably Jordan, too.
Jordan did the only thing he could have done.
He saved his mother's life that night.
And then, your mom saved him with the fake history she created? [exhaling] You've known my mom for a long time.
Do you really think she would've stepped up for Jordan and put her entire reputation on the line.
if it happened any other way? [sighs] [phone ringing] [voicemail beeps] 'The caller you're trying' 'to reach is unavailable.
' 'Please leave a message after the beep.
' [beeping] Hi, Jake.
It's Paige.
Obviously, um.
Can you call me back please? I.
Really? I mean, is this how it's gonna go down then? You're you're just gonna walk away? [sighs] So, what? We-we-we're not gonna.
We're never gonna make pancakes together again in the morning? We're never gonna stay up all night and watch the worst movies, and, and we're never gonna get drunk all night at Los Amigos? Huh? Is that it? Well, you know what? I-I can't accept that.
Okay, and I, and I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.
[sighing] [grunting] (Wyatt) 'Cut!' 'Nice work! New deal, people.
' - That was great, Dusty! - Thanks, buddy.
Way to go, Rain.
You threw those punches to camera perfectly.
Oh, I told you I got this down.
- My dad was a stuntman.
- Really? I thought he died in Iraq.
I mean, that's what I always heard.
That's the story my mom floated for the public to protect our privacy.
Oh! I get it.
Well, I know just about everyone in the guild.
- Who was your dad? - Steve Channing.
They were together on location in Morocco, but I never met him.
He died when I was really little.
Wait, Steve Channing who died during the filming of "Prophecy of Sins?" Yeah, eh, he-he, you knew him? Ohh, you could say that.
It's just.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't your dad.
- What do you mean? - Ohh.
Look, things were a little bit different back then so nobody really knows this, but.
Steve was gay.
- No, you got the wrong guy.
- Rainer.
He was my partner.
We were together for over 15 years.
He didn't sleep with women, trust me.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
You should probably just talk to your mom.
[door opening] [door slamming] [panting] (Adam) 'So, how did it go?' It didn't go at all.
I mean, when I got home it was like the backstage of a fashion show.
And we didn't get a chance to talk.
It's a part of her job now.
You know, it comes with the territory.
You'll find the time.
I know, it's just.
when I think back on how it used to be you know, the three of us would spend all of our time together.
We were inseparable, we'd stay up all night talking about nothing.
And now I feel like every time I turn around there's something new getting in the way.
You know, something similar happened to me and a buddy of mine.
- Really? - After Northwestern.
We were both doing improv in Chicago and my buddy Patrick, got scouted by a guy at Second City.
Next thing we know, SNL comes knocking and suddenly, the guy is famous.
Wait, your friend is Patrick Newton? Yeah.
And once he made it, it was like, he changed.
I mean, I started hating it when he'd complain about all the interviews he had to do or how little time he had for himself.
But what really changed was.
we were just a couple of guys trying to break in.
And then, once he made it, it was like.
I was just a "Hanger on.
" Like, I was just part of his entourage.
And I didn't wanna be that guy.
So I moved out here.
So, what about now? Are you guys still friends? Yeah, actually.
That's the thing.
I think me moving out here was the best thing for the both of us in the end.
[instrumental music] - There you are - Don't start.
I just got off a five-hour flight I've a terrible migraine and I have a bond company meeting in an hour.
- But Rainer - Rainer can wait.
I will call him back later.
No, Rainer is here.
Hey, honey.
- 'Is everything okay?' - Can you shut the door, please? What's wrong? Ah.
Alan Mills.
Oh, my God.
I go away for only two days and he's already pissed off the star of my movie.
Rain, don't worry.
Whatever it is, I'll fix it.
I don't think you're gonna be able to fix this.
Today, I found out that the man I thought was my dad all my life was in a committed relationship with another man.
So, that was a lot to take in.
But then it got me thinking.
Alan's suddenly shown a lot of interest in me lately.
Asking all kinds of questions about my childhood.
What my life is like.
Hanging around on set for no apparent reason.
And then it hit me, Alan surfs.
He gets motion sickness on planes.
His dad had a drinking problem, just like he did and just like me.
[instrumental music] It's him, isn't it? He's my father.
[music continues] Yes.
[music continues] So you robbed me of havin' a father.
You lied to me everyday for 23 years.
When you tucked me in when I was little.
When you dropped me off at school when I played baseball all those years.
At my games alone thinking I didn't have a dad.
You lied.
You stole that part of my childhood from me and I'll never get it back.
Honey, I can explain.
I know you can't see it right now but Alan would have been a horrible father.
And you're just gonna have to believe me on that.
It's a decision I did not make lightly.
No, but you, you did it anyway.
Didn't you? Because that's the control freak in you.
That's who you are.
I have never in my life felt so alone.
So unloved, so betrayed.
Don't say that.
You have to know that I love you.
You are my only son.
You're my everything.
Really? Because you mean nothing to me now.
[instrumental music] Hey, Paige, your car and a small army 'of paparazzi are out front.
' They can wait.
Did you get my message? I want you to come to the premiere with me.
I, uh, picked out this dress for you.
I-I thought it would look really pretty with your eyes and we can have so much fun.
We'll go somewhere after to talk and, you know, grab a milkshake Paige, I'm not coming with you.
Why? Because I can't do this anymore.
- I'm moving out.
- What? Look, so much of this is about me.
My jealousy and my stuff that I have to deal with, not you.
But I have to do something about it, Paige.
But I don't understand, why, why you have to move out? Because I can't keep feeling like I'm living my life in your shadow.
You're not.
Look, with Jake gone, it's different.
You know, I, I can't just stay here feeling resentful of you, it's not fair to you.
But, Cassie, the whole reason why we did this in the first place so that, was that we could do it together, and you're right.
Now, that Jake's gone, it.
I-I-I don't want you to leave me too.
Paige, please don't cry.
You're gonna ruin your make up.
I don't care about the make up, Cassie.
I care about you and me and our friendship.
Paige, you shouldn't stay here either.
It's not safe for you anymore.
I mean, you, you think this paparazzi stuff is bad now? Just wait until the movie comes out.
This is all just starting for you.
You're moving on to this new world and Jake and I are not a part of it.
No, that's-that's not true.
It doesn't mean that we're not gonna be friends.
It just means that.
all this is ending.
- No, no.
- I'm sorry.
[instrumental music] [music continues] [glass shatters] [sighs] [pop music] Miss Townsen, this your first red carpet premiere? Oh, yeah-yeah, technically.
Well, don't worry.
You're gonna be a real, big hit.
'Just try to remember to smile for all those cameras.
' Will do.
My name is Derek, by the way.
I've been assigned by the studio to be your driver from now on.
Derek, nice to meet you.
I'm Paige.
Nice to meet you.
And, and we're here.
'Go knock 'em dead, Paige.
' We don't know if we leave will we make it home We don't know there's hope Then we'll be okay [indistinct chatter] [music continues] We don't know there's hope then we'll be okay.
[knock at door] - Hi.
- Hi.
You sure you're okay with this? Very sure about this.
I've got a box of fruity pebbles and the "Gilmore Girls" standing by.
Maybe we should watch something else.
Come on.
[instrumental music] (Barrett) 'We're live from famous Gold Brothers Studios' in Hollywood, California.
It's your favorite entertainment insider Barrett Hopper and we're here for the world premiere of Golden Globe nominated Jordan Wilder's new film "The Last Knockout.
" Paige! [indistinct chatter] Waiting for your date? Which boy is that by the way? Rainer or Jake? You know I'm not dating either of them but since you're prying, Rainer.
You know, I'll admit when things first started with Jake I had ulterior motives, but then things changed.
And I started having real feelings for him.
So, what I'm saying is maybe you and I are more like the new thing.
Trust me, you and I.
we're nothing alike.
You're right, I actually had the guts to tell Jake how I really felt.
[indistinct chatter] So, Jordan, how does it feel to have your first Golden Globe nomination and this new white hot film that's burning up the festival circuit? It feels pretty good, Jared.
So, your career has basically skyrocketed since nomination.
Has there been any pressure at all? I'm just happy to be a part of it all.
You know, a-and it's not about awards.
For me it's about the work.
So, tell me in "The Last Knockout" I heard you actually trained with Manny Pacquiao? [indistinct chatter] Wi-will you excuse me, please? Thanks for stopping by.
Where are we going? I wanna talk to you in private.
Look, I thought about what you said.
And I believe you.
I know you're not proud of that guy you used to be but, Jordan, I've known you for a long time now.
And you are not that same guy anymore.
[indistinct chatter] I wanna be with you.
I love you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
[indistinct chatter] Look, I know, okay.
I know about everything that went down.
I know that you and Nina have been hiding it.
- You know about that? - Yeah.
From the bottom of my heart that all that stuff is over.
I know.
I'm glad.
I mean it.
I've stopped sleeping with Nina.
- It's over.
I promise.
- What? You and Nina? [instrumental music] Don't you ever talk to me again, Jordan.
Yeah, uh, it's-it's my first red carpet premiere so I'm pretty nervous.
Oh my God! I'm so nervous too.
(Paige) 'Oh, my goodness.
' (Barrett) 'The talented and obviously very funny' Dan Fogler's with us here from "Fantastic Beats" and "Where To Find Them.
" Uh, are you nervous right now? - I heard you're nervous.
- Uh, yeah.
You wanna hear, like, a special thing that I do um, when I get nervous before these events? Well, yeah, you gotta tell us.
America wants to know.
Okay, here's the secret thing.
This is what I do.
I go in the car.
And I take like five or six really big thick, like, juicy bong hits, you know.
And that just, like, really takes the edge off.
- Do you? - No.
[laughing] Oh, my goodness.
Well, see now, you're laughing, and I'm not nervous anymore.
Hey, I know you.
Oh, my God, it's Ryan Phillippe.
What's up, buddy? It's been a while.
Don't listen to a word he says.
- She's too young for you.
- What? I'll see you guys at the after party.
- Okay.
- 'Okay.
' Okay.
Rainer! Rainer, this way.
Rainer, right here.
- Rainer! - Rainer, come over here.
- Over here, man.
- Rainer, this way, man.
- 'Rainer! Rainer!' - 'Rainer, big smile.
' Hey, how are you? Hey, Rainer, did you dump Tangey for Paige? What are you doing? We're not supposed to do this.
I don't care.
[indistinct chatter] - Come on, do it again.
- Have you been drinking? - Rainer, are you off the wagon? - Are you drunk, Rainer? Come on, let's go, let's go inside.
What kind of guy shows up to his best friend's premiere wasted? - Screw you, pal.
- Come on.
Go to rehab, you loser.
[grunts] Rainer! Rainer! [indistinct chatter] We're live at the Gold Brothers Studios where Rainer Devon has literally lost his mind.
Rainer, get off of him.
Excuse me.
Oh, easy, Rainer! Rainer! You're a liar too.
[grunts] Oh, my God.
Rainer Devon has punched out the head of the studio.
This is beautiful.
That is an epic meltdown.
Oh, my God.
I feel so bad for Paige.
[indistinct chatter] [theme music]