Fantastic Four (2006) s01e15 Episode Script


BEN: Take cover, folks.
Natural disaster coming through.
(PEOPLE SCREAMING) Mommy! Mommy, an ugly orange monster.
Thanks kid.
Give me a break.
(BEN GROANS) What? So much for the Big Apple being earthquake-proof.
(RUMBLING) Oh, come on! Is there some kind of law against me having a normal day? Guess so.
GIRL 2: That was amazing! - Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah! - Goal! And the crowd goes wild! - So, are you coaching us, Mr.
Torch? - Yeah.
Are you? Sorry, kids.
Your coach is a big, ugly rock called the Thing.
But, don't worry.
We made him stop eating the bad players.
Parents were complaining.
"Where's my son? We miss him so much.
" SUZY: Jonathan Storm.
Ben is doing a wonderful thing volunteering to coach these kids' soccer team.
Why do you always have to give him such a hard time? Because he makes it so easy.
Speaking of Ben, shouldn't he be here? JOHNNY: You know him.
Probably slept in.
What's that? Hey! Hey! Come on.
Get over here and fight, you little You little whatever you are's.
Fight? Why would they wish to fight you? You are one of us, Benjamin Grimm.
You are a kindred spirit.
I apologize for my children's rough treatment.
But let me be the first to properly welcome you to Subterranea.
You got about three seconds before I punt you for a field goal, shorty.
Who are you and what's going on here? I I am the Mole Man.
As to what's going on here, you are witnessing nothing less than the creation of paradise.
And I want you to join us.
SUZY: I don't see you doing anything so selfless with your time, Johnny.
JOHNNY: Selfless.
It sounds familiar.
Refresh my memory.
What is that again? HERBIE: Signal.
Ben Grimm.
Not found.
Not found? What's that mean? WOMAN: Something happening in Manhattan.
MAN: Building's disappearing It means we need to get back to the city.
(RUMBLING) (PEOPLE SCREAMING) I can't carry this many people with my force fields.
REED: What we need is some support.
Air support.
Susan, Johnny, I need you to buy me some time.
Divert the water.
Make sure everyone is safe.
Man, I hate water.
Flame on! I designed a remote control system for the Fantasticar last week.
JOHNNY: Of course you did.
(CHEERING) NEWS PRESENTER: Apparently, a citywide phenomenon, dozens of buildings ha ve been pulled into the earth.
Long-time New Yorkers ha ve never seen anything like it.
The Empire State Building, the United Nations building, Madison Square Garden.
Reports are coming in that the Statue of Liberty has been taken.
For the record, I had nothing to do with this.
- What's going on out there? - And where is Ben? Begin vibro-acoustic spectrography.
3-D schematic.
Depth, 1,000 feet.
- That can't be.
- SUZY: What is it, Reed? Depth, 5,000 feet.
JOHNNY: Huh? You think someone would have noticed a big cave under Manhattan before now.
Highlight recent seismic activity in chronological order.
Statistically speaking, there's a 74.
3% chance that (ALARM BLARING) That the Baxter Building will be next.
The building is actually being pulled into the earth.
Reed, we're not the only people in this building.
What about the tenants? The lab is the safest place in the building.
- We should bring the - Come on, Johnny.
(SCREAMING) Don't forget Mrs.
Flufferkins, young man.
Or Mr.
Doom? A giant monster? The Negative Zone again? No.
Bartleby, we have to hurry.
Hey! Get them off! Get them off! I I think we landed.
- You hear that? - We need to get back to the lab.
That's not good.
They appear to be a fungus-based life form.
SUZY: Reed, there's some kind of creatures trying to get into the building.
They're made out of snot or something.
The creatures are here as well, but the lab defenses should be fine as long as the power holds.
Well, that changes things.
JOHNNY: Hey! Hey! Okay, booger creatures, the gloves are off.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Sue, we gotta go.
Run! Go.
I'll catch up.
(GROANS) Sorry.
Look at how they love you.
They respond to the inner you.
When was the last time a surface-dweller reacted to you that way? Look, I got friends, pal.
Your teammates.
They get all the glory, all the admiration.
And you get what? When was the last time a child looked at you without crying in fear.
(GRUNTING) Okay, I've heard enough from you, pipsqueak.
Benjamin, this is how the surface world sees you.
You and I are the same, Benjamin.
The beautiful people, they hate us, they fear us.
The only difference is that I've lived my whole life this way.
Your nightmare has only just begun.
REED: Two more seconds and Got it.
Security systems online now! We still don't have full backup power.
HERBIE: Tracking signal restored.
Grimm, Ben.
Location found.
- Ben? - WOMAN: What is going on here? My goodness, that was a big I demand that you put this building back where it was, right now! Yeah, we'll get right on that, lady.
- Where's Sue? - REED: Isn't she with you? JOHNNY: Wait.
You mean she's not here? We got separated.
Those things, they were everywhere.
You left her? Johnny, how could you (CLICKING) Mr.
Bartleby, please don't touch that.
(WOMAN SCREAMING) Oh, look at me.
I'm a superhero.
Antimatter is very dangerous, Mr.
Please, be careful.
And, please don't activate the null fields, Mrs.
Hi, there.
Are you all ready to get out of here? - Hurray! - Hurray! I'm going to create a bridge to the Baxter Building.
I'll hold off the creatures.
But whatever you do, don't look down.
Trust me, feel the bridge under you.
I won't let you fall.
We gotta find Sue.
She's outside.
Both Ben and Susan are in the caverns outside the building.
What? I'm going out there.
I'm gonna fry those little gnomes if they hurt Sue.
- They hate my light - Wait.
The creatures hate your light? It makes sense.
If they live underground, they may not have been attacking us, but rather the light.
Unless you're saying, "Go after Ben and Sue," I don't care.
- Go after them.
- You can't stop me.
I'm gonna - Wait.
What? - Go! I was a man of culture, a brilliant mind.
Archaeology, geology, engineering.
I mastered everything the surface world had to offer.
But the pretty ones said I didn't belong.
So I went to find my own world, the legendary Subterranea.
Oh, I found it, and so much more.
We have to change things, Benjamin.
Down here in the dark, no one is judged by their appearance.
Here, we can start over.
I can rebuild New York for us, with all the best the surface world has to offer.
Molehattan, huh? And what about the people who don't want no part of it? Well, they're free to go, of course.
The pretty ones can have their surface world.
We don't want it.
(CREATURE SIGHS) I ain't saying yes.
Ah! But you're not saying no.
Now, you'll pardon me for a moment.
I have to take care of something.
Huh? This can't be good.
I better tell Reed.
(JOHNNY SCREAMS) What the Is that Freon? Oh, crud.
HERBIE: Full backup power now restored.
Why did you let the fire boy go? What are you going to do if the creatures come back? Stretch on them? This is your home, too.
We'll defend it together.
BARTLEBY: Doc, you might wanna take a look at this.
REED: Incredible.
HERBIE: Seismic alert.
Tectonic pressure building.
Geological event imminent.
- What's that mean? - REED: It means that if we don't stop this, New York City is going to have its very last earthquake.
Mommy! Mommy, an ugly orange monster.
What the Is that the Baxter Building? Hey, scram, you little mushrooms.
What are you doing down here? Why aren't you with Reed and Suzy? I'm looking for you and Sue.
My apologies, Benjamin.
You weren't meant to see this.
What are you doing with Suzy and Johnny? And why did you bring the Baxter Building down here? Why, it's for you Benjamin.
I brought you your home.
But your pretty friends cannot be a part of our utopia.
Take them to the caves, along with the others.
Others? What others? (SCREAMING) One final example of the surface world's hatred of us, Benjamin.
Look how they fear you.
These filthy children who you volunteered to serve.
Let us go! Wretched creature.
Take them.
They could be your servants in the new world.
I used to think I was a monster, and then I met you.
I may look like a pile of rocks, but you, you're ugly.
You disappoint me, Benjamin.
Moloids, attack! That chump.
Come on, kids.
We're going home.
That's a lot of critters! Hold your fire until they get Closer.
Is that one of your supervillain friends? He's quite tiny, isn't he? BEN: Hey, all you dopes, get away from the building.
We're putting the buildings back, you hear me? You gross little runts.
Get those machines up and get them going.
Now, mushroom heads.
SUZY: I didn't know you did impressions.
Yeah, I'm full of surprises.
You and Johnny get the kids up to the Baxter Building I got this covered.
Hey, Matchstick, thanks for coming after me.
If I lost you, who would I torment? WOMAN: Well, it's about time.
I don't know what you did, but good work.
Thank Ben.
All I did was get knocked out.
Well, you're about to make up for it.
You mean I get to melt stuff? Yes! You fool! No matter what you think, you'll always belong here with the monsters.
My children, tear him apart.
BEN: I was kind of hoping you'd wake up, Moley.
I got one more question for you.
You know what time it is? It's clobbering time! You could have been a king here.
It could have been paradise.
So what if the pretty people were crushed in the process.
- They deserve it! - Blah, blah, blah.
At least I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror.
Oh, we'll see about that.
Hate to spoil your fun, Benji, but we got an elevator to catch.
(EXCLAIMS IN FRUSTRATION) In time, you'll regret this choice, Benjamin.
The surface world will pay whether you're on it or not.
(BEN LAUGHING) That's gotta be tough on his manicure.
Ben, we have to go.
I don't know, Ben.
King of the underground world, hanging out with those Moloids all day, trading beauty secrets with the Mole Man.
- Sounds pretty sweet.
- Ha, ha.
If you don't zip it, you're gonna be the one living down there permanently.
Ben, you have visitors.
(CHATTERING EXCITEDLY) Must resist urge to steal spotlight.
- You'd better.
- Oh, king, schming.
I'll take coach any day.