Fargo (2014) s04e08 Episode Script

The Nadir


DESSIE: Election Day?
JOSTO: I think it's romantic.
An Election Day wedding?
It'll be a nice distraction for Daddio,
what with him having to
wait for the dead to vote.
Isn't that right, Mayor Gillis?
Oh, sugar bear, you think of everything.
I was thinking maybe a June wedding.
Why wait?
Maybe we lose the election.
And I got to rethink,
are you the right man for my Dessie?
(LAUGHS): Oh, Daddy.
You're a four-alarm fire sometimes.
We're hopelessly in love. Can't you see?
As hopeless as two turtle doves.
And now that I'm all that stands
between you and a lifetime
playing dogcatcher, I say,
let's go ahead and get this
American dream started.
You like being a nurse?
Well, I don't just like it.
It's it's my calling.
Oh, by the by,
I'm getting married in March.
It's just business.
Shouldn't affect this.
Didn't you say you
were in the hospital tons
when you were a kid?
Yeah. Yes. I mean, yeah.
My dear mama, she was
I was always quite sickly,
and she was
such a saint.
God bless her, she'd keep my spirits up.
She'd put on little
plays with my dollies,
have me rolling in the aisle.
And she was very close with the doctors.
That's why I got such excellent care.
What was wrong with you?
Oh, it was a
it was a kind of m-malaise.
"Failure to thrive"
is what I heard the doctors
say more than once.
(SNIFFS) I could barely keep food down.
Sounds rough.
Course, I had it worse.
Are you really getting married?
Oh, sure. It's been
on the books forever.
- Mm-hmm.
- My pop arranged it.
Do you love her?
Wait, seriously?
she knits.
I knit.
What kind of saint?
- Huh?
- You said your mom was a saint.
What kind, I'm asking.
You know how, like, Jude was
the patron saint of lost causes,
uh, Anastasia of Sirmium
was the patron saint
of weavers, healers, martyrs and,
for some reason, exorcists.
(SIGHS) She was just
the patron saint of me.
She cared for your sweet
Oraetta patiently,
without tiring,
always making me her special juice.
Speaking of special juice
WOMAN: St. Thecla's Hospital,
may I help you?
Ah, hello. This is, uh
M-Mabel Harvard.
I-I wanted to call to check
in on my dear brother.
Fell into a coma three days
past, poor boy.
"On the way out" is what I
When you say h-he made a full recovery,
what-what do you
Oh, that's
a joyous day that
And is, uh is he, uh
Wh-What-what r what room is he in?
I-I-I should visit.
WOMAN: I'm sorry,
who did you say you were again?
His sister, like I said.
Uh, well, n-never you mind.
- Thank you for your time.
What are you doing?
I want to tell you a secret.
That's No, you don't have to do that.
Remember how I said my dad
gave me to another family
when I was a kid?
- No. You never
- It was a power share.
But here's the thing:
the devil is an Irishman.
I know, because I lived
with him for three years.
And he did things to me.

- Things you should never do to a child.
(WHISPERS): I don't
want to hear about this.
I know, I know. It's tough stuff.
But I like you, Minnesota. You get me.
- And you shared all that business
about your failing to thrive.
I'm saying I love you. I think.
Get out!
Come on, beautiful.
Don't do this to yourself.
No, I'm serious. You
You get the you get the
fuck out of my house!
You make me sick! Do you hear me?
That's love!
What it feels like. Believe me, I know.
I almost puked in your commode
just thinking about saying this.
Slow your roll, toots.
Romeo's beginning to feel
a little rejected here.
Well, I hope you have fun
at your wedding.
I'm afraid Oraetta Mayflower's
busy that day.
I see, that's what this is.
I swear, you women and your jealousies.
Don't be here when I get back!

What's this, now?
Aspet Aspettare.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
who murdered a child
to have me killed.
You murdered a child
to have me killed.
I'm so proud of you. (LAUGHING)
My brother.
Oh, he
he's clever, our enemy.
The mulignan.
Yeah. When he let me go, I think,
why does he do this? Hmm?
But then, I I sit here.
Waiting to kill you.
And I realized
he wants me to do this.
To murder my brother and
take over this family.
Because I'm the lion, but
you're the snake. (CHUCKLES)
I'm the what?
What is happening right now?
I think I'm-I'm still dreaming.
Hey, hey, no.
Now, um
(SIGHS) I apologize, brother,
because I think you're weak.
But now I know what's true.
I accept
this oath of poison,
knowing that, from now on,
no men will judge you
but that you will judge yourself.
And if you ever betray me
or this family
I swear.
Come here.
GAETANO: Come on, come on.
Tell me.
It didn't work.
They're a team now, the brothers.
So, what do we do?
We're closed.
I'm here to see my son.
You know who I am.
Of course.
Please, come in.
I've been here before.
Maybe five years past.
Friend of the family.
Y'all had a real nice service.
We take our role here very serious.
- As the shepherd to the sheep.
Got anything stronger?
(SOFT CHUCKLE) Thurman keeps a bottle
on the top shelf Whiskey, I think.
That'd do.
I can't help you.
You're going to pour me a drink,
and we're gonna get to talking.
How we grew up on the same street,
know the same people, and then
you're gonna ask me for help.
And I want to go ahead
and let you know up front
that's not going to happen.
This is our home.
Been in my husband's family
since the century's turn.
People come to my husband,
looking for money,
at the end of their rope, and
and they all think the same thing.
"I've got nothing left to lose."
there's always lower you can go.
My youngest son was killed.
W-We can't know his plans.
All we can do is have faith.
Does your eldest know?
You have daughters also, I think.
Mrs. Cannon, we have made mistakes,
my Thurman and me.
Lord knows we're not
the angels we try to be.
And we're not looking for charity.
Just the opportunity
to make things right.
I told you
My girl turned 17 years old this week,
with dreams that take my breath away.
It can't be that she falls because
I was too stubborn or
weak to ask for help.
We will make it right
Whatever it takes
If we get a fair shake.
I wonder if you would hold the service.
It would be my honor.
Il y avait la vie de tous les jours ♪
Il y avait le chahut des carrefours ♪
Et puis les gens qui
achetaient leurs journaux ♪
Et puis tous ceux
qui prenaient le métro ♪
Il y avait la parade des boulevards, ♪
Les boniments du vieux
camelot bavard ♪
Et se mirant dans l'eau
sale des ruisseaux, ♪
Le ciel d'avril
qui faisait le gros dos ♪
What are you studying there?
Ooh la la.
Uh, excuse you.
You got some pretty decent tunes here.
Those are my dad's.
Most of it's a little off the cob.
This one ain't half bad.
You like jazz?
Who's your favorite horn player?
Louis Armstrong.
Everybody says Louis.
What about Dizzy?
Or there's this new cat, Charlie Parker.
Everybody calls him Bird.
It's a new sound no structure.
Just go where the music takes you.
I like structure.
Yeah, I would've guessed that.
How come you know so much about music?
I'm a horn player.
Then why you lugging boxes?
Oh, that?
That's just an experience.
Everything in life's an experience,
from climbing a mountain
to scrubbing a toilet.
You climbed a mountain?
No, but I've scrubbed a few toilets.
Your mama's here for you.
Joli papier bordé de roses ♪
Pour dire des choses ♪
Que l'on comprend du premier coup ♪
Poor boy.
You keep your distance from him.
You hear me?
- I didn't do anything.
- He's your captor.
Not your friend.
And you can't afford to make mistakes.
N-Nurse Tapley, might I have a word?
- I'm on rounds.
- O-Of course, it's just,
I heard Dr. Harvard took a
turn for the worse, poor soul.
And I can't seem to find the room number
- in-in-in-in the ledger.
- He's been transferred.
To a hospital specializing
in the treatment of poisons.
(STAMMERS) To the, uh
Attempted murder, the authorities think.
- No.
- I kid you not.
I saw the test results myself
Positive for strychnine.
So, given the attempt prior
resulting in the shooting
death of Mrs. Will,
the authorities thought it
best to transfer Dr. Harvard
out of state until
he can make a full recovery
and offer evidence on his assailant.

Been here before you

ETHELRIDA: Dear Dr. Harvard,
I've worked alongside Oraetta Mayflower
for many years now
and felt that I should bring
certain actions of hers
to your attention.
In the last year, many of
Nurse Mayflower's patients
have died under
mysterious circumstances.
After each death,
Mrs. Mayflower has made it a habit
to attend their funerals.
She has also been known
to steal personal items
from her patients after their death.
Not to mention
I have it upon good authority
that she has pilfered an abundance
of potent narcotics from the hospitals
at which she has been stationed.
Dead patients,
misappropriated personal items,
stolen medication.
I suppose you have to ask yourself
is this the kind of nurse
you trust around patients
in your fine establishment?
I'm gonna change my clothes
and splash my face.
I'll be right here.
You're in the wrong neighborhood, slim.
You need to turn your ass around
and hop on back to your ride.
Don't worry. I got no wares to sell.
I got me one of those, too.
Makes a pretty sound when it fires.
Kind of like Chinese New Year.
But maybe instead of the six-shooter,
you'd rather see my badge.
I keep it real shiny.
U.S. Marshal.
Backed by the power of
the mighty American eagle.
And if that old raptor could talk,
he'd say, "Son,
"stand aside now,
for there's no power on earth
that can keep a U.S. lawman
from the execution of his duty."
You want me to say all that again?
Just gonna fix myself a drink.
- Would you like a drink?
- Thank you, no.
For the Lord is my Shepherd,
and as a wise man once said,
"Alcohol is your
friend With a knife."
My family's someplace safe.
Not even you can find 'em.
I'm not looking for your family.
Is it still Thursday?
These days feel like they run together.
I know what you mean.
I came to your fair
city to do a simple job
what feels like ages ago,
and yet (SIGHS)
here's me, still
bamboozled at every turn.
I told those ladies no
harm would come to them.
That makes me accountable.
Should I tell you what I've learned
about the criminal mindset?
By definition,
the criminal rejects accountability,
as their identity is based
on getting away with things.
Similarly, the criminal
Rejects morality and ethics,
for if there is a larger right,
then the criminal
himself is always wrong.
And you don't strike
me as the type of man
thinks himself wrong.
So there goes morality out the window.
But into that vacuum,
what should rush but a code.
A system of rules,
mostly having to do with loyalty.
And this way,
the criminal detaches himself
from the civilian world.
And yet, here I am.
Family man. Community leader.
Deacon in the church.
the criminal is capable of being
all of those things.
But it's a ruse.
For though you claim to
share the values of your
wife or preacher,
the Lord knows it's a disguise.
Ask me how I know for certain.
How do you know for certain?
Would a family man trade his
youngest son to his enemy
in exchange for power and monetary gain?
You need to leave.
And so we circle back, inevitably,
to your original statement
To wit, I'm accountable
for those ladies,
murderers both, thieves and cheats.
But now, since we both know
the criminal is capable
of love and loyalty
only when it suits
his own self-interest,
I've come to make the following point.
It don't.
Not no more.
In summation, boy,
if you could sacrifice your youngest,
like Isaac in the Holy Book,
well, then giving up two strangers
to keep the might of the federal
government off your back
well, now, that should be
as facile as breathing.
(SMACKS LIPS) I like you.
We Mormons are very friendly people.
Pretty unfriendly, really,
but it's the way you're unfriendly.
Like you're doing me a favor.
They're on the 10:00
train to Philadelphia.
You didn't hear it from me.
DEAFY: Hmm. See?
I knew we could figure this thing out
if we just put our minds to it.
You want my advice?
When you cross the state line,
don't come back.
It ain't safe for you
in Missouri no more.
You boys have a nice day.
On my signal,
Alpha Team will enter
through the main doors.
Beta Team will penetrate
through the rear.
Someone want to let me in on the joke?
Fine. It's the 10:00 to Philadelphia,
track three.
Remember, these subjects
are to be considered armed
and extremely dangerous.
Any questions?
Then let us bow our
heads for Psalm 91:3.
"Surely he will save you from
the fowler's snare and
"from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you with his feathers."
If it's copacetic with you, I-I want in.
Look, I've been thinking
about what you said.
I just want to be a cop again.
No bullshit. All-in.
Sure, partner.
Just tell me one thing.
Who was on the phone?
And before you lie,
just know I ain't been
fooled by man or beast
since Hitler was still giving
speeches in beer halls.
It was Loy Cannon.
Go on.
He wants me to make sure
you get those girls.
Doesn't want them coming back on him.
Get how?
to make sure they're caught.
Or killed.
Okay, then.
Now, what was it you were saying
about being a cop again?
This is this isn't a choice.
I got a condition.
When I was a kid,
the teachers said "oversensitive."
The army shrink told me
I-I worried too much, which
How can you worry too
much when you're at war?
Those things you called me
Twitchy, touched
I been hearing that my whole life.
All I know is I-I feel
better when I'm in charge,
when I got the power.
That's why I joined the force.
You know, because cops have power.
So, now I'm on the street. I'm the boss.
Except, turns out,
being a cop's real risky.
Risky makes me nervous.
So I m I make a deal with the street.
I take a few bucks,
I-I look the other way.
Less risk, but also less power.
So here comes that feeling again.
Like I'm
I'm drowning on-on dry land.
You know what worries me?
Dying with one boot on,
caught short.
That's a petty death.
So, let me throw you a rope.
You want to die like a man,
you got to live like a man.
I'm ready.
I want to get some sweets.
That sweet tooth's gonna
kill you one of these days.
I'll wrestle you a lollipop.
Go on, then, shake a leg.
What'll it be, sir?
Give me five of them Clarks,
three Bit-O-Honeys and
a couple Abba-Zabbas.

Hallowed be thy name.
Five little, six little,
four little, five little, six
Cheer up, palomino.
In times like these, my mind goes back
to the wisest words I ever heard.
And forgive me for the blueness
of the final stanza, but here it is.
"Behold the amazing pelican,
"whose beak can hold
more than his belly can.
"He can hold in his beak
enough food for a week.
I'll be damned if I know
how the hell he can."
- Six little, seven
Stupid. Stupid.
I'm liable to miss this place.
I's just gettin' accustomed.
(CHUCKLES) You and me both.
Mm. Hittin' them Eyeties
was some of the most fun I ever had.
- Barrel of monkeys.
Our objective is to bring 'em in alive.
But if they engage,
drop 'em where they stand.
Let's go.
ZELMARE: Rattler's almost here.


Come get it, dirty coppers!
Just go. Go.
Go. Just go.
Go. Go. Go!
Go! Go! Go! (GRUNTS)
One little, two little, three little
four little, five little
One little, two little
Five, six
Ten little Indians. Ten
Ten little

DEAFY (IN DISTANCE): Drop your weapons!
Drop 'em now, ladies!
Over here, I got 'em.
They ran out of bullets.
Attaboy, Weff.
Come on. I need you.
Cuff 'em.

Four little, five little
Four little, five little
I sent him after Milligan and the kid.
Antoon was supposed to shoot the kid,
but Milligan shot him first,
took the kid, and they flew the coop.
So Calamita's gonna run 'em down.
So you tell our enemy his son is dead?
Uh, how you know Irish
doesn't run straight to him?
the python.
No, come here.
Come here, come here.
- Ah. Proud of you.
CHIANNA: Boys! Come inside.
- It's freezing out.
- In a minute, Ma.
No, come now, before you catch a cold.
We're not little boys anymore.
We don't catch cold.
Such disrespect, huh?
And me, just a poor old
woman who loves her sons.
Oh, Mom, you know, we love you.
We're talking about business.
- Money.
- Mwah. Come in.
- Mwah.
- Come on.
Let's go!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
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