Fargo (2014) s04e07 Episode Script

Lay Away

- My analyst told me ♪
- What? ♪
That I was right out of my head ♪
- The way he described it ♪
- How? ♪
He said I'd be better dead than live ♪
I didn't listen to his jive ♪
I knew all along he was all wrong ♪
And I knew that he thought ♪
- What? ♪
- I was crazy, but I'm not, oh, no ♪
- Oh, no ♪
- Oh, no ♪
My analyst told me ♪
- What? ♪
- That I was right out of my head ♪
- But I said, dear doctor ♪
- Yeah? ♪
I think that it's you instead ♪
'Cause I have got a thing
that's unique and new ♪
- It proves that I'll have ♪
The last laugh on you ♪
- 'Cause instead of one head ♪
- One head? ♪
(LAUGHS) I got two ♪
And you know two heads
are better than one ♪
Hello, dearie.
Just popping in to see the good doctor.
(SIGHS) Dr. Harvard.
Nurse Mayflower herself.
I'm just here with
some early ho, ho, ho.
Uh, Miss Mayflower, uh,
now is not the best
The macaroon, you said.
Now, I thought it was a French cookie,
- but not so, it turns out.
- Ah
Italian, in origin.
Born, like all divinities,
from the monastery.
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.
I did try my hand at pistachio,
but the color alone was a wave off.
(CHUCKLES) Miss Mayflower, this is
As I expressed in your interview
hardly necessary.
Not to mention I've just
consumed a large lunch.
Oh, come now. You have to try one.
We are but human, after all,
prone to the whim and allure
of such sugary delights.
And besides, these delicate creatures,
they're meant for the most refined
palates, such as your own.
So, it really would be an honor.
Oh, vanilla. My favorite.
And if it's not the best
macaroon you ever ate,
I'll hang up my apron.
- (LAUGHS): Mmm.
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
- See?
Mmm. Extraordinary.

" died under
mysterious circumstances."
Oh, my Why, he
P-Please, he needs help, please.
He's-he's collapsed.
GWENDOLYN: Dr. Harvard.
- Dr. Harvard!
- I-I-I'm gonna call a doctor.
Dr. Harvard!
That fucking Mick.
I told you he was a rat.
He killed Mario, choke your sister.
Sh-Shut up!
Hunt him down.
You alone.
Go to Loy's house,
kill Irish, kill the boy.
Kill everybody you have to.
What did you want to do with him?
JOSTO: Leave him for the birds.
- LEON: We should kill him now.
- Kid.
Shit, I'll do it myself.
So keep him alive, you're saying.
Last I checked, you couldn't cut a fart.
- Shut up.
- They hit the Doctor.
- We got to
- We got to what?
We kill the brother.
Then what,
Mr. I See Myself as Managerial?
- We kill the brother, then what?
- We go to war.
Well, how many men?
Positioned where?
First step, what? Second step, what?
Attack or defend?
You really thought you
could get my boy shot
and grabbed up by
the bulls and I'd do what?
- What? I'd do nothing?
- Boss, that's not how it happened.
No, no. You the strategist.
What-What's the plan?
What? Shit your bed up to the top?
- Help me.
- I told you.
You need me.
I got brains.
I ain't just muscle. The Doctor's dead.
- We got
- Say his name again!
- Boss
- Say his name again!
Say his name. Say his name.
Say his name.
You say it! How dare you?
Say his name, say his name.
- Say his name. You say it!
- Hey, hey, hey. Enough.
- Enough, enough!
- What the fuck?!
- Hey, enough!
- What?!
Look, this is Happy's cousin.
Hey! We're gonna need Happy
if we're gonna win, man.
Hey! Loy.
Get him out of my sight.
All right.
Meet at my place at 3:00.
And, mister, you better
believe it's gonna cost you.
(MUTTERING): One little,
two little, three little Indians
"O ye fair ones,
how could ye have departed
from the ways of the Lord?"
- What are you
- Don't get ideas.
It's a fortress. I checked.
Loy Cannon, numbers
runner out of New York.
Loan shark, racketeering.
He picks our suspects up
in his car a few days back,
takes them someplace.
Here, maybe.
I thought about pulling
a warrant, but
a birdie told me he owns
some metro cops.
No secrets in the Kansas City PD.
But you know all that.
Sure, I heard of him.
That's like Jonah saying he heard
there's a big fish out there somewhere.
I was thinking my females
would take to the lam.
Turns out they're instead
getting back to work.
What do you say, cowboy?
Want to go in, guns blazing,
take 'em down together?
Eh, relax.
They'd chew us up for sure.
And yet
Are you familiar with
the blood atonement?
"And now, behold,
I speak unto the Church.
"Thou shalt not kill,
"and he that kills shall not
have forgiveness in this world,
"nor in the world to come.
"And again, I say, thou shalt not kill,
but he that killeth shall die."
I ain't heard that one, no.
He talked about you, too. Little birdie.
Said you fill your pockets,
just like the rest of 'em,
and fly your crooked line.
Is that true?
What'd you say to me?
No. That's my trick.
You heard me just fine.
See, I can't help but think
you've been yanking
my chain for weeks now
'cause your bread is
buttered on the other side.
You know what you are?
You're a fucking curse.
- Language.
- You listen to me, slick.
If I knew where your Mormon God was,
I'd drive through the night
and I'd stab him in the fucking eyes.
We're done.
If that's the way you want to go.
But careful how many sides
you play, Palomino.
Even a gold coin's only got two faces.
Get out.
So remember how last week
we talked about how syntax
is a set of rules that teaches
us how to make a sentence
Subject, verb, object.
- Like this?
Can I help you?
Good afternoon.
There's a guard, usually. On the porch.
But not today.
How many kids in the house?
Get out of here.
Answer the question.
How about I got a question for you.
- For me?
- Yeah.
You ever go to the zoo?
- Sometime.
- Hmm.
You see the mama lion
and her cubs?
You think she's in that cage
for her protection?
To be fair,
it's what we call a rhetorical question.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Be careful with that.

Hello to you, too.
BANJO: A few more.
You all right?
I have to go.

Anybody home?
Come on, man, you gonna help me or what?
All right, all right, stop your crying.


JOSTO: Get out of my chair.
You're weak. You're weak.
Do it.
Please. Do it.
Is there a problem?
Just you. Leave the muscle.
Any surprises today?
What kind of surprises?
Visitors maybe, surprise visitors.
Okay, good.
Let's go inside.
If we're not out in 30 minutes,
come in shooting.

First, we recognize things
have gotten out of hand.
Our two families.
We recognize this and, uh, we apologize.
You apologize?
Doctor Senator
Don't say his name.
He was a friend of mine.
His death should not have happened.
But Gaetano Fadda is
the son of Donatello Fadda,
chosen by New York.
His death is not allowed.
Not allowed?
I'm simply telling you how it is.
There are people you can kill.
People you can't.
Ah, well
I'm just saying,
he's more animal than people.
Hey. He's your brother.
Cain was Abel's brother.
Mr. Cannon.
We are prepared to offer you a trade.
In exchange for
the return of Gaetano Fadda,
we will give you full control
of the slaughterhouses
on the east side and the trucking routes
to Cleveland and Dallas.
Maybe I killed him already.
Your brother.
If you killed him,
we wouldn't be here.
LOY: Maybe I kill you, too.
JOSTO: Sorry, that's
Just thinking about something else.
Go on maybe you kill us, too.
Let's say I take this deal.
Territory for the brother.
What then?
What happens to the brother?
You let him go,
he's on the next plane to Italy.
My hand to God.
It's what New York wants.
Again, being honest,
New York doesn't really
know you've got him.
also, you didn't tell him
the other part.
The other part.
I'm not gonna lie, brother.
It's been hard since Dad died.
I've been grieving and,
Gaetano, he took advantage.
Made some choices.
The death of your man.
The shot at Samuel.
LOY: Lemuel.
Right, from the Bible.
But he wasn't alone,
my brother, he
he had rats helping him.
Some Paolo You killed already.
But this other guy
this other guy did something.
What do you mean?
Now, he's my guy,
so normally I'd say
this is for me to deal with.
But what he did
The thing he did it's
it's a sin.
A horror.
JOSTO: He killed your son.
He-he-he knew we were gonna
make a trade for Gaetano.
He lost his mind.
Satchel is dead.
- Merda.
- Listen to me.
We're here. We didn't have to come.
News like this, emotional news
But we respect you.
We grieve with you. Hmm?
It never should have happened.
And I know the rules. A life for a life.
A-And you took my sweet
little Zero into your home
and-and treated him fair.
And I know we made a deal.
And you can kill him.
But I'm asking you.
I'm begging you.
Kill Gaetano instead.
A life for a life.
Show me.
The body.
I want to see the body.
I don't know where it is.
He took him somewhere.
Who took him?
He heard about the trade,
he-he went nuts.
I want to talk to the rabbi.
That's what I'm trying to
He fought for your boy. Irish.
But he couldn't save him.
Now he's gone, too.
They need to be dead.
Get out.
Boss, you can't
You can't just let them
walk out like this, boss.
(ECHOES): Get out!

LOY: We love you.
And you're coming home.

You okay?
Does that boy sleep in my bed?
LOY: He's got to sleep somewhere.
You studying your lessons?
He helps me.
LOY: Good.
'Cause where we're going,
the smartest man wins.
No. To the top.
Now go play.
Pull over.
Stop the car.

High on the mountain, oh ♪
Wind blowing free ♪
Thinking about the way it used to be ♪
High on the mountain, oh ♪
Standing all alone ♪
Wondering where the years
of my life have flown ♪
Oh, I wonder if ♪
You'll ever think of me ♪
Or if time has blotted
out your memory ♪
As I listen to the breeze ♪
Blowing gently through the trees ♪
I'll always cherish
what you meant to me ♪
High on the mountain, oh ♪
Wind blowing free ♪
Thinking 'bout the days
that used to be ♪
High on the mountain ♪
Standing all alone ♪
Wondering where ♪
The years of my life have flown ♪
As I looked at the valleys ♪
Down below ♪
They were green ♪
Just as far as I could see ♪
As my memory turned ♪
Oh, how my heart did yearn ♪
For you and the days ♪
That used to be ♪
High on the mountain, oh ♪
Standing all alone ♪
Wondering where the years ♪
Of my life have flown ♪
OPAL: Laundry day?
Anyone ever tell you not to
sneak up on a police officer?
Got to even the odds somehow.
Get in the car.
See, there you go again.
I don't get in your car.
You get in mine.
Cool with me.
What? No.
No, I c Captain called
me into the off
I can't just (GRUNTS)
ODIS: One little, two little,
three little Indians ♪
Four little, five little,
six little Indians ♪
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians ♪
Ten little Indian boys ♪
One little, two little,
three little Indians ♪
Four little, five little,
six little Indians ♪
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians ♪
Ten little Indian boys ♪
(WHISPERING): One little,
two little, three little Indians.
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
SWANEE: You're saying I'm like an onion
'cause I make you cry?
ZELMARE: Nah. I'm saying
you're like an onion, girl,
'cause you got layers.
- Mm-hmm.
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians.
Ten little Indian boys.
He seems nervous.
Do we make you nervous, copper?
Hey, you know you girls
are wanted, right?
Silly boy.
That's what girls are.
Everybody wants us,
but we ain't to be had.
You're gonna get yourselves
killed staying here.
Got to die someplace.
How old are you?
Old as the hills.
Cover your ears.
You're on the 10:00
train to Philly tonight.
Don't come back.
Don't know no one in Philly.
(SIGHS) Y'all got friendly faces.
You'll do just fine.
What if we want to stay
and mix it up a little?
Look, I'm trying to do
the right thing here.
This ain't your fight.
And I ain't gonna be the
one that gets you killed.
And what if we don't go?
You love your sister?
It's been a sad parade.
Look, look, I
I tried to get your boy.
I went to the house,
but they swept me up.
I didn't have a chance.
Elevate, don't denigrate.
That's what I tell 'em
My kids.
What do you think the
Italians tell their kids?
I I don't know.
Yeah, yeah, but you
you see it, though, right?
What they're doing?
Call a man an animal,
keep him in the dirt.
But what if he don't grunt?
What if he don't honk?
What if he walks tall
and stays a man?
Come on. You-you know what that is.
You boys do it all the time.
No, not me.
You get in the dirt yourself
and you show him how to be an animal!
You show him how to hate,
you show him how to be cruel.
You kill his friends!
Murder his child.
Boss, I
I didn't know. I
They can't rise to our level,
so they got to drag us down to theirs.
But it's a trap.
It's a trap,
'cause if I get in the dirt like them
that means they were
right the whole time.
See, Opal right here
he's kind of an eye-for-an-eye
type brother.
But he's not responsible
for this family.
Kill or be killed.
Win or lose.
It ain't complex.
You know what I think?
Every country has its
own type of criminal.
In America, we got the confidence man.
Snake oil salesman, grifter.
He don't rob you as much as
trick you into robbing yourself.
See, 'cause in America,
people want to believe.
They got that dream.
And a dreamer, you can fleece.
Boss, I I'm sorry.
I-I I don't understand.
He wants me to kill his brother.
But I ain't gonna do it.
What are you gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
This thing is done.
Your brother gave me
the stockyards, the trucking.
Equal partners.
I kill you.
You don't like that?
Family is family. (GROANS)
But nobody in my family's
trying to kill me.
Enough talking.
If you're going to kill me, kill me.
Let him go.
Tell your brother
the stockyards are ours now.
OMIE: See you in the funny papers.
You're on the road.
I want that Calamita dead. You hear me?
Already done. He just
ain't lying down yet.
Sure hope you know what you're doing.
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