Fargo (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

Camp Elegance


There she is.
Happy birthday, baby girl.
Happy birthday ♪
To you ♪
Happy birthday ♪
To you ♪
Happy birthday ♪
Dear Ethelrida ♪
Happy birthday ♪
To you. ♪
LOY: It's okay.
I've been having a bad day, too.
I wasn't
I didn't call the raid.
It was Josto. I was following orders. I
I-I can get your money back.
Keep it.
I'm losing this war, Odis.
People are being taken from me.
People I trust.
Things I've earned.
You see,
I'm not just fighting a few Italians.
I'm fighting 400 years of history.
I'm fighting a mindset.
You like those dolls, huh?
You collect 'em?
How you think they feel?
Being owned.
Imagine if these dolls rose up
and became citizens of this apartment.
Imagine if they asked for equal rights.
You might say,
"Man, fuck these dolls.
"I'm gonna crush these dolls.
"Thinking they all human.
Thinking they equal."
'Cause that's your mindset.
And look,
maybe you feel like these Italians own you.
But you got no idea what it
feels like to be actual owned.
To be property.
Until now.
'Cause I own you.
You're gonna help me win this war
or I'm gonna put you in the ground.
You hear me?
Yeah. Yes.
Yes, I hear you.
We'll be in touch.

- Hey.
Oh, shit.
- You shot him.
- Well, what was I supposed to do?
He's the size of a house.
The man said "alive."
Nah, he's still breathing.
You see me struggling here?
Well, now what?
He's awoke.
You ever hear of Sugar Ray Robinson?
Won his first 40 fights.
We used to call him Willie up in
Harlem, which was his real name.
You see, to get his first fight,
Sugar had to borrow this
other cat's union card.
You know how that story goes.
How a man will do whatever it
takes to get that first break.
- Yeah, yeah.
See, there's a part two to this story.
Now that you got the title
you got to fight off all
these do-right daddies
that want to knock your head off.
My man right here
started off as a flyweight.
Worked himself up to welter.
Now, I know what you're thinking.
He's skinny.
And you're right.
But he's got reach.
Jack Blackburn said he had
the best right cross in the business.
- Ain't that right?
- Mm-hmm.
Now, you can say your whole life
is just a series of mistakes.
No big deal.
But Doctor Senator
Now, that's the one that got you killed.
Yeah. Come on, come on.
- Beatrice said to come see you.
Can't we shut him up?
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Oh, poor Mr. Tucker.
Yeah, he's got the gout something fierce.
There's not much we can do
but wait for the swelling to go down.
I haven't forgotten, by the way.
I received a rather queer
letter about you today.
About me?
Reader's Digest says letter
writing's becoming a lost art.
Miss Mayflower, do you attend the funerals
of your patients?
Of course.
It's the Christian thing to do.
Well, someone has written me and suggested
that your behavior at your last posting
deserves further scrutiny.
My behavior? (SHORT CHUCKLE)
For example,
do you retain keepsakes
from your patients?
Those who've passed.
I'm sure I don't know what you mean.
Because, of course, it goes without saying
that confiscating the
possessions of any patient
is a crime.
Dr. Harvard
I can assure you Oraetta Mayflower
is a Christian citizen
of the highest character.
I'm unsure, even,
of the spelling of the word "crime."
May I see this letter for myself?
- No.
- Well
may I at least
learn the name of the sender?
It's anonymous.
Oh. Well, there you go.
A cowardly act by a coward.
Possibly some w-well,
personal or professional jealousy.
I've seen plenty of rivalries in my day.
Oh, well
None worse than those between two she-cats.
I swear, you women,
with your petty squabbles. A man
(VOICE ECHOING): a professional man
would have no time for such witchiness.
I suspect the snitch to be a fellow nurse
or candy striper from your last hospital.
(ECHOING STOPS): As you said jealous,
possibly of your high position here.
Of course, I will have to show this letter
to our human resources department.
No, sir, please.
Can you imagine if this
was your reputation?
A baseless claim delivered anonymously?
When you called Allen Sneet,
did you not check my references?
- I did.
- And did he give you any cause
for hesitation?
Did he not report that I was
exemplary in my vocation?
A-a regular Florence
Nightingale? (CHUCKLES)
He did.
All right, Nurse Mayflower,
you've convinced me.
I'm convinced.
For now,
we'll just keep this between us.
Thank you, Doctor.
And I want to apologize that
this matter has taken up
part of your day. I know how busy you are.
Back to your duties, now.
- Oh, Nurse Mayflower.
- Mm-hmm?
No more funerals.

Merda, what a flight.
This is Joe Bulo, out of New York.
Joe Bulo out of New York
get a drink at the bar.
This doesn't concern you.
So what'd they say? Are they with me?
Please, take your time.
New York says okay.
On two conditions.
Number one,
we get two weeks to fix
our thing with Cannon.
- Fix how? Kill him?
- Fix.
One way or the other.
Well, that's, uh
what do ya cryptic, but okay.
- What's the second one?
- Boss.
Not now. What's number two
Pull a rabbit out of my ass?
Number two
- Boss.
- Are you kidding me?
They took your brother.
They who?
The mulignan.
They killed Paolo.
So, my brother's dead?
I don't know.
They took him for the ditsoon doctor.
What happened to the doctor?
Did you order this?
No. It was GAETANO
and this asshole.
But that's I'm handling that.
It got ordered, okay?
Let's not focus on by who.
What matters is he's gone.
And now
so is GAETANO.
What else did New York say?
Boss, we got to go after him.
Shut up. He's gone.
What else did New York say?
They said if you want to be boss,
you got to make things
right with your brother.
LOY: Do you ever miss New York?
DOCTOR SENATOR: What I miss most
is being young.
LOY: A-men.
LOY: I got to get my boy back.
He's okay.
He just got his bell rung.
Not that boy.
I'll talk to Ebal.
There must be some way back from the brink.
One thing's for sure.
You rescind Satchel now
it's war.
No escaping.
Plus, they're on high alert.
I don't even see how we get close to him
without triggering World War III.
I do.
W-Would you tell your man he can't just
ape me off the street in broad daylight?
I'm the goddamn police.
- I
LOY: You're gonna do something for me.
What do what do you call the bruiser
in the other room? I served him up to you
- on a silver platter.
- Sir!
- Hey!
- Yes, sir.
- You hear that?
Time's up.
What time?
Kid-swapping time.
This Italian wedding we're having.
Good riddance.
You're gonna drive over to that house
and you're gonna bring my boy home.
I'm gonna kill that fat
wop in the next room
and then I'm gonna take over this town.
But not until I get my boy back.
How am I supposed to
You're the law, ain't you?
Just walk in there and grab him.
Badge, gun whatever it takes.
That's it's insane.
- It's too-too
- I ain't asking.
Shit, shit, shit, shit shit,
shit, shit, shit, shit.
Oh, shit.
(MUTTERING): One little,
two little, three little Indians.
Four little, five little, six
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians.
Ten little Indian boys.
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
Four little, five little,
six little Indians.
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians.
Ten little Indian boys.
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
Four little, five little, six little
Seven little, eight little,
nine little Indians.
Ten little Indian boys.
I'm, uh I'm expected.
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
SATCHEL: "There is one kind of prison,
Four little, five little
"where the man is behind bars,
six little Indians.
Seven little, eight little, nine
-"and everything that he desires
-Ten little Indian boys.
Is outside."
One little, two little,
three little Indians.
- SATCHEL: "And there is another kind,
- Four little, five little,
- "where the things are behind the bars,
- six little Indians.
- And the man is outside."
- Seven little, eight little, nine
Ten little Indian boys.
"When he was down to his last quarter,"
- Ten little Indian boys.
- "Jurgis learned that
- "before the bake shops closed,
- Ten little Indian boys.
At night,
they sold out what was left at half price."
Ten little Indian boys.
"And after that, he would go and get
two loaves of stale bread for a nickel "
You're in the wrong place.
ODIS: What?
Boss wants you at the club.
bring you in dead or alive.
Relax. Is a joke.
I just
They got GAETANO. The brown boys.
So now it's war.
Come on, lady.
"and break them up and
stuff his pockets with them,
munching a bit from time to time."
One little, two little, three
Five little, six
seven little, eight, nine
Ten little Indian
One little, two little, three
- Three o'clock.
To do what?
We trade for your brother.
Trade what?
Territory. Cash.
Give in? That's the plan?
- It's what New York wants.
- New York.
Those fucking guineas,
what the fuck do they know?
My brother's a tornado.
A tornado crashes by,
you don't run after it.
He's got friends back home.
What about my friends?
I'm the capo.
What happened to your melon?
I got kicked by a donkey.
What is this donkey?
A a a d
Hee haw.
Here's a true story.
For a dick, you're irregular.
You get rid of that marshal yet?
- I I wish.
- Well, give him the slip.
It's all hands on deck time.
Meaning shut the fuck up and I'll tell you.
Colored army got my brother.
He-He's dead?
They got him somewhere.
And you're gonna find out where.
You're gonna find out
or I'm gonna turn you into a house plant.
Boss, there's no time.
We meet at 3:00.
No, you meet at 3:00.
If the plan is just to lie down
and roll over, I ain't going.
I mean
Speak American.
You you've got until 2:30
to find my brother. Now scram.
You understand, Ebal?
That's the point!
Whose side are you on?
Whose side are you on?
It's a simple question.
Last time I checked, I'm the boss.
Except, every time I turn around,
you're following someone else's orders,
so I got the right to wonder
am I your boss
or are you his boy?
Boss, come on.
I know you from when you are a baby.
Do I look like a baby to you?
Get him out of here.
Remind him how loyalty works.
And, uh
send in Antoon.

Go to the house.
Tell Rabbi to come see me.
Then take the kid for a drive.
The kid?
Loy's kid.
The hostage.
Take him somewhere.
Do I have to spell it out for you?
Playtime is over.
But boss
they will kill your brother.
Yeah, and that'd be a tragedy.
They will kill Zero.
Maybe not.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'll talk to them.
What about New York?
They say you got to work
it out with your brother.
Try. They said try.
Which I am.
I can't help it if Calamita
had a loyalty to the wrong horse.
You know, if if he kills
their kid to queer the deal.
Wha I-I thought you said
Dumini you think too much.
Go to the house, send me Milligan,
take the kid for a ride,
leave the rest to me.

He was supposed to get his own territory.
Pop told him. And now nothing.
He's a good earner. My Antoon.
No, maybe not the roughest,
but what he says he delivers, he delivers.
I just maybe you can talk to Josto.
He listens to you.
Remind him. I think
What's this?
We're talking. What do you care?
Boss wants you at the club.
- Kid?
- No. Just you.
He said specific.
I got to go out for a while.
If I don't come back
I know.
Dead or in jail.
Go to the room.
Stay out of the way.
- Can I finish the show?
- Of course you can.
I'll make sure he gets upstairs after.
What's wrong?
Who said something is wrong?
You ever wonder what would've happened
if they sent me back?
- Get your coat.
- SATCHEL: What?
- Daddy!
We're gonna go for a drive.
I want to go for a drive.
- ANTOON: I didn't ask you.
- NANEEDA: Be nice.
They never see you during the day.
They're excited.
Well, they're not going. Get your coat.
It's okay, eh? Watch your show.
We'll go driving this weekend.
- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.
I'm working.
(WHISPERS): Holy Mother Mary.
Amore mio
Don't wait up.
HARVARD: I received a rather
queer letter about you today.
ORAETTA: About me?
HARVARD: Someone has written
me and suggested that your behavior
at your last posting
deserves further scrutiny.
- Goddamn it.
- Here.
You're back in the game.
Go see Ebal upstairs.
- He'll tell you where to go.
- What about the kid?
The kid's done.
- Where is he?
- I
- you're hurting me.
- Where did they go?
MAN: Hey!
Come on.
The Americans,
when they capture me,
I was cooking my belt.
SATCHEL: Your belt?
ANTOON: I already eat my shoes.
Monte Cassino.
They send me here, to Kansas.
Did you know they bring war prisoners here?
I think I was dead.
A corpse, they shipped.
A skeleton.
It was the food, the smell,
that bring me back.
Fields of corn.
Bread for every meal.
Land of plenty.
That's in the Constitution.
Every day the sun come out.
That big yellow American sun.
It make me grow again,
like a winter weed.
And then,
I am alive again.
I took the blood oath,
carve my name on the stone there.
"Antoon Dumini,
This I would become.
Go ahead, look. Look.
KIDS: Daddy! Daddy!
- (SINGSONGY): Daddy!
GIRL: I want to go for a drive.
You hurt?
I-Is he dead?
Yes. Don't look away.
This is what men do. Snap out of it.
We have to go.
It's war now, for real.
You're not safe here.
You're not safe there, either.
You trust me?
I never got to choose.
A child soldier That's
what they made me.
But that's not gonna happen to you.
I think so.
So we're gonna find someplace quiet,
wait till the dust settles.
And then, if you want to go home
If that's your choice
I'll take you home.
I'm scared.
Me too.
Pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
When you get that happy feeling,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
And if you want to keep that feeling,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
Chase away your neighbor's sadness ♪
And it'll fill your
heart with gladness ♪
So when you get that happy feeling,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
What a world this would be ♪
With a smile on every face ♪
The bells would be ringing ♪
And the people would be singing ♪
All over the place ♪
So when your heart
is full of laughter ♪
- Pass it on ♪
- Pass it on ♪
And if it's happiness you're after,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
Just be glad that you can spare it ♪
Because it's more
fun when you share it ♪
So when your heart is full of laughter,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
What a world this could be ♪
With a smile on every face ♪
- Bells would be ringing ♪
- And people would be singing ♪
This must be the place ♪
So when your heart is full of laughter,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
And if it's happiness you're after,
pass it on ♪
Pass it on ♪
Just be glad that you can spare it ♪
Because it's more
fun when you share it ♪
So when your heart
is full of laughter ♪
And when your cup is running over ♪
And when you get that happy feeling ♪
Pass it on ♪
Pass it on. ♪
MAN: Now I get it.
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