Farina (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


Customs police, stop your boat! You're under arrest for illegal fishing.
Throw everything off! The boss wants to see you tomorrow in his restaurant.
I want you to drive for me.
One job and we're even.
Well, well, here's the new guy.
Sito Miñanco.
He and Di Stefano will drive the boats tonight.
All clear, let's go! One job, one million.
What do you say? Cándido Silva, a friend of the Charlíns.
- We have to find him before they do.
- Yes, sir.
- How much did Silva take? - Eight million.
- Silva's in Valladolid.
- We have a job for you.
- Do you know Cándido Silva? - Bring him here.
He's in Valladolid.
They were waiting for me.
- Did you get the money? - No.
The bastard won't be in Valladolid anymore.
- What do you want? - Them to work for me.
We know this.
- I want to go it alone.
- Oh, so you're asking? If you want to join, I won't be the one to say no.
- When do we start? - ASAP.
But we have to start running this like a business.
Look at your cousin.
That's enough.
Come here.
- For fuck's sake.
- What are you doing? The Bustelos are making a fortune with hash.
- It makes much more than tobacco - We're not getting involved.
We're a cooperative and your son isn't paying his dues.
No one at this table touches the stuff.
You're wrong, Terito.
You know what they're thinking? About the day they will sit in that chair.
Don't shoot! If Terito says no, that means no.
What do we do with all the cash? So, we do as Terito does: bring it to the Panamanians.
I know accents like yours.
You people come here either to hide your cash or to make much more.
I came for the first, but don't mind the second.
People pay a lot for this.
White gold.
- It looks like blow.
- It's cocaine.
One of you will have to stay here with me.
I'll stay, Sito.
- A pleasure doing business.
- Silva's coming back.
Don't fuck up this time.
A woman says her son is missing.
It's Cándido Silva, sir.
Did he have any enemies? The Charlíns.
Cándido Silva, know him? He's a tobacco smuggler.
I already told you he's not here.
If you see him, tell him his mother is worried.
Silva, you'll take all of them down if you talk.
Let's do it.
JULY 14, 15 AND 16, 1982 CELEBRATION IN HONOR OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS ONE DAY EARLIER - You scared the shit out of me! - Do I look like a cop or something? - I could have picked you up.
- And lose track of your counting? Got anything to drink? I haven't been home yet.
- What's this? - Our first Panamanian bank account.
I see you got along with the lawyers.
Those guys know what they're doing.
Very professional.
It's registered as a fake company.
Our names don't show up.
No one knows whose money it is or where it's from.
And they never will.
We met this guy, Ballesteros, who wants us to work for him.
- We're bringing tobacco from Panama? - Tobacco is for poor people.
- A drug that's very fashionable in the US.
- You're kidding.
Terito made it clear, no drugs.
He almost killed Oubiña over it.
- Oubiña shouldn't have asked.
- Sito, drugs are different.
With tobacco we pay a fine, but with drugs we could go to jail.
With the cash we'll make, we can build our own jail with a pool! - You're nuts.
- 100 mil per job.
- They'll think it's tobacco, as usual.
- 100 million what? Pesetas? Not so nuts now, huh? - How will we do it? - Now you want to know? There will be a freighter, La Mama, at sea.
We buy speedboats, do the transfer, and load it onto Oubiña's trucks.
- You're going to tell him? - No, we'll say it's tobacco, like always.
We need more drivers.
- Di Stefano can deal with that.
- He'll want a risk bonus.
The less people who know, the better.
Everyone must believe we're still dealing smokes.
Get the guys ready.
And Roque? He's at that guy's place in Panama, surrounded by girls.
What the fuck? - What if something goes wrong? - Why the hell would it? After hundreds of tobacco jobs? Come on! So you think this guy will rat them all out? The Charlíns, Oubiña, Terito.
This new guy, Miñanco.
You know what this means, sir? Problems, Sergeant.
A lot of them.
Less than if we let them do what they want.
For now it's a beating, but what's next? Your Honor, I've been trying to get rid of this scum for a long time.
I know.
And what do you have? - The testimony of a crook.
- Silva knows how they work.
The people they use, how they do the transfers.
- He can give us names.
- Look, Sergeant Even if we get them to court, we'll never get a conviction.
A fine and they're out.
It's the law.
Then change it.
You're a judge.
- You know people.
- Sure but they know more people.
Politicians, businessmen, district attorneys No one wants to make tobacco smuggling a crime.
- It's how they make a living here.
- So what should I do? Look the other way? Get me solid proof they're smuggling tobacco.
Make more people talk.
Make this case something important, something impossible to hide, and I'll be your best ally.
Until then, I can't help you.
So where's that guy going? - What's going on, Sergeant? - He wants more proof.
Watch your feet.
What kind of proof? EPISODE 2 "1982" Isn't this enough? Sergeant.
Listen carefully.
If the Charlíns find out I'm snitching, you know what happens? They kill me.
You're safe here, I'll get a mattress for the cell.
A mattress? Then what? For how long will I have to hide? And when can I speak to my mother? The poor woman must think I'm dead in a ditch somewhere.
You're out of luck.
I need more.
I need names.
Petete, Salva, Oliverio CIGARETTES A bit early for beers, isn't it? No fishing today? Not really.
I'm looking for a Miguel Abal, know him? They call him Petete.
Petete? That guy over there.
What the hell? - Let's go outside and talk.
- What? - You're Petete, right? - No, I'm not.
For fuck's sake.
Where are you going so fast? I forgot something.
Like your name, right? - Am I so ugly you won't talk to me? - What did I do? No one said you did yet.
You're a docker, right? - I'm just an unemployed fisherman.
- Unemployed? I should quit my job, too.
If it gets me a car like that.
What was Oliverio doing in there? Recruiting you guys? - I have no idea what you mean.
- Right.
And you don't know why Silva got beaten up by the Charlíns? Now, I do know them.
- They own the cannery in Vilanova, right? - They're smugglers.
I didn't know.
You can't trust anyone nowadays.
Don't fuck with me.
I know you work for Sito Miñanco or whoever will pay.
A man's got to eat.
What do you know about them? Miñanco.
- He asked about us? - He asked about everyone.
And? Sito, for fuck's sake.
You can't be serious.
I don't bite the hand that feeds me.
You know what to do next time.
Keep your mouth shut.
Silence is golden.
We must delay the shipment.
So Ballesteros thinks we can't be trusted? Or change the spot.
Bring it to Preguntoiro Beach.
We have four locations.
If the cops turn up, we just beat it.
- I don't know, Sito.
- That cop has no idea what we're doing.
Stay calm.
- It's him? - He's been staying at the precinct.
The sergeant even bought him a mattress.
- Why didn't you tell us? - I didn't know I had to.
Well, now you know for the next time.
Do you think it grows on trees? What did that rat say? - They're going after Sito.
- About me! About me and my family.
That Silva owes you seven mil in stolen tobacco.
- And the beating? - He accused your sons.
Did he report it? No, a judge came, but didn't speak to Silva.
- Which judge? - One with a weird name.
Beigbeder or something.
The two of them are up to something.
Well, find out what.
If the sergeant is after me and mine, I want to be the first to know.
Use the back door.
What happened? I should have cut my nuts off instead of having your brothers.
- What have they done now? - Lied to me.
Silva is at the precinct.
That's impossible.
We beat the shit out of him and sent him packing.
He swore he wouldn't be back.
Just like he said he'd pay up and never did.
- Am I talking to you? - All under control, huh? - Dumbass! - Don't talk to your sister that way.
She's the only one with some brains in this brothel! I should never have trusted you.
If that cop had proof, we'd already be under arrest.
Maybe the judge is investigating something else.
- Your lack of brains.
- What? We've got to shut Silva up.
He knows who we are and how we work.
This means trouble.
- We'll take care of him.
- I've heard that before.
- But, Father - No.
Let them, Father.
They got us into this.
Let them get us out.
Stop going over it.
Silva will get the message and shut up.
It wasn't the dog's fault.
Be a man, for fuck's sake.
It's how business is done.
They slit its throat and fled through the back.
It was them, right? They won't stop until Cándido's dead.
If he's not dead already.
Your son is fine.
- You found him? - He came to me a few days ago.
- Why hasn't he come home? - He's sleeping in a cell at the precinct.
- But he's innocent.
- We'll see about that, ma’am.
He's safe until I get the Charlíns.
I'll explain what happened and that you're okay.
A call from outside Petete's house.
They left a while ago.
Hurry up, we don't have all night.
Come on, let's go.
The party's getting started.
Let's move.
Looks like they're driving down there.
- That must be the tobacco storage.
- Don't move until I give the okay.
Hey, guys! I brought you a gift.
I'm paying for this.
There's one for each of you.
I almost feel bad for those suckers.
I'd become fond of the poor guys.
Enjoy and save that for the girls.
They cost me a ton! Shall I lead the cops to Facho's place? - Remind me I owe Charlín one.
- Whatever he wants.
- Which cop is his snitch? - No idea, but we have to be more careful.
- Did you load the boxes? - Yes, but why are they empty? So it looks like it's tobacco, not cocaine.
- You know where to find the Colombians? - I marked it on the map.
- How many boxes? - Kilos.
The Colombians count in kilos.
How many kilos, then? A thousand.
It's a test shipment.
If we prove ourselves, there will be more.
Don't let us down.
- I don't like the look of those clouds.
- Don't be lame.
Daddy! I'm gone a few days and you outgrow me? Did you behave? Are you sure? - Off to bed, it's late.
- It is.
- They were waiting for you all day.
- Were you waiting, too? Do you like it? I do.
A lot.
You can't tell.
Didn't you get in this morning? I was with Oli.
Catching up on work.
I was away a long time.
I forgot your work is way more important than your family.
I'm taking a shower, I'm tired.
You're wearing that? I haven't ironed it yet.
- Why didn't you take it to be ironed? - And pay for something that I can do? - Mr.
Sito Miñanco.
- Thank you.
- How was your journey? - G ood.
How's Roque? Is he okay? It doesn't look like he'll want to go back.
He'll have to, the boats have already left.
Tell Ballesteros it will soon be ready to be sent to Europe.
- You're a real businessman.
- You didn't think I could do it? Know why I chose you out of all the men at the casino? Because of my hair? Your eyes.
When are you coming to Spain? - How's your wife? - She's great.
Sito, I wasn't raised to come second.
I won't leave Panama to be the other woman.
What if I offer you more? Focus, Sito.
The shipment comes first.
I officially declare you the new ROS.
It was bleeding everywhere.
- Who could that be at this hour? - You're savages.
You wanted Silva to shut up and it's done.
- All done.
- No shit.
You're very sure of yourselves.
- Moncho almost cried.
- Oh, shut up.
Juanito! Will you join us? Leticia ran away from home.
We had an argument - I thought you might help.
- Where has she gone? I have no idea.
Don't worry, Uncle Juan.
I think I know where she is.
- Leticia.
- Leticia.
- How's it going? - Hey! Get out of my house, how dare you? We'll only be a minute.
Get back home, right now! Are you deaf? Enough! - Your father wants you home, so move.
- That's enough.
If your niece wants to be with my son, then let her.
She's just a girl, Bustelo.
Her father is distressed.
How would you feel? He's my boyfriend.
I'll do what I want! - Don't fucking move.
- Stop that, right now.
Don't fuck with me, kid.
Manolo, you heard your niece.
Get out of my house! Leave it, it's not worth it, Father.
She's not staying, Bustelo.
One way or another she's leaving.
I told you, she's a Charlín.
Weren't there other girls in town? It's going to cause us problems, Javier.
I'm not afraid.
You should be.
Hello? Don't worry.
I'm coming.
What's wrong? Are your parents alright? Go back to sleep.
- What a storm.
- This is nothing compared to at sea.
We almost capsized a few times.
- We couldn't go on.
- It's okay.
- Sito, I'm so sorry.
- You were right not to take the risk.
Go home, we'll try again when it clears up.
Let's go.
Fucking storm, fucking rain, fucking Galicia.
What should we do? We'll have to tell the dockers the job is on hold.
What do we tell the Colombians? If it keeps raining we can't collect the blow.
It's an act of God, they'll understand.
What are you talking about? You people are used to the rain.
The rain, not an apocalyptic flood.
I'm just asking to delay for a few days.
Days? Two or whatever it takes for it to clear up enough.
My ships reach the Azores in a couple of hours.
I can't afford to have a ship anchored for so long.
- It's too risky.
- I can't risk my people's lives.
I don't give a shit about your people, I want my shipment unloaded.
- And you will, once it clears up.
- Sito.
Let me remind you of our contract.
- And your buddy here is my guarantee.
- Listen to me, don't you dare lay a finger on him.
Don't you dare.
You wanted to play in the big leagues.
- Is everything okay? - I hope so, for your sake.
They're here, sir.
How was your trip? Please, come with me.
- What are you doing? - We need to go out.
In this rain? - What did Ballesteros say? - He won't wait.
If we don't unload now, he won't pay us.
So he doesn't pay us.
Not even 100 million is worth dying for.
- What's wrong? - Out of my way.
- What's going on? - Now! Get lost, go! Roque didn't stay for a vacation.
He stayed as a human guarantee.
- Do you know what that means? - I can imagine.
If we don't unload, he dies.
I told you these people were bad news, dammit.
It's a bit late for that.
With the sea like this, we won't make it.
So what do we do? Let Roque die? Pray to Our Lady of Mount Carmel for it to pass.
- No juice today? - No.
Don't tell me.
- You didn't find anything, did you? - They knew.
- Damn what? - Damn, Sergeant, damn.
Those people have eyes everywhere.
They act all innocent, but have everything under control.
Don't you get that? Anyone could have blabbed to Charlín or Terito or whoever.
Cambados Precinct is dirty, you know.
Yours probably is, too.
You can't trust anyone.
So thanks for the breakfast, but I think this is my last one.
By now, fucking Saliñas will know I'm here squealing.
If you want to leave, go.
They'll kill you.
And who says they didn't already poison my coffee? What are you waiting for? Sergeant Darío Castro, how may I help you? I want to report Javier Bustelo for sexually abusing a minor.
- Sexual abuse of a minor? - The pig is dating my niece, she's a kid.
- How old is she? - 17 years old.
She's at Bustelo's place against her father's will.
Why didn't he file the complaint? Leticia is like a sister.
My uncle asked us to help.
Don't waste my time, Sergeant.
I don't like police stations.
I just want that scumbag to pay for what he's done to our family.
Aren't you ashamed? Your mom has been through hell.
All of this is your fault for being an ignorant, old fool.
- You're going to let him do that? - It's what you need.
You're disgusting.
Get used to it.
You'll be seeing a lot more of us.
What do you mean? You're staying here with us until you learn.
- What? - We'll tie you to the bed if necessary.
You can't do this, Dad.
I'll bring your stuff tomorrow.
Get upstairs.
The enduring rains continue over the northeast of the peninsula, combined with heavy winds from the east.
The sailing of ships is strictly forbidden until the storm has passed.
Chances are the storm will continue to move towards the east, leading to thunderstorms in the regions of Cantabria and the Basque Country.
In contrast, the rest of Spain The celebration will be cancelled at this rate.
There will be little change from what we've been seeing.
Sandra, please eat.
- I don't like it.
- That's enough.
Either eat it or you'll get it for breakfast.
Sito, say something, she won't eat.
- Eat up.
- I don't like it.
Eat it, dammit! Eat! - Sito, what's going on? - I don't want them to hear us arguing.
Sito, you've got it all, money, people, what else do you want? I hope you work it out soon.
How's Sandra? Excuse me? Your daughter.
She had her first Communion recently.
She's fine.
You should bring her along more often.
Some only remember to pray when there's a storm brewing.
You're right, Father.
- Do you need an umbrella? - I need a miracle.
Can I help? Only if you stop the storm.
I wish I could.
It'll be the first time since I came here that we can't have the celebrations.
Put that in the box.
Pray to the Virgin, to Saint Barbara or to the Holy Spirit.
Just make the rain stop, please.
Sergeant, a water tank just burst on the hill in town.
Call town hall.
Sir I think you should see this.
Ladies, gentlemen, please.
Don't let them take it.
Leave them and find out where the money is coming from.
Fuck! What the fuck happened?! It burst.
It was like this when we arrived.
- Where's the rest? - This is all that's left.
I can't fucking believe it, for fuck's sake.
- The police are here.
- Let's get out of here.
Take this, for fuck's sake.
It's for your own good, they can't find you here.
Fuck! It seems it burst due to the storm.
Whoever it was, they were hiding a fortune.
They must have been desperate to hide it here.
Maybe they didn't have any space left.
Whose property is this? Town hall says it belongs to one Ursula Llorente.
- Do you know her? - No, sir, but I know where to find her.
Hello, is Ursula Llorente here? Ursula Llorente? Mrs.
Llorente? Don't bother, you won't get any response.
Excuse me for the delay, but with this rain This is Ursula Llorente? - What did she do before she came here? - I think she was a housewife.
Does she ever get visitors? - Family, children? - No.
She never had children and her husband died.
Does she get a pension? Yes, she gets a small pension.
Who pays for her to stay here? Why are you here? Go join the others, for fuck's sake.
Get to work! Bunch of lazy fucks.
- Don Antonio called from the bank.
- Screw Don Antonio and his bank.
- Are you okay? - No, I'm not.
The Castelo Estate water tank burst.
Fifty million pesetas down the drain.
- I told you.
- I don't want to hear "I told you so.
" Don't piss me off.
- Relax.
- I don't want to relax.
- Take it easy.
We have company.
- Fuck, that's just what I needed.
Give me that.
Hello? Laureano Oubiña, at your service.
The Ebro L60.
- What a beast.
- This one? This one's as tough as old boots.
It'll withstand any load.
- And what do you load them with? - What do you mean? What kind of goods do you move? If my clients pay, I'll move furniture, appliances, seafood Tobacco? That as well.
If they pay for transport, then why not? It could be smuggled.
You know the illegal shit people are getting rich from.
No idea.
You seem to know more about it than I do.
- Do you know Mrs.
Llorente? - Ursula is an old friend of the family.
- Why do you pay for the home? - The poor thing has nothing.
- Is it a crime to be a good person? - No, it's not a crime.
Did you know she owns the Castelo Estate? - No.
- It's worth a lot of money.
I knew nothing about it.
She bought it a couple of years ago, which is weird because she lost her mind almost fifteen years ago.
Well, people do strange things when they lose their minds.
And the money that came from the water tank? - You don't know about that either? - I heard about it.
So you're telling me that I'm stupid enough to be paying for an old lady who's a millionaire? Stupid enough or smart enough? Depends on how you look at it.
And this isn't even a tenth.
The rest was taken by the neighbors or got lost in the sewers.
My God.
What kind of moron would hide that amount of money in a water tank? With all due respect, Your Honor, that's not the issue.
The issue is why nobody has claimed it.
Jesus Christ.
Someone is getting filthy rich in this town.
And illegally.
And I'm not talking about a common thief.
I'm talking about an organized network.
Very powerful people living just across the street, doing whatever they want because people like you turn a blind eye.
Tobacco smuggling isn't even a crime.
- It's just an offense.
- Perhaps that should change.
- Sure thing.
- Why not? Call Madrid.
Talk to who you need to.
When they realize how much money the state is losing out on, they'll take notice.
Are you sure you want to start all this? They've got the Cambados Precinct on their payroll.
And I won't lie, even some of my men might be.
If we don't do this, no one will.
Sergeant I'm going to ask you something and I want you to be honest.
Your interest in these people has nothing to do with what your father did, has it? What my father did matters only to him.
Okay, very well, then.
Bring the witness, I'll take his statement.
Right away.
Son of a bitch.
Where did you get that? Son of a bitch! Why didn't you tell me? They go in my mother's house, kill Sultan and you don't say a word.
I'm sorry.
Why the fuck would you be sorry? It could have been my mother.
For fuck's sake, she's next.
This was a warning.
- If they wanted her dead - She already would be? Well, I'm sorry, but I won't risk it.
- You can't leave.
- Why? Am I under arrest now? - They'll kill you if you do.
- Better me than my mother.
- Cándido.
- Fuck Cándido.
What's wrong? No witness? Go to Madrid and tell them what's happening here.
Not much point without a witness.
I'm sorry, Mother, I'm really sorry.
- Leave now.
- Don't worry, okay? I'll be alright.
Shit! For fuck's sake.
Where are you going, motherfucker? - Where's our money? At your mom's? - I told you, I don't have it.
- Don't worry, just come with us.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Cándido - I didn't rat on you in jail, I swear.
- Shit.
- Of course.
Right - Shit, motherfucker! - What are you doing? If you touch me, I'll say it was you.
Come after me and I'll go straight to the cops.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Leave me alone! When does the game start? Oh, I forgot, they're not smuggled.
What do you want, Darío? Or do you prefer sergeant? I want to talk to you.
I'd prefer somewhere else to be honest.
Maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for Silva, do you know him? Stupid question.
Of course you know him.
And you know what he did to the Charlíns.
Come on, Braulio.
- How long has it been, Darío? - I don't know, I stopped counting.
Ten years.
That's quite a lot in a small town like this.
You know why we've never seen each other? Because I didn't want to.
Braulio Darío, we parted ways, why should I help you? You may be a smuggler, but you don't want anyone killed.
If I don't find Silva, the Charlíns will kill him.
They'll just scare him a bit.
And it sounds like he deserves it.
That's how these things work.
Terito won't let things get out of hand.
Terito is old.
What happens when he's gone? There's still time.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy the game.
Give my regards to Marusa.
And if you see Silva, you know where to find me.
- What are you doing here? - Having a few beers.
- Weren't you somewhere far away? - We came back.
- And my brother? - He's stayed on a bit longer.
- Really? - Romeo went and got himself a girlfriend.
So he'll be back soon.
He has no luck with the ladies.
Glad to see you're doing well.
Ballesteros doesn't seem to be in a good mood.
- How's the shipment? - Did someone say something? No like what? Sito has it under control.
Do you want some company, Galician? - Do you want me to be honest? - I want whatever you want.
Not now, for fuck's sake.
- How the fuck did that happen? - It was an accident.
- Was it them? - I told you it was an accident.
Look tell me the truth.
- Tell me.
- You're hurting me.
- Do they do that kind of thing? - Where did you come from? This is the price I paid for saying no.
I don't know what your mistake will cost.
No, no, no.
Okay! I'm coming.
- Hello? - Nieves, will you see if Sito's around? - Roque? Are you okay? - Let me speak to him, for fuck's sake.
It's Roque.
- Sito, get me out of here.
- Roque - What did they do? - Get me out of here.
- They've beaten the shit out of me.
- Roque? 24 hours if you want to see your friend again.
- No.
- Understood? You Galician piece of shit.
What's wrong? - Any news of Silva? - Nothing.
Hello? I'll tell him.
Sergeant, it looks like we have something.
Morning, Sergeant.
How's it going? - Not used to leaving the office, huh? - Don't be fooled.
- Lately, it's more often than I'd like.
- Why are you here? - This is our jurisdiction.
- Montáñez, don't fuck with me.
I'm still your superior.
Stand to attention.
What happened? We found the car this way this morning, but the driver is missing.
And you don't know where he went.
We thought he might be at the hospital, but no.
Nobody has gone in who fits the profile.
I think this guy And the tracks? They could be Silva's.
They fade into the hills.
But don't worry, we already sent a search party out.
Don't go to any trouble, we'll deal with it.
Well, I guess you'll have to discuss that with my superior.
Who is yours as well, right? Montáñez, I know the Charlíns paid you to beat up Silva because of his debts.
- And now he's had an accident - That's a lie.
I have a witness and a report to the contrary.
Silva got his arm broken the same night I saw you with Paquito and Moncho Charlín.
So what? He must have fallen.
Fallen? You're going to fall.
Sergeant, your threats may work with the scum you're used to, but I'm not one of them, got it? No you're worse than them.
You'll trip up one day.
You have nothing on me.
And if you don't find Silva fast, you'll have nothing on the Charlíns.
- Oli! - What the fuck is going on? Call all the dockers, Di Stefano, everyone.
We're going out.
We can't get the entire shipment in one go.
Not with our boats, but I'll get more.
Who are you going to ask? Call Panama, tell them they have to wait.
- And Oubiña, I need his trucks.
- Where are you going? - This one's almost full.
- So the miracle happened.
The best 10,000 pesetas you've ever spent, huh? - No doubt, but I need something else.
- I'm listening.
This will sound strange, but can the procession be postponed? - What do you mean postponed? - I need boats.
And everyone will want to use theirs today.
Of course.
It's a century-old tradition.
- Do you know what that means? - I do.
I'm only asking for one day.
That's impossible, son.
We always celebrate on the 16th, how can we change it to the 17th? - It's a matter of life and death, Father.
- Of course it is.
I wish it weren't.
It's not possible, it'd be ridiculous.
No, I can't do it.
This storm has been unforgiving.
It was a question of time.
The roof is falling to pieces.
Father do you need money to fix it? from neighboring authorities.
We have some breaking news: the procession for Our Lady of Carmel on the 16th has been postponed.
The announcement was made by Father Aurelio, chaplain at Cambados.
This century-old tradition will change its date to July 17th this year.
A day later than expected.
This is a highly unusual exception due to the need to protect and preserve the statue of Our Lady, according to Father Aurelio.
We'll make it, right? They still need to reach the Colombians.
Roque will be back here pissing us off before you know it.
And he won't stop talking about all the Panamanian chicks.
Take this one.
The others will follow.
No fuckups.
If we miss this, we're done for.
What the fuck does he want? - What's up? - Terito wants to talk.
- Has something happened? - I'm just the messenger and the chauffeur.
- I didn't know we had a meeting.
- Do you know about hedgehogs? - What about them? - They have a problem.
In the winter, when it gets dark, they sleep together, otherwise they freeze.
- But what happens if they get too close? - They prick each other.
They have to calculate how close to get, because if they separate, they die.
And together they hurt each other.
We've heard you're doing stuff around the harbor.
- Asking for boats.
- So? - What do you mean, so? - The rules were clear: we can unload what we want, where we want, so long as we pay.
- Why so secretive, then? - I just keep my distance like a hedgehog.
It had better not be hash.
- If we can't, neither can you.
- The Bustelos are no angels either.
Gentlemen, please.
Let's not create more problems.
Well? It's not hash, we said we won't deal that shit.
It's tobacco.
Can I go? Why so many ships, then? For fuck's sake.
Why should I explain myself when you don't? - Okay, then I'll off-load 1,000 boxes.
- What a great idea! Why the fuck do you need so many boats? Everyone agrees the Belgians are too expensive.
- Yes.
- I found a new supplier.
An American.
He gives me a better price.
- Who? - You don't know him.
- But I want to.
- Really? - Well, why don't you ask my fucking balls? - Sito! What the fuck is this? What the fuck is happening here? If you don't like it, shoot me and get it over with, but I won't be treated like this.
I never mistrust or interrogate any of you.
It's a big shipment, that’s why I need the boats.
And your trucks as well.
When I'm back with the fee and cover this with cash, then you can ask for my supplier.
Let's see if I tell you then.
Tell your lackey to drive me back, I have work to do.
Can the two of us talk alone? Do I need my bulletproof vest? - I don't regret what happened.
- Great.
That makes me feel much better.
It isn't me you should be worried about.
I heard about the water tank.
Don't worry about that.
No one asked before because nothing ever happened.
This was just an ordinary town, but if we get lazy and people start seeing strange things, we'll have to explain ourselves.
But they can't prove anything, Terito.
Give it time, Laureano.
Give it time.
First I lose the cash from the water tank, now Terito is busting my balls.
Just what I needed.
You're not someone who should hide his money under rocks.
What did I say? I know I shouldn't have put it there, but the Panamanians are scamming us.
I won't give him a single peseta as commission.
- Nothing, it's over.
- Good, forget about them.
We need to be careful.
Next time, the cops will come for you.
- We don't want that, right? - No, we don't, Esther.
We don't.
What if I take care of the money from now on? You? Come on, Esther.
Yes, me.
I understand the business.
This one.
And this one.
I know how to handle money, where to invest.
I can make fake invoices to explain the money.
I'll turn this into the biggest business in Galicia.
- This one.
And the other.
- What would I do without you? All you need is a woman's touch.
What are you doing here, woman? Shit.
- Wait, let's talk.
- Nothing to talk about.
But I want to talk, dammit.
What are you doing here? Beat it! What are you looking at? Wait, woman.
Get back to work! Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, what is it? What do you have to say? Look, I fucked up.
I admit it, but But? Fuck.
You want to be with her? Fine, but I won't let that bitch take a single penny from my children.
- No one's taking anything.
- Oh, really? I hope for your sake they never want for anything.
Before they even ask for new sneakers, - you get them the best ones, got it? - Understood.
For your sake.
Because if I talk, you can say goodbye to all of this.
I know you're in trouble with the Charlíns.
Me, too.
They want to get rid of me and I need your help.
Why should I help a thief? I'm not a thief.
You stole over seven million pesetas of tobacco.
The Charlíns are tight fuckers.
They wouldn't pay me for a shipment, so I fucking took it myself.
What's in it for me? I can work for you.
For free.
I don't need slaves.
The Charlíns will kill me, Mr.
Then give them their money.
I would if I still had it! Leave town.
Those bastards found me in Valladolid and they'll find me again.
Look what they did to your son.
I saw it, I was at the precinct.
Those people don't forgive.
Why were you at the precinct? I wanted to testify against the Charlíns.
But only the Charlíns! But the fucking judge says he needs more proof.
Let's make a deal.
I'll give you the money so they leave you alone.
In exchange for what? You going to the police and providing them with the proof they need.
I don't have any proof.
The Charlíns are about to do a job.
Tell the police.
But if they catch them, they might catch the rest.
If that happens, what will you tell the judge? That the Bustelos are not involved in this.
What do you want? I came to pay my debt.
I counted it.
It's all there, all seven million.
What's he doing here? - What did you tell the cops? - Nothing.
I swear.
They asked who beat me up, but I said I didn't see.
Where did you get this from? It's all there, you have it now.
It doesn't matter where it's from.
Are we even now or not? I don't want to see you around here again.
Dammit! They must be there by now.
Is no news good news? - This is boat one, over.
- Everything alright? Over.
We had to divert.
There was a possible patrol boat on the radar.
- In the middle of the fucking ocean? - We can't take risks, over.
Well, you're taking them.
- The Colombians leave in half an hour.
- It's okay, we'll be there on time.
I hope so.
Over and out.
- Any news? - Nothing.
Did it stop raining? It seems so, but there's no sign of your friends.
They'll make it.
But too late.
You know what that means? You have to wait.
- We've already waited too long.
- This is The Florida, over.
- Are the Galicians there? - No, sir.
No one here.
- Please, God - You can come back now.
- Over and out.
- No.
Make the bastard suffer and send him back to Galicia in pieces.
No, please.
- Shut up.
- No! Please, no! God, no! Fuck, no! Please, listen.
You have to trust Sito.
He'll make it.
- He'll - This is The Florida.
They're here, sir.
Can you repeat that? Over.
The Galicians are here.
Thanks, over and out.
Let him go.
- Praise be to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
- Praise be! - Do you have a minute? - What's wrong? A small accident.
Jacinto was backing up and didn't see it.
Useless jerks.
Beat it.
Aurelio not a word to anyone.
Tobacco, huh? Tobacco is for Terito and the old guard.
Blow is the future.
Let me get this straight.
You're asking me to pass a law to convict smugglers? You're moving cocaine.
- These people are dangerous.
- I don't give a shit.
Give me a contact, boy.
Let them think they're untouchable.
When they least expect it, we'll hunt them down, one by one.
I gave you a loan to pay the Charlíns, now you have to return the favor.
What do I have to do? It's time to take down the Charlíns.
We cannot fail, Sergeant.
From now on, they will be your eyes and ears.
Now make the most of it.
We have to stop the shipment and let everyone know.
We do nothing until the goods come ashore.
Remember the main targets.
- Did she talk? Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire