Farina (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


We met this guy, Ballesteros, who wants us to work for him.
- We're bringing tobacco from Panama? - Cocaine.
- What a storm.
- We almost capsized a few times.
I'm just asking to delay for a few days.
Your buddy here is my guarantee.
- What are you doing? - We need to go out.
- What's wrong? What did Ballesteros say? - If we don't unload, he dies.
- Leticia ran away from home.
- Leticia! - Leticia.
- Manolo! Get out of my house! It's not worth it, Father.
It's going to cause us problems, Javier.
She's a Charlín.
- Sexual abuse of a minor? - He's dating my niece, she's a kid.
You're staying here with us until you learn.
- I need names.
- If the Charlíns find out, - they kill me.
- What did he say? That he owes you seven mil in stolen tobacco.
- And the beating? - He accused your sons.
- We'll take care of him.
- Silva will get the message and shut up.
- You didn't say they went to my mom's.
- I'm sorry.
I won't risk it anymore.
- They'll kill you if you leave.
- Better me than my mom.
Come after me and I'll go to the cops.
Leave me the fuck alone! I know the Charlíns paid you to beat up Silva.
You have nothing on me.
If you don't find Silva, you'll have nothing on them.
- I need your help.
- Let's make a deal.
I'll give you the money so they leave you alone.
- For what? - Find out where the money came from.
Cops! They can't find you here.
Fuck! The Castelo Estate water tank burst.
Fifty million pesetas down the drain.
And the money that came from the water tank? I didn't know about that.
What kind of moron would hide so much money in a water tank? And why isn't anybody claiming it? - Any news? - Sito has it under control.
No! I'm coming.
24 hours if you want to see your friend again.
Can the procession be postponed? It's not possible, it'd be ridiculous.
- The roof is falling to pieces.
- Do you need money to fix it? Terito wants to talk.
We heard you're doing stuff around the harbor.
I have an American supplier.
He gives me a better price.
- Who? - You don't know him.
- But I want to.
- When I'm back with the fee and cover this with cash, then you can ask for my supplier.
Let's see if I tell you then.
- They'll make it.
- But too late.
Make him suffer and send him back in pieces.
Please, no! This is The Florida.
The Galicians are here.
Let him go.
Did you load the boxes? They'll think it's tobacco.
There was a small accident.
Tobacco, huh? Where the hell is Roque? - Where is our friend? - Where are your manners, Miñanco? Aren't you going to introduce me? Where is Roque? There's your buddy.
Where are the goods? A thousand kilos.
No more, no less.
Good? I hope you know where to invest it.
I'm staying at this hotel.
Until I find something that suits my little Lilly.
You can start thinking about the next shipment, okay? Alright.
- No more mistakes.
- No more mistakes.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS To blow! It'll make us the richest guys in Galicia.
Fuck off.
Don't you want any? It's Chivas.
Look, Sito, being in Panama made me think.
I can't go through that again.
That's normal.
Who would want to? But don't worry.
Next time, I'll stay as the guarantee.
- And you can organize the shipment.
- There won't be a next time.
- Not for me.
- Nor for me.
You knew we didn't want to get into this.
We did it for you.
You did it because you knew the money was good and now that we're about to make it, you're walking away.
Sito, these guys aren't fucking about.
They almost killed me.
They killed two other guys there.
Imagine if Di Stefano had taken longer.
He would have been next.
- How was I to know it'd rain so much? - It always rains in Galicia.
- Next time, we'll be more careful.
- There is no next time.
- We won't risk it for a bit more cash.
- A bit more cash? I'm talking about becoming the kings of Galicia, the fucking owners.
Why, dammit? We have enough with tobacco.
- We earn enough and get what we want.
- Tobacco is for Terito and the old guard.
- Blow is the future.
- What fucking future? Look, Sito, if you want to continue with this, do it on your own.
We're out.
- I thought we were a team.
- We are a team, Sito.
It's not just for us, it's for you.
- To protect you.
- Protect me from what? From yourself, dammit! - From what? - From you.
Fuck it.
What? You're right.
It's over.
No more blow.
We stick to tobacco.
We'll earn a bit less but we'll be safer.
You'll see.
- I'd already forgotten it.
- What? What you taste like.
It's salt.
I'm dying to celebrate our riches.
You're going to go really far if you listen to me and do everything I tell you.
Every time you see me here, two things will happen: first, you'll get a bit richer.
And when I say a bit, I mean a lot.
So much so, the rich Galicians will realize they're poor.
And the second? What's wrong? I spoke to Roque and Oli.
I don't know if I want to do this anymore.
It's a bit late for that.
I wasn't aware of a deadline for backing out.
Sito, this isn't a game.
You can't leave things just like that.
You're good at this.
- What will you do instead? - What I did until now was fine.
And now that you're here, I've got everything I need.
It's not what you need.
It's what you want.
Not now, Camila.
Leave it.
Fine, when do you want to talk about it? - Did you check these numbers? - The IRS did.
Each year we allow smuggling, it costs the state ten billion pesetas.
What's worse, ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up and none of them will say a doctor or policeman.
They want to be smugglers.
- Don't be dramatic.
- Ask at any school there.
Or in grocery stores.
They only sell smuggled tobacco and no one minds.
Attorney General, Galicia is too far away for people to care about, but if these people don't feel the force of the law, - they'll end up taking over.
- Let me get this straight.
You're asking me to pass a law to convict smugglers? If smuggling tobacco continues to be a trivial offense, we can't attack them.
Besides, you know the law will have to be changed sooner or later if we want to get into the EEC.
- We'll send more men and funding.
- They'll buy them, like everyone else.
Think about all the hospitals and schools you could build with that money.
And all the votes it would give you.
The government is aware of the moral and economic damage this illegal activity is causing our society.
NEW CONTRABAND LAW This is why, in the course of constitutional reform, the government has decided to include a law which will sanction all crimes involving contraband with sentences of between six months and three years of jail time.
This will include tobacco or any other opiate substances.
This law isn't only to punish Get back to work.
those who make money to the detriment of everyone else.
This is a message to society What the fuck is that moron talking about? that the age of “anything goes” has come to an end and defrauding the state will come at a price.
Not like that, make it tighter.
What do you think, Laureano, do you like it? and our security forces will not rest until anyone acting against the interests of the people is where he/she belongs.
And that is in jail.
- Bustelo, pass the fish.
- This is because of the socialists.
- What the fuck did we do? - We bring wealth home - and they treat us like criminals.
- Potatoes? They don't want anyone making more money than they do.
- They have an inferiority complex.
- Right.
I thought the politicians were on our side.
We are.
This law has nothing to do with the regional government.
It's taken us by surprise.
They must wake up, Nino, they're your friends.
We pay them to be able to get on with things, not for them to screw with us.
We could always stop paying them.
We can work as usual without their support.
You'd risk being put in jail? - What else can we do? Get out? - We could switch to drugs.
I know, but if we're going to jail anyway, we may as well be rich.
Things have changed.
- Well, we'll change them back.
- Things can't go back, Terito.
Didn't you hear the AG? They won't stop until we're behind bars.
We could get three years for tobacco.
Same as with hash and coke.
We'd earn ten times as much for every job.
That would make it worthwhile.
I have a wedding to pay for and two families to support.
- Two? - Two.
- The Colombian cartels are dangerous.
- Really? How do you know? If you watched the news instead of playing dominos, you'd know, too.
Really? If we don't switch to drugs, the next generation will take over.
We'll defend ourselves.
But no one in this room is touching that shit, understood? We'll do what you say, Terito.
As always.
[singing “O Rodaballo”] Miñanco, you heard that, right? Terito is wrong and you know it.
Why are you on his side? - I don't want to go to jail.
- Sure.
I know what your boats were carrying the other day, and it wasn't tobacco.
There was an accident and Esther saw it.
You're moving cocaine.
You pretend to be on Terito's side so you can keep everything.
Well, that's over now.
From now on, we're partners.
- Me and you? - Fifty-fifty, okay? You bring the shipment, I do the transport.
- No, fuck off.
- Hey! You're not in any position to negotiate.
- That job was the only one I did.
- Do you think I was born yesterday? - Those people are dangerous.
- I don't give a shit.
Give me a contact, I'll take care of it.
- They won't speak to just anyone.
- Really? - They'll talk to me.
- You think a lot of yourself.
Watch it, kid.
Don't fuck with me.
I'll tell Terito what you did behind his back.
You've seen how he reacts.
Or weren't you there? Give me a contact, boy.
Hello? Sorry, I wasn't expecting a woman.
Sito Miñanco gave me your number.
He said he did business with you.
And you want to do business as well? Am I right? Yes, well, who I am I talking to? The contact.
Did you expect to speak to Pablo Escobar? Who? I'm sorry, but he said he won't work with Galicians again.
What the hell? Your friend Sito almost lost us a shipment.
- Didn't he tell you? - I had nothing to do with that.
I'm a professional.
I have speedboats, I know the coastline like the back of my hand That asshole said the same thing and then he disappeared.
- Yes, but I assure you that I - Don't insist.
You Galicians had a chance and you messed it up.
Ballesteros will find other routes to get his product into Europe.
Why don't you want Oubiña to talk to Ballesteros? No rooster wants a fox in his henhouse.
It's not your henhouse anymore.
You gave it up.
And José Nelson won't be amused when you tell him.
He's not used to people saying no.
Then he'd better start.
I came here because you seemed ready to take on the world.
Now it's the opposite.
You're bitter because you’re not doing what you want.
And what do I want? Everything.
But you've settled for nothing.
- Think about it.
- I won't ship blow.
I promised Roque and Oli.
Well you could do it behind their backs.
Like with Terito.
He's like a father to me.
I can lie to him, but not to my friends.
They're a burden.
They're not a burden.
We started out together, that's not changing.
Same as with your wife? I gave up blow and a lot of money for my friends.
Imagine what I would do for you.
Fucking Sito ruined everything.
The Colombians don't want anything to do with us.
Give me the number, maybe a woman can convince them I spoke to a woman, just forget about it.
They're searching for new routes for the blow, we can't do anything.
- There's always something we can do.
- No.
- We'll find another supplier.
- But, baby, they have all of the drugs.
There are other places we can get it.
Bustelo's son did it.
You're asking me to get involved in this hash thing? What if we change our honeymoon trip and fly to Morocco? Morocco? You know, down there, I could sell you for 100 camels.
- You wouldn't sell me even for 1,000.
- No.
Oh, I thought we could book ten bagpipers for the wedding.
Ten? We'll have a hundred! - Are you still there? - Yes, I'm here.
- I'm just not used to people saying - To people saying no? - I know.
- Sito.
You're worth more than all of your friends.
Why don't you sleep on it? I can up my offer.
- Are you sure? - I am.
Why don't I believe you? Sito, there are trains that only pass by once in a lifetime.
Are you going to miss this one? Fine.
But you'll have to forget about us.
I'll search for associates elsewhere.
Who did he visit? Camila Reyes, a Panamanian.
Niece of one of General Noriega's ministers.
Damn! - Cambados is getting small for Miñanco.
- He should enjoy it while he can.
We'll finally have them with the new law.
I hope so, I was a nuisance in Madrid.
I don't think I'm welcome now.
Thank you.
- What? - Thank you.
I just did what you asked, but a new law won’t be enough to stop them.
- Silva didn't call, did he? - I think he's afraid to work with us.
We haven't heard and I'm sure there's been another job.
We don't need him, come with me.
You shouldn't have done anything.
Leave it to me, I have it under control.
Make sure that bastard doesn't ruin my business.
Miñanco isn't stupid.
He just needs someone to guide him every once in a while.
If not, we'll find some other idiot.
Don't worry, Sito will give in.
- I have my ways.
- Oh, I know you do.
Work your magic.
Have you ever seen anything like this? Well, now it's yours.
I authorized the bugging of the suspects' homes.
We'll know everything they say and think any time of the day or night.
- What's wrong? Don't you like it? - Sure.
But I have at least one mole in my office.
- Sito has avoided us dozens of times.
- I know, I know.
That's why none of your men will come here.
Come out.
From now on, they will be your eyes and ears.
They'll work in eight-hour shifts and no one from the bay, apart from you, will know they're here.
And you.
Montilla from HQ in Seville.
Alberto Gamboa, from Astorga.
And Romero from Santander.
There you go, you got what you asked for.
Now make the most of it.
Is it up and running? Not yet.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
Could I check your phone? The network is down in the area.
Yes, of course.
It's there.
Excuse me, could I get a glass of water? - Sure.
- Thank you.
- Finished already? - Yes, it was nothing.
It was a surge on the line, but it's fixed now.
Call me if you have any problems, okay? - That's what we're here for.
- Goodbye.
Each device is connected to one of the suspects' phones.
As soon as they make a phone call, the device will start recording.
That's it.
We will have to wait, listen, and write down everything they say.
Apart from changing the tapes when they're done.
Remember their faces.
You'll soon know more about them than your own friends.
But they're not your friends, they're criminals.
- And a bunch of jerks.
- Don't underestimate them, - they own half of Galicia.
- Right.
How else would a dick like that marry this beauty right here? Huh, Sergeant? One thing we'll be spending a lot of time together, do we have to use titles like at the academy? - You prefer to be less formal? - I do.
Don't you speak? He's from Astorga.
I told you, he's a man of few words.
Get to work.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Where are the girls? - In bed.
Leave it.
A phone technician came by today and made it worse than it already was.
I saw Oubiña's wife today.
- Esther? - No, his wife.
She looked terrible.
- Her face? She always was as ugly as sin.
- Sito, she's the mother of his children.
- He just left her for the other one.
- I hope you won't say that at his wedding.
She was with him when he had nothing and look how he thanked her.
She should complain to the democrats, they legalized divorce.
Hello? Speaking.
Hello? No, baby, don't worry.
That's better, I don't want them to know.
- Anything interesting? - Yes.
A call for Sito's wife to pick up her dress for Oubiña's wedding.
And a call from London for Modesto Doval.
His wife is visiting an abortion clinic.
Oubiña bought enough seafood to feed half of Spain.
- There will be bagpipes at his wedding.
- Sir, it's Miñanco.
For what they cost, he could have had the Philharmonic.
Tonight, at two o'clock.
- Is there a lot? - Just over 1,000 boxes.
- And my fee? - It's Montáñez.
The usual.
Are you on duty? - I will be.
- What about customs? - They'll be in Fontiña.
- Good, we'll come in through Couto.
We got him.
- Did you speak with customs police? - Not yet.
I'll tell them to keep their eyes peeled and do whatever you say.
They have to get them before they throw stuff overboard.
- Otherwise there will be no proof.
- We cannot fail, Sergeant.
Your Honor.
You should see this.
- Shit, shit, shit.
- Calm down.
Our fucking phones were bugged, Sito.
One of the top cops says so.
- They have a vast network.
- Did you check your place? I think you should check.
Speak to Roque, we have to stop the shipment and let everyone know.
Gentlemen, please calm down, everything's fine.
Fine? How is everything fine, Terito? - They bugged everyplace.
- There was nothing in my warehouse.
- What about the cannery? - Nothing.
There's nothing in the restaurant, either.
That means they only heard what we said at home.
I told you the powers that be would do something in the end.
They can't win the elections without our money.
- What are you talking about? - The article was a leak.
- A warning.
- Well, why didn't they warn us earlier? What matters is they didn't catch us.
- There's no crime without proof.
- And the proof is the tobacco, so we stop the shipments and that's it.
Dammit, I had one for tonight.
We need to calm down and not make the wrong move.
Right, if one of us fucks up, we all get caught.
- That's right.
- Gentlemen, we're getting out of this one.
If Nino got them to warn us about the bugs, I'm sure he'll manage to get things back to normal.
How did you do it? You need friends even in the lowest of places.
I do hope you remember when the time comes to pay for elections - Don't dare come begging.
- Don't worry.
- You deserve to be our mayor.
- Mayor? More like commissioner! I'll settle for you not fucking up.
You already heard Terito.
No shipments.
We were tapped by the cops, so from now on, we're more careful about what we discuss on the phone.
And no more shipments.
Got it? - Want me to talk to the dockers? - No, I'll do it.
- Would you ever lie to your father? - Why do you ask? You stopped the drugs, right? - If they caught you talking about that - Father.
I did what you asked me to.
I'd never lie to you.
Are you seeing the Charlín girl? No.
Don't worry, the job is still on but my father and the rest of them can't know.
Manolo, please, how would I know? Now you can't even trust a technician.
- God knows what they heard me saying.
- Stupid shit they can't jail you for.
We're going to check that the phones are clean every week.
And I don't want anyone using them to discuss business.
What if I want to speak to my friends? Am I supposed to be silent as well as imprisoned? Fuck! We've lost our connection with every phone.
I knew they'd bought half of Galicia.
Politicians, police, the chief police prosecutor This is never going to end.
We can't give up, you knew what we were taking on.
I'm just being realistic.
- There will always be moles.
- Nobody said this would be easy.
Silva mentioned a book where they write down the tobacco revenue and what each of them contributes.
- Silva talked about an accounting book? - Yes.
- Why the fuck didn't you tell me? - If we could only find it.
- You know where it is? - I'd say it's near where they meet.
Terito's restaurant.
Get me a search warrant.
I can't issue a warrant for the restaurant of one of the bay's VIPs without being sure we'll find anything.
So we just let them win? We know who they are and what they do.
- What else do we need? - Proof! - They're in that book! - No.
You'll have to find another way.
I'm sure a ballbuster like you can, so start looking.
Romero, call the others and tell them to suit up, we're going to a wedding.
Surprised? I process the invoices, Laureano.
Give me a kiss.
- One day, this estate will be yours.
- That day, I'll love you even more.
My boys! Give your new father a kiss, darlings.
- Come on.
- I'm going to throw you! There you go, straight into the sea.
Well On behalf of my wife and I Fuck, I'm getting emotional.
Anyway, don't eat too many canapés, there will be oysters and plenty of booze.
- Enjoy, you fuckers! - To the happy couple! - And to the guests! - Hooray! Thank you for coming.
Terito, the big boss.
Manuel Charlín and his family of motherfuckers.
Sito Miñanco and his wife.
- The ones on the right are his partners? - Roque and Oliverio.
And that's Colombo - She's mine, huh? - and Nino Balvín.
Their political contact.
He's probably the asshole who sold us out.
- It seems like they're all there.
- Great.
I don't want anybody to miss this.
Jesus, you scared me.
Don't worry, I'm leaving.
If my uncle saw us I don't care about your uncle.
I've been going crazy.
I turn 18 next week.
Then we're packing our bags and getting out of this shithole.
- Where to? I don't have any money.
- It doesn't matter.
- We're going to be millionaires.
- How? - I'm organizing a shipment of hash.
- Hash? - If your father finds out, he'll kill you.
- He won't.
No one will.
It's a lot of money, Leticia.
We deliver, get paid, and disappear forever.
- Have you seen Leticia? - Why? She's been gone awhile - and she's not in the restroom.
- Try another one.
She's not here.
Bustelo Jr.
is gone, too.
Fucking stop that.
What's going on? Don't you have the balls to kill me? Right here, right now.
Not willing to screw things up over this? No, right? You're just your father's lackeys.
- I've set up a shipment of hash.
- You're nuts.
- We're not allowed to do any jobs.
- No one will know.
- The police have all the phones bugged.
- So what? I'm not stupid enough to plan it from home.
My dad forbade me to deal hash, but I don't fucking care.
I met with the Arabs in person.
I can give you a piece of the pie.
But you need to help Leticia get out of there.
We're talking about 40 million.
Maybe 50.
And half of it is for you.
No, not half of it.
There are three of us.
Three of us, a third each.
- That's not fair.
- Isn't it? You know what isn't fair? To go in there and tell everyone where we saw your girlfriend.
With any luck, they'll send her to Argentina with her auntie.
Deal? Deal? - What happened? - Nothing.
- Sorry, I thought there was no one here.
- No, it's okay.
Are you having fun? Yes, a lot of fun.
It's all wonderful.
The food, the bagpipers, everything.
We put a lot of effort into it.
I wanted a wedding like in the magazines.
Well, you've succeeded.
You look beautiful and the estate is wonderful.
If the socialists stop screwing around and business stays good, we might even buy it.
It must be really expensive.
Laureano wants only the best for me.
Do you still live in that little house in Cambados? Yes, of course.
Wouldn't you like to move to a bigger place? I'm sure if you ask Sito, he'll buy you one.
- I really like our house.
- You can always aim higher.
Sito's business is doing well.
I guess.
I care more about my house and my daughters.
Oh, you're one of those, like Laureano's ex-wife.
Can I give you some advice? A man needs a woman who's on his level and gets the best from him.
If not, he gets bored and goes looking elsewhere.
- My husband loves me.
- Laureano also loved his wife.
Another one? As many as I need, didn't you hear Oubiña? He wants nothing left.
Roque, what's going on with you guys? You had less money and cheaper cars before, but your life was less complicated.
Less complicated Do you know what it's like to be up before dawn and trail around the harbor begging for a shitty job? Or what it's like to risk your life at sea away from home for five to six months? - Is that less complicated? - It's more respectable.
- Respect doesn't put food on the table.
- But you can hold your head up high.
Nieves Look, do you think any of those guys is ashamed of what he does? Do you think Sito is ashamed? Do you think I'm ashamed? That's what worries me most.
Don't worry about that, your husband is a great man.
He's a fucking genius.
- I don't know who he is.
- Let me tell you.
Sito risked his life for me and did everything he could to get me out of Panama.
- They would have killed me.
- Excuse me? - What do you mean killed you? - I'm - Who? - He's a fucking genius.
Who almost killed you? Oh, come on, Nieves, I'm drunk, for Christ's sake.
I'll be right back.
Blow is the future.
Tobacco is for grandpas.
Everyone ready, we're going in.
You stay here.
The less they see you, the better.
Who? The ones inside or out? Sergeant.
- Why do you care? - What's this about? - Let go.
- Can we talk? - It looks like they're leaving.
- I hope not.
- What happened in Panama? - Again? No, not again.
You wanted to talk? Let's talk.
Why did they almost kill Roque? Roque is a drama queen.
Lie to me again and I swear you'll never see me or the girls again.
We made a deal with the Colombians to bring some goods.
We almost failed and they threatened to kill him.
- Everything was fine in the end.
- Fine? Deals with murderers who'd kill your best friend - and I'm to stay calm? - You can.
How can I stay calm if they could kill me or the girls? - I don't work with them.
- There will be others.
Sito You have money now.
You don't need any more.
- You always wanted a workshop.
- A workshop.
Yes, or a bar or whatever you want.
I can help you.
Nieves This is my business.
Come back home.
Forget these people.
Forget everything.
Go home.
Don't worry about me.
Why the fuck did you tell Nieves about Panama? - I didn't - You said they wanted to kill you.
Yes I mean no.
I told her you saved my life.
- She should appreciate what you do.
- Stop yelling, for fuck's sake.
No one can know what happened there, understood? - If Terito hears about this, we're done.
- Terito isn't Nieves.
- No one.
- No one.
Why the fuck are they here? I don't remember inviting you.
But if you want to join us Get him whatever he wants.
Don't worry, we don't usually drink - on duty.
- What's that? - A court order.
- You came to ruin my wedding, did you? We're just doing our duty.
We're looking for someone.
Wouldn't you prefer a blonde? Don't tell me this is about me.
You came here to arrest me? Not today.
- How's the party? - Good, Sergeant.
- No complaints.
Until now.
- Damn.
I brought a court order so that you'd come with me.
Am I under arrest? The judge just wants to see you.
Does it have to be now? A man of the law like you wouldn't refuse to cooperate, right? Are you done, Sergeant? Yes.
For now.
Enjoy the party.
Come on, cheer up, don't let those bastards ruin the party! Where are you going? Where are you going? - José Luis Montáñez? - Yes.
I'm Judge Beigbeder.
What's going on here? Your colleagues are destined elsewhere.
By tomorrow, there won't be anyone here, not even you.
- Where are you sending me? - It depends on you.
There are two options.
One is in Salamanca and the other in Rentería.
The Basques will welcome you with open arms.
- What do you want me to do? - Well, it's quite easy.
We know smugglers bribed you to look the other way when they brought in shipments.
You don't have any proof.
No proof? How did we do all this, then? You help us and we forget about everything.
You don't get it, do you? Get in his office.
We know you helped the Charlíns to beat up Silva.
- You don't have any proof.
- Isn't your fear proof enough? I'm not afraid.
I know how to get out of this.
You won't cooperate? Fine.
Then pack your bags and say goodbye.
Let's use those recordings to lock up Miñanco, dammit.
Hang on there, Darío.
We know a lot about them now.
Let them think they're untouchable.
When they least expect it and have no help from these guys, we'll hunt them down, one by one.
They're shutting down the Cambados Precinct.
- Are you sure? - I just spoke to Montáñez.
If they caught him, they can catch us.
- He says they have nothing.
- Yet.
If they did, he'd have left here in cuffs.
- And us, too.
- Well, let's not panic.
The next ones will fall into line.
Everyone has a price.
- It's just a question of time.
- To hell with time.
Time is what they need to keep busting our balls.
First the law change, then the bugs, now they ruin my wedding.
But we're still here, they can't touch us.
Not if we do things properly.
We need to be cautious.
We'll continue as we have been.
No one does a thing, understood? A souvenir from Laureano's wedding.
It's not the best champagne, but I have other things in mind.
I know what you have in mind.
The same thing you've had this whole time.
I thought you liked it.
Come back when you leave Nieves.
What are you waiting for? - Nieves Vila? - Yes, that's me.
Darío Castro, police sergeant.
- What's happened? - Nothing, don't worry.
I just want to talk for a minute.
- I'm sorry, but I'm very busy.
- Nieves, I know you're alone.
I saw you leave the wedding.
- You're not like the other women there.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
We can waste time pretending you don't know how your husband pays for this house, his car, his parties but you know exactly how.
And I know, too.
He and his friends bring a lot of money to the region.
Well, money and a degree of danger that no one acknowledges, but everyone accepts.
That's why nobody says anything and nobody does anything.
And call me crazy, but I'm tired of all this.
And I know that you are, too.
We both know that this situation is going to spill over.
- There's too much money.
- Why are you here? To stop all this from hurting you or your daughters.
Sito is my husband.
I know what I'm asking isn't easy, but in this life you have to decide who deserves your loyalty.
Do you know her? My husband is no saint, I know he's had flings.
This is more than a fling.
- They meet every day.
- Get out.
You really want to protect Sito? Risk your life and those of your daughters for a guy who Get out of my house, please.
Don't make me ask you again.
You can keep them.
Do you know who I am? No need for a scene, I'm not surprised.
Neither of us are stupid.
Though you took longer than I expected.
Not all of us work so quickly.
I don't have to put up with being insulted.
And me? Should I have to put up with this? Don't worry, it won't last long.
I know men like Sito.
They change, move on, grow, but the people around them don't, so they move on.
Accept it and don't torture yourself.
Step aside and let him go.
Hello? - Hello? - Nieves knows.
I know.
She came to the hotel this morning.
What did she say? What should she say to her husband's lover? The cops were here, they have photos of us.
Did she talk? Hello? It's Nieves, can I speak to you? Of course.
You can come now if you want.
I'll take the girls to my parents' and come in.
Whenever you want.
I'll be here.
- Dad! - What are you doing here? I should ask you.
Girls, get in the car.
- My car.
- What the fuck is going on? - I don't want you near us.
- They're my kids.
If you gave a shit, you wouldn't be with that slut.
- Did she know they'd try and kill Roque? - It's not what you think.
I don't care what it is.
I just want my daughters away from the monster you've become.
I'd never hurt them.
You're putting them at risk with every deal.
- You're overreacting because of her.
- She has broken me.
- But all I care about now is stopping you.
- Did you speak to the cops? No.
Will you? - I gave you so many chances.
- Don't do it.
I have no choice, I'm tired.
Drop the girls off at home and come to the shipyard.
- The shipyard? - We'll talk this out calmly.
All these years and you've never asked me to go there.
Don't do it for us, do it for the girls.
I just need ten minutes and afterwards you can go to the cops.
I'll see you there.
- Why did you want to see me? - Come.
Open it.
- What's in there? - Open it and you'll see.
- What's this? - All the work I've done all these years.
Remember when I started hiding money in those tubs? I do.
- And I told you it was dirty money.
- It's worth the same.
It's yours if you want it.
You want to buy me? I want you to have a better life.
I had a good life with you and with the girls.
I never cared about money.
I loved you the same.
Even when we were poor and had to get up at 4 a.
, - I always wanted you to have it all.
- We didn't have you.
You won't have me if you turn me in.
You're a cheat and drug trafficker, what do you expect? I'll always be their father.
Don't bring my babies into this.
You can call the cops and ruin my work or you can take the money.
- You're crazy.
- You can start over, far away from me.
You'll never want for anything.
I suppose you've heard about the cops.
They're turning the heat up, so no shipments for now.
Calm down, when things get better, it'll be business as usual.
We were relying on that money, sir.
What do you want me to do? They're on our tails.
Just take it as a vacation.
Until they forget about us.
When all this is over, I'll call you, okay? I should have said yes to the Charlíns.
The Charlíns are doing something? I didn't know.
Paquito Charlín called this morning, asking if I wanted a job in O Terrón.
Really? Yes, tonight.
My cousin is going.
I want to talk to you.
Sorry, but I'm busy right now.
I gave you a loan to pay the Charlíns, now you have to return the favor.
What do I have to do? Are you sure? - Who told you? - That doesn't matter.
Didn't you want to catch them red-handed? Well, tonight you can finish off the fucking Charlíns.
Silva, I hope I can thank you for this in the way you deserve.
I hope you can thank me, too.
Because if not I'm pretty much fucked.
Where's Paquito? With the others getting ready in O Terrón.
- Did you pack your bags? - Not yet.
Pilar has been on me all day, it's worse than jail.
Don't worry, when this is done, we're leaving.
Quiet, the old man's a light sleeper.
Where are you headed? With all this money, we can go anywhere.
I want to go to the zoo in Madrid to see the panda from China.
- I can do that.
- Stop fooling around.
Don't make me regret this.
- You're not going to war.
- Stop harassing me.
- Where's Leticia? - Upstairs.
I just saw Bustelo's car and I don't like it.
I've been with her all day, he'd better not come near us.
Be careful, we don't have insurance if you get hurt.
- Did you talk to my cousin, Bustelo? - We're all set.
We're going to be filthy rich.
Who'd have thought the Charlíns and the Bustelos together.
Business is business, machine.
Who cares about what happened between our families? - Drugs are the future.
- No matter what Terito says.
Terito That old fuck can't live forever.
Let's go.
Your men are at the coast.
Sito's wife didn't show? Don't worry, we'll get him later.
It's time to take down the Charlíns.
Hello? Hello? Nieves? Is that you? - Where are we going? - It's a surprise.
- How is it going? - The first speedboat just left.
The ship is 20 miles off the coast, according to customs police.
They'll be here before long, then.
Get ready.
Do nothing until the goods come ashore.
Move in as soon as they have the boxes.
We're going to charge like we’re in a bullring.
Remember the main targets: - Javier Bustelo - Paquito Charlín.
Don't worry, Sergeant.
- Where are you going? - And you? - Get in the car.
- Let go.
- I won't say it again, get in the car.
- Make me.
- Come on, get into the car.
- Fucking let me go.
Let her go.
Get in the house, this is none of your business.
- Tell me what's going on.
- Why don't you tell him, huh? My cousin wanted to elope with your son.
We love each other and no one will stop us from leaving.
- We'll do it someday.
- And what will you live off of? The only thing you know how to do is dress like a hooker.
- Javi will dump you when he's had enough.
- He's not like that.
We won't have to work with the money he makes tonight.
- What money? - Javi has a job with Paquito and Moncho.
What are you talking about? They agreed to split the money for letting me go.
How do you think I got here? You fucking bastards.
- The police are going to catch them.
- What? - Catch Javi? - What did you expect? Come on, come on.
Who the fuck's that? Abort! Abort! Throw it all overboard! Go, go, go! - It's Javier's father.
- He's warning them.
- Shit.
- How did they find out? - Where are you going? - To tell the judge we fucked up.
Again - Shit, man.
- Leave him.
Go home before my uncle misses you.
- The people really love this prick.
- And it hasn't come cheap.
- You got proof illegally.
- But I found a trail we can follow.
I hope it's good enough for me not to have to suspend you.
It is.
You owe me 30 million pesetas.
You have three days.
I know where your money comes from and want to help you multiply it.
Police! Nobody move! Open the glove box.
Put it where it can't be seen.
We're going to take them on.
- Stop, for fuck's sake! - Do you want to be arrested? I'll be back when it's fixed.
Did you know that money came from smuggling? - No! - Don't fuck with me.
You're the mole in this precinct.
- That's not true.
- Say that again and you'll rot in prison.
- Open the trunk, please.
- Officer I said open the trunk.
From now on, you do what I tell you.
You owe me money as well as your lives.
Do you know how many fish you'll have to gut to pay me back? ALL CONTENT FROM EL PAÍS NEWSPAPER AND SOME SCENES AND CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL - Don't let them catch you, run! - Motherfucker! Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire