Farina (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


- Is it good? - Start thinking about the next shipment.
- Next time - There won't be a next time.
You're right.
No more blow.
I know what your boats were carrying the other day.
- Cocaine.
- Those people are dangerous.
I don't give a shit.
Give me a contact and I'll take care of it.
Sito Miñanco gave me your number.
Your friend Sito almost lost us a shipment.
- Didn't he tell you? - But I - I'm just not used to people saying - Saying no? - I know.
- I'll search for associates elsewhere.
A man needs a woman who's on his level and gets the best from him.
If not, he gets bored and goes looking elsewhere.
My husband loves me.
Come back home.
Forget these people, forget everything.
- Come back when you leave Nieves.
- Do you know her? - They meet every day.
- Get out.
You'll risk your life and your family's lives for a guy Get out of my house now.
- Do you know who I am? - We're not stupid.
- Don't torture yourself.
Let him go.
- What did she say? - The cops have photos of us.
- Did she talk? - I don't want you near us.
- Did you speak to the cops? - I gave you so many chances.
- Don't do it.
Come to the shipyard.
- You want to buy me? - I want you to have a better life.
You can call the cops and ruin me or you can take the money.
- Where are we going? - It's a surprise.
If smuggling continues to be a trivial offense, we can't attack them.
NEW CONTRABAND LAW I authorized the bugging of the suspects' homes.
From now on, they'll be your eyes and ears and no one from the bay will know they're here.
Each device is connected to one of the suspects' phones.
You should see this.
- There.
- What matters is they didn't catch us.
- There's no crime without proof.
- And the proof is the tobacco.
You already heard Terito.
No shipments.
We've lost the connection to all the phones.
- It seems they're all there.
- We're going in.
We're looking for someone, Montáñez.
I brought a court order so that you’d come with me.
- I know you beat Silva for the Charlíns.
- I know how to get out of this.
- They're closing the precinct.
- We need to be cautious.
No one does a thing, understood? The job's still on.
My dad and the rest can't know.
- I set up a shipment of hash.
- We can't do jobs.
I can give you a piece, but you need to help Leticia.
Paquito Charlín called asking if I wanted a job in O Terrón.
- Now you have to return the favor.
- Tonight you can finish the Charlíns.
Silva, I hope I can thank you for this in the way you deserve.
- I saw Bustelo's car and I don't like it.
- He'd better not come near us.
Remember the main targets: - Javier Bustelo - Paquito Charlín.
Don't worry, sir.
- Where are you going? - And you? - Get in the car.
- Let go.
- Let her go.
- This is none of your business.
Javi has a job with Paquito and Moncho.
They agreed to split the money for letting me go.
- The police is going to catch them.
- What? Abort! Abort! Throw it all overboard! Go, go, go! Shit.
Silva mentioned a book where they write down the tobacco revenue and what each of them contributes.
I'd say it's near where they meet.
Terito's restaurant.
And a big round of applause for the Cambados youth squad! Come on, boys! Let's go! And today we have the pleasure of welcoming to the field Sito Miñanco! Hey, Paquito, you know all of them.
- Which whorehouse did he get her from? - The one where your mom works.
The people really love this prick.
And it hasn't come cheap.
Our distinguished citizen will now kick off to thank him for the donation he made to the club.
What a kick! This was a mess before, but Sito replaced the bleachers and the grass.
Looks great, huh? - He's smart.
- Very smart.
- Come on! - Go on! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS We've got the ball now.
Fucking focus, man! Your invitations are in the mail.
I want all of you at town hall, you hear? After what we spent on the campaign, you'll be creating a council for us.
Yeah, right.
- The Party Council.
- Yes! - Leave that to the Charlíns.
- Dammit, Colombo! That's enough.
- Go and get some beers.
- Wait until halftime.
Any more news on that sergeant? He's still sniffing around, but he'll get tired.
They changed the law, but they don't have the support or resources to enforce it.
Without proof, it's not worth the paper it's written on.
Anyway, you guys are playing it well.
Sir Someone wants to speak to you.
They want to file a report.
- Can't they speak to a duty officer? - They insisted it be you.
Good afternoon.
Something strange happened to me.
It's probably nothing, but better not to risk it when it comes to money.
Look at my father's bankbook.
On the last page.
A transfer of three million pesetas he withdrew the next day.
- No, he never touched that money.
- How do you know? Because he died last week, may he rest in peace.
I don't even know who deposited it.
- It's probably a banking error.
- Oh, really? Go further back.
Look at a month earlier.
Another three million, in and out.
That's five times in the last year.
My father didn't earn that money.
He'd been sick for a while.
- Have you spoken to the bank? - Yes.
They told me it's a machine error from when he updated his bankbook.
- What do you want me to do, ma'am? - Make sure it's a machine error.
The IRS takes this sort of thing very seriously.
Look, don't worry HISPANIC-AMERICAN BANK What is it? - Hello? - I think I know how to get this scum.
- Great.
- There's just one problem you'll not be happy when I tell you how I got the proof.
What did you do, Castro? Let's just say the way I got ahold of the bosses' accounts wasn't exactly kosher.
You didn't listen to a word I said.
- Breaking and entering? - The good news is they don't know.
The bad news is it's worthless because it was obtained illegally.
I know.
But I found a trail we can follow.
I hope it's good enough for me not to have to suspend you.
It is.
Goal! Fuck, I've already lost.
So much disrespect and bullshit.
- Let's take them their beers and go.
- We're not going, this is our place.
When the old man dies, Colombo and the others deal with us.
- They'll be sick of kissing our asses.
- My boss wants to see you.
Who's your boss? Ali Baba? And what are you? The three thieves? - Go.
- Back off! Don't touch me.
Don't fucking touch me.
Stop! That's enough.
- You busted my mouth, motherfucker.
- Do you know who I am? - What the fuck do you want? - What's mine.
What do you mean? I want my money.
The money you and Javier Bustelo owe me.
Go fuck yourself.
Shut the fuck up.
We had to throw the hash overboard, the cops were onto us.
Great but that's not my problem.
Speak to Javier, he arranged it all.
Javier has disappeared.
You owe me 30 million pesetas.
30 million? Why not fucking 40? You have three days.
- Mr.
- Well done, Tati, that was some goal.
I need a favor.
- What is it? - They've discovered my mom has a tumor.
Santiago Hospital says it doesn't look good, but that there's a cure in the US.
- She has savings, but it's expensive - How much do you need? - Two million.
I know it's a lot, but - It's yours.
I don't want charity, okay? I can work for you.
Run your errands, do the jobs you need me to.
I'll leave the team, whatever it takes, but I swear I'll pay back every last cent.
You don't have to leave the team.
Score a goal like that every week and your debt is repaid.
They keep a single set of accounts.
They arrange the shipments and give a percentage to Terito.
He then launders and distributes that money.
He writes down the amounts next to initials.
"SM," Sito Miñanco.
But it could also be "JR," José Ramón, or "PB," Prado Bugallo, his real name.
They went out of their way to make sure nobody would understand.
So you committed a crime for nothing.
Do you realize we're annoying the powers that be more and more? Any irregularity could mean the end of all this.
I'm sure this will have been worth it.
We can investigate some of the initials.
Ones that are repeated and never change.
" Who's BHA? It's not a person.
It's obviously an error, I wouldn't worry about it.
Let me decide if I should worry or not.
It's an error which happens the same day of each month.
Three million go in and then come back out again.
In that case, it's the same mistake that keeps happening.
I get the feeling this is much worse than you're letting on.
I know some businessmen in the area.
Well, so do you.
Well, more like smugglers than businessmen.
And it turns out they deposit a very large sum of money in this bank every month.
Coincidentally, the same day, a few million pesetas appear in the account of this lady's deceased father.
As you said, it's a coincidence.
I'm going to have to go above your head.
Well I'll speak to your superiors and if it looks bad I have nothing to hide.
You haven't? Something tells me this isn't the only account they use to make deposits.
Prove it.
Don't fuck with me.
You're aiding and abetting criminals.
You know the way the system works: the poor pay for the actions of the rich.
It'd be a shame for you not to see your kids grow up.
Because that's what will happen.
What you're doing is serious and you'll end up in jail.
Tell a judge what's going on or I'll go through all of your clients' accounts.
- How was your trip? - Amazing.
Good to hear.
- Although Laureano wanted to get back.
- We have a lot of work, right? Yes, but I told him, "You only have one honeymoon, darling.
" - Well, this was his second one.
- And the last.
- Have we met? - I'm afraid not.
Pedro Ventura, I'm a lawyer.
- May we speak alone? - Alone? With a lawyer? - What do you want? - This could actually interest all of you.
I know what you do Wait, just a minute.
What is it we do, then? Mr.
Oubiña, save your protests for the police.
It's not necessary now.
I know where you get your money and want to help you multiply it by 1,000.
- Start talking.
- I want to propose one thing: security.
We know how to look after ourselves.
Not that kind of security.
Anyone can unload a shipment.
- And that's the problem.
- What problem? What do you get out of all of this? For a percentage, I'll make sure nobody else gets into the business.
How? You pay and I'll take care of it.
Whatever it takes.
I don't have to go into details, but - It's worked very well in Italy.
- In Italy? We're businessmen, not mob bosses, son.
Right, is that why more and more kids are arranging the shipments? Instead of having "businesses" like you? Who is Sito Miñanco? The people love him and they aren't stupid.
People know where the money comes from.
It's a question of time until more kids come along.
- We’ve done fine up until now.
- The times are changing.
- We could keep working the same - No.
- Think about it - No.
Okay, okay.
If you ever need legal advice or decide to shut down the competition, I'm willing to help.
Do you remember when we met at the casino? No, I was pretty drunk.
Why do you think I slept with you? You stole my heart that night.
You stole me from the sun in Panama so we're even.
Before, with that soccer player you reminded me of Escobar.
It must be the mustache.
It's a gift.
You're early.
- I sent someone to pick you up.
- There was no need.
You might live in the rich area, but this is still a village.
You can walk everywhere.
Mom, Dad - Let me introduce Camila.
- A pleasure, honey.
Likewise, it's a real pleasure.
- Show him the house.
- Sure.
Follow me.
- What's wrong? - No, nothing.
The house is beautiful.
- Is that all you have to say? - What else? You just met Camila, Mom.
Yes, she's very beautiful.
- Tell me something I don't know.
- What do you want me to say? I know that sour look.
- The neighbors are gossiping, right? - I don't care about the neighbors.
I don't like her.
- Because she's not from here? - That as well.
I don't like it being this way so quickly.
I don't like not knowing about Nieves or the girls.
- They're fine.
- How long has it been? - Since you last saw them? - It's not my fault they went so far.
Right, that's what you think.
- Of course it's your fault.
- Really? If that's the case, I've paid for it.
I'm their father and I miss them more than you do.
But Camila is here.
Give her a chance, you'll see she's a wonderful woman.
And she loves me.
And understands and cares for me.
She's my girlfriend whether you like it or not.
You never talked about Nieves this way.
Make her feel a part of the family.
What's going on? I need you to be patient.
I need more time to convince the Galician.
I'd wager that you've forgotten about the sun here and are becoming fond of the rain over there.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.
I thought I knew you, but I can see you're getting in too deep.
That Galician is having an effect on you.
- I know what I have to do.
- Are you sure? Prove it.
We unloaded a shipment of hash, but it went wrong.
We had to throw it overboard and now they want 30 mil.
30 million? 30 million! What the hell were you thinking, Moncho? - What the fuck were you thinking? - Father 30 fucking million! - Stop, for the love of God! - Father I know you asked us not to deal hash, but we could make a lot of money.
A lot of money? A lot of money? Do you need more money, you ungrateful fucks? Now where will you get the money to repay your debts? - Manuel! - Don't worry, Father - I'm sure they already have ideas.
- Shut up, bitch! Manuel, for the love of God You know our daughter? Little Miss Perfect? She who can do no wrong? Well, she knew about the job.
Isn't that right? I swear I didn't know, Father.
I found out by accident.
I'm sorry.
Well, great you were a bad daughter to be a good sister.
That's not fair, Father.
Not fair? What's not fair is I risk my life every day for all of you and this is how you thank me.
And now who is going to fix this? It won't be me and my money.
What's this? - Accounts that you never saw.
- Do you recognize the initials? No.
Well, I understand BHA is our bank.
- The - But the amounts make sense, right? I'd have to check it against my records, but it would seem so.
How does it work? Why do they deposit these amounts? It's very simple.
Each boss puts money into the communal pot.
The initials LF, SM and LO must be them.
They make too much money to hide it all in one place, so, once a month, they collect it together and one of their men brings it to the bank.
How much are we talking? In a bad month - 126,356,000 pesetas.
- Correct.
Depositing such a large amount all at once would raise suspicion, so I split it up into smaller amounts and put it into different client accounts.
They're their covers.
Vulnerable or elderly people who never notice what's going on.
And once you deposit it, you take it out again.
- Where does all that money go? - To an account.
- In which bank? - The National Bank of Switzerland.
I assume the Swiss wouldn't let us look at those accounts? No.
But at least we now have proof of a crime.
Tax evasion at the very least.
- Didn't I tell you it would be worth it? - We're getting close.
With the other evidence, Silva's testimony and this, - something will have to be done, right? - Arrest them all.
Going to Nino's swearing in? I swear I knew nothing, Father.
I found out by accident.
Paquito and Moncho agreed to turn Leticia over to Bustelo for a piece of the pie.
Leticia knew everything? Javi planned it all to escape with her.
I followed her and tried to stop her, but Bustelo got involved and I couldn't.
And then? I wanted to protect Paquito and Moncho.
I didn't realize it would end up like this.
What do you expect from them? I'm sorry.
I expect this kind of thing from your brothers, but from you You're too hard on her.
She only did what we always taught her.
- To deceive her father? - To protect her own.
Will you talk to the Arabs? Paquito and Moncho will never find the money.
- And you want me to pay? - Those people are dangerous.
Didn't you see what they did to Paquito? They'll never learn to run the business if I keep saving them.
And they will if you let them get killed? - Get me a tie.
- Get one yourself.
Call the Arab.
I'll see him after the town council meeting.
Are you going to pay him? This is the last time that I'm saving your asses.
And it won't come cheap.
Tomorrow, 6 a.
, at the cannery gutting sardines.
Did you hear? They'll learn from this, you'll see.
I hope so.
It'd be cheaper if they were backwards.
- Where would you take a beast like that? - Shall I spell it out? It's not about where, but with whom.
A lot of ladies will see the stars from in there.
Take it easy, Romeo.
Expecting someone? Is it a bad time? I should have called.
I'm here for the money.
Don't worry.
Oli, hand that over.
- Here.
Count it, make sure it's all there.
- That's not necessary.
Your mom will be fine.
- I need another favor, please.
- What? My mom is outside in the car.
She'd really like to thank you in person.
It would be a pleasure.
- Tell her that.
- Stay there.
- Thank you.
- The best of luck.
- My honored guests.
- What time does this start? It starts in twenty minutes.
- Have you prepared a speech? - No, man.
You read the oath, they take your photo and onto What matters, the party! They should be at town hall by now.
Organize your men.
I don't want anyone to know we're going over.
Did you tell them where? And them? No one from the precinct can see them.
But they know what's happening, right? Yes.
Terrorist group ETA has defended the assassination of Lieutenant Those sons of bitches.
took place yesterday at 9:45 p.
The lieutenant died en route to Basunto Hospital Bastards! from two gunshot wounds, and at 10:45 p.
his body was Right, you, you, you and you, come with me.
- Where to? - You'll find out when we get there.
- I'll just go to the bathroom.
- Are you a baby? Everyone get moving.
The ID presented has been checked.
Everything is in order according to documentation sent - by the regional electoral committee.
- When will this hell be over? This new council is officially formed given that the majority of elected council members are present.
Our esteemed mayor elect must demonstrate his acceptance of the post and swear a solemn oath in the legally established manner.
Do you accept? I accept my charge as Mayor of Ribadumia.
- Those cars belong to - Everyone inside with me.
Come on! Where are you going? You can't interrupt.
I have a warrant, so I can interrupt whatever I want.
- Where is the inauguration? - Upstairs, in the auditorium.
- Has anyone come this way? - No.
Let's go! and to uphold the Constitution as the fundamental state regulation.
Police! Nobody move! You can't come in here like this! We can.
Don't worry, it won't take long.
They're gone, sir.
Where did they go? Where did they go? Shit! You two over there.
The rest of you with me.
- What's going on? - The cops, Sito.
They're after us all.
Stop fucking around, Sito.
Let's go! Split up and surround the area.
Step on it! - Let me out.
- What are you talking about? I'm not leaving Roque and Oli up to their necks.
Do you want to get arrested, moron? They won't get me.
Fucking stop, now! Go to Portugal.
I'll see you when this is fixed.
Good luck, son.
- Likewise.
- Fucking step on it! Exactly five.
Five times twenty-five 5,200 kilograms.
Five times two hundred Twenty-six million.
What are we doing with it all? - You're taking it to Switzerland.
- What if the cops stop us? - We should go with Terito.
- The cops aren't getting a dime.
- Would you rather go to jail? - It'll be fine.
3,800 kilos.
- When the money is safe, go to Portugal.
- What will you do? Take the tobacco home.
It's in Camila's name, nobody will find me.
Are you staying in town? - That cop will lock you up.
- I wouldn't give him the pleasure.
- You can't hide here forever.
- I said I'm staying.
- You're doing it for her.
- For who? - Camila.
- I'm doing it as it's what I have to do.
Be careful.
Call when you get there.
Check all of the bedrooms.
- What's going on? - We have a warrant.
Anyone else here? Where's your husband, ma'am? He's at the town hall, why are you looking for him? To give him a medal.
Check the unit, the trucks, and the office.
Come on! Don't touch anything, please.
- Leave my house, please.
- Take them downstairs.
Quick, hide the money.
I'll distract them.
Hurry! Well? Are you happy? Where's your daughter? Can't she piss in peace? Come out.
All yours.
No sign of Charlín.
How are we going to cross? - We don't have passports.
- As if it were a problem.
I'll pay a boatman to take us to the shore.
Like we were criminals.
BORDER WITH PORTUGAL Don't worry, we'll be back.
When? That bastard of a sergeant isn't going to rest until we're behind bars.
Well, it might be bad, but Nino got us out of this once.
He'll know what to do.
Nino is mayor now, he won't want to stick his neck out for us.
- Nino is where he is because of us.
- I know.
They won't leave us alone until Fraga is elected.
Going over to Galicia now, the police are still searching for the heads of the Ría de Arousa smugglers.
The whereabouts of men such as Manuel Charlín and Sito Miñanco remains unknown after the police carried out an operation against the so-called "Tobacco Men.
" - I spoke to Nino.
- And? Dad and the others are en route to Portugal.
A cop managed to warn them and they escaped.
Fuck that piece-of-shit sergeant.
Yeah, him and us.
Who's going to give us the money for the Arabs? Shit.
- Let's ask for time until he gets back.
- That won't be until this has blown over.
That could be a month, a year, or forever.
Let's sell the fucking car.
- We wouldn't even get five mil.
- Let's go to the bank.
- With the cops here? - Are you enjoying this? It's what you deserve.
I'll get to take over when the Arabs crush you.
Our father wouldn't let a woman be in charge! - You're not his right hand anymore.
- I will be, though.
He'll be begging me to take over when he hears you couldn't deal with the Arabs.
Didn't you build this in case you needed to hide? I lied.
Or did you think I'd leave you to fend for yourself? What will you do, Sito? - That cop will be looking everywhere.
- He'll think I've gone with the others.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
The law is on his side now.
I have something more valuable: power.
The people love me.
What's that worth if you spend the rest of your life locked up? Is that what you want? I have what I need.
- I'm being serious, - So am I.
Please, listen to me, Sito.
Let's go to Portugal.
Or Panama.
With your money there and in Switzerland, we could spend our lives on the beach.
We could buy one if you wanted.
I can get tickets and fake passports.
My uncle can help me.
Is that what you want? How long would it take? I don't know but until then, you'd have to find somewhere to stay.
I'm sorry it's such a mess.
I didn't have time to tidy up.
It's fine.
It'll only be a few days until things calm down.
You can stay a year if you need to.
I made up this room for you.
It's small, but it's okay.
It's great.
Look It even has sea views.
The big key is for the front door.
That way, you can visit him anytime.
There's no need.
- We can't risk the cops following me here.
- Take it, you never know.
Will you stay for dinner? I've issued an arrest warrant and requested backup at the border.
It won't help, they'll already have gone into Portugal.
Look on the bright side: dead dogs don't bite.
- No smugglers, no smuggling.
- They won't give up so much money.
And they're untouchable in Portugal.
They can run their business from there.
We did them a favor.
We should close the case, then, right? Sir, Aurora is here.
You'll have to forgive me for being such a pain, Sergeant, but could I have the bankbook back? The bank assured me it was a mistake and that it won't happen again.
My goodness, what a relief.
I reported it three times at this precinct and I thought nobody would help me.
- Do you remember who you spoke to? - It was always the same officer.
I said I wanted to speak to you, but he took no notice.
- He said - Do you remember his name? His name - I'm sorry, I'm not good with names.
- What about his face? No.
The one walking in.
- Which one? - The one with the moon face.
Come in.
- You wanted to see me, sir? - Take a seat.
- Do you know what this is? - A report.
- And this one? - Another report.
Three reports made by Mrs.
Aurora Moledo for unexplained activity in her father's bank account.
Reports which weren't filed.
Did you know that money was from smuggling? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Don't fuck with me.
I've known there was a mole for a while, - and it's you.
- It's not me.
Who told Sito and that scum we were going to arrest them at town hall? I didn’t know they were there.
How could I? You didn't say anything.
And you didn't know Silva reported the Charlíns? You were here when he came in, you told them.
- No! - Lie again and you'll rot in jail.
I just wanted a bit of what they have.
Do you know what it's like seeing kids driving Mercedes, surrounded by women? Are you telling me you never thought about it? - That you never wanted to be like them? - Right, well How did you warn Miñanco to escape town hall? - I promise I had nothing to do with that.
- Where did they go? If you cooperate, you won't go to jail.
We'll give you protection.
And end up a waiter like Silva? It's better than military prison.
Now, tell me where the fuck they went.
I don't know.
I only know Miñanco didn’t go with them.
Where is he? Swear I won't go to jail.
Sito bought a new house.
It's in the Panamanian chick's name.
I can take you there.
There's nobody upstairs, sir.
There's nothing here, sir.
Damn, you eat like a horse.
Would you like dessert? We have pie.
Thank you, but it’s late.
I have to get going.
- Will you come see me tomorrow? - Sito You're right.
Tati will let me know how you're doing, okay? - I'll let you know when I have everything.
- I'll miss you.
Me, too.
She seems like a great woman.
Make yourself at home and watch the TV if you want.
I'm going to bed, I have training early tomorrow.
Let's go.
- Where? - To see the Arabs.
- Did you get the money? - Even better.
Come on.
Move your ass.
Open the glove box.
Fucking open it.
Put it where it can't be seen.
Don't be a pussy, Moncho.
We're going to take care of this.
- Let's finish off these carpet sellers.
- I've never used a gun.
It's just to fucking scare them back to the shithole they came from.
Do you want Father to think we're good-for-nothings? For Pilar to take over? Do you want that? Fuck! No shooting.
No fucking shooting.
Come on.
If they act up, just aim between the eyes.
- Where's your father? - He couldn't come.
- Did you bring the cash? - No, we're just out for a damn walk.
There's your fucking 30 million.
- What is this? - Everyone on the ground.
You've no fucking idea what you're doing.
Really? This is for the beating.
And this is for the 30 million which you can shove up your ass.
Fine, take the money.
I don't want it! What money? I don't give a fuck about the money.
I can give you cars, women, what do you want? Respect! Do you know what that is, Arab? - What are you doing? - No, dammit.
I've spent my whole life being kicked around.
I'm sick of nobody taking us seriously.
Are we fucking Charlíns or not? We're Charlíns and you don't fuck with the Charlíns.
- What the fuck are you doing? - Drop it.
Drop it! Now who's the piece of shit? Fuck.
- Don't shoot.
- Who the fuck are you? Those two scumbags' sister, unfortunately.
Your money, with interest.
[speaks Arabic] Let them go.
Your brothers need to learn a lesson.
Look, I'm not going to disagree with you, but you've got what you wanted.
You've got balls, huh? I have more than that and it can be yours.
We'll do one more shipment, for free, and this time it'll work out.
- Where did you get the money from? - I got it, nothing else matters.
Fuck, how are we going to do the shipment? - Dad wants nothing to do with hash.
- Dad isn't here.
From now on, you do what I say.
- Like fuck am I answering to you.
- I can always call Hassan back.
You owe me money as well as your lives.
You don't know how many fish you'll have to gut to pay me back.
License and registration, please.
Is this your car? - Is there a problem, Officer? - Don't you watch the news? - There's been an attack.
- No fucking way.
Did you come from Galicia? And where are you going? - Did you hear? - Zaragoza.
We're construction workers, we’ve got a job there.
And you're coming through San Sebastian? That's a big detour.
We're visiting my cousin Armando.
Yeah, he lives in Irún, right? - In Irún.
- In Irún.
- Open the trunk, please.
- Officer I said open the trunk.
What's up? An accident in Igueldo.
The boss wants us to go.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Do you know where Zaragoza is? We'll be staying here until Braulio brings us more money, gentlemen.
Remember, this is a business trip.
Where are you going, Colombo? To do business, man.
I'm fine, I'd be better if you were here with me, of course, but I'm fine.
Don't worry.
How can I not worry? The entire police force is after you.
Laureano, where are you? I can't tell you, Esther.
You understand, right? They came to the house and the warehouse.
- Did they find anything? - No, nothing.
The Arabs already took everything.
- Why are you laughing? - No reason.
I'm just the luckiest man alive.
What would I do without you, huh? - It was always you, you know.
- Do you hear me? I know you'll run the business exactly as though I were there.
I know that, but Be careful with that sergeant.
I know how to look after myself, Laureano.
Oh, and tell the other wives that that we’ll be back as soon as this dies down.
You'll be back for Christmas or my name isn't Esther.
And how do we do that? They'll lock them up as soon as they get here.
- Not if we make a deal.
- A deal with who? Our husbands have contacts and bribe cops.
We just take care of the house and wear the jewelry they buy us.
Until they leave us for a younger model.
You're going to sit back and do nothing? What can we do? We don't even know where they are.
They're in Portugal.
My brother spoke to Nino.
Let's go to Portugal to see them, then.
They have good food there.
- I'm not leaving.
- Are you going to live off the cannery? Without our guys, there's no tobacco and no good life.
Not if we take over the business.
That's not a woman's place.
My dad taught me everything he knows.
Prices, contacts, when to move the shipments Did he show you how to win the respect of the dockers or drivers? - They'll never work for a woman.
- They will.
How can you be so sure? Because they need to put food on the table and money is money.
- You'll run your husband's business? - We all will.
We're not letting that cop take what's ours.
Fine, but how can we get them back from Portugal? Ladies, this is Pedro Ventura.
He's a lawyer.
He'll take care of bringing them back.
A pleasure to meet you all.
Take it easy, I'm not going to hurt you.
I just came to warn you.
Warn me about what? The sergeant found the tobacco you were hiding.
They're waiting inside.
- You have to leave Cambados.
- I'm not leaving without Sito.
Tell me where he is, I'll help you escape.
I'm a cop.
I'm a good guy.
There's no time to lose.
Come on.
Let's move.
- He's here? - Yes.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
The first on the left.
Sito is generous, he'll thank you for this.
We've got her.
Son of a bitch! - Yes? - Look out the window.
He's coming.
- Your car keys.
- Christ! - What are you doing? - Your car keys! Police, get down on the ground! - Shit! - On the ground! Who the hell are you? Run In the car! - Bastard! - Take it easy! - On the ground.
- Take it easy.
It's over, Sito.
Get out of the car.
Make me.
We have Camila.
That's not true.
Yes, sir.
Is everything okay? Yes, put the girl on.
Sito - Don't let them catch you.
Run! - Motherfucker! She did nothing.
We found 500 boxes of illegal tobacco at your place.
That's more than 60 million pesetas in tobacco.
- And you know whose name that house is in.
- That isn't her tobacco.
I know.
It's yours.
But if nobody comes clean, who do you think will be accused? I'll give you anything to let us go.
Do you think we're all for sale? No problems until now.
What do you want? Money? A house? I already have one, thanks.
Your dad's, right? Very nice.
A little too nice for a sick, retired cop.
I wonder how he paid for it.
Shut off the engine.
Don't take me for a fool, Sergeant.
There have always been people who turned a blind eye to the work on the water.
Until now.
It's still the same.
Try as you might, there will always be people like him.
Everyone has a price.
What's yours? Shut off the engine.
Got you.
Look after her.
Take him downtown.
- Why the fuck didn't you warn me? - I warned you about town hall, why the hell didn't you leave? Get me out of here.
Thanks, but there's still a lot to do.
Take a break, man.
Enjoy the moment.
Tonight, we drink.
- I don't drink.
- Well, you should.
He'll be in Carabanchel by tomorrow.
One less headache for everyone.
The first drink is on me.
THREE DAYS LATER CARABANCHEL PRISON A little bird told us you worked for Ballesteros, is that true? - I don't know what you mean.
- Don't be a prick, we come in peace.
Gilberto Rodríguez, Cali Cartel.
And Jorge Luis Ochoa, Medellín Cartel.
What do you want? To work with you.
Here? This won't be forever.
We're going to make you the most powerful man in Spain.
You're being given a second chance to actually be somebody.
Don't get confused.
You don't demand explanations here.
We're up to our necks and he's offering us a way out.
We're the ones running this now and we decide the prices.
Stop! The good news is not only do we know where it comes from, we also know when the next delivery is.
Esther! Esther! Esther! If anything happens to my wife, I swear to God I'll kill you.
I'd appreciate this meeting being kept strictly confidential.
Turn yourselves in.
We can work the law to our advantage.
Nobody leaves here.
You're not the only ones who can do whatever the fuck they want.
- How did you find out? - He asked me to join him.
I gave millions to this group and always accepted your conditions, but I'm done.
- You're an ingrate.
- And a son of a bitch.
You know something? We don't like rats in Colombia.
We do things my way here.
ALL CONTENT FROM EL PAÍS NEWSPAPER AND SOME SCENES AND CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL What's going on? Police! Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire