Farina (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


The people really love this prick.
Our distinguished citizen will now kick off.
- I need a favor.
- How much? - Two million.
- It's yours.
Abort! Abort! Throw it all overboard! Go, go, go! Shit.
My boss wants to see you.
I want the money you and Javier Bustelo owe me.
Three days.
I know you said not to deal hash, but we could make a lot of money.
A lot of money? - Your daughter knew about it.
- I swear I didn't know.
They agreed to turn Leticia over for a piece of the pie.
I expect this from your brothers.
Call the Arab.
The way I got ahold of the bosses’ accounts wasn't exactly kosher.
You obtained proof illegally.
We investigate some of the initials.
"BHA" is aiding and abetting criminals.
Tell a judge what's going on or I go through all of your clients' accounts.
Each boss puts money into the communal pot.
Once a month, one of their men brings it to the bank.
- Where does it go? - The National Bank of Switzerland.
- Can we do something? - Arrest them all.
- Pedro Ventura, I'm a lawyer.
- What do you want? For a cut, I'll make sure nobody else gets into the business.
and swear a solemn oath in the legally established way.
- Do you accept? - I accept my charge as Mayor of Ribadumia.
Police! Nobody move! Where did they go? I won't leave Roque and Oli up to their necks.
Do you want to get caught? - What are we doing with it all? - Taking it to Switzerland.
- Call when you get there.
- We'll be back.
- When? - They're in Portugal.
- My brother spoke to Nino.
- This is Pedro Ventura.
- He'll take care of bringing them back.
- Charmed.
Who's going to give us the money for the Arabs? - Do you have it? - On the floor.
You've no fucking idea what you're doing.
- You don't fuck with the Charlíns.
- Stop! Don't shoot.
I have your money, with interest.
Dad isn't here.
From now on, you do what I say.
I can get tickets and fake passports, but you'd have to find somewhere to stay.
I set up this room for you.
It's small, but - It's great.
- I've known there was a mole for a while.
- And it's you.
- No! Lie again and you'll rot in jail.
Sito bought a new house.
I'll take you there.
- You have to leave.
- Not without Sito.
Where is he? I'll help you escape.
Son of a bitch.
Run It's over, get out of the car.
- Why didn't you warn me? - I warned you about town hall, why didn't you leave? We were told you worked for Ballesteros.
- What do you want? - To make you the most powerful man in Spain.
Not long until the bells.
I hope you have your grapes at the ready.
Sito promised we'd eat them there.
At first, when the clock begins to chime, you'll hear four very fast chimes, which are the quarter tolls.
They last four seconds and lead into the 12 big and brilliant chimes after.
There you can hear laughter and joy You have to peel them, Paquito? Are they tough to swallow? - Hey.
- Shit, man.
Leave him alone, let him peel his grapes if he wants to.
- He might choke otherwise.
- Or spit up.
- It's about to start, Pilar.
- Coming! Sorry, it was my mom.
- Wish her a happy new year.
- I will.
What about the shipment? Fine, I just have to deliver the tobacco and collect.
Have you spoken to Laureano? Yes, they're all fine.
Having dinner at the hotel.
- The grapes, Pilar! - Go on, don't keep her waiting.
- Happy new year, Pilar.
- Happy new year.
and as 1984 comes to a close, we welcome in 1985.
And we hope that this new year brings you all luck and good fortune This is bullshit.
Sito in prison, us out here in the middle of nowhere You'd think we were cursed.
What's this? Do I look like I was born yesterday? Don't be ignorant, Manolo.
They don't eat grapes in Portugal.
- Are you kidding me? - No grapes, no cod with cauliflower, no Villalba chicken, nothing! I'm fucking dying to go home.
- What are we up to? - Nine.
To a successful year.
Happy new year, 1985! - Happy new year.
- Happy new year.
Let's hope that next year, we will finally be European.
What the fuck is that prick talking about now? What do you have against Europe? They have roads, grants, etc.
Better roads for transporting tobacco.
And that sergeant could have us extradited.
Don't you see? If we join the EEC, this will all be like one big country.
Great, that way, we can go on the run whenever we want.
Europe is good for doing some sightseeing, but that's it.
If we join the EEC, no more Spain, no more Portugal, no more borders.
So long as they leave us the bay.
You don't get it, Colombo.
Our government will be able to tell the Portuguese to send us back.
Like before, but this time it's serious.
- We can't even be happy on New Year's Eve.
- Shit.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS Did you speak to the Colombians? - And? - I'm not getting into that shit again.
You're in jail, that's as bad as it gets.
I'm not dealing blow again.
I promised Roque and Oli and I'm keeping my word.
Your word? You don't owe those pricks anything.
- Those pricks are my friends.
- Really? - How many times have they visited? - They can't, they'll be arrested.
They could call or write.
If your friends were as concerned with loyalty as you are, they would have found out how you were.
My love, you're being given a second chance to be someone who really matters.
I grew up with them, I won't betray them.
If that's how you feel I just hope they'll be there when you get out and have nothing.
I didn't want to worry you, but things aren't looking good.
Nobody can touch that money since the bank manager was arrested.
- Not even in Panama.
- And our savings? The house is a bottomless hole, but if you want us to go under, I'll go under with you.
EPISODE 5 "1985" Want some? Fresh produce.
- Just brought over from Colombia.
- And Switzerland.
It doesn't chime, but it's good enough.
I've thought about your offer.
I want to work for you.
What about your friends? Are you breaking up the company? Great, man.
That's the way to do things.
He's one of us now.
Awesome! - What the fuck do you want? - Don't get confused.
You don't demand explanations here.
I've seen you with the Colombians a lot.
What are you up to? Don't make this hard for me.
Do you talk business? You may not know this yet, but those people are very dangerous.
You'll end up in a bad way with them.
Do you know what they do to their own people? Have you heard of a Colombian necktie? They cut your throat and pull your tongue out through the hole.
Sound good? Would you like that? I'll keep my eye on you.
Look at what they've done to him.
Listen up.
I'm out, okay? What's up, dog? Did you lose your watch or use it to ask for a favor? You're smart, Galician.
I like that.
No deal.
I'm done.
- We had to know we could trust you.
- By giving me a beating? Better us than one of the guards.
Look From now on, nobody will touch you if you're with us.
You hear? Nobody.
Because we're partners now, right? And our partners aren't only rich, they're untouchable.
Everything will be fine, dog.
Everything will be fine.
I spoke to Nino.
The judge has requested our extradition.
I won't lie, things aren't looking good.
When would it be? A month, a week - Maybe even tomorrow.
- Fuck, Terito.
We've been here for months without our wives.
- Nobody would stand for this.
- Please, Laureano.
- We must find another hideout.
- Why? That fucking cop won't rest until we're in jail with Sito.
So what should we do? Just wait around here? What we've always done.
I won't spend the rest of my life on the run.
I was born in Galicia - and I'll die in Galicia.
- Manolo is right.
All of us have done more for Galicia than all the judges and cops put together.
The people respect us.
We can't be forced to leave our home.
Hang on, aren't your wives in touch with that lawyer? Pedro Ventura.
- He said he'd find a way home for us.
- He's a con artist and a thief.
How do you know, Terito? He asked to help us with the business, - like we can't run it for ourselves.
- This is different, though.
Terito we have no choice.
We're up to our necks and he's offering us a way out.
If that's what you all want.
Look sharp.
I pass.
- How much does he want? - A lot, but we'll find it.
Oubiña's wife Esther just unloaded a shipment.
With that and the cash from the other wives, it's enough.
You have to hurry.
Terito says they could come for us at any time.
We'll put him to work right away.
- Do you think he's trustworthy? - He's a lawyer.
Be careful.
- I don't want Terito saying "told you so.
" - Ventura has some very important contacts.
He'll get you home.
I hope so, I don't want to eat my grapes in jail next year.
How's work going? Good.
If you need me to talk to the Portuguese The business is going well, Father.
I don't know how your brothers let you take charge, but I'm glad.
If it were left up to them, we'd be ruined.
- I have to get back to work.
- Pilar.
What? - Give your mom a kiss from me.
- Of course.
Come on, buddy, I'm totally broke.
I need money.
- Well, look for a job, asshole.
- My sister runs the cannery.
- Pilar? - You only work here if you've got balls.
And the other stuff? - What other stuff? - Come on, we're buddies.
You must have a shipment.
Or does she run that, too? Yes, she does.
Who is he? - A friend.
- Get back inside.
You'll gut fish until your tiny brains stink of it.
- What's your name? - You can call me Padín.
- And you really want work? - Really.
Well, stay by the phone.
I might have something.
I hope it's enough, I can't bear another night without my Luis.
Ventura will get to work as soon as he gets the money.
- Has anyone not paid? - Esther.
I'll pay my share when I sell the next shipment.
- Anyone else? - She hasn't paid either.
Something wrong, Camila? We can loan you the money if you don't have it.
Thanks, but I'm not paying.
Sito's in jail.
That lawyer can't get him out.
- Why should I - We're all Bullshit.
You only care about yourselves and your husbands.
You want them back and I get that, but don't talk shit about us being a team when you don't care that he's rotting in jail.
This is a cooperative, Camila.
You have to pay up just like all of us.
First we bring the men back from Portugal, then we get Sito out of jail.
Get Sito out and then we'll talk.
They meet at Terito's restaurant just like their men.
They organize everything there: shipments, payments They're not doing badly judging from the tobacco I've seen.
They've kept it going as if nothing had happened.
At least stakeouts are more exciting now.
Sure, who gets you off more? Colombo's wife or Terito's? Yours, asshole.
But who would have thought that they would take over? It's the only business they know.
With their accounts frozen, they have to do shipments to maintain their lifestyles.
If they're as careful as their guys - They are.
- They won't have anything in their names.
It'll take years to find anything on them.
And when we do, they'll go on the run to wherever.
- We'll never catch them.
- We will.
Them and their husbands.
How? By hitting them where it hurts.
We'll start with Oubiña.
Esther changed the warehouse.
Their new hideout is on the other side of Vilagarcía.
Romero found it on one of the stakeouts.
She stores tobacco until delivery.
The dockers put the boxes on trucks and deliver them all over Spain.
The good news is not only do we know where it comes from, but also when the next delivery will be.
I've done what you asked, ma'am.
The cops will need a tank to take this down the next time.
That or a search warrant.
We're going to have various secret knocks so we know who it is to get rid of the goods or shoot our way out.
- But - I won’t flee to Portugal like my husband.
I don't want to be here all night.
I'm taking pills and they make me drowsy.
- I've told the drivers.
- Is this a joke, Mariño? Where's the rest? - It's what I agreed on with Laureano.
- I told you the new rates.
Come on, don't fuck with me.
If I pay you that, I don't make anything.
- So raise your prices.
- I can't do that.
If I sell at retail price, people won't buy them.
- Shall I call Charlín? - Go for it.
Things have changed.
We're the ones running this now and we decide on the prices.
Stop! When will they be back? I can't give you an exact date.
I have to make calls, talk to people A negotiation is like a marriage you know when it starts, but not when it'll end.
Don't confuse us with the kind of women you're used to.
If you don't keep your word, you'll pay back every last cent.
With interest.
At the same time, if you prove you're trustworthy, we'll send plenty of work your way.
Bring our guys home.
The sergeant is after you ladies.
He knows you run the business.
He thinks they'll come back if he comes after you.
Do I need to be worried? Not yet.
He has other fish to fry now that Sito is locked up.
- Who? - Esther.
We're arresting her today.
I'd prefer to be alone next time.
Why are you still paying that prick? Will you tell Esther? No.
- I thought you were friends.
- This is business.
They only care about themselves and their husbands.
- And you only care about yourself.
- And Sito.
He won't be locked up forever and I want to get rid of the competition.
- Right on time.
- On the dot.
- They're headed towards the 305.
- Received.
- How's the kid doing at school? He pass? - Not a chance.
He even failed religion, and do you know what he said? If God knows everything, why do we confess? Little bastard.
What about yours? Mine likes soccer, but the little asshole supports Deportivo.
Kill him, right now.
Right! He even put a poster up in his room.
He'll change his mind when he sees them lose.
Hey, I just remembered, it's going to rain tomorrow.
- You should buy an umbrella.
- Understood.
On my way.
Where the hell's he going? Show us what you're transporting.
Sergeant It's just seafood, what should I do? Received.
- Red herring.
- The tobacco's in there.
Get out! Get on your knees, you son of a bitch! Hands behind your head.
It's full.
- Aces on both sides.
- Shit.
- I fucking pass.
- You pass? I can't believe he's paying it.
You're the shit, you know that? - No, honey, your ex is the shit one.
- Sure.
I'm the best.
- What was that? - The doorbell.
I'll be right back.
- Police.
- Don't touch me! - Esther? - Don't touch me! - Let go.
- Cuff her.
- Let go.
- You're under arrest for smuggling.
What's going on, Esther? - Esther! - Anything you say will be - Esther! - My sons! - Esther! - I'm sorry, your wife can't come - to the phone right now.
- What are you doing to her? She's just coming down to the precinct.
We stopped a truck carrying illegal tobacco.
She has nothing to do with that.
Tell your friends we're going to lock up all of your wives.
If anything happens to my wife, I swear to God I'll kill you.
Enjoy Portugal! Don't forget to bring me a gift.
What's wrong? Want a cigarette? I don't smoke, it's bad for you.
You know why you're here, right? Because you have no better way of spending my tax money.
Sit down.
You're accused of smuggling illegal tobacco.
We found over 1,000 boxes inside one of your trucks.
One of my trucks? - I don't believe you.
- You're right.
The truck is registered to one Alfredo Mariño, one of Laureano Oubiña's main clients.
Do you know him? Look, Sergeant, you're not going to scare me.
I'm not like other women.
What are you like? I'll let you find that out for yourself, though you should hurry.
I won't be here long.
You've got nothing on me.
We know you run your husband's business.
You, Manuel Charlín's daughter and the other wives.
You organize the shipments, hire the dockers, arrange the transport Just as you learned from your husbands.
It's going to be tight in that cell, then.
We're not interested in you ladies.
- So why am I here? - I thought you were smarter than this.
Shall I spell it out? I won't let you.
If you go back, you'll end up in prison like Sito.
I couldn't give a shit.
If that son of a bitch wants a war, he's going to get one.
That guy is pushing your buttons, so you go back.
- He doesn't have anything on them.
- Why did he arrest her? She'll be out in two days, use your head.
The truck and warehouse aren't registered to you guys.
- He can't charge her.
- What if he talks? - What if who talks? - Mariño, not Esther, obviously.
It'll be his word against hers.
We've been gone a long time, Laureano.
- And we miss our families.
- Oh, come on.
If that bastard gets his hands on us, the next time you see your wife, it'll be from behind bars.
Is that what you want? We can't let our fear take over, ladies.
So what do we do? They arrested Esther because they know we're running the business.
Speak to the dockers and tell them it's over.
- Nobody touches tobacco from now on.
- The business is doing better than ever.
It's over, Pilar.
We played at being men and lost.
We'll go back to what we do best.
Crying over your husbands and complaining about how hard you have it? You can count me out.
You'll do what we all decide.
You can't make me.
This is all getting to be too much for us, Pilar.
Just like this stuff with the lawyer.
- What about it? - He's not bringing our husbands back.
- Yes, he is.
- Sure, he is, that's why we haven't heard - from him since you went there.
- He just wanted our money.
This is a man's world.
We're only here to keep them company.
Where do you think you're going? - I told you Mr.
Ventura isn't here.
- Where is he? I don't know, he hasn't shown up for days.
- Is he at home? - No.
What's wrong, darling? - Nothing.
- It's obviously something.
Has something happened? Is it your dad? Is he alright? - Yes, Dad's fine.
- What is it, then? I made a mistake, Mom.
I trusted a guy to help us and he ran off with the money.
- Was it a lot? - Too much.
My God.
I don't know where he is.
I looked for him at his office and his home, but he's gone.
Hello? Oh, Manuel, hi! How are you? I'm glad.
Pilar? Yes, she's right here.
I'll put you on.
Pilar, it's your father.
Father What's going on with Ventura? We thought it was a good idea.
He gave us all sorts of guarantees.
Great work, ladies.
He's come with the president.
What president? Of the regional government.
He's right here.
If Ventura pulled this off, I imagine we'll be home in no time.
I hope so, Father.
I'm glad it all worked out.
I'm glad you're in charge.
Good luck.
First, I'd like to thank the president for coming.
And I'd appreciate this meeting being kept strictly confidential.
So would I.
- Colombo.
- What? Our extradition is about to be ordered.
If anyone lets slip where we are, we'll all be behind bars.
I can assure you it won't be me, as you'll understand this situation is just as delicate for me as it is for you.
Look, this is just a meeting between the president and some Galician businessmen, right? - I don't see the problem.
- Yes, you do, Oubiña.
Let's not waste our time.
Yes, but the president can leave anytime he wants to and we have to stay here.
Look, we all want this to be resolved in the best way possible.
I'm here because you are vital to the region and my party.
After a lot of discussion with Mr.
Ventura, I think we've arrived at the best solution for this conflict.
- You have to turn yourselves in.
- Yeah, right, man.
Gentlemen, please.
If the president is offering you this, it must be for a reason.
Go back to Galicia, hand yourselves over, cooperate and I guarantee you won't set foot in jail.
How can we be sure of that? - Sito is still locked up.
- You have my word.
I'll help you all.
Miñanco, too.
A promise isn't a guarantee.
My presence here should be guarantee enough.
Well, it isn't.
And you hiding out here? What does that guarantee? Far from your family and business.
Before long, they'll catch up with you and lock you up.
We're not going to make it easy for them to arrest us, though, right? What are we? A bunch of assholes? Assholes couldn't bring the wealth and prosperity you did to our region.
Right! But things have changed in the last 10 or 20 years.
What you're proposing is suicide.
I assure you I wouldn't risk my own good name coming all this way just to set you up.
This can only be resolved by going back home.
Come back and we'll do everything in our power.
We're not going anywhere until we have some guarantees.
Well the government has already started the ball rolling.
No, I'm not hungry.
You should feel lucky, I don't usually do this.
I can assure you I don't feel at all lucky right now.
You know what? You're absolutely right.
This isn't your finest hour.
The future isn't looking bright.
Don't bother, Sergeant.
Laureano isn't coming back.
That's a shame.
Someone has to pay the piper and I'm afraid it's going to be you.
Me? I'm just his secretary.
There's one thing I find fascinating about all of you.
How confidently you proclaim your innocence.
- That's because we are innocent.
- That's exactly what I mean.
I don't know if it's ignorance or arrogance.
You can hatch the most elaborate plans for your shipments and make millions of pesetas and at the same time make us believe you're saints.
Don't get confused, Sergeant.
I'm certainly no saint.
I only need to ask Laureano's ex-wife about that.
What do you want? Huh? To give you the chance to make things right.
To leave this cell with your head held high.
If you're asking me to lie and give up my husband, I won't.
Talk to Laureano's ex.
Maybe she'll help.
I don't think so.
You can buy a lot of people, but you don't have enough to buy everyone.
Then neither your ignorance nor your arrogance will save you and you'll all end up like Sito Miñanco.
You know what? I've changed my mind.
I want to eat.
You have to come, you won't believe it.
- Why are they here? - To turn themselves in.
Pedro Ventura, I represent the No need for introductions, I know them all very well.
We heard you were looking for us.
- Please, Colombo.
- No, let him talk.
Let them all talk.
That's what I want you to do.
- It's going to be a long night.
- My clients won't be speaking to you.
They were required to come here.
In that case, I invite you to spend a silent night in our cells.
- As your wife said, it'll be tight.
- Oh, yeah? We're not used to so many crooks together.
And where is she? You aren't sharing, I'm afraid.
- Moron.
- Oubiña.
- Please, don't provoke my clients.
- They'll have to get used to worse things.
Sito Miñanco knows that.
Jail isn't a nice place.
I'm afraid that won't do, either.
My clients made a deal with the judge.
Beigbeder would never agree to that.
From what I heard, he was put on another case.
Weren't you told? That's weird.
- Nobody leaves here.
- You can't do that.
You're not the only ones who can do whatever the fuck they want.
If you leave, I'll have cops on you until the trial.
I'm being sent to Cantabria.
By request of the government.
It was them.
We were this close.
- You can't leave now.
Refuse to go.
- I can't.
No way.
Surely you can do something.
If I refuse, they'll fire me.
Those sons of bitches.
You have to keep giving them hell.
I can't do anything without a judge on my side.
You know that and so do they.
What now? The new judge has already taken over.
He'll let them go pending bail.
Because money's a problem.
What about Sito? The ruling includes him and Esther Lago.
I'm sorry.
This is Sergeant Castro.
Let them go once they've posted bail.
No, I won't be there.
For Luis Colón.
For Manuel Bustelo.
And for Modesto Doval.
So nice to see them arriving Early in the morning Smelling so fresh So nice to see them arriving Early in the morning Smelling so fresh You'll be in touch? Tell that guy to meet with you.
Do what he says and everything will be fine.
We're going to make a ton of money, Galician.
No place like home, huh? Are you kidding? After months in a luxury hotel, this isn't up to my standards.
And after what your daughter's been through to bring you home.
- I know.
How much did it cost? - What does that matter right now? It does.
You didn't have time to get ahold of our savings or to move enough shipments to pay Ventura the bail money, - so where did the money come from? - All that matters is that you're home.
Where did it come from? Tell him.
We moved hash.
You moved what? I know you didn't want us - This is your doing.
- No, Dad! I made the decision.
- I told you not to disobey Terito.
- I know.
There wasn't time and they offered us a lot of money.
All the money in the world isn't worth putting the business at risk.
Where the fuck are you going? Welcome.
Sito We're playing Vilanova next Sunday in case you wanted to stop by.
A lot of people will want to see you.
Only if you score a goal for me.
- Of course, man.
- Thanks for looking after her.
It was the least I could do.
Are you going to walk? Here, it's yours.
How's your mom? It looks like she's over it.
Pastries, cakes and seafood.
- Sito, my son.
- Mom.
- Stop, woman.
You'll wear his face away.
- Dad.
Are you hungry? I hope you are.
I made enough to feed a small army.
- Oh, the stew! - Wait, Mom.
Camila will help you.
I have to go.
- Go? - But you just got here.
I should have told you, I'm meeting some friends for drinks.
Are you seeing those two? Roque and Oliverio? José Ramón Camila will eat with you.
I'm taking a shower and going out.
And you? Are you going to let him go back to his old ways? Sito knows what he's doing.
May we? Esther, I heard about your arrest.
Are you okay? Yes, luckily, everyone's effort was worth it.
For Sito, too.
Sito was wronged.
What's wrong is all of us paying except you.
We protect our own here, it's not like the jungle you came from.
- You have no idea where I came from.
- And I don't care either.
But I'm pretty sure Sito won't like how you dealt with all of this.
Fine, I'll go get your money.
Wait here, please.
Scheming whore.
Well? Did you at least enjoy the showers? Not as much as you would have, asshole.
Did you get the money out? They're safe in Switzerland.
We went to Switzerland, then Portugal with those guys.
We just got back, like you.
I hope you're not too tired or anxious after what happened.
After what we've been through, we can take on anything, huh? That's the spirit.
I met some guys in jail we're going to work with.
Who? I know you didn't want to risk it but the Cali and Medellín Cartels.
- What? - Colombians, Roque.
Are you fucking kidding? - We agreed no more drugs.
- Look how that turned out.
Moving tobacco and cocaine has the same sentence, but we get much more from drugs.
I never want to see those bastards again.
- It'll be fine if we do things properly.
- Will it? Roque nearly died.
And you haven't exactly been on vacation.
I've already agreed.
- I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't.
- Why not? - You could have told Camila.
- She didn't know where you were.
We've been talking to her this whole time.
Always asking about you.
We wanted to write, but she said it was too dangerous.
You can't trust her, Sito.
Camila! Camila! - Why didn't you say you'd spoken to them? - Because you'd never have said yes.
- It's my choice.
- No, it was their choice! - You should decide about your business.
- You lied to me.
I knew you'd say no if you spoke to them.
They're my partners.
A partner takes risks.
They don't ride the person doing it all.
You can still be friends, but to rise to the top, you have to cut deadweight.
- They're not deadweight.
- They are.
Right now nobody is running the show, but how long do you think that will last? The Colombians will replace you with someone else.
Terito is about to become an obstacle for you all.
It's time to decide if you want to keep playing dominoes or if you want to move forward.
Don't you ever lie to me again.
Words are cheap and are not what power is about.
- Is that your decision? - Dammit.
Do you want another argument? - Oli? - Do what you want, but count us out.
God dammit.
Let me get this, Aurelio.
You're not our boss anymore.
It's on us.
You pay, I don't have any on me.
I'll miss you assholes.
Forget about that and be careful.
Stop being a fairy.
Where will you find two guys like us? It won't be easy.
Fuck ROS.
I know we never got on and you can't stand me, but I need a partner, not a friend.
You must be desperate to call me.
I'm starting a new business and there's a lot of money in it, but also a lot of risk.
Drugs? - What about Terito? - Just listen up.
I need someone I trust.
You're the most loyal person I know.
So, why would I leave Terito? Because you're a young guy and, let's face it, Terito isn't.
What happens to you when he bows out? If you need convincing, I'll pay you triple.
- It's not about money.
- You won't just be a chauffeur for me.
And you won't have to run errands.
Shit, you deserve much more than that.
I really missed this.
All we did in Portugal was play dominoes.
I missed the other stuff, you know.
- Up all night with Esther, were you? - My God.
Young women are like that.
- You'd forgotten that.
- Maybe you had.
Let's see if she lasts longer than the other one.
- Go to hell.
- Hey, that's enough.
You'll end up fighting.
It's obvious that if we’d taken any longer, they'd have ended up taking over.
And we were lucky.
If it were up to Camila, we'd still be there.
- What did Miss Universe do? - She didn't want to pay up for Ventura.
If it weren't for Esther and Pilar, we'd be screwed.
Another good thing about young women.
Can we talk for a minute, sir? Do you want them to see my tiles? It's urgent.
Are you sure? - How did you find out? - He asked me to join him.
Call Charlín and Loval.
You've got it there.
What about the game? Okay, I'll be right there.
It's good to see you again, sir.
- Pilar! I'm going to a meeting.
- Give me a minute, I'll come with you.
If it's about business, I want to be there.
You're better off watching your brothers.
- But - I said no.
Right, a meeting just for the men.
You did a great job while I wasn't here, but this is still my business.
- You're not trying to make me retire? - No, but a bit of gratitude would be nice.
- I told you how thankful I am.
- Prove it.
Let me come to the meeting.
I want to be part of it.
I want to participate in decision-making.
Don't you think I've earned it? It's not the right time.
Four Japanese engines, the most powerful on the market.
You could cover half the Atlantic with? one of these.
- They must have cost you a pretty penny.
- You have to take risks.
- And Braulio? - He said no, so I found a substitute.
- Bustelo's cousin.
- Julio Braña.
Braña to my buddies.
- Where's Di Stefano? - Back with Terito.
- He doesn't want to be involved.
- So who the fuck is going to drive this? - You? - Seriously? You won't regret it.
- Is this the welcoming committee? - Stop talking shit.
We know what you're doing.
You could have told me.
Told all of us.
But you'd rather use Braulio.
- I offered him a job.
- No, you used him so I'd find out you're breaking our agreement.
You don't have the balls to tell me yourself.
I've worked my balls off, contributed millions to the group, always accepted your conditions, but I'm done.
I didn't tell you because I knew you'd make a scene.
Or worse, shoot me.
Only that would stop me.
- You're an ingrate.
- And a son of a bitch.
Nobody asked you.
Take it easy! - I gave you your first chance.
- No! You took advantage of a kid who was in trouble.
I'd say we're more than even.
- You're not going to move drugs, Sito.
- You don't get it.
I respect all of you, but times are changing.
If you want, I can give a small part to you guys.
Like you said, "Good for one, good for all.
" Nobody will tell me how to run my business.
This is going to keep happening, everyone wants a piece of this, Terito.
Who's in favor? Modesto? - I won't get involved in this, but - You will.
If they want to What difference does it make what's in the boxes? Nothing has to change.
Everything has changed.
Sir Sir - What are you going to do? - Nothing.
They made their choice.
You're giving up? They'd be nothing without you.
They owe you everything.
You made this work and stopped them from killing each other.
I can't keep fighting all of them.
It's over, Braulio.
I'm done.
What do you want? I did my first shipment there.
- I know.
- I don't remember telling you.
The cops almost caught us.
We were on our way to the warehouse and suddenly the boys in blue showed? up.
Shit my heart was in my mouth.
Especially when I saw your dad.
I thought he was going to arrest us all.
He took a few boxes and let us go.
- By the way, how is he doing? - Why did you call me, Braulio? Sito.
What about him? Cocaine? Sito met these two guys in prison.
Jorge Luis Ochoa and Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, members of the Cali and Medellín cartels.
Which bright spark put all of them together? A dangerous combination.
Why are they here? They came after Pablo Escobar ordered the execution of their attorney general.
They're serving for drug trafficking and they're waiting to be extradited to the US.
Oh, great.
Meanwhile, they're taking advantage of it and making deals here.
Yes, they want to unload cocaine on our coastlines.
And it seems Sito will be in charge.
Tobacco isn't enough for him.
- When are they unloading? - Tonight, at Couto beach.
Are you sure? They wouldn't be trying to mislead us, sir? No.
My contact is reliable this time.
That son of a bitch! Wasn't it enough to sell me out to Terito? This can't lead back to me.
Tobacco is one thing, blow another.
Don’t worry, nobody will find out.
Thank you.
What are you going to do? Change the location.
- We'll do it on beaches in Galicia.
- I meant about the snitch.
Braulio is a loser.
You know something? We don't like rats in Colombia.
If you want, we can do you a favor You know I'll make something clear for you and your bosses.
This is Galicia.
We do things my way here and you respect me.
Braulio's my problem.
I'll deal with him when and how I want to?, got it? Whatever you say.
We're changing the location.
Come on, we haven't got all fucking night.
23, 24, 25 Come on! Get ready.
- We're almost there, over.
- Great, over and out.
Everyone in their places! - Is the coast clear? - As clear as crystal.
What the hell's going on? Where are the fucking dockers? Police! Put your hands up! Come on, get moving! Let's go.
I want to see all of them.
Move, move, move.
One two three They cut Braulio's throat and pulled his tongue out through his neck.
Odd something like this happens when you start working with Colombians.
They're making millions bringing coke and hash into Spain.
If you do nothing, it won't be long until the drugs and corpses leave the bay and knock on your door.
I want no more blood, you got it? Any more and I'm out.
You like money, Miñanco, and this is a train you can board, - but never get off.
- Try me.
Talk about her like that again and I'll beat you to death.
Have you taken blow? Tell me you didn't snort that shit.
What are you doing? Relax.
Are you going to miss out because of a little mistake? That little mistake cost Braulio his life.
We'll do shifts and follow him everywhere.
When he least expects it, he'll be the first of many to go down.
They spat in my face.
Someone to whom I gave everything betrayed me in the worst way possible.
Go between the boats.
Avoid the spotlight! Customs, stop your vessel.
- I can get information from the inside.
- Be careful.
Charlín's talking to the Arabs.
Someone called Romero warns them.
- What is it? - Nothing, false alarm.
Give me the tape.
We must defend ourselves, dammit! If they want a war, they'll get one! Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire