Farina (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


Nobody can touch that money since the bank manager was arrested.
If you want to go under, I'll go with you.
I've thought about your offer.
I want to work for you.
And your friends? I've seen you hanging out with the Colombians.
What are you up to? From now on, nobody will touch you if you're with us.
Because we're partners now, right? - Aren't your wives in touch with - Pedro Ventura.
- He said he'd get us home.
- He's a con artist and a thief.
We're up to our necks and he's offering us a way out.
Ventura has very important contacts.
He’ll bring you home.
If you don't keep your word, you'll pay back every last cent.
With interest.
Bring our guys home.
They meet at Terito’s restaurant just like their men.
They organize everything there: shipments, payments They're not doing badly judging from the tobacco I've seen.
- What do we do? - Hit them where it hurts.
Start with Oubiña.
Esther changed the warehouse.
The good news is we know where the goods come from and when the next delivery will be.
- Right on time.
- On the dot.
They're headed towards the 305.
- Received.
- Open the truck.
- It's just seafood, what should I do? - Received.
- Red herring.
- The tobacco's in there.
Get on your knees, you son of a bitch! - It's full.
- You're under arrest for smuggling.
Esther! Anything you do say will be Tell your friends we're going to lock up all of your wives.
You're accused of smuggling illegal tobacco.
We know you run your husband's business.
You, Manuel Charlín's daughter and the other wives.
We're not interested in you ladies.
What's going on with Ventura? Great work.
- He's here with the president.
- What president? - The regional one.
- Turn yourselves in.
You can't be serious.
- Gentlemen, please.
- Go back to Galicia, turn yourselves in, and you won't set foot in jail.
They won't be talking to you.
They were required to come here.
In that case, I invite you to spend a silent night in our cells.
My clients made a deal with the judge.
Beigbeder would never agree to that.
He was put on another case.
I'm being sent to Cantabria.
A new judge has already taken over.
He'll let them go pending bail.
Because money's a problem.
- We moved hash.
- You moved what? I know you didn't want us - This was you.
- I made the decision.
Tell that guy to meet with you.
Do what he says and everything will be fine.
We're going to make a ton of money, Galician.
Thanks for looking after her.
It's yours.
I met some guys in jail who we're going to work with.
- Who? - The Cali and Medellín Cartels.
- We agreed no more drugs.
- I already said yes.
Do what you want, but count us out.
I need someone I can trust and you're loyal, - not just a chauffeur.
- How did you find out? - He asked me to join him.
- You're not going to move drugs, Sito.
- Nobody tells me how to run my business.
- Who's in favor? Who cares what's in the boxes? - Nothing has to change.
- Everything has changed.
- Why did you call me? - Sito.
They want to unload cocaine on our coastlines.
And it seems Sito will be in charge.
- When is it? - Tonight, at Couto beach.
That son of a bitch! Wasn't it enough to sell me out to Terito? - This can't lead back to me.
- We change the location.
You know something? We don't like rats in Colombia.
I'll deal with Braulio when and how I want to, got it? - Whatever you say.
- We're changing the location.
- 24, 25 - Come on! We're almost there, over.
- Is the coast clear? - As clear as crystal.
What the hell's going on? Police! Put your hands up! Come on! APRIL 1985 Are you alright, my love? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS Does a man's life end in death? APRIL 1986 The word of our Lord says not.
Believers and nonbelievers alike are allowed to rest in peace.
And that is why, though the loss of our brother Braulio is hard, time goes on and the Lord, in His mercy, reminds us that despite his violent end, he's in a better place.
With Jesus Christ, our Lord.
May the Lord be with you.
Blessed be the Almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
May He shine down upon you.
Go in peace.
I guess you're making a lot of money.
- I hope it's worth it.
- Not here.
- What are you doing here? - Maruxa How dare you come? You should be ashamed.
It was enough seeing you at the funeral.
- I said I didn't want to see you again.
- I cared about him.
He was more than just an employee to me.
He was a friend.
He did your dirty work, that's why he was killed.
- He had nothing to do with it.
- So who? Nobody does anything without your say-so.
Gentlemen, please.
Get them away from me and my children.
All of you! Come on, let's go.
Nice car, Mr.
Thank you.
If you scratch it, I'll send you the bill.
EPISODE 6 "1986" How was it? Go in and find out.
It's a mass, not a private party.
I prefer to respect people's privacy.
His widow and children must be heartbroken, what with the situation she's in.
Alone and unemployed.
I don't know how the perpetrator can sleep at night.
He's free whether or not he can sleep.
And you're here wasting time.
You know what? Now that you and your friends are expanding and making so many deals abroad, I have no choice but to catch up.
They cut Braulio Montes' throat and pulled his tongue out through his neck.
Do you know what that's called? A Colombian Necktie.
Didn't your friends from jail tell you? Odd something like this happens when you start working with Colombians you've been hanging out with.
Are you interrogating me? But if you have something to say, we can go to the precinct.
But if you're going to start asking for a lawyer, - we should just leave it.
- We should.
You may be a criminal, Miñanco, but you're not a killer.
You don't have to be a genius to realize the people love you.
That they're not scared of you, like some.
If you know anything about his death, you know where I am.
We have a situation, sir.
It's been ages since we’ve seen this many.
This guy here found them.
They still make millions despite throwing away kilos.
Sure, these guys do whatever the hell they want.
You have a meeting with the farmers tomorrow.
Friends or enemies? They're worried about entering the EEC.
Let them speak to the secretary, that's what he's paid for.
- What is this? Call the police.
- That won't be necessary.
Police Sergeant, Vilagarcía Precinct.
I need to speak with you.
You can go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- What's this about? Why are you here? - I suppose you know what this is? Miñanco, Oubiña, the Charlíns, Colombo - Do they ring a bell? - From the press.
They were arrested for smuggling tobacco, but haven't been tried yet.
They've moved on to drugs.
They make a lot more money from it.
They're making a fortune bringing coke and hash into Spain.
Everywhere you turn, there's someone else who works for them.
On shipment nights, the bars are packed full of dockers spending an absolute fortune on partying.
And the strip clubs can't keep up.
They've had to bring in whores from Portugal.
If the regional and central governments continue to turn a blind eye, they'll become unstoppable.
Braulio Montes.
Murdered for being a snitch.
And he won’t be the last.
If you know it was them, why not arrest them? Because I don't have the resources, sir.
And because they bribe my men.
Because the judges dance to their tune.
I need a serious commitment from you.
Perhaps we could meet next week.
I don't want an appointment, I want to get rid of this garbage.
Take this with you.
Get used to it.
If you do nothing, it won't be long until the drugs and corpses leave the bay and are knocking on your door.
We're on our own.
We can't wait any longer, neither government will listen to us.
Are we going to bug them again? - Just like old times.
- Except we don't have a warrant.
Who says we don't? We have the one Beigbeder gave us.
- That was years ago, sir.
- Is it legal? The warrant has a start date, not an expiration date.
So, until they tell us otherwise, this warrant is still valid.
At least we'll catch them with their guards down.
This time, I want every line tapped.
I want their homes and families' homes, but also their businesses.
Every one of them.
Even the smallest one could be a cover.
When should we start? - Have you got something better to do? - Not so long as I can get out of here.
Come on, then, get out there.
Braulio was my friend.
No, Braulio was a smuggler.
And we have enough of those in Galicia.
We have leads.
What does that mean? His death implicates very powerful people from here and outside.
From where? - Foreign gangs.
- Portuguese? Colombian.
They're professionals.
They know what they're doing.
We can't find anything which ties them to it.
So what are you waiting for? - Resources.
- Well, get them, Darío.
- We will get them.
- Right.
Until then, I need a favor.
What? I need Braulio's speedboat back.
- It's the only evidence we have.
- You don't need it.
If I could sell it, it'd keep me going for a while.
I can't keep living off my mom's pension.
I'll see what I can do.
I'll be right there.
Everything okay? - A private matter.
- Are you sure? If that cop is bothering you we can help you out.
I've already told you both, but I'll tell you again, I want no more blood, you got it? Sometimes blood isn't the problem - It's the solution.
- Just thank God I'm not a violent person.
What a tough guy our Galician is.
We only want to help out.
If you touch anyone again, I'm out.
You like money, Miñanco.
You like power.
And this is a train you can board, but never get off.
Unfortunately for you, I'm the best, I'm not just all talk.
Luckily for me, this isn't the only train I can take.
I doubt Ballesteros would want to deal with you again.
Just try me.
Take that away.
Don't be rude.
Returning gifts is offensive.
What happened? Nothing, honey.
I'm fine.
We said you can't go out walking alone.
No way, you people would have me stay at home all damn day.
He fell down the stairs and broke his arm and leg.
- That's awful.
Are you alright? - Absolutely.
- They're just a bunch of drama queens.
- They're going to stay.
- I don't want to be any trouble.
- You wouldn't be if you listened.
You can stay in the guest room as long as you need to.
- I really - What did I say, Dad? Ask Camila for whatever you need.
It's our pleasure.
You could at least help me take him to his room.
- I have a meeting.
- There's always something.
It's called running a business.
What's wrong, Sito? - Are you still thinking about that guy? - Make sure they have what they need.
Need a ride? Why are you out here alone? Taking a walk.
I'll join you, then.
Or shouldn't I? - You're late.
- I had a family emergency.
That Panamanian broad is high-maintenance, huh? Talk about her like that again and I'll kill you.
Hey, what the hell is going on here? Nothing, just getting some things straight.
What's up with him lately? The money.
It's going to his head.
What's this, Bustelo? Lunch money? We only had one shipment this month and it went overboard.
We had to dump more than half of a 2,000-kilo load.
What about you, Sito? - Jesus, you must be making a ton, asshole.
- The harder you work, the more you make.
- Didn't they teach you that? - They didn't teach us your contacts, dick.
At this rate, it will be you alone moving the best Colombian cocaine.
Is it my fault they'll only work with me? Think of Terito and his stubbornness.
Missing out on this and being able to retire in style.
- He has his business and his own life.
- He's already retired.
I bought Romualdo’s farm and its livestock from him.
- A good place to store the merch.
- You know it? - I did my first job there when - Hey, what's that for? For the party.
Getting Rajoy off the council wasn't free.
Why should we care? Mariano doesn't like any of this and he'd make trouble for you.
- And the president agrees? - Of course.
- And Fraga? - More than anyone.
You know what I said? Mariano, learn Galician, get married, have kids, and go to Madrid.
I don't think he has a future.
- You politicians are shameless.
- I'm just an associate.
And president of the Chamber of Commerce.
How else would you have those contacts? You guys just screw around, but when you actually have to work, shit.
- What's your problem? - You tell me.
- When can I open this place? - Look, this isn't the jungle, Colón.
You can't just open a casino anywhere.
So what? Should I pull it down? If it were up to the surveyor, yes.
- Give me the surveyor's name.
- What for? Well, because I want to have a chat with the bastard.
No screwing around.
No screwing around.
Take it easy.
- I'm Luis Colón, the owner - The casino, I know.
Luisa, please.
There, one million pesetas.
And I think that's generous considering I only want to open a business which will bring prosperity to the region.
- Which doesn't comply with urban planning.
- That only matters to you.
So why not just take the money, change your shitty report, and stop fucking with me? Do you know how much it would cost to hire a Portuguese hit man? A million pesetas.
You decide where that money goes.
Towards buying your wife something pretty or to Portugal.
What do you say? Tell your brothers to come here.
Dad wants to talk to you both.
What did we do now? We get up at 6 a.
every morning and come home reeking of fish every night.
- What is it now? - Paquito, relax, everything is fine.
- There's a shipment of hash tonight.
- And? Do you know Romualdo’s farm? I want to see you there ready and on time.
You're going to organize the dockers and storing the merch until the Arab comes for it.
- That's not fair.
- Your brothers have worked hard all year.
What about me? I've worked hard all my life.
We're not going over this again.
Anyway, I don't want you there at that time of night.
- When you were in Portugal - I don't care! I'm not there anymore! That's enough.
They'll take care of it all.
Don't be a sore loser, Pilar.
You heard him.
Don't make me regret this.
I want no mistakes.
- Pilar, darling - I saved those two idiots, kept the business afloat, and brought him back from Portugal, - and look how he thanks me.
- He's just protecting you.
From who? He's the only person screwing me over.
Don't talk that way.
I'm tired of being a nobody in this family.
- This isn't for us women, darling.
- It is for me and I proved it.
And that makes your father and I even prouder of you.
- We just want you to have a better life.
- Right.
To get married and have kids.
And have to ask my husband for everything.
What's wrong with that? It might be enough for you, but not for me.
- Come on, get moving.
- Everything to the back.
- Come on! - Get moving, Jesus.
Go, go, go.
- Get a move on, we don't have all night.
- You said this would be tobacco.
What difference does it make? Is that too heavy for you? In that case, shut up and shift it.
Get a move on.
Everything good? I'm going home to call the Arabs.
Come on.
- Yes? - Hassan, it's Charlín.
- What is it? - Charlín is talking to the Arabs.
- It's all here.
- When can we come for it? Whenever you want.
Nobody ever comes around here.
Tomorrow, at nine? - I'll see you then.
- There won't be any trouble, right? What kind of problems? They're saying Bustelo lost half a shipment yesterday.
- You guys need more contacts.
- Contacts? Like Miñanco.
Someone called Romero informs for him.
I know that precinct, Hassan.
- There's nobody there called Romero.
- What is it? Nothing.
False alarm.
I thought it was about a shipment, but it's a personal call.
A personal call to the Arabs? Give me the tape.
Don’t you trust me? I might hear something else.
I'll bring it over when they're done.
There we go.
I was talking to a contact in Colombia.
You remember the dollar signs on the coke? Each cartel has its own symbol.
- Yes? - Hassan, it's Charlín.
- Is it all there? - Yes, it's all right here.
- When can we come for it? - Whenever Damn.
You're a son of a bitch.
You told your friends I give you info.
I almost got found out because some Arab told Charlín I pass you info.
I don't deal with Arabs.
I'm sorry, I'm in a rush.
- Don't you realize what I'm risking? - What can I do? Maybe someone overheard us talking.
- We'll talk tomorrow.
- No, we won't.
- You can shove your money up your ass.
- Take it easy, man.
You're throwing this away for a tiny mistake? A little mistake cost Braulio his life.
Your conscience may be able to deal, but mine can't.
Can we talk? I only want to help, Maruxa.
Just give me a minute.
One minute.
- I heard you're broke.
- I won't take charity from you.
I rejected Terito's money, too.
That money killed my husband.
Braulio was the most loyal man I ever met.
What happened to him was horrible and I really am sorry.
Braulio told me you offered him a job.
- Did he tell you what? - An engineer.
What do you think? Tobacco.
He wanted to stay with Terito.
That was honorable.
It wasn't much help.
Maruxa Let me help you.
I won't give you charity, but I could get you work.
You're crazy if you think I'd work for you.
Do you know about boats? I can't bring Braulio back, but I can give you and your family a future.
I want you to have what my wife would have.
Miñanco, welcome.
Have a drink, man.
- This guy gets whatever he wants.
- Yes, Mr.
You did it.
Anything's possible if you push hard enough.
I'm glad to hear that.
I need a favor.
Give someone a job.
Waitress, supervisor, whatever.
- A mistress? - Braulio's widow.
- Shouldn't Terito take care of that? - She doesn't want charity.
She has her pride.
She thinks it's Terito's fault he died.
- Terito is clean.
- Doesn't matter.
Find her something.
- How much will it cost? - 300,000 pesetas a month.
Right, and a penthouse suite, too.
- What's this? - The Colombian contact.
- Tell her she starts tomorrow.
- Don't fuck up.
With her? Or with the Colombians? Thanks, you're a sweetheart.
A chump, more like.
Look what I found.
Your keys.
We won't be needing them now.
You never know when you might need them.
Sito must be home by now.
Thanks for everything.
Is that you, Camila? Oh, Camila.
Where have you been, lady? Come here and give me a hand, I'm in the bedroom.
- Where's your son? - He's not here.
Mom? Why aren't you asleep? I wish I could.
Have you heard your father snore? How are you? - Did she get him to bed okay? - Who? Isn't Camila here? She got dropped off here a while ago, asked about you, and left again.
When I needed her most.
Nieves never left me alone.
- Mom - What? - Please.
- It's true.
- Who dropped her off here? - I don't know.
Where were you? Excuse me for trying to be a little happy.
I'm so sorry.
Have you used blow? - Tell me you didn't use that shit.
- What are you doing? You're hurting me.
That's the last time you touch me.
What the hell have you got that for? Where did it come from? I've always helped those who needed it.
That's why people love, admire and respect you.
We all want to work with you.
Not everyone.
There's always some ingrate.
What the hell's going on, Sito? Is it the Colombians? - It's nothing to do with work.
- So, what, then? They spat in my face.
Someone to whom I gave everything betrayed me in the worst way possible.
What would you do? You're not like the Colombians.
Neither of us are.
When we have a problem, we deal with it like men, face-to-face, without shit like that.
That's the way it's always been and it works.
Tell me what you need dealing with and I'll do it.
I have to do it myself.
That's fine, you deal with it.
But don't use that.
The Colombians are here.
Make them wait in the office, we have to play hard to get.
- Bring me the good rum.
- Which one? The Colombian one, make them feel at home.
Hey, you.
Wake up.
Bring some glasses.
Come with me, please.
So? Did Sito mention me and my plans? Sure, he said you're willing to move our merchandise.
May I? Hey, excuse the question, but has anyone ever told you you have the same eyes as Jeannette Rodríguez? A Venezuelan actress - who was in that soap opera - Cristal, yes, I know.
Well, if you want, I can be your Luis Alfredo.
Why didn't you tell me your waitresses were so beautiful? It's not the only beauty we have here.
Do you know O Castelete beach? That's where we'll unload.
If there were any problems, which there won't be, we'd go to Canelas beach.
- How many kilos are we talking? - 3,000.
Let me tell you something, Don Luis You're playing in the big leagues now.
I hope you're ready for what's coming your way.
Don't worry, everything will go perfectly.
- When will your boat arrive? - What are you hanging around here for? - Don Luis asked for glasses.
- Come and fill up bottles with me.
- Are you sure? - They're unloading in O Castelete.
And if not, on Canelas beach.
What I didn't hear was when.
Don't worry, we'll find out.
Colombo's days are numbered.
I don't care about him.
I want the others to rot in a cell.
- The Colombians.
- They're not the only ones responsible.
Without the Colombos and Sito Miñancos to open the door to these people, - they wouldn't be here.
- And Braulio would be alive.
- I was really unfair to you.
- It doesn't matter.
I know you're doing everything you can, you're a good man.
You've always been good to me.
You liked the bad boys better.
It was very brave of you to come here.
But you should quit working in the casino.
It's really dangerous.
If they My kids have this terrible habit.
- They like eating three times a day.
- Can I help? I can find out about the shipments.
Be careful.
We have to really pay attention to what we hear on the streets, in the bars, anywhere.
We must find out the date.
We have to watch his businesses.
The casino, his life, everything.
There will be shifts day and night.
I want to know where Luis Colón goes.
What he does, where he eats, who with.
We're going to be his shadow.
When he least expects it, Colombo will be the first to go down.
But not the last.
A new dress won't fix anything, Sito.
You're the best thing to ever happen to me.
I won't let anything break us up.
Not work.
Not my parents.
No one.
It's a surprise, put it on.
- You bought me an Ungaro for this? - You wanted to go out, right? Come on! Let's go.
I wasn't expecting you.
Guys! Guys.
I assume you all already know him, but I want to introduce you to Don Sito Miñanco, our new president.
I'd like to say a few words.
When I was a kid, my dad brought me to games.
We were just little kids.
We couldn't score in an open goal.
But it didn't matter, because it was my team, my friends.
You encourage and take care of them without expecting anything in return.
As president, I want the town to be proud of its team.
I only ask two things: commitment and loyalty.
Do that and you'll have everything, but if you don't So get out there and sweat, man.
- Forza Cambados! - Forza! Not you.
- I'm the captain.
- Not anymore.
- Sito.
- Not a word.
We'll get the rest tomorrow.
Is your daughter not here this time? Business will be done with me or them from now on.
I hope that won't be a problem.
Not at all, I don't hold grudges.
- Piece-of-shit Arab.
- You should have let me shoot him.
That's in the past.
Hassan is our main supplier now, I don't want trouble.
Get the packages ready for tomorrow.
What about the cannery? If you miss it so much So, we're back in the business? I hope you've learned a lesson.
And even though you won't believe it, this has been harder for me than you.
You can't just stumble through life, we're Charlíns, for Christ's sake.
Keep this up and one day this will be yours.
- Let's go celebrate.
- No, we need to be fresh for tomorrow.
How long have we waited to hear that, huh? - Let's go celebrate.
- You can't be serious.
- Just one.
- You have to come quickly.
Get the fuck off me.
- It ate one packet and kicked the bucket.
- Fucking pig.
It ate the whole thing.
It's just a fucking animal, Padín.
- Don't cry about it, let's go for a drink.
- What? - Want one? - I don't use that stuff.
Everyone does it, don't be such a fairy.
- What the fuck are you doing? - Having a good time, man.
- Come on, the party's over.
- Don't worry, Moncho.
I've got this.
Let's go home.
Whose house? The blonde's or the brunette's? Tomorrow is important, we can't fuck up.
Back off, Moncho.
We just have to get our money from that piece-of-shit Arab.
A child could do it.
How long have we waited for Dad to trust us? - Do you want Pilar to get everything? - So what? You're going to fuck everything up.
I've got her eating out of my hand.
You think I'm going? Going where? My idiot brother wants us to go home.
- It's late.
- Relax, the night is young, man.
Colombo says you can't trust these people.
- They're my fucking friends.
- Why? Because they snort that shit? No, because they're not bitter like you.
- Who's coming to the beach? - Me! - Me, too.
- Let's go.
Yeah, let's go! Cocksucker! Cocksucker! 38, 39, 40! Hell yeah! Come on.
What are you doing? Hey, stop it! - Go, go, go.
- Go on! - One, two, three, four, five - Two, three, four, five 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 40, 41, 42, 43 Is he breathing? - What are you doing? - He won't be needing this anymore.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go! Yes? We're on our way.
What's happened? - Where is he? - In surgery.
- They'll tell us when they know anything.
- Why is he here? He was at the casino with us.
- The Charlín family? - Yes, that's us.
How is my son? For the love of God, tell me he's alright.
We were able to stabilize him although we had to operate on a hemothorax and he has multiple injuries to his legs and spine.
What does that mean? This was a very serious accident and his blood had traces of alcohol and cocaine.
I know this is hard to hear, but it's possible your son may never walk again.
Never again? Jesus Christ.
We'll do everything we can to avoid long-term damage, but it's a possibility.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry, Mom.
Paquito is a fighter.
Good or bad, he's a fighter.
Is it true? Did your brother take that shit? Jesus Christ, how could you be so stupid? I told you not to touch it.
We sell it, that's all.
Is that so hard to understand? You have work tomorrow, why were you in the casino? - Paquito wanted a drink.
- And you let him.
Should I have tied him to the bed? I told him to go home, but he wouldn't, ask Padín.
This is all your fault, you should have looked after him.
Pray he gets through this, because if not Manolo.
Don't listen to him.
- Good evening.
- Sergeant.
- What happened? - A drunk driver, sir.
He swerved to miss a bus.
You'll never guess who.
- Charlín's kid.
- Moncho? No, the wild one.
The bus was coming from Portugal full of whores.
Someone was throwing a big party.
Good evening.
- I want to ask you some questions.
- Mais? Won't we ever be allowed to leave? - Are you in a rush? - I'm cold, - I'm hungry, and I want to sleep.
- You will.
But first you tell me who hired you.
I don't know what you think, but we're dancers.
Right, from the Royal Ballet.
If you don't answer me, I'll make sure you don't come back.
Not to work, not to dance, not even to pray.
Who hired you? Call Gamboa and Romero and tell them to speak with customs, - I want them at the port in under an hour.
- What happened? Colombo's shipment is tonight.
- The plan is the same.
Point A is clear.
- Awesome.
Are the whores there yet? - Don't worry, I'll save one for you.
- The prettiest one.
But they're Portuguese.
- Can you see anything? - Nothing.
When you do, we're going in.
Are you sure they're coming here? Relax, they must be almost here.
- Do you hear that? There.
- Do you have them? - They're already here.
- Great, let's rain on their parade.
This is customs, stop your vessel.
- What is it? - Customs, we're changing course.
Those bastards.
Step on it, we can't let the Colombians down.
Customs! Halt! Stop! This is customs! Stop your vessel! - Go into the docks.
- But, boss Into the docks! - We have to stop them before the docks.
- We have to catch them carrying.
Come on! Turn! Step on it! Don't let them get away, come up beside them.
Pedal to the metal! - We’ve got them.
- You've got them? Avoid the fucking spotlight, man! Turn, turn, turn! Shit! What the fuck happened, Adolfo? Adolfo! What's happening? Do you have them? - Yes, we've got them.
- Let's go.
Luis Colón, you're under arrest for drug trafficking.
There has been a police sting on drug trafficking in Ría de Arousa.
Luís Colón, better known as Colombo, was arrested last night while overseeing the unloading of a shipment of drugs.
The police operation, carried out jointly by the Civil Guard and the Customs Surveillance Service, has been deemed the first great success in the fight against drug trafficking.
Along with Colón, several key members of his organization were also arrested.
The only negative aspect is the accident suffered by the speedboat the traffickers were using, which, after a perilous pursuit by state security forces, ended up crashing into the docks.
Adolfo Piñeiro, Luis Colón's right-hand man, died on impact.
We have to fucking defend ourselves! - We can't let them kill our men.
- And turn Galicia into a bloodbath? - They started it! - We're not getting revenge.
Don't fool yourself, you're not Terito.
You aren't in charge, got it? If they want a war, they'll get one.
- If we respond, we'll start a war.
- We're already at war.
- I don't think it's a good idea.
- We'll speak to the Colombians.
Anyone not willing to lie can stay here.
If we keep going, we'll turn Galicia into Sicily.
Is that what you want? Throw it overboard.
Run! Shit, let's go! Come on! We are the Charlíns.
They have to pay for this.
Make our dad fucking proud of you for once.
I'll do everything I can, but it doesn't depend only on me.
We have to make a lot of noise so they hear us.
You didn't tell me your name.
- Carmen Avendaño.
- Good luck.
Ask in the bars, at the port, at the gates of hell if you have to.
But find that son of a bitch.
Aren't you going to thank me? This had better all go well or you'll wish you'd never been born.
Get down! If it's enough to get the sergeant out of the precinct, great.
It's a chance to get rid of him and put in someone more accommodating.
Do it.
No fees or no fish! You can decide who I go after: you or them.
Who was it? - I just build speedboats, Sergeant.
- Give me a name! They're gaining on us, we have to get rid of it.
Throw it overboard! Don't fucking do it! Where are you going? I'm going home to Panama.
You give him a chance and look what he does.
- We have to stop him.
- I agree.
I'm sure there's someone in there willing to break his legs.
- No! I'll take care of it.
You'll pay me back every last cent.
Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire