Farina (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


- Turn! - No! Adolfo Piñeiro died on impact.
If we don't react, they'll think we're full of shit.
- We're not starting a war.
- It’s already started.
This is customs, stop your vessel.
Stop! I'm going to blind them.
- Why the hell did you do that? - Come on, everyone.
- Water! Get out! - Shit, let's go! Freeze! Hands behind your back.
- Customs had an accident.
- Know him? - The agent you killed.
- Your son has spinal cord damage.
You wish it was me.
If it was you, Paquito would have dealt with them a long time ago.
- You almost killed my brother! - What did you do to them? I made them piss their pants a lot more than my brother did.
- Who's it from? - I don't know or care.
- Pilar got one, too.
- What can we do? - We don't know who sent it.
- Please! We have money.
20 million! Take all of it.
Kill them, dammit! We got three calls about gunshots.
Don't touch me.
You're on probation for tobacco smuggling and you assaulted an officer.
- Any idea who it could be? - He came in last night with bullet wounds.
- Who is he? - A bank robber.
- He wanted to try his luck.
- And Colombo? They rejected probation.
Why are you here, Laureano? Find me a lawyer.
I want to talk.
I can't take it anymore.
He wants to make a deal with the cops.
- We have to stop him.
- I agree.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you, the others would have burned down the house with her in it.
Tell the others that I got the message.
- If it's enough to get that cop out - Do it.
- They're coming for you.
- We're getting to them.
This just came for you.
- They're firing me.
- They may have bribed our politicians.
How do you know? - They're investigating me.
Stop them.
- Why? New Year’s, 1985, Portugal.
- Remember? - You're not being fired? - He was brought here after overdosing.
- We’re doing what we can.
We must make noise so they’ll listen.
- Your name? - Carmen Avendaño.
Drugs will kill our children, are we going to sit back? - No! - No! - Are there any shipments? - One from the Colombians.
- That guy's dangerous.
- Relax - You were in Madrid.
- We owe a lot of money.
- Won't you help us? - Wait.
You won't be a guarantee for the Colombians and Charlín.
- An accident.
- We lost more than half the load.
- What do we do? - Some see trouble, I see opportunity.
Anyone not willing to lie should stay.
- And the merch? - We lost all of it.
There's enough blow to get Valencia high.
It's our merch, the Galicians lied.
Get down! Tomorrow at 8 a.
, I want 500 million pesetas.
- Where are you going? - Panama.
Don't kill the kid.
I'll pay if the Charlíns won't.
I warned you that if you said no, you had to forget about us.
- He won't deal with me.
- Shit! - Ballesteros will kill Javi.
- Your problems aren’t mine anymore.
It all got to be too much, but I need you and love you.
You should have started with that.
You have no idea who we're dealing with.
I saved your son, Bustelo, and your whole family.
You'll pay me back every last cent.
Come on! Get moving! Let's go.
Out in the yard.
Get moving.
Let’s go.
Are you spending the rest of the day in your cell, Portabales? - Come on, then.
Your boyfriend, too.
- He isn't my boyfriend.
Do I look like I care? Let's go.
Santiago! Come on or you’ll be left here.
Santi, man! Look on the bright side, you might get a widow's pension.
Leave him alone, can't you see he's hurting? Where will you find black mourning clothes? You have no respect.
Look where we are.
- If we can't laugh, what can we do? - Show a little remorse at least.
- This is all your fault.
- Ours? All I do is load boxes they give me onto a boat and transport them.
- What happens afterwards isn't my concern.
- It's killing people.
- Jesus.
- Well, fuck me.
Using that logic, if everyone here starts drinking bleach, what should the bleach manufacturers do? Not the manufacturers, the transporters.
How is it their fault? - It's not the same.
- Yes, it is.
We don't make anyone take anything.
Not us and not you when you made good money delivering.
Anyway, I don't move that shit.
My business is hash.
Stop talking shit.
- Thank you.
At least he's at peace now.
I'll see you later.
Later? - There's a meeting, isn't there? - But, Fina You need to rest.
Santiago died sick and alone in a trash-filled hole.
I don't want to rest, I want justice.
Get up.
Come on, son.
EPISODE 8 "1988" - Mom! - Don't worry, it's a bigger pain for me.
- What are you doing? - Get up.
- Why? - Because it's four in the afternoon.
- So, what do you want me to do? - Study, work, help me with the chores.
- I'm tired.
- No, I'm the tired one.
You're hungover from that shit you take.
I haven't touched it since I was in the hospital.
- Where do you buy it? Where? - I don't.
Like I'd tell you.
You'd just tell those crazy ladies.
- Crazy? - You can't go around insulting people.
It's killing you, Jesús.
They'll kill me if they find out I'm your son.
Go take a shower.
- Is that it? - What do you want for 5,000 pesetas? Shit, it's less every time.
Go to customer service and lodge a complaint, then.
Can I shoot up here? You guys are hooked.
NO TO DRUGS Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a sin I had a healthy child Until those motherfuckers killed him Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs You're going to ruin me! You're ruining our children, you crook.
Get out of here.
Go home and iron something.
Nobody is moving us from here.
I had a healthy child Until those motherfuckers killed him Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a sin I had a healthy child Until those motherfuckers killed him Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a sin I had a healthy child Until those motherfuckers killed him Drugs, drugs - What's going on here? - About time you showed up.
These nutjobs scared away my customers.
- Get out of here, you bastard! - Liar! Ladies Ladies, please! - This scumbag is selling drugs in there.
- Bullshit.
- Can my men take a look around? - Yes, they won't find anything.
- Liar! - Murderer! You know they won't find anything.
One of his customers will have taken it or flushed it.
- If you had come earlier - They wouldn't have let me in.
We need a warrant to carry out a search and the judges won't play ball.
Well, if the cops and judges won't do anything to stop this, we'll have to.
- You'll cause trouble.
- We've already got plenty at home.
Now get out of here or I'm going to make a complaint.
Make us a coffee, we're not going anywhere.
That's right! Ladies, it's very late and it's pouring rain.
Go home.
- Let's go, Carmen.
- Come on.
If you want to.
We'll be back tomorrow.
We're going to close down the bars that sell drugs, one by one.
Hear, hear! And if they want to report us, let them.
- Let's go.
- That's right! And that makes 10 million.
That's the last of it.
We're even now.
This pays for Bustelo's kid, you two decide whether you're even.
I had to do a lot of jobs to pay you.
Let's not ruin it.
Jobs you took from me after leaving my son to die! Look around you, Bustelo.
Look around! This isn't the age of Terito anymore.
We're on our own.
If you want to kill each other, go ahead and do it, dammit.
I'll keep everything and to hell with you, got it? That's what you think.
Why wasn't I told about this meeting? Because this is a private matter.
- And because we didn't know we had to.
- It's mine and my husband's business.
- What do you mean yours? - Problem? - Not so long as you pay your part.
- Jesus, Sito.
Cheer up.
You guys could do with a woman's touch.
If you ever put my family or my business at risk again, we're done.
So what’s the topic for today? I don't know what's going on with me.
I have a lot on my mind and I think they drug the coffee here.
Don't worry.
Let's see if you like this.
Open it! You're going to look swell.
Did you talk to Charlín and the others? - Yes.
- How'd they take it? What do you think? But they have no choice.
They're so damned pigheaded.
They'll respect you in the end.
So long as they let me do jobs.
- Be careful, Esther, this isn't tobacco.
- I know, Laureano.
Relax, I'm having the house safeguarded.
- Nobody is getting in there.
- Good job.
And the boys? The Portuguese boarding school didn't want to accept Daniel.
- So, you know - And the little one? Esther! How can I send him away? He's so little, he needs me.
I need you all, too, and alive! I know that's what's worrying you.
- That we're okay, right? - Yes.
Can I get you a drink? Tati.
Why are you here? It was either this or be benched again.
Sito doesn't forgive.
He forgave me.
I'm happy for you, really.
Maybe we can talk sometime.
It was very hard to get Sito back.
Don't even think about it.
- Where are you going? - I don't like this place.
Let's go.
So, that's it? Now that the Charlíns have paid, they'll stop hogging all the jobs.
Fuck jobs! They almost get me killed and that's it? The important thing is they paid their debt to Sito.
Sito was very good to pay for their mistake.
That's why we did nothing until he had his money.
- Now we don't have to wait.
- I promised Sito - He's fine, now the Charlíns have to pay! - No! They're never going to respect us.
I don't want to get respect by spilling blood.
- They don't understand anything else.
- It's not up to us to educate them! - What will you do? - I can't do anything.
I don't want to upset Sito.
To hell with Sito, you have to do something.
Maybe my dad's right and it's better left alone.
Everything's calmed down.
- You've got a job.
- Right.
Secretary to my uncle, some job.
It's more like a punishment.
What's this? Ballesteros' number.
I took it from the old man's book.
Do what you want with it, but do something.
- Hello? - Ballesteros.
- This is Javier Bustelo.
Remember me? - Sure.
How's your old man? I haven't heard from him.
Good, I don't want him to know we spoke.
Let me guess This is about Charlín.
Did he pay up yet? He paid Miñanco, now I want him to pay for what he did.
Who's the other one? José Nelson Mata Ballesteros.
A Colombian from the Medellín Cartel.
And possibly the one who ordered Braulio Montes' killing.
Are you sure? We don't have any proof, but I think so.
This kid fucked up calling the Colombians from home.
It's amazing kids are brighter, but parents are more careful.
We need to pinpoint that call.
It will lead us to the Colombians' hideout.
- Finally.
- Or we could just not do anything.
And let the Colombians kill the Charlíns.
It'd make our job easier.
I hope you're joking.
How long have we been after these guys, sir? Them feeling untouchable is one thing, them being it is another.
Oubiña and Colombo have been taken down.
- They will be, too.
- When? In five years' time? How much will they have smuggled in by then? How many kids will have died? If you're tired of doing your job, ask for a transfer.
Do you want that? I just want this finished, sir.
We will finish it, but my way.
Now pinpoint that call and find the father and kids.
I want nothing to happen to them.
What's he doing here? - What? - Where's my money? Jesus, again? - I want my fucking money.
- My dad gave you half.
- I want my 400,000.
- He won't give you all of it.
Why do you want it? For drugs? - You have to stop using.
- Like you haven't.
- Not as if it was running out, asshole.
- I'll take as much as I want.
- Get out of here.
- Relax.
Take it easy and go home.
No, make that piece of shit go home.
- I want my money.
- There is no damn money.
I won't move until you pay me! Get out of here! - Go screw yourself! - I want my money! - Get the fuck out of here! - Just go! Get going, man! Not going out into the yard today, sweetie? I've got laundry duty.
- What are you doing here? - We're going to be roomies.
They've taken mine to the hospital.
Another overdose.
- What are you writing over there? - Just stupid shit.
If people keep dying like this, we'll have the place to ourselves.
So? Bottom or top? - What the fuck do you mean? - Which bunk do you want? - You on top.
- On top? Great.
I like to be on top.
How's it going, Ricardo? How's life treating you? Good.
What is it? Don't worry, man.
- We're here to do you a favor.
- Are you dying? What? As far as I know, only old men and people on their deathbed write diaries.
I don’t know what you mean.
I have to go.
This is what we mean.
You were going to screw us over.
Did you think we wouldn't find out? Cat got your tongue? Or do you not have the balls to say it to our faces? I'm going to tell you something you should write here.
Do not fuck with us.
If you do, we'll have to teach you the kind of lesson you can't find in a book.
Got it? Wow, man.
What’s up with your face? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Should I call for a doctor? You want me to bring some pills to help you feel better? No, I'm fine.
You have to talk to the police.
- Or to the guards.
- No, I can't.
These people have a lot of contacts.
I can't leave here.
If they find out, they'll kill me.
What will you do? Don't ask me to do nothing, because I can't.
I have something for you.
What? Quick, take it.
What is it? Do you like puzzles? You have to stick this back together.
- It'll take a while, but it's important.
- What is this, Ricardo? Take it to a judge.
- I don't know any judges.
- Well, find one, honey.
It's a matter of life or death.
But they can't be Galician.
Go to Madrid, you hear? I'll do what you want, but be careful in here.
And you out there.
Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a sin I had a healthy child Until those motherfuckers killed him Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a sin I had a healthy child Until those motherfuckers killed him Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a Would it be okay if my colleague took your photo? - What for? - The Pontevedra Newspaper.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Okay, take one.
Let the world know what's going on here.
Spread out a little.
Are you a reporter? Yes.
- I have a story you might want to hear.
- I'm working right now.
I can tell you how the Charlíns move drugs.
I can tell you everything.
Okay, when I'm done here, we'll talk.
I want to talk on TV.
I got the number that Javier Bustelo called.
- The Colombian's? - Yes, sir.
It's registered to one Ildefonso Freitas.
He owns several rented properties in Cambados and La Coruña.
One is huge, in fact.
An absolute - And? - Okay, okay.
We've got him.
- How much do I owe? - Get him another.
- I can still afford my own drinks.
- Don't be so proud, man.
Let him go.
It's probably been a while since he used and he needs a hit.
- Don't listen to him.
- Why? He's right, I'm a fucking drug addict.
- To hell with junkies.
- I'll try and make my dad pay you.
Give me time and I'll get it.
Have a drink! Coming up, we interview a man who lives in the world of drug trafficking.
A man who worked for one of the most notorious crime families in Galicia and is willing to reveal the whole truth about Galician drug trafficking.
- Turn it up.
- For his safety, we've distorted his voice and won't be showing his face.
We don't want anyone to retaliate.
We begin today's edition of “Corazonada” with his story.
- You work in drug trafficking, correct? - That's right.
Can you tell us what kind of drugs? Of course, everyone knows.
- Cocaine and hash.
- How did you get into the business? The same way everyone does.
I needed work and started with tobacco.
Or so I thought.
It wasn't tobacco? It was hash, from the family I worked for.
- Is that you? - What are you talking about? - I'm sitting right here.
- It's a recording.
That's you! You're wearing the same damn hat.
- I swear it isn't me.
- And what's the name of that family? - I don't know if I should say.
- What the hell is this? - Are you scared of what they'll do? - You'd have to be crazy not to be.
Do you think they'd kill you? Yes, of course.
So, you won't tell us their name? - The Charlíns.
I work for the Charlíns.
- Motherfucker! Fucking stop that.
Stop! Leave him alone, it isn't him.
- Of course it is! - It isn't! Padín would never do that to us.
No matter how much we owed him.
- Let go of me.
- Right, Padín? Of course not.
We're friends.
How could you think I'd betray you? We're all in this together and that's not good for any of us.
That son of a bitch.
Let's cut him up and feed him to the pigs.
The pigs didn't do anything.
I'll throw him into the ocean, then.
- If we paid him, he wouldn't have done it.
- What the fuck? He sells us out and you take his side? We have to do something before he talks to the cops.
Like hell he will talk.
What are you going to do? Have a shoot-out.
He's our friend, he won't talk.
- I'll talk to him.
- Buy him some flowers while you're at it.
Wake up, Moncho.
He said we were drug traffickers, everyone heard it.
He needs to be taught a lesson.
Do it or I will.
He deserves to be punished and he will be, but my way.
You? What are you going to do? Trust me.
- Where do I have to take it? - The mall.
- My dad doesn't know, so don't fuck up.
- Thank you.
- Sell that and we’re even.
- You really are a friend.
- Hello? - You have a call, sir.
- He wouldn't give me a name.
- Okay.
- Sergeant Castro.
- Speaking.
Listen up, in two hours at the mall, look for a man with a hat and black backpack.
Wait a minute, who am I speaking to? Do you want to arrest a dealer or not? - They set him up.
- Why would he sell out his friend? Because that poor bastard was on TV.
I'm surprised they didn't kill him.
What do we do? Shit, he's seen us.
After him! My guys just weighed this.
Four kilos of the bay's finest cocaine.
- It's not my blow.
- I know.
Moncho Charlín gave it to you.
That doesn't mean you're not going down for a long time.
But if you help me hunt them down, I can make things easier for you.
I don't know any Charlín.
That's strange.
Because Moncho knows you.
Want to know how I know? Because he told us where to find you.
Moncho wouldn't do that.
I thought you didn't know him.
They hung you out to dry, Padín.
- You don't owe them anything.
- I want to make a call.
- Confirm it's his blow and I'll let you.
- I'm not a snitch.
- Help me and I'll give you protection.
- I want my call! I don't know what you've heard, but jail is no paradise.
Give him his call.
- Hello? - Listen carefully, motherfucker.
- Padín? - Do you know where I am? - You sold me out, you Judas.
- I don't know what you mean.
Don't play dumb.
You told that cop I was carrying and sent me to the slaughterhouse.
- You shouldn't have talked on TV.
- I just wanted my money.
You know how long I'm going to get? I thought we were buddies, dammit.
- I'm sorry, you asked for it.
- I'm going to screw you all.
- I'm going to spill everything.
- Don't fuck with me! You have nothing on us, you'll just get more years on your sentence.
Are you sure? Nobody will believe a junkie.
- Is he not here yet? - No.
I called the hospitals, the precinct, his friends' moms, nothing.
All that's left is the crisis hotline.
He'll be out partying as usual.
Or lying in a ditch with a needle in his arm.
Carmen What? The boy isn't stupid.
He knows about his brother.
Go and play outside, Álvaro.
Sometimes I wish for this all to be over.
For the cops to come to tell us they'd found his body.
- Don't say that, woman.
- Why not? It's how I feel.
We could start over.
And quit the association now that they're finally listening? VILANOVA RESIDENT ARRESTED IN POSSESSION OF 4 KILOS OF COCAINE - They put us in the corner with no photo! - It's better than nothing.
Baby steps.
Meanwhile, drugs continue to kill our children.
Singing outside of bars is great, but sometimes instead of baby steps, we have to take strides.
What can we do when those who should aren't doing anything? We all know where it's sold.
- It's time we knew who's selling it.
- You saw what they did to the bar owner.
I don't mean the dealers.
I mean the others.
Those bastards.
Someone's coming.
Don't you get tired of filling our mailbox with crap? - Sorry? - Aren't you from the butcher? No.
Tell your husband he should come.
I spoke to the gardener.
They're nutjobs who didn't raise their kids right.
All they do is sing and bother people.
- Tell me you won't go.
- I have nothing better to do.
It's for mothers against drugs.
You'd be out of place.
They invited me, it would be rude not to attend.
This is called having balls.
It's a mothers' group, why would I be scared? They'd do anything for their kids.
Come on.
- Nervous? - I didn't expect this many people.
I spoke to my friends at the other newspapers.
Everyone knows about it.
Are you alright? It's normal to be scared.
Why would I be? They're killing what we love most.
Let's go, then.
ÉRGUETE MOTHERS AGAINST DRUGS - Did you see that Miñanco came? - Yes.
I didn't expect so many of you.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm Carmen.
Mari Carmen Avendaño, and I'm the spokesperson for Érguete, an association for parents against drugs.
We're fighting against the scourge which is destroying an entire generation and which nobody is doing anything about.
Politicians, judges and security forces all look the other way as though it weren't their problem.
And we're here to say we've had enough! Enough of being helpless, enough of impunity, and enough of a few making themselves rich to the detriment of our children.
That's why I'm going to read a list of the names of drug traffickers.
So everybody knows who is murdering our children.
Luis Colón, AKA Colombo.
Laureano Oubiña and his wife, Esther Lago.
- Whatever! - Come on! - Manuel Bustelo.
- Whore! Manuel Charlín and his kids.
Can you keep it down, for goodness' sake? - Whatever! - She's crazy, she's talking shit.
- They're respectable businessmen.
- And the ones killing our children.
Your kids do what they want, nobody makes them.
Our children are sick and you're burying them.
What would you say when you work for the biggest drug lord here? An exemplary businessman.
President of the Cambados youth squad.
He drives expensive cars and does business at the expense of our health.
Sito Miñanco is the one killing our children.
I wish you had died instead of my son.
- Let's go, this is pointless.
- You won't silence us! We're not scared and we won't stop until you're all in jail.
We're going to see you all in jail.
Those women are crazy, they've lost all reason.
- They're fighting for their kids.
- They should have raised them better.
It's easy to blame someone else for their own failings.
- Be quiet.
- Why? It's not your fault what they do or if they go through their moms' bags.
You're an important, respectable man.
You have to earn respect.
- Your son has earned it.
- Shut up! Dad Why don't you say anything? You want to know why he's silent? - The wives - Leave it.
The wives of some of the fishermen saw him at the docks, and you know what they said? That he'd raised a killer.
Is that true? It isn't a big deal.
They were a little upset and took it out on me.
I've never killed anyone.
Not ever.
- You know that, right? - I know.
You're a good person.
Sito, son Your father and I never approved of you smuggling tobacco.
We just accepted it.
But this This is what pays for your food and new house.
- I never asked for anything.
- But you accepted it.
You know exactly where the money came from.
- And now you’re ashamed of him? - I'm not ashamed of anyone.
Especially not my son.
But I want to hold my head up high without being insulted.
Sito, son There are more important things in this life than expensive cars and suits.
You can still walk away.
Think about it.
- What do you want us to do? - I don't know.
But if these women keep this up, there will be trouble.
- Those bitches are just a irritation.
- You have to admit they've got balls.
You should have had protection there.
- Why the hell were you there? - Not heard of keeping your enemies close? - I wanted to see how far they'd go.
- Well, they've gone too far.
I wouldn't worry too much.
- Avendaño is a nobody.
- For now, but if this gains momentum So what are you going to do? We have to regain people's respect.
Or scare them so they stop screwing with us.
- I want them to respect me, not fear me.
- What are you suggesting? And now for the sports.
Another victory for Cambados youth squad, putting them in the top three Nothing.
Not in the newspapers or on the radio.
- It was all for nothing.
- You made a lot of noise yesterday.
My colleagues even heard about it.
Noise doesn't last.
By tonight, this will be old news.
Are you giving up? That scum controls everything.
- Look at the local paper.
- Did they publish something? - I checked La Voz and nothing.
- This is much worse.
Sito Miñanco, Cambados' Favorite Son.
I thought my being named Favorite Son was a joke.
So I remembered who I really am, where I come from.
My parents taught me you can have everything, but it's nothing without family.
Without neighbors.
- The people you bump into in town.
- Moving words.
- So this honor also belongs to you.
- I don’t know whether to cry or puke.
I am what I am today because of you.
Thank you, Mom and Dad.
Thank you to my wife, Camila, who crossed an ocean to make me a better person.
Thank you, Cambados.
Drugs, drugs, those motherfucking drugs They really are a sin I had a healthy son And those motherfuckers killed him - You can't be here, this isn't a circus.
- Get out! Those bitches.
Go and raise the kids you have left.
You're going to end up in jail, one by one.
- Miñanco is a murderer! - Go home and do the dishes! You're playing with fire.
I called your husband.
He'll come get you soon.
- I can't leave yet? - Not until a judge signs off.
I told you to stay out of trouble.
- To let me do my job.
- Your job, Sergeant? I gave you a list of bars that deal and names of the traffickers.
I don't see them here.
I told you, it's not that easy.
We can't go in those bars without a warrant and proof.
Right, it's easier to arrest me than them.
You're being unfair.
I can't afford to be fair when people like him are given medals.
What will you do? Go to the events they're at? Sing outside of their homes? The residents here need to know who is killing their children.
They do know.
So you're saying nobody cares? I care.
So do many people.
But there are still a lot who admire Miñanco and his people.
They see them as a necessary evil to keep putting food on the table.
In that case, we need to make them realize it's pointless if there's nobody to feed.
You won't stop.
I can't.
Be careful.
They're not used to people taking them on.
Yes, I've realized that.
Why? Did they threaten you? Sir, there's a call for you.
It seems important.
Sergeant Darío Castro.
Leave that, I'll buy you one outside.
- The judge signed off? - Forget the judge, you're coming with me.
Where? To Madrid.
- Get inside! - What's going on? - The key! - There is no key.
Come through here.
Hurry! - And this door? - It only opens from the outside.
Be quiet and stay down.
Alright, alright.
There, there.
It's over now.
Come on.
- You motherfucker! - Take it easy, Manolo.
- You're lucky Sito's here or I'd kill you.
- You're nuts! That's enough, dammit! - We're not savages.
- Right! Savages have balls, they don't send people to do their dirty work.
I'm going to destroy you and your family.
- I had nothing to do with this.
- Bullshit! You paid someone to kill my son for what happened with Javi.
I gave Sito my word and I've kept it.
If it wasn't you, who was it? - The Colombians.
- That's ridiculous.
- You paid them.
- You betrayed and disrespected them.
- That's more than just money.
- You're screwed.
They won't stop until they've killed all of you.
- We'll fight back.
- You can't fight them.
So what should I do? Wait for the Latinos to come kill me and my family? Swallow your pride and save your family.
I won't do it.
I won't apologize.
Admit that you made a mistake and end this once and for all.
- I won't bend over for anyone.
- Definitely not.
We'll show those damn Indians what we're made of.
And what are we made of? Unless it's steel, we're not bulletproof.
- Paquito was lucky this time.
- Don't be a pussy, Moncho.
- What if one of them is following you? - Or is going to shoot you? I'll get bodyguards and guns, but I won't get on my knees for anyone.
- Leave us alone.
- I want them to hear what I have to say.
Leave us alone.
I won't let anything happen to my kids because of your stupid pride.
I will not apologize.
I've stuck with you through thick and thin, but you don't want to know what a mom would do for her kids.
That's the last time you disrespect me in front of the kids.
So? I'm sorry.
We made I made an unforgivable mistake.
But I hope you'll accept my apology.
That wasn't so hard.
Doesn't it make us bigger men when we admit our mistakes? I did make a mistake.
A big mistake.
But all is well that ends well.
We good? Only winners get to be good and you lost this round.
I won't kill you or any of your children, but I do need your help.
With what? I have to keep a low profile here in Spain.
I can't have businesses, cars or property in my name.
- I need a little help with the IRS.
- You need to launder money.
And your cannery is ideal.
I can include part of my profits in your business' expenses.
Everything is in your name, so if you try to screw me again Right - It will all point to me.
- All of our crimes.
- I'm not desperate enough to accept that.
- I'm not giving you a choice.
You're a son of a bitch.
I told you Only winners get to be good, Mr.
- See, it was no big deal.
- Really? I should have killed him, I'm screwed forever now.
- Screwed but alive.
- You know what's worse? The bastard made me pay for lunch.
- Did you go to Trébol? - Yes.
Guess who I saw.
What was that kid's name who played for your team? - Tati.
- He's really fallen from grace.
Everyone gets what they deserve.
You must be shitting me.
What about me? I have to go.
You knew Tati worked at that restaurant.
I'm your wife, Sito.
Not an employee under review.
You had Nieves if you wanted someone subservient.
So why didn't you get on that plane? Both of us are what we are, Camila.
That's life, take it or leave it.
- See you later.
- Bye.
HIGH COUR They're here, sir.
Avendaño, Sergeant, thank you for coming.
- Thank you for calling us, Your Honor.
- Call me Baltasar.
- I'd prefer formality if you don't mind.
- Mr.
Garzón, in that case.
They were written by Ricardo Portabales, one of Miñanco's men.
I assume you know him.
The Galician drug trafficker's every move is on those pages.
Names, dates, shipment locations - Where did you get it? - That's not important.
What matters is what we do with it.
We? I know you've been waiting for someone in Madrid to sit up and take notice.
Well, that moment has arrived.
We're going to take down Sito Miñanco.
Where are you taking me? Let go! Get off me, you bastards! Let go of me.
- I can't work in an office all my life.
- We can get money another way.
Risking your life in Colombia like last time? - There are other ways.
- Not as easy.
- His testimony is key.
- Motherfucker.
- He's talking.
- when we find out who I hope not.
I want to know everything.
Where you met with him Everything.
Answer me, dammit! Damned murderers! - Murderers! - Aren't you going to shoot us? - Bastards! - Get out! Look into those three names.
This goes no further, do you understand? They have proof and witnesses.
They have you by the balls.
- They're going to arrest all of you.
- When? Money first.
Brake! Someone cut the brakes.
- God dammit! - I demand respect in my house! Let's go.
Keep still.
It was always you who pushed me to run the business.
What changed? I did.
ALL CONTENT FROM EL PAÍS NEWSPAPER AND SOME SCENES AND CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL How are we going to carry it all? Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire