Farina (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


- I have a new contact: Ballesteros.
- That guy's dangerous.
You won’t be a guarantee for the Colombians or Charlíns.
- An accident.
- We lost half of it.
- And the merch? - We lost it all.
- The Galicians lied.
- Camila! Ballesteros is going to kill Javi.
I saved your son and your whole family.
This, the debt for Bustelo's son is paid.
If you ever put my family or my business at risk again, we’re done.
Miñanco has been paid, now the Charlíns need to pay.
I don't want to get respect by spilling blood.
Ballesteros' number.
Do something.
- Did he pay up yet? - He paid Miñanco.
- Now he has to pay.
- Who is it? Possibly the one who ordered Braulio Montes' killing.
I got the number Javier Bustelo called.
We've got them.
- I had nothing to do with this.
- If it wasn't you, then who? You betrayed the Colombians.
Do what you must to save your family.
Sorry, I made an unforgivable mistake.
I need some help with the IRS.
- You need to launder money.
- Your cannery's ideal.
- I'm not desperate enough for that.
- I'm not giving you a choice.
Why are you here? It was this or be benched again.
Sito doesn't forgive.
- You knew Tati worked there.
- That's life.
- Where's my share? - My dad has to count it first.
- Take out 400,000 for Padín.
- Pay him the same as the others.
- I want my money.
- You're not getting all of it.
I'm not leaving until you pay me.
- Get the hell out of here! - Get lost! - I tried to get him to pay you.
- They move hash.
- Is it you? - The Charlíns.
Motherfucker! Padín would never do that, right? - We have to act before he talks.
- He'll get what he deserves.
- Where should I take it? - In the mall.
- A guy with a black backpack.
- They set you up.
After him! Get back here! If you help me hunt them down, I'll go easier on you.
- Moncho said where to find you.
- He wouldn't.
- I'll talk.
- Nobody will believe a junkie.
This is all your fault.
It's killing people.
We don't make them take anything.
- What are you writing? - Just stupid shit.
Did you think we wouldn't find out? Don't screw with us.
Here, take this.
Glue this back together and take it to a judge.
But not in Galicia.
- Where do you buy it? - Like I'd tell you.
They know where it's sold, let's tell them who sells it.
- Tell your husband he should come.
- They're mothers, why would I be scared? A mom will do anything for her kid.
Sito Miñanco is the one killing our children.
I'm not ashamed of anyone, especially not my son.
But I want to hold my head up high without being insulted.
You can walk away.
Think about it.
- Avendaño is a nobody.
- For now.
We must regain people's respect.
Or scare them so they stop screwing with us.
- I want respect, not fear.
- What do you suggest? I thought my being named Favorite Son was a joke.
I had a healthy son and the motherfuckers killed him - You're going to jail, one by one.
- You're playing with fire.
I told you to let me do my job.
Be careful.
They're not used to people taking them on.
- I've realized that.
- Why? Did they threaten you? You're coming with me to Madrid.
I'm Baltasar Garzón.
Ricardo Portabales, one of Miñanco's men, wrote to me.
The Galician drug trafficker's every move is on those pages.
We're going to bring down Sito Miñanco.
Motherfucker! How can you be so blind? He was open! Forget it, you won't even make it to the quarterfinals.
Don't bust my balls, we have God on our side.
Who? Maradona? Did you see him running? He's like a duck.
He should be called “the Hoover” instead of “Fluff.
” He's not even up to Cambados’ standard! - Oubiña, you have a call.
- Coming.
I'm not in the mood for jokes, Esther.
I'm telling the truth, Ventura just told me.
- Are you certain? - Yes, you're coming home.
- They're dropping the tobacco charges.
- It's about fucking time! - To Ventura, he's the best.
- You're an absolute fucking genius.
It actually had nothing to do with Pedro this time.
No? Who was it, then? - Brussels.
- Where the sprouts come from? And where Europe is controlled.
The law changed when we joined the EEC and, as we didn't go to trial, they can no longer prosecute.
To fucking Brussels, then! To the look on the sergeant's face when he finds out.
What did Colombo say when he found out he's not getting out? - He didn't take it very well.
- What does he expect? Laureano was locked up for kicking a cop.
It's not the same thing.
Is there nothing we can do now that Fraga's in office? He was caught with drugs.
There's no law to protect him.
Cheer up.
Colombo might not be getting out, but the rest of you are untouchable.
Nobody can take us down.
Well, then, let's try Esther’s little clam.
Oh, Manolo! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS The alleged smugglers awaiting trial for trafficking illegal tobacco will not be charged and will avoid jail time for I'm watching it now.
Of course I didn't know.
How could I? Their attorney, Pedro Ventura, made a statement outside the court confirming his clients are happy about the decision to close the case and, most of all, the imminent release of Laureano Oubiña, who was They can't.
Yes, I'm here, Fina.
I'll have to call you back.
- I don't want the boy to see me.
- Are you okay? I've had enough.
I can't do this anymore.
It's not your fault they're freeing that scum.
You can't back down now.
I'm tired.
So what are you going to do? Quit the association? Stop fighting for our boy because they're freeing that bastard? Thanks to you, people know what's happening here.
And that judge is investigating.
It will all have been for nothing if you give up now.
Is that what you want? He reminds me of Jesús at his age.
Before all this shit happened.
EPISODE 9 "1989/1990" If not for yourself, do it for him.
- Everything good? - I'm getting out! - What do you mean getting out? - It was Esther.
I'm getting out.
- And the rest of them? - Them, too.
No charges.
- Me included? - Not you, you were caught with drugs, man.
It's not that big a miracle.
Cheer up, time flies here watching football.
Hey, I'm getting out! Suck on that! - Sit down, asshole.
- And Maradona, too! - I was expecting you, Carmen.
- This is unbelievable.
I know, this is ten years of my work.
They kill our kids and laugh in our faces.
What good is it having so many policemen if these people are allowed on the street? Lower your voice, this is my precinct, not a drug lord's house, got it? Come with me.
Do you know how hard I worked? What I had to do to start this process? You have no idea.
I understand your pain, but I won’t allow you to make a scene.
I'm sorry.
I know this is horrible, - but Judge Garzón is working hard.
- A lot of good that does.
- It does now.
- Does it? You know it as well as I do.
- We have witnesses now.
- And when will they talk? Portabales, the warden wants to see you.
But the warden's office Where are you taking me? Let go! Let me go, motherfuckers! Let go of me! Shit, no, no, no.
Don't do anything stupid.
What's this about? Did Oubiña send you? If it’s about the diary, I swear I didn't tell anyone.
You have to believe me! Let me speak to him or Sito.
You have to believe me, I can clear this all up.
Let's go.
Get out.
Come on.
- Move it.
- No.
I said move it.
Do you want money? I have money.
Nobody needs to know.
A million each, what do you say? Let me out, dammit! I didn't do anything.
Let me out! Let me out! You can try all you want, but it’s locked from the outside.
- Padín, what are you doing here? - The same as you.
Didn't they tell you? We're here to speak to the judge.
- What judge? - The one taking down Sito and the others.
- I don’t know what you're talking about.
- Don't act dumb.
I heard you wrote a letter in jail and sent it to Madrid.
- I'm not a snitch.
- Yes, you are.
Same as me.
Or didn't you see me on TV? - That was you? - You're the only one who didn't realize.
Moncho set me up, but he's going to pay for what he did.
You're going to testify? We owe that scum nothing.
And I won't be spending another day in jail for them.
Was there no other way to bring them here? We almost scared them to death.
We couldn't talk to them there.
If anyone found out we had two men willing to spill everything, I can't even imagine what they'd do.
Or if the Colombians get them.
They killed Otero's guy for much less.
- His name was Braulio Montes.
- Not to mention Paquito Charlín.
They almost killed him at the hospital.
Speaking of which, any news on that? We need the hit man to wake up.
Do you think those two know anything? I doubt it, Portabales has been in jail too long.
And Padín was just a dealer.
In any case, we have to take advantage of this moment.
With the dismissal of the tobacco conviction, the bosses will think they're untouchable.
- They won’t expect anyone to testify.
- That's because nobody has, until now.
Until now.
You should wait here, they don't trust anyone from Galicia.
I don't blame them.
What I want to know is can we trust them? We'll see.
Good afternoon.
I'm Judge Garzón and this is D.
Nice to meet you.
Please, have a seat.
Sorry for the secrecy, but we couldn't risk anyone knowing y ou were coming to meet us.
Do you know why you're here? - I can guess.
- Are you sure about this? Once we talk, there's no going back.
And even though, for now, nobody knows you're talking to us, at some point everyone will know that you talked and what that means.
- Are you willing to take that risk? - I have nothing to lose.
Portabales? I don't know.
I want to know what I get for risking my life.
A reduced sentence.
Is that not enough? They've been doing this with the Mafia in Italy.
It's the first time we're doing it.
What happens to us when we get out? And my wife? We'll give you a house far from Galicia.
And you'll both be given a new identity.
You'll also be given protection and a pension for life.
Shit, what a great deal! - Where do I sign? - Understandably, we can't write this down.
- You'll have to trust us.
- What do you say? Are you in? Alright.
- What do you want to know? - The truth.
We want everything on the organization so we can catch Miñanco and the others.
Chapter and verse.
What happens to the drugs until they're sold.
- What they move.
- Who brings it.
- Where they keep it.
- Who runs the show.
And I mean everything.
It all starts in Colombia.
There are two cartels that run everything.
- The Cali and Medellín cartels.
- They bring the blow.
They load a supply ship, called La Mama, and bring it to the meeting point.
That's where we Galicians take over.
Our job is to take the drugs from there to the coast.
We're just transporters.
Although the Colombians sometimes pay a part in kind and we distribute it throughout Spain.
Sito, the Charlíns and Bustelo all have a network of speedboats which can cover the bay quicker than you can say "halt!" And Oubiña? - As far as I know, he only moves hash.
- They're doing it like with the tobacco.
They'll do anything to get the merch ashore.
What do you mean? Corruption: judges, civil servants, politicians, businessmen, bribed cops.
- They have half the bay on their payroll.
- Even the electric company.
To send messages to the boats, they cut off the whole town’s power.
The whole town? If the coast is clear, the town's power is turned off and back on again.
That's the signal.
People make a living from this and love them.
- Nobody wants to give up the golden goose.
- Even though kids are dying? So long as it's not theirs, they don't care.
Where does it go when it comes ashore? Warehouses, businesses, civil guard trenches, the beaches, anywhere they can.
They once offered to build this guy a house to keep it there.
And he accepted? Then the drugs are moved in trucks on toll roads, though the Colombians usually do that.
And nobody checks the load? I told you, half the bay is on their payroll.
The other half turns a blind eye.
That's if we aren't warned where the other checkpoints are.
And the rest, well, you can imagine.
Dealers sell the drugs.
Everyone else steals and prostitutes themselves to get their fix.
Take as much as you want, there are more in the sea.
It's not every day you get to celebrate your dad being blessed.
- That's right.
- It's worth being European for some stuff.
European, African, who cares? What matters is your dad isn't going to jail.
- None of us Charlíns are.
Fuck them.
- When does Oubiña get out? Quickly, I think, but you know how it is with paperwork.
I should call Esther to congratulate her.
Honey Why the long face? Not happy? - Don't talk shit.
- I get you, you know.
This has probably fucked up your plans, right? What plans? Dad in jail and you in charge of it all.
- Plans.
- You're a moron.
Dad, I need to talk to you.
- Now? - If that's possible.
I've been looking at the cannery's books.
We're having problems justifying our own money since the Colombians started using it to launder their money.
Those bastards have us by the balls.
We have to find other ways to launder the money from the hash and blow.
- How? By setting up another business.
- It's easier than all that.
I'm meeting one of our employees’ husbands.
- Can he give you an invoice? - Better than that.
Well, it's getting late.
You need to get back before you're missed.
- When will you go after them? - All in good time.
We've just begun.
Anyway, you haven't given us any proof yet.
What do you mean? We just gave you everything, chapter and verse.
- You have enough to lock them all up.
- I didn't know you studied law.
All the information you've given us is useful, but if we want to lock up your bosses, we have to catch them red-handed.
A shipment? Or maybe one of the places you say they store the drugs.
There he is.
Sito Miñanco.
He spares no expense.
None of them do.
Cars, women, mansions That's why the kids want to be like him.
The granary Portabales told us about.
Apparently the drugs are in there.
- Bingo.
- It seems he was telling the truth.
Take photos of everything and be careful.
I don't want Miñanco to suspect we were here.
Sergeant - It's Petete's, we have to go.
- Leave everything as it was.
No way, we're going to catch them red-handed.
- That's what we want, isn't it? - I didn't come to arrest henchmen.
We need more proof on the others.
Leave it where it was! - Get the car out of here.
- Shit, man.
Go, go, go! I swear it has to be inside.
And you don't like us being called idiots.
- I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached.
- Not before I cracked it open.
Let's go.
What was that? - A fucking dog.
- Who's scared shitless now? Come on, let's go.
- Do you have everything? - The most important stuff.
I'll send someone to collect the rest.
Pull together all the recordings you've made.
We can't leave any loose ends or they'll think the law is a joke.
We will get them.
Take care of yourself.
The best is yet to come.
Hello? Thank you.
It was the hospital.
They're waking up the Colombian hit man.
Sorry I can't stick around.
Any news? No, they said they'd bring him around, but they've been taking a while.
We can't wait, he could lead us to his bosses.
- Sergeant Darío Castro.
- He just died, Sergeant.
We can still do something.
Tell the hospital's director.
- Have you ever seen so much money? - You brought the lottery tickets, right? You've been lucky.
If you had called any later, they'd already be in the bank.
The bank is a waste of time.
This way, we all win.
- We get some winning tickets - And you get a bonus for this huge favor.
- And I won't get in any trouble? - What trouble could you get in? Not that I don't want to help, sir, but it's a lot of money to explain away.
The IRS is occupied with Lola Flores.
Nobody will know if you have 10 or 100 million.
As far as they know, we won the lottery.
- How much extra did you say there was? - Ten million.
Make it 15.
That way, it's more worth your while.
- What is it? - Excuse me.
What should I do with these invoices? - The ones for the Colombians.
- Leave them here.
Spend it wisely and if you get the winner again, let us know.
- No! No fucking way.
- Why not? Because I don't want to die.
- I'm not stealing the tickets.
- We can go away.
- Where? Madrid, like last time? - Anywhere that doesn't stink of fish.
I can't spend my life filing invoices.
- We'll find the money another way.
- Risking your life in Colombia again? - There are other ways.
- They're not as easy.
You just have to go in and take the tickets.
What if they report us? The lottery’s to launder the drug money.
They won't report it.
They bought it from a moron.
- If you won't do it, then I will.
- No.
I work there.
- When they find out, we'll be long gone.
- What if they catch you? They're family, what can they do? Lock me up again? Be careful.
Vilanova Cannery.
It's for your dad.
This is Pilar, my father isn't here.
A toast, Miñanco.
Although it's hard to want more when you have so much.
- You can always get better.
- drugs in Galicia.
Just a second.
It sounds like they're talking about drugs in Galicia.
As can be seen in the photo of the supposed drug trafficker walking What the hell?! Advances have been made today into the investigation of an attempted murder at a local hospital.
Ramón Sebastián Granados of Colombian nationality, shot down by police some months ago during said incident, has come out of his coma.
Although he's still critical, he is cooperating with authorities.
Sergeant, does he have anything to do with drug trafficking in Galicia? Everything points in that direction.
His testimony is key.
When we find out who he works for, we'll be making arrests.
Can you give us any more information, Sergeant? That son of a bitch.
He's going to talk.
- I hope not.
- What do you mean, you hope? He works for Ballesteros and tried to kill Paquito.
- I'm not responsible.
- But you are responsible for Braulio.
If he goes down, we all do.
Take it easy, Galician.
I'll work something out.
Now, let's go and finish off this bottle, it's really good.
Police! Put the gun down.
José Antonio Reynaldo Vaca.
According to the embassy, you're wanted in Colombia for armed robbery and the murder of two men and a woman in Bogotá.
What a guy.
What bad luck you should make it across the world only to get arrested here.
You're very quiet and I need you to talk.
If you don't, how will you tell me who you work for and, more importantly, where I can find them? Will you cooperate? Well In that case, I must decide which extradition order to give priority to.
The Colombian one, where they have jails suitable for heroes such as yourself, or the American one where you'll rot for the rest of your miserable life.
What do you say? Want to learn English? - No.
- Tell me who you work for, then.
For whoever pays me.
Give me a name or I'll give you to the Yanks.
Look, man, don't give me up to the gringos.
How many people have you killed? How many? Braulio Montes? Yes, sir.
- Did Sito Miñanco know you were going to? - No.
It was all Baldy's idea.
Baldy? Élder Campos.
I want to know everything, where he lives, his telephone number, where you meet with him, everything.
- Baldy will kill me.
- Answer me.
Answer me, dammit! See you tomorrow.
- Why are you here so late? - I wanted you to hear it from me.
- Don't scare me.
- Relax, it's good news.
We've arrested Braulio's murderers.
They're in custody.
I told you we'd find them.
I'm sorry, Maruxa.
Have you lost your mind? Fuck you all! You, your boss, your boss' friends, all of you! - Don't come in tomorrow, you hear? - I wasn't going to.
Scumbags! I'll give you a ride home.
Not to my place.
THANKS I'LL CALL YOU Sir, the suspect is ready.
You won't see or be with them.
Judge Garzón is waiting for you in Madrid.
Tell him what you told me and he'll make sure you don't go to the US.
Who is transferring me? - Why? - Cops from here or Madrid? - Why do you ask? - Dude Everyone knows there are crooked cops here.
Leave us alone.
- Is that right? - Yes.
I don't want to die on the way.
Sito Miñanco pays one of the three guards from outside.
- Who? - I don't know his name.
But it was he who told us about Braulio snitching.
Would you recognize him? No, I don't know who he is.
I've only heard about him.
Take him away.
- I need you to do something for me.
- Yes, sir.
Investigate these three names.
- Alberto - This goes no further, understood? Property, cars, bank statements.
I want to see any deposit other than their salary.
- Tell me immediately if you find anything.
- Yes, sir.
The truth is, I'm nervous.
And it's just for close friends, nothing more.
- Nothing like the wedding.
- When is it? When do you think? Tonight! Tonight? Are you crazy? Nobody will go tonight.
Laureano gets out of jail and none of you are coming? There's a game, woman.
It's the World Cup.
You're unbelievable.
I'll get some televisions, then.
But I want to see everybody there, you hear? Everybody! Bring the TVs! Then we'll come.
Pilar! - Pilar! - Now get back to work.
What is it? - Where's the tickets? - In the drawer where we left them.
- Someone has taken them.
- How could they? Finally, the food is getting cold.
- Who took the lottery tickets? - What lottery tickets? Don't fuck with me.
There were some tickets in the desk drawer in the office.
And you think it was us? Don't tell me you won and you've lost them? - I'm not laughing.
- Manolo! Somebody has taken them.
Could it not have been one of the workers? - How could they know they were there? - And how would they know? Where's Leticia? - She hasn't come home yet.
- She'll be with Bustelo, as usual.
- Finally! Finally! - Well? Come on, save some for later, baby.
You never know when you'll be back with these assholes.
Don't be silly, we're off the hook now.
Take me home before I'm arrested for public indecency.
- The car keys, please.
- You'll have plenty of time for that.
- I'm still the one in charge.
- Okay, but I want the keys.
You'll see the kids later! Give me that.
Let's go home! - Laureano! - I've got you! You're going to see the kids.
- Murderers! - Jesus fucking Christ! - Murderers! Murderers! - Get down, Fina.
- Are you going to shoot us? - I wouldn't mind.
Be careful, sisters.
What the hell What's he doing here? - Good morning, Sergeant.
- Good morning.
- Welcome back, Mr.
- I knew you'd be happy to see me.
- To be honest, not this soon.
- I guessed as much.
Sergeant, my husband's very tired and we want to go home.
That's the problem, I don't know if you can.
Those women are on private property.
It's a public road next to a private property.
We want to go home and we'll do so, with or without your help, Sergeant.
- Carmen! Carmen, it's Oubiña! - Bastards! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! - You have to let them through.
- I can't believe you're protecting them.
I'm not protecting them, I'm protecting you.
These people are armed.
This will get bad.
Murderers! Murderers! Let the scumbags through.
Let them through! - What are these nutjobs doing here? - Things have really changed, Laureano.
Get out! Get out! I have the information you requested about the three officers, sir.
Sergeant? It's important, I've found something.
Go ahead.
Alberto Gamboa and Luis Montilla are clean.
But Carlos Romero has bought two houses in the last five years.
One for him and one for his parents.
Are you still there? Over.
We'll talk later.
We can go.
- Do you want me to stay, just in case? - No need.
I've left the report on your desk, sir.
- Did you find anything? - I told you.
One of the men you asked me to look at bought two houses.
- When did you tell me that? - A half hour ago.
Over the radio.
That son of a bitch.
Listen up, everyone.
We're looking for Carlos Romero Bueno.
Advise all units.
Call Command and fax his details over.
- Hello? - Darío, it's Baltasar.
It's not a good time, sir.
- Something's wrong.
- You've got that right.
I just heard.
- When were you going to tell me? - You know? Of course I do, it's all anyone’s talking about.
That's not possible.
Don't be modest, nobody had written you off yet.
You alone arrested Élder Campos and Braulio Montes' killer.
I'm not talking about that.
What is it, Sergeant? Do you remember Romero? One of the officers I was assigned.
- Sure, has something happened to him? - I wish.
Élder Campos' hit man told me that Sito had bought off one of my men.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
He was with us at the granary.
He knows exactly what we're planning.
I have everyone looking for him.
He'll already have told Sito by then.
If we don't move now, everything we've done is worthless.
I know, but we don't have all of the proof yet.
We can't let them get away.
And don't tell anyone about this.
There's someone asking for you, Mr.
- What are you doing here? - Can we talk? I don't have long.
Not here.
The sergeant knows everything.
He knows I gave you info and is coming for me.
And? I'm going to fucking jail.
You told me you wanted nothing more to do with me.
- Why the hell are you here? - I need to escape.
Go abroad, I don't know.
Good luck.
I need money.
I think I gave you enough.
- I need more, I can't touch any of that.
- That's not my problem.
There's a judge investigating you in Madrid.
He has proof and witnesses.
He has you by the balls and he's going to arrest all of you.
When? Money first.
Come with me.
Amid shouts and insults, the businessman arrived home along with his wife, Esther Lago.
They had to be given a police escort.
The mothers accuse Oubiña We're quite scary.
It's no wonder they're calling you crazy ladies and terrorists.
won't stop until they're behind bars.
Remember, this isn't the first time these women have made a stand.
Hello? Yes, I'm his mother.
- Who is it? - How is he? It's the hospital.
Can you tell me how he is? Okay, where should we go? It's about Jesús, let's go.
He's going to get through this.
And when he does, we'll send him to rehab.
Wherever necessary.
Even if we have to ask the bank for a loan.
What is it? What's happening? Brake! Watch out! Really? What I have to tell you is worth more.
Who the hell is the judge? He's from Jaén and works in Madrid.
Baltasar Garzón.
When? It was going to be soon.
They were bringing backup to catch you all at once, in the early morning.
- They were going to get you good.
- Were? Darío just found out I helped you.
- They'll change the plan.
- Could they do it tonight? - I guess.
- Wait, wait.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Where have you been? I can't bear it in there.
The cops are coming for us all.
- What? - I've just been told.
- Now? - Bustelo! Bustelo! You son of a bitch! Your son is a thief.
I'm going to fuck you up.
Let's go.
It was always you who said to take the business.
What changed? Me.
I know a lot has happened between us, but we can start over.
I know Panama isn't like Galicia, but we have two things that will help: money and a child on the way.
I'm pregnant.
- Is it mine? - Of course.
- How can you be so sure? - There are things a woman just knows.
So? Let's go.
I have to stop somewhere first.
Why are you here? - Showing gratitude is just good manners.
- After all this time? Are you leaving the business? Are you here to ask for forgiveness? - This is who I am.
- So why are you here? The cops are coming for everyone.
Only you and I know about it.
My conscience is clean.
Listen, nobody is getting us out of this one.
Not presidents, not judges, nobody.
- You can still escape.
- I'm too old to go on the run.
I've been to jail.
It's worse, believe me.
Sito Thank you.
No, thank you.
You were very lucky.
You could have been killed.
I don't know what happened, I lost control.
Someone cut the brake lines.
When certain people get mad - Your Honor.
- Is everything ready? We can start whenever you want.
There was a game, they'll have been up late.
Take these to the destinations.
You've quit? - When? - Today.
I picked the wrong day.
- Don't move! - What? - What's going on? - What is this? Manuel Charlín, you're under arrest for drug trafficking and - What is this? - You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you do say can be used in a court of law.
Let go of my dad, dammit! - Where are you taking him? - Don't move! Let go of me! Jesus, take it easy, man.
Laureano, keep your head! Those bitches.
Fuck you all! Suck my cock! - How did it go? Did you find drugs? - Nothing.
Arrests? 51, including Oubiña and the Charlíns.
And Sito? We're still looking for him.
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND How are we going to carry it all? Patient with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
- He's unresponsive.
We're losing him.
- No, dammit! You have to save him in any way possible! Why don't we do a lineup? Who is it? Him there.
- What are you doing? - Don't worry, it's just a precaution.
Where is he? - Don't even think about it, kid.
- Bastard! I move to have all of his testimony disregarded.
Do you see what you've done? Who's going to bring in hash and coke when we get out? Shit.
Justice! Justice! Justice! Tell Ballesteros that Sito's back in the game.
Sito's doing a job with the old guard.
- Give me the gun.
- Let me go.
I won't let a murderer go free.
What are you waiting for? Do it! Do it!