Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Final Key

1 Hey, easy! We’re moving out, not robbing the joint! You wanted me to tell you when the team arrived.
Hey, what’s going on?! They're here.
She’s robbing the joint! We’re not robbing anything! I paid for all of this! And the operation is over.
Hey! Aww! You’re taking the nacho dispenser? I’m afraid this is "nacho" cheese anymore.
It's funny, Gary! Easy, big guy.
Never let 'em see you cry.
Why are you pulling the plug? We know the cars are the keys! Yeah, and Frostee’s been captured! He’s still out there! This is why I wanted to leave before they returned.
I always have to explain.
Congratulations, you found out that the cars were the keys.
What do you want, a cookie? Well, too bad! Because you also blew your cover and, yes, I know Frostee’s still out there! And who’s gotta bring him home to his moms and clean up your mess? I do! And I hate cleaning.
I’m really sorry about Frostee, but it was great meeting you all.
- I hope we can spy together in the future.
- Gary! Hauler! Now! Yo, not the cars, too.
Yes, the cars.
Those upgrades are property of the US government.
We’ll be sure to ship them back after we remove the spy gear.
Also, we don’t cover shipping.
Okay, good, I found you! - Layla - I can’t believe you took Frostee! I didn’t know that would happen! You gotta believe me! - I don’t.
- Me neither.
Shashi crossed a line taking him.
I ditched them the first chance I got.
Why didn’t you get Frostee out? I couldn’t And you came here to apologize? Sounds suspicious to me.
I didn’t come to apologize, I came to warn you.
About what? - I know what the cars unlock.
- What did you say? Together the five cars open a vault and inside is something called Skeleton Key.
Please! Take her.
Wait! You have to listen to me! It’s too early for a bedtime story.
What? You’ve heard of this thing? Supposedly Skeleton Key can control any technology within a several-mile radius.
But it’s just a myth.
It’s real! No, think about it.
Those billionaires had access to top minds and money.
They created it.
Skeleton Key exists.
A device that controls technology? Doesn’t sound so bad.
Bad doesn’t come close to the apocalyptic catastrophe the Skeleton Key could unleash.
A person with that power could lead armies with the wave of a hand.
They could rain down fiery vengeance on anyone from anywhere at anytime.
Skeleton Key could turn a mere mortal into an all-powerful god! Okay, melodramatic much? I think they get it.
If Skeleton Key exists and the cars unlock it then there’s only one thing to do: destroy the last key car.
How? Do you know where it is? What is this, twenty questions? I know exactly where it is! The last key car was owned by billionaire Cleve Kelso.
He begged the military to look after it with all these thefts going on.
He won't be happy that I’m going to destroy it But what about Frostee? You can’t leave him with that psychopath! Intelligence agents and the military are searching for him as we speak.
I've no intention of leaving him but we must prioritize! Frostee should be your priority! Let me give you all a word of warning: making decisions based on emotions leads to trouble.
That’s how I ate six pints of ice cream last night.
Let’s go.
Yo, we’ll get him back, Cisco.
We never leave family behind.
I can’t help but worry about my Frost-bite, you know? Poor Tee-tee.
He’s all alone.
Are these new nicknames, or? And I know he annoyed me something crazy, but I’d do anything to have him here annoying me now.
Nuh-uh-uh! Step away from the Yoka! Nuh-uh-uh! Step away Wow, you kinda got your wish.
I just I just miss him so much! There you are! What are you doing? Just having a nice quiet moment thinking about Frostee.
Come on.
I got an idea on how to get him back.
Here's the plan: steal the key car from Ms.
Nowhere and exchange it with Shashi for Frostee.
What do you think? That might actually work.
Are you cool giving Shashi the key to a super weapon? We don’t have a choice.
Frostee is family.
We won't wait for Ms.
Nowhere to save him.
I love it! Man, for Frostee, I’d give the key car to a monkey on a motorcycle.
Would the monkey need a car if it had a motorcycle? I don’t know.
Rainy days? We’ll worry about Shashi using Skeleton Key later.
Step one is finding the car.
Maybe if I had a tracker Nah, too late for that.
- M-Maybe satellites and hacking? - Like what? I don’t know.
It's what Frostee would say.
Let's think quick.
Nowhere is headed off to destroy our only bargaining chip.
Got her.
- “Steppin’ On Up”? - It tracks Ms.
Nowhere’s steps.
It also tracks her location.
Oh, man, privacy.
What happened to it, you know what I’m saying? Where is she? Currently, in the desert outside of the city.
Wait, hold up.
It’s blacked out.
It must be a military base or something.
How are we going to get into a military black site, get the last key car and get out? We don’t even have our cars.
You'll do anything for family, won’t you? It’s a deal.
If you can get me that last car, I’ll give you Frostee back.
There’s one catch.
To pull off this heist, we’ll need our tech man.
We gotta have Frostee behind a computer.
Tony, Echo, Cisco! Man, it’s good to see you guys! Frostee, are you okay? Are you eating enough? Blink twice if your mattress is too soft! I’m okay for a kid who’s been handcuffed and kidnapped and whose life is threatened.
Except I am totally bored.
Come, on guys I spy with my little eye something that is gray.
He hasn’t stopped talking for 12 hours.
It has a keyboard attached to it and rhymes with "flomputer"! We need help breaking into a military base.
Huh! Sounds exciting! When do we start? Immediately.
Computer! Yes! I got it! It’s time to destroy the car.
Hang on there, missy.
Excuse me? This car is the private property of Cleve Kelso, and I don’t think he handed it over to us just so we could blow it up.
Besides, the way I see it, we got the car and we got Layla Gray.
If we find Dhar’s location we get the rest of the cars and take Skeleton Key for ourselves.
General, that’s not the plan.
Yeah, well maybe it’s time the plan changed.
Get Gray to an interrogation room.
Find out what she knows.
That won't happen.
All due respect, no one waltzes in here and tells me what to do.
Well, I can assure you, General, that I’m not no one, I’m Nowhere.
That supposed to mean something to me? It means I have full authority over this operation, and as my first act I hereby relieve you of duty.
This is my base now.
Agents, get him out of my sight.
Now excuse me while I "waltz" wherever I please.
Although I’m more of a cat daddy lady.
Gary, let’s destroy that car.
We’re in position.
Let’s make it happen.
There's movement beyond the perimeter.
- You'd better not be messing with me! - I’m not! Help us do this and you’ll have the sweetest one-of-a-kind ride on the block.
All right.
- Hey, Echo? - Yeah? Be careful.
Toughen up, outlaw.
Pull over immediately! You are in a restricted area.
I’m on! Just a Flat Earther with a homemade rocket.
We’re heading back.
Okay, so this is a secure facility, so step one is to blend in.
Now that’s some respect.
intercept and up-link the main security hub to me so I have access.
The station you need to get to is across the base, so stay hidden.
Ma’am, can I see some ID? Ms.
Nowhere, a snot-nosed officer fresh out of the academy is harassing me.
Permission to release the laser-bees? No! Okay, I said stay hidden, but you do you.
The main building has an annex attached to it.
That’s where you'll intercept the transmission.
Nice job, Agent Echo! Now I can control everything on the base.
Layla’s not welcome anywhere these days.
Okay, I got eyes and ears everywhere.
You're past the landmines.
Actual landmines?! There were landmines and you didn’t tell us? Yeah.
I knew you might get nervous and accidentally blow yourself up! So, you’re welcome! Oh Uh, thanks? Phew! I hope these fit.
The government spent a billion dollars on a watermelon juicer.
Your tax dollars at work.
It’s an incinerator! I’m excited to use it on something other than melons and photos of old boyfriends.
Also, I can do without the sass.
I’m starting to question whether it was a good idea to keep Layla so close.
Thank you for the thoughtful reflection.
Get the key car in place.
Turn right.
I got eyes on the hauler.
What size is this outfit? And what’s it made out of? It’s a polyblend, isn’t it?! It’s making me sweat like crazy.
- More than your normal nervous sweating? - Yes! Whoa.
That’s a lot of sweat.
That's better.
I’ll check the hangar’s clear.
Come on Excuse me, sir.
Can I help you? Let me get that for you.
There you go.
My wife suffers from sweaty palms, too.
A hand deodorant works nicely.
Thank you! Aw, why’d you do that? He was so helpful.
Well, then let’s put him somewhere nice and he’ll wake up rested and refreshed.
Ready? There's not much time.
I'm ready.
I'm set.
I'm go.
Let's make some noise.
Yeah! Yeah, that's right! Take that! It’s SH1FT3R! Stop them! Tony Toretto.
I’m actually impressed with myself! Don’t destroy the car.
Shashi might hurt Frostee.
What did I say about emotions clouding your judgement? I will destroy the car.
And you will go to jail.
I can’t believe you let Layla out.
You know she’s a wild card.
She’s the only card we got.
Get the car and get out.
I’ll hold her off! Oh, she’s helping us! Yes! Layla Gray, so unpredictable.
That’s what I love about her.
You think you can take me? I do Pilates three times a week and tae kwon do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Yeah, well I grew up in Gum Neck, North Cackalacka.
Maybe it'll be a scrap after all.
Go! Go! What are you waiting for, Toretto? - He doesn’t want to leave Layla.
- It’s her or you.
I said, go! Wild card.
Whoo! That’s right! Frostee, find a getaway vehicle? Coming right now! Whoa! I’ve flown a lot of drones, but it's my first time piloting a flying cruise ship.
This is the craziest heist ever! I can't believe you guys are still alive.
I know, right? How are we looking? As much as I like it, I can’t hold them off forever! We’re looking good! Tony’s got the car! And I got the plane! Line up to load up! Argh! Do not let the cars make it aboard that plane! The plane’s exposed.
I must get to the runway and take off! Do it! We’re coming! Guys, get in the hauler! I’ll ram through! Get on the plane.
- See you there! - Whatchu doin', T? Come on! I won't leave Layla! Tony, I can’t stop the plane! Do not go back there, Toretto! Don’t worry.
I’ll make it! You came back.
I guess I’m family now.
Don’t push it.
Let’s go.
Where am I supposed to sit? - The plane’s about to take off! - We better get on it! What? Whoo-hoo-hoo! We made it! Frostee, we’re coming! Bring me my jet.