Fastlane (2002) s01e08 Episode Script

Mighty Blue

Down! Get down! L.
, freeze.
Get your hands They fixed us.
- No, no.
I fixed you.
Alexa? Out of the car.
Come on.
Hands up, hands up.
- She broke cover, man.
- Shut up.
What is this? Take this, please.
Van Strummer, Deaqon Hayes, you're under arrest for violation of title 21, felony possession of methamphetamines with intent to distribute.
You're good at this.
You should look into a career.
Ease up with the claws, all right? A brother needs some circulation.
Huh? A brother needs some discipline.
Oh-ho! Is that how it is? That's the way it's gonna be, then.
When you least expect it, Alexa.
- When you least expect it.
- See you at the crossroads, Jackson.
Booyah? - Booyah.
- Ha, ha.
One question: Did you have to put Deaq down like such a chump? What? You see that? How you gonna hit a man in cuffs, man? It's killing time, boys.
Time to box up some bitches.
- What you talking about, man? - Alexa.
The trick sold me out.
Thought you were the snitch, that's why I drew down.
I should have known.
Bros before ho's.
But I got bad news for that ho.
Matter of time before I'm gonna be selling her body parts on eBay.
I hate to blind you with reality, Jackson but we just got our cards pulled on a $5-million powder puff.
We got bigger problems than a snitch in a skirt.
Like affidavits and arraignments.
We'll see.
You send your boys to lick a cop you know how much heat it's gonna bring down on you? I ain't sending my boys.
- I handle this one.
Oh, yeah? How you gonna go big willy from a prison C? With a little bit of faith.
- What's that noise? - Oh, that's the sound of faith.
You guys are the naz.
- Big up for my ace boons, huh? - Yeah, good form.
- Guys, check you later.
- Wait, wait, wait, you're leaving us? I never said this was full-service operation.
- What's up with your girl, man? - Who, Alexa? She is so dead.
What? Wait, we can't.
Okay? He puts one hand on her, I swear I'll cut it off.
Go, go, go.
Jackson doesn't talk the talk.
We gotta get to Alexa before he does.
What are you two so afraid of? I never used the word "afraid.
" - You said, and I quote: "I'd rather be castrated with a butter knife than be sent in after the Chinese Triad.
" And note the word "afraid" appears nowhere in that sentence.
Jackson Yu.
Twenty-seven years old, leader of the Triad sect called the Mighty Blue.
Jackson took control of lower Chinatown 18 months ago in what RHD claims as the most brutal power move gangland has seen in years.
The guy he took out? Mars Kwong.
Was a rival gang leader.
Had a stranglehold on all the methamphetamine distribution on the Chinatown streets.
Note that I refer to Mars in the past tense.
Mighty Blue! Now I use the word "afraid.
" Besides, okay I don't know if you noticed, he's white, I'm black.
Once again, white, black.
We may have a little trouble regulating in Chinatown.
I have an in.
A UC from Major Crimes named Alexa Tan.
She's been undercover for eight months.
She's positioned herself as a broker for Jackson's supply of yaba a new-school form of meth.
- Trouble is, she needs buyers.
- So that's where white and black come in? Yaba? It's the real deal.
It makes crack look like Nestlé Quik.
We're not gonna buy some, but all of Jackson's supply.
We're gonna keep as much of this off the streets as we can.
Alexa, she came to me for help because I've got the flow.
- Where's the meet? - Rockstar Arcade, Chinatown.
Guess we going to Chinatown, huh? I guess so.
Oh, and, um, Van? One more thing.
There's always a thing.
Alexa? She's a good friend of mine.
We came up through the academy together.
You have a past? I always thought you were, like, genetically engineered in a lab.
And men find Alexa Well, let me see if I can put this in your terms.
There wasn't one guy in the academy that didn't wanna shizzle her whizzle.
Okay, I've never shizzled a whizzle.
And I don't know what that means.
Is she trying to say she's hot? Is that what it is, she's hot? - Keep your meat hooks off her.
- What? What? Listen, she just went through a rough divorce.
A lunkhead detective from Bunko left her for his bong.
The last thing she needs is another cop to hit it and quit it.
Okay, I'm personally offended by that.
I mean, I can't believe this.
This is like racial profiling without the race part.
Don't worry, Billie.
I'll keep him in check.
See that girl right there? Now, that's bananas, with a capital nanas.
She all right.
She's not like the bombay or anything.
So you just have to downplay her flyness because you have orders.
You've got to be Alexa Tan.
Van, right? Billie warned me about you.
- I'm Van.
- Sorry.
I'm Deaqon Hayes.
Billie didn't say much about you.
- Oh, no, she didn't.
Leave it to Billie.
Always hiding the chocolate.
Okay, Billie said you need some buyers, right? Yeah.
I'm ready to make this deal and get out.
Jackson's energy is toxic.
- So how do we all know each other? - Well, I told him you were gay lovers that I met on a cruise to Catalina.
All you have to do to keep cover is hold hands and lip-lock every now and again.
I'm kidding.
- Ha-ha-ha.
That's funny.
- Yeah.
The truth is, Jackson doesn't care how we met.
There's only one thing he understands, the international language of loochie.
Flaunt your toys.
And keep in mind, Jackson is 27 going on 17.
Sophistication and culture? They don't impress.
So the more immature that you act, the better.
Get down with that? You can't fight the flave, baby, what you got? - Just stay out of my way.
- Okay.
What you got? Stay out of my wheelhouse, baby.
You in my wheelhouse now, baby.
You in my wheelhouse now.
Leave it to a pair of round eyes to be flipping a kids' game.
Van, Deaq, meet Jackson Yu.
What can I say, player, we just finished a crazy session of PS2.
Eight straight hours of "Grand Theft Auto," had to blow off some steam.
Unh, unh, unh.
I rule "Vice City.
" Like that.
Four vodka Red Bulls.
- Make mine a chocolate martini.
Here, why don't you put it on this? You scored a black card.
Hey, you gotta be Don Mega to get your hands on that piece of plastic.
- What is it? - You don't know? Never seen one.
That's because there's only, like, 15 of those in the world.
What a dumb bitch.
Is this a dumb bitch? Well, that's what you want in a prime piece for them to be nice and dumb, dumb, dumb.
- Come on, why you gotta be like that? - And they're good for business.
The dumb ones do what they're told and they're too stupid to fix you.
She is so freaking hot, isn't she? Yeah, bananas.
Here, this is for you.
- What is it? - It's a down payment on the yaba.
- Half a mil, all clean.
- Another 4-and-a-half on delivery.
So I just walk out of here with your sack of loot? Why don't you thank the dumb bitch? She's the one who vouched for you.
Thank you.
- Who are you guys? - The real deal.
Oh, man.
All right.
Take it in, baby.
We're into phase two.
Jackson wants to do business with Van and Deaq.
When we find out the location of the transaction, we'll let you know.
You can organize SWAT, do what you do.
- Booyah? - Booyah.
Are you feeling good about this case? The only thing that I'll feel good about is shutting the Jackson chapter of my life.
He's a tipped-over psycho, huh? To call Jackson a psycho would be an insult to psychos.
Well, you just keep reminding yourself, this is gonna be over.
I know.
I know, but it's weird.
I mean, I've been in Major Crimes for three years dealt with the lowest of the low, but there's just something about Jackson.
- Can I tell you something? - Yeah, of course.
- And it stays between us.
- Always.
Since I started working on this case, I keep having this one dream.
It's always at my house and he's there but he knows.
He knows I'm a cop.
And for all the dark, disturbing things that he's done to people he's saved the worst for me.
Okay, you know what, you're gonna come stay with me.
At least until this case is over with.
- Mm, I can't.
- You have to get out of that house.
- I like my house.
- I know, but I think it's a little too big.
I mean, it was one thing with you and Doug there but it's just a lot of space for one person.
Come on, you come stay with me.
It'll be like we roomed back at the academy.
We'll order ungodly amounts of Italian food we'll get really drunk and we'll fall asleep to watching those rodeo bloopers.
- How are you gonna pass that up? - I'll be all right.
Like you said, this case will be over soon.
By the way, how are my guys treating you? All right? Yeah.
Deaq's great.
- Deaq's great? - And Van.
Van is great too.
- Go back to Deaq.
- There's nothing.
Just window-shopping for now.
I just dread him finding out I'm a divorcée.
Even the sound of it makes me feel old.
And leathery and pitiful.
A pitiful divorcée.
Okay, you're the farthest thing from pitiful.
You're a decorated officer, you have a great place you're gorgeous and you have spunk.
Of the things you can say to make me feel better, you give me spunk.
What's wrong with spunk? Men need spunk.
Men like spunk.
Tell me something, Billie.
Be honest.
You ever take Deaq out for a couple laps? Okay, now, see, That was spunky.
Get out of here.
I can't talk about this anymore.
Oh, look at that, baby.
We should lower the bet.
What are you talking about? - Van? - What? Come here.
- I didn't do anything.
God, you're such a beaten dog, I love it.
Don't change.
What do you want? - Okay, it's about Deaq.
- Yeah? Has he, um, mentioned Alexa? We're doing a case with her so, yeah, her name has come up.
Yeah, um, well, has he mentioned wanting to, um, uh, knock it with her? - Knock it? Knock what with her? - Answer the question.
He hasn't said anything to me, okay? Deaq's a pro, you know, he wouldn't, uh He wouldn't mix business with pleasure.
You are the worst liar.
It's amazing you're still alive.
You know, this is unbelievable.
You know, I would think this is normal coming from you, but Deaq? I mean, I thought I was very clear about this.
Hands off Alexa.
She's vibing him just as hard.
Tell her to back off.
Alexa is my friend, I don't tell her what to do.
I tell you guys what to do.
Can you tell me to go back and play ball? - Yeah, I'm done with you.
- Thanks.
Check it, baby.
She wants me to step off? What, like don't even talk to her? I know it's weak, but that's what she said.
You know what? Tell Billie she needs to step off.
Do I have one of those neon bike helmets on with spandex pants? I'm not a messenger, okay? I'm not floating notes between the two of you anymore.
I'm out of the messenger business.
Hi, Van Strummer, Deaqon Hayes.
We're friends of Jackson's.
All right, fellas, that'll be 5 G's a head.
You want $ 10,000 to get in the joint? Believe me, it is mad worth it.
- You want cash? - Or credit? This is something else here.
All right, all right.
This party's going right.
- Welcome to the Phoenix Nest.
- It's quaint.
- What is this place? - It's Jackson's own private Idaho.
He feels safest when he's buried in depravity.
Speaking of the man, let me go say hello.
Yeah, you do that.
- This is a trip.
What is? - Ugh, this place.
It's just like my apartment, spitting image.
- I mean, down to the very last detail too.
- Eerie.
- Jackson Yu.
- Black card.
- You feeling naughty tonight? - This place is pretty nasty, man.
But good nasty.
- You want a bump? - I don't mix business with pleasure.
You know what they call this stuff? Hitler's drug.
Homeboy gave it to his soldiers to keep them on point.
What a pimp, right? I kind of think of him as a role model, you know? Feeding all the Brentwood babies some yaba-dabba-do hold them in check with the Mighty Blue.
Everybody's gotta have a role model.
Mine's Frank Sinatra.
- So tomorrow we do this thing? - Just give me the details.
Car to car.
Switch keys at a rest stop just north of the interchange.
A little outside the perimeter.
That's so in case I decide to smoke you and your partner we'll be far from civilization.
- That's funny.
- You think I'm kidding? Are you? Am I? You and Billie must be pretty tight because she's way protective of you.
She saw me through a bad time and, you know, we have a history together.
- A history? - Yeah.
What, like War of 1812 history or boom-shaka-laka history? - Which one is it? - Excuse me? I'm asking, back in the day, you know did you and Billie bake muffins together? No, I'm sorry to disappoint you on that one.
- Can I pretend the answer's yes? - Yeah.
- Give me your hand.
- What? - I'm gonna read your fortune.
- Okay.
- It's interesting.
- What do you see? Well, I see a bra clasp opening.
- All right.
- And I see a tongue licking down a neck.
Oh, man, let me Let me, uh, look at your hand, I read fortunes too.
- You do? Mm.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, your future's bright.
I see, uh, champagne on skin, rolling down to the loveliest places.
I see strawberries on your lips.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- It's been a long time.
- You have no idea.
Unh! Whoo.
- Billie, hey, um - Hi.
- Were you just on my desk? - No, no, no, we were just talking.
We're just friends.
- Hey, where you come from? Let me Let me let you down, real quick, okay.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna leave you guys.
Don't be too hard on him.
Um, thanks.
Uh, you mad? No, I'm not mad.
This is yours, isn't it? Yeah, thank you.
No, you know what? I would have preferred No, actually I would have hoped that you would have shown some restraint until after the case was over.
- We're adults, Billie.
- Adults? Adults tongue-boxing on my desk? Look, man, you're not helping me, all right? Chill out, chill out.
Um You're right.
I mean, my bad.
We got carried away.
I apologize.
That's what I've been saying.
You know, Alexa, she's fragile right now.
She's not fragile.
Yeah, maybe not to you.
You're looking at her through that one-eyed monster of yours.
But she is, and she doesn't need to be with anybody like you right now.
Someone like me? You got something you wanna say? - Say it.
- That's not what I meant.
I don't want anything to complicate the case, okay? What I do when I clock out is none of your business.
Did you just crawl out from under a rock? Because if you did, let me bring you up to speed.
When you work for me, you never clock out.
Deaq, let's go.
Forget it.
You know what? You're right, man.
Let's go.
She might as well put my jimmy in a jar right now because I will not be told who I can get down with.
You can't let her get to you, okay? Billie likes to play den mother sometimes.
I'm not feeling that.
How's she gonna say what Alexa needs? Maybe she needs to be with me.
Maybe I need to be with her.
I don't know.
Why can't we get a chance to explore the possibilities? Just because she split with her man that don't mean she has to sit on a shiva sewing an afghan.
Technically, you crochet an afghan, don't you? That's not my point.
Billie just doesn't wanna be left adjusting the rabbit ears.
- Translation? - It's like you're playing Triple A ball and your best friend's on the team.
And you know, or at least you think that you're as good a ball player as they are and one day the scout from the Yanks comes by gives your friend the nod and they leave you in the dust.
Now your friend's in New York City pitching in the World Series tearing up the town with Aguilera and the American Idol chick while you're stuck in a doublewide in Duluth eating a fried-egg sandwich, sipping warm beer and adjusting the rabbit ears on a little black-and-white TV just to get a glimpse of all the fun your friend's having and you're not.
So you're saying I'm like the World Series? That's what you got out of? Yeah, okay.
In this context, maybe.
Maybe, yeah, you're the World Series.
True that.
I like that, thank you very much.
Come on, this has nothing to do with the case.
I know you have to protect me, but I just wanna make sure you're all right.
And that you're thinking straight.
You're deep undercover.
You know, no offense to Deaq but he's not exactly some master Casanova with the love potion.
I am able to think straight in his presence.
He's just a dopey cop with great pecs and a great ass.
- Okay, you know what, that's enough.
- Billie, I gotta go.
You should have seen your face.
There's Deaq, in a blaze of glory making the beast with two backs on your desk.
It was It was genius.
I am so glad you're amused with the idea of this place becoming a shtup den.
But we have a $5-million drug bust about to happen.
- Can you focus? - Hey, I'm focused, okay? I'm ready and I'm waiting for my partner.
Why does this thing with Deaq and Alexa tweak you out that bad? If there was something there, maybe, but there isn't.
It's like porn.
Bad porn, mind you.
"Hi, I'm Detective Hayes.
" "I'm Alexa Tan.
" Cut to them having sex on my desk.
Look, if it was all about sex then he wouldn't be messing around with your friend.
I mean, he has more respect for you than that.
And her, I'm sure.
Hey, picture this: Deaqon Hayes comes over to Los Angeles, alone your friend, recently divorced, alone two lonely souls filling a void in each other's lives.
Wow, that's a beautiful love story, Van.
The problem with it is I don't really buy it.
Look, I'm sorry.
Pardon me if I have the unpopular view but I don't have a lot of friends.
And Alexa, she's one of them.
Probably my only true friend.
And Deaq, you know what? Deaq, I like him, he's a great guy.
I would take a bullet for him.
But it doesn't mean I have to be okay with this.
Whoo! Ha! Whoa, you ready to go, partner? Yup.
- Cool, cool.
- Where were you last night? - I was home, home.
- Home.
I've been calling you.
- You was calling me? You're unbelievable.
I asked you to do one favor.
Wanna do this now? I wish we would.
Let's just clear the air.
- Back off.
- I'll do you one better, I'll bail out.
I'll finish this thing here, get my black ass on the first flight to New York.
I ain't come here to be sweated by some square that's still living in a bubble.
You need to get yourself a life.
That's right, I said it.
You dive into me, I'm gonna dive into you, Billie.
Straight up.
- Yo, don't we have some work to do, player? - Yeah.
Let's go get some Jackson Yu.
D! Get down.
- He fixed us! - Deaq! I fixed you.
Ease up with the claws, all right? A brother needs some circulation.
A brother needs some discipline.
I may not have a life, but I've got a mean right hook.
When you least expect it, Alexa.
It's killing time, boys.
How you gonna go big willy from a prison C? With a little bit of faith.
- What's up with your girl, man? - She is so dead.
We gotta get to Alexa before he does.
- No pulse, you? - Uh-uh.
Try the radio.
Tell them to get word to Billie.
Come on.
Nothing, man, damn it.
We're gonna have to flag down a car or something.
Not with these things on.
- What? - Yoga.
- Now, turn around.
- Hurry up.
- Jackson moves fast, man.
- I'm hurrying.
Let's go.
Well, Elvin, looks like we got ourselves two escaped convicts.
Get them up.
You don't understand, okay? This is an emergency.
Someone's life is at stake.
Shut it.
- Where you boys from, anyhow? - The future? Look, Gomer, we don't care what you do to us.
- Somebody needs to call L.
- Hey, nobody's calling nothing.
There's only one thing on the menu right now.
- Roasting up some convict city boy.
- Roasting up some convict city - You remember that thing I told you about? - Yeah.
Let's go, forget it.
- I'm looking for cellies, Van.
- They haven't discovered dental floss.
You think they have cell phones? Let's go.
Remember when Billie said we were - Yup.
- Get ready to flip those numbers.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
- Take whatever you want.
- Get out of the car.
- Please, I have a family.
- Then don't make me hurt you, Pops.
Move! Hang on, Alexa, baby, we coming.
Move it.
- I'm not getting signal.
- Just try it again.
Can't believe Alexa would blow cover like that.
Jackson was gunning for you.
You would've done the same.
I know, but he's gonna kill her.
You know that? He's gonna kill the girl.
Before he'll kill, we're gonna get there.
Well, probably should go bail out the guys.
I'm sure they wanna get Jackson's scent off.
Are you gonna finish off Deaq with another right hook? - Listen, about that - Ah, no, no, that's between you two.
- I don't wanna get involved.
- I know.
It's not your problem, it's mine.
- All right.
- See you.
Hello, officer.
It's ringing, it's ringing.
Come on, Billie, pick up.
- This is Billie.
- Billie? - Are you with Alexa? - Deaq? - Just answer me.
- I just dropped her off.
Jackson escaped custody and he's going after Alexa.
Hello? The department knows where I am.
You do anything stupid, they'll find you and they'll give you the chair.
You know me better than that, Alexa.
If there's one thing I'm not afraid of it's repercussions.
Right there, right there, right there, right there, Van.
Right here, right here, right here, get your gun.
Oh, man.
Alexa Ma'am.
No, man.
Sorry, Billie.
If there's anything I could, um Mm-mm, don't.
- All right.
- All right? - What exactly is all right, Deaq? - Never mind.
You get my best friend killed and you're talking to me about all right? - Billie.
- No, let her, man, okay? If she needs somebody to blame, let it be me.
You're damn right I blame you.
She never would have broken cover never would have exposed herself to Jackson if she didn't care about you.
I knew she wasn't ready.
And I asked you, I pleaded with you not to get into her heart.
- You wouldn't listen to me.
- So if we hadn't gotten close Alexa would have let Jackson blow me away? I don't think so.
That's not the girl I know.
You You son of a bitch.
You're questioning me on how well I knew my friend? How are you supposed to know anything about anybody when all you give a damn about is procedure and form? I gave a damn about my friend Alexa! More than you ever did.
And you took her from me.
You took away my friend! And you were the one I thought I could count on, Deaq.
Hold up, okay? You can't count on me? - No, no, not anymore.
- That's bull and you know it.
Because I had your back from jump street, Billie.
Don't you forget that.
Yeah, that was yesterday.
Now you're just another disappointment.
So I can't be counted on, huh? Ask yourself, who can count on you? Huh? Not me.
Not Van and definitely not Alexa.
Who organized the bust? You.
Who organized the transport to County? Wasn't that you, huh? Where were the escorts, where was the backup? Jackson ain't no mystery.
You knew what we were dealing with.
So you're saying that it's my fault my friend got killed? I don't have to, you did.
Enough, okay? Nobody is responsible for Alexa's death except for Jackson.
So stop eating each other alive and let's just go after him.
I've already assembled SWAT, okay? You guys just need to find out where he's hiding.
- I think we might know.
- Tell me.
- Uh-uh.
- No? You go in there, guns blazing on Jackson, it's gonna be a bloodbath.
We've seen one cop go down today, we don't need to see any more.
We never blew our cover.
We can get inside and take this guy down ourselves.
It's not gonna happen.
I want this.
No, you know what? I deserve this take.
- Not if it's gonna get you killed.
- I am going to ask you one more time.
Where is Jackson hiding? I'm sorry, Billie.
You either tell me where Jackson is or the two of you can go back to writing parking tickets.
See you.
Thinking the same on where Jackson's hiding? - Phoenix Nest, no doubt.
- What are you gonna do? I'm gonna do what I gotta do.
You got a problem with that? What are you saying? We're gonna walk in there and execute him? Okay? - We need a play.
- Playtime's over.
I'm about to raw dog this one.
Jackson Yu, the fugitive from the law and a known cop-killer.
You are to exercise extreme prejudice and take no prisoners.
Hey, Billie, where them two pretty boys at? They are no longer with this operation.
If we were to encounter Officer Strummer and Detective Hayes on this run they are to be detained as hostiles.
Now, as I was saying They're coming for me.
Coming hard.
But we're gonna give them a show.
So when those doors come flying open we let them know how the Mighty Blue represents.
So we're gonna bring - The - Ruckus.
Hands in the air! Hands in the air now.
Mighty Blue.
Mighty Blue.
I know you're in here.
I'm guessing you're Mighty Blue.
Tell me where Jackson Yu's hiding.
Huh? Come here, you little punk.
You tell me where Jackson Yu's hiding or you're done.
- Yeah, yeah.
The Phoenix Nest.
- The Phoenix Nest.
Thank you.
Come on, let's go.
You sure you two wanna be here? Look, man, we're out 5 mil and you brought the snitch.
Now we got cops looking for us.
Least you could do is give us some protection.
- Tell your boys to back off.
- Yeah, back off.
You came to the wrong place.
Any minute, it's about to go down.
But if it's any consolation, I already took care of Alexa.
Slit her clean across.
Best part? Laid a big wet one on her while she died.
I always wanted to get with that girl but never did.
Funny that the first time I macked on her is when I sucked out her last breath.
Huh? - You know what, Jackson? L.
D! Detective.
Get in there.
Stay back! Stay down.
Stay down.
Billie! Billie, you all right? Unh.
Billie, you're hit.
It's all right, it's all right, baby.
Come here, I got you.
It's over.
It's over.