Fastlane (2002) s01e09 Episode Script

Get Your Mack On

- Hello? - Where are you guys? - It's for you.
- We had a flat.
Nathan doesn't like late.
If we're gonna bring this guy down this is our chance, don't blow it.
Have you tried to change a tire on a Ferrari? It is not user-friendly, okay? Nathan sweeps for bugs every 12 hours.
Those cameras went in 11 hours ago.
Do the math.
She's explaining the bug thing again.
- We get the bug thing.
- Then get there and give him the money.
We got 50 women waiting for us, you think we're not in a hurry, Billie? Deaq, let's focus on how dangerous this guy is and how many of his girls have just disappeared.
After today, I wanna make sure that doesn't happen again.
- They make airbags in Italy, right? I don't know.
Because they sure as hell don't make a decent lug wrench.
I know, I know.
They'll be here.
Standing here nobody's making money.
- You counted the money? - I counted the money, Van.
Well, you wanna count it again? Yeah.
Why? I count it wrong, you're gonna pull over and jack a 7-Eleven? - I'm just saying the money's your end.
- Cars are supposed to be your end and you don't know jack about changing a tire.
I just didn't wanna get dirty.
Oh Listen, we get in business with these guys, we're gonna need a whole new stable.
You're gonna need a whole new stable.
What could I be thinking, O King of All Holly, O Master of Wood? Your friends got 10 minutes.
Then it's time to punch in.
- Shh.
- What? You hear that? Oh, we don't need this right now.
You think they're gonna believe we're cops? You got a badge on you? I know I don't.
I gave up mine to go deep undercover, keep it real undercover.
Now I'm a black man in a $300,000 Ferrari doing a buck 50.
I've gotta say no, Van.
Lose them.
Hit it, man.
Nail it, baby.
Whoa! Yeah! Woo! Oh.
- Get out of the car! - I think we're gonna have to Yeah, Van, yeah.
You got a way out of this, Van, huh? You got a plan, Van? Mr.
Driving-Fast-Van, huh? - Can you not say my name over and over? - Okay, Van.
It gets annoying.
There's a perfectly good explanation for all this, okay? All right, all right.
- Ow! There's a nicer way to do that.
- Ah! Ow! - I guess you don't wanna hear my side.
How about now? You want to hear me now, huh? I'll bet you do.
We'll mail these back to you.
Don't ever do this.
Stay in school.
Look at this.
See that? I'm all beat up.
It's gonna leave a mark.
I'm telling you, I should sue.
Police brutality at its finest.
Man, things were a lot simpler when it was just me, a badge a gun and some low-rent perp.
Is this gonna be an I-miss-New-York thing or L.
-sucks thing? Whatever.
Always caps off with you humming a Beach Boys song.
You on daylight savings? Yeah, sorry I'm late, Bree.
Serious bad morning.
Remember my man, Deaq? - Traffic was bananas.
How are you? - Mm-hm.
He wants to make the deal.
He's highly motivated by what you've got in the case.
It'll be cool.
Just act real sorry you're late and, uh, compliment his suit.
You seriously miss New York right now? Again, we wanna apologize for being late.
That's a hot suit you're wearing, Nathan.
Is that hand-tailored? She tell you to say that? No doubt.
My girls know my style.
Let's break some bread.
Ladies, these are Bree's friends, Van and Deaq.
They're here to see you.
You want a ride to the airport? Shut up.
So Bree said you boys looking to buy some leg.
San Diego for a weekend.
- How many? - Oh, about, uh - Twice the girls here.
Maybe a few more.
Hold on now.
Fifty girls, 3 grand a night for three nights.
You pay for the whole party.
Our line of work tends to pay us very well.
Keeps us up nights.
Urban pharmaceuticals? Please believe it.
So I guess the only thing left to talk about is The money.
Give him the money.
Come on.
This ain't no bargain basement.
I need to speak with you in the other room.
Be back in a second, brothers.
Get yourselves a mimosa.
I know.
All right.
Clue? None.
Stay with the money.
Are you sure about this? My guy says he's seen them three times this week alone.
Twice within a block of Giddings' office.
Wanna pour me a drink? So what's with Elvis pulling Nathan out? I thought we were here to do business.
That's Tommy, his guy.
He's a major freak.
You get what this is about? Nope.
- You okay? - Mm-hm.
It's a funny business.
A lot of sharp turns.
Yeah, I bet.
Well, thanks for stopping by.
Bree, time for your friends to go home, baby.
- What? Time for your friends to go.
Oh, whoa.
Whoa, we didn't come here for mimosas now.
- Nathan, my man, what's the deal? - Nothing.
Bree's your friend, she wanted you to meet some of her friends.
You met.
Party's over.
Show your friends out, honey.
Then you'd better get yourself on home.
You got a lunch date, don't you? Yeah.
Come on, guys.
The guy just walked away from 300 stacks, cash down.
- What happened? - I don't know.
Ask Eagle Ears over there.
Everything was fine till he went in the den.
What happened in the den, Billie? There was a vent near the mike.
It kicked in right when they started talking.
I cleaned up the audio, but it's still gonna be distorted in some spots.
Are you sure about this? My guy says he's seen them three times this week alone.
Twice within a block of Giddings' office.
Her car, back of a bar, everything on the low.
Why'd it have to be Bree of all the girls? Why her, bro? She's family.
She knows things.
Serious things.
Not here.
Nowhere near.
I got you.
Them friends of hers? Just whack them.
That's Sabrina Falson.
She said she knows things.
Maybe we can get her to testify against Nathan.
They're gonna kill her.
We need to warn her.
- They're planning to make her disappear.
- You don't know that.
She was scared, okay? Now, I know this girl, she doesn't get scared.
Let me play this out.
You wanna jump in the car, no plan, show up at this girl's place.
"Hi, Bree.
We bugged your pimp's house.
You might or you might not be in some type of trouble.
We're just doing some Good Samaritan thugging.
" - Are you serious? I'm sorry.
Are we not cops? Did we not just hear two people planning a murder? I don't know what I just heard.
I heard a pimp is pissed at his girl, that's all I heard.
Hey, I talked to her, okay? You didn't.
Now, she was scared and she knew something Is that all you do? Get twisted on girls and try to save them? Back it up, okay, man? Back that up right now.
- Because I'm here to make cases.
- Guys.
We'll just let her get killed and we'll have a rock-solid murder case.
- Could be a new way of doing the job.
- All right.
Before I make one move I know the play, the game, every player.
That's who I am.
Who are you? Who am I? - Enough! Do you see a ball anywhere? Do you hear a whistle? No, okay? This isn't a game, dude.
It's not a game.
- Who are you? - Enough! In 90 seconds Nathan's security team gets to his house for the daily sweep where they find every camera we labored long and hard to plant.
And we end up with two miles of video that we might be able to sell to the Spice channel on a slow night.
But no case, and Nathan pulls a ghost.
Unless the girl can be turned.
What do you think? I got to know her pretty well over the last couple of weeks.
I mean, she doesn't exactly scream cooperative witness.
But I think she wants out of the life.
Maybe we offer to help her, she might be willing to help us.
Well, then you get to her before they do, and you bring her to me.
And, Deaq, go with him and make sure he doesn't get married.
Thank you, sir, that's very nice support.
I really appreciate it.
What? Did you two have a fight? - We didn't wanna bother you with that.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we did.
Yeah, well, he pissed me off and sort of jumped out the car.
- Yeah.
And we knocked up a little bit.
But you know, that's what guys do sometimes.
- They just gotta - Throw down.
- Throw down.
- Clear the air.
- Clear the air.
- Cleanse the soul.
Cleanse it, baby.
But we're good now.
- Yeah, it's all good.
- My man.
- Who won? Me.
Let's get out of here.
Okay, I'm guessing Bree is fully in flight mode so we gotta be really careful we don't scare her off.
Get ready to light it up if you see Tommy or Nathan.
They're probably following the same trail.
Let's start at her house.
See a back door anywhere? No, man.
All right.
Come on.
- You don't wanna go over? - No, no.
A black man in this neighborhood? You're going over.
Let's go.
Come on.
Wait, wait.
Whoa! What? What's going on? What, are you, deaf? It's a dog.
Get off me.
A dog? You gonna shoot it? No, I'm not gonna shoot it.
You're lucky you said that or I would've had to shoot you.
I can't stand when people are mean to dogs.
You might see the other side if you were back here.
Hey, the point is wouldn't be back there.
The point is I can't spend the rest of my life up here in this tree.
All right, look, I saw this thing on Animal Planet.
I know it's gonna sound crazy but you're gonna have to, like, pee on the dog.
What? Come on, man, whip out your little thing, get a stream going, hit the dog in the face.
Come on, man, okay, get serious.
Dogs are all about power.
It's all about the territory.
And the territory is all about the lemon juice.
You never had a puppy? I'm not gonna pee on the dog.
All right, then stay back there.
I'm just gonna sit in the car, man.
I'll take you to ER.
That's a good boy, puppy.
It worked.
It worked.
- It worked? - Yeah.
Cool, because I've never seen Animal Planet.
Bree? Bingo.
Note for the maid.
"Give the dog to my friend Janie.
Here's a couple of hundred bucks for the trouble.
" What, you think she's hiding under the couch? No.
You like games, right? I'm playing a game.
It's called What if I Was a Cop? You should try it.
- You saying you a better cop than me? - I'd like to take a look around.
You wanna go for doughnuts, wait in the car.
I don't know what you're looking for, but I know what you're gonna see.
All right? You're gonna see a girl that knows her pimp.
Something freaked him out and she bounced.
That means she ran, officer.
Maybe she's off to a new life.
Maybe she's found the man of her dreams.
- Huh.
- What? Tommy said a name.
The guy Bree was meeting.
The one they were so upset about.
My guy said he's seen them three times this week alone.
Twice within a block of Giddings' office.
Giddings, right? Yeah, I think so.
Mel Giddings.
Never heard of him.
Well, that would explain why Nathan got freaked.
He's pretty well known on the West Coast.
He's a federal prosecutor.
- Let me see that.
- Ah, ah, ah.
Now you're all interested? Now you wanna know the deal, right? Hooker on the run, prosecutor with his hand on her ass, angry pimp.
Look at you.
Finally found a game to get in.
Let's go get her.
You get to hold the pictures? - Find your own evidence.
I don't understand.
- Tired of doing everything.
I don't care what you say, I'm always in the game.
- We just got a difference in philosophy.
- How is that? You're a cop, right? Your job is to help people.
Yo, that's your job.
My job is to bust people.
Doing that I'm gonna see a lot of stuff I don't like.
But I can't save everybody, man.
Well, it doesn't hurt to try, right? Look, V, it's gonna come to a moment when you're gonna have to make a choice whether to save the good one or kiss the bad one.
Pick one.
What you gonna do? I'm driving.
Ha, ha.
If we get into a fight for real, I'm gonna whoop that ass.
This is not good.
Ah! Never would've happened if I'd been driving.
We got made, okay, Mr.
Slam-It-in-Reverse? I guarantee you Nathan's at his house now up to his ass in ripped-up cameras thinking every person he ever met is either a cop or a snitch.
Here you go.
Whole house full of these.
This is her.
Her and the prosecutor.
She set me up.
Okay? I don't care about quiet, Tommy.
Make it as loud as you want.
She is dead.
And those two muff hounds she brought in today I do not care what they are.
Today's gonna be the most that girl's ass was every worth.
Hundred grand, whoever tags her.
I'm glad you're finding that magazine entertaining.
It has a great article in it.
"How to Ignore Van.
" - Uh, what you got, Billie? - Well, according to her phone records she placed a call to one number Giddings, right? Yeah, Giddings.
God, it's so exhausting being right all the time.
The 22nd call was picked up.
The conversation between Bree and Giddings lasted about nine minutes.
According to the back trace the call was placed to a country club in Brentwood.
Do you guys golf? Okay, here's the play.
We gotta find this prosecutor and squeeze him to tell us where the girl is.
That will be the easy part, because that's the part I'm doing.
- It's not gonna work.
- What's not gonna work? You're You're the plan guy, right? Now I've got a plan, you don't like it? The plan is cool, Van.
It's just the way you wanna flip it I'm worried about.
What's the problem? Van, you can't pull off pimping.
That's because you haven't met Van the pimp-man, okay? Look, I'm just telling you what everybody knows, man.
You ain't that fly.
You don't have that kind of charisma.
You don't have that magnetism to pull ho's.
You don't have it "Everybody knows.
" Everybody who? Everybody in this car, huh? It's not like I can be the angry black golfer, okay? Just get in there and open up a pocket for me.
Tie up security so I can get out on the green.
That's all you have to do.
Good afternoon.
Are you? Yes.
- Meeting someone here? - No, no, I'm not.
I'm here to join this beautiful country club.
- Oh.
- Ha, ha.
Well, unless sponsored, we're not accepting new members.
I think we both know what's going on here, don't we? I think it's obvious that I'm Jewish.
And I don't see my people here anywhere.
Doesn't make me feel great.
Any Jews here? Can I get a holler back from the congregation? I can't hear y'all.
Can I get a "Hava Nagila"? Sir.
Sir, I wish you would vacate the premises.
So like when my people had to vacate their homeland? We have a situation at the front desk.
We have an irate African-American at the front desk.
Let me use the phone.
Give me the phone.
I don't know whether to call my rabbi or Johnnie Cochran.
I can't decide which.
Yo, man.
Won't you take a time out, player? I'm from New York, okay? And I can tell you this, that the bagels out here, they suck.
Who are you? What do you want? What you done with my girl, man? And all I want is to at least play golf and join a country club where my little Shlomo can have his bar mitzvah.
Is that too much to ask for Shlomo? He's only 7.
Get your hands off me.
You're gonna stand that close, use a mint.
Don't make me call security.
Security's gonna be a little lax.
I'm making TV stars out of them.
Okay, everybody, all right, settle down.
We're all on Candid Camera.
Now listen up.
Bree, she belongs to me, okay? She's mine.
Now, I need to find her.
I don't wanna hurt her.
Smile, smile.
Uh, cameras everywhere.
Don't put your hands on me.
Do you wanna be on Cops? Look, whatever you're talking about, I have no idea.
You see this? I've got two numbers in here.
Speed dial.
Your wife and your boss.
I call one and then the other or you can tell me what I wanna know.
Shalom, my brother.
Five, four, three Hey, if y'all see Elijah, tell him I got his wine.
Mel said she's hiding in some opium den on Western.
He sent her money so she'd get herself out of the country tonight.
So if we wanna get her fast, find her friend who runs the place a former working girl named Lena.
You know, you've always been like this.
Played too many sides against the middle.
You think one part of your life fits in this drawer another part fits in that drawer, the two never touch.
You work for Nathan.
You eat, you breathe and you dream Nathan.
Nathan never had a problem with me, ever.
I never stepped out, ratted or skimmed.
- This has nothing to do with him.
- Tell him.
Go ahead, clarify it to him.
Tell Nathan that you fell for a prosecutor.
That will calm him down.
And every hooker needs a boyfriend in law enforcement, darling.
Lena, Mel is sending money here.
I get that money tonight, I'm on the other end of an ocean tomorrow.
You just can't stay here.
You want a piece of what Mel's sending, is that it? Fine.
I'll pay.
In the meantime, go suck on something and chill.
Still go barefoot in the office? Hey, you.
I think you're taller.
Kiss my ass.
Let's talk about your guys.
How about now? We'll mail these back to you.
Don't ever do this.
Stay in school.
I'm so proud.
Billie, this unit, theoretically, the best.
Cops that look, talk, spin like crooks get next to anybody, high, low, just like that.
Who's gonna see these guys and think $40,000-a-year public servant? But? How do they see themselves? Are they cops that look like criminals or cops that act like criminals? Okay, now you can say it.
My idea worked.
I'm a clutch pimp, baby.
Banging mack daddy, juice on the loose.
Don't ever question my talent again.
Man, I wish I'd known about this when I was hustling.
I could've jacked all these fools, man.
Look at this watch.
You got a sick Rolex fetish, you know that? You need to get help.
What's up? Thanks, Lena.
I'll tell Nathan you did good.
Get down! You know another way out of here? Go! Deaq! Damn! Come on, man, let's get out of here.
Look We lied to you, okay? We're not johns.
Oh, boy.
We're pimps.
- Come again? - You heard the man.
We're pimps.
Let's just say our pharmaceutical business is expanding.
We wanna take over Nathan's operation.
That's a relief, because for a second there, I thought you were cops.
- That was That's funny.
- We're businessmen, Bree.
- Now, you help us, maybe we help you.
- Yeah.
Cut you in, give you a little protection.
No way.
- Look - No.
I never wanted Nathan for an enemy.
And I'm not looking to be his competition.
I got money coming.
I'm mouth shut, feet moving, see you at the border.
Look, damn it, I'm trying to tell you what he's saying is what's going on.
Easy, man.
Take it easy.
Thanks for what you did back there, okay? But I am done even acting like anyone else is gonna tell me what to do.
Can I talk to you a second? Yeah.
You guys got a phone? Hold on.
Like I'm gonna let you use my This good-pimp-bad-pimp thing is not working.
It's not gonna be long before she realizes we ain't pimps, all right? Because a pimp would kick her ass.
I like this girl.
She's the key, okay? We turn her, Nathan goes wide open.
Yeah, but if we hand her to Billie you know what's gonna happen.
She's gonna sit there, not say anything, make bail get the little money from her scared prosecutor jet her ass and our case straight down to Mexico.
I hate not having a plan.
- Do you know how much I hate it? Do you? - I'm getting that.
I mean, this whole day is what happens when you don't have a plan.
You want an argument? We did it, all right? I mean, we found the girl, we got her safe, and we busted ass.
She should be begging to help us, man.
We're good pimps.
Super rescue, nice-guy pimps.
And she ain't respecting the game.
- Hey.
- What, you got a plan? I know what's up, man.
I'm just thinking about it.
She thinks she's got a way out, help on the way.
The money from the prosecutor.
Come on, man.
That's why she's standing hard.
This girl's living a dream, Van, and we gotta wake her up.
We gotta make her think there is no way out.
So here's what we do.
We gotta tell her we're gonna help her.
But instead we verify what every ho believes in her heart that all men suck.
We have the prosecutor cut her off, you sell her out to Nathan.
Then Billie will swoop in, sister-friendly with a badge and get her to testify.
We need her to cooperate willingly, man, and to do that, you gotta be cold.
Got it? So, what do you think of that, Van? Can you do it? Are you pimp enough to get the job done on her? Tommy, how you doing? Heh.
How's your chest? Hurt like a bitch, right? Heh.
- You said you have something that I want.
- I got something that will hurt you.
Is that right? What up, lawyer man? I'm here with your girlie.
I found her little white butt.
Now listen here.
She's gonna call you in about one minute.
And what you're gonna do is pick up that phone and you're gonna tell her, "Ain't no money coming to you.
" You cut her loose.
Play it cool.
Maybe you won't be seeing me on the back nine no more.
Your girl Bree sold you out, man.
She ran.
I caught her.
I beat her up a little bit.
She told me everything.
Her and the prosecutor, how they bugged your crib.
Set you up.
You love her, don't you? Damn.
Do you mind if I have a drink? - Yeah.
- Mel, honey, it's me.
Hey, I, uh I need you to send the money someplace else.
I'm not gonna send you the money.
I don't wanna see you again.
Look, she don't know jack about my business.
That's the only reason I had to get to her first.
But man to man, I'm cool with us calling it quits right now.
Take your girl, man.
Because the hole she dug for you, partner? Woo.
I don't need the drama.
So best of luck, Nate.
If you wanna see her, she's outside.
I can't help you.
Stop calling me.
Get out.
- What? - Come on, let's go.
I said, get out.
- Wait I tried being nice to you, Bree.
But a ho's a ho's a ho, you know? Now you got one last date.
What the hell is going on? - Let's ride.
- Let's go.
Good? Yeah.
Billie said she'll signal us when they're clear.
Hands up.
Eyes down.
Hands up in the air! Bree, in my car, now.
Get down, get down.
Move, move, move.
Move! What's wrong, man? She should've signaled us by now.
Wanna go back? That wasn't the plan, right? I know.
- You know what I'm thinking? - Hmm? Let's do it.
We need you to testify against Nathan.
If you don't tell us what you know about the business I can't hold him.
He walks, I have to cut you loose both of you are on the street and it starts all over again.
He wasn't my client, you know.
It was real with us.
He was my Hmm.
Whatever it is you call a married guy you're seeing.
A liar? I thought I could keep it separate.
I thought I This is gonna be bad for Mel, isn't it? Yeah.
And, um, that guy, Van? Did you get him? No.
No, we didn't.
You know, I always knew Nathan was a lowlife.
And I was always afraid that Mel had no spine.
But that guy Van he was worse than either of them.
I want it as part of my deal.
If you ever get him, tell me.
So I can bake a cake.
She hates you.
- Yup.
- No, no, like, really hates your ass.
I got that.
Thank you very much.
Oh, Van, it is all kind of, like, ironic too, because you helped her, right? This girl's gonna have a whole new start, witness protection, move to Iowa meet her a nice Iowa corn farmer, eat his corn.
Ha, ha.
And just think, under those Iowa stars, how much she hates Van.
Van the pimping man.
Anyway, look, she's wrong, okay? You did good.
I know it's hard to believe, but you did good with her, Van.
We did good.
Hey, do you mind if I just turn this back a little bit? I like that.
"I'll bake him a cake.
" That part gets me.
"I will bake him a cake.
" I want it as part of my deal.
"If Van comes in my life I'll bake him a cake.
" Why she ain't say that about me? I slapped her around.
Girl's apparently one of the most cooperative witnesses we've ever had.
Well, zero options will bring that out in a person.
Look, if it's okay with you I didn't get a chance to talk to your guys about the patrolmen.
Yeah, that's fine.
Except for the fact that you wanna talk to my guys about the patrolmen.
Is this you and me facing off? I will talk to my guys myself.
And if I keep pushing you're gonna take this to the you're-can-have-my-resignation place.
I hope not.
We both know this was minor.
We both know something much worse isn't just possible, it's likely.
I may not be able to protect you.
I may not need you to.
You're definitely taller.
I'm wearing shoes, Bob.
Hey, look who's here.
What's up? How's it going? Was it something I said? You guys took out two unis and lied about it.
You lie again about anything, you're fired.
- Night.
- Night.
Night, Billie.
- Can I lie to you? - You're living a lie right now, player.
Oh, yeah? How's that? This is the best idea you ever had.
You won't be saying that in about 10 seconds.
That when you plan on your ass hitting the floor? Ring the bell, you'll find out.
- You ready? Don't get scared.
- Yeah.
- Don't get scared.
You ready? - Oh.
Here comes the pain, baby.
Here comes the pain.
- Ring the bell.
- Yeah.
Ding, ding, baby.