Fat Tony & Co. (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Mexican Job

1 This is just the beginning.
I will never forget.
And one by one.
they were all executed.
A notorious Melbourne underworld figure has been murdered in the carpark of an Essendon hotel.
In broad daylight, Jason Moran and another small time criminal were gunned down in front of their children.
Now, there is all but one.
The last man standing.
And his name is Tony Mokbel.
This, is his story.
My father wanted me to do law.
I would have been alright at university.
I'd have done alright.
I was smart.
And the idea of being a criminal barrister Yeah, I liked that.
I liked that.
Put a couple of those dirty fucking coppers up there on the witness stand, roast them slowly Yeah, I got in the business instead.
Me and Mick, the Munster, Lew Moran, these boys, Mark, my mate Jason .
they called us the Carlton Crew.
I liked that.
Yeah, as a show of respect.
Mmm, I love those guys.
They're like family.
This town belongs to us.
Mick thinks he's the fucking chairman of the board, but I run this crew.
Always have.
Alphonse Gangitano.
Step aside, hey? Step aside.
Step aside for Alphonse John Gangitano.
Alphonse and his Carlton Crew mates considered themselves the criminal royalty of the Melbourne underworld.
Standover, protection, illegal gambling - They were old-style villains.
But there was a new wave of hungry crooks out in the suburbs just itching to take their place at the top, like Lebanese drug dealer and pizza bar owner Tony Mokbel and his mates Carl Williams and Willie Thompson.
Goofy Carl wanted to be a celebrity and he would be as the most notorious serial killer in Victoria.
Willie, he wanted whatever Tony wanted and Tony just wanted to be the richest bloke on the planet.
Now, the secret to a good pizza dough, boys, is the water.
It's gotta be the same temperature as blood.
Too hot, you kill the yeast.
Mate, I just pick up the phone and call Pizza Hut.
Hey? Come on.
Give it a go.
- Oh, shit.
- Hey, what are you Alright, chuck it in the bin.
Start again.
- What? You're kidding! - Where's your work ethic? - You gotta get it right! - Don't need no work ethic.
I'm a drug dealer.
Carl, whatever you do, no matter what it is, right, you do it to the best of your ability.
- That's how you grow.
- The guru speaks.
Come on, you boofheads.
We've got some VIPs to feed.
Let's go.
Why are we sucking up to the Carlton Crew anyway? It's called knowing your enemy, Carl.
The Carlton Crew were like the Wild Bunch.
When they rode into town, there was trouble.
You had the Moran boys - Jason, the smiling psychopath, brother Mark, another violent offender.
Graham Kinniburgh, the best safe-cracker in the business.
Alphonse, who liked to be called 'the Black Prince of Lygon Street'.
And there were others just as bad.
They all had one thing in common - they didn't take no for an answer.
Hey, hey, boys! Welcome, welcome.
Tony! Good to see you, mate.
Here we go - the Tony special.
- You all got some drinks? - Oh, smells great, Tony.
What sort of Lebbo opens a pizza restaurant? Delusions of grandeur! Thinks he's Sicilian.
So what brings the Carlton Crew out all the way to the suburbs? We got a proposition for you, Tony.
Always open to a good deal.
We've got a payroll job on the drawing board.
Thought you might like to buy a piece of the action.
Armed robbery? Putting guns in people's faces? Do you know who you're talking to? Don't make me laugh.
You're just a money guy.
How much money do you need for a couple of guns and a balaclava? We're talking an armoured car.
The money is for cooperation.
It's a 100-grand stake.
You get 10% of the take.
Which could be 3, 4 million.
And you blokes couldn't come up with 100 G's? - We're spreading the risk.
- There's four of you already.
- How far you gonna spread it? - What did I tell ya, Jase? What did I tell ya? He hasn't got the balls.
Tony, why don't you sleep on it, hey? You know what? I appreciate you coming to me about this.
But it's really not my kind of deal.
You know what your problem is, Mokbel? Strictly speaking, you are Yeah, you're small-time.
I offer you my hospitality and you come here and insult me? Just ignore him, Tony.
What is it the Mokbels were into? Hang on, hang on.
Oh, yeah, milk bars.
That's right.
Milk bars and pizza places.
You're about that level, aren't ya, yeah? That level.
Me, I'm a big-picture guy.
Yeah, I think big.
You understand? - When I walk down the street - Sit down, Alphonse.
- People respect me.
- Sit down! - They get out of the way.
- Come on, mate.
They don't know your fucking name! Fucking Habibs, mate.
Getting us fucking pizzas? - Are you kidding me or what? - Let's get outta here.
They're gonna make a film about me one day.
Yeah, about Alphonse Gangitano, you know? Over the next 15 years, every man who sat down to eat pizza that night would be brutally murdered except one.
Only one would be left standing and he'd become the biggest, the richest, the most powerful crime king of them all.
Just five minutes, OK, mate? Let's go.
Get the fuck out! - Oi, get over here! Go, go, go! - Move it, arsehole! Get here.
Get here.
Get up there! - Hurry up! - Move it! Don't be a hero.
- Out of the car now! - Can't do that! - Move it! - Move it, ya dickhead! Open the door! I'm giving you five seconds, arsehole.
I don't give a fuck! Two! I'll kill him.
Oh, you were nearly dead, dickhead.
Move! Move, dickhead! Hurry up! Open it up! Let's go! Go! Let's go.
Move! - In, in, in.
- Move, mate.
Come on.
- Come on! Hurry up! - Come on! - Don't move! - Come on.
Get in.
Go, go, go! They reckon Alphonse walked away with 3 million.
Cops ain't got a clue.
I'm tempted to ring Crime Stoppers.
You don't regret it, Tone? Armed robbery's for mugs.
Sooner or later someone gets shot.
Lotta money for a day's work, though.
- Hey, Pauly.
- Hey.
Peace, man.
Did you finish the cook, mate? Um, no, no, there's just been a couple of hold-ups.
Hey, you didn't bring any food, did you? I'm starving.
You stoned again, Pauly? Jesus, Paul! Hey, man, it is just to relieve the tension.
This is, like, a really stressful job, Tony.
You think I haven't done my time in the kitchen? The boys are here especially to pick up! A thousand apologies, gentlemen.
I abase myself.
- No, don't worry about it.
- I've gotta head off anyway.
Going to my mum's for tea.
Catch you later, Tone.
Sorry, Carl.
- See ya, mate.
- See ya, Will.
Pauly, you're fucking up too often.
It's gotta stop.
Hey, you could always find yourself another cook.
Kids are coming outta uni every day with chemistry degrees.
So go grab one.
I'll go surfing.
No, you won't, smartarse! I own your mortgage.
Listen, I'll be here tomorrow night, same time.
I'll be expecting the best cook you've ever done, yeah? Shit Jesus Christ.
Holy shit! Pauly! Tony! Milad! Milad! It's Pauly.
He's in there! He's in there! He's in there! Oh, shit.
He's fucked.
Alright, tell me a story.
Make it good.
Forensics have never seen so many drums of chemicals.
It's epic.
I reckon it's a Tony Mokbel lab.
No, too big for Mokbel, Jim.
Mokbel's on the rise.
His brother Milad lives next door.
Coincidence, I reckon.
Well, I imagine this drug cook will be dying to settle it.
Is he alive? What's his name? He's waiting in Interview One, boss.
They call him Hippy Paul.
Jim O'Brien - the big kahuna, the best, most honest copper I ever worked with.
That's me standing in his shadow.
I never even met the cat.
You don't owe anybody, Paul.
The bloke who set up that lab, he's making squillions while you're lucky to be alive.
Do yourself a favour.
Make a statement.
Give the court a reason to be lenient.
Who did you deal with? Who delivered precursors? Who gave you the orders? Who did the pick-ups? I don't remember.
I've got concussion.
Loyalty's a wonderful quality, Paul, but you can bet at the end of the day it won't be reciprocated.
This guy's just a piece of shit who deals drugs to kids.
You got kids yourself, Paul? Sorry, I missed that.
I I've got ringing in my ears.
So he's not gonna play, is he? You got a busy day, darl? Always, love.
Hey, it's 11:00, usual place.
Mum, listen, I can take you to the markets.
I can take you now.
- Too much, Fat Tony.
- What're you talking about? I lost half a kilo.
Tell her I lost half a kilo.
You want a heart attack? How come you never hassle my fat brothers, Mum? You work too hard.
Too much fat.
Poof! Heart attack like your father.
So, Detective, what's new? Some massive drug lab blew up in Brunswick.
- Maybe you read about it.
- Yeah, maybe I did.
- Lucky no-one was killed, hey? - Yeah.
Any idea who's behind it? Sadly, no.
The drug cook's in custody, but he's not playing ball.
You know, I came across a nice set of sheepskin seat covers.
They don't fit my car.
Maybe maybe they'll fit yours.
You've gotta do better than that, Tone.
Well, how about two pair? Listen, Pauly, I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you keeping your mouth shut, alright? Now, don't you worry about your family.
I'll take care of them, you understand? I promise.
The truth is the stress of cooking was getting to me.
You know, every loud noise It's not too bad in here.
I get plenty of time to meditate.
Pauly, tell me something.
Who's the best cook in town aside from yourself? So, Bruno, you partial to a good red? I am.
I'm partial to a good red, yeah.
You heard of Henschke Hill of Grace? Pretty much the best shiraz ever made in this country.
Have you ever tasted the 1963 vintage? Um, I don't think anybody has.
I think it's a myth.
So how about a good redhead? We know you're partial to a good redhead.
Ooh, uh Um, uh Hang on, hang on.
See, I'm actually married.
I'm married.
Don't worry, mate.
She doesn't speak English.
Your your body is very warm.
This is the future you could have with me, Bruno.
The important thing to remember is that I pay very well, on time every time, not like those cheapskate Morans you work for now.
You understand? Good.
What's Mokbel doing here? Hey, pizza boy.
Jason and Mark aren't too happy you pinched their drug cook.
Me, I'd give you a smack.
Ehh, it doesn't matter.
It's alright, it's alright.
Come on, Tone.
Let's go.
- How are you? - I'm well, Mick.
How are you? Oh, can't complain.
You know, bad karma.
But I do want to tell you something.
- What's that? - You work hard.
You work smart.
You put your profits into bricks and mortar.
And you know the best bit? You use the bank's money, not your own.
So I want you to do something for me.
I want you to take Alphonse under your wing.
- Sorry, Mick.
I can't do that.
- Excuse me? I said I can't do that.
My wing's not that big.
Alright, well, I want you to put your hands in your pockets and you remember, we're here for the kids.
For the kids.
Sure thing, Mick.
- Hello, hello.
- Oh, have you met Tony? Tone, this lovely young lady's name is Felicity.
She's the Munster's what is it? I'm his ward.
He's my guardian.
Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you, Felicity.
How does the Munster become your, uh, your guardian? Oh, when Dad went to jail, Graham's family took an interest.
Ah, well, good for him.
I would have done the same thing, wouldn't you? So tell me, what do you do? Are you an actress or a model? No, just a boring old med student.
Med student? Wow, smart too.
You know what? Actually, I have a pain in my back.
Excuse me a sec.
- Carl, would you come with me? - Yeah, alright.
- Don't worry about them.
- Oh, thanks.
Oh, no, no.
Hey, hey.
Allow me, allow me.
Anything wrong? No, no, it's all under control.
Fat Tony! Did you just split your pants? I see you've met pizza boy.
Hey? Hey! You know, everything pizza boy cooks, he eats.
That right, eh? And he eats and cooks a lot.
Fuck you, gumba.
- Hey! Hey.
- Fuck you.
Take it easy.
Get him the fuck out of here! Hey, we're here for the kids, mate.
Sick kids, remember? - Little bit rude, wasn't it? - Go and change your pants.
Thumbing his nose at the Carlton Crew was dangerous.
But stealing their drug cook was a declaration of war.
And Alphonse and the Morans were pretty good at the art of war.
But Tony Mokbel wasn't backing down for anybody.
I, uh I got something for ya.
Half a carat each.
Maybe more.
It's too much.
What, I'm not allowed to pay tribute to your beauty? She's only 23, you know.
God, she's so mature.
- Felicity? - Mmm.
Fantastic rack.
She's a Cancer.
I'm Aries.
They say opposites attract, Jase.
It's a match made in heaven.
Don't let the Munster catch you giving her a prod.
Oh, yeah.
I tell ya, I can't stop thinking about her.
I think it's her innocence, you know? Billy? Can I have a short black? Pleasure, Mick.
So, how can I help you fellas? Bit of a sensitive matter, Mick.
Maybe we should take a walk.
We're all friends here.
You can talk freely.
Look, Graham's ward, Felicity.
- You know who I'm talking about? - What about her? - What's a ward? - Not now, mate.
Look, Alphonse, he's rooting her.
Is he? And what business is that of yours? I'm just concerned, Mick.
She's just a kid.
Alright, look, I don't know Graham, OK? Not as well as you.
I mean, what do I do? Do I tell him? Not sure what to do, mate.
What do you think? Tony, you did the right thing.
I'll sort it.
Ward - he'll tell you in the car.
Alright, see ya, Mick.
How many weeks gone are you? You know, um Yeah, I think you .
you ought to have it.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
I have a say in this too, don't I? It's my kid.
I'm not gonna have a child with a married man.
So, what are you gonna do? Cut his dick off, for a start.
G'day, g'day.
- Buy you fellas a drink? - Why stop at one? Somewhere quiet we can talk? Yeah, I reckon a million and a half ought to do it.
A million and a half? That's a lot of money, Tony.
Yeah, well, that's why I'm looking for partners.
Share the risk.
Since when have you Lebs been into grass? Thought you were strictly pills and powder.
Not grass, Lewis.
Top quality from Afghanistan.
Three tonnes.
Three tonne? How're you gonna smuggle in three tonne? I don't do small stuff, Lewis.
I'm not like Alphonse.
I am the big-picture guy.
The bigger, the better.
We'll get back to ya.
You crossed the line.
She's just a kid.
You walk away.
You know what? Fuck it.
She's old enough to make her own decisions.
That's it.
Let it go.
What, you want to make an enemy out of Graham? You got a wife.
You got a kid.
And that's my fuckin' business, yeah? My business.
You know what? There's a word for this.
There's a word for this, Mick.
Fuck! - Tony.
- Hey, Mick.
Get out of the - Is, uh - Fuck! Do you want a Skim latte, darling.
While Tony Mokbel worked up an honest sweat expanding his business interests, the Carlton Crew were preoccupied with internal affairs.
You ready, Graham? Has to be done, Graham.
G'day, Al.
I was in the neighbourhood.
Always nice to see you, Graham.
Fancy a drink? Oh, I could do with a cuppa.
There's something we have to sort out.
She's not a kid, Graham.
She can make up her own mind, you know.
Fuck, you're not even her own blood.
I mean, how long are you gonna keep making decisions for her? What, till she's 50? She's got the whole of her life ahead of her.
A career.
I can't let a crim like you stuff everything up for her.
You can understand that, don't ya? Oh, whoa, whoa - what do you mean, stuff everything up? I love her.
You don't have the right! Mark! Shit.
Who killed Alphonse Gangitano? Rumour is it was Jason.
But it might have been Mark.
Or Graham.
Or someone else.
No-one's ever been charged.
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit Hey.
Thanks, baby.
Must have been someone he knew.
He let 'em into the house.
Bet you he gets away with it.
If no-one blabs, the jacks have got nothing.
I heard Mark or Jason.
What kind of world is this, eh? Your best mate knocks you.
Still, he had it coming.
Stupid prick.
Sexy wheels.
Thank you.
- It's a, uh - Ferrari.
Yeah, I know.
Tony Mokbel.
I know that too.
I'm Danielle.
Pleased to meet you, Danielle.
And you would be Mark Moran's girlfriend, Tony.
You can look but you can't touch.
Charmed, Danielle.
Holy shit.
Now, that's an arse to die for.
You got the soul of a poet, mate.
Sad day.
He was a great man.
Too true.
They were gonna make a movie of him.
Wonder who they would have cast.
Pacino? De Niro? De Vito? Be nice.
So, Graham, who did it? Internal affairs, Tony.
Rumour has it that Mark Moran was on the premises, that's all.
I don't like rumours, and I don't like people who spread 'em.
We need to keep an eye on that fat Leb.
chucking a fit, and it's all your bloody fault.
Oh, don't piss me off, Trist.
The bloody pills turn to powder the minute you touch them.
Oh, bullshit.
It's because there's not enough binder.
It's not rocket science, mate.
Well, you get that little turd of yours to fix it, right? Fuckstick.
- Tony.
- Danielle.
Thought I'd, uh, stop by and just, you know, say hello.
Mark's gonna be here any moment.
That's alright.
I'll keep you company till he gets here, eh? Besides, you wouldn't say no to a glass of French, would you? And this fella here is like a little Tony, you know? Just like me.
Same shape, just more hair? He's yours.
He's gonna go off his brain.
It's alright, I'll risk it.
'Cause if I can spend a bit of time with you, I'll cop a flogging.
Oh, yeah.
Me or my pill press? Take a seat.
I'll just, um, get some clothes on.
No, no, hey, don't you be going to any trouble.
Shit, Mark! What happened to you? What's he doing here? This yours, fat man? Now fuck off.
Nice spending time with you, Danielle.
Loved every minute of it.
Oh, sit down.
What happened to you? A couple of blokes jumped me at the park.
You're shagging him, aren't ya? What would you do if I was? What's that? Is that a fucking love bite? Dirty bastard.
We have no reason to believe the target's armed, but that's no reason to assume she won't be, alright? More likely to flash her tits at you than shoot at you, but let's not forget she's not called the Pill Press Queen for nothing, alright? Mokbel.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Detective Inspector O'Brien.
Drug Squad.
Got my eye on you, pal.
As far as I'm concerned, you're nothing but a bottom feeder, right down there with the turds.
And one day, I'm gonna flush you away.
Police, don't move! We seized 7,000-odd methamphetamine pills that day, plus assorted other bits and bobs.
Mark's girlfriend, Danielle, had been a busy girl alright.
Following the bust, a pill press she owned, worth about $80,000, became the subject of a dispute between the Moran brothers and Tony's mate Carl Williams.
Feel free to read it.
Detective Coghlan here can explain the big words.
Hey, Carl.
Shit, mate.
Oh, hey, you must be Roberta.
- You must be Tony.
- Yeah, that's me.
Yeah, I seen you round.
Don't mind me.
So, what happened, mate? Jason and that shitbird Mark lure him into a meeting, and then Jason pulls out his piece and shoots him.
A .
22 pistol.
Poofter's gun.
Slug shot straight through and bounced around like a pinball and then ended up just there, behind his dick.
You in much pain? Nah.
They got great drugs here.
We ought to move into pethidine.
So, why'd they shoot you, Carl? 'Cause they're bloody arseholes.
They reckon I owe 'em a pill press.
Used to be Danielle McGuire's.
And I got it when she got busted, but Mark reckons it's his on account of he's banging her.
Yeah, you know, so Jason had the gun, right? You know what Mark said to him? - Oh, Jesus! - Sorry, baby.
I'll just No, don't touch me! Piss off! I'll get the nurse! Shit! Ahh! Oh.
What'd he say? "Put one in his head.
" Put one in his head, mate.
No! Nuh.
I want my 80 grand.
If I kill him, I'm never gonna see it.
That's why I'm gonna kill 'em.
Carl, murder's bad for business.
Alright? Think of the consequences.
Fuck the consequences, Tony.
Both of them.
Mark first.
Tony didn't know it yet, but he was about to be sucked into a gangland war between Carl Williams and the Carlton Crew.
What are you blokes on? Horse steroids? You wanna keep in shape, gotta put in the hours.
Cut out the pizzas.
And the chocolate cake, and the pasta, and all that deep-fried shit you chuck down your throat.
Did I ask for your opinion? Hey, you wanna hear something? I know this guy, bodybuilder, Sonny Schmidt.
You heard of him? He's a Mr Olympia or something.
Yeah, what, has he got a diet plan for me too? No, but what he has got is contacts.
You've heard of the Mexican drug cartels? Best quality coke in the world.
Unlimited quantities.
Now, he can supply as much Mexican coke as you want.
Why you telling me? You got the resources.
I don't.
This Mexican cocaine thing.
Why are we sitting in a church? We'll start with a trial run.
Say two, three kilos of the best Mexican gear that Sonny and his mate, Gino Brunetti, can lay their hands on.
- Cool.
- Brought in how? By mule? International courier service.
How's that gonna work? Well, you're looking at the answer, boys.
We'll buy big, fat, chunky Mexican wooden candlesticks.
Drill 'em out, stuff 'em full of coke, send it across the border and ship 'em from the States.
Customs are less likely to get suss about a package coming from the States.
That's genius, Tony.
Now tell me what I'm doing here.
Walk with me.
How long have you worked Answer - too long.
Now, everyone says what a good operator you are, you know that? But what have you got to show for it, hmm? You live in a rental, you drive a shitty Volvo, and your HIV-positive boyfriend can't afford to bring his dear old mum out from Spain.
I could do with a man of your expertise, Billy.
I mean, look at these monkeys.
You don't wanna be like them.
Come work for me.
I'll make you rich.
The candlestick thing.
That's what we called the Mexican coke job.
But Tony had a whole lot of other international drug deals going on at same time, including the massive Afghan cannabis resin importation with certain members of the Carlton Crew.
We'll match ya, dollar for dollar.
Payable only when the containers land.
So we can check the quality of the resin.
Three tonne, you said? Yes, he said three tonne.
You going senile? Three tonne, or thereabouts.
But no, sorry, boys, no deal.
Cash up front or I walk away.
- What, you gonna shoot me too? - We don't like prick teasers.
That's right.
What's to stop you taking our money and fucking off back to Beirut? Beirut? It's full of Lebs! Come on! You really think I'm dumb enough to fuck you guys over? We share the risk, we share the profit.
That's the way it works.
That's the criminal underworld.
One day these blokes are putting bullets in each other, the next, they're kissing arse and doing business.
You still in the market for pharmaceutical-grade pseudo? Always.
Where are you getting it from? I got my sources.
A couple of kilos, eh? Give me a call.
Oh, Mark, don't ever pull a gun on me again.
Just fuckin' with you, Tony.
Best guitarist, Jimi Hendrix.
- What about Angus Young? - Awesome, but not Hendrix.
You can't tell me Hendrix is better than Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Billie Thorpe, man.
Thorpie, yeah! Tony! Jimi Hendrix, the man's Hey, nice periscope, boys.
Yeah, hey.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, Danielle, slow down.
What happened? No-one's ever been done for Mark Moran.
The suspect list was like a phone book.
But we always said Carl.
The gangland war was off and running.
Who's Mokbel talking to? Billy Fischer.
Moran crew.
What do we know about him? Not enough.
Scrooge and Sonny are in Mexico City, and they're gonna meet with Gino tomorrow.
That was quick.
- Well done.
- Mmm.
What about the courier company? We will need to find ourselves an inside man.
Just leave it with me.
- You hear the news? - What news? - Hippy Paul died.
- What? How? When? Massive heart attack.
Straight after his morning shit.
He was the same age as me! Hope you're watching your cholesterol.
"You were a true friend, Paul.
"Your loyalty touched my heart deeply.
"I'll never forget you.
Tony Mokbel.
" You got that? Yeah, yeah, alright.
Yeah, look, thanks.
That's beautiful, mate.
Yeah? Loyalty.
You can't put a price on it.
To friendship, huh? Fuckin' what? It's Australia, you idiot.
It's fuckin' 'mateship'.
What are ya, a poofter? - To mateship.
- Come on, to mateship.
Alright, here.
I wanna know more about your pal Tony Mokbel.
See how big he really is.
I can do you a PowerPoint presentation.
Straight from his mouth.
I want us to put someone close to him.
Find out what he gets up to when the curtains are drawn.
- Police! Don't move! - Police! Don't move! Billy Fischer.
You're fucked.
There is a way out.
Sign on as an informer? No.
Prison's not a good option for a bloke like you, Billy.
We want the big players.
We need you to wear a wire.
We want you to get as close to Tony Mokbel as you can.
We want to hear every word, every burp, every fart.
Right, so listen.
What do we need? - Ingredients.
- Ingredients, exactly.
So first we got bacon, cheese And that, my boys, is how you make a Tony special.
Tony Mokbel was on a rise.
He used the massive profits he made from the drug industry to finance his property portfolio, which included a restaurant or two, a brothel and the odd nightclub.
The hospitality industry suited him.
Good money could be made and dirty money could be washed.
Fat Tony couldn't lose.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, welcome to TJ's Bar and Grill.
Hope everything's to your satisfaction? More chips'd be nice.
It's a step up from the pizza joint.
Yeah, yeah, well, Lewis, I'm expanding, mate.
You never know, might even give you boys a run for your money one day.
Tony, you're a drug dealer, not a gangster.
No worries.
Tip-top place, Tony, eh? - Thanks.
- Very classy, yeah.
Yeah, listen, mate, I want you to enjoy yourself, you know what I'm saying? - Oh, hello, darling.
- Get off me.
Ow! Annie, get this piece of shit out of here.
Who the hell do you think you are? Show's over, folks.
The party has just started! Tony's other big push was property development.
Not content to buy and sell, he fancied himself as a builder.
How many apartments you thinking? Oh, 120, 130.
A shopping precinct, a gym.
- Fitness centre.
- Yeah, a fitness centre.
And a piazza.
You ever been to the San Marco Piazza? You'll never squeeze 100 units onto a site this size.
- Not unless you go straight up.
- Yeah, that's right.
Up, up and away.
Shit a brick.
Oh, trippy, Tony.
Very, very trippy.
Hey? What the fuck are they looking at? Tony's bank statement? Can't wait to see the council's reaction.
Think big, think bold.
That's Tony Mokbel.
Hey, Kenny.
Hey, listen, what have you got for the Emirates Stakes? Anything special? What's that? Colliwobble Boy? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, sweet.
Oh, good onya, mate.
You're a deadset champ.
Righto, 'bye.
Deadset champ, with a funny little voice, Mr Mokbel.
Hey, can you write down Yeah, no worries.
Hey, you lazy prick.
Where's my three tonne of hash? Hey? Mate, I don't care if you're driving your kids to the moon.
It's me you're talking to.
Hey, hey.
- It's the Yugoslavs.
Get it.
- Yeah.
What? What's that? Uh, Tony's one-stop drug shop.
How may I help you? Don't worry.
It gets easier.
When do I get my 30 pieces of silver? Well, tiger, we can go back to plan A.
Maximum security.
- Poor bastard.
- I reckon he gets off on it.
We didn't have much time for the Federal Police.
A bunch of over-resourced underachievers, mostly.
Jarrod Ragg.
Mind you, they thought us state coppers were all on the take, which made life interesting when we got into bed together for joint operations.
Is federal agent a rank or what? I'm a sergeant.
That makes our dicks about the same size, then.
Why don't you run along and grab us some coffee, Senior Constable? Go fuck yourself, Sergeant.
Would you like a coffee? We do do very good coffee here.
I bet you've got a full-time barista with your budget.
I even keep a five-star chef on hand to make me toasties.
We'll give the coffees a miss, thanks.
Does the name Tony Mokbel mean anything to your mob? Fat Tony, aka 'Teflon Tony', aka 'The Mediterranean'? Yes, he is a person of interest.
Transcript of chitchat between Mokbel and our source.
Now, importation's your business, not ours, so we offer you this in the spirit of federal-state cooperation.
But there is a quid pro quo.
Anything you get on Fat Tony that relates to domestic distribution comes to me and Malcolm first.
Read 'em and weep.
Champ, come on! You kill me! You had two pair.
I've got three kings and Hey, hey, hey, shh! Hey! For fuck's sake! Hello? Hey? Well, the member was very happy to give me a reference when I got my liquor licence.
Well, you tell the Honourable MP Kelvin Thompson that I wouldn't vote for him because he's the last prick.
Okay? You got that? Wouldn't give me a reference 'cause I've got a criminal conviction.
For the development application? Yeah, well, I need all the ammunition I can get, you know, for the council.
So how come you're so hot on this property deal? There's more profit in coke.
Not always about profit, Billy.
Listen, my father worked at the Ford factory And he was just a shit kicker, but every day he worked up an honest sweat building something, alright? Just a car, but he was making something, building something.
And he was proud of that.
- Understand? - Yeah.
Now, I was born in Kuwait and spent the first few years of my life in Lebanon, but because of the war we had to leave, and we came here.
Here, turn that off.
Ah, shit.
Turn 'em all off.
Come on.
Why do you need so many phones? Uh, 'cause I got a lot of friends, mate.
Sorry, Mr Mayor.
- Where was I? - "We came here" Yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
So, we came here to this city, where we were welcomed.
We were welcomed and made to feel safe, where, if you work hard, you can get it.
You can get it all - everything you want.
Now, when people ask me where I'm from, you know what I tell 'em? The northern suburbs.
Born and bred.
We came here with nothing.
And this city gave us everything.
That's why I want to give something back.
Fuck me, Tone.
Is that the fucking right way up? See, boys? Work hard like your old man, you can achieve anything.
They haven't approved it yet.
And then he has to find the money, Mum says.
No, congrats, Tone.
Real clever idea.
Wouldn't fancy living there, though.
All that fresh air under my feet.
Ah, thanks, Bertie.
Hey, listen, thanks for coming as well, eh? - See you.
- See you, guys.
- 'Bye, boys.
- Alright.
Listen, boys.
I've got to talk to you about something.
Your dad's moving the business to the city, alright, so I'm not gonna be living at home full-time.
But other than that, you know, nothing changes, alright? Mum says you're gonna shack up with your girlfriend.
Hey? No, no, no.
No, no, mate.
I'm not leaving your mum, OK? That's exactly what you're doing! It's a city base, so I don't have to drive like all those other schmucks.
How far is Pascoe Vale from the CBD? 10km? It's for business, Carmel.
Yeah, and I know what kind of bloody business.
Listen, I'll be back Friday, OK, for dinner.
Don't bloody bother! Bastard! You're a hard act to follow Such a fine-lookin' fellow I hear your belly is yellow You're a hard act to swallow It kinda makes me sick The way you turn those tricks Come on and light it up I can see a reflection of Williamstown.
On a clear day you can see Geelong! When I get my breath back, I'm gonna show you the Tony Special.
Thinking of pizza? No, there's another Tony Special.
- It involves whipped cream.
- Oh.
Speaking of which, you could lose a couple of kilos, babe.
Oh, bullshit.
A few extra's good for performance.
- Oh, bullshit.
- Yeah! My brothers and me, we're legends.
It's a known fact I can sustain an erection longer than anyone north of Brunswick Road.
Anyway, I'll get fit chasing you around this place.
Hey, you know I've got a kid.
If I move in, she does too.
Yeah, that's cool.
What's her name? Madison.
That's nice.
Jim used to be a schoolteacher.
Yeah, and Strawnie used to be a comedian.
Right, so the, uh the rules of this joint operation are that you filter everything your source produces and then you pass on only what you feel like, is that right? 680's a VicPol resource.
We've invested a lot of money in him.
Look, Jarrod, it's pretty simple.
At the end of the day, if it's importing drugs, it's yours, if it's distribution, it's ours.
So, Billy, we need to throw the Feds a bone or two.
Keep them happy, you know? Now, this Mexican coke job of Mokbel's, we need to know the where, when and how.
You know, I think it's already gone down.
Your Mexican coke's already found its way into the nasal passages of the good folk of Melbourne and you're sitting on a fat pile of cash.
Well, you're just way too fucking clever for me.
Just get us the name of the courier, eh? Too much, Fat Tony! Oh, Ma, what about these fat bastards? Mate, you're out of shape.
- I could still outsprint you.
- Yeah.
Hey, how soon do you reckon we could organise another Mexican run, huh? Eh? What's your hurry? I've seen a house I want to buy.
Well, see how the first one goes, eh? Hey, did you, uh, organise a courier company? You got yourself a guy sorted out? Yeah, mate, I sure did.
Holy shit.
You clairvoyant or what? Tony! Hey! Hey, hey! - Hey, mate.
How are ya? - Good, mate.
OK, this must be him.
This is Tony's, uh, tame courier company guy.
The guy who collects the candlesticks before they make their way to Customs.
Yes, Jarrod Ragg, Melbourne office.
Can you put me through to our liaison officer At the US Customs Service, thanks.
Now he had a reliable lead, Jarrod could go to the Americans and blow the whistle on Tony's Mexican coke deal.
They knew his candlesticks had to pass through the United Parcel Service HQ in Kentucky.
If US Customs could confirm they were stuffed full of cocaine, the Feds here in Melbourne could arrest Tony when he took delivery.
All Jarrod needed to make the case were the UPS consignment numbers.
Problem was the only person who knew what those numbers were was Tony's man in Mexico, a body builder called Sonny Schmidt.
What the hell is Sonny doing? You heard from him? No, I've been calling him all week.
It just goes to his voicemail.
You're a fuckin' Judas.
Hey, Jase, how you doing? Good? What are we celebrating, Mick? Well, it's Friday, Claudio's cooked up a beautiful meal, and why not? No, it's Spring Racing Carnival.
How fucking long does it take to package up candlesticks? I promised my dealers the best-quality blow and they'd like to see it.
Listen, princess, I've got a dozen different jobs going, all at different stages, all at the same bloody time, alright? They're a lot bigger than the three pissy kilos of Mexican coke, right? And he hasn't sent you the tracking numbers and you just forgot? Maybe we should just walk away.
This thing smells.
Jeez, you really are a clairvoyant.
They look like tracking numbers Mick, I have died and gone to heaven, mate.
Good to see you at my table.
Yeah, I'm sending a secure email with the consignment numbers now.
Which meant the US Customs Service was able to locate Tony's shipment and examine the candlesticks to see if they contained drugs.
They did - 100% pure Mexican cocaine.
Come on! Step it up.
You've got 10 more! Feel that cellulite just melting away.
How are you going? Oh, terrible.
I feel like I'm gonna die.
Yeah, me too.
I think you're going Do you? Ta.
I feel like an elephant in here with this lot.
You know what? Go on, let's do it together.
Maybe I can get up to your level.
- Ready? Go.
- Up! Are you serious? I'm gone five minutes, he latches on to the nearest set of tits.
Come on.
- What? - Hey? You're vibrating.
Hey, how you doing? It's me.
Can you talk? That is Mokbel, isn't it? Wait for it.
Alright, they've taken possession.
Police! On the ground now! Police! On the ground now! Put your hands behind your head.
Now! Please don't hurt me, sir! I get asthma.
Why isn't Mokbel there? So you put up all the money, yeah? The travel, the airfares, the expenses? Not to mention the small matter of the up-front costs of the cocaine itself, is that right? Anyone else involved? You're facing a custodial sentence.
How do you like remand? You seen any prison movies? It's not pleasant.
Are you going to oppose bail? No.
You're not much good to anyone sitting in a cell, are you? Paco? Paco, you here? Fuck.
Tony, fuck.
Got bail, yeah? Yeah.
Lucky you.
How'd the jacks get onto us, Billy? - Hey? - I don't know.
- How did they get onto us?! - I don't know.
One of you talked.
One of you opened your mouth.
- Huh? Had to be one of you.
- I don't know.
Maybe it was Buddha or something, big-noting to his mates in the pub.
Buddha? You think so, huh? You think he dogged me? I can't have a dog in my fuckin' crew, Billy.
Mate, you treat people with loyalty and respect.
There's no way in the world anyone's gonna dog you.
There's no way.
Who's dogging me? I don't know.
Well, find out.
Look, I am sorry, Jarrod, but we just can't hand over 680's tapes.
I cannot make a move on Mokbel unless you do, OK? His evidence is crucial.
Kayak is the big picture, and we can't jeopardise it just for the sake of three lousy kilos of cocaine.
It puts him away for years.
Kayak is not just Mokbel.
We are targeting the Morans, the Higgs and a whole bunch of other dirtbags.
Oh, by the way, do you have something for me? Thank you.
So what's new, tiger? Ah! Um, you remember Tony's cannabis resin job? Three tonnes coming in from Afghanistan? Yeah, it's on the water.
It's hidden under a load of ceramic floor tiles in a couple of shipping containers.
- Buy in bulk.
It's cheaper, eh? - Yeah.
Um, you know who his partners are? Lewis Moran, Graham Kinniburgh.
Mate, I'm gonna start calling you supergrass.
Three tonnes of resin's worth what? Um, street value's 150 mill.
I wouldn't mind a piece of that.
- Party! - Who's getting married? I'm getting married! Lazarus, dig yourself Back in that hole Larry made his nest up in the autumn branches Built from nothing but high hopes and thin air I'm the snowman, man.
I'm the snowman.
Hey, take it easy, Billy.
You'll explode, mate.
Hey, how's the wedding boy? Carl, someone's been dogging me, mate.
Yeah? No, Tone, no fucking way.
Yeah, yeah, course, mate.
I'm just fucking with you.
'Cause you and me are solid, right? Yeah, mate, we're solid.
- Tight? - Yeah, mate, we're tight.
We're brothers.
Ah, relax! - It's my party! - Whoo! - Oh! - Alright! - Tony! - Oh! Mate, having a good time? - Yeah, nice.
You mind? - Yeah, yeah.
Come on, get stuck in.
Listen, Tone, I really appreciate the opportunity, mate, you know? What are you talking about? Oh, the job, the job? I haven't told you what it is yet.
Whatever it is, I'm up for it, mate, huh? Good, 'cause I need you to pick up some hash for me.
- Sure.
How much? - Have a guess.
What, 5 kilos? 15? I don't know.
Three tonne.
- Get the fuck outta here! - Three tonne.
I'm in.
Carl! What are you doing? Get out of my way, you slapper.
I'm at home chucking my guts up and you're here shagging these bitches? Piss off, Roberta! It's my bloody bucks party.
- Tony, are you kidding me? - Get the hell outta here! You are coming with me.
I'm taking him.
- What are you thinking, Tony? - Get outta here! I said get outta here, bitch! - It's fine, babe.
Just - It's my bloody bucks party! Why are you pointing a gun? You help me, boy! You idiot! Carl, what are you doing?! You stupid bloody cow! What do you fucking think you're doing, you dickhead? What are you gonna do to me? Oh, fuck! - I'm fuckin' sorry.
- Fuck off! - Are you alright? - Do you think I'm alright? What do you think I've got in here, Carl? A fucking child! It's me.
Can you talk? - Yeah.
What's up? - You planning anything tonight? We hear the Feds have got something big happening.
Something big? Something like what? Burning the midnight oil, Maria? No rest for the wicked, Jimbo.
Little birdy tells me it's a raid.
Fuck! Are you kidding me? That's two jobs gone to God.
I told you someone was dogging me, Maria.
I told you.
Who is it? Is it you? Is it fucking you?! I don't know if it's one of ours or not.
Even if it is, he wouldn't have a name, just a registered code number.
Look, I gotta go.
We gotta warn Jessie.
It's too late.
Check this shit out! Packed to look like coffee.
Isn't that neat? Federal Police! Don't move! Jarrod Ragg's Federal Police team seized 2.
9 tonnes of Afghan cannabis resin that night.
Get up.
$150 million worth on the street.
You're gonna talk.
Fat Tony wasn't having much luck.
The whole three tonne, impounded.
What?! Fuck me! That was my bloody superannuation.
What?! Fuckin' Fat Tony.
Yeah, well, at this rate, I'll have the arse hanging out of my pants.
It's only money.
So when you need an outfit for Oaks Day we'll get it from Vinnies, will we? Well, how many other balls have you got in the air at the moment? Exactly.
One of them's bound to come in.
That's what I love about you.
You never give up.
- Oh.
- No, don't put flour on me! Say something sexy.
25 tubs of pseudoephedrine direct from Yugo-bloody-slavia.
Oh, I love it when you talk dirty.
Just, you know, keep it to yourself, hmm? Yeah.
But if you haven't got the loyalty of your mates, what have you got, hey? Me.
- Fuck, you're magic.
- I know.
Maybe I should get you to tell the Morans they just dropped three-quarters of a mill.
- Are you expecting anyone? - No.
- I'll get it, then, shall I? - Can you get it? Tony Mokbel? My name is Jarrod Ragg.
I'm from the Federal Police.
What can I do for you, Jarrod? Mr Mokbel, I took a statement last night from a man who alleges that you're involved in the importation of a large quantity of cannabis resin.
He alleges that you're the Mr Big who planned the whole thing.
You don't have a warrant, do you? Fuck off, Jarrod.
Every time there's a major drug importation, Tony, someone seems to point the finger at you.
I'll be back with your warrant.
You have a pleasant evening.
One shipment the Feds failed to intercept was 25 drums of pure pseudoephedrine, hidden in a container load of bathroom fittings from Yugoslavia.
The drums represented Tony's bank.
If he could keep them out of our hands and convert all that pseudo into party pills, the huge losses he'd suffered lately maybe wouldn't seem so bad.
- Isn't she adorable? - Bloody gorgeous.
Congratulations, you lucky bastard! You look pretty sexy, Roberta.
Should have married you myself.
Well, if this boofhead doesn't work out, I might give you a go, Tones.
Oh, piss off! Hey! You ripped us off, Mokbel.
- I want my money, arsehole! - Watch your back.
Oh, you get the fuck out of my wedding, you fucking useless clams! Go on, fuck off! Go on, you fucking dog! Get! That's my missus.
You'd better do something about that, babe.
Just a hundred would see me through.
- A hundred? - OK, 50.
- Don't be a bastard.
- Don't be a prick, Lewis.
- Give her a few bucks! - Why don't you, Tuppence? Old slag might do you a favour in return! Jesus, you're a real evil turd, aren't you, Lewis? You really are.
Hey, hey, come on! Don't spend it all at once.
Here, Mum.
Here's 20, yeah? Take it easy, Dad.
Can I buy you a beer? You can buy.
I'm not drinking with you.
You're kidding.
You ripped us off.
There never was a shipment.
Just three tonnes of nothing.
Fuck off! Lewis, can we have a word? I recognise that you're out of pocket.
I just want to do something to, uh make it right.
Why? 'Cause I might want to work with you in the future, that's why.
A couple of tubs of pure pseudo.
My own personal stash, direct from Europe.
Worth about a million bucks, I reckon.
A gift to you from me with respect.
What, and that makes us square, does it? Well, I suppose I have to unload it.
You know, Lewis, you might want to try a little tenderness.
Tony Mokbel.
You OK? I used to dance for Graham Kennedy.
'In Melbourne Tonight'.
Did you know that? Dancing, eh? And after each show, Lewis would be right there outside Channel 9, waiting for me.
He said it wasn't safe for me to travel home on the tram alone.
Oh, yeah.
I'm dancing.
Here, take that.
Take that.
Go on, take it.
No, he's the smartest 'cause he's yellow.
- No, the big one.
- No, he's hiding.
- The big one! - Hey! - Hey, babe.
- Hey.
We're gonna get some takeaway from Flower Drum.
Are you? OK, cool.
- I was just on some business.
- What, on our wedding day? Had to smoke the peace pipe with the Morans, didn't I? The mighty dollar worth that much to you, Tone? I know you got a good work ethic, but your priorities are totally fucked, mate.
They're my sworn enemies and you're sucking up their arse.
- It's just business, Carl.
- It's fucked.
Yeah, well, fine.
Fine, right? Piss off.
Celebrate your wedding somewhere else.
- What's with him? - Babe, come on.
Well, for those of you lending us a hand who don't know, Operation Kayak has been a year in the making.
We've spent that time gathering a mountain of evidence against this lot.
But the arrest phase starts tomorrow, pre-dawn.
By tomorrow night, I want every single one of these shitheads locked up.
Needless to say, you're all sworn to secrecy.
Not a word to Mother.
Police, don't move! - Get off! - Get off! Lewis Desmond Moran.
Jason Matthew Patrick Moran.
Get up! Get up! What is it that you do, Tony? For work? Run a business.
I'm a businessman.
Some visitors for you, babe.
Good morning.
What can I do for you blokes? G'day, Tony.
This is a warrant for your arrest.
On what charge? Antonios Mokbel, you're being charged with 18 offences Maddy, go to your room.
contrary to the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act - Sweetie, go to your room.
- .
Of 1981.
Sweetie, go and get your bag.
ecstasy, traffic amphetamine, traffic cocaine, traffic ephedrine, traffic commercial quantity pseudoephedrine, possess 20kg of red phosphorus and other drugs.
What else, Sergeant Coghlan? And possession of a pill press.
It's all over, Tony.
You might want to get dressed and bring a toothbrush and a change of underwear, eh? You know, I hate the way drugs have taken over the streets.
Every kid with an earring thinks he's Scarface.
In my day, we had to work for a living.
Robbing banks and blowing up safes.
This is what you need to make your case against Mokbel stick.
Tony can be heard on several occasions giving 680 Billy Fischer, yeah? .
giving 680 explicit instructions regarding the Mexican cocaine job.
You can say thank you any time you like.
Well, we are all on the same side, aren't we? Thank you.
Assuming the matter goes to trial, I'll need you both to verify and corroborate the continuity of the tapes, yeah? Integrity is everything.
Integrity's our middle name.
I've been a registered informant for nearly a year.
My handlers are Detective Sergeant Malcolm Rosenes and Detective Senior Constable Steve Paton, Drug Squad.
And during that period, you've been covertly recording conversations against targets they've nominated? Yeah, mainly Mokbel and his associates, yeah.
Mate, you must have titanium balls.
And what prompted you to get in touch with us, Ethical Standards? Rosenes, Paton, some others in the Drug Squad are dealing on the side.
And they get up to all kinds of stuff.
They're so used to me being around, it's like I'm part of the furniture.
This is a digital voice recorder that I got from the States.
Connect it up to your computer, put your feet up, listen to hours of them talking shit.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'IID'.
ESD these days.
Ethical Standards.
Jim O'Brien.
Detective Inspector Jim O'Brien.
I'm De Santo, he's Maloney.
Dare I ask why the toecutters are here? Come to see your lot, actually.
One corrupt cop can derail the efforts of an entire squad.
Two or three or four? Hello.
Can I have your attention, please? My name is Christine Nixon.
In case you haven't heard, I'm the new commissioner.
I deeply regret what's happened here today.
And as a result I've decided to dissolve this squad, effective immediately.
It's the only way to stamp out the rot, and I will see to that.
There will be a new unit formed, the Major Drug Investigation Division, the MDID, and of course you're more than welcome to reapply for your positions.
But in the meantime I'll ask you to step away from your desks.
Ethical Standards are here to collect your files.
Any grievances, you can email me directly.
Thank you.
The worst day of my life as a police officer, bar none.
Alright, Billy.
I'm not gonna bullshit you, alright? Even if your tapes are admitted into evidence and even if our other key witnesses believed, there is no guarantee that we'll convict Tony for the Mexican job.
But your testimony, Billy, your testimony could clinch it, alright? You're the only one who can tie him into the deal from start to finish.
Am I right? Sure, I could I could tell you all of it, but why would I? To finish what you started, mate.
To keep Tony Mokbel behind bars.
To do the right thing.
Man, look at that.
That's just wrong.
What's that thing, Tony? This, Johnny, is my future.
- Looks like 'Star Wars'.
- Hmm.
Remember me, Tony? Jarrod Ragg, Federal Police.
Nice of you to visit, Jarrod.
Antonios Sajih Mokbel, you are being charged with one count of being knowingly concerned in the importation into Australia of a prohibited import, namely a trafficable quantity of cocaine, contrary to Section 233B of the Customs Act 1901.
The Mexican job, Tony.
Three pissy kilos? You're joking.
We have detailed statements from two witnesses, all corroborated.
You could be looking at 10 years.
Who you got, hmm? Who? It might be time for you to put your hand up, Tony.
Who?! There are no mates in Tony Mokbel's world.
Not mates you can trust.
In the end, it's just dog eat dog eat dog.