Fat Tony & Co. (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

When the Dogs Bark

1 What, you gonna shoot me too? We don't like prick teasers.
We share the risk, we share the profit.
That's the way it works.
Police! On the ground now! Prison's not a good option for a bloke like you, Billy.
We need you to wear a wire.
I can't have a dog on my crew, Billy.
Hey! You ripped us off, Mokbel.
- I want my money, arsehole! - Watch your back.
They're my sworn enemy and you're sucking up their arse.
It's just business, Carl.
This is the future you could have with me, Bruno.
'Cause we're tight, aren't we? You and me? Yeah, mate, we're solid.
We're brothers.
- Alright.
- Relax! G'day, Tony.
This is a warrant for your arrest.
It's all over, Tony.
Antonios Sajih Mokbel, you are being charged with one count of being knowingly concerned in the importation into Australia of a prohibited import, namely a trafficable quantity of cocaine.
Jail didn't suit Tony Mokbel.
It cramped his style.
But lucky for him, he only spent a year on remand before we were forced to drop the charges.
The unmasking of a few corrupt cops in the old Drug Squad meant the evidence against Tony was deemed to be tainted.
So the fat bastard got a free walk at our expense.
He went straight back to what he knew best.
Rockin' and rollin' You're still doin' it now 15 years today and you remember how You're gonna hear it now blasting out your radio Listen to the music now Turn up the radio Drug dealers need a reliable supply of drugs to deal.
To make drugs, you need precursor chemicals.
And Tony had a secret stash.
- Shit! - It's Yugoslav pseudo.
24 tubs.
What am I sitting on? - 500 a pop.
- 12 mill.
- Try 200.
- Million? - If you cook it yourself.
- Us.
The Mokbel brothers.
Joint venture, OK? Us brothers.
And Carl.
I'll give Carl a slice too.
Come on, Tony.
Carl's not our brother.
He's my brother, Horty, OK? And it's my fucking pseud.
And you'll treat him with respect.
We're gonna flood this city with Mokbel product.
Amphetamine, MDMA, methamphetamine, whatever.
If they want it, we're gonna sell it to them.
- We'll need a few good cooks.
- I'll start with the best.
- Bruno Rich.
- Bruno's given it away.
He's gone square.
Well, we'll fucking get him back.
- Hey, Tony.
- Bruno.
No! Was that really necessary? Get your pots and pans out, Bruno.
You're coming to cook for us again.
I'm out of the game.
My wife Listen, everything we make, buy, sell, buy again.
Everything? Speak for yourself.
All you gotta say is yes, Bruno.
II One day we're gonna get out of this shit, Carl.
- We can do this all day! - Start a property empire.
Bigger than Westfields.
Mokbel Inc.
Don't fight it, Bruno! Mokbel Inc.
Old hands in the new Drug Squad like me and big Jim O'Brien weren't too thrilled Fat Tony was back on the streets.
Next time, we'd lock him up for good.
Someone took my yoghurt from the fridge.
Fruits of the forest.
- Who was it? - I'm not the yoghurt type.
- You look like the yoghurt type.
- I'm not.
Coghlan, Miechel, update me on Mokbel.
Paul Dale, Brunswick detectives.
Fat Tony's home turf.
Jim O'Brien.
Welcome to MDID.
Yeah, it's good to be here.
Jim Coghlan.
Maria Tomasetti, our token Tasmanian.
And David Miechel.
He's your date.
So, we'll be going after Tony Mokbel? Bastard's got a leave pass.
Cancel it.
Tony! Yo, Big Tone! Willie! - Hello, mate! - Good to see you, man.
- Good to see you.
- You know Michael? Michael Marshall.
- Yeah, I've seen you around.
- Hey, Tony.
- And you are? - Hungry.
This is Emma.
She's cool.
Just hang, baby, alright? Um, can we have a little chat? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Michael and me, we are ready to step it up a notch.
We wanna buy a tub of your Yugoslav pseudo.
- You what? - On consignment.
We'd kick in 30% on top once the cook's done.
You got no right talking to him or anybody else about my gear.
Tone, it's easy for you, otherwise I wouldn't ask.
Who else you been flapping your mouth about? After everything that happened with Billy Fischer, you need people you can trust.
Willie, if you came to me, just to me, I might have done business with you, OK? Maybe.
But you bring strangers to my door? - What's the matter with you? - What do I have to do? Grow a fucking brain and keep your mouth shut.
She plays up to you Every time you walk into the room She plays up to you She won't give up till we're over and through You are gorgeous.
I know.
I thought we were talking about me coming to work for you.
What? I'm 23 years old.
You're too old for me.
How old do you think I am? Is me fucking you part of the job? I just wanna know up front what the deal is.
We're good.
She plays up to you She plays up to you.
- You look good.
- Fuck off.
Have you seen my roots? I'll get some colour brought in for you.
- How's my girl? - She's missing you, of course.
So, you gonna be there for me when I get out? Babe, of course I am.
Come on.
I don't expect you to be a camel or anything.
Just don't go fall .
getting entangled, you know? You still think Billy was dogging you? Yeah.
Yeah, the Feds have got him holed up overseas somewhere.
Witness protection.
They must have had something big on him.
Oh, don't make excuses for the little shit.
What? I'm just trying to understand.
Survival beats loyalty every time.
What, you'd do the same if you were in his shoes? That's different.
I love you.
He doesn't.
I miss you, fucker.
If you bought an eccy in Melbourne back then, chances are it was Tony Mokbel's brand.
With the massive profits he made, he added to his property portfolio.
Shops, home units, nightclubs.
Sometimes he paid in cash, sometimes he didn't.
Just as long as his name never appeared on the paperwork.
He was unstoppable.
- Here he is.
- Untouchable.
The Mediterranean, eh? Or so he thought.
Now, I don't know what you blokes are fighting about, and I don't really care.
But don't get up until it's sorted.
The arse has dropped out of the eccy market.
In this economy, it's the only thing going backwards.
What do you know about it? Gee, I haven't bought an eccy for ages.
What do they go for these days? Someone's dumping cheap product.
Your friend Carl's been mouthing off that it's him.
Talk to Carl, then.
Carl's too lazy to scratch his own arse.
We think it's you.
Don't know what you're talking about, fellas.
Flooding the market's no good for any of us.
Enjoy your lunch.
Smug Tony wasn't worried about a price war.
He was big enough to beat any competition.
What he should have been worrying about was the gangland war.
Carl Williams had revenged himself on Mark Moran.
And next on his hit list? Brother Jason.
Hands on the roof! Hands on the roof! MDID, put your hands on the roof.
Hands on the roof! MDID - that's the Drug Squad, kids.
You're under arrest.
You know my sergeant, Paul Dale.
G'day, Terry.
Commercial quantity.
On top of Andy's armed rob conviction.
Your kids are in a bit of strife, mate.
Help us and we'll help your kids.
What you wanna know? Who you do business with? Who you rub shoulders with? How long have you got, boys? I know everyone in town.
Well, you're pretty chummy with Tony Mokbel, aren't you? We'd love to know what he's been up to.
Terry Hodson's deal to keep his kids out of jail yielded immediate results.
Turned out he knew the location of just about every backyard drug lab in Greater Melbourne.
And lots of them were controlled by Fat Tony.
The biggest noise in town - it has to be Mokbel.
Why does it have to be Mokbel, Coghlan? Mokbel thinks big.
I bet as we speak he's setting up a new lab.
Two new labs, three new labs.
Best guess on the street value of what they're cooking? 50, 60 mill.
Maybe much more.
Several hundred million.
Maria, where's your eraser thing? - Anybody seen the eraser? - Give it here.
Alright, ladies and gents, heed me if you will.
Got a new chart topper.
Tony Mokbel.
I want his balls.
I'll make cufflinks out of them.
Big cufflinks, boss.
That's the way I like 'em, Maria.
Fat Tony was back on top of our shit list, right where he belonged.
Yeah, it's a really nice place, Tones.
- Something to say, Horty? - Not to my taste, Tone.
Would you like to buy a nightclub? No, I just don't think it's the best investment, you know? Tony fucking Mokbel, eh? Johnny Tedesco! Shit, man.
When did you get out? - Where's my invitation, eh? - I didn't know you were out! Alright, fuck off so we can talk.
Speak to me like I'm your wife.
Mrs Williams, fuck off so we can talk.
Johnny, come for a dance, huh? Just don't dry-root me this time.
- Carl.
- Tony Mokbel! Attention, Tony Mokbel! Um I just wanna say a few words about Tone.
I'm Willie Thompson, and I've known Tone since high school.
And, um Well, he's my best friend.
I love this man.
Anyway, what I wanted to say was you've come a long way since Moreland High, mate.
And I'm I'm proud of you.
I mean, how many nightclubs is it now? This place is a palace! Tony Mokbel, everyone! Congrats, mate.
Congrats, buddy.
Hey, everyone, listen, just for the record, this actually is not my club.
The club belongs to the guy whose name it is on the front door.
So any complaints, go to him.
That's Haji over there with Terry Hodson.
I reckon it's your shout, Haji, hey? One for everyone! You idiot - cops find out about this place, they'll come down on me like a shower of shit.
Use your fucking head! What are you doing? I'm sorry, mate.
I'm just I'm proud of you.
Hey, Bruno Rich - where you got him stashed away? Why, you wanna do a cook on the side? Yeah, if it's not gonna put you out.
I'll check it out, let you know.
- Alright.
- Yeah.
It's called 'the winged wonder', he's one step down from a drug dealer, now he's a property developer.
- I don't mind it.
- Looks like a bunch of bent cocks.
It's a $45 million project.
Where's he get that kind of money? Oh.
So he's bigger than you thought? Yeah, alright.
I want a list of all of his assets.
Cars, houses, businesses.
Anything that he can't account for from legitimate income, I want to seize as proceeds of crime.
The winged wonder residential development was still on top of Tony's agenda.
If I was a head shrinker, not a cop, I might have said it represented a deep-seated desire to go straight and make his dead dad proud of him.
Listen, do you know who that bloke is that Carl's talking to? Paul Dale.
He's a cop.
In the Drug Squad.
Mate, we're both fucked.
Hands on your head, mate.
Hands on your head.
These gentlemen can drink the bar, on me.
Detective Sergeant Paul Dale.
- Carl's mate.
- I wouldn't say 'mate'.
Yeah, yeah, you're Paul Dale.
Carl's cop friend.
- What do you mean by that? - You work for Carl, don't you? - Nope.
- You know, you should come work for me.
Make some real money.
Drive a nice car.
I don't want your money.
It's not mine.
It's yours.
Hey, it was good seeing your brother today.
- Carl! - Hey, Tone.
The Rye lab gets busted.
Bruno and Kabalan get arrested.
And I saw you talking to the arresting officer.
So? You talk to cops.
Which way is the information going, Carl? What? What are you saying? You asked me about the Rye drug house, right? And then it gets busted.
My brother's looking at 8 years.
Mate, that's coincidence.
Drug Squad's all over us.
- Coincidence, eh? - You calling me a dog? Mate, if I was a dog, you'd be long gone.
Are you threatening me? Is that what you're doing? You think 'cause Billy Fischer dogged you in, everyone's gonna? That's a shit way to live, mate.
We're either friends or we're something else.
How's it going? Ah, early days, boss.
Yeah, well, pull your finger out.
I want these bastards to bleed.
Boob jobs.
What? Well, if Mokbel's wives and girlfriends have had breast implants paid for by proceeds of crime, we seize them.
One, two One, two, three, four Ooh Yeah, I'll be fine, yeah, yeah - Ooh - OK - Ooh - The good Lord knows it - Ooh - Oh, the good Lord knows it - Ooh - I left better behind I'll be fine, yeah, yeah, yeah Make my mamma turn another blind eye Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I left better behind I'll be fine No, slow, slow.
What is that? That's the future.
At least, that's what I tell everyone.
Are you gonna build it? If the council ever get their heads out of their arses.
That's great.
Oh, I love it! That one.
Right, I wanna live in that apartment.
That one.
Right there.
Oh, shit! Sorry.
It's alright.
So, you really like it, eh? - Who designed it? - Huh? Oh, me, kinda, you know.
Had an idea and the concept.
No way! Local government had repeatedly rejected his 'winged wonder' development application, citing objections from the community.
But Tony had finally persuaded the planning committee to take one more look at it.
This may be Sydney Road, but, well, it's the gateway to Melbourne.
And for that reason, we have an obligation to this city.
But once again, they turned Fat Tony down flat.
So, what did he do? He appealed to a higher authority.
I love this city, Mick.
So, what's this thing, this business that you've got before the Moreland City Council? 'The winged wonder', is that what they call it? Well, it keeps getting knocked back by the council, Mick.
That's the thing.
I thought maybe a man of your experience in the business might have some advice for me, or contacts.
Well, I know people in Moreland.
And I could make some calls on your behalf.
But I'm not going to.
Mick, I tell you what.
I'm going to make out a cheque.
Now, you can fill in the blanks.
- Don't embarrass yourself.
- Your favourite charity.
- Come on.
- Don't embarrass yourself.
Mate, it's a donation, alright? Tony, you've got a bad reputation around town.
This this drug business.
The people that you surround yourself with.
Carl, for example.
Right? You got a PR problem.
You gotta work on your image.
Get some new friends.
Make a peace with Jason and Lewis.
And then, and only then, will I make maybe one or two calls on your behalf.
Tony, thanks for meeting with us.
You're a real sport.
What'd I tell you, Dad? Tony's a real good bloke.
So, here we are.
Three good blokes.
We're getting out of the manufacturing game.
Too much work.
Too much trouble.
Why bother? We get the same stuff cheaper from you.
I don't need another major player in town, Lewis.
I wouldn't be selling local.
We'd take it interstate.
There's another advantage having us as customers.
It'd keep us happy.
- If you're gonna threaten me - I'm not threatening you, Tony.
What Jason means is when everyone's happy, everyone's happy.
Peace in our time sort of thing.
Look, we'd rather work with you than against you.
Oh, Christ.
You opening up a sheltered workshop, Tone? What are you doing here, Carl? Come on, Jase, let's go.
I'll get Milad to call you, alright? Come anywhere near us .
I'll kill ya.
What are you doing here, Carl? I was in the area.
I was following Jase.
See ya, Tone.
Hurry up, you old bag! Don't say that! The neighbours will think you mean it.
- Coles or Woolies? - Coles, please.
And then I need to go to the butcher off Huckle Street.
- Alright.
- But look, wait.
- Why, what's wrong? - I don't know.
We gotta get a move on.
I gotta get you back in time to take the kids to footy.
I need to know you're watching out for yourself, love.
What? Yes.
People are killing each other for nothing.
Mum, don't be bloody stupid.
A notorious Melbourne underworld figure has been murdered in the car park of an Essendon hotel.
In broad daylight, Jason Moran and another small-time criminal were gunned down in front of their children and dozens of others at a nearby football clinic.
Kellie Curtain begins our coverage.
Innocent children caught up in the deadly world of criminals.
Mrs Moran.
My name's Charlie Bezzina from the Homicide Squad.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
When you're ready .
it'd be very helpful if you could make a statement.
What would I say? Well, you could tell us about the last time you saw your son.
Or we can come back to that.
Why don't we come back to that? Jason He was He was He was your favourite, huh? We always have our favourites.
We know we shouldn't, but we do.
- Tony! - Where's Carl? He's upstairs, sleeping.
He got pissed before.
Hey, what's the problem? Jason Moran is the problem, Roberta.
Someone finally put a bullet in that useless dickhead.
Did they? How are you, Tony, mate? Alright? - Johnny, get out of the way.
- Mate! Come and celebrate with us, alright? He gave us nothing but misery.
There were children in that car! Kids! Mate, they didn't get hurt or nothing, alright? There were children everywhere! It was a footy clinic! - Jesus Christ! - Tony, look The whole fucking world is gonna come down on us now.
All of us.
Tell that stupid husband of yours "Enough.
" - Enough! - Enough what? Tony eventually forgave Willie Thompson for being a dickhead and advanced him enough cash to bring a shipment of precursor chemicals down from Sydney.
As always, there was a ready market in Melbourne.
Oh, I'll have to get it to you.
Mate, the usual way of conducting business is that I give you the thing and you give me the money for that thing I gave you.
What are you, a fucking economist now? Couple of days max, Willie.
And don't go casting aspersions.
- What? - It's a word.
Are you telling me serious you don't have the cash? Couple of days, then.
Pow! The easiest way to avoid paying a drug debt? Use a gun.
It was Carl.
You know that, right? See you, mate.
Hey, Tone.
Willie and I weren't on the best of terms in the end but, you know, makes you realise what's important.
Thanks, mate.
Marshall's got front turning up here.
You saying it was him? Course it was! Been telling everyone how Willie ripped him off.
Bitching to me about Willie the other night, saying how he wanted to kill him.
Just saying, Tone.
Are you absolutely sure? It was Carl.
The prick is so fucking paranoid right now, he'll probably take it out on me next.
If you call him on it, that's exactly what'll happen.
Don't you make an enemy out of him.
Don't be a dick, Tony.
Fuckin' leave it! Carl knew Tony wasn't convinced Michael Marshall was the bloke who killed Willie and he didn't want him to find out who did, so he gave instructions for hit man Johnny Tedesco to take out Marshall before Tony had a chance to put the hard word on him.
I guess it wasn't personal.
Just business.
That's good, mate.
But Carl didn't realise Johnny Tedesco was already on police radar for a series of violent armed robberies.
He had a tracking device installed in his vehicle.
A mobile unit was shadowing his every move.
We got a bead on a major Tony Mokbel drug house.
According to Terry Hodson, the premises is rented under the name Emma Styles.
- Hodson's your informant? - Mm-hm.
He says Emma's fucking Fat Tony.
OK, I'm getting hard.
She uses a hand press.
Maximum production of 3,000 a day.
We estimate there'll be 15,000 ready to go at the end of the week.
And at least a million in cash.
- Let's hit her Saturday.
- It's grand final day.
I'm not sure the fellas are gonna be too happy about that.
I'm sorry - I thought this was a 7-day-a-week operation.
Bit of luck, we'll catch Tony with his pants down.
Go the Pies! I'm in the job! I'm in the job! I'm in the job, mate! I'm in the job! Thanks to Neighbourhood Watch, Tony escaped getting caught up in the burglary by the skin of his teeth.
But yet another drug lab had gone to God, plus he'd lost a promising drug cook with sensational legs.
Emma Styles? Is this your house? No.
Do not let them in the house, whatever you do.
It's a bit late for that.
Emma, a word of warning.
Don't dog me.
Ma'am, you're gonna have to come with us.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Don't touch me! I can get in the car myself.
Get off me! I'm not denying anything about the robbery.
We knew the place was gonna be raided tomorrow, so we thought we'd get in there first and nick the stuff.
You and Senior Constable Miechel? Yeah.
But, well, lesson learned.
Don't go trying to rob a house in a Neighbourhood Watch area, eh? That's good advice.
There was supposed to be a third person with us.
David's direct boss, Senior Sergeant Paul Dale.
- Know him? - That's a serious accusation.
- Why are you telling us? - You'd wanna know, wouldn't you? Terry Hodson's allegations against Paul Dale would make waves for years to come.
For us I've been fitted up, Jim.
and for the criminal underworld.
Get your hands off me.
Listen, Emma, I'm really sorry, you know.
You need You need anything, you just let me know.
Look, maybe when you get out, I'll be legit and I can offer you a good job.
A proper job.
You take care.
See ya.
Late 2003, and Danielle McGuire was released after serving 19 months of her three-year drug sentence.
But the good news for Tony didn't last long.
His best mate, Carl Williams, was doing more cocaine than ever and was ever more unpredictable.
You learned some new tricks while I was away.
That's good.
I missed you.
Listen, that .
that girl, Emma.
I'm paying for her lawyer.
Just so you know.
That's cool.
Tony? Tony! - Where are ya? - Shit.
- Are ya there? Tony? - Bert? Bertie? What's going on? Look, it's Carl.
He's had a brain snap or something.
Now, I know there's shit gone down between you two, but I need someone with a good head on their shoulders.
You can talk to him, you can get through to him.
- Carl and me lately - I don't care! He needs ya.
- Like now! Come on! - Alright, alright.
- Oh, just go! - OK? - Give me a minute.
- Fine.
Tone! Carl, what are you doing, mate? You right? Put the gun away.
Put the gun away! Put the gun away, Carl.
- Put it down, mate.
- Hey, Lew! Lew Moran.
Carl, you're just doing too much shit, mate.
You're going crazy.
Hey, mate, I can trust you, can't I? - Yeah, course you can.
- I can trust you.
I DON'T KNOW WHO I CAN TRUST! Carl, throw the gun away.
Get inside, Roberta.
I'll look after him.
They kept on at me about you, you know? - Who did? - The jacks.
Told 'em to fuck off 'cause you were my mate.
Didn't give them nothing.
And you just came and throw it all back in my face with the Rye drug deal.
Jesus, mate.
When's this bloody war gonna end, hey? When? WHEN THEY END! Mark, Jase, I got 'em back.
I got 'em back on principle.
They had it coming.
So, yeah It's over.
I think we're off here.
Goodbye, Lewis.
Then that's it, Carl.
OK? You're done.
- We've found 13 million worth so far.
- That's a good start.
Yeah, there's gonna be more in hidden assets, though.
It's a shame we didn't let him build the winged wonder first.
Could have dismantled it brick by brick.
"Whatever resources you need, Jim.
" I'd take him for everything he's got.
Mr Mokbel! Hey, Tony.
Warrant for you.
We're seizing documents under the Confiscation Act 1997.
- Proceeds of crime.
- What bloody crime? You'll also see in the warrant a list of properties owned by you or your companies that have been placed under a restraining order.
You may not trade in or access income from these properties until the matter's been sorted out by a court.
These are all legitimate businesses.
Haven't got bank loans against them.
All the paperwork's there.
Well, you just need to explain to the court how you paid for the bank loans.
But if you've got the paperwork and invoices and tax returns, then you've got nothing to worry about, have you? It would have been good.
It's a shame.
Tony's dreams of legitimacy were always destined to go up in smoke.
I guess you can't be a pillar of the community when you've got murderers for mates - men like Carl Williams and Johnny Tedesco.
Carl Carl would get all the day-to-day stuff, like the gun and the car.
The money? The money came from Tony.
You know Tony, yeah? Tony Mokbel.
The one who had Michael Marshall killed 'cause he reckoned that Michael killed Willie Thompson.
Johnny Tedesco was a liar, but he was a very convincing liar.
His statement would prove to be a time bomb for Antonios .
Sajih .