Fat Tony & Co. (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Killers, Thieves & Lawyers

1 Every time there is a major drug importation, Tony, someone seems to point the finger at you.
See, you got a bad reputation around town.
The people that you surround yourself with - Carl, for example.
You got a PR problem.
You calling me a dog? Mate, if I was a dog, you'd be long gone.
When's this bloody war gonna end, hey? When? WHEN THEY END! It was Carl.
Don't you make an enemy out of him.
Tell that stupid husband of yours "Enough.
" Enough! March 19, 2006, was a Sunday.
At 5pm, Tony Mokbel did what he'd done religiously for several years - he reported to a police station in accordance with his bail conditions.
Hey, babe, I'm gonna walk.
Why don't you take the car? You sure? Yeah.
I just feel like a walk, you know? OK.
Alright, I'll see you later.
As long as he was tucked up safe in bed by 8:00 and didn't leave home till 7:00 the next morning, everything was sweet.
But this Sunday, things were different.
The odds were stacking up against him.
He was pretty sure he was looking at jail time over the Federal Police Mexican cocaine case and he was feeling the heat.
At 5:30 that quiet Sunday afternoon, Fat Tony turned his back on his family, his girlfriend, on the world he knew, took a step to the left, and went on the run.
What am I looking at? Police report.
Drug Squad intel.
We're all in there.
Me, Carl, Horty.
Even you.
Hey, yeah, look, that's me.
Yeah, all because of one bloody dog! Terence Hodson.
Shit! Jesus! Where'd you get this? It was slipped under my door.
Half of Melbourne's got it by now.
What are we gonna do? I know what I'd like to do to Terry bloody Hodson! Listen, warn the boys to steer clear of the prick.
Are you still painting your face? Don't you do anything else? Ah, blow me.
You know what? Bugger this.
Milad! Come on, we're gonna go talk to this prick.
Terry! You dog.
Tone, you got it wrong, mate! You stay away from me, my family, my friends, everyone.
You understand me? If you had any decency, you'd put a gun to the side of your head and pull the trigger.
Tone! Come on, mate! Who else has seen this? Shit.
You've dogged a lot of good people, Dad.
Some of them friends of mine.
Mine came through the office fax.
How'd you get yours? Someone slipped it under the bloody front door.
Jeez, you fuck one goat Well, Hodson's screwed the whole bloody herd.
Without a trace you disappear You must have felt me Sick with fear Yeah, yeah Tony Mokbel? I'm Zarah Garde-Wilson.
Oh, yeah.
You're Carl's lawyer.
Yeah, I've been tracking you.
Have ya? Mmm.
Tony had been in an arm-wrestle with the Feds over the Mexican coke case since 2001.
His strategy was simple - outlast the buggers.
You know, if you went to trial tomorrow, you'd lose.
You saying I'm wasting my money with my legal team? Oh, mine's a latte.
No, it's not.
Solid witnesses, taped evidence, plus it's a federal case.
Pound for pound, they're better resourced than Vic Police.
And they don't tend to fuck up like Victoria Police do.
But you're in a confidence game with the Crown.
They don't want a contested hearing.
It's expensive.
Are you listening to me? You know that lawyer of Carl's? What's her name? Zarah? Yes.
Well, if you haven't already, you're gonna think about fucking her.
What? I can smell another woman a mile off.
You're imagining things, babe.
You are gonna be strong.
Hmm? Yeah, yeah.
I'll be strong.
Have you been inside? Nuh.
Just got here.
Dad said he'd ring me.
Mum? Dad? Andy! ANDY! Gunman or gunmen make a meal, bang, bang.
Must have been relaxed.
Knew his killer.
There'd be a whole phone book of people who'd like to see Terry Hodson dead.
Start with the kids? Then we'll look at who stood to benefit most.
Sergeant Paul Dale.
So obviously Terry Hodson can't give evidence against you regarding the drug house robbery.
So I'm a person of interest, am I? What were your movements Saturday night and Sunday morning? I was in Bendigo with some friends.
We just went to a few pubs there.
And your friends can verify that? Yeah, sure.
I'll give you their names.
So you do realise that you're gonna need to speak to everybody who's named in that blue file.
I've been investigating homicide for 20 years, Paul.
Carl Williams.
Tony Mokbel.
Milad Mokbel, Horty Mokbel.
Hey, babe.
You OK? They shot his wife.
The kids found them.
Why would anyone do that? Yeah, why would anyone murder a registered informant? I mean, shit, that's like taking on the whole Victoria Police force.
I hope she didn't know I reckon they'll go after Paul Dale for it.
Why, 'cause he's up on burglary charges? Yeah.
Well, Terry dogged him.
Now Terry's out of the way, he's off the hook.
Should we get married? Hey? Sorry.
I don't even know why I asked that.
Too emotional.
This kinda stuff, you know.
Reminds you what's important.
Yeah, yeah.
Don't sleep with dogs.
Oh, babe, come on.
I'm already married.
You know that.
We don't need a ring to prove that we love each other, huh, do we? Baby? Do we? This is a fax copy of Terry Hodson's leaked blue file.
You ever seen that before today? Nuh.
I mean, I heard he was dogging his mates, but, you know, it's only from what I read in the paper.
You got an office in Sydney Road? Yep.
You got a photocopier fax machine in the office? Yeah, course I do.
Look, I don't even know why you're talking to me.
I hardly know Terry.
Everyone in that file had a reason to kill Terry.
Your name's on the list.
That makes you a person of interest.
Prove to me you're not a suspect.
Listen, what would I gain by killing Terry, huh? You've got informants testifying against you on cocaine importation charges at the moment.
Now, killing Terry would certainly send a message to them, wouldn't it? And other informants.
I'm a peace-loving person, Detective.
I don't go in for that sort of stuff.
What did you think was gonna happen? Terry was a dog.
What, his wife too? Yeah, well, that was uncalled for.
Look, this is good for all of us.
It's a lesson to all the dogs out there or anyone else that stands in our way.
You may not have noticed, Tone, but we're at war.
You're at war, Carl, not me.
Look, the horses have jumped, mate.
They're running until they get to the finish line.
There's nothing I can do about it.
Size 9, yeah? Things are hotting up, Tone.
Especially around Carl and these killings.
I can't do this anymore.
You're ending it? You're too close to Carl.
This is our last time.
Too many eyes on us since the Hodson murders.
You know, I tip my hat to you, doing it face to face.
But you don't get to end it.
It ends when I say.
This is like a marriage.
Just without the divorce part.
Now, what else you got? Nothing.
I haven't heard a peep about you.
Carl Williams was the big issue.
The loosest of loose cannons.
He could destroy Mokbel Inc with a single shot.
The question for Tony - what could he do to stop him? Tell me you're not planning to dog Carl.
It needs to be done, Dan.
He's fucking ruining everything.
Don't even think about it.
The murder of police informant Terry Hodson was a boots-and-all challenge to law and order.
Every copper in the state felt the pressure.
Bring Terry Hodson's killer to justice, shut down the gangland war, dismantle Melbourne's illegal drug industry that fuelled everything.
So the problem is Carl, right? Gotta get him off the streets.
Do you know Mario Condello? Hey? Mario Condello.
Do you know him? Condello? Yeah, he's a mate of Mick's.
Carlton Crew.
Carl's hired a couple of blokes to knock him off.
You're kidding me.
And you guys are gonna pick him up? Yeah, well, that's the plan.
Bugger me.
How are ya, buddy? How come you been avoiding me, you prick? I haven't been avoiding you, mate.
You've been avoiding me.
What are you talking about? Guess what.
Mum's doing her famous apricot chicken for Sunday lunch.
You ain't lived till you've tasted Mum's apricot chicken.
Is that an invite, is it, mate? Save me a seat, Carl.
I look forward to it, mate.
See ya, Tone.
See ya then.
Don't often see you in this part of the world, Tony.
When Carl told me you were doing the apricot chicken, I just knew I had to be here.
Mum's apricot chicken's the best.
So, what's the occasion? Since we're all here together, there's something we wanna tell ya, isn't there, Carl? We're separating.
Trial separation.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We've just been at each other a lot lately.
We think it's the best thing, you know, for the kids.
If there's anything you guys need, right - you know, anything - you let me know.
Thanks, Tone.
Yeah, course.
Nothing much is gonna change.
Carl will have his apartment in town, but he'll still be there for all his parental obligations, won't ya, babe? Oh, well.
Life goes on.
Scum are here for ya.
Great meal, Mum.
Yeah, what do you want? I'm Detective Senior Sergeant Charlie Bezzina from Homicide.
Carl Williams, I have a warrant for your arrest for conspiracy to murder Mario Condello.
Step outside and I'll caution you.
Mario Condello's not even dead yet.
Fuck! Call Zarah for me? Yeah, course, mate.
Conspiracy to murder was just the beginning.
As well as major drug charges, Police Task Force Purana quickly added the Michael Marshall murder to Carl's rap sheet.
Look, Carl's my best friend, alright? So if he needs anything, alright? You know, like your fees.
If he needs help with that I'll pay 'em.
Wonderful to have friends.
Completely cute.
I hear your committal date's been set.
Should have switched to me.
And those nasty Feds asked for a million-dollar bail.
In fact, those nasty Feds, led by Jarrod Ragg, were proving to be tougher opponents than Tony anticipated.
The Feds are wasting taxpayers' dollars for three pissy kilos? Tony, in a lot of people's language, three kilos is a lot of cocaine.
Now, let's get real.
You've got Scrooge's statement against you.
You've got Billy Fischer's evidence.
I think we can probably expect to see some jail time at the end of this.
I am not going back to jail.
No way! That's what I'm paying you blokes for - to keep me out! Tony, have you been committed to trial? You're still flying around, free as a bird.
I'd say we're doing OK.
Ah, see youse later.
See you, love.
Here, Bertie, this is for you, darl.
No, Tone, I can't Don't be silly.
Take it.
You and Carl are family to me, right? It's for the kids.
School fees.
Don't worry about that shit.
Why aren't there more good blokes like you, huh? Then I wouldn't be special! Come here.
Thank you.
Hey, listen, when you see that fat husband of yours, tell him he's a bogan, but he's in my heart.
Yeah, go stuff yourself, huh? And you can't ask someone with bright red hair to go blonde.
'Cause she's so sensitive! I know! She's, like, "It's my colour! It brings out my eyes.
" You OK, babe? They've set a date for the committal hearing on that Mexican coke charge.
That's ridiculous, Tony! Yeah.
Feds are asking for some shitload of bail, aren't they? Yep.
A million bucks.
A million? Where are we gonna get that from? Oh, obviously I'd use this house as surety.
But I can't.
It's been restrained.
Isn't ours worth more than that, darl? Well, yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Well, what? It's for the family.
Let's put the bloody house up.
Yeah, but, you know, it's under your name only.
That's the thing, babe.
It's gotta be your decision.
It's for the family.
Renae, you're a sweetheart.
Not a question! Not a bloody question.
I find the plaintiff has a case to answer.
If properly instructed, I'm satisfied that a jury could return a guilty verdict.
Surety is set at $1 million against Renae Mokbel.
That is all.
Hey, thank you.
Thank you.
No problem.
I know where to find you.
Everything that you have told me, it checks out.
In fact, I have double-checked every detail, alright? Now, yes, you have a serious criminal record, but that is irrelevant to the court because I can prove that your statement about Mokbel and the Mexican drug operation to be true.
Alright? There comes a time when every man has to stand up and tell the truth regardless of the risks.
Welcome to the new Purana Task Force, Purana 2.
Some of you did time with Purana 1, Drug Squad, Homicide and Asset Acquisition.
Now, if any of you have got an ego, leave it at the door.
I don't care about any egos, I don't want any pissing competitions.
Don't get in one with him.
You got something you wanna add, Detective Sergeant? Just saying from personal experience, don't get into a pissing competition with you, boss.
Good advice.
Now, for the Tony Mokbels of the world, this will be the worst time of his life.
From now on, we're going to do things very differently.
We're not gonna pick them off one at a time.
We're gonna be strategic, grab intel on all the players and all their operations, and put the whole jigsaw puzzle together.
Once we've done that, we take them down simultaneously.
So three words, folks - identify, investigate and dismantle.
We're gonna cut Tony Mokbel off Jim O'Brien's heading up Purana 2.
- Yeah? - Mmm.
- Good.
- No, it's not good, Tony.
From now on, any operations against you or your brothers will be run from inside Purana 2, not MDID.
And I'm out of the loop.
- So join Purana 2.
- Yeah, it's invite only, Tony.
What, they ain't got room for a girl from Tasmania? Tony, the world's changing.
This is gonna be a game changer.
He's coming after anyone with the name Mokbel.
Hey, Haji, those two on the floor, what do we know about 'em? Bruce and Phil.
Big one's Bruce.
Well, who do they work for? No-one.
Yeah? Just what we need.
Guys who aren't on anyone's radar.
Tone, they'll roll on you in a heartbeat.
Listen, we've gotta change the way we do things, alright? We don't, we're gone.
Boys, listen.
I need two men that I can trust.
Are you serious? There's a bit of risk, but I tell you what, boys, there's a shitload of profit to be made in this.
How do you know we won't rip you off? What's to stop you ripping us off? You have my word.
Jesus, thought I was doing you blokes a favour.
Listen, this is about mutual trust, alright, this business.
Mutual trust.
That's it.
The trick is, right, always stay at least once removed and never, never let anyone know the full picture.
Alright? Joe and Nick, they don't know you're dealing with Dario and Fabio.
Dario and Fabio don't know you're getting it from Horty or Mil or whoever it happens to be at the time.
That way, a card gets pulled from the card house, the house remains standing.
Can we call ourselves 'The Company'? Sure.
As long as you run it like a company.
'Cause together we got power I said hey, yo I'mma lay my tracks down I'm that freight train Tearing through the sky in the clouds I said hey, yo Watch this Hail Mary fly Keep on runnin', keep on gunnin' With this fire in my eyes I'm sky high, yeah Welcome to the time of my life Nah, I just can't believe you gave the keys to the kingdom to that pair of dumb dickheads.
Nah, they're proxies.
Is that a word? The word is 'dickheads'.
You're either a criminal genius, Mr Mokbel, or a dickhead yourself.
Hey! Hello! Sexy people are here, finally! Hey, something, something Something is different.
Oh, guess! You've had your tits done! Oh, you had them reduced! I dreamed about those puppies! Well, I fucking love 'em, alright? Come on, come in.
You've already spent too long away.
I need a glass for you, lady, I know that.
- The scars will fade.
- Yeah? Mine did.
I had these done 12 months ago.
Went from a D to a DD.
Shit we do for men, eh? Nah, I didn't do this for anyone but myself.
Mmm, mmm.
You know what I mean.
Tony likes big tits.
I give him big tits.
And he goes and fucks Zarah.
What? You.
You're a bitch.
Hey! Dani.
Dani, stop it.
What are you doing? Bitch! Slut! Sorry, Zarah.
Babe, I never touched her.
Why do you have to bullshit me? She's Carl's lawyer - a direct line to him.
Oh, so you're fucking her because of him! You will fucking say anything! Carl knows my business inside and out.
If the cops go to him for a deal, who knows what shit he's gonna say to get out of it? She will be the one advising him.
So because you're fucking her, she'll tell him to say no? Yes, exactly.
You are a lying sack of shit.
Fuck you.
Piss off.
Don't you give me that.
You want bloody loyalty but you screw us all over! You know, that is why people roll on you, Tony.
And if Carl does, it's because you bloody well deserve it! Get out of the way! Fuck you! Screw you, Tony! Wish I had bloody shagged her! You bloody shit! Tony, I made you a cup of tea.
It's very nice.
It's got five sugars, because you're hurting.
I'm not hurting, Mum.
I told you, alright? You know what? I'm glad she moved out.
I'm gonna go round there, collect the rest of her shit, and chuck it all out on the street.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Maybe you go back to Carmel, eh? You kidding? Ma, it's over.
People grow apart.
She's my mate.
That's it.
Alright? We gotta be, you know, because of the kids and that.
Family always comes first, Tony.
Your father always put family first, before everything.
I know that, Mum.
I'll never let this family down, OK? I promise you that.
Follow your heart.
Maybe Denise stop falling in love with you because you're too fat.
Mum, Danielle, OK? Danielle is her name.
How many times I gotta tell ya? - OK.
I'll make you a sandwich.
- Alright.
So when you say the accused, Mr Mokbel, paid for the importation, how much did he pay for? All of it.
He put all the money up.
For the cocaine, money to buy the tickets to Mexico, hotel, living expenses.
Would it be fair to say that he was the financier? Yeah, he paid for everything.
Gave the orders.
What Tony said went.
The big man's testimony, together with police informant Billy Fischer's covert recordings were enough for a guilty verdict.
And Tony knew it.
I'm due in court, Detective.
We need to have a follow-up chat.
Look, I told you already.
I barely knew Terry Hodson.
I believe he counted you as a friend.
Bloody dog.
If you're prepared to lie about something like that, what other lies are you telling me, Tony? Hey, you know who it is.
Leave your number and I'll call right back.
Ciao now.
Hi, babe, it's me.
Let's stop being silly, eh? Come home.
A man can be an idiot sometimes, you know? Come home.
Day-to-day stuff, like the gun and the car.
Wanted Michael Marshall killed, 'cause he reckoned that Michael killed Willie Thompson.
No, wait, Mad.
You wanna help with the bags, fatso? Johnny Tedesco's statements about the jobs he did for Carl.
Look at the last one.
He says Carl told him to kill Michael Marshall but for me - that I paid for it.
Well, did you? No, of course not! Well, then why would Johnny say it? Because he's a fucking nut.
He's just trying to get a reduced sentence, that's all.
Looks like Carl's bullshit's finally caught up with you.
What are you gonna do? I don't know.
Have you spoken to Zarah? No, I've only told you.
I'd ask Zarah.
She's Carl's lawyer.
She's gonna have some ideas.
Babe, I'm so sorry.
I was such an arsehole.
No, no.
Just no.
You know, I give you 110%, Tony, and I don't get that back.
I love you, you schmuck.
I can't help it.
You just make it so difficult.
I know I do, babe.
I'm sorry.
Babe? I got you a present.
It's from Brazil.
What are you doing? Leave it! Leave it! Hey, Zarah! Hi, Danielle.
Is Tony there? Yep.
What are you doing? I'm on the treadmill.
Hang on! Give it to me! Yes! What are my options? Run? I'm certainly not gonna advise you to do that.
Well, what are my options, Zarah? They haven't even charged you.
Look, Tedesco's statement was pretty bloody clear.
You must have known for months.
Why didn't you warn me? Tony, I'm not gonna talk about him.
I know, it's privileged, right? Bloody privileged.
Well, what about my privileges? I'll ignore that.
Johnny's statement alone isn't enough to bring charges against you.
You know the police would have to corroborate it.
They'll just word someone else up, like like Carl.
Is he talking to them? I wouldn't even answer that if I could.
But you'd tell me if he was, right? They don't bail you for murder, Zarah.
I'll be fighting this from inside a jail cell.
I sure as shit won't be playing the fucking stalling game then.
Jarrod Ragg had been chasing Tony Mokbel almost as long as me.
He knew all his moods, all his moves.
Call it a copper's instinct, but Jarrod sure as hell knew when something felt wrong.
The Crown prosecutor, please.
Before we bring the jury in, I have a point of business The Crown has an application for amendment of Mr Mokbel's bail arrangements.
The Crown will speak.
Your Honour, as we're now at closing arguments, the Crown asks the court the defendant be remanded in custody for the remainder of the trial, our reasons being the severity of the crime Mr Mokbel is charged with means he faces a significant prison sentence.
He has the means to abscond should he take it upon himself to do so and to that end, a network of criminal associates to aid and abet him.
Mr Heliotis, is there anything you wish to say? Mr Mokbel has demonstrated stringent adherence to his bail conditions for over 12 months now.
He has done nothing to indicate a change to that behaviour.
Revoking his bail is completely unjustified.
Mr Crown, is there anything concrete you wish to put in support of the application? No, Your Honour.
I see no reason to change Mr Mokbel's current arrangements.
His bail conditions stand.
Uh, bring the jury in.
We'll continue closing arguments then.
Nice car.
What's up, boss? Listen, boys, I'm gonna go away for a while.
What, the Mexican coke thing? Nah, you'll beat that.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe not.
Either way, I'm not gonna be here.
For how long? Who knows? Remember that conversation we had about trust? Yeah.
Well, I need you two to step up.
From now on, you're gonna run things for me.
All of it.
OK? Now, don't fuck it up.
What? Tone, you're crazy if you're gonna leave the business with a couple of square-head skips.
I'll still be running it, but just from the inside.
Leave it to us.
We're family.
It's because you're family I'm doing this.
Guys, the bloody jacks are all over us, right? We're not careful, we're all gonna end up inside.
We need these guys to do the shit work, right? To do the heavy lifting.
Yeah, but how set up are they? They're set up.
They're gonna look after distribution, but you boys get priority.
Yeah? How much have we gotta pay? Same as always, Horty.
How many cooks have they got? They've got enough, right? You don't need to know.
You're a sneaky bastard, Tony.
When are you gonna get it? I'm bloody protecting you.
If these boys come to you for anything - anything at all - it's me talking.
You gonna run? Don't think I can't see it, the way you got it all set up.
Come on, give me some credit, eh? Renae's gone out on a limb for ya, and this is how you're gonna repay 'em.
You run, they lose their house.
Do the time, Tony.
It's eight years.
It's nothing.
You can pull the guilt trip on me, brother.
But the truth of the matter is you just can't stand the fact that I've pulled off shit that you couldn't even fucking dream of.
Renae wouldn't even have the house without me, and without me, where would you be, huh? You'd be fucking nowhere! Everything OK? What crawled up his arse? Oh, he's so good.
That's what I'm here for.
That's what I'm here for.
Hey, everyone.
Look, I just wanted to say it's great, you know, us being here, the family, eh? You're all important to me, all of you, every single one of you.
Oh, we love you, Tony! Good on you, brother! I wanna raise my glass.
Kab, you know, can't be with us today.
You know, I wanna raise a glass to Kab.
He's in my heart always.
To Kabalan.
To Kab.
To Kabalan.
Mum said we can't go to court tomorrow.
Mum's right.
You listen to her, OK, boys? And you take no shit from anyone, either.
Alright? C'mon, we better go.
You're gonna miss bail.
Yeah, why don't you go and dance, boys? Hey, Ma.
Come and dance with me.
Mum, I'm gonna go away.
You alright? Tony Mum, I don't know if I'm gonna see you again.
Mum, shh, listen.
It's our little secret, OK? You can't tell anybody.
Not even my brothers.
Alright? Oh, Tony.
I'll always be with you, Mum.
I love you.
Hey, babe.
Yeah? Hey, babe, you know I love you, right? 'Cause I know I can be a prick sometimes, you know? I know it.
If I was a woman, I'd avoid me.
Oh, if you were a woman, you'd cross to the other side of the street to avoid yourself, wouldn't you? Dan, listen, you know this trial, this Michael Marshall murder thing Look, whatever happens, just remember that I love you, OK? Don't scare me.
Just promise me you'll remember.
Hey, babe, I'm gonna walk.
Why don't you take the car? You sure? Yeah.
I just feel like a walk, you know? OK.
Alright, I'll see you later.
Mr Mokbel isn't here.
Counsel, where is Mr Mokbel? We don't have him, Your Honour.
We'll adjourn for an hour.
Move! Screw you, Ragg!