Fat Tony & Co. (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Where's Tony?

1 I'm not going back to jail.
No way.
Feds are asking for some shitload of bail, aren't they? - A million bucks.
- It's for the family.
Let's put the bloody house up.
It's for the family.
If properly instructed, I'm satisfied that a jury could return a guilty verdict.
Can we be called 'The Company'? I'll be the CEO.
You guys be the managers.
Do the time, Tony.
It's eight years.
It's nothing.
Look, whatever happens, just remember that I love you.
Counsel, where is Mr Mokbel? We don't have him, Your Honour.
It was Commonwealth Games time in the City of Melbourne when Tony Mokbel bailed out in the middle of his Mexican cocaine trail and went on the run.
None of his family saw it coming.
Did you know? What did he tell ya? I told you, he didn't come home last night.
Then why didn't you call me? I'm his bloody surety.
I'm supposed to know where he is.
- We are gonna lose the house.
- We're not gonna lose anything.
It'll be alright, Renae.
I'll make sure.
- Did you know? Did you, Horty? - Maybe someone knocked him off? Makes more sense than him going on the run.
Oh, if it's a gangland hit, there'll be a body.
- Maybe something bad happened to him? - Don't you say that.
- Don't fucking die, Tony.
- Renae.
Unless you know different, Danielle? Most likely scenario is he saw the cards stacked against him and pissed off rather than face conviction.
He's a smart operator.
He knows running off isn't the answer.
He's not laying in a ditch somewhere.
That shit stopped when Carl Williams got locked up.
Why are you so sure that he'd run? You bring anything else against him apart from drugs matters? It was mentioned in a couple of statements against Carl Williams for the murder of Michael Marshall and Lewis Moran.
Would have been bloody helpful to know that when he applied to have him remanded.
It's not federal business what we do to prosecute the law inside the state of Victoria, Jarrod.
I'm sorry to have to point that out.
The fact of the matter is, had we presented that in court, we would not be having this discussion.
Just so we're clear, we don't need Tony in custody to do our job, which is to shut down his entire operation.
In many ways, it's actually easier with him not around.
So good luck trying to find him, which I'm sure you will, and when you do, then we'll prosecute him for all the stuff we just mentioned.
Isn't it obvious? He knew he was going to lose, so he's run away.
Please be quiet.
He was sleeping around on you when you were in jail.
- Just shut up.
- Or what? No.
Gotta resist that.
We can get a message to her.
Let her know.
No, no.
She's not to know.
She'll try and find me.
The cops will use that, alright? None of my family either.
- They ask you, you know nothing.
- Sure this is the right move? You could just walk into a police station and chalk it all up to a big night.
Yeah, I wish.
Babe, babe, babe, come on.
A bit of privacy, please.
I am not going to jail for a fucking murder I had nothing to do with.
Get your shit together.
Let's go.
We're going to Haji's.
Now? It's broad daylight outside.
Sorry I couldn't stop the sun coming up.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, move.
Good? Let's go.
- Shit.
- What? - It's the cops.
- What are you doing? Back it up.
Back it up, you idiot.
- Well, they've spotted us.
- Jesus, Phil.
Ah Oh, shit.
You better talk to him.
Wind your window down.
Wind your window down and talk to him.
You a local resident? Um Can't let you through if you're not a local.
- Why? - Road race comes through here.
Commonwealth Games.
Don't worry, mate.
Go around the other way.
Have a good day.
Just be calm.
- OK.
- Phil, be calm.
Jesus, you gotta do better than that.
You gotta get better than that, mate.
Far out.
Is there a problem? I wanna help you, Tony, but my phones are off.
I know it.
It's only a matter of time before the jacks come here looking for ya.
What happened to our arrangements, huh? 24 hours ago, we arranged that I would stay here under your roof.
The roof you wouldn't fucking have if it wasn't for me.
I'm sorry, Tony.
You're sorry? I come to you and you turn your back on me? You turn your back on me? That's what I'm gonna remember about you, Haji.
Get out of here.
Tony's in the back seat of a Toyota Corona, no seatbelt on.
And you're there driving it down a freeway in reverse going way over the speed limit, swerving in and out of cars.
Why am I driving a Toyota Corona? I don't know.
It's a dream.
So Tony's there yelling, "Carl, slow down.
"I haven't got my seatbelt on.
" You're there just hammering it in reverse, going way too fast.
And you want me to tell you what that means? I know what it means.
It means he's fucking dead.
Did we crash? No, but I knew you were going to.
Well, then, that means I'd be dead too, wouldn't I? Not everything's about you, Carl.
You're the one who put me in your dream-fucking-car.
I just I hope nothing's happened to him.
No-one would have knocked him, Bert.
It's your dumb imagination.
Everyone thought Tony was a good bloke.
Even the ones that didn't.
- Still love you, Carlos.
- Good.
When Dario Mancini wasn't cooking meth for Tony, he was playing hobby farmer with his wife and daughter up at Bonnie Doon, a quiet rural hamlet where nothing ever happened.
Bloody mongrel dogs.
Don't call 'em that.
It's alright.
I'm not dead.
Jesus Christ.
What are you doing here? What sort of welcome is that? Come on.
Oh, hello.
You must be Sally.
Dad's told me all about you.
- Tony? Tony? Hey? - This is perfect.
I'm staying.
Thanks, Daz.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're a good man.
Good, good.
Now, I just want to go over Tony's movements again, if that's alright.
I've already told you everything I know.
Yes, well, we're gonna do it again.
Now, I know that you and Renae are close.
You care about what happens to her, don't you? Yeah.
You don't want to see her go to jail, do you? I don't know where he is.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know anything.
Well, if that's the case, what does he really think about you, leaving you to fret like this? I mean, it's a form of torture, isn't it? If you help me maybe I can bring you some closure.
Fuck you.
Listen to me, Milad.
I can't cook in this joint.
There's no drain access.
It's your lab, your problem, Bruno.
Drill a hole in the bloody wall.
On the basis of that tape, Bruno the drug cook's gotta be the way in - he could give us both of them.
OK, that's all we need.
I want to put pressure on the whole Mokbel organisation.
How far are we from finding out the location of this bloke Bruno's lab? We know it's in or around Strathmore, possibly near a school.
Alright, well, thumbs out of bums.
Find the bloody thing and bring him in.
Big kahuna speak.
You've been caught in possession of 2.
5 kilo of methamphetamine.
That's a commercial quantity, Bruno.
Judge is gonna give you the maximum sentence - 25 years.
That's a big jump from the eight you were looking at.
Or we forget about the 2.
5 kilo and the 25 years, and you do eight in exchange for who you're working for, the Mokbel boys.
Your life is in my hands, Bruno.
You can do 8 or you can do 25.
Your choice.
You've got 20 minutes to make a decision.
God caught me drinking Devil's brew He said, "It's not advised but it's up to you "To drink the Devil's brew" You know, Sally can't be telling her friends at school that someone called Tony is staying at her house, right? - You know that? - Yeah, I've talked to her.
And Peg, alright? Don't worry.
You're always worrying.
So Peg's alright with me staying here? - She'll get there.
- Hmm.
The ground, it opened up, I fell right in The Devil started laughing He said, "Well, come in" - The Devil's brew - No, no.
It will relax you.
Go on.
Have a bit.
Said, "It's not advised but it sure is up to you.
" Jesus.
I don't know how you do it, Daz.
- Do what? - This.
There's nothing.
The silence.
Shit coffee.
That's why I get stoned, man.
- Hmm.
- Hm.
Tony, listen to me.
Do you know what you're doing? Hm? I mean, how long do you reckon you can stay under the radar without getting busted? - How long? - For as long as I can, Daz.
Listen, I need you to contact someone for me - Stavros.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna need his help.
- Tony.
- Hey, Peg.
Daz, can I talk to you for a minute? - Yeah.
- Ball and chain, huh? What are you giving me the evil eye for? How long is he gonna be here? As long as I want him here.
Hey, Sally.
I know what that is.
It's a bong.
Dad smokes all the time.
Does he? Well, he shouldn't.
Not in front of kids.
You're on the run.
- Am I? - Mm.
You OK with that, me staying here? Mum doesn't want you to.
No, she doesn't.
So what do you reckon I should do? Don't listen to anything Mum says, for a start.
- How old are you? - 12.
Yeah, my oldest boy's 12.
And, just like you, he's full of attitude.
Doesn't listen to a word his mum says or me.
Yeah, anyway, um So So are you are you gonna keep my secret? Come, I'll show you round the place.
No way is he dead.
I'd know it here.
Yeah, he wouldn't give me the satisfaction.
Brotherly love, right? So where is he? I've got no idea where he's buggered off to.
I expect a man with your connections to be able to make a few phone calls.
What sort of connections? You think that I'm gonna be able to police fizz for you? What, you expect us to dog our brother? You would be doing him a favour.
How is dogging on Tony doing him a favour? Here's my card, in case you hear of something.
You know, that's toilet paper to me.
You know who you should talk to is Judy Moran.
No-one rates her, but she's on the pulse.
Can you afford not to? Oh, he's dead.
Dead as a doornail.
What makes you so sure? Or he's run away with his tail tucked between his legs.
Where do you think he? Leaving his brother and sister-in-law a million dollars out of pocket.
Either way, it's an indication of poor character.
You know, I know a lot of people who want this fucker dead.
Alright, like who? Come on.
You know, you'd be about Mark's age when he was killed.
No-one's ever answered for that.
It's despicable.
Are you going to eat that muffin? - Ah no.
- I'll take it home, then.
Waste not, want not.
So does that mean the trial's over? No, the judge is going to continue without him.
And you reckon he'll go for that? Jarrod Ragg.
Thank you.
Jury's reached a verdict without him.
Now, my strong advice to both of you is that you find your brother and you tell him to call me before he flushes his entire fucking life down the toilet.
Justice Gillard went ahead with the trial even though Tony was long gone.
The wheels of justice grind slow but exceedingly fine.
In the end, it only took the jury 90 minutes to find him guilty.
He got 12 years What? For three pissy kilos? That's a fucking joke.
his sentence to start the moment he was returned to custody.
Tell me what happens now.
Well, the court comes after you for its million dollars, and if you don't have the money, it's your house.
You put your faith in the wrong man, Renae.
Where's the money you owe me, you wog fuck? It's up my arse, you Leb piece of shit.
Ha, ha! Antonios Mokbel.
Mwah! He's not dead, hey? That is a good thing.
So what I need, Stavros.
I need a place, right, with big high walls, right? High security, OK? You know, like a compound.
- In the city? - Yeah, in Melbourne.
I gotta be near my kids, mate, you know? And I got the business to take care of.
What you're describing is a prison, which is where you'll end up if you don't get the hell out.
Like out of the country.
I got too much shit going on, Stavros.
I can't do that.
Just do it by remote.
The phone, the internet.
You got guys to do your heavy lifting.
Yeah, yeah, course I do, but they're squareheads.
- I'm not sure they're up to it.
- You can't stay in Australia.
You're paying me too much just to tell you shit you wanna hear.
The fact is you're fucked if you stay.
What am I supposed to do? Just get on a fucking plane, huh? They're watching the airports.
The only way we can get you out is on a boat.
No way.
No, no.
No boat.
I get seasick.
Well, there's tablets for that.
Don't worry.
I'm not getting on a boat, OK? Well, you think about it.
And think about 12 years in prison, maybe life if they do you for that Michael Marshall thing.
They're your options.
So, from here, Daz and Fab gas the P2P.
And, from that, we get the powder ready to sell.
Long way from what they taught us at Xavier, hey, Red? Very organised.
I like it.
Mokbel alert.
Horty and Milad.
How did they find us? Problem? Um, quiet.
I'll do the talking.
Mil, Horty, what are you doing here? What's that about? This deal you got with Tony.
You resigned.
- Both of you.
- That's how he wants it.
Don't ask us where he is 'cause we won't tell ya.
- Daz, Fab, get out here.
- Stay where you are, boys.
I'm sorry, did you speak? You talked to Tony? Yeah, he told us where you were.
He was a little bit angry about you avoiding us.
He told me to tell you that.
I don't believe you.
Now fuck off.
- Oh! - Hey! Motherfucker.
What's that? Take this dickhead.
Are we cool? Yeah, we're cool.
We're cool.
This is Red.
- He works for us.
- Greetings.
You got anything you wanna say to us, say it through Red.
We can all be on the same side here, boys.
We're not greedy.
The Mokbel boys knew there was more than one way to skin a cat.
Just as long as everyone got a fair share of The Company's profits, who cared who called the shots? But what none of them realised yet - there was a rat in the ranks.
Bruno Rich was working for us.
You, ah, haven't heard anything from Tony, have you? On the moon last I heard.
Happy birthday.
Once again, Bruno, you're top-quality shit.
Milad and Renae Mokbel's financials so far.
Now, Renae's in a bit of a pickle 'cause the house she put up as surety is owned by a company, part of the family's trust arrangement.
The short of it is it's not legally hers to give.
So if she defaults on the million dollars She'll default on the seizure and sell the property.
Now, look, she might come up with the cash.
But any cash she does come up with, she'll have to prove is not proceeds of crime.
- She's screwed.
- Mm.
- She'll go to jail.
- Yeah.
Just when I thought today couldn't get any better.
Shit, whoa, whoa, whoa! Settle down, buddy.
Settle down.
Lay off him.
Lay off him.
Get off! Let's get out of here.
If we hadn't have pulled him off, the little wing nut's head would be fucking jam.
- It was awesome.
- Won't mess with us anymore.
- That's from your tame cop.
- Yeah, good, good, good.
So this Red bloke.
How well do you know him? - Oh, we went to school together.
- He used to beat us up.
Really? Can you control him? Oh, yeah.
Nah, he wouldn't do the wrong thing by us.
Plus, he's not a user.
You know, his body's his temple.
He's straight up.
Well, I'm impressed, boys.
That's good.
Very good.
See, you stand up for yourself, word gets around and no-one fucks with you, you understand? Ah, they're gonna do Carl for the Lewis Moran murder.
What? This is bullshit.
- It's the same as the Michael Marshall thing.
- What? Crown witness against Carl.
Johnny Tedesco.
He's saying I paid for the hit on Lewis.
Listen, you boys should take off.
I'll see you soon.
- See you, boss.
- Go easy, alright? Listen.
I don't know what you're up to and I don't want to know.
But you tell your dodgy mates to stay away from here.
They're my friends, Peg, alright? Nothing for you to worry about.
It's my farm.
It's my rules.
And don't fill my daughter's head with your bullshit.
You know what? You need to calm down.
Calm down? I can't calm down until you get out of here.
Where do you think the money comes from that runs this fucking place, hey? You know what, get out of my kitchen.
It comes from me.
You understand? Your husband's a fucking drug dealer and the money comes from me.
You're sucking on my tit.
I know what you need.
You have no idea.
You're bored, you're lonely.
You want me? I want you to go.
I'll go when I'm fucking ready.
I never thought that dickhead Tedesco's testimony'd stand up.
I thought for sure he'd stuff it up - know what I mean? - and they'd throw it out.
There's no way I can come back with that charge hanging over my head, is there? Well, you've only got one choice.
Go forward.
Nah, nah, nah.
No, no, no.
What do you want to go there for? Lebanon's a shit hole.
It's where my family are from, alright? I got no contacts there.
Wouldn't know where to begin.
No, no, you're better off in Greece.
OK, you'll love it there.
It's a bit like Europe, only it's got sun, beaches, and it's corrupt as all shit.
Hey, Tony, if you get in trouble in Greece, you just pay your way out, mate.
Hey? Alright, get a boat.
It's gonna cost, huh? An ocean-going yacht.
The crew, they've gotta go a long way.
Yeah, well, then make sure it's a bloody big one.
And get it now, alright? The moment Roberta Williams completed her jail sentence for drug dealing, she went down to the Barwon maximum security facility to visit her hubby.
Things were going badly for Carl, and I imagine Roberta knew he'd never be a free man again.
Their daughter, Dakota, was gonna have to grow up without a dad.
The prisoner will stand.
You, Carl Williams, have been found guilty by a jury of this court to the murder of Mr Michael Marshall.
You, Mr Williams, worked actively with the gunmen to organise the killing and did so for your own financial gain.
You pleaded not guilty and have demonstrated no remorse for your crime.
I therefore sentence you to life imprisonment in the minimum of 23 years starting today.
Tony, the hundred grand you asked for is in the bag in the car and the other stuff as well.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You don't tell me? You tell dipshit, but you don't tell me? - I thought you were dead.
- Baby.
I'll kill you.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, shit.
- Ohh! - Amen to that.
Get out.
Mum's tabouli? Awesome.
Listen, shut your eyes.
- Why? - I got a surprise for you.
Come on, come on.
You right? What the fuck's that? It's my disguise.
Um If it was styled to your head a bit better, it might look almost normal.
Yeah? Can you do it? Have a look what I've got.
I've got nail scissors.
Nail scissors? Won't they fuck it up? Oh, shut up.
It's already fucked up.
I'm gonna unfuck it.
Pffft! I'm pregnant.
Don't move.
Really? I'm keeping it.
Hey, um, how do you feel about a Greek baby? - What? - A Greek baby? Hey, we're gonna go away for a while, sweetheart.
- You mean like a holiday? - Yeah, sort of.
So not really? We're going to see Uncle Tony.
Yes, eventually.
This is shit.
There's a report here that says, "Toby Mokbel's in Egypt posing as an orthodox priest.
" Well, this guy here, his name's Phil Costa.
He's been spending time with Tony's boys.
Took them trail bike riding two weekends back.
Here he is racing remote- controlled cars with them.
Looks like he's filling in as Dad while Tony's not around.
- Mr Costa, has he got form? - Nah, cleanskin.
Works in the family business selling manchester.
You know, sheets, bedding, that sort of thing.
Yes, I'm familiar with the term 'manchester'.
Well, it could be a family friend, ex-wife's new boyfriend.
Well, put him on file for follow-up.
Jarrod Ragg.
When? Well, you let me know as soon as you do, alright? Danielle McGuire boarded a flight to Singapore yesterday.
She's taken her daughter with her.
Off to Egypt, then, hey? She just toddles off out of the country, just like that.
Hey, Tony.
Yeah, we got the boat.
No, great boat.
It's nice.
Got a crew.
Good crew.
Yeah, we got a problem, though.
Yeah, they won't sail to Fremantle through the Bass Strait.
It's going west against the winds, bad waters.
Hey, hold on, before you get all worked up, I've got an idea.
It took six days and cost a small fortune to truck the yacht across the continent long ways from Newcastle to Freo.
Meanwhile, Tony's Greek crew flew Qantas.
Hey, thanks for everything.
- Cheers.
- You're welcome.
Hey, Tony.
You wanna play Xbox? Oh, it's time for bed.
Sweetie, say goodnight.
Yeah, off to bed, honey, come on.
Give me a kiss.
- Good girl.
- I'll see you in bed.
- 'Night, Tony.
- Come on.
Listen, I'm not gonna be here in the morning when you wake up, alright? Where are you going? I have to go away, and I'm not gonna come back.
Hey, maybe you can come visit me? Hm? Would you like that? Yeah.
I got something for you.
That's money.
I'll give it to your dad to look after for your education.
I want you to be something your parents can be proud of.
You don't need to do that, Tony.
Yeah, we're plenty proud enough already, OK? Her education's not your concern.
You don't want her to have a good start? To have the best? - He wants to.
Let her have it.
- Alright, fine.
You know what? I'll just shut up, OK? Come here, sweetheart.
- Sal, come on, off you go.
- Let's go.
- Off to bed, honey.
- Goodnight.
- Daz, what the fuck? - I know.
She didn't say shit when I gave her her 40 grand.
You gotta sort her out, mate.
What? Do you reckon it looks natural? - Yeah.
Like a guy with hair.
- Hm.
Listen, unless I say otherwise, Phil and Bruce, they speak for me.
With the business, it's as good as coming from my mouth.
- Alright? - Alright.
Go safe, huh? - Come here.
- Yeah.
- Who's the bloke with the hair? - Hey.
You ride in the back with Baby.
Who? - What, this is Baby? - Her name's Baby.
- Hello, Tony.
- Agape.
Beautiful as always.
Hey, Tony, you awake? Good morning.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
We just went over the border, huh? We're out of the Garden State.
So far, so good.
Another six hours, we'll stop at Port Augusta.
And tomorrow onto the Nullarbor, hey? Happy days, hey.
The country life has been good to you, Tony.
Goes to the country a bald man and comes back a real man.
It's gonna be a long drive, Stavros.
I've got a plan if the police pull us over.
We're on a family holiday.
And if the police wanna talk to you, you don't say nothing.
OK, you just pretend you can't hear 'em because you got a retardation.
You're deaf and you're mute.
Let me do the talking and everything will be OK.
I'm a deaf-mute? That's the best you can come up with? I'm a fucking deaf-mute.
Oh, Jesus.
This is it? Is it gonna make it? She, Tony.
The boat's a woman.
You treat her well, with respect, she'll take you to the end of the earth and back, ah.
Well, pity you can't fuck her, then.
For that, we've got putanas tonight.
Hey, Stavros, your turn, mate.
I'm all fucked out.
Agape's got special scissors for that sort of thing, mate.
I like to keep my balls where they are.
Yeah, I wouldn't wanna mess with your missus, mate.
What? Oh, Jesus.
Really? Oh, shit.
Yeah, righto.
What are you doing? Get out of here.
- Baby, I need you here - Baby, don't cry - Alright, see ya.
- Well, what is it? Cops have taken 20 million of my assets.
- I'm sorry, mate.
- Fucking arseholes.
Hey, new beginnings.
Everything's gonna be OK.
Where is Tony, Mil? I need a million bucks.
I haven't spoken to him.
No-one has.
You know that.
He made a promise to you and me.
He owes us.
He's not gonna leave us in the shit.
He wouldn't do that.
Say he sends us a million bucks.
I'm not holding my breath him doing that, but say he did.
I couldn't even use it to pay out the Feds 'cause I'd have to show where it came from, and they'd work it it's proceeds of crime.
Where the fuck else would a million in cash come from? Where is he, Mil? You know what? He has gone and he doesn't give a shit about us anymore.
He's my brother and that counts for something.