Fat Tony & Co. (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

A Chip & a Chair

1 Tony Mokbel is a very big fish.
These chaps have been chasing him as long as you've been shaving.
Stin ygeiá sas! We will find this Tony Mokbel.
We will find him for Jim.
When the bloody hell will we have Mokbel? - 48 hours.
- I'll hold you to that.
I've just got a feeling it's time to go.
He wants to see your ID.
See? Look.
Please come with me, Mr Papas.
- We've got the bastard.
- Yes! The big problem getting Tony Mokbel home, he'd only been arrested on passport charges.
We'd have our work cut out convincing the Greek Minister for Justice he was the Mr Big of the Melbourne drug scene.
I don't understand what you're saying.
- He wants to see your passport.
- Take the baby.
- Mum - It's OK, sweetie.
You just mind her, OK? - What's going on? - Bloody passport check.
Listen, Vic Police are here, and the Feds.
But it's fine.
It's OK.
They don't know anything.
They can't do anything, alright? What they got me on's false documentation.
- What if they deport you? - They won't, alright? They can't do anything.
They don't know anything.
They don't know about the company.
Come on, babe, it's all cool.
Hands behind your head now! - Inspector.
- Commissioner.
You've arrested Mokbel's key players.
So I can officially announce that Mokbel's been arrested? Yeah, you certainly can.
Recapping our top story tonight, and Melbourne drug lord Tony Mokbel is due to face court in Athens shortly after being arrested by police following 15 months on the run.
Mokbel was found guilty of drug smuggling Come on, we've got to get going! .
and is also suspected of multiple murders.
When he was arrested in Greece he was in disguise, wearing a wig, and was also carrying cash, almost half a kilogram of cocaine and three mobile phones.
Mr Mokbel was directing and organising the production and distribution of drug sales overseas, using international banking accounts and cash transfers.
Thanks, champ.
Australian authorities have 45 days to present their case for extradition.
Shit, babe, they got 'em all.
Bruce, Phil, Nick Loxton.
Bloody hell.
It's alright.
It's OK.
It's fine.
As long as I stay here, it'll be fine.
And even if they do get me back to Australia, what have they got, eh? Drug charge.
Nine years.
I can do nine years on my head.
It's fine.
Not just drugs.
They want to extradite you on two murder charges.
- Fuck! - Lewis Moran and Michael Marshall.
They're loading me up! Fucking Vic Police.
Listen, you Australian? You tell them Tony Mokbel never killed anyone, OK? Not in a million years.
I don't know anything about any murders, and it'd be wrong to go to jail for that.
This is a stitch-up.
The Aussie cops have stitched me up.
That's why I ran! I knew this would fucking happen.
We'll get you out.
Get off! The false passport charges came with a 2,000-euro fine - nothing for a bloke like Tony.
Except he refused to pay up and elected to do jail time instead.
Because while he was locked up behind bars in Greece, he couldn't be extradited back to Australia.
The cagey bugger was playing for time.
No, that's alright.
No need for that, mate.
All friends here, eh? They took everything off me.
I'd give it to you Look, you blokes know Australia, huh? Australians? Melbourne? Anyone got relatives in Melbourne? Yeah.
I do.
Thanks, mate.
Tony Mokbel.
Mokbel, you little punk.
Don't you remember me? Jimmy Samsonides! Jesus Christ.
Mate, how you been? Couldn't be better.
Now, let me show you how not to get buggered in the toilets.
You're very welcome.
Come back and drink some ouzo with us sometime.
You're on.
We'll take turns wearing Tony's wig, eh? - Problem? - Your man.
The evidence, it's It's gone.
Sorry, what do you mean, gone? The phones, the wig, the cash.
Somebody took them from the property office.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how this happened.
Just pull up here, thanks.
- Have we got time for this? - We won't miss the flight.
Just want to have a quick word with her.
So what do you want? Come to arrest me now? You want to take my kids? Sweetie, could you go and check on the baby? Quick, go on.
Listen, I just came to say I'm sorry, alright? We just follow the drugs and the money.
We don't like families getting caught up in police matters any more than you do.
This is your chance, Danielle.
You do the right thing by your kids.
And how's that, exactly? You come in and you tell us everything you know about Tony.
You can start by giving back the evidence that you got from the property office.
- Ten points, by the way.
- What evidence is that? Come on.
The phones and the wig.
It's got you written all over it.
You outmanoeuvred Interpol all over Europe.
That property office guy would have been putty in your hands.
Yeah! Breastfeeding mother with a baby and a teenager? I didn't take anything.
I don't know anything.
I'm not a bloody criminal, so you want to do me a favour? - Get out of my face.
- He's not worth protecting.
- He's the father of my child.
- And how many others? You can help yourself.
Yeah, and you can fuck yourself.
So the longer I fight the extradition, the better chance of getting bail.
The Greeks can't keep me forever on a passport charge.
Not indefinitely.
I'll go to the UN.
Go to Amnesty International.
- When I get bail - No more dolmades.
That's right.
No more dolmades.
I'm thinking tapas.
The longer you fight this extradition, the longer you stay here.
It's a waiting game.
There are two stabbings a week, habib.
If I got a chance to be back in an Aussie jail - TV, mattress, no more cockroaches Jimmy, Jimmy, they want to do me for life, mate.
I'd rather do a year here than a whole fucking lifetime in Barwon.
You were the one who told me in the first place.
Remember, when we used to play poker? Chip and a chair.
As long as you're in the game you've got a chance.
- See any chairs? - No, but I got a chip.
I got a boat anchored in Piraeus, alright? It's all fuelled up, ready to go.
I was gonna go the day the coppers got me.
The best part? The Australian coppers, those pricks, they don't know it's there.
All I need is a chance, Jimmy.
One tiny little crack and I'm out of here.
- Hi, mate.
- Welcome home.
- Boss.
- Jim.
Had us worried there for a minute.
What, when we couldn't find him? No, when you told the Commissioner to get fucked.
- Yeah! - Welcome back, mate.
- You look good.
- Thank you.
I can't bear the thought of never touching you again.
Mum, I'm fine.
I've got the telly.
Get to see you all the time.
Bert brings in Dhakota.
I'm OK.
The whole family's gone.
Now you.
I wish things were different.
I'd do anything to make things better, anything.
I love you, son.
I love you.
- I love you, Mum.
- I love you, son.
Now we've just got to get the fat prick back.
The Greeks are sticklers for paperwork.
Tell me about it.
We're working like dogs on the murder briefs, but we're a long way from getting Mokbel on a plane.
We need something to get us over the line.
Guess who wants to talk.
So, what sort of deal's on the table? What are you talking about? Well, let's just say, hypothetically, that I've got a best mate you want to get back from Greece.
And let's also say, because we're best mates, I could tell you an awful lot about him.
Like what? Like all sorts of stuff I guarantee you'd love to hear.
Why? 'Cause I want a deal.
You pricks put my dad away for four and a half years for trafficking, which is bullshit.
Tax department's after Bert for unpaid taxes, which is also bullshit.
And I'm not too keen on spending the next 35 years in here.
So you guys do something about that and I'll see what I can do for you.
Yeah, see, that's not the way it works, Carl.
You might want to make it work that way, sweetheart.
Forget Carl Williams.
He's been stringing us along for three years.
He just wants better conditions.
But if Mokbel paid to have Marshall and Moran killed If Carl's willing to put that down on paper, then go for it, but until then, don't waste any more time on him.
For us to charge Mokbel with murder, we need a full brief to submit with the extradition application.
The longer it takes to prepare the briefs, the greater the risk of losing him.
Well, I'm working on it now, boss.
Thank you.
How are we going with Mokbel's money? We're still running it down.
This is the money we know about.
He's got bank accounts everywhere, but we can only track them back through the company accounts.
So we can work out which accounts he has used to funnel money back to Phil Costa But with the company arrested, we've cut off the supply back to Australia.
Yeah, so there's no money going back to his mother or to Roberta Williams, but we don't know where he's got money in Europe or who's handling it.
However, we do have a line on some deposits into a business account For Christ's sake, Jim, I don't need all the plumbing details.
Just turn off the fucking tap, yeah? Alright.
Capitalism at its best, habib.
Got the money, you can have anything you want.
Yeah? Gonna buy me a chopper? This is Greece, malaka.
If you're cashed up, nothing is impossible.
this late? Are you crazy? Is Tony coming back or what? Well, he wants to keep fighting.
There's a really good chance he'll get bail.
That's great, Dan, but I'm stuck in this hole.
What is that sound? Um, I don't know, it's some kind of machinery.
Are you getting your fucking hair done? It's just a hair dryer.
Jesus, Dan! I haven't even seen conditioner in five months.
I've got three kids.
This was one thing, doing time until they caught Tony.
- Now I want out! - I don't know what I can do.
Tell Tony not to fight extradition.
Tell him to come home! Your three minutes is up.
Doesn't matter if I go back.
Renae's still got two years.
But she thinks if you go back now they'll let her go.
Yeah, well, she's wrong.
She's wrong and she's a whinger.
It's not exactly a picnic where I am.
Also, you can't visit anymore.
Prison authorities have realised you're not actually married.
And how many times did I ask? That's karma.
- We just pay someone, right? - No marriage certificate .
no visit.
- Oh, Dan.
- It's hopeless.
Look, you're stuck in here, I'm stuck in Athens.
Madison doesn't even talk to me anymore.
- We don't have any money.
- Marry me.
Marry me! Oh, yeah, that's funny.
You want me to marry you now so I can give you messages and shit.
- How romantic.
- Hey.
Danielle McGuire, you are my rock.
There is no-one in the world I'd trust my life with but you.
And besides, you've got the best tits in any hemisphere.
So, Dan .
would you do me the honour of being my gorgeous, sexy, stubborn, tempestuous wife? Yes.
- What about the money? - Don't worry about the money.
- I'll sort that out.
- OK.
You're like a roller-coaster, toast ya In a big four-poster bed You're such a puddin' I shouldn't, I couldn't I'm a gorilla in a wooden keg Cruise around town with the windows down Shakin' all round to the stereo sound Cruise around town with the windows down Shakin' all round to the summertime sound You're like a roller-coaster, toast ya In a big four-poster bed - Who took the photos? - I thought you'd like it.
It's bloody embarrassing, Bert, that's what it is.
You always go on about how fantastic those ZOO girls look.
Now I'm one of them.
I don't mind looking at girls I don't know, but I don't want other blokes wanking over my wife.
I'm not your wife anymore.
I'm with Rob now.
You know that.
You're still associated with me, and I don't want to be associated with this! I don't want to be associated with having no money! I can't even afford Dhakota's school fees.
Don't worry.
I'm working on something.
- What? - Trust me.
You're not seriously thinking about loading up Tony? - Course not.
- Carl, Tony's our friend.
The amount of money he's given us over time Our friend is getting a tan on the other side of the world while I'm stuck in here for the next three decades.
Jesus Christ, Carl, if anyone here thinks you're dogging Tony you're as good as fucking dead.
Gee, that's really good role model parenting, Roberta.
We're going.
Bert, we've got another hour! Then take the time to think about how loading up Tony would be the worst fucking idea you have ever had in your life.
OK, well, here's the latest.
Mokbel's arguing the signatures on the extradition treaty are invalid because they're signed by the justice minister instead of the Attorney-General.
And he's seeking asylum in Greece on the basis he can't get a fair trial in Australia.
And wait for the trifecta - he's applying to be extradited to Lebanon instead of Australia.
We don't have an extradition treaty with Lebanon.
It's a wild card, but Mokbel will try anything.
Why don't we just bring him back on the drug charges? - At least he goes to jail.
- He'll only serve 12 years.
He could be out in eight.
If Mokbel's murdered people, I want him to do time for it.
I want him in the docks for Marshall and Moran.
This is his plan.
String us out, wear us out, we fold - he does time for drugs instead of murder.
We've got to beat him at his own game.
Um, boss, phone's for you.
- Who is it? - It's Tony.
- Tony who? - Tony Mokbel.
Jim O'Brien, Purana Taskforce.
Tony Mokbel.
How the hell are you? - I'm good, son.
How are you? - Oh, mate, I've been better.
Not happy about these murder charges.
Why don't you come back? We'll discuss it.
That's the thing, Jim.
I was gonna come back.
In a few months.
Give you a ring.
- Sort something out.
- It's not too late.
The thing is, mate, you drop these bullshit murder charges, otherwise I'll be fighting you on this for the next ten years.
I'll wear that, alright? And I'll do jail.
But I'm not gonna do too much of it, you understand? Like I said, why don't you come back and we'll talk about it? Anything's an option.
We do a deal before I go anywhere.
Look, you call the DPP and I'll call my lawyer.
Yeah? Right.
Look, I gotta go, but good to talk to you.
Don't worry, Jim, we'll work something out.
Life, you prick, and nothing less.
How do they get fucking phones in prison anyway? - It's a Greek prison, boss.
- Oh, whatever! I'm not gonna do time for murder, Jimmy, no fucking way.
I'll fight them all the way.
I can hold out longer than they can.
We got back a long way, Tone.
A long way.
Those early years back in Brunswick, playing five-card stud, teaching you how to cook meth.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you were good to me, mate.
Appreciate that.
You got big money now, Tone.
Big money.
Why are you still dealing in the shit, habib? Life got complicated.
You're sure you want to do this? I've always said I'd leave when we got him.
To who? Not me.
Besides, you've found him, you haven't got him.
The team will.
They're very smart and hardworking.
It'll happen.
I had my doubts when I appointed you.
- They said you were, um - A hard-arse? Formidable.
I don't think I've ever been more impressed with a serving officer.
I know better than to try and change your mind.
If you've decided to go, you won't be persuaded otherwise.
- Man of my word.
- You'll be hard to replace.
Thank you.
It's not true.
You really resigned? It's the first time I've tasted one of these.
- What, a beer? - No, a civilian beer.
From the time I was drinking age I was already a police officer.
You've done it your whole life.
How can you leave? I just want to do other things.
Life's too short to spend all of it chasing one fat fuck.
Besides, if I had to look at one more of your bloody flow charts Shout you a beer? Yeah.
Thanks, Jim.
I never thought I'd see the day when the big kahuna hung up his boots.
But the thing about cops in general and Purana in particular - we're a team.
When Jim O'Brien left the field, he was replaced by Bernie Edwards, another quality leader.
Sorry to dump you right in it, Inspector, but we may have a big problem.
A couple of months after Mokbel disappeared, the company wrote a cheque for 140 grand to a Mr Burns in Sydney.
What did they get for 140 thou'? Well, they got nothing, but a housewife in Lalor named Vera Varsamakis got a yacht.
Why are Mokbel's drug crooks buying boats for housewives? Well, this particular housewife is the sister-in-law of a guy named Stavros Makrakanis.
And his wife is the lovely Agape Makrakanis.
And I'm interested in this particular family tree why? Because Mrs Makrakanis is the same lady who said she was Mokbel's cleaner when the Greek police went to his flat.
Mokbel left Australia by boat.
- Yeah, the 'Edwina'.
- Where's this boat now? No-one knows.
The Greeks never found it.
Mind you, they were never looking for it.
So it could still be there, in Athens.
- Docked and ready to to go.
- There's something else.
The reason why this is so important now.
Got a phone call from the Incorruptibles this morning.
It's the Greek police.
They reckon that Mokbel might be planning an escape from Korydallos.
And arms up! That's it.
That's it.
There we go, mate.
That's it, mate.
Yeah, that's it.
Maybe he's keeping fit, but word is he's got half the prison population training with him.
- Training for what? - That's the question.
Money in Korydallos buys you whatever you want.
- A mass escape? - They're genuinely concerned.
Put him in solitary, away from his money and contacts.
The Greeks won't go for it - he's there for passport charges.
We have got to get those murder briefs airtight.
Every charge we could throw at Tony from jaywalking to murder had to be listed as grounds for extradition, because under the law, we couldn't add anything later when we got him home.
In the meantime, if he bribed a guard, if he hired a chopper, if he went over the walls of Korydallos, we'd lose him for good.
Tell us what you know, put it down on paper, we'll see what we can do.
I told you what I want.
My mum's dying out there.
She needs my dad with her.
She needs me.
Carl, we need a statement.
I don't mean by the end of the fucking week! She just needs to know that one day I'll be out.
That's not how it works, is it? Well, fuck off then! Go on, fuck off! And that seemed to be our last chance to charge Tony for murder, until What do you want, Reuben? I want to get out of jail.
That's gonna be pretty hard since you got life.
Some people should have given me a trophy for helping knock Lewis Moran.
Like the dog who paid me $50,000 to do it in the first place.
Reuben, you've got nothing to trade.
Haven't you heard the news? We got Carl.
He's in jail for 35 years.
Carl organised us.
He didn't pay us.
So who paid you? Tony Mokbel.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Vlachos, hey.
What, I got bail? Ha! Good job, mate.
Good job.
Jimmy, I'm out of here.
- I'm out of here, Jimmy.
- I'm sorry, Mr Mokbel.
You're going back to Australia.
Australia?! Not Australia! Do something! What have they got? What have they got? Do something! Do something! Do something! This is bullshit, OK? Got nothing against Australians.
Got nothing against anybody.
Why would I have him killed? He meant nothing to me, nothing.
Tony, Vlachos said they're sending you back to Australia.
They can't do that, can they? They they can't.
Tony! Anything to say to the people back home, Tony? Good evening.
After 15 months on the run and another 11 in a Greek jail, Australia's most wanted man returned to Melbourne this afternoon.
Landing in Melbourne Airport, Tony Mokbel had finally been brought home.
26 months after he fled, the drug kingpin and accused murderer's extradition was complete.
The 42-year-old left the jet and boarded the Victoria Police helicopter.
It took off for Barwon Prison, one of the toughest jails in the nation.
Fat Tony, as he's known in the criminal world, was now in his rightful home, ready to get a prison-issue tracksuit and jail cell.
Rachael Rollo, Nine News.
Well, well, eh? Look at us.
- What's that? - It's a Greek tan, boofhead.
Where were the postcards, huh? Why not send one to the coppers while I was at it? You fucked off and left us all.
What was I meant to do, you idiot! Renae's in jail, you arsehole! You hear anything about Tony? Must be only a few feet away.
You can't get in to see him? They don't exactly organise pizza and movie nights.
Hey, babe, have you heard anything about Carl? I just need to know how he's doing his time.
Is he doing it tough or easy? You haven't had any more crazy ideas about loading up Tony, have you? Carl? Haven't I always done what I could to protect my family? You pulled this horseshit when you took that guilty plea.
You didn't talk to me or the lawyers.
Now you're in here for 35 years.
I did that for you.
For my dad.
Who cares about Carl? What happened to us getting married? They're not exactly letting me out of here to go to church.
- This is bullshit! - Danni, hang on, hang on.
- What? - Hang on.
Look, I was gonna surprise you with it, OK? I wasn't gonna tell you this, but the spring wedding, right? Spring wedding.
Beautiful weather.
Cherry blossoms in the air.
You will look absolutely stunning.
I won't be able to just wear cherry blossoms, will I? You'll be wearing the sexiest, most expensive wedding dress Melbourne's ever seen.
But in the meantime I need you to talk to Roberta.
- Find out how Carl is.
- Screw Carl, OK? Babe, he's been sitting here for three years rotting while I've been getting a suntan in Greece, alright? Tony's got money.
He's got an army full of lawyers.
I got nothing.
All I got is what I can trade.
Lies? Betraying a mate? Tony can get me out of here.
Now the bloody tax department's chasing me for failing to lodge a tax return.
What do they want me to bloody put on there? Business? Uh, drug-dealing.
Main source of income? Methamphetamine.
Estimated income? Six million.
Dhakota! If you don't get your school uniform on, I swear I'm gonna take it and chuck it in a bin and we're gonna put you in a local school.
Now, go and get your Go.
Just go! At least we'll be able to afford that.
- Things are pretty tight, yeah? - You're not fucking wrong.
- Here, Bert.
Take it.
- No, no, no, no.
How are things with you and Tony, huh? Yeah, OK.
Just worried, you know? What if the jury believes those murder charges? - And Lewis and Marshall.
- Don't worry about it.
Carl's doing time for them.
No, the cops think that Tony's the money man.
You're shitting me.
What? - Get out of my house.
- What's wrong now? You think that Carl would put Tony in the shit, huh? What kind of a person do you think he is? After everything he's done for him, what he's done for Dhakota.
Well, you tell me.
Would he, Roberta? Would he? Carl wouldn't dog Tony in a million years.
A million.
And you can fuck off for suggesting it.
You're a bunch of ungrateful Just fuck off! Go! - Bitch! - Fuck off! Fuck! Baby, you gotta put that on.
Put your school uniform on, kiddo.
Go, now! Over your head! And where is your gran? She's supposed to be picking you up.
Barb? Barb! Barb! Barb? Shit.
Bullshit! Tamara, Boris, this is Detective Sergeant Sol Solomon.
- You were on the Hodson murders.
- Still am.
The Commissioner wants the Hodson case reinvestigated.
Find out if Paul Dale commissioned Carl Williams to have him killed.
You want Mokbel, we all want Dale, let's get them both.
Carl won't talk unless we give him what he wants.
Give him what he wants.
The last three words the Commissioner said to me - "Any means necessary.
" Dad! What are you doing here? What's going on? We can make Roberta's tax bill go away.
We can have your dad's current sentence disappear.
He can walk out of jail tomorrow.
And we might be able to do something about your current sentence.
What do you want in return? Arggh! - What's going on? - Word's going around.
- Carl.
- He's not here.
What do you mean, he's not here? He's here for 35 fucking years.
Where's he gonna go? Australia's number one prisoner disappeared like that.
Hey, I'm Australia's number one prisoner.
That's not the point, Tony.
If Carl's talking to the coppers Who's he talking about? Yeah, thanks.