Fat Tony & Co. (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Drawing Dead

1 Even if they do get me to Australia, what have they got? - A drug charge.
- Not just drugs.
They want to extradite you on two murder charges.
Listen, the Aussie cops have stitched me up! Danielle McGuire, would you do me the honour of being my gorgeous, tempestuous wife? He is not worth protecting, alright? - He's the father of my child.
- And how many others? You drop these bullshit murder charges, otherwise I'll be fighting you on this for the next ten years, you hear me? Come back and we'll talk about it.
Let's just say I've got a best mate you want back from Greece.
Anyone thinks you're dogging Tony, you're as good as dead.
- What do you want, Reuben? - I wanna get out of jail.
People should've given me a trophy for helping knock Lewis Moran.
- So who paid you? - Tony Mokbel.
- I'm sorry, Mr Mokbel.
- What? You're going back to Australia.
What? Australia? You're kidding! What have they got? Hey! Vlachos! If Carl's talking to the coppers Who's he talking about? We can make Roberta's tax bill go away.
We can have your dad's current sentence disappear and we might be able to do something about yours.
What do you want in return? Guard! Guard! Too much fat dining.
Do you want a heart attack? Tony, you're a drug dealer, not a gangster.
You're either a criminal genius I love you, you schmuck.
Dan? I thought we'd lost you.
Oh, there's no way I'm gonna die in jail, babe.
I've had a heart attack, for Christ's sake.
I mean, can't you argue that this you know, the oppressive nature of this place is killing me? We could get a psych assessment done.
That's a good idea.
Yeah, my mental state's fragile.
You do understand the assessment is completely independent? - Yeah, course.
- No guarantees.
- Yeah.
I know.
- And it's important you answer all questions as truthfully as possible.
Well, absolutely.
Why would I lie? You understand that while I'm employed by your legal team, my assessment is completely independent? Yeah.
And it's very important that you answer these questions as truthfully as possible.
Why would I lie? Mr Mokbel gave a genuine account of his life and made no attempt to edit his story to influence this report.
I have no doubt his remorse is sincere.
He explains his commercial interest in illicit drugs was partly inspired by gambling debts and partly by the sudden death of his father.
He died on your 15th birthday? Mr Mokbel has never used illegal drugs himself.
He enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage, but usually abstains on religious grounds.
His relationship with his partner is supportive and encouraging, and they practise a traditional and conservative sex life.
However, he is oppressed and intimidated by his harsh custodial conditions.
In summary, it is my psychological assessment that there is clearly a limit to the extent Mr Mokbel can continue to withstand such debilitating stresses.
Good luck, Tony.
Thanks, but, um, you know, I won't need luck if, um, you know, you write a good report in support of my bail application.
Detective, what a pleasant coincidence.
Just enjoying the sunshine.
I had no idea you'd be making your way back to your palatial rental.
Where is the money for that coming from? What do you want? - Where's it coming from? - He doesn't have any money, OK? He's got a Legal Aid lawyer, you dick.
That's a good stunt.
So who's paying for the house? - Fuck off.
- We will turn off the money tap, Danielle.
We'll find every one of Tony's accounts and we'll stop every source of income.
You and your friends stop harassing my fucking family.
Fair enough.
Enjoy the sunshine.
Not sure how long it'll last.
Sorry, sweetie.
Mokbel's bail application failed.
Courts didn't believe his heart attack put him at risk.
Looks like things are finally going our way.
Not quite.
Drop the Michael Marshall case? We can't put your witness on the stand again.
He's discredited.
Johnny Tedesco's keen as mustard.
His statement has put Carl and the getaway driver in jail.
He's hoping for two out of two.
He names Tony as the guy who paid him to shoot Marshall.
Johnny made a few changes since you last saw him.
- OK.
What sort of changes? - His lawyer advised him to change his appearance so the jury wouldn't recognise him.
So he's put on weight.
He's grown his hair.
He's now Joan Tedesco.
Yeah, yo Every letter is love and every word's an oasis Trying to reach new heights Like a bird in a spaceship And you're damn right, we've been working the late shift Trying to see how far on planet Earth we can take it This is poetry in motion The mystery of why Every motor is in motion and it's visually divine On a roll like Timmy and they're stuck in bad traffic So when I rock it the bottom looks like Buckingham Can't put him on the stand again.
Becomes a bloody circus.
How he looks shouldn't change what he saw or what he can say about Mokbel.
Doesn't matter.
We've lost one case because of Tedesco.
Boss won't risk another million dollars on an erratic witness.
- There's gotta be something we can do.
- Yeah.
Make sure your Lewis Moran brief is tight as a cat's arse.
And give me a witness that doesn't fall over or wear a dress.
You heard the man - get him a witness that can put Mokbel in the dock on the Lewis Moran murder.
OK, we've been forced to drop the Michael Marshall murder, but Tony was still facing the Lewis Moran murder trial.
Now it was a matter of getting our crown witness ducks lined up in a row.
We've given him everything he wants - food .
mail .
visitors Tell Carl Williams it's time to shit or get off the pot.
You want me to finger me best mate for Lewis Moran? That's what you're here for, Carl.
Look, you're either in or you're out.
Give us what we want right now or get in the car - we take you back to prison, both of you.
- I want a word.
- George, we don't have time.
- Dad, it's fine.
- It's not fine.
I wanna talk to you.
Don't do this, son.
It's business.
They'd do the same to me.
Shopping Tony Mokbel? It's a dangerous game you're playing.
- It goes against the rules.
- Whose rules? The Morans'? Carlton Crew? Mokbel's? That all got rules that look after themselves.
You always said the Williams family looks after the Williams family, because no other prick's gonna.
Besides, I'm only telling them what they wanna hear.
They won't get Tony.
Bloody judge says I'm an unreliable witness.
Tony's lawyers will have whatever I say thrown out.
So what's the point? I don't have to tell the complete truth.
As long as what I say doesn't look like complete horseshit, we still get our deal.
We get out of jail, Dad.
Isn't that worth something? If you're still alive.
No-one likes a dog.
It's him or me, Dad.
Listen You boys heard anything about Carl on the grapevine? No bloody grapes in the Acacia Unit.
Can't even take a shit without the guards putting it through a sieve.
Well, if I could just look him in the eye, you know? I'd know.
I'd know.
- Tone.
- How's things? Bloody brilliant.
We weren't the only ones frustrated at the time it was taking to get Mokbel into court to face the Lewis Moran murder trial.
Have a muffin.
I made them myself.
Why did you call us here, Mrs Moran? I want to know what you're doing about charging the killers who destroyed my family.
Look - Alphonse - he was like a son to me.
And Mark, my prince.
Beautiful man.
And Jason.
My sweet baby.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Killed in his prime - in front of his children.
Who does that, Detective? And then the last straw, the love of my life.
No! What does a mother have to do to get justice for the murder of her entire family? Your family did their own share of The wheels of justice roll slowly but surely, Mrs Moran.
Well, maybe they should stop rolling and stick a bloody rocket under it.
This time last year you were blaming Carl for everything.
And now Carl's doing a life sentence.
Yes, and I'm doing a life sentence too.
My family's gone.
All gone! Except for Tuppence.
Tuppence, the little shit who stole all Lewis's money.
Karma is a wonderful thing, Mrs Moran.
So are the investigative powers of the Victorian police.
There will be justice.
I promise you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You will not believe what we just heard, Tony.
Grapevine's delivered after all.
- Carl? - Judy Moran.
- Judy Moran? What about her? - She was arrested for murder.
Judy's a murderer? How does that happen? Mashed potatoes, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yeah! Yeah Yeah! Yeah! Oh.
- I got him.
- Well done.
I can't believe that.
They reckon she'll get 26 years.
How does she think she's gonna get away with that? How do any of us? - What? - Look at us.
- They got us.
- They got you.
Alright? They haven't got me.
Not yet.
So you discussed the fact with Tony Mokbel that you wanted Lewis Moran dead.
Well, it wasn't just me.
Everyone wanted him dead.
Well, we're not interested in everyone, Carl.
We're interested in Mokbel.
Did you talk to Mokbel about Lewis Moran? Probably, mate.
I told anyone who wanted to listen.
Everyone knows I wanted to get rid of the maggot.
- Did you say that to Tony? - Probably.
Lewis was a prick.
It would've been great to have him offed.
Is that what you said to Tony? - Might have.
- When would this have been? I can pin that down for you exactly.
Yeah, must've been during the time when Lewis was alive.
Eh? You know, I reckon I could think a lot more clearly if I wasn't so hungry.
What are the chances of a large pizza, eh? Ham and pineapple.
- Do we even believe him? - He's trying to muddy it.
He's been in the drug business with Tony for 10 years now.
And Lewis Moran? If he puts Tony as the money man, we've got him in jail for life.
We need you to sign your statement, Carl.
This is how it works.
This is what we agreed.
You sign your statement, then you appear as a witness.
The Lewis Moran trial has been given a date.
There's nothing we can do.
You'll be going to court.
What've they got? - A witness.
- Carl bloody Williams.
Jesus Christ, I told him a million times - murder is bad for business.
But, no! He had to go and shoot everyone! If he'd just stuck to the business we wouldn't be here! Now I'm gonna go down because of Carl fucking Williams! It's not Carl.
Carl's not giving evidence against you.
I'm not signing it.
I'm not signing nothing.
We've still got Reuben Fox.
His statement gave us enough evidence to get Tony back here.
You need a higher standard for the Victorian Supreme Court than you do for an extradition warrant.
It only took one witness to convict Carl.
We only need one for Mokbel.
Yeah, well, Reuben fucking Fox better bring his fucking A-game.
Reuben fucking Fox.
Mr Fox, in your own time, please tell us what happened.
Reuben Fox spent almost three days under cross-examination.
Every aspect of his allegations was tested.
And as every minute ticked by, Tony imagined he could feel the noose tightening around his neck.
For once, his future was out of his own hands.
All he could do was smile at the jury and hoped they believed him.
Hoped they liked him better than they liked Reuben Fox.
Mr Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict? Yes, we have, Your Honour.
Uh, not guilty.
Tony had faced 20 separate charges when he was extradited back to Australia.
Three conspiracy charges had to be dropped because of a quirk of extradition law.
And the two murder charges were now also behind him.
The next thing he did was appeal the cocaine conviction he'd fled Australia to avoid.
But for the first time, he failed, and law enforcement had a win.
Tony Mokbel would be in jail for a minimum of nine years.
But that wasn't life.
And while we kept working at keeping him in, and he kept working at getting himself out, things took a sharp turn to the left.
What do you want, Carl? I wanna make a deal.
Like the deal you made for Tony? Piss off.
You lot don't get loyalty, do you? You think I'd load up me best mate for pizza and blowjobs? Go on then.
What fantasies are you trotting out this time? A bunch of jacks have been feeding me info for the last 10 years - for cash.
You really think we'll fall for that - you throw mud and we waste our time investigating good officers? See you, Carl.
I'll keep the names to meself then.
You might know one of them.
Paul Dale.
This better be good.
Some people claim Tony Mokbel only got as big as he did because of a network of dirty police officers who sold privileged information in return for corrupt payments.
I don't know if that's true or not.
But when we got a chance to expose those officers, we had a duty to go in hard, especially if they were suspected of involvement in the murder of police informant Terry Hodson.
Tell us how Senior Sergeant Paul Dale is connected to the Hodson murders.
Terry Hodson was about to testify against Dale at his committal hearing, right? About the burglary of Tony's drug lab.
So it stands to reason that Dale had a reason to kill him.
And I've got a reason to kill you, Carl.
A whole list of them.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna.
- Yeah, but this is different.
- How? Well, it all started when I first met Dale at the Brunswick Club.
In two secret meetings with police, Williams claimed he had occasionally paid Paul Dale for information.
Anyway, we were having a drink and in walks this suit.
Turns out to be Dale.
He further alleged that Dale had paid him 150 grand to arrange Terry Hodson's murder.
It would be enough to get Dale to trial.
But Carl was a serial killer and a liar.
And a dog.
So you're saying you organised the money, but who was the actual shooter? I'm not saying his name.
Not in a million years.
Course he's not.
Because he made the whole bloody thing up.
He still did the job, though.
Was that made up? Christine and Terry Hodson, shot in the head.
I organised the whole thing.
I'll put me hand up for that.
But I was just the middleman.
Killing Terry Hodson was not my idea.
It's unsubstantiated - one man's word.
He could just be trashing Dale for time off his sentence.
When he was stringing us along with Mokbel, he'd go back and forth - he'd half tell the truth, then back away from it.
I mean, you saw him in court at his own trial.
This time he wasn't like that, though.
- Will he do it in court? - He says he will.
Carl knows it's his last chance.
He's got nothing more to trade.
Do it.
Arrest Paul Dale.
We think we've got enough to charge Paul Dale.
- Carl's spilling his guts.
- Won't change the fact that I look incompetent or corrupt.
- No-one thinks that.
- Oh, come on.
36 years, mate.
20 in Homicide.
And three days fucked my career - the day I was given the Hodson case, the day I knocked on Paul Dale's door to question him, and the day I was taken off the case.
What would fix it? If someone did time for the Hodsons.
That's what would fix it.
The murder of an informant - it's a stain on the entire force.
It's time we did something about it.
And it's time someone was put away for it.
Paul Dale, you're under arrest for conspiracy to murder Terrence and Christine Hodson.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
How are you, mate? Yeah, I'm good.
Um, listen, I've gotta do this project for school.
Someone in my family that I look up to, like my dad or one of my uncles Right.
And I can't think of anyone who hasn't been in jail.
Uncle Kab, Uncle Milad, Uncle Horty Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, alright, I get it.
So I was wondering - could you tell me about Grandad? Yeah.
Yeah, course I can.
Your, er, giddo, as we say, he he didn't have much, mate, but, you know, he worked really hard, worked bloody hard, and, well, you know, he got us out of Lebanon, because it became a dangerous place.
And he brought us kids over to Melbourne, and we started a new life, you know? He worked.
He worked at, uh at Ford.
Shit job.
Shit job.
But he worked.
And you know why? For family.
To put food on our table.
I mean, there was five of us, right? He dragged us across the bloody world.
I'll get you out, Dad.
You look after yourself.
Come on.
We'll get you out of Barwon again, prep you for court.
No way - people start wondering where I am, hear I've been talking to you No-one knows, but to be on the safe side, we'll put you with two prisoners of your choice.
We organise that, then you sign your statement.
- And me dad? - We've been talking to the OPP.
We understand they're talking to the taxation department.
It looks like they'll write off that $750,000 he owes them.
He'll walk out of jail, just like we promised.
- And me? - Well, we can't make any promises ourselves.
- Hang on a second.
- The OPP will make their best representation they can to get your sentence reduced.
That's not good enough.
Well, they're talking about up to 17 years off.
You get to walk Dhakota down the aisle a free man.
About Dhakota - there's one more thing.
Tony's stopped paying her school fees.
So Carl was housed in Victoria's most secure prison with two mates he'd personally chosen.
- Tommy Ivanovic.
- Tommy.
Good to see you, buddy.
- And Matthew Johnson.
- Matty! Mate! - So where you been, fat boy? - What do you mean? Word is they've been taking you out.
Little road trips.
Road trips to the medical centre, mate.
- It's the only place I've been.
- Oh.
It's good to see ya.
Make yourself at home, mate.
Carl Williams, Tony Mokbel and Paul Dale were now all housed in Barwon's maximum security Acacia Unit awaiting their fates.
Within a month one would be free, one would get 22 years, and one would be dead.
- Yeah, Barwon's a shithole.
- Yeah.
Do you ever consider moving on? - Cutting ties with Carl? - No.
Why would I? He's been in there for three years now.
- You're not married anymore.
- He's Dhakota's dad.
No matter who I'm with, or who he's with, I'm still his main person.
It's just if Tony does serious time You'll stick by him.
- Wouldn't you? - I don't know.
- Oh, fucking shit.
- What? I want a life too.
You give me one good reason why I should tie myself to someone who's gonna be in prison for the rest of his life.
'Cause he'd stick by you.
I still love him.
You're probably right.
- Jesus.
- If you've been talking to the press, I'll bounce you off that wall before you know it.
We've gotta get him out of there.
This what you're getting for dogging on Dale? I'm just stringing them along to see what I can get out of them.
If they ever put me on the stand I'll tell them I made it all up.
Mate, I only wish I had something to give 'em meself.
Yours dried out yet, Tommy? Should be.
So you're OK then? - So far.
- You see the paper? Yeah.
No dramas.
Told 'em I was making stuff up, stringing the cops along.
You know you're looking pretty good there, Carl.
Yeah, I lost a few kilos since I've been in here.
You're not looking too bad yourself, Bert.
You reckon we should have another kid? Oh what? Carl, you know I'm with Rob now.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
But you and me, we're mates, yeah, forever.
We get each other.
No matter what we did wrong, we did one thing right.
Coffee, Carl? Yeah, alright.
Coffee's up, matey.
Roberta speaking.
This is her.
Feelings Of grief Breaking over me Wave after wave Like the rolling sea These feelings of grief Time without end I'm gonna miss you My friend How do you suppose This world will No-one deserves to die like that.
Why are you so upset? At least he can never load you up now, eh? Yeah, I know, babe, but I don't reckon he woulda.
He had the chance, right? He didn't.
He was such a stupid bastard.
You know when he was shoving all that gear up his nose? It's a miracle we all didn't get killed, eh? But you know what? He was my mate.
Won't go away Nor will these feelings of grief.
Thanks for coming around.
Not too many people dropping around these days.
Off you go.
Go and play.
You know, when we were riding high, everyone wanted to be our friends.
Not anymore.
What are we gonna tell them, huh? - What do you mean? - About their dads? Now they're old enough to read.
Kids are telling them stuff.
I just tell Maddy to ignore it.
But what's the truth? Who was he? A murderer? Was he that guy that read stories to that little girl? And taught her how to swim? Was it a mistake, you and Carl? I didn't have a choice.
Fuckin' love.
Nah, nah.
Where I come from, hooking up with Carl was the best thing I could do.
Roberta had lost her husband.
Dhakota had lost her dad.
And we'd lost our key witness.
Without Carl, his statement couldn't be used.
The conspiracy to murder Terry Hodson charges against Paul Dale were dropped.
Must say, Paul, I'm disappointed.
Would've liked to have seen you up on the stand.
You don't get it, do you? I wanted my day in court.
You know, I've been put through the shit for eight years, mate.
I lost my job, lost my pension, I spent a year in Barwon - 23 hours a day in lockdown, for Christ's sake.
I didn't want Carl dead I wanted him on the stand so I could refute the lies.
So you'd be in favour of a royal commission, then? Full investigation into police corruption in this state? Clear things up once and for all.
After all, if you're innocent, it's an absolute travesty what you've been put through, Paul.
Bring it on, and you bring on any filthy witnesses that you want to testify.
- I'm clean, mate.
- Oh, well, maybe that's right.
But you seem to have walked through an awful lot of shit, Paul, an awful lot.
And only you know how much has stuck to your fucking shoe.
Paul Dale was free.
Judy Moran was in jail.
Carl Williams was dead.
There was only one person left with a game to play.
So some of the trafficking charges are quite old.
- And not too strong.
- Sweet.
Oh, you know, with your brains and my winning personality, we'll win the jury over.
There's still Operation Magnum.
- Remind me.
- The company.
The recorded phone conversations.
The witness evidence.
I've heard the prosecution brief runs to 20 volumes.
If you fight it, you risk being punished more severely for not showing remorse.
A single large commercial quantity charge can attract a life sentence.
And you're facing four of them.
If the judge doesn't like you, and it's getting harder to find one these days that does, you could get 80 years.
And that's on top of the 9 you're already doing.
Listen, Petria, you ever heard the term 'all in'? Mmm? I'm assuming it's not a legal term.
No, it's poker - it's when you get all the chips you got left and chuck 'em in the middle of the table, turn over your cards and let fate take its course.
You really want to take this to a jury? All my life I've bet on the long shot, OK? And you'd be surprised how often I've come out on top.
I had a yacht trucked across the country, for goodness sake.
Big gambler, big reward, that's me.
Always has been.
That's what I've done all my life.
And that philosophy has got you where? Listen, I hate to fold.
There must be some poker term that applies when you've got no possible chance of winning and you don't want to throw every single last chip you've got away.
It's called drawing dead.
This time.
But on my next hand, Lady Luck's gonna shine my way again.
You watch.
She will.
- Hey.
- Jim.
How are you? - The Athenian dream team.
- Yeah, that's the one.
Hey, you, uh, heard Mokbel copped a plea? I did.
Apart from the plea, we also got a permanent proceeds order.
Next 20 years, anything we can prove is a proceed of his crimes, we can seize up to four mill.
Hey, you wanna come and join us for an ouzo? No.
I might give it a miss.
You know, VicPol and the Feds - oil and water.
Besides, I've just got a win of my own.
Finally got a court order to get a DNA sample out of Mokbel.
I heard they gave you a medal.
For arresting Mokbel.
Listen, it wasn't just the arrest, alright? I was on that prick for 10 years.
Look, I'm sorry.
I just get a lot of shit about that medal.
Plenty of people give us shit in this job.
I say, if they're gonna give you a medal, wear it with pride.
Alright? It was good to see you.
You too.
Well, it's not life, but he's in until he's 67.
His dad died at 54, so that's something.
Now, now, let's not wish him any harm - we want him alive to enjoy every second of the next 22 years.
- To the good guys.
- The good guys.
Oh, and I've got a surprise for you all.
Someone wanted to say hello.
- Hi, gang.
- Hi! I won't, uh I won't hold up proceedings too long.
I'm sure you've gotta log some serious drinking on your timesheets.
As you all know, the Feds gave medals to their people for Mokbel's arrest.
But the Victoria Police Force couldn't get off their fat arses to organise medals for you guys.
So I got some made.
The Purana Taskforce Medal, for each of you for the part you played.
Make no bones about it, we fought a war in this state.
30 people got gunned down in that war.
Some of our people crossed to the other side.
But each and every one of you worked doggedly to dismantle a criminal empire.
Sure as shit made me proud.
And you've got the gratitude of the people of this state, and the respect of police forces the world over.
Thanks, mate.
To Purana.
Oh, it's a win, right? You know? It's not life.
22 years? I'll do that standing on my head.
I might not be coming out here so much.
Oh, it's a long way, you know, Geelong and back.
Renae's getting older now, you know.
Jail's not such a nice place for a little girl.
- Who is it? - Hmm? - What? - Who is it, Dan? Oh, you you don't know him.
You know what I am, Tone.
I can do 2 years.
But I can't do 20.
I guess you can't help who you fall in love with, huh? Go, son, go down to the water And see the women weeping there And then go up into the mountains The men, they are weeping too Father, why are all the women weeping? They are all weeping for their men Then why are all the men there weeping? They are weeping back at them This is a weeping song A song in which to weep While all the men and women sleep This is a weeping song But I won't be weeping long No, I won't be weeping long No, I won't be weeping long No, I won't Be weeping long.