Fatal Seduction (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Mister Wrong

[soft, sensual music playing]
Bless their souls ♪
[woman narrating] Sex,
[woman groans]
[woman narrating] fucking
is a compulsion
[woman panting]
[woman narrating] a primary urge.
Society wants us to believe
it's a gateway drug
to love.
[woman gasping]
[woman narrating] But that's a lie.
It is an act of desire.
And so it can be confusing
[both panting]
[woman narrating]
that something that feels so good
can be
[woman narrating] so bad.
[woman panting]
[indistinct screaming]
Golden glow ♪
[people clamoring]
[paramedics speaking indistinctly]
How does ♪
The silence ♪
Speak? ♪
[people speaking indistinctly]
Sparkling fire ♪
Burning high ♪
Like a dream ♪
[dramatic music swells]
[man humming]
[phone buzzes, dings]
[man chuckles]
So, you ready
for your weekend away with Brenda?
[sighs] I'd actually prefer
to spend my weekend
prepping for my lectures.
You know, I start a new term on Monday.
But yeah, Brenda insisted, so yeah.
[in Zulu] And you?
What will you do this weekend?
I'll see Vuyo tomorrow, but
[in English] It's actually
a working weekend for me.
You know how it goes. Judge never rests.
[in Zulu] So how is it going with Ameera?
[in English] She's a great assistant,
really good.
She's smart. She's talented.
What, you wanna say something?
No. Not at all.
[man] Well, looks like you do.
You don't have to go back to work
so soon if the stress is too much.
No, it doesn't stress me.
[man] Oh.
Because, um
I'd like to try again.
But like the doctor said,
if the stress is too much
No, I love my job.
My job makes me happy.
It doesn't stress me.
This argument stresses me.
Okay. I don't want to fight, Nandi.
It's your choice.
And I accept your decision.
Okay? So you don't have to feel guilty
about it.
[phone buzzes, dings]
[Nandi sighs]
[girl 1] Dude, Uncle V sorted it.
Says he'll try to take us
to the morgue on Monday.
[girl 2 on phone] Oh, that is so cool.
Uh, Rain just texted.
She wants to hang out
after sword practice tomorrow.
You should just go out with her already.
She's obsessed.
Not my type.
Since when is hot and leggy not your type?
Thought as much.
Okay, I need to grab snacks. Chat later?
- Okay. Love you.
- Love you too.
[dramatic music playing]
[Nandi grunts, gasps]
[girl] Mom.
[in Zulu] Are you okay?
[in English] Is it about the?
The miscarriage?
It's okay. You can say the word.
It's it's not a bad word.
Although your dad thinks it is, but
[scoffs] I suppose he doesn't like it
when I say "period" either.
Listen, if you can't talk about it,
you should go see someone.
You know, we should be
the adults in all of this.
Not you.
Well, in the meantime,
you wanna go eat your feelings with me?
- [chuckles] Okay.
- Hmm? Yeah?
[both laugh]
[dramatic music playing]
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicking]
[shutter clicks]
[sighs heavily]
[phone dings]
[car engine starts]
[breathing shakily]
[sensual music playing]
[panting softly]
[exhales shakily]
[panting softly]
[moaning softly]
[groans softly]
[phone buzzes, dings]
[dramatic music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[camera beeping]
[camera beeping, shutter clicking]
[shutter clicks]
["Greatest" by Toya Delazy playing]
Yeah, yeah ♪
Can't wait for the weekend
To feel love ♪
It's not about drinks
Just you, my love ♪
Take a temp job just to make ends meet ♪
[horn honks]
Now you always so far from me ♪
- [Brenda in Xhosa] Friend!
- Hey, friend.
- [in Xhosa] Where is my twin?
- [in Zulu] Who, Zinhle?
- Your twin and your friend.
- [in Xhosa] Your husband is an asshole.
[in Zulu] I think he's cheating on me.
- Eh?
- [in English] Yeah.
[Brenda and Nandi speaking indistinctly]
[in Xhosa] Do you know who she is?
[in English] His 24-year-old assistant,
Ameera. The one with perfect tits.
[in Xhosa] What I wouldn't give
to fuck a 24-year-old. Ooh!
Huh, Brenda.
Come now, you're the feminist.
I just want equal opportunity.
- [in English] It doesn't work like that.
- It works like that.
- [engine revs]
- ["Greatest" continues]
Leave the past behind
Fly like butterflies ♪
It's all on me ♪
Just enjoy the ride
Till the wheels fall off ♪
[Brenda] Whoo!
This is the greatest ♪
Yeah, we want the greatest ♪
Ooh, yeah ♪
Baby, let's make it ♪
Baby, let's make it ♪
Angels never die ♪
[song ends]
[in Zulu] You know, it's as if
he blames me for the miscarriage.
Like I did it on purpose.
[in Xhosa] How long since you've had sex?
Been eaten up by your man?
I'm just asking.
[Nandi in English] Okay, well
Nine months.
[in Xhosa] You're lying.
[in English] Look
we've got a a beautiful family home.
[in Zulu] He takes care of my parents,
and we've got Zinhle.
[in English] You know,
we're a functioning unit.
- "Functioning unit"?
- Yes.
Do you even like this person?
[in Xhosa] Or are you just in love
with the lifestyle he gives you?
[in English] You've been having issues
for so long.
[in Xhosa] Ten years,
if not 20 years, of your lives.
[in Zulu] Every relationship
has its problems.
[in English] Do you even love him?
The whole notion of love is some
romantic bullshit.
You know, it's just some
- I don't know
- [in Xhosa] Friend
[in Xhosa] Lord have mercy!
What do we have before us, girl?
[Nandi in English] That's a Ben Five.
- [in Xhosa] Don't even mention "Ben Five."
- That's child abuse.
Don't you dare tell me about Ben Five.
[in Zulu] No, that chicken murder!
[in Xhosa] You don't wanna fuck that guy,
just like you don't want to fuck Leonard?
[in English] No, I don't want to fuck him.
How're you guys doing?
You guys good? [chuckles]
- No, stop it.
- No. Come on.
[Brenda in Xhosa] Look at him, friend.
[Nandi in English] Stop it.
[Brenda in Xhosa] My lord!
[sucks teeth]
[dance music playing]
[car engine revs]
[phone ringing]
[phone beeps, ringing stops]
- [Leonard] You look good today.
- [Ameera] And you.
- [Leonard] Is this us?
- [Ameera] Yeah, to the right.
[Leonard] Mmm.
[instructor] Everybody ready? Kumite!
[students shout]
- [instructor shouts]
- [grunting]
[ethereal music playing]
[dance music playing]
You look really beautiful
for an older woman.
What's your name?
What's the matter?
Too scared to talk to a stranger?
Just please, just spare me
your backhanded compliments, okay?
- Come on. Tequilas on me.
- Look, no.
[man] Is is everything okay?
Totes cool, bro.
- Are you okay?
- No.
Listen, man,
I think you should leave my friend alone.
All right.
Thank you friend.
Well, I consider anyone
that waves at me at the beach a friend.
That that wasn't me.
That was actually my real friend.
- Was it now?
- Yeah.
Well, Jacob, by the way.
[Jacob] I know what I think.
I want to know what you think.
It's a crime,
so we shouldn't let him get away with it
just because he's important.
A lawyer would say, even if he did it,
that doesn't mean he's guilty.
Okay. All right, you got me.
[in Xhosa] No. No. No.
Guys, OMG, we are at a party,
and you're talking about law?
[in English] It's my fault. Uh
[in Xhosa] I did her a small favor,
and she felt obligated to talk to me.
[in English] No, I was actually enjoying
the conversation.
[laughs] Um, yeah, so are you a lawyer?
[Jacob] Me? Um, not at all.
Hey, man.
[in Xhosa] Aren't you
the guy from the beach?
Yes, I am him.
[in English] Guilty.
[in Xhosa] Have we met before?
I don't think so.
Okay. Let's go party, guys.
Let's go dance.
[Jacob] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- [in English] Are you coming?
- Mm.
Let's go.
[Brenda in English] Let's go dance.
- I've such a fertile imagination.
- Sure.
Why can't you put Rain out of her misery?
She's crazy hot for you.
- And you're not. I get it already.
- [scoffs]
[phone ringing]
[in Zulu] Uncle, I beg you
[in English] Please tell me
you've got good news for me.
I do. Monday it is.
But your mother won't like it.
But how can I be a forensic pathologist
if I've never been to the morgue?
- I'm just saying.
- What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
[Vuyo] You'll be surprised.
Anyway, I'll confirm a time
with you tomorrow. Okay?
[Zinhle] Okay, cool. Thanks.
[girl] Come on!
[water splashing]
[girl sighs, laughs]
So when did your uncle stop being a cop?
After he got shot.
But now he's a private investigator
and a shebeen owner.
[laughs] Cool.
[Zinhle] Real cool.
Ah! Okay, come join me.
We have to leave soon.
- Stop it!
- [laughs]
Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for this?
I was born ready!
[both giggling]
[ethereal music playing]
- I don't think you wanna
- Two, three
[dance music playing]
Trust me.
- [dance music fades]
- [ethereal music playing]
[Brenda in Xhosa]
Let's have another drink.
- [Nandi in English] Sure.
- [Jacob] One drink.
[Nandi] One.
[Brenda in Xhosa] One, five, ten.
Who cares? Let's go.
[in English] So
How do you know so much about law?
[Brenda] It's drinking time!
[squeals excitedly]
[in Xhosa] Let's drink!
[in English] Okay.
- Yeah.
- All right.
[Nandi in Xhosa]
This is not going to end well.
You only live once. Let's drink up!
[in English] Cheers.
- [Nandi] Ooh! Scrum.
- [Jacob grunts]
[in Xhosa] I do know you.
Your eyes Who's your brother?
[in English] I'm the only child, actually.
[in Xhosa] Your father?
[in English] Uh, yeah,
my my father's dead.
[in Xhosa] Oh Lord!
[phone dings]
[Brenda in English] Sorry.
- It's a match!
- [Nandi] You're leaving us?
[in Xhosa] You two eat each other,
so I can go be eaten up too.
- [in English] Bye!
- Bye.
[Brenda] Bye, darlings.
[Jacob] Ciao.
[Brenda] Whoo!
[sighs, chuckles]
[door opens, closes]
[car engine revs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[car departing]
What are you doing?
[Jacob] When last did you feel alive?
I mean, truly alive?
Come join me.
[in Xhosa] Do you want me to go?
[in English] No.
Take those off.
["Look Don't Touch" by Jasmine V playing]
[both breathing heavily]
'Cause I'm the stuff
That dreams are made of ♪
Walking 'round, I'm dripping stardust ♪
Until you coming with some real love ♪
You can look, but don't touch
You can look, but don't touch, no ♪
'Cause I'm the stuff
That dreams are made of ♪
You're missing out
'Cause I'm a real one ♪
If you ain't coming
With some real love ♪
You can look, but don't touch
You can look, but don't touch, no ♪
Look, don't touch it
You can look, don't touch it ♪
[Nandi groans softly]
Look, don't touch it
You can look, don't touch it ♪
Special, which you may
Or might get on my level ♪
Come down from my pedestal, oh never ♪
[Nandi moans]
[Jacob grunts]
'Cause I'm the stuff
That dreams are made of ♪
Walking around, I'm dripping stardust ♪
Until you coming with some real love ♪
You can look, but don't touch
You can look, but don't touch, no ♪
[both panting]
[Nandi groaning]
You can look, but don't touch, no ♪
- [Jacob groans]
- [song ends]
[waves crashing]
[dramatic music swelling]
This is your fault.
[Nandi grunts softly]
I think you need to leave now.
[inhales sharply]
[exhales softly]
All right.
[phone buzzing and dinging]
[Brenda] Bye!
- [Jacob] Bye-bye. Bye.
- [Brenda] Bye. Bye.
[door closes]
I need to get going. I gotta get home.
[in Xhosa] Nandi, please don't leave.
I've made lunch plans for us.
[in English] So you can then advise me
to cheat on my husband again, yeah?
[in Xhosa] So you blame me?
Don't do that. You're a big girl.
You make your own decisions.
And if I did influence you,
you should be thanking me.
You clearly enjoyed it based on
that fine ass walking out of the house.
[in English] Wow.
[announcer on TV] They came out
with more energy.
The Huskies take the lead, finally.
This second half,
they're a different team.
The importance is must win
every single game because of
[in Tswana] Where's Nandi?
- [in English] She not home yet?
- Uh-uh.
[in Tswana] I don't want her
to suspect anything.
[in English] Just relax, okay?
Fair enough.
[announcers on TV speaking indistinctly]
[door opens]
- Hey.
- Hey.
[in Zulu] Hello.
[in English] Hey, hey.
- [Leonard in Zulu] How are you?
- Yeah, so
What did you do this weekend?
- [in English] Pool.
- Squash.
[in Zulu] Let me go prepare myself
for my lectures tomorrow.
[in English] Oh, okay. Yeah,
I'm gonna get some work done as well.
So much to do.
[sighs heavily]
- [in Zulu] Come on, man.
- How?
[inhaling deeply]
[doorbell rings]
Thought you weren't coming.
[sinister music plays]
[ethereal music playing]
Coming in?
[menacing music plays]
[gun fires]
[Nandi gasps, pants]
[gun fires]
[shower running]
[phone buzzes, dings]
[Leonard in Zulu] My love!
[in English] I came in late last night.
I didn't want to wake you.
You've got a message from your assistant.
Would you like me to read it?
No, it's cool.
Thank you. I got it.
[Nandi] In South Africa,
we have 2,700 femicides a year.
That's seven daily.
Most of the victims remain nameless,
and their stories are never told.
The women who suffer
these violent deaths are mothers,
or someone's best friend.
[door opens]
The numbers desensitize us.
Miss Brenda?
[Nandi] We do not protect the victims.
[in Zulu] I am here!
[Nandi in English] We make them invisible,
and in doing so,
we give the perpetrators the confidence
that they'll get away with it.
These are women
who are killed by husbands,
Miss Brenda!
[Nandi] brothers, or ex-lovers.
In SA, on average
Miss Brenda!
[Nandi] a woman is killed
every three hours.
- On average
- [screams]
[Nandi] media reports cover
only two murders a day.
That's a fraction of the women
that are killed by someone close to them.
Now, I want to look at the root causes
[bag rustling]
[dramatic music plays]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music ends]
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