Fatal Seduction (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Through the Wound

Nandi, please wait.
- Nandi.
- It's Professor Mahlati.
Okay, Professor.
Should we
Did you know it was me?
Huh? Did you know
that I was your professor?
You have a class list, right?
Did you know I was your student?
That's not funny.
We're both adults.
Nothing happened.
Okay, nothing happened.
- Good.
- Great.
It will be cool, Professor.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Look, Nandi
- Stop it.
Damn it.
You need some help?
The coroner said
there's no marks on the body,
aside from where she appears
to have cut her own wrists.
- Suicide?
- No suicide note.
She's the woman from the Jiba case.
That guy who raped and killed a kid.
I was still a student then.
Were you on that?
Vuyo Mahlati was.
I took over once he got shot.
Vuyo Mahlati
That PI you like?
That's why he has a limp, from that case.
He had a big career ahead of him
until that.
Do you think it's connected?
This might be.
Two condoms.
So, big night of passion
before she decides to kill herself.
So, how do you think he was killed?
Look at the bruising from the ligature.
- Asphyxiation, right?
- Definitely.
Wow! You guys are scary.
Knowing how to do this right
will help catch criminals.
- And save lives.
- Ting.
Vuyo, you've gotta go.
We've got one coming in, so
actual cops only.
Guys, come. Let's go.
Oh my God! That's Auntie Brenda.
God help me.
I know a thing or two about cars.
And I see your oil is leaking.
So you should bring it in,
and I'll give you a deal.
Thank you.
And, uh
thank you for
Control your thirst, Nandi.
I wanna tell people about us.
Wait, Vuyo.
I love you.
Not as much as you love Nandi.
I stopped loving her a long time ago.
Nandi, babe, where are you?
What are you doing?
What are you doing home?
I'm here to fetch you.
We need to go to the cops.
It's Brenda. She killed herself.
Why would she do that to herself?
Shame, Zee.
I'm sorry.
She was so full of life.
So full of this energy.
So beautiful.
Goes to show you really never know
what shit people are dealing with.
I can't believe it.
Your uncle seemed pretty cut up, hey?
Thanks, dude.
I don't know.
Let me get this straight.
You don't believe
that Brenda committed suicide,
Mrs. Mahlati.
She wouldn't.
She co
It's impossible.
And you spent the weekend with her?
Just Saturday. Uh
I left on Sunday morning,
so I wasn't there last night.
Anything unusual happen on Saturday?
Um, we went out to a party.
Just the two of you?
- And then?
- And then we came home.
Just the two of you?
Well, thank you, Mrs. Mahlati.
If we need to, we'll pick this up later.
Justice Mahlati, Vuyo,
nice to see you both.
You know who I feel sorry for?
I feel sorry for her family.
I mean, suicide?
With all the money she had,
all the opportunities she had,
when so many have so little
Fucking ungrateful.
Has anyone seen my green jacket?
I can't find it anywhere.
You mean my green jacket, my Zee.
Ma, have you seen my green jacket?
- Ma
- No, Zinhle.
I haven't seen your bloody green jacket.
Zee, I mean
What's going on?
What has the child done?
Please leave me alone.
What did I say?
I don't want to hear
another bloody word about Brenda.
I am entitled to my opinion.
Nandi! Nandi, where are you going?
Nandi, I'm talking to you.
Where are you going?
Hey, Zee, look
About yesterday, I'm
Forget about it.
She was your best friend. I get it.
- How did I get so lucky with you, hey?
- Good parenting.
Ah, baby.
Victim or cause of the aggression.
This is a common defense.
"She provoked me."
"She wanted it."
As if it's the victim's fault.
Um, that'll be all
That'll be all for today.
You can use the extra time
for the assignment.
Thank you.
It's Brenda.
Brenda's dead.
She just wanted to be a teacher,
the kind of teacher that
that made a difference.
The Brenda I met
didn't seem much like a teacher.
She left her job
after a little girl
was raped and murdered.
And that was 10 years ago,
and the whole thing just
It just messed her up.
The last couple of years,
she'd just been partying.
Maybe she was hiding, you know? Because I
I didn't see this coming.
You know, I don't know
that I was so self-absorbed.
This is not your fault.
She was my best friend.
It's it's not your fault.
How do you know that?
Because my father killed himself.
And for a long time, I blamed myself.
But the truth is,
we're victims of their choices.
So don't blame the victim.
You're a good listener.
You're worth listening to.
She cut the vein on her left arm.
Used a belt as a tourniquet.
- Belt?
- A man's belt.
Also, the prints on the razor
match the victim's.
Wait. Whose belt is it?
I don't know.
Also, the fingerprints that we found
doesn't match hers or the cleaner's.
Also, two used condoms.
So maybe not a suicide.
Oh, no sign of sexual violence
or any violence.
Also, no letter though.
So, suicide or crime of genius.
Except for the two semen samples
he left behind.
Well, she met someone on Tinder
that night. We checked him out.
He didn't go to the house.
Also, the semen samples aren't his.
That's why I asked you to come in.
The judge's wife lied.
She sent a text to Grootboom's phone.
"The guy from the weekend is my student."
Look, it's not the Tinder guy.
He never met with your brother's wife.
Nandi said no one went home with them.
Yeah, well, women lie.
Just as much as any man.
Good afternoon, Justice Mahlati.
Do you by any chance know where Nandi is?
Sorry, she went home.
She said she wasn't feeling well.
Is it your anniversary?
No, no. It's not.
If you'll excuse me now.
This is Nandi Mahlati.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Nandi, um
Hey, listen, I I know things
haven't been easy between us lately.
And some of it is my fault.
But silences
and walls between us, they
They've gotten so bad since it happened.
And I know I
I haven't said this in a long time, but
Nandi, I
I love you.
And I can only hope you still love me too.
Please, my love.
Call me back.
Are you all right?
You're so young.
Look, he's the judge.
Not me.
How did you know that?
You've never stalked
someone you liked on Facebook?
When I was young,
we didn't have Facebook.
And if you've done your research,
it means you know that I have a daughter.
She's not much younger than you.
She could easily be
Please don't go there.
Listen, it's
It's getting late.
I should leave.
Jacob, I like you.
I like you a lot, but this
This thing, it just can't continue. Okay?
Listen, Vuyo,
I don't know where Nandi is.
And I'm not sure
why she's not picking up her phone.
I will phone her tomorrow.
You sure
you don't wanna stay for dinner?
Now would you like to tell me
why you want to speak to my wife?
It's about Brenda.
I thought
Brenda's case was a suicide?
I know it looks that way but
But what?
Someone was at her house
the night before she died.
Wait a minute.
So what you're saying is
someone she was fucking faked her suicide.
All due respect,
we all know two things about Brenda.
Mental problems,
and she's fucking loose.
We were involved.
We were together.
For over a year now.
Oh, shit.
I didn't know that.
No one did.
I wanna find out who was there that night
and if they killed her.
I'm sorry, man.
Yeah sure, brother.
Oh. I'll phone you.
Jacob, I, uh
I just got home.
I listened to your messages, and I
I understand that, but
We can't. I just I can't.
I'm married, Jacob. I'm married.
Shots. Your round.
I'll bring them back.
Do you wanna go out sometime?
She isn't queer, dude.
She's just curious.
Hey, is everything okay?
I need to tell you something.
I got a text from someone.
The number is an anonymous,
but it says they're registered as PokébOi.
I don't think you should respond.
Vuyo, hey. I had, uh
I meant to call you back. I just, uh
What happened with Brenda
the night she killed herself?
I've told everything to the police.
"The guy from the weekend
is my student."
The last text you sent to Brenda.
- Who was with Brenda that night?
- It has nothing to do with it.
They found used condoms at her house.
Semen samples.
Tell me who Brenda fucked that night.
Brenda didn't fuck anyone that night.
I did.
Your brother is the only one
who's allowed to fuck other people?
Squash? Huh?
You think I believe that?
Those semen samples, they have nothing
to do with what happened to Brenda.
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