Fatal Seduction (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


All right, everybody,
let's sing for our birthday girl.
Three, two, one
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear ZeeZee ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Why don't you answer your phone,
you swine?
It's my daughter's birthday.
Do you mind?
What's wrong?
Benjamin Jiba killed himself
this morning.
Oh no. It's okay.
- It's all over the news, guys.
- Benjamin has killed himself.
Hey, baby, calm down.
It's okay. Come, let's go
No. You stay with Zee.
I've got this, okay?
- It's okay. It's okay.
- It's okay.
What s it to do with Jacob?
It's got everything to do
with Jacob!
Jacob is after you and your family
because Leonard prosecuted his father.
- My father killed himself.
- He was facing charges.
He's using his mother's surname.
There could be millions
of Jacob Taus. It's a name.
Come on. This is real.
- What if you're wrong?
- What if I'm right?
Oh, you know each other?
Hey, Dino!
Wait, brother. Wait!
- Oh.
- Uh
- Sorry.
- Thanks.
You good?
Uh, yeah, I just have forensics class
10:00 to 12:00. It's gonna be brutal.
Zee. Zee.
Can we Can we talk about last night?
Laura, look
I panicked, okay?
I mean, I think you're amazing.
We're best friends.
What if it doesn't work out?
What if it does?
I just I think
I'd rather have you as a friend than
Fuck me.
Okay, you're a little bit extra,
so there's that.
Look, I understand.
- Uh, my only thing is
- Sorry, wait.
Let's talk about cyber grooming.
This is when predators use
coercion, induction,
seduction, and deceit
in order to establish a connection
with their victims through technology.
Predators can also create
fake profiles.
Coercion means forcing a person to
Family drinks for free, right?
- What is it?
- Are you sick or something?
We all know places like this don't suit
the Judge Leonards of the world.
You're so dramatic, Vuyo.
Let me tell you something.
There's nothing wrong
with wanting to spend time with family.
In fact
Nandi and I are going away
for six months.
We're gonna try
for another baby.
Is, uh, Nandi aware of this?
I can convince her.
Nandi doesn't want another baby.
So you're an expert on my woman now?
I don't need to be an expert
other than the fact
that the miscarriage fucked her up.
The only way you can convince her
to have another kid
is if you swap out the birth control
or something.
That was a joke.
That's all for today.
Remember to submit your assignments
by Friday, please.
I need space.
- What is it?
- You going somewhere?
Yeah, I'm meeting up with Charlie.
He's got some stuff for me.
Is it about Brenda,
or is it something else?
Yeah, it's about Brenda.
I thought
that case was closed.
It is.
- Hmm.
- Tshoki!
Get my brother something to eat.
I think he's hungry!
- He has money.
- Make sure he pays full price.
You're full of shit.
Listen, travel with us.
Stop all of this investigating nonsense
that you're busy with
and spend time with your family.
Think how amazing that would be.
You and me. Two brothers, hmm?
From growing up in this shithole
to becoming citizens of the world.
You know what, my boy?
I love this shithole.
Just like Granny did.
This is Rajesh.
He can help you find PokébOi. If you want.
He's the top student in project-based
high performance distributed
and parallel systems 101.
So, how does this work?
GPS. Give him the cell number.
If they're on a network, they're toast.
Uh, thanks.
Um, I hope you guys
don't have any plans, eh?
'Cause this could take a while.
A while?
Yeah, so the phone has to be switched on
for us to track it, right?
And in my experience,
stalkers usually have burner phones
which they keep off, so
Who said PokébOi is a stalker?
You know what?
It's cool, guys.
I am gonna dip. Um
You think PokébOi is God's gift.
I think they're a stalker.
Don't you wanna know
who PokébOi actually is?
Yep, phone switched off.
I'm I'm setting it up to ping
you when they switch on their phone.
Where's Roxanne?
I told her to take an early lunch
so you and I can talk properly.
You playing DVD Jenga?
You asked for the surveillance footage
of Brenda's place.
It's 48 hours, each on a separate DVD.
- You're kidding. Why not digital?
- They never bothered to upgrade.
I'd be careful with how you handle them.
They're not labeled.
Keep the stack in order
if you wanna make sense of anything.
This just keeps getting better and better.
I'm just glad it was suicide.
So it's not my problem.
I'll give them to you
once you tell me what's really going on.
Why are you looking
into the old Jiba case?
That info will cost you one coffee
and help carrying this shit.
- You sure there wasn't a class after mine?
- No.
How did you know that?
You've never stalked
someone you liked on Facebook?
When I was young,
we didn't have Facebook.
And if you've done your research,
it means you know that I have a daughter.
She's not much younger than you.
It's a funny coffee.
You want milk with that?
So, um, why are you looking
into this Benjamin Jiba case?
It's Brenda.
She meant a lot to me.
I'm trying to piece together
why she killed herself.
Jiba case took its toll on her.
She could never recover
from what he did to that kid.
Busi was her favourite pupil.
Yeah, I get it.
I'm sorry, Bra V.
You know, I did notice something funny.
In the summary, it said
that she made two statements after I left,
an initial one
and a concrete one, months later.
So the first statement is missing.
You know,
with this department and record-keeping,
we're lucky we've got any files at all.
Do you remember
what she said in her first statement?
I actually wasn't there.
You took over as a lead on a case,
and you weren't there
when a witness made a statement?
Brenda Brenda's first statement
doesn't matter.
The second one, that's the important one.
That's the one that sent him away.
Miss Grootboom.
It was around one o'clock.
And the parents were picking up
their kids from school.
I went down to the hockey field
to have a smoke,
and that's when I saw them.
The victim and Benjamin Jiba,
on the day she never got home.
Please tell me, why have you been silent
about this for so long, Brenda?
Because I was scared.
I just kept telling myself
that the mechanic played
with the kids all the time.
Brenda, are you are you willing
to stand by these words
in front of a judge
when this whole thing goes to trial?
Because it's the truth.
Benjamin Jiba was there
when Busi disappeared.
He's a monster.
He needs to get what he deserves.
Of course Jiba accused Brenda
of lying. Fucking pedo.
Brenda was a hero.
And if you wanna remember her,
you remember her for that.
- Thank Roxanne for me.
- Hope you didn't make copies.
Of course not. I know the rules.
I gotta go.
You're not gonna drink that?
I got work to do.
Did you ever hear what happened
to Benjamin Jiba's family?
His son?
Brenda, you need to calm down.
They said
he killed himself in front of his family.
The worst is over, Brenda.
You did the right thing.
Look at me. Look at me.
He raped and killed a child, Brenda.
He was guilty.
It doesn't matter that you lied.
You did the wrong thing
for the right reason.
It doesn't stop the nightmares.
I need you. I need you.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, everything is fine. Right, Brenda?
Yeah, I think I just need a drink.
Brenda, hey!
Hey, PokébOi.
- Excuse me?
- I know you're PokébOi.
What's a PokébOi?
Don't play dumb.
Wait, do you need your car fixed?
Are you sure you're not PokébOi?
The last time I checked, my name is Jacob.
The number you've dialed
is not available. Please leave a message.
I am so lost right now.
I've been speaking to someone online,
and the GPS said that the person was here
in this location.
Pinged about two hours ago.
Look, I fix a lot of cars,
and people come and go all day.
PokébOi must be a client.
Is it not dangerous
speaking to strangers online?
We have a connection.
But if he's a European prince
and wants you to send him 100K, don't.
It's such Sag energy for me
to bond with a total stranger, isn't it?
You're Sagittarius?
Yeah, why?
Just getting Aries energy from you.
- You're into star signs?
- What? Someone like me can't be?
I'm a Virgo, Gemini ascending.
Sag moon.
You should actually ask this PokébOi
to send you a birthday present.
If he's a con, he's definitely
not gonna spend a single cent.
He wouldn't know my real birthday.
I put fake birthdays on all my accounts
just to fuck with people.
So when is your birthday?
20 December.
Just, uh,
same day my father died.
I'm so sorry.
Look, if one of the cars belong
to this PokébOi,
I'll try and find out
when they come collect.
How do I contact you if I do?
My boy, you believe your father, right?
I'm innocent.
Hey! Hey!
I didn't do this!
- Hey.
- Listen, I'm just checking in.
Do you wanna join us for dinner tonight?
I'm tied up.
Tell me, bro.
Are you still with Charlie
looking into all that Brenda stuff?
You know, um
I had a chat with Charlie.
And I realized
that I'm going on the wrong road
trying to find answers
that don't exist.
So I'm just dealing
with a disgruntled housewife
at the moment.
I can imagine.
Listen, I was serious
about you and I
travelling the world together.
Man, are you sure
you're not sick?
So you're just gonna completely mize
my message after I said we need to talk?
That is high-key being an asshole.
Little too aggressive, Zee.
Okay, look, Poké, whatever your name is.
I don't appreciate
being strung along like
Okay, look, PokébOi,
I don't know what game we're playing at.
All I know is I thought you were for real.
If that's the case,
then meet me tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
in building B on campus.
If not, then this is goodbye,
and it's the last time I say it.
7:07 a.m., Jacob leaves.
8:42 a.m., Nandi leaves.
There you go, lovely.
Thank you.
Listen, babe, I really meant what I said
at our anniversary.
This is a new period for us.
Yes, man.
This wine used to hit the spot.
You know?
And now it just goes straight to my head.
- I remember.
- Mmm.
I remember
the last time we had it.
It was, um, Llandudno.
The sun was setting,
and I tried to pour wine in your glass,
and you were like,
"No, no, no, don't do it, Lenny."
"I'm pregnant."
I was so happy.
First thought that crossed my mind was,
"Thank you, Lord."
"Zinhle's about to have a baby brother."
I want us to be that happy again.
Like when we were kids. Remember that?
Do you remember how happy we once were?
I do.
Can't we try and get that back?
Who's that?
12:00 p.m., Jacob returns.
Goddamn motherfucker.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Good evening,
Justice Mahlati, sir.
- Come in.
- I'm sorry to disturb.
- You good? Yeah?
- I'm cool. Real good.
Professor, you left this
in the lecture hall.
Oh, wow. Thank you.
No problem.
Oh man, it's a beautiful home
that you have here.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
- A lot of hard work.
- Yeah, I can imagine.
- How did you know where we live?
- From the university, sir.
Very considerate.
as a last-year student.
Study hard.
She cut the vein
on her left arm,
used a belt as a tourniquet.
Where is your belt?
It was his belt at the crime scene.
I have the evidence.
He killed her.
He murdered Brenda.
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