Fatal Seduction (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


- [baby Jacob cooing]
- [Lucinda speaking softly]
[soft, ethereal music playing]
[Lucinda speaking indistinctly]
[music intensifies]
[baby Jacob cooing]
[water splashing]
[baby Jacob cries]
[Lucinda whimpering]
[baby Jacob crying]
[dramatic music playing]
When the opportunity came
for me to go to varsity
I said to my father, "I need shoes."
[Vuyo] What do you mean
he's in your house right now?
[Nandi whispering]
He just arrived unannounced.
I left my briefcase in class,
so he's here in my home to drop it off.
Shit. Shit!
And I forgot the file
inside the briefcase.
He knows! He knows!
It's fine. He he doesn't.
I mean, the file is still there.
That doesn't mean anything.
It's got a lock combination.
I can see it hasn't been tampered with.
It's okay. It's fine.
So where is he now?
[Leonard] I hope you don't think
bringing my wife's briefcase
is gonna help your chances
at the interview tomorrow.
[Jacob chuckles]
No, sir. I would never dream of it.
He's still talking to Leonard.
- [Vuyo] Get him out of your house.
- It's fine. I'll come up with something.
- I should get going.
- Nonsense.
- Please tell Professor I said good night.
- You're joining us for dinner.
- I'll call you back.
- Wait! Nandi!
[phone disconnects]
[tuts, sighs in frustration]
[menacing music playing]
[in Xhosa] What are you doing?
- [in English] You're in my fucking house.
- So you go and grab a knife?
Hey, Nandi. You told me you love me,
and I told you I love you.
Or or am I making this up? Am I?
Listen, there's a big bonus
for joining us at dinner tonight.
[Zinhle] Hmm?
I want you to meet
one of your mom's students downstairs.
He's your age.
Wait. I What?
He's a nice guy. I think you'd like him.
So just please dress nicely and
See you downstairs, okay?
Not my own father pimping me out.
[Leonard] Thank you in advance.
I'll see you downstairs, please.
[Zinhle] Okay, fine.
You need to get out of my house.
You need to leave.
Well, your husband told me
I can join y'all for dinner.
And you don't see anything wrong
with that?
Hmm? Following me at my anniversary.
[in Zulu] And now at my own house.
[Leonard] Nandi!
[Nandi gasps]
[in English] In the kitchen, honey.
[in Zulu] Now, if you say you love me,
if you respect me, then you'll leave.
[in English] Do you understand?
- Everything okay?
- No, no, of course not.
I mean, here I have this kid telling me
my lecture slides were wrong.
[chuckles] I I didn't say "wrong."
I just questioned
how you could even implement
a law against catfishing.
For example, sir, some people
use fake names on dating sites
to avoid their abusive exes.
Do you go around
arguing the law with everyone?
No, no, it's a good thing.
Maybe we can continue over dinner.
I'm sure Zinhle would love to weigh in.
Is it not dangerous
speaking to strangers online?
We have a connection.
Uh, actually, sir,
could I be excused from dinner?
I need to prepare
for our interview tomorrow.
Yeah, that's fine, Jacob.
Right, honey?
Go home. Get some rest.
I'll grill you tomorrow.
[chuckles] I'm looking forward to it.
- Sir.
- Have a good night.
[door closes]
[Leonard] "Sweetheart."
[Nandi chuckles softly]
You haven't called me that in years.
It's nice.
Maybe the kid's my lucky charm.
[laughs softly]
Look, I I don't I don't know.
[in Zulu] I think
maybe his internship won't work out.
Why not?
[in English] My understanding is that
[in Zulu]he's juggling school
and running a business on the side.
[in English] You know that's
I think it's too much.
[Zinhle scoffs]
So, where is this superman who gets
to pay my [in Zulu]bride price?
[in English] I tell you
there's a nice young man, and then this?
Should I be worried that you're spending
too much time with Laura?
- Something weird's going on there.
- It's 2023, Dad.
Wouldn't be weird if there was.
It's not 2023 in my house. [laughs]
[Zinhle] Really? [laughs]
[menacing music playing]
[thunder rumbles in the distance]
[keypad clicking]
[Leonard brushing teeth, spits]
[keypad clicking]
Ah, if it's not another book. [chuckles]
maybe you can read another time.
[sighs] Um
Leonard, no. I'm not in the mood.
I'll put you in the mood.
[Nandi sighs]
No. No, Leonard. Please, no.
Not tonight, please. [clears throat]
[Leonard sighs heavily]
[in Zulu] Tell me, Nandi,
what's in that briefcase?
I said, what's in that briefcase?
You were so jumpy
when that boy walked in with it.
[in English] No.
[sighs] Um, it's it's not important. Uh
I think I I just
You know, I just freaked out.
To have a student barge into my home
like that, it's [inhales]
It's nothing really. [chuckles softly]
Yeah, it's nothing.
[Nandi clears throat]
[sighs softly]
You know
[in Zulu] You know what?
[in English] Love.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry that I've [inhales]
I don't know.
I was a bit rough earlier on.
I think I'm just a bit on edge.
I'm sorry.
[in Zulu] I'm sorry.
[in English] It's okay.
I'll make it up to you.
[Leonard moans]
- [Nandi] Yeah.
- [Leonard gasps]
[Leonard breathing heavily]
Look at me.
Look at me, Nandi.
Look at me.
- [grunting]
- [Nandi panting]
[Leonard grunting]
[Nandi panting]
[Leonard grunts]
I think I'm gonna
Oh, no. Wait. Wait.
[Nandi panting]
[Leonard grunting]
[both breathing heavily]
[thunder crashing]
[keypad clicking]
[suspenseful music playing]
How is she?
If the fever persists,
she'll have to go to the hospital.
Let's go. Let's go.
It's not looking good.
[in Xhosa] No hospital.
Please, just prepare an ice bath.
[in Afrikaans] Hurry!
[Lucinda whimpering]
- [nurse in English] Let me help you.
- I said bath, okay? Hurry up! Hurry up!
[crying] Jacob! Jacob!
[Nandi in Zulu]
What's going on here, Vuyo?
- [in English] Your little boyfriend
- Don't call him that.
So the dick that you're currently riding.
What? You're fucking a student.
You want me to take it easy on you?
If you're gonna keep speaking like that
[in Zulu]I will get out of this car.
[in English] Please.
[inhales sharply] Jacob came back
three hours after you left.
Brenda let him in.
See? No belt.
And we know
that a man's belt was used to kill her.
Brenda's statement
sent Jacob's father to prison.
- [in Xhosa] Have we met before?
- I don't think so.
[in Zulu] That explains why she said
[in English]
that she thought she recognized him.
I knew it! Fucking prick.
He's not gonna get away with this.
[in Zulu] But even if Jacob is Jiba's son,
how did he manage
to convince Brenda to kill herself?
[Vuyo in English]
He goes back to Brenda's house
to see if she's worked out who he is.
She has.
He knocks her out with chloroform.
[Brenda gasps, screams]
[muffled screams]
[Nandi] You said yourself
that there were no signs of violence
on her body.
Jacob was strong enough
to subdue her without much of a fight.
Is that how chloroform really works?
[Vuyo] Yes.
[Nandi] He convinces Brenda
to slit her wrists.
[Vuyo] No. He puts Brenda in the bath.
Unconscious but alive.
I've seen someone do this before
in a case that Leonard prosecuted.
Maybe we need to tell Leonard
what's going on.
- [Nandi] Come on, man.
- [Vuyo] Nandi, wait. Wait. Wait.
- Wait! Wait!
- No! No! No, man!
You want to turn a suicide
into a perfect murder
without enough evidence.
Who is this?
Is this Nandi, the law professor?
He must fuck like a porn star.
I never thought of you as a slut.
What did you say?
So, this is what it's been about
this whole time?
- No.
- This is what it's about, yeah?
No. This is about you fucking a student.
And you're still jealous.
- You're still jealous! To this day.
- I am long I am long over you.
We're trying to get a case reopened,
and in order to get the case reopened,
you need to tell Leonard what's going on.
I fucked a student.
I fucked a 24-year-old.
And I liked it.
Do you know how hard
a 24-year-old cock is?
I know there are consequences to that,
but you know what?
For the first time,
your brother's trying.
He's trying so fucking hard
for the first time in so many years.
So if there's anyone who's gonna tell him
it's gonna be me.
It's my life, and only I can fuck it up.
So you're just gonna let Jacob
get away with Brenda's murder.
No, it's just a theory.
It's just an inane theory.
[in Zulu] It's just you
and your crazy theory.
[in English] Just fueled by jealousy.
Grow up, Vuyo.
- Nandi.
- Fuck off!
[in Zulu] No, just go away, Vuyo.
[dramatic music playing]
- [door opens]
- [Leonard sighs]
[thunder rumbles in the distance]
[sentimental music playing]
[Nandi sighs]
what happened to you?
[phone vibrating]
[Vuyo grunting softly]
[phone continues vibrating]
[inhales, exhales deeply]
[phone beeps]
[Nandi on recording] Hi, Vuyo.
[Nandi] I've been thinking
about what you said last night,
and if there's even the slightest chance
that the theory is right,
then we need to have the case reopened.
I'll deal with the consequences
if it means justice for Brenda.
[Vuyo sighs heavily]
Yeah, we'll just have to wait
and see what the state says.
Yeah, Zungu, let me call you back.
I've got a student in my office
trying to hustle me for a job.
All right.
- Thank you, Ameera.
- Justice.
- Right on time.
- I make it a point.
And, uh, sorry again
for skipping dinner last night.
[Leonard] No, don't worry about it.
Why don't you tell me
why you got into law?
Have you ever experienced injustice, sir?
Real injustice?
[chuckles] Try growing up
in Khayelitsha in the '80s.
Mom experienced real injustice.
[in Xhosa] So bad it drove her insane.
[Lucinda hyperventilating]
I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry.
[Jacob] The doctors say that
she suffers from selective mutism
and early-onset dementia.
[Lucinda sobbing]
- [shushing]
- [gasping]
[Lucinda panting]
And all this happened after
[in English] After my father was murdered.
Jesus. I'm
I'm sorry.
[in Xhosa] Injustice is like a bad smell.
Sir, it touches everything in your life.
You can try to ignore it.
You can try going to church, school,
or even fall in love,
but it's always there,
gnawing at your mind.
[in English] Law is the only real weapon
we have against bad men.
Meet me on campus, 10 a.m., building B.
If not, then this is goodbye.
And this is the last time I say it.
What's up? Who're you waiting for?
- Who do you think?
- [groans]
I am so dumb.
What happened yesterday?
You manage to track him down?
GPS took me to some mechanic's shop.
He had no idea who I was talking about.
And the mechanic Wasn't him?
Mechanic's not a student.
[sighs] He was hot as shit, though.
Yo, you should have seen him. Yo.
What's the name of this place?
T-A-U Auto Shop.
[keypad clicking]
[chuckles] Careful, Lau,
your phone might melt.
- I'm built different.
- [Zinhle] Oh!
- [chuckles]
- [Zinhle] Funny.
Zee, I've seen this guy on campus.
Yeah, look
What did he say?
We didn't talk for long.
Just rapped about star signs.
In, like, a flirty way?
I don't know.
[scoffs] This whole thing with Pokéman,
PokébOi, whatever the fuck,
it it's, like, red flag central.
[sighs] We need
to just stay out of his way
and hope he's not some psycho.
[Zinhle groans]
[groans plaintively]
[Leonard] My brother and I
were raised to believe in justice.
We were raised to believe
it was our responsibility,
in the new South Africa, to restore it.
- [in Xhosa] For everyone?
- [in English] Yeah.
Especially us,
the previously disadvantaged.
You can save the working man
and you can make some nice money
while doing it.
You'll know what I mean one day.
I already know what you mean, sir.
[Leonard] Hmm?
My father
Well, he'd be so proud
to see me in this office, seeking justice.
[parking brake engages]
[Brenda] Do you even like this person?
[in Xhosa] Or are you just in love
with the lifestyle he gives you?
[in English] You've been having issues
for so long.
[in Xhosa] Ten years,
if not 20 years, of your lives.
[in Zulu] Every relationship has problems.
[in Xhosa] Do you love him?
How long since you've had sex?
[woman in English] Please take your seats.
Professor Mahlati had to deal
with a family matter,
so I'll be taking you today.
The only way to make things right
is telling the truth.
That's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna tell Leonard everything.
I've thought about it,
and the truth won't make things right,
but I can.
What? By taking things
into your own hands?
Why don't you just let
your friend reopen the case?
Because then Jacob fucking wins.
- Why?
- He gets what he wants.
You, Leonard, your lives are destroyed.
Okay, so what are you gonna do?
[phone buzzes, dings]
It's Jacob.
What is he saying?
"I can't wait anymore."
"I love you."
"I need to tell you who I am."
"Tell you who I am"?
What the fuck does that mean?
"I'm coming to you. Where are you?"
Let me handle this.
Give me your phone,
and I promise you, Nandi, I promise you,
this whole thing will be over.
Your family will be safe.
[keypad clicking]
You and her, ready at the same time.
Talking to yourself?
I just wanted to check.
Are you sure you're not PokébOi?
[sighs] This again.
What? Did your GPS say he was here?
Actually, his phone
Their phone hasn't been on
since yesterday, so
Look, I promise you,
if I was this Pokébowl or whatever,
I wouldn't mess around with meeting you.
[chuckles softly]
[Jacob sighs]
Hey, look,
since this Pokébowl is mizing me
wanna go for coffee or something?
[sighs] S I'm sorry. I I I can't.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
[sighs] I have an appointment
I can't miss.
But I have your number.
So, maybe I'll give you a call.
- Maybe?
- For real.
[door opens, closes]
[in Zulu] Hello.
[in English] Where've you been?
I thought you didn't have lectures today?
I came home early,
hoping we could spend time.
[Nandi in Zulu] Oh, I just
Yeah, I spent the whole day
at the library doing my research.
So I've been talking
to myself in this house.
[in English] I thought I made it clear
that I want us
to spend more time together as a family.
Am I the only one that wants that?
[Nandi sighs softly]
[in Zulu] You know what?
Leonard [sighs]
[Leonard sighs]
[Nandi in English]
There's something I need to tell you.
You want to tell me that you can't find
the time to go on a sabbatical with me.
[Vuyo] He loves you.
Aren't you?
[Vuyo] You guys share a child together,
and he isn't cheating.
Don't do something
that you're going to end up regretting.
[Leonard sighs]
[in Zulu] I'm trying, Nandi.
I am trying.
[in English] But I'm clearly
the only one that's trying in this house.
[somber music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[engine starts, revs]
[dramatic music continues]
[engine switches off]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Jacob groans]
- [Vuyo grunting]
- [Jacob groaning]
Tell Brenda I say hi. [grunts]
[baby Jacob crying]
[Vuyo grunting]
[baby Jacob crying]
[dramatic music playing]
[baby Jacob's cries echoing]
[soft, ethereal music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[music ends]
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