Fate: The Winx Saga (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

To the Waters and the Wild

No sleep around here.
Feckin' sheep! Seventeen, 18, 19, 20… Feckin' sheep.
What's wrong with ya? Where's your mate? Hmm? Out there? Oh shit! Huh? Wow.
You are so lost.
I'm impressed with your confidence in the face of complete ignorance.
Issue is, you're overcommitted.
I mean, you're essentially running.
And now that I'm here, you can't give me the satisfaction of turning around I don't need help, but thanks.
I don't remember offering it.
So presumptuous.
You must be a fairy.
I am a fairy.
Sorry, that's just something I never thought I would say.
It's an odd thing, considering you're standing in a courtyard of a college for fairies.
We don't have a lot of those where I'm from.
And what realm are you from? California.
- Oh, you're not from the Otherworld? - I'm not.
If you want your mind blown, three months ago, I didn't even know the Otherworld existed.
Um… If you are lost, which I'm not saying you are, and you need help, which I'm not saying I'm offering… This is the Specialist Hall.
The Fairy Hall is that way.
Oh, the Specialist Hall.
And I definitely know what a Specialist is! - Right.
Sorry, I'd be happy to - Mansplain it? - No.
- Sure.
Kinda seems like your thing.
Quit perving on the first years.
- Riv, just give me one second.
Yeah? - Why? You gonna chase her? Nope.
How are you, man? - Bloom.
- Yeah.
You must be Stella.
I was… waiting.
I just… I got impatient.
How very American of you.
Shall we? Miss Dowling tells me this is your first time in the Otherworld.
I hope your trip was painless.
Miss Dowling gave me a time and location where there'd be a gateway.
It was in the middle of nowhere, so it wasn't convenient.
The headmistress likes to do things by the book, and keeping your world a secret from ours is chapter one, no matter how inconvenient it may be.
But if you ever want to go back… That's a whole lot of ring.
Family heirloom.
Gateway ring.
The only thing that keeps you sane in this place is the ability to leave it.
Your world may not always be thrilling, but it beats this one.
There are seven realms in the Otherworld, each a different kind of boring.
Think of Alfea as your new home.
I'm sure it must be overwhelming, an entirely new world.
And yet I saw no less than three people updating their Insta stories.
I was half-expecting a school full of Tinkerbells zipping around.
Disappointed? Just kinda bummed I didn't see a single pair of wings.
Well, we had wings in the past.
As we've evolved, transformation magic has been lost.
Also, Tink was an air fairy.
You're a fire fairy.
Yeah, that much I know.
- So, when do we… we start? - Classes begin tomorrow.
You'll start with the basics.
Learn to use your magic slowly but safely.
When you say… slowly… I mean it.
Magic can be dangerous, as you well know.
Our curriculum is designed with that in mind.
Trust the process.
The slow process.
Alfea's graduates have ruled realms and led armies.
They've forged powerful relics… and rediscovered long-lost magic.
They shape the Otherworld.
If you succeed here, you will too.
Well, this place, the Otherworld, uh… Alfea, it seems amazing.
It… This isn't my home.
I don't need to rule a realm or lead an army and… I'm here because you promised you'd teach me control.
No, Bloom.
You're here because you knew you had no other choice.
How was your flight? Good.
You know, long.
- Well, the room looks nice.
- It is.
- It's big.
- Roommates? Friends? It's literally hour one of day one, Mom.
Don't glare.
You can learn a lot about people on their first day.
Everyone seems… cool, I guess.
I mean, it's five girls in an enclosed space, so it's a matter of time before we descend into a Lord of the Flies situation and… kill each other.
Lady of the Flies, sweetie.
Don't be sexist.
Could you at least make an effort to be social, Bloom? I know how you are.
This is a fresh start.
- Don't just sit in your room - Got it, Mom.
Thank you.
Hey, I see a window.
Do you have a nice view? No, the first years have crap views.
Well, I bet the worst view of the Alps is better than the best view of Gardenia.
What time is it there, by the way? It seems bright.
Oh… Yeah, actually, um, it… - All right.
- It's… It's… - Lights out.
Phones off.
- Uh, gotta go, guys.
- I love you.
- Love you too, sweetie.
You're a lifesaver.
I'll answer to that.
Or to Aisha.
Just wanted to get in your good graces so you don't go Lady of the Flies on me.
Do I wanna know why they think you're in the Alps? My… parents are both human.
So they think that Alfea is an international boarding school in Switzerland.
Human parents, fairy daughter? Mm-hmm.
Miss Dowling said there's, um, a fairy somewhere in my family tree, like a long-dormant magical bloodline.
One of these days, I'm gonna get used to how absolutely ridiculous this all sounds.
Oh my God.
Are you the one person in the universe who's never read Harry Potter? Please.
If you knew how many hours I have wasted taking Sorting Hat quizzes… Ravenclaw? Sometimes Slytherin, yeah.
That explains the lies then.
Let me guess.
Explains the judgment.
May I help you? Are you changing? I am.
I thought the orientation party was a casual thing.
It is.
So, a casual thing you're changing for? People have seen me in this outfit already.
They'll expect something different.
People expect you to wear multiple outfits a day? People expect me to care how I look.
Something else? That light, that's… magic.
How exactly do you I'm a mentor, not a tutor.
Look, this is something you'll learn on your first day in class, but fairy magic is linked to emotion.
It could be good thoughts, could be bad.
The stronger the emotion, the stronger the magic.
So, do you… …do you hate me or do you fear me? You were just looking at me when you did the… spell.
I'm pretty sure you don't love me, so… Well, I don't know you.
But I'm sure once I do, I'll find… something to love.
Shared space, Terra.
Everyone loved The Secret Garden because it was a secret.
Actually, that's not quite the message of The Secret Garden.
It's a story about how when things are kept private their benefits aren't fully appreciated.
Well, she seems lovely.
She's just having fun.
I know it's a lot.
Earth fairy called Terra likes plants.
It's a family thing.
I've got this cousin called Flora, my mum's Rose, and my dad works in the greenhouse here.
That's why I know a load of second years.
I grew up around Alfea, so… Stella's a second year? Why is she in a suite with first years? Oh yeah! Um… Uh, I dunno, uh, really.
Uh, an administrative thing… Also, sorry, I just wouldn't bring it up with her.
You know? Um, let's all of us just blanket statement, "Who cares?" Do you want a succulent? They're really hip, low maintenance, very you.
- Sorry.
Not that I know you.
- If I take it, will you stop talking? - Terra, I'm just having fun.
- OK.
Thank you.
Actually, this one might be… Musa? - Did you say you grew up at Alfea? - I did.
Weird childhood, let me tell you.
But I went for a swim in the river, but I don't suppose this place has a pool? - Wait.
Did you say you've been swimming? - Mm.
I go twice a day every day.
- But you just got here.
- You do know what "every day" means? Uh… Well, the only thing close is the pond where the Specialists train, but nobody swims there, at least not on purpose.
- There's something about her.
- What, you're smitten after one chat? What is it with you and the crazy ones? How do you know she's crazy? You haven't even met her.
She's a ginge.
They're all nuts.
Amazing shags though.
Oh, you speak from experience? Didn't realize your hand was a redhead.
You got slow this summer.
I got high this summer.
Really? Whatever big-brother speech you're about to give me… - There's no speech.
- …I don't wanna hear it.
A more productive use of your time would be to distract your aggro father figure so I don't got expelled.
So, after your classes, you are all mine.
And I like the things I own to work well, so you will train every day.
Find your skill.
Hone your skill.
And eventually even you… can fight like him.
He fights even better with a bit of advance warning.
He did all right.
Favored his left, but what else is new? Sky's father was Andreas of Eraklyon.
That made him a legacy admission, but he still showed up on the first day and did the work.
Well done.
I expect nothing less from the rest of you, whether you're third generation and your parents demanded you come or if I personally selected you from your realms for service.
That decision was made based on your natural talents in combat and weaponry, and I expect to see that skill in evidence daily.
This place will seem like hell… until actual hell comes.
We are the first line of defense.
A certainty when the future is uncertain.
Is that funny? It's just you're talking about preparing for the future in a castle with kids using swords.
Must be nice to live in a world where you can be so soft, where you fear so little, disrespect seems an option.
Do you know why the Barrier exists? To protect the school from Burned Ones.
Have you ever seen a Burned One? Nobody my age has.
But that's kinda my point.
- Isn't that all over now? - What if it's not? Do you think you would know what to do? I was ten when I saw one for the first time.
I was gathering firewood with my father, and we heard it.
It was like a rasp.
A clicking.
My father shot it twice.
Once in its chest, once in its head.
It didn't matter.
Burned Ones have inhuman speed and strength, and if they cut you, the infection that follows is swift and severe.
I watched it happen.
I watched the light dim from my father's eyes, and when he dropped his shotgun, I knew what I had to do.
Be thankful you've never seen a Burned One.
But if you ever do, pray that it kills you so the ones you love will not have to.
It's fresh.
Maybe a wolf? Or a bear.
Could have gone out to protect his herd, got surprised.
I'm happy to continue the guessing game, but… This is char residue.
How long since the last sighting? - About two decades.
- Sixteen years.
Rosalind was relentless.
- Could've been hiding - She killed all the Burned Ones.
We thought she did.
Ben, what we think is irrelevant.
The Barrier's doing its job.
Until we know something for sure, let's clean this up before gossip starts.
Who actually saw the shepherd's body? Maybe he was just old.
People get old, die.
We all die.
That old-age decapitation really sneaks up on you.
Happened to my nan right in the middle of bingo.
Just… thwop, thwop, thwop.
Down the table.
- No judgment, but… - I eat a million calories a day.
If I didn't swim, I'd be massive.
- I used to dance.
I get it.
- On that note… Second round.
Damn! Twice a day every day.
You weren't kidding.
So you did hear her earlier? What? In the room.
Um… You had your headphones on and ignored me as though you couldn't hear me, but you did hear Aisha.
Sometimes I just wear my headphones when I don't feel like talking.
It just seems like that happens a lot… around me.
It's a me thing.
It's not you.
You've said enough.
I've said too much.
Dad? Where you going? Greenhouse? - Anything you need help with? - That is not going to happen, love.
It's your first day.
No hiding in the greenhouse.
You wanted to go to Alfea your entire life.
- Be you.
- OK.
Uh, the headmistress is busy.
You'll have to book an appointment.
- Excuse me? - I'll just take a water.
Room temp.
Thanks, love.
If the door is closed, it means she doesn't want Headmistress Dowling! I'm Beatrix, and I'm probably going to sound like an arsehole right now, but I'm literally your biggest fan.
Probably shouldn't have said "arsehole" in front of the headmistress! Bollocks.
Shit! - On a winning streak, I see.
- Sorry.
For all of it.
It's just I've waited my whole life for this, to be here.
I'm obsessed with this place, its history, your history.
Perhaps you'd like to study that history in the library? I have work to do.
- You can't make me go out! - It's Saturday.
Get out of your room.
Get out of the house.
I literally went out earlier today.
Go to the movies.
Go to a party.
Go somewhere that's not a rummage sale or an antique store.
Oh, I see.
So it's not enough I go out.
I have to be a basic bitch like my mom was.
Better that than some weird loner.
Wow, you just called your daughter a weird loner.
Take a parenting class! I'm worried about you, Bloom.
Maybe worry about why you have so little going on in your sad life that you're obsessed with the tedious minutiae of mine.
This is a lot of people.
What? You don't have parties in… California? Oh, he remembers! Oh, impressed? Where can I go that's the opposite… of this? What's outside? - What, beyond the Barrier? - Mm-hmm.
Well, depending on rumors, wolves, bears, or something much scarier.
But no people? - Um - Perfect, thanks.
At the risk of, um… mansplaining, it is dangerous outside right now.
You probably shouldn't go alone.
Are you offering to escort me? Is that what this is? It's not the worst pickup line.
- It wasn't a line.
- Mm.
- Trust me? - Hm.
I just met you, but maybe one day I will.
Hey, Sky.
Can we talk? I haven't seen you all day.
Summer, Stella.
All summer.
You know that girl you were talking to, Bloom? She's my suite-mate.
What does that mean, Stel? - That I can't talk to her? - I didn't say that.
What are you saying, specifically? I'd hate to make you upset.
I know what happens when you get upset.
I'm sure you'll do the right thing.
I always do.
Enjoy the show? Right.
Good thoughts.
Pictures of my sad teenage years, not happy thoughts.
No! Bloom.
- What are you doing here? - It's OK, Bloom.
- It's OK.
- Aisha, you should not be here.
Neither should you.
You're losing control.
Yes, I know that.
Calm down.
If you get angry at me Just go… away! Aisha, run! No, you shouldn't have been out there.
Is that American for "sorry I almost set you on fire"? You were a runaway train with no idea what you were doing.
Which is why I was out there alone trying to figure it out.
Brilliant idea.
I'm not like the rest of you.
I didn't grow up here.
I don't have fairy parents.
I've done magic once in my life and it was… What? Terrible? I'm shocked.
I flooded my entire secondary school after I failed a math test.
Taps, sprinklers, toilets… Have you ever waded through human poo? I have.
Not pleasant.
Sometimes being a fairy means you have to deal with shit.
So my… mom and I don't really get along.
I know.
It's a shocker.
 I'm not… exactly the ideal daughter for her.
She'd love a cheerleader, and I'm… whatever the opposite of a cheerleader is.
- What the actual hell? - Slam your door, lose your door.
Dad? Dad.
Dad, she's crazy.
You know that.
You need to be more open with us.
So, this is a good start? Teaching your daughter she has no privacy or boundaries or agency? Don't you feminist with me.
This basic bitch'll break out her bullhorn and her dissertation and take your ass to school.
Every comeback is another week without your door.
Hit me.
That's what I thought.
That night, I… couldn't sleep.
Every time I closed my eyes, the rage just kept building.
Then it happened.
It was almost like the fire had a life of its own.
I don't remember how long I let it burn.
I just remember their screams.
Bloom! Bloom! Somebody help us! Please! Mom? Is she OK? Get her outta here! My mom was… covered in third-degree burns… 'cause of me.
Every night after that, I… I snuck out.
I was so… scared that I'd hurt them again… that I slept in this… …creepy-ass… …warehouse near my house until Miss Dowling found me.
All right.
Fire story beats shit story.
You win.
And your parents had no idea it was you? I don't know how distant my fairy ancestors are, but… the most mystical thing my parents believe in is knocking on wood.
What? It's just odd.
You drew on a good deal of magic without even trying.
It's hard to believe you're from a dormant bloodline.
Is there any chance you're adopted? No.
No, I… No, I've heard the story of my birth a million times.
"Miracle baby.
" I… had a heart defect in the womb, but a day after I was born, it was gone.
Oh God.
You… You're a changeling.
What's that? Aisha, what's a changeling? A changeling is a fairy baby that's switched with a human one at birth.
- Wait, what? - It's barbaric.
It barely happens anymore.
That's not possible.
You're clearly very powerful, Bloom.
You have to be pure-blooded.
I would know if my parents weren't my parents, Aisha.
Why would you even say that? I'm just trying to help.
Well, you're not.
What the hell did you tell her? The truth.
Because someone's been lying to her.
Want some? - No.
I just - There's two types of first years.
Pussies and aspiring former pussies.
Sorta feels like it's less a binary choice and more a spectrum, but… Cheers.
Cheers when you're done.
Are you bullying the first years? Be more basic.
- I can't bully the willing, right? - I don't know what that means.
Just ignore him.
He thinks he's some badass.
You should've seen him last year.
He's just a tragic nerd in disguise.
And she's just three people in disguise.
- Whoa.
Come on, man.
- No, I've got this.
People always think that they can treat the big girl like shit because we're… we're sweet, and we're harmless, and we should be happy that you're even talking to us.
But sometimes, we've had a really, really bad day, and some scrawny little arsehole says the wrong thing at the wrong time, and we're not happy you're talking to us, and we're not sweet, and most of all, we are not harmless.
Huh? Sorry? What was that, Riv? I… I'm sure it's really funny, but I can't quite hear it.
- You could've killed me, you freak.
- Missed you too.
Sorry, I'm Terra.
That wasn't my ideal first impression.
Is it better or worse than throwing up after a single drink? Oh no.
Come on, quickly.
Is that your family? I get homesick too sometimes.
But my mum… Honestly, if she didn't force me to go here, I wouldn't.
I'd live at home, go to school, just have a normal life.
You know there's no shame in that? No shame in wanting to be home.
She's blanking my texts.
I wonder if it's because she poured her heart out to you and you called her a freak? - Have you seen Bloom? - Not recently.
- Yes? - Your face looks so calm, yet you're racked with guilt.
You're a mind fairy.
A mind fairy? - What's your connection? Memory - Not a great time.
- Is everything OK? - Not really.
I'm looking for Bloom.
For some reason, Stella's feeling guilty about it.
Could everyone save the drama for drama club? Wasn't she talking to Sky? And? And I know what happened to the last person who was talking to Sky.
I was here last year, remember? Stella, where's Bloom? She was feeling homesick, so I did a nice thing, and I lent her my ring so that she could go back to the First World.
Doesn't it only work outside the Barrier? Yes, and there's a gateway in the old cemetery.
That's deep in the forest, Stella.
You know what's out there, right? - It's Bloom.
- Hmm.
Whoa! Twice in one day.
Hold on, I'm calling the news.
Real Chatty Cathy here.
All it took was moving across the world.
I know, right? Easy solutions.
- Hey, you wanna video chat? - No.
Um… I just wanted to check in 'cause we got cut off before, and… - You must be jet-lagged.
- Mm.
Is everything OK, Bloom? Yeah, I'm… I'm OK.
You know, you don't have to be OK.
You're only 16.
I couldn't have done it when I was your age.
You should be thankful you have your mom's bravery.
Um… What if I… What if I… like, made a mistake? You're too special for here.
It's not who you are.
What if you don't know who I am? Hey, we are your parents, Bloom.
If we don't know you, nobody does.
Is there something else? Something you wanna tell us? No, you're right.
Alfea's where I belong now.
Bloom, listen to me.
Whatever you're going through, I know it sucks, but I also know you can handle it.
I always knew your path wouldn't be like everyone else's.
Not like mine or your father's.
That's hard.
But at the end of it, I can't wait to see who you become.
We love you, Bloom.
I love you too.
Please, please, please… Don't stop now.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
What the hell was that thing? - I'm pretty sure it's called a Burned One.
- Huh? - Wait.
Where… where's Stella? - She's at school.
Why? That thing just took her ring.
You can't be in here, Stel.
If Silva finds out… I'll leave before the sun comes up.
You can't pull this shit, Stel… You broke up with me.
No, I know.
I didn't hear from you all summer, and then I say two words to a first year? I said I know, OK? I'm sorry.
What are you doing here? I got jealous.
Yeah, I know I'm not allowed to, but I did.
And I did something really stupid.
- Now they all think I'm a monster.
- Oh, Stel… No, please.
I can't sleep in there, Sky.
In a room where everybody hates me.
Tonight, can I just stay with you? Next to someone who doesn't… hate me.
You're better than you think you are, Stella.
Other people can't see that if you don't.
The headmistress will take care of the Burned One, Bloom.
She won't leave it in the First World.
Don't worry.
Your parents are safe.
Are you burning the midnight oil? Snorting the midnight Adderall is more like it.
But I'll need sleep eventually.
Hands are kinda full.
You're a first year.
I'm a lot of things.
So I know you want to listen to your music, and I, uh, I totally get that, um, but we are… stuck together for a while.
So… I borrowed this off my brother.
It's a speaker, so we don't have to talk.
You can be in your world.
You just… won't be alone in it.
Or not.
It's no… It's not a big deal.
- Don't be angry.
- I'm not.
Can you stop with the fake happy bullshit for one second? I'm a genuinely happy person.
And I'm an empath.
I can feel everything that you feel.
Your anxiety with me, your insecurity with Stella, and your anger right now, all of it, if not worse than you.
That's my gift, if you can call it that.
I put my headphones on so I can take a break from everyone else's emotions and just focus on mine.
But if you really wanna know how I feel… I chained it up in a barn outside the Barrier.
- You should've killed it.
- And left it in the human world? You should've brought it back here and then killed it.
Did it break your skin? No, I'm not infected.
I've got Ben to make up some oil from the Zanbaq flowers in the greenhouse.
I've dosed it.
It won't be conscious for hours.
- Farah… - I need to get in its head.
We need to know if this is an isolated incident or something more.
Something more? Like what? I found a changeling in the First World.
A changeling.
I've not heard of one of those in centuries.
Yet there she was… left 16 years ago… right around the time the last Burned One was spotted.
You think it's all connected.
I'm struggling, Saul.
Rosalind kept so much from us.
I'm worried about the students.
The Alfea they know is very different from the one we attended.
They have so much life to experience.
Even if this world were safe, what they're going through can feel impossible.
But this world isn't safe, and I don't know how long we'll be able to protect them from it.
I know you feel it.
The… shift.
They've had order for so long, they don't know what chaos feels like.
They might soon.
Morning, sunshine.

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