Fate: The Winx Saga (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

No Strangers Here

Must've brought back memories, seeing a Burned One again after so long.
Too many.
The Black Woods Massacre.
Our excursion to Maravet Falls.
Feels like a lifetime ago.
- Didn't you keep a kill count? - Thirteen, personally.
What? As in my sword in its flesh.
Of course I had help.
I could never take one down entirely on my own, but apparently you still can.
I got lucky.
It didn't see me coming.
- How much Zanbaq did you give it? - Enough.
It should be out cold.
What do you expect to discover when you're inside its mind? Answers.
I'll sleep better knowing it's a lone wolf.
And if it's not? If there are more? Just be careful, Farah.
- What time did you get up? - A few hours ago.
Went for a swim.
Grabbed a bite.
You sleep OK? First night in a new bed's always the worst.
Not sure the new bed is the thing giving me nightmares.
How are you feeling about the whole… changeling thing? Is "trying not to feel anything" an answer? My advice? Chug some coffee and get the hell up.
Be excited.
Today, you get to learn to use your magic.
Did you see that meme I sent? It me.
Uh… Actually, I didn't, sorry.
Um, with your magic, can you tell when people are lying? Not that that was a lie.
That was more… That was more of a social nicety.
A… a white lie.
Not a lie detector.
Just emotions.
Um… So, I dunno, like, um… Say I was, uh, just picking out my clothes for the day… Yeah, I feel it.
You need me to turn around so you can change? Is that what this? No.
No! Um, I'm… I'm… That's fine.
Um… I'll… OK.
What's up, sleepyhead? Oh, nothing much, you know.
First day, uh, waking up, and, um… Um… And you are peeing in front of me, which is new.
Um… - Fine.
- Is that weird? I'm not used to caring.
Swim team and all.
Were you gonna take a shower? No, no.
I was just gonna change.
Uh… But… But I can't cause, uh, I forgot my bra.
That one? No, it's, uh… No, 'cause it's too small.
Double tit, you know? Um, did you, uh, see Stella? Because, uh, I don't think she came in last night.
Oh, that outfit's so similar to yesterday's.
Same designer? Do you know how I feel about that joke, or shall I tell you? Where's Bloom? Well, she had a rough night.
Thanks to you.
I didn't think those things were real, but we all saw.
It was creepy as hell.
- It looked like it wanted to kill her.
- What about my ring? That burned… …burned thing took it.
- What? - Calm down, Princess.
Don't tell me to calm down, and don't use my title as an insult.
Are you actually a princess? Yes, I am, actually.
My mum is the queen, and the ring you lost is one of the crown jewels of Solaria.
That might not mean much to a First Worlder.
Feel free to ask your suite-mate how big of a screw-up that is.
Almost as big as giving it to her in the first place.
Dowling has the creature locked up, which you would know if you were here last night when she gave us an earful.
And if people knew there was a Burned One even in the First World temporarily, disaster.
I didn't tell her that I lost the ring, and I'm sure if we do, then We will do no such thing.
I will figure it out after class, but for now, no one says anything to anyone.
And can someone make sure that Terra knows that? She can never keep her mouth shut.
Got it! And please tell Professor Harvey I need a stronger dose.
- Miss Dowling.
- Yes, Beatrix? Uh, you look so well-rested.
Thank you.
Is there a reason you're here and not gathering in the Stone Circle with the rest of the first years? I was seeing if you wanted an escort.
- Maybe somebody to help carry the Vessel.
- I have an assistant.
I don't need another.
Is it me, or are the brownnosers usually a touch more subtle? Magic lives in the very fabric of nature.
And here in our circle of stone, it's magnified.
The Vessel tests your ability to channel that magic.
Later, you may learn to connect with other elements, but your first year is all about the element you were born with.
Soil, sand, rock, and all manner of plant life.
The lakes and oceans of the world, or the molecules that exist in all organisms around us.
The mind.
Thoughts, memories, dreams.
Speed, temperature, sound.
Its power and electrical properties.
Whatever your element, the emotions underlying it are the same for all fairies.
Open yourself up to the magic of the world around you.
Push past your doubts.
Focus on clear, positive feelings.
Why's it taking so long? How about your parents? Focus on how much you love them? It's not working.
Stop thinking.
Magic comes from Emotions.
I've been listening.
I know what I'm supposed to do.
This is a disaster.
It's not happening.
Can you please move on? It's only the first day.
I'm either nearly killing everyone, or I can barely light a match.
You just need a clear mind.
Distraction can cause magic to be erratic.
Am I a changeling? Where did you hear that? My roommate saw me lose control in the forest, had a tough time believing I was from a long-dormant fairy bloodline.
Bloom Would it have been so hard to tell me my parents weren't my parents? I didn't want to burden you with too much too quickly.
So instead you let me learn from teenagers, the most gentle and reliable sources of information.
- I'll admit it was not ideal.
- You think? Tone! Do you even know who they are? My real parents? I don't.
Which is another reason I didn't want to tell you.
So, what am I supposed to do? You come to class every day.
You focus.
You learn.
You grow.
Eventually, the answers will come.
Cryptic and vague, just like everything else in this place.
Sweep the leg! Could you try being 50% less of a dick? Well, I'd be 50% less fun.
Remember what a lost cause you were last year? Two black eyes and a sprained ankle, day one.
What do you want, a handy for taking me under your wing? I thought my friendship was reward enough.
It is.
Get off your phone.
And I'd listen to you because? Because… …you full-creeped on my Insta last night, and I haven't told anyone.
I was just curious about all the second years.
- My finger slipped.
- Oh, your finger slipped? Is that what we're going with? Look… I'm feeling generous.
I might not be feeling that way much longer.
First piece of advice is, choose your friends carefully this year.
Second, focus.
Get your mind in it, man.
You fought Kat with your limbs, and you lost.
Being a good Specialist is not about how big you are, it's not about how strong, it's… It's all about strategy.
Hey, Mikey.
Let's do this.
You see? Where do you think they keep it? There's only a few places.
I can break out our Specialist maps.
You know this would be easier if we told Miss Dowling? No.
No, she took an oath to the Queen of Solaria.
In any contest for Dowling's loyalty, I'd be second to Her Royal Highness, my mum.
You know what my mum will do if she finds out I lost her ring.
I know.
I get it.
Thank you, Sky.
And thank you for letting me sleep over.
Of course.
So just let me know about the Celtic runes quiz when you find out.
Thanks, Sky.
Hi, Mr.
You don't have to lecture me.
I'm lecturing myself already in my head.
My guess is you would ignore your own lectures as well.
- She's not as bad as you think.
- Hm.
She's familiar.
There's comfort in that.
But discomfort is where growth lies.
That sounded like a lecture.
Well, I promised your father I would look out for you, and he… - …would have said the same thing.
- Not exactly.
He would've used a lot more profanity.
There are classes.
- I mean, what do you want me to say? - I don't know.
More than that? I think going to school here might be, uh, harder than I thought.
You could use a challenge.
How's your roommate? Perfect.
Overachiever athlete.
Morning person.
And you've to spend so much time with her? I can actually hear you smiling.
It's sadistic.
Human interaction's important, Bloom, and you could use all the help you can get in that arena.
And she's always quick to offer it, unsolicited.
Kinda like you.
I can actually hear your eyes roll.
My Switzerland time-zone clock says it's almost time for you to get to bed.
Good night, my beautiful, clever, slightly misanthropic daughter.
Good night… Mom.
Lurky stoner guy, right? Or Riven.
Your name is Riven? Really? Can I help you? You can.
- You seem like a proper delinquent.
- Depends who's asking.
The person who wants to break into Dowling's office.
Thought you might wanna help.
And why would you think that? Because you're a guy, and I'm hot.
Or did I misjudge the depth of your character? And, uh… what will I get? Guess we'll see, won't we? You in? Well, it beats hanging with… Dinner Lady Doris.
I mean, the Vessel just lit up for you the moment you touched it.
My magic's pretty much always on.
Makes crowded spaces a nightmare.
Doris is in physical pain.
That kid? Scared and stressed, like a bunny when hawks circle.
Worried and tentative.
But that might just be heartburn.
It's hard to tell a lot of them apart.
What just happened? I'm not entirely sure.
So here's what we should do.
Maybe we can make a list of emotional triggers Aisha, um, I appreciate what you're doing, but I can figure this out on my own.
I'm sure.
I just think you might be in your head about the whole changeling stuff and overthinking.
So everyone knows.
Is that why you freaked out at the Vessel? That makes more sense.
That's gonna be the easiest assignment we'll have, and I'm making it worse.
So we have a plan to get my ring back.
- What's this? - It's Alfea.
The little dotted line is the Barrier, and that's Crag Creek.
Wind Meadow! - When I was a kid, I'd spend every - Great story, Ter.
No, it's a really good story.
So I used to go and practice my magic by trying to swirl leaves into this little fab cyclone thing.
Um… Stella told me what happened last night.
- Are… Are you OK? - What do you think? I… I think you're freaking out and pretending you're not.
That obvious? I'm just really good.
…and the ladybird wasn't there, it was on my face.
How funny is that? Hilarious.
Um, Sky? Where do you think they're keeping it again? Um… Uh, there's only so many buildings outside the Barrier they can secure a creature like that.
- There's the barn and the mill.
- Oh, the barn would be my bet.
My dad fortified the beams because he was chaining this wounded horse So we just have to sneak in there and get my ring.
Strange how casually you're tossing about the word "we.
" Yeah, sounds more like a "you" kinda deal.
- Except I didn't lose it.
- When do we go? Gonna be blunt.
Bloom, you have zero control over your magic.
That is, if you manage to channel it.
Bad idea.
- I lost the ring.
I'm gonna get it back.
- Guys, maybe we should take a second I think everyone is making a bigger deal of this than it needs to be.
- The Burned One's locked up, right? - Oh, and subdued.
I'm pretty sure my dad is distilling this oil that'll subdue it.
It's… It's called Zanbaq.
- I could probably make some more.
- Thank you, Terra, for being helpful.
And thank you, Bloom, for taking responsibility.
And thank you, everyone else, for… …nothing, I guess! Thanks for nothing.
Let me know when you wanna do it.
You don't have to go along with everything Stella wants.
There are other options.
Don't do it just 'cause she's got a… strong personality.
I lost the ring.
I'm gonna help her get it back.
It's the right thing to do.
End of story.
Two strong personalities.
Got it.
Clearly you have a type.
So, um… yesterday, when I was… Well, when we were talking, I hadn't talked to Stella in months.
I mean, yeah, we dated last year, but… we had a sort of rough breakup, and I… And what? And I just don't want you to think I'm that guy.
Sky, we just met yesterday.
I don't think anything about you.
That's… That's fair enough.
Um… Your situation with Stella seems… complicated, and right now, my life needs less complication, not more.
Miss Dowling takes 30 minutes for lunch.
- Her assistant, Callum, gets 15.
- Somebody's done this before.
That's why you came to me, right? A proper delinquent.
Also, if you see a vape anywhere, Dowling took mine last year.
A vape? Every time you seem cool, you say something that ruins it.
- It's still weed.
- So smoke a joint.
What you after, anyway? Test answers? Please.
The tests they give now might as well be written in crayon.
I'm looking for the shit they don't teach.
The secrets.
The history of this place is a lot darker than Dowling and the rest of the faculty want us to know.
I want that truth.
Don't you? So, wait, you're like some… hot, fucked-up… history nerd? Why? Is that a confusing archetype for you? Not one bit.
I hear you're broken… in more ways than one.
- No secrets in the suite, sorry.
- I'm still gonna help you.
And I'm thrilled.
But I'd prefer we wait until you aren't completely useless.
What's the damage? I don't know.
The more I try to figure it all out, the harder it gets.
This thing is your problem.
You can't think your way into magic.
I know.
 It's all about clear and positive emotions.
I have a whole page dedicated to them.
You made a list? What's on it? Your favorite ice cream flavors? Otters holding hands? Aw! Maybe that time your mum was proud of you for winning Little Miss… Rubbish American Town? Mmm.
Very funny.
Oh, wait.
Probably not that last one anymore, right? - Considering she's not your actual mum.
- Excuse me? Am I wrong? Do you still care what your not-mum says… even though you're a changeling… that tried to kill her? If you say one more - Put your hands on the Vessel.
- What? The strongest magic comes from the worst emotions.
Anger and rage.
So put your worthless changeling hands on that bowl and feel it.
What? You think you're done? I spoke with my contacts in the other realms.
No other sightings of Burned Ones.
So ours was just a fluke? Maybe, but it's a dangerous fluke.
The capitol's prison is more secure than ours, and the queen would scan its memories if you asked.
This is my school, Saul.
Yes, it's a school, and there's already gossip.
And it's only a matter of time before the kids cross the Barrier to find it.
Please, let's do this right.
Let me arrange with the queen's army to transport it safely.
Just along there.
We'll get it secured and ready for transport as quickly as possible.
Stop! How late were they out there? I was asleep, so… late.
I don't like what Stella's teaching her.
Jealous much? Why is a friendship with Bloom so important to you? Aren't roommates supposed to be friends? Um, I'm not the one to comment on that.
How goes the hunt for Mr.
Green Jacket? It's so weird.
I can feel him around the corner, but when I turn around, he's never there.
Here he is again, behind me.
There's no one behind… Mystery solved.
An earth fairy.
I'm not superficial, uh, but is he cute? - Hey.
What's your name? - Aisha, what are you doing? Do not Uh… I'm Sam.
What's up? I'm Aisha, and this is Musa.
I hate you.
I hate your children.
I hate your children's children.
Musa's been stalking you.
Lucky me! - Hi, Musa.
- Bye, Musa.
So, wait.
I'm putting this long plastic bit into the odd-looking teakettle thing? The pipette into the still, yes.
I forgot how much she loves her chemistry vocab.
I've literally told you what it's called about five times.
I may just like hearing you say "pipette" when you're frustrated.
Yes, well, say it again, this whole plant pot's coming at you.
- Do you wanna see something cool? - Sure.
Holy shit! I know, right? Is this an extra credit project? A side-hustle you haven't told me about yet? Wait.
Is it drugs? Are we making meth? No.
It's, uh, an oil.
Well, technically, it's an unguent, but it's very thin for an unguent.
- Oh, an unguent.
- Hmm.
It's protection.
For the Burned Ones.
Did you hear? I did.
- It's mental that they're back.
- I know.
I just need you to… separate the buds after I have bloomed them.
Dane? Sorry, I've kinda gotta run.
I'll see you in class? Mm-hmm.
Homophobic gay-bashing by GIF.
Truly, you've reached your peak clever.
Look, one, I don't think he's full-gay.
Probably mostly, but, two, I don't care.
Just 'cause he's gay, it doesn't mean he has to be lame.
So you're gonna help him by making him feel bad about himself.
A well-intentioned bully.
That's the plan.
Why? Is that a confusing archetype for you? Hello.
Oh, shit, sorry.
No, thank you.
Daytime? Not smart, Riv.
- If Silva catches her up here - Beatrix.
Not "her.
" Beatrix.
And, uh, Silva left.
I kinda snooped to make sure.
Something about meeting up with a military detachment from Solaria.
Ask your girlfriend.
You're dating the princess? Shit! Is it weird having sex with someone who looks just like you, or is that kind of the point? - If the Solarians are coming… - …then the rumors must be true.
They've captured a Burned One.
The Solarian prison is no joke.
I guess they're gonna transfer it.
You see, the upshot is… …we've got nowhere to be.
Speak for yourself.
I'm gonna head to the library.
I don't have time to tell you all the reasons why that is a bad idea.
Yeah, yeah.
I have to say something.
Hmm? I don't think you should be learning magic from Stella.
Her methods are unreliable.
How do you know about her methods? I saw your notebook this morning.
- Did you go through my things? - It was open on your desk.
Well, why were you at my desk? - I was getting ready.
- At my desk? I'm just trying to help.
Do me a favor.
Stop trying.
Sky just called.
They're moving the Burned One to the capitol.
We have to go now.
Sorry, but nothing about how stupid that idea is has changed.
It's an angelic choir, isn't it? It's not an angelic choir.
Cheesy song? Slo-mo shampoo ad? - I've just met you.
Why would I tell you? - I have no idea.
I mean, Don't get me wrong.
I'm so happy you did, but huge mistake.
Is it Enya? Do I sound like Enya? I don't even know who that is.
Gonna pretend like you didn't just say that.
You sound like… the absence of chaos.
Could still be Enya.
Can we please talk about your magic a little while? Boring.
Literally, I can bore through stone or dirt.
Anything natural.
I'm not meant to do it at school, but it shaves three minutes off of my commute between classes.
A whole three minutes? Wow! What do you do with all that extra time? Wander round and force emo-empaths to experience… peace? - I have to go.
Roommate drama.
- It's cool.
You'll, um, feel me later.
So, what's the plan, Army Barbie? Bloom, I'm curious.
Did you ask Aisha to come? I don't think you did.
And if you didn't ask Aisha to come, and I didn't ask Aisha to come… It's official.
No one asked Aisha to come.
You don't have to be here, Aisha.
This is idiotic.
You need me.
What you gonna do? Dazzle it with light while Bloom struggles to light a fire? I'm right here! - I fixed her.
- Negative emotions are unreliable.
They have limits.
Your method won't help her in the long run.
Neither of you are helping right now.
Can we please just do this? - Oh good, everyone's calm and collected.
- Finally! Sorry.
I needed help with the Zanbaq.
We're all good now though.
- Do we know where the barn is? - Um, yes.
There's this little stump that looks like an old Show.
Don't tell.
Musa? Ready? Oh, it's not here.
They've taken it already.
No! No, no! My mum's going to kill me.
Musa, are you OK? I don't know.
I feel something.
What is it? It hurts! Guys? We've got a problem.
The Burned One.
It's still here somewhere.
That's Mr.
Where's Bloom? Bloom! All right.
We'll look after Mr.
Silva, and you and Aisha go and find Bloom.
Bloom! Bloom! Bloom.
Bloom! Bloom.
It's us, Mr.
It's Terra Harvey and Musa.
I know who you are.
Please get back.
The Burned One's cut you and you're infected, but we're gonna help.
I've got Zanbaq for you.
It'll calm the infection, and we can take you back to school.
I can hold his head, but I need you to pour it into his mouth.
Musa? He's scared.
I'm not.
Focus on me.
Hurry up, Stella! It's gonna get dark.
So your magic's useful after all.
Come on.
Turn it on.
- Seriously? - Just hang on a second.
I don't have time for this.
Just go back to the school and get help.
Oh, come on! Bloom! Bloom.
You OK? Yeah.
- Is it - I think so.
You hit it pretty hard.
And I'll admit, you had more control than I thought you would.
Is that a compliment? You complimenting me right now? Let's just get Stella's ring.
Where is it? I think it's right there.
I think it… stuck it inside itself.
What the… - So you're gonna - Me? No.
I did my part.
Did you forget? Water cannon? No.
I thought it was so impressive, maybe you'd wanna finish the job.
Didn't you… Who was it? Who lost Stella's ring again? I forget.
Uh… Oh… Let's go.
Where have you been? I tried to get my ring, but that thing got loose.
What? How is… How are you? I got lost.
Then my magic wouldn't work Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm… I'm sorry.
You're back now.
Tell me everything that happened.
Is that Silva? - I need a med kit from the Bastion.
- I'll get the headmistress.
Dane, help us carry him to the greenhouse.
Nearly there, Mr.
Sam, go and get Dad.
- Dad? - He's my brother.
Headmaster Silva's injured.
I don't know what happened to him.
I think maybe that monster thing? Damn it! You saved his life.
I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
How bad is it? Can you help him? Sky, I'll be fine.
Just let Professor Harvey do his work.
I should've moved it right away, had more soldiers.
Guys, could we have the room, please? We'll keep you informed.
Go on.
It's just us, Saul.
The Burned One was loose before we got there.
I saw someone… in the road.
Someone let it loose on purpose? What the hell are you doing? Dowling has some kind of magical trap on the door.
Smart move.
Letting a Burned One free though.
- Good distraction.
- It would have been, but I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume you have absolutely no idea how to get past Dowling's trap.
I'm not a fairy.
Which is why I'm assuming he sent you.
Must be emasculating to be replaced by a teenage girl.
Uh… But you know how impatient he gets.
We have to get down there.
Dowling, Silva and Harvey have kept their dirty laundry hidden under the school for 16 years.
It's time for us to air it out.
Terra just texted.
She and Musa are headed back.
Silva's being treated, but he'll be OK, and we should prepare for another headmistress lecture when Is that thing industrial-strength? Why? Does… it… bother… you when I brush my teeth? I swear… Hey, there you are.
What happened? I knew Miss Dowling would be suspicious why we were out there.
I covered for us.
You should be grateful that I did, otherwise we'd be in trouble.
Did you get my ring? Mm-hmm.
No idea what I had to do to get this, but Yeah, how about we never talk about this day ever again? Sky.
So, at the risk of having you hate me again… I never hated you.
Everything in my life was just out of my control, and I just… Needed to do it your way? Why do you think I swim? The lane markings don't tell me what to do.
Best friends a girl can have.
Yeah, you just wanted to help.
It was only partly about helping you.
This, here, it's new for me.
I just want it to go well.
OK, so why did you wander off at the barn? I don't know, actually.
Which is strange.
I… I felt something, like… a connection to that thing? Weird.
I'm realizing I have to live with weird.
I'm not gonna understand it all.
The thinking side of my brain has limits, but opening up emotionally, I… I can feel it.
The magic is all around me.
Which is… new and kinda scary, but… But what? Bloom? Bloom!
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