Fate: The Winx Saga (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Heavy Mortal Hopes

When the time comes, find me.
Bloom! What the hell just happened? I think I just saw the fairy who left me in the human world.
- Can we not do this again? - I know.
I know.
There just are still a few maybes.
It's hard to see what someone's gonna look like when they're old, but… See, if I squint my eyes and tilt my head, this Farrah Fawcett one is a dead ringer.
There are a lot of fairies in the Otherworld, Bloom.
Well… you said the most powerful ones come through Alfea, right? Technically, Alfea looks for magic potential when they admit fairies, but, yes, powerful fairies come through the school.
Well, this woman embedded a memory in my head 16 years ago.
- That seems pretty powerful.
- If that is what happened.
What else could it be? I just don't want you to get your hopes up.
The night I opened myself up to magic, I got a memory.
She said, "Find me," Aisha.
She put me there for a reason.
I know she's too old to be my mom, but… one of them at least has to know who she is.
Maybe Terra's dad has some old yearbooks we can look through after the class we are now officially late for.
Let's go.
Be efficient in your movement.
From technique comes power.
Sky, watch your footwork.
Nicely done, Riven.
Nicely done.
Does he seem worse to you? What, Riven gets a compliment, and all of a sudden, Silva has brain damage? Well, it's been a week since he got infected by the Burned One.
I dunno.
Maybe I'm overreacting.
What do you think, Stel? About what? Silva.
How does he look to you? Fine.
Stella coming through with a zero-effort diagnosis.
Are you training later, or are we hanging out before the party? - Sky? - Hmm? He's fine.
Professor Harvey still has him on the Zanbaq, right? That just manages his symptoms.
He won't get better until they kill the Burned One that attacked him.
And there are people out there looking for it.
It's not gonna get away from every fairy and Specialist in the Otherworld.
I have class.
Stop worrying.
She must be mind-blowing, right? Or does she do weird shit with her tongue? What are you saying? I'm just trying to figure out why the fuck you started things up with her again.
Like, she's crazy hot, yeah, but the emphasis is squarely on "crazy.
" It's butt stuff.
- She lets you do butt stuff! - Shut up, Riven! Look, I would blame her for your shit sparring last week, but… I know you and Silva are close.
I'm about if you ever wanna, like Um… I've gotta run, OK? So, it's like the perfect pear, right? What you want me to do.
You know how if you ever wanna eat a pear, it's always rock solid, and you wait and you wait, and it's still a rock, and then you touch it one second later, and it's all rotten mush.
Ugh, I hate pears.
Your magic connects you to living things.
Feel how they communicate to you.
The subtle signals of nature.
Pheromones, vibrations.
You can give life.
But there is such a thing as giving too much.
Too much is kind of her thing.
Which you can feel 'cause you're an exposed microphone on a windy peak.
Think of focusing on one emotion, in one direction.
Narrow the field.
This is actually impossible.
Maybe it's a trick assignment.
Maybe it's all the talking.
A fire that lays waste to everything in its path is instinctual and impulsive.
What about when you need that fire to stop? Can you light a single piece of kindling and leave the others untouched? Impressive, Beatrix.
- Keep it up.
- Got it, Miss D.
Headmistress Dowling.
Your Grace… Yes.
I get the idea.
I mean… I can do this.
Good, Aisha.
However… …single body of water, a mass of water, is persistent and reliable.
Consider the individual elements that combine to form the whole.
A drop of water… is unpredictable.
Can you isolate it? Can you maintain that which fights form? Something yet to be learned.
That's all for today.
- You cool? - Just tired.
I'm gonna go for a swim.
OK, just one more, Saul.
Right, I'm gonna go and get some more bandages.
How is he? Headmaster Silva? Oh, he'll be fine, love.
Let me worry about that.
I… Just me and Musa brought him back, so… - I'm sure that was very scary.
- No.
I mean, you can tell me what's going on.
I'm not a kid anymore.
'Course you're not.
Looks like you tried the Nettle Amalgam last night.
Did it reveal anything about Dowling's trap to the undercroft? It did not, just like you did not reveal I should wear gloves whilst handling it.
I'll figure something out this afternoon when I'm done languishing in class with cringey first years.
We have to get down there soon.
Dowling is still distracted by the Burned One, yes? They still think whoever unleashed it was an outsider.
They'll be looking inside soon, so we should keep some distance.
- People talk.
- Don't worry about that, Cally.
I'm in a short skirt, you're admin staff with a protruding Adam's apple.
People just think you're perving on me.
So get off me, you massive pedo! Are they sharing an apple? That's so weird.
I know, right? Apparently, she's also a huge nerd.
In between bong rips, she can recite the entire history of the Otherworld.
Riven has questionable taste.
Although I kinda think they're not terrible.
Plus they invited me to the party tonight.
What? The Senior Specialists party.
I know what it is.
They do it every year.
It's… a mess.
Does that mean you're not going? Maybe.
And… I'm just gonna, um… …probably see what the vibe is.
You should come.
Then maybe I'll see you tonight.
Maybe! What… It's just strange not seeing Aisha get something right.
Not sure why that makes you feel so obnoxiously guilty though.
I know that you have to feel everyone's emotions, but you don't have to broadcast them.
Aisha's tired.
My parents think that Alfea's in Switzerland, so… …they Skype me at 9:00 a.
Switzerland time every morning It's 2:00 a.
our time.
Yes, we can all hear you.
Am I being loud? I'm trying to be quiet.
Like an old lady unwrapping sweets in the cinema.
But I'm doing fine at school, and so is Terra.
Where'd you go? Is it my turn to broadcast your emotions? They're developing, plus there's complications.
Do me a favor.
Don't broadcast them in front of Ter I have a question.
Since when was it cool to be a nerd? I mean, don't get me wrong.
It's great.
Power to the nerds.
But now it's cool to talk about fairy history? - What? - Well, like, you know, I… I like school.
I like getting good grades and reading alone with a cup of chamomile, but no one shares a frickin' apple with me, even though… gross.
We're gonna need so much more context.
I don't get what the difference is between her and me.
Why's it working for her? Uh, actually, I have to go.
It's OK.
I know why, really.
It's 'cause she drinks and smokes and looks like her, and I'm… Sorry.
How are you? How is the search for the memory lady? Stalling.
Does your dad happen to have any old yearbooks? Oh, maybe.
I think I'll have to get them myself, though.
He's busy with Silva.
I don't wanna bother him.
How is Silva? I don't know.
 Dad's been quite down, so I think maybe not… good.
I can't imagine how hard that must be for Sky.
I know they're close.
Have you seen him today? Sky? Bloom, Sky's such a great guy, like, legit one of the best, but it's just… Stella.
No, I'm… I'm just… I'm worried about him, Terra.
How bad is it? Is Professor Harvey gonna up your Zanbaq dose? - He said it'd keep the wounds at bay - Until it can't anymore.
I can run the first year spars.
You can take it easy until the battalion gets to the Burned One.
What's the status? Uh… They've tracked it 40 kilometers north of here.
They'll engage it soon.
And are they gonna I have every confidence they will complete the mission.
They will kill it.
- The only question is when.
- What do you mean? The, uh… infection is spreading quickly now.
When it reaches my heart… - How long do you have? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Not long.
So, what do we do? Well, I've… spoken to my seconds about the plans for your training, and Dowling is aware of my wishes for your future.
- I asked you a question.
- And I am answering it, Sky.
Soldiers have to have these conversations with the people that matter.
We make a plan.
That's what we can do.
There has to be something else.
I already lost one father.
I can't lose another.
I will keep you updated on the battalion's progress.
Do you understand? Yeah.
Get to the point, Kat.
I heard Marco's leading the battalion against it.
Marco? As in, like, hot Marco? Isn't he the strongest grad in the past few years? By far.
Silva's gonna be fine.
Did you find Fairy Fawcett in there? - Hmm? - Is she still a "maybe"? Hmm… So… downgraded to a "definitely not.
" I was… distracted by the hair.
- It is good hair.
- Mm-hmm.
Memory's starting to fade.
It's getting… harder and harder to figure out who it could be.
But I was thinking… I had the memory when I used magic to fight the Burned One, like, a lot of magic, so… maybe wherever she is, she sensed it.
Or it opened up a magic gate in my head or… something.
So, what if I go to the Stone Circle and draw in as much magic as possible Please don't tell me why I have to tell you that is a bad idea.
A few weeks ago, I might agree with you.
You saw me in… in class today.
I'm way better.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? You're killing it.
Does anyone know how to do a good cat's eye? Oh… I've done, like, 50 tutorials, and this is what I get.
What does Huda Kattan have that I don't? - Uh, talent? - Taste.
- Style.
- Millions of followers.
Why are neither of you getting ready for the party? - Uh, I've gotta study.
- I have a full Cool.
I don't care.
You must come.
I need full suite support.
Is that Musa or Stella? Musa or Stella? Well, this is weird.
Get dressed.
We have to go.
We're gonna go to the party.
We're gonna show everybody that we're cool and… and… fun and Hot? Sorry.
Four first years getting ready for their first party is a nightmare inside a nightmare.
Fun fact.
If everyone around you is a nightmare, it's not them.
You're already drinking? Yeah, well, she's been here for an hour, so I've been drinking for an hour.
Could you take it easy this year? Last year, you vomited in no less than five places.
Well, the benchmark's been set.
Well, at least pour us one.
I'm not drinking.
Look, I spoke to Kat.
Marco is on the Burned One.
As in badass Marco.
The strongest fairy in a decade.
I don't care who they have on it, Stella… I'm not drinking.
Marco, give us an update.
Are you still tracking the Burned One? - Where are you now? - Clatville.
We missed the last attack by under an hour.
We're right behind it.
Use the Vanya River.
Burned Ones have difficulty navigating large bodies of water.
We know.
It'll be cornered by the morning.
We may not have till morning.
We'll call you when we get it.
- Marco, just keep us up - Let's go.
They shouldn't be on the phone.
We should be out there with them.
Not sure how effective I'd be, but I understand your frustration.
Marco and Noura are two of the best graduates to come out of Alfea.
But they've never faced a Burned One.
They don't know what they're up against.
We do.
Well, we decided to stay here and teach the next generation.
We've taught them everything we can, Farah.
It's time to trust them.
I do.
 It doesn't mean I like sitting here waiting.
I feel like a glorified babysitter.
Don't laugh at me, Saul.
Speaking of, isn't tonight the Specialists' annual debauched kegger? Imagine they think we don't know.
Imagine they think you didn't start it.
This is what exactly? The east wing of Alfea.
It used to be used for war preparations, but since there hasn't been a conflict for a while, no one comes down here.
Except for tonight.
You need a beer.
I need a beer.
- Looking for somebody specific? - Uh… No, no.
I'm just looking for somewhere to put these down.
Hmm… - Terra, are these… - Yeah! I can be a cool nerd.
Look who showed their face.
With Mum's Tupperware, no less.
- What do you want, Sam? - I'm getting a drink.
- It's Musa, right? - That's me, yeah.
Hi, I'm Sam.
- What reeks? - They're for the party, not for me.
I didn't think you'd make it.
Uh… Well, I just decided to come last-minute.
So last-minute that she had a few hours to make weed brownies.
Bye, Sam! I'll talk to you later.
Anyway, brownie? - Maybe just take a half or a quarter or - Mm.
Or… not.
Well, whatever.
I'm gonna take a few to Riven and Sky, see if they want some.
Meet you later.
- Cool? - Yeah, cool, cool, cool! Coo-co-coo-coo-cool! Haven't seen you all day.
Have you been looking? How's Silva? Um… Rough.
But… they're closing in on the Burned One.
It's only a matter of time before he gets better.
How are you doing? I feel shit, Bloom.
I know I'm supposed to be strong, but… Silva basically raised me after my father died.
They were best friends.
I know we train to fight, to risk our lives, but… I never let myself think that Silva… I'm so sorry.
Are you close to your parents? That's a… That's a tricky question! What, they live in the First World, right? Not many fairies live out there.
Is that why it's tricky? It's OK.
I like a good mystery.
A few more of these and I'll be an open book, so… Well, maybe I'll have one too.
I could use a little distraction.
I did hear mention of beer pong if you want a… big distraction.
You just made a huge mistake.
We need this.
- I got you.
- Try it.
This beer's hot.
- Did you - Drink up! Them's the rules.
- Use your magic to bounce it out.
- Don't mess up.
The fuck? Sorry, honestly.
Sorry, I'm gonna get some paper towels.
What? Oh my God.
You feeling a little more relaxed? Ah, certainly drunker.
Yeah, so much for not drinking tonight.
But this one's a bit more fun than Stella.
Although… reminds me of Ricki.
- Who's Ricki? - Riv, don't.
You live with Stella and don't know what happened to her last roommate? I don't.
But I certainly would love to.
See, Ricki was Stella's best mate till she flirted a little bit too much with Sky here.
Riv, I would never Oh, of course not.
But that didn't matter to Stella, and she showed everyone what a legit psycho she was.
What's that supposed to mean? Stella used her magic to blind her.
On purpose.
She blinded her best mate.
But that… That can't be true.
That's the story.
Uh, I think I got… let myself get a little too distracted.
I'm gonna go find Aisha.
It's a lot of people.
Doing your head in? It's a party.
People are happy, and I am too.
Why is that again? Enya.
You and Terra, are you close? We weren't really around other kids our age growing up, so yeah.
Is that why you and I are sneaking around? Terra? She has a lot of feelings about a lot of things, and as her roommate, I have to experience them all.
When they're negative, it's not exactly comfortable.
How do you think she'll react to this? Oh, we're a "this," are we? Not anymore! It's all over.
Who are you again? Sorry, just getting a really strong and sudden read of social anxiety.
Musa? There you are.
Oh, you're alone.
You OK? So, um… …haven't wanted to ask this, but, like, what's the point in having a roommate who can tell how people are feeling if you don't, um… Sorry, not that that's all I think of you.
Um… Dane.
Could it be a thing? Um… - Oh God, sorry! - No.
Just when you and Dane are together, he feels comfortable.
I don't know what that means specifically, but he does like you.
Wha… So, it could be a thing? Oh! No, keep looking.
Anything's better than a beer-soaked shirt.
Hey, what you thinking? Plate? Nah, something cool.
Ooh, hello, mate! Never cover the face.
It's one of your few good qualities.
She's not wrong.
Shotgun? Look… Hopeless.
Ready? Inhale.
Now… exhale.
My turn.
I'm going to wash a hundred years' dust off my hands.
I don't know how you can smoke so much after Terra's brownies? Ah, man, she puts as much weed in hers as Dowling would.
Fucking Terra.
Don't be an arsehole.
She made them for everybody.
No, she didn't.
She made them for you.
She's so thirsty for your dick, it's embarrassing.
By the way… what size are you? Shirt.
What size shirt? Is there sugar in this? No.
There you are.
We need to talk about Ricki.
- Sky - Some things matter, Stella.
Some don't.
What people think about you doesn't matter.
Is this some sort of Silva thing you're going through? Seriously? Are you drunk? I thought you said you weren't drinking.
I'm sick of lying, Stella.
Well, suck it up because what people think happened with Ricki is what happened.
OK? That's the end of it, Sky.
It doesn't even make sense.
Riven was talking about it earlier.
To who? To Bloom.
- She barely believed - Yeah, but she did believe him, right? I backed it up.
You can't see how it's a problem? Staying with you after you purposely blinded your best friend makes me look at best like an arsehole, and at worst like an absolute psycho! I thought it didn't matter what other people thought.
They killed the Burned One.
Oh, that's great.
Sky… Are you… photo collaging at a party? How are we not friends? Do you know… who this is? Why? You're into history, so I assumed you'd… you'd know.
Still curious about the why.
Not trying to sound mysterious or anything, but I just, um, can't tell you.
You might not be trying to sound mysterious, but you're succeeding.
Doesn't matter anyway.
I have no idea who that is.
Enjoy your arts and crafts.
She's standing right next to Miss Dowling.
And you're absolutely sure this is the woman from your memory? - Not another "maybe"? - One-hundred percent.
Which means Dowling knows something and she's hiding it from me again.
We'll talk to her tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Let's go home.
You're pissed off and a little drunk, and I can do some homework.
She lied to me.
I'm not waiting until tomorrow to go find answers.
OK then.
Have fun.
You're not gonna come? You wanna see the headmistress at midnight, wasted? Go for it.
While you're at it, why don't you hit the Stone Circle and nuke your magic? Maybe you'll get a signal from your long-lost fairy guide, 'cause that makes sense.
I'm done pulling you from the edge, Bloom.
If you wanna jump, jump.
We need to do this.
That fire fairy girl I told you about? She asked about Rosalind.
- What? Why? - She wouldn't tell me.
She's annoying and cagey, and it doesn't matter.
What matters is we need to do this now.
Yeah, well, I still don't know what kind of magic she has on the door.
Then there's only one thing to do.
We spring the trap.
How do you feel? You said they killed it.
They did.
Then why are your wounds not healed? The one they killed mustn't have been the one that attacked me.
Clearly, there are more than one of the creatures out there.
- So the battalion will keep looking - It's too late, Sky.
It's over.
You told me to wait.
It's all there was to do.
And the one thing you always told me about my father was that he died fighting.
And now you're just gonna lie here and take it? Fuck that.
- Sky - Fuck that! Contacted the queen.
Told her we need a detachment from the Solarian army to help in the search.
Well, you've done what you can for now.
Got it wrong.
I so wanted to believe it was a one-off, a ghost from our past quickly buried.
We all wanted to believe that.
A single Burned One is now at least two.
Who knows how many more are out there? It's my job to worry about it, Ben, to fix it.
And you will.
- You should be in bed.
- And you should tell me the truth.
- What is this? - This woman? The woman standing next to you left me in the First World.
Who is she? She preceded me as headmistress.
I was her student, then her protégé.
You were there 16 years ago when she did it? I told you the circumstances surrounding your birth are as much a mystery to me as they are to you.
Can't you see how that's getting harder and harder for me to believe? You're drunk.
Perhaps we can have this conversation when you're not.
Every picture of her was shoved in the abandoned east wing.
Tell me that's not suspicious.
Rosalind was headmistress during a difficult period in Alfea's history.
- It's not a time we're keen to celebrate.
- I wanna talk to her.
- That's impossible.
- Really? 'Cause a week ago, I had a vision, a memory of the day she left me in the First World.
She said, "Find me.
" I want to talk to her.
She's dead, Bloom.
What? She's been dead for years.
So… I don't know what you saw, or why you saw it, but that is where this ends.
Good night.
Bloom? What are you doing out here? Hey.
I'm a changeling, Sky.
That's, um… my tricky family story.
I don't know who the hell they are.
So I'm out here like a crazy person… 'cause I'm apparently… willing to do anything to find the possibility of an answer.
I don't see how being out here helps you find answers.
But I get it.
Why are you wearing armor? Silva is dying.
And… the Burned One they killed… wasn't the right one.
It's still out there.
And you're planning on fighting it by yourself? Yeah, well, you're not the only crazy person.
Besides, I can't sit around and do nothing.
Bloom? You might not have to.
I think I can feel it.
The Burned One… Sky, I think it's in the forest.
We have to tell Dowling right away.
We All right.
Go on.
Bet you can't do it.
- Yes! - Nice! We make a great team.
Have you seen Sky? - He's not replying to my texts.
- Well, have you looked for Bloom? - What? - Oh shit! Whoops! No, no, they're… they're totally just friends.
Nothing going on, 100%.
No need to blind her.
I wouldn't waste my magic on a changeling, anyway.
- Bloom's a changeling? - Whoops.
What's wrong? You get the message too? Bloom.
It's so close.
I still wanna know why you can track these things.
One of the many mysteries of my life I could be solving in the protective embrace of the Barrier.
Close your eyes! Aisha! Wait.
I don't think it's No, it wasn't dead.
It is now.
Well, that was a bust.
Turns out Dowling's a more cautious bitch than I thought.
Just when we get through one barrier, she sticks up another one.
She'll be back soon.
And I don't think I can fix you in time.
It's just a shame 'cause, for the record, I kinda liked your Adam's apple.
All right? Yes.
- You are an idiot.
- I know.
- A stupid, impulsive, reckless idiot.
- I know.
I know! But is it better? Professor Harvey? Don't smile at him.
Your dad would've been proud.
Good lad.
That the lot of you and Headmaster Silva are still alive does not change how thoughtless you were.
We'll discuss consequences in the morning.
Is she, like, detention pissed off or expulsion pissed off? I'm going with the first one, but only because of the tiny bit of pride I also felt in there.
- We should get upstairs.
- Yeah.
That was awful today.
I'm sorry.
Just seeing you scared and vulnerable like that… I couldn't handle it.
I know.
I felt it.
You're the only one that knows the real me, Sky.
That's your choice, Stella.
It's not though.
I'm the heir to the Solarian throne.
If you knew the kind of pressure I'm under I do.
You know I do.
Your strength is my safety net.
I need to know it's there if I fall.
And what if I fall? - So your brother seems kind of - Oh God, I know.
Awful, sorry.
Actually, he seems kind of great.
"Seems" being the key word there.
Here we have Wasted and Wasteder.
- Hey, Riv.
- Yes? - Shotgun me.
- What about your girlfriend? - Who? - You know, weird-arse fat girl.
Loves plants, brownies.
She… She can go and fuck a flower.
Burn! Not a burn.
My turn.
- Yeah, I know.
- All right, third degree.
You'd be, uh, proud of me.
I… went to the Stone Circle tonight and chose not to summon all my magic and burn the Otherworld down.
I still think it might work.
Also, I felt the Burned One again tonight.
And Miss Dowling was acting really strange.
- So I think that Rosalind - Can you please just stop? OK, sorry.
Tomorrow, sorry.
No, Bloom.
I know you wanna find your birth parents, but… what if there is no big conspiracy? You said Rosalind was headmistress? Is it possible you're just the daughter of a student? A scared teenager who got pregnant and didn't know what to do? Mm-mm.
There are too many things I can't explain.
You know, some people would kill to be a natural with magic like you, even if they were just a regular fairy.
Are you saying I should be grateful? I'm saying you should be realistic.
Do you even know what that means for me, Aisha? Being realistic? It means that my real mom didn't want me.
It means she looked at me when I was a baby and gave me up.
If you don't think I've thought about that every day since I found out I was a changeling, then… I have to believe there's something more.
I have to.
I have to.
Bloom came to me tonight.
She had a memory of the fairy that left her in the human world.
- It was Rosalind.
- Oh shit.
My thoughts exactly.
What did you tell her? - That she was dead.
- Why? Bloom has the potential to be one of the most powerful fairies the Otherworld has ever known.
If Rosalind is calling to her, there's a reason.
We can never let the two of them meet.

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