Fate/Zero (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Summoning Ancient Heroes

1 Germany, Einzbern Castle — Eight Years Ago — Master Kiritsugu! Your child is born! She's so cute.
So small, so delicate Look, Kiritsugu.
She has your eyes.
I'm so glad that she was born.
I will be the cause of your death.
I know.
The Einzberns have dreamed of this day.
It is the very reason I exist.
When I came to know your ideals, I made your wish my own.
You made me who I am today.
You have guided me.
You offered me a better life than that of a simple puppet.
You needn't pity me.
I'm a part of you now.
- So - I I have no right to hold that child.
Kiritsugu, do not forget.
You're striving to make a world where no one needs to cry that way.
That is the ideal of Kiritsugu Emiya.
Eight more years, and your fight will come to an end.
And our ideal will become reality.
The Holy Grail will save you.
I'm certain of it.
So take this child, Illyasviel, and hold her.
And be proud, like any other father.
Torino, Italy — Three Years Ago — Torino, Italy - Three Years Ago A command seal? Yes, the mark that appeared on your right hand.
It identifies you as a participant in the Holy Grail War.
A stigmata, bestowing upon you the power to command a Servant.
Kirei Kotomine.
The Holy Grail War.
The battle for a relic that performs miracles.
I have been chosen? Normally, those chosen by the Grail as Masters for the Servants are all mages.
It's highly unusual for someone like you, with no connection to magic, to be chosen so early on.
Servants I still find it strange to command the summoned spirits of ancient heroes to fight as familiars.
I know it's hard to believe.
Heroes from every age and nation will come back to life in the modern world, killing one another to vie for supremacy.
That is the Holy Grail War.
Naturally, there is an unspoken agreement among all involved parties to conduct the battles in secret.
To ensure that this rule is upheld, we of the Holy Church send an observer.
Can one of us really act as a judge in a battle between magicians? A Mages Association member would be too partial to one party to assure fairness.
And thus, as he did sixty years ago, we will have your father watch over our battle.
My father will be coming to Fuyuki? But wouldn't it pose a problem for the overseer's child to be a participant? Tokiomi.
Let's get to the point.
Kirei, everything we've spoken of thus far is known to all participants.
But there is an additional reason I've asked you and Tokiomi Tohsaka here today.
And what would that be? Actually, we found proof long ago that the Holy Grail that will appear in Fuyuki is not the sacred relic that belonged to the Son of God.
So I gathered.
Otherwise, an order to retrieve it would have been given to us of the Eighth Sacrament Assembly.
Be that as it may, Fuyuki's Holy Grail is too powerful to ignore.
It is an omnipotent wish-granting device.
Who knows what disaster it could unleash, should it fall into the wrong hands.
In which case, the next best course of action would be to ensure that the Fuyuki Grail at least falls into the right hands.
The Tohsakas are a family of mages, but mages with a long history of friendship with the Church.
We know what kind of person Tokiomi is.
And more than anything, their intentions for the Grail are plain.
To reach the Root.
That is the Tohsaka family's sole desire.
But the Einzberns and Matous have both forgotten the wish we once shared with them.
The other Masters go without saying.
Who knows what dark plans they may harbor for the Grail.
Then the goal of my participation is ensuring Tokiomi Tohsaka's victory.
Of course, we will maintain the appearance of enemies.
But in secret, we will work together to defeat the other five Masters and assure our victory.
To that end, Kirei, you will be transferred from the Church to the Mages Association, where you will become my student.
The official orders have already been issued.
You must go to Japan and study magic, and become a mage of sufficient strength to command a Servant in the Holy Grail War in three years' time.
Now then Any questions, Kirei? Only one.
What is the Grail's criteria when it selects its Masters? The Grail gives precedence to those Masters who need it most.
So all the Masters have a reason to covet the Grail? Not necessarily.
I'm told that in the past, there were cases in which command seals appeared on those whom you would never have expected to be chosen.
I see.
Kirei, are you still upset over being chosen? I didn't expect him to give his consent so quickly.
My son would jump into a fire if the Church ordered it.
To be honest, I'm almost disappointed.
From his perspective, he's been drawn into a war that has nothing to do with him.
No, perhaps this will do him some good.
Only a few days ago, he lost his wife.
A change of scenery and a new mission may be exactly what he needs to nurse his wounds.
Fuyuki City, Japan — One Year Ago — Aoi.
Kariya, it's good to see you again.
You're back from your business trip? This one took a long time.
Yeah, I guess it did.
Uncle Kariya! Uncle Kariya, welcome back! Rin.
Did you bring me a present again? Rin! Don't be rude! Here you go.
Thanks, Uncle! I'm glad you like it.
Where's Sakura? Sakura's gone now.
Aoi? You see, Sakura is no longer my daughter or Rin's little sister.
She's been sent to join the Matou family.
Why? You know better than anyone why the Matous would want children who carry the blood of mages.
The Tohsaka family elders decided to give our ancient allies, the Matous, that which they requested.
It wasn't my place to speak out.
You're all right with that? When I married into the Tohsaka family, when I decided to marry a mage, I knew what might be required of me.
And you're all right with that?! A clan bearing mage blood can never expect the happiness of a normal family.
That's not true! When you married him, you wanted happiness- This is between the Tohsakas and the Matous.
You left the world of mages.
It doesn't concern you.
If you ever see Sakura, be kind to her.
She was always fond of you.
So, the failure had the nerve to show his face here.
I told you to never darken my doorstep again, Kariya.
I heard you adopted the Tohsakas' second daughter.
You have sharp ears.
Is it that important to keep mages in the Matou lineage? Would you tell me we're wrong to? You, of all people? Whose fault do you think our present reduced circumstances are? Kariya.
Had you agreed to carry on the family name and learn the secrets of the Matou, things wouldn't be this bad.
You're not fooling anyone, you vampire.
You only want the Grail to give yourself eternal youth.
Next year, sixty years will have passed.
But the Matous have no pawns to offer for the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Though you have it, your brother Byakuya lacks the power to control a Servant.
But even if we forfeit this round, we could still win the next in 60 years.
The Tohsaka girl's womb will bear us a powerful mage.
She has a lot of potential, that one.
So, as long as you get the Grail, you don't need Sakura Tohsaka.
What are you scheming? A trade, Zouken.
I'll return from the next war, Grail in hand.
And in return, you will release her.
Don't be stupid.
You're a failure, and you haven't trained a day in your life.
In a single year, you'll achieve the power to control a Servant? You have the magic to make that happen, and you know it.
With your special worm techniques.
Implant me with Crest Worms.
Kariya, do you want to kill yourself? The Matous should rely on themselves to gain what they want.
I won't let anyone else get involved.
Surely you're not concerned for my wellbeing, Father.
If you're trying to keep her out of this, Kariya, you're a little late.
You old bastard, you didn't! For the first three days, she screamed her head off.
But on the fourth, she stopped.
This morning, I threw her into the worm pit to see how long she'd last.
It's been twelve hours, and she's still breathing.
The Tohsakas are very powerful.
Sakura! Well, what will you do now? A single broken girl, violated by worms from head to toe.
If you still wish to save her, I might think about it.
I agree.
But I shall continue her education until you show results.
I still expect victory to come in the war after this one.
But should you somehow manage to retrieve the Grail, all the better.
Naturally, I'll no longer need the girl in that case.
Her education will only last a year.
You won't renege on your word.
Right, Zouken Matou? Start by serving as their breeding ground for a week.
If you don't die or go insane, then I'll concede that you're serious.
It's finally here.
What does it say? It's a report from the spies I sent to the London Clock Tower.
It says the Grail chose a Master from within the Clock Tower, the highest authority within the Mages Association.
Who? A man who will be a problem.
The eldest son of the famous Archibald family, which has produced nine generations of mages.
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald.
London Clock Tower — Present Day — London Clock Tower - Present Day In the world of mages, lineage is everything.
This is because magic will not yield up her secrets in a single generation.
A parent passes on the fruits of a lifetime of training to his child.
Thus, the older the family of mages, the greater their power.
You are no doubt wondering why I am beginning with something so basic.
It is because a student submitted this paper to me yesterday.
The paper is entitled "How Wizardry Should Be in the New Century.
" It objects to the traditions I just spoke of.
It claims that if one were to achieve a deep understanding of the techniques and precise control over mana application, it would allow one to overcome any difference in inherent ability.
In short, even someone with diluted blood could become a master mage.
To be honest, I've learned something from reading this.
Silence, please.
I will be frank.
This paper is nothing but juvenile fantasies.
Blood determines a mage's power.
This is hard, unchanging reality.
Waver Velvet.
I am very, very disappointed that one of my students would indulge in this nonsense.
Sir, I was only trying to raise a question the Mages Association has become too reluctant to address-- Waver.
As I recall, your family has produced mages for only three generations.
Listen to me.
Compared to the Mages Association's history, your family is a newborn baby.
Shouldn't a baby learn to speak before it tries to voice an opinion? He made a fool of me! He made a fool of me! He made a fool of me! Is that any way for a teacher to act?! Reading my paper made him jealous! He's afraid of my talent! That's why he embarrassed me in front of everyone! I'm sorry.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
You're in the Department of Spiritual Evocation, right? Why aren't you in class? Well Mr.
Archibald asked me to run an errand for him.
That's why I was in a hurry.
I see.
That's great.
Would you give this to him? This? Make sure he gets it.
It's supposed to be important.
Important? Package origin Macedonia? This is it! Those rumors that Kayneth will be fighting in some kind of mages' tournament in the Far East soon were true.
The Holy Grail War.
Two hundred years ago, the Einzberns, Makiris, and Tohsakas, collectively known as the Three First Families, worked together to summon the Holy Grail, said to have the power to grant any wish.
But the Holy Grail would grant only one supplication.
Their cooperation turned to bloody war.
That was the beginning of the Holy Grail Wars.
Ever since then, once every sixty years, the Holy Grail appears in the city of Fuyuki.
It selects seven mages with the right to hold it and grants them the power to summon the powerful Heroic Spirits known as Servants.
Divided into these seven classes, Servants fight to the death to determine who is worthy to win the Grail.
So this Holy Grail War is a battle of pure strength, where titles and influence mean nothing.
It's the perfect place for me.
Furthermore, in order to summon a Servant, a relic of theirs is needed to act as a catalyst.
A relic No matter how often I see it, this device still strikes me as indecent.
I have a report from the Clock Tower.
Lord El-Melloi has acquired another relic.
His participation is certain now.
It troubles me that two slots are still unaccounted for.
Don't worry.
When the time comes, the Grail will select seven, regardless of skill.
The ones it rounds out the group with are nearly always weak.
Don't concern yourself with them.
Speaking of matters of concern, Kirei, no one saw you enter the mansion, I trust? Don't worry.
No familiars or magical devices, visible or invisible, are watching this mansion.
- On that, you have-- - You have my guarantee.
No matter what tricks they use, no one can deceive the eyes of Hassan, the spy Heroic Spirit.
There is no trace of anyone following my Master.
Please put your minds at ease.
If a Servant has manifested, my father is sure to know.
The other mages will not take action for a while longer.
Assassin, you may go.
Continue guarding the surrounding area.
As you wish.
But it's only a matter of time.
Before long, this place will be swarming with familiars sent by the other Masters.
- What is that? - Another investigation.
I have been gathering information on the Einzbern Master.
Nine years ago, the Einzberns, a family notoriously proud of their pure blood, suddenly allowed an outsider mage to marry into the family.
The Einzbern mages have devoted themselves solely to alchemy, rendering them unfit for combat.
Their losses in previous Holy Grail Wars can all be traced to that fact.
They must have run out of patience.
The man they chose was perfect for their needs.
Kiritsugu Emiya.
The man known as the Mage-Killer.
We've finally found the relic we've been searching for in Cornwall all these years.
If you use it as a catalyst, you'll be able to summon what is likely the strongest of the sword-wielding Servants.
This is the greatest gift the Einzbern can offer.
I am honored, Elder.
This time, there are to be no survivors.
Hunt down the six other Servants, and fulfill the Third Magic, "Heaven's Feel.
" Understood.
Kiritsugu Emiya? I know that name.
So even the Church has heard of him? Emiya the Mage-Killer was quite infamous in his time.
On the surface, he was a rogue mage who didn't belong to the Association.
But the higher-ups found him quite convenient for their own purposes.
Similar to us Executors of the Holy Church? Far worse.
Essentially, he's a freelance assassin who specializes in killing mages.
He knows what mages are capable of, so he deals with them in the way most unlike a mage possible.
Read this.
Bombs in public places.
He once brought down an entire jetliner just because his target was on it.
A man who will do anything without a second thought.
It is because the world's laws do not apply to mages that we must carefully obey the laws we set for ourselves.
But this man lacks any trace of a mage's pride.
These methods he employs are unforgivable.
Then what does this Kiritsugu Emiya gain by hiring himself out as a killer? Money, I would imagine.
As you can read in that report, he's been involved in more than just mage assassinations.
He's appeared in war zones all over the planet, offering his services as a mercenary.
May I borrow this report for a while? Let's go over what we know, Iri.
Of the seven masters the Grail will choose, we have identified four.
Tokiomi Tohsaka, Tohsaka family head.
Fire mage.
Uses Jewel Magic.
Very formidable.
Kariya Matou.
So they took the kid who left the family and made him a Master, huh? That old man must be desperate.
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald.
Wind and water affinity.
Expert in Necromancy, Summoning, and Alchemy.
- And - Kiritsugu Emiya.
Newest member of the Einzbern family, and their trump card.
The man I love.
And the fourth No, fifth, is Kirei Kotomine, sent by the Church.
By the Church? He's the son of the overseer, Father Risei Kotomine.
Reports say he studied under Tokiomi Tohsaka starting three years ago, splitting with him after his command seal appeared.
Did something happen? It has his personal history here Read it.
"Kirei Kotomine.
Followed his father on pilgrimages since childhood.
Graduated from the Saint Ignatius School of Divinity in Manresa.
Skipped two years, graduating as Valedictorian.
" He sounds pretty impressive.
But he suddenly leaves the primrose path and volunteers for the Holy Church.
Why would someone like that go to work for a secret Church organization? Maybe because of his father? It says here that he's a member of the Church's Eighth Sacrament Assembly.
Then he would have pursued that path from the start.
But until he arrived at the same place as his father, he changed positions three times.
He was even an Executor once.
An Executor? A heretic hunter.
In essence Exactly what I once was.
A mage-killer.
Kiritsugu Emiya His assassinations were always carried out in clusters over a short period.
During the same general time periods, he appeared in war zones, but only when the combat was at its fiercest.
As if he had some obsession with chasing his own death.
These are clearly the actions of a man bent on suicide.
What does this mean? Alchemy, Necromancy, Summoning, Divination, Healing.
Look at all the categories of magic he's studied.
Why so many? He gets almost to the point of mastery, then switches to another type and never looks back.
It's as if he throws away everything he's learned like yesterday's trash.
This Kirei Kotomine terrifies me.
He has no concept of self-interest.
His actions are completely disconnected from any thought of risk versus reward.
There's no way he's just a freelancer, in it for the money.
The man has never experienced passion in his entire life.
He believes in nothing.
He has no wish of any kind to be granted.
For a man like that Then what is he after? Why would he risk his life for the Grail? But the Grail chose Kirei Kotomine as one of its Masters.
That's right.
He must have some reason to want the Grail.
But I can't even begin to imagine what it is.
And that terrifies me.
Kirei Kotomine.
Kiritsugu Emiya.
His endless string of battles came to a sudden halt nine years ago.
His encounter with the mages of the North, the Einzberns, is where he found his answer.
So I must ask the question What did he seek in those battles? And what, exactly, did he find? You just barely made it.
If the Grail's chosen you, that means you've made some progress as a mage.
I'll give you that much, Kariya.
But you look like hell.
Does your left leg still work? Don't get mad.
If you get the Crest Worms inside you worked up, they'll devour you.
Either way, I'd give you a month at best.
That's plenty.
What? I said that's plenty of time.
Kariya, this is your present for surviving an entire year.
I found the perfect relic for you.
Don't let your father's kindness go to waste.
I've got a command seal, too! The Grail chose me! The Grail recognized my talent! I can't just sit here! I have to prepare to summon my Servant! Mikina Nishimoto, the sixth-grade girl who went missing in Fuyuki two nights ago, Serial Killings in Fuyuki City Good morning, Waver.
Mikina Nishimoto, the sixth-grade girl who went missing in Fuyuki two nights ago, Morning, Waver! was found dead this morning in the woods near Fukuyama Town.
was found dead this morning in the woods near Fukuyama Town.
Morning, Grandpa Grandma.
Even Fuyuki's getting bad these days.
It really is.
Anyway, Martha, roosters have been making a racket since the sun came up.
What's that all about? There are three roosters in our yard.
In ours? That's right.
I wonder where they came from? Waver, you want some coffee? Waver, what happened to your hand? Crap! That mark! Mark? You didn't have that mark on your hand yesterday.
Jeez I wish you hadn't noticed that.
What's wrong, Waver? Waver? Nothing's wrong.
Here, have some coffee.
I put lots of milk in it.
You two like coffee, right? Do I have to start their hypnosis all over again, starting from me being their grandson, just back from studying abroad? I need to think of a cover story for those roosters I stole, too.
I can't believe they really found the legendary Excalibur's scabbard.
There's not a scratch on it.
Is this thing really 1,500 years old? The object itself is a type of Conceptual Weapon.
It doesn't rust or degrade, as ordinary physical objects do.
Just like in the legend, it heals its owner's wounds and halts the aging process.
Of course, that's only when supplied with its original owner's mana.
In other words, a Master can use this in tandem with the summoned Heroic Spirit to protect himself.
That's just like you.
You're saying that a tool is just a tool? That goes for the Servant, too.
No matter how famous the Heroic Spirit, when summoned as a Servant, they're nothing but a tool for their Master.
Anyone who lets their fantasies get the better of them will never be able to win this battle.
And because you're this way, my great-grandfather decided that this scabbard was the perfect relic for you.
What do you think? Does his present not satisfy you? Of course not.
Acht did a wonderful job.
None of the other Masters have something this powerful.
What's wrong with it, then? Given how perfectly the relic is connected to it, the spirit we're after will surely respond to the summons.
The legendary King of Knights, Arthur Pendragon.
My own compatibility with him is a secondary concern.
But the wielder of Excalibur is sure to be the strongest Saber-class Servant.
That's true.
I'll have a Servant far stronger than any other.
The question is how to use that power.
To be honest, in terms of ease of use, Caster or Assassin would be far better suited to me.
What good will it do to worry about that before you've even summoned him? After all, we don't know what the King of Knights was like.
And besides, no matter what you decide, once he learns of your ideal Of your dream He'll understand.
Just like I did.
What? I've found my strategy.
The way I can get the best use from the strongest Servant.
Hello, Rin.
Hello, Kirei.
Heading out? That's some heavy luggage you have.
That's right.
I'm going to live with the Zenjo family.
You're staying to fight with my dad, right? That's why I'm here as his student.
Kirei Can I believe in you? Will you promise to protect my father to the end? I'm afraid that's impossible.
If this battle were simple enough that I could make that promise, we wouldn't have to send you or his wife away.
I guess I just can't like you.
Rin, you shouldn't just blurt out what you're really thinking.
People will start to cast aspersions on your father, the man educating you.
My dad has nothing to do with it! Listen, Kirei! If you get sloppy and my dad gets hurt, I'll show you no mercy, got it?! Rin, what are you doing? You're yelling.
Um Well She was giving me a pep talk before we said goodbye, Ma'am.
Allow me.
That suitcase is far too heavy for you.
It's fine.
I'll carry it myself.
Kotomine, please take care of my husband.
Help him achieve his desire.
I will do my best.
Don't worry.
Excuse me.
You came at an opportune time.
The relic I arranged for finally arrived this morning.
Have a look.
What is it? A fossil of the very first skin shed by a snake on this world.
If we use it as a catalyst and are lucky enough to summon what we're after, victory is as good as ours.
Hey, Sakura.
Did I surprise you? Your face Yeah, I know.
Seems I lost a little bit to the worms inside me.
I guess I'm not as tough as you are.
You're turning into a different person, aren't you? Maybe.
I don't have to go to the worm pit tonight.
Grandfather said there will be a more important ceremony.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm going to the basement tonight instead of you.
Are you going away, Uncle Kariya? I have an important job to do for a while.
I might not have much time to talk to you then.
I see.
Hey, Sakura.
When my job's over, want to go somewhere with everyone and have fun? With your mom and sister? I don't have anyone I can call Mom or Sister.
Grandfather said I should think of them like they never existed.
I see Uncle? Then let's take Aoi and Rin from the Tohsakas and go somewhere far away.
We can hang out and have fun like we used to.
I can see them again? Yeah, you will.
You have my word.
Well, I have to get going.
Bye-bye, Uncle Kariya.
BYE-bye You've memorized the summoning spell, right? Yes.
Very well.
But I'll have you add two extra lines to the incantation.
- What do you mean? - It's simple.
Kariya, your rank as a mage is somewhat lower than that of the other Masters.
That will affect the Servant's base abilities.
This means that we have to pick the Servant's class so we can use its modifiers to boost those abilities.
I want you to add the affinity "Berserk" to the Servant you summon.
Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill! Repeat five times.
But when each is filled, destroy it.
For the elements, silver and iron.
For the foundation, stone and the Archduke of Pacts.
And for the ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg.
Raise a wall to block the falling wind.
Close the gates of the four directions.
Come forth from the Crown and follow the forked road leading to the Kingdom.
Is a simple ritual like this enough to summon a Heroic Spirit? Surprisingly, yes.
The summoning ritual doesn't require an elaborate evocation.
The Grail itself does the actual summoning.
As a Master, my job is to anchor the spirit in this world once it appears, and to give it enough mana to take physical form.
That should do it.
Iri, put the relic on the altar.
That's the last step.
Heed my words.
My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny.
If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer me! I hereby swear That I shall be all the good in the world.
That I shall defeat all evil in the world.
But let thine eyes be clouded with chaos.
Thou, who art trapped in a cage of madness.
And I, who holds thy chains! Thou Seventh Heaven, clad in the three great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of the Scales! We've won the battle, Kirei.
Victory is ours! Who-- I ask you Are you my Master? Episode 1: The Summoning of Heroes Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Hakanai namida wa kuroi kokoro tokasuno? so that my hopeless tears thaw my black heart? Mebae dashita omoi ga mune ni hibiita nara If these freshly-sprouted feelings are echoed in your own heart, Kimi no tonari de zutto kawarazu mamoru darou I will forever be by your side, protecting you.
Ochita kibou wo hirotte asu ni tsunaide yukeba If I pick up the fallen hopes and fasten them to tomorrow, Karamatta ibitsuna negai datte hodokeru even my tangled, knotted wishes will come unraveled.
Hikari wo kazashite tamerai wo keshita Shielding my eyes from the light, I did away with all my hesitation.
Ageta katta no wa mirai de What I wanted to give you was the future.
Naiteru yoru daita mama nageki wo sakende As I shouted in grief, holding the teary night close.
Fumi ireta ashi wo tooku no risou ga Sotto iyashite yuku Far-off hopes soothe my feet that are weary from walking.
Tashika na kizuna wo tsuyoku nigiri Hold tight to this bond we can count on, Susumou doko made mo and let's keep going as far as we can, Kegare kitta kiseki wo se ni with this tainted miracle on my back.
I think what you and Kiritsugu seek is right.
The world cannot serve two lords.
Then I promise you.
You aren't worthy to look upon me.
You're so cool! Eliminate Tokiomi Tohsaka at once.