Fate/Zero (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

False Start

1 Rider? Hey! What are you thinking, breaking the shutter open like that? Why didn't you go to spirit form, like when you entered? I cannot carry these while I'm in spirit form.
Don't whine so much.
You sound like a thief.
If you aren't a thief, what are you? Something entirely different.
A cowardly thief sneaks away in the night.
If you stride away, bursting with song, then you are a conquering king! Just what I needed Get lost Get lost now.
Right now! Very well! Then I shall leave you to carry the spoils.
Do not drop them.
Why is this happening to me?! Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Hakanai namida wa kuroi kokoro tokasuno? so that my hopeless tears thaw my black heart? Mebae dashita omoi ga mune ni hibiita nara If these freshly-sprouted feelings are echoed in your own heart, Kimi no tonari de zutto kawarazu mamoru darou I will forever be by your side, protecting you.
Ochita kibou wo hirotte asu ni tsunaide yukeba If I pick up the fallen hopes and fasten them to tomorrow, Karamatta ibitsuna negai datte hodokeru even my tangled, knotted wishes will come unraveled.
Hikari wo kazashite tamerai wo keshita Shielding my eyes from the light, I did away with all my hesitation.
Ageta katta no wa mirai de What I wanted to give you was the future.
Naiteru yoru daita mama nageki wo sakende As I shouted in grief, holding the teary night close.
Fumi ireta ashi wo tooku no risou ga Sotto iyashite yuku Far-off hopes soothe my feet that are weary from walking.
Tashika na kizuna wo tsuyoku nigiri Hold tight to this bond we can count on, Susumou doko made mo and let's keep going as far as we can, Kegare kitta kiseki wo se ni with this tainted miracle on my back.
The summoning worked, so why do I have to do this? What's so important about these books, anyway? I told you.
We prepare for war.
And one cannot wage war without maps.
Hey, boy.
Where are Macedonia and Persia? Y-You can't talk to me like that! I'm your Master-- I am well aware of your status as my Master.
We forged a pact, did we not? Yes.
But I'm more interested in learning what has become of my old territories.
I think they're over here.
So tiny! I spent my life conquering that land, and behold how puny it is! Very well! I can't wait! And where on the map are we now, boy? Here.
So, the other side of the round land? Pleasing news indeed! This will guide us in the coming battles.
Guide us? First, we journey to the other side of the world.
We go west.
Due west! And we shall conquer every land we pass through! I shall return to Macedonia in triumph, and my people will hold a festival in honor of my revival! How splendid will that be?! Why do you think you're here, anyway? Don't forget about the Holy Grail War! Indeed! That's right.
Speaking of the Grail, I have neglected to ask one thing.
What will you do with the Grail? Wh-What's it to you? What do you care? If you are also intent on world conquest, that would make you my enemy.
The world cannot serve two lords.
World conquest? I-I'll tell you what I want I just want people to treat me fairly.
I want to make all those at the Clock Tower who never gave me a chance to admit they were wrong! Small! So very small! And narrow-minded.
And stupid.
In this battle, your only concern is for your reputation? And you dare call yourself my Master? What a disappointment! If you wish so desperately for others to fear you, perhaps you should use the Grail's power to grow another 30 centimeters or so.
He's supposed to be my Servant He can't talk to me that way! I'll show him! I address the command seal.
In accordance with the Grail's laws, I order this man, Iskandar the Conqueror-- Calm down, Waver.
A Master can only use his command seal to compel his Servant's obedience three times.
If I use all my command seals, I won't be able to control him.
As long as I get the Grail, it doesn't matter.
I don't care what you do after that, so- I shall acquire the Grail for you.
You seem confident.
Have you made any plans? So, you wish to see my power.
Is that correct? N-Naturally! You need to prove that I can rely on you! I am Iskandar, King of Conquerors! With this swing of my sword, I declare my supremacy! This is the ox-chariot that King Gordius once offered up to Zeus.
Its renown must be the source of my designation as Rider class.
If you want the Grail, then find me another hero or two! Until then, I shall entertain myself with these maps.
That will not pose a problem, I take it? All right I won't lose today! There it is.
No way! Where is it? I'm sure I didn't overlook it! That's the first chestnut bud today.
First point goes to me.
I-I'm not going to lose! There's one! I found one, too! I found my second.
Hey, that isn't a chestnut branch.
No, Ilya.
That's called a wingnut.
It's similar to a chestnut.
So it's a chestnut bud, too.
No fair! No fair! No fair! You've been cheating this whole time! But Daddy can't win against you otherwise.
If you keep cheating, I won't play with you, Kiritsugu! I don't want that! I'm sorry! I apologize! Do you promise not to cheat anymore? I do, 1 do! Very well.
Then I'll challenge you again.
A champion accepts all challengers! Indeed.
I am honored, Your Highness! I'm SO high up! What are you looking at, Saber? Your daughter and Kiritsugu are playing outside.
Surprised? I was under the impression that my Master was colder than that.
Well, I can see how you might think that.
If that is Kiritsugu's true self, I must have gravely offended him.
Irisviel! You don't have to laugh.
I'm sorry I was wondering if the incident during your summoning still bothers you.
True, I did pretend to be a man in life, but surely there was no need for you two to be so shocked when you saw me.
Well, you know We couldn't help it.
Your legend King Arthur's legend It's simply too famous.
Do you suppose Kiritsugu might underestimate my ability because I am a woman? Never.
But You're right If he is upset, there's another reason.
Another? He's probably upset at the people who were around you.
The ones cruel enough to force the role of king upon a little girl.
It was inevitable.
I had resigned myself to that fate when I drew forth the sword from the stone.
That upsets him even more.
Your resignation to your fate.
Then he forgets his place.
He hasn't the right to question decisions made by those of my time, including myself.
That is why he says nothing.
Kiritsugu Emiya and the hero Arturia will never see eye to eye.
He must have resigned himself to that fact.
He wants to use the Grail's power to save the world.
That is his ambition.
And yours, correct? Yes, but I get my beliefs from him.
My own desire for the Grail is the same.
I wish to save Britain, since I was unable to protect it in life.
I think what you and Kiritsugu seek is right.
I believe it is something you can be proud of.
Our next match won't be until you come home from Japan, right? That's right.
How long will your work keep you and Mommy away, Kiritsugu? When will you come back? I'll be back in two weeks or so.
Your mom won't be back for quite a while, though.
Yeah, Mommy told me already.
She said we'd be apart for a long time.
She said that even if we don't see each other for a long time, she'd always be by my side.
So I shouldn't feel lonely.
She told me before I went to sleep.
I'm gonna be together with Mommy forever and ever! I see.
Listen, Ilya.
Kiritsugu? Can you wait for me, Ilya? Even if you're lonely, can you hold on until I come home? Yeah! Then I promise you.
I'll be home before you know it.
Fill, fill, fill 'er up, fill Repeat Four times Or was it five? Um, destroy each time it is filled Right? Fill, fill, fill, fill and fill.
That's five times! Okay.
At all three murder scenes, a mysterious pentagram was found, drawn in the victims' blood.
Maybe I went a bit too far This symbol's purpose remains unclear.
Today, we've invited a professor who specializes in criminal psychology to- Do you believe in demons, kiddo? All the papers and magazines call me a demon.
But suppose demons really did exist.
Wouldn't that be rude? You've gotta be clear about these things.
Yo! I'm Ryunosuke Uryu, and I'm a demon! I dunno if that's exactly the right way to go about it.
And then, I found this.
It's some old book from our storehouse.
Looks like my ancestors were researching how to summon demons.
Like, so I've just gotta find out if there really are demons! But you know If a demon really did appear, it'd be pretty stupid to just chat with it and send it back.
So, kid If a demon does show up, would you mind letting it kill you? I wonder what it's like, being killed by a demon? Not many people get to find out! Ow! What's that? I ask you You who calls to me You who seeks me O summoner who manifests me within the vessel of a Caster, I ask your name.
Who n n Um I'm Ryunosuke Uryu.
Currently working odd jobs.
My hobby is murder of all varieties.
I like kids and little girls.
Very well.
The pact is sealed.
I desire the Grail, as do you.
The vessel of paradise will be ours.
The Grai What? Anyway, how about a sacrifice? Wanna eat this kid? Wow That's human skin, isn't it? Cthulhu fhtagn Don't be scared, child.
Can you stand? Now, child, you can leave the room through that door.
Can you manage that by yourself? Yeah.
Hey, what're you thinking? Terror has degrees of freshness.
The more intense the fear, the more all other emotions die.
Terror, in its truest sense, is not a static state, but rather a dynamic one.
It is the moment when hope turns to despair.
Did you enjoy that? The taste of fresh terror and death.
Cool! You're awesome! You're so cool! Okay! I don't know about this Grail crap, but from now on, I'm with you! Let's go kill some people! I want you to show me even cooler ways to kill! Ryunosuke, was it? What a magnificent omen, to be blessed with an understanding Master like yourself.
I feel my dream is nearly within my grasp.
Oh, hey.
I didn't get your name.
MY name? Let me see.
In this era, the most common name for me is I believe I will call myself Bluebeard.
The Church contacted me.
They said that the seventh Servant, Caster, has appeared.
The final Servant has been summoned? Then it's time.
You are to head immediately for Tohsaka manor.
And once I arrive? The manor's powerful magical barriers should be child's play to you.
Are you sure about this? I was under the impression that you were allies with Tokiomi Tohsaka.
Don't worry about that.
Even if it means fighting Archer, there's no need to fear.
No need to fear Archer, one of the three Great Knight classes? I leave the rest to you.
Eliminate Tokiomi Tohsaka at once.
This will be easy.
You're nothing but a worm.
Who gave you permission to come here? No need to fear that, u-he You are not worthy to look upon me.
A worm should be facing the ground when it dies.
Episode 2: The Fake First Shot Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Omoide ni yorisoi nagara kimi wo omoeru nara All I wish is to love you as I snuggle your memory.
Itsumo minareteru madobe ni utsutta Your eyes, which I see reflected in the window so often, Sono hitomi wa ashita wo muite ita were looking out towards the future.
Aa sakaraenu sadame to shittemo Kowaku nai Even if I learn that my fate cannot be changed, I will not be afraid.
Kokoro kara shinji te iru I believe in you from the bottom of my heart.
Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Kimi to sugoshita akashi wa tashika ni koko ni aru The proof that we spent time together does exist here.
Afure dasu kimochi wo oshiete kureta kara Because you told me of your feelings that could not be contained, Kono sekai ga nakunatte mo watashi wa soko ni iru even if this world vanishes, I will be with you.
At last, it's time for the Fourth Holy Grail War to begin.
It's unspeakably ugly.
Where is the item I left with you? This will be fun! Welcome.
Grant me victory! Next Time: Fuyuki City I will, without fail.