Fate/Zero (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Forbidden Banquet

1 Oceanus.
I have to ask, what brought this on? We're going into town? Nothing.
I just want a change of scenery.
You've been whining about wanting to see the amusement district this whole time, right? The joy of window shopping in a foreign land is every bit as great as the joy of battle.
I feel really bad for the countries that got invaded for a reason like that.
What's up, kid? You sound like you actually saw it happen.
Don't worry about it.
I was just thinking out loud.
Kurikaesu sekai nando te wo nobashitara In this endlessly repeating world, how many times must I reach out Hakanai namida wa kuroi kokoro tokasuno? so that my hopeless tears thaw my black heart? Mebae dashita omoi ga mune ni hibiita nara If these freshly-sprouted feelings are echoed in your own heart, Kimi no tonari de zutto kawarazu mamoru darou I will forever be by your side, protecting you.
Ochita kibou wo hirotte asu ni tsunaide yukeba If I pick up the fallen hopes and fasten them to tomorrow, Karamatta ibitsuna negai datte hodokeru even my tangled, knotted wishes will come unraveled.
Hikari wo kazashite tamerai wo keshita Shielding my eyes from the light, I did away with all my hesitation.
Ageta katta no wa mirai de What I wanted to give you was the future.
Naiteru yoru daita mama nageki wo sakende As I shouted in grief, holding the teary night close.
Fumi ireta ashi wo tooku no risou ga Sotto iyashite yuku Far-off hopes soothe my feet that are weary from walking.
Tashika na kizuna wo tsuyoku nigiri Hold tight to this bond we can count on, Susumou doko made mo and let's keep going as far as we can, Kegare kitta kiseki wo se ni with this tainted miracle on my back.
This is horrible! It's just too much! We worked so hard to create this artwork! How could they? What kind What kind of monster would do this?! Ryunosuke only a very select few can comprehend true beauty and harmony.
To the vast majority of philistines, beauty is nothing but something to be destroyed.
It is for that reason that we mustn't become excessively attached to our creations.
All things that are given form are fated to break one day.
We creators must rather find joy in the process of creation.
Whatever they break, we should make another, is that it? Precisely! As always, Ryunosuke, your frank understanding is your best virtue.
Maybe we just had too much fun And God punished us.
I will say this, Ryunosuke.
God does not punish humans, ever! He simply toys with them! B-Big Guy? Once, I committed atrocities the likes of which this Earth had never seen.
But each day I murdered, and I defiled, and yet no divine punishment came! And before I knew it, my exploration of the depths of evil had been ignored for eight whole years.
In the end, it was not God that destroyed me, but rather the selfishness of my fellow humans.
The church and state executed me, not for any wrong I had done, but because they coveted my wealth and lands! What brought an end to my evil deeds was the furthest thing possible from "judgment.
" It was simple theft! But, Big Guy There's still a God, right? Why do you think that? You, who are without faith and have never known a miracle? Because the world seems like it's boring But the more you look, the more you find all kinds of neat and crazy stuff! I've always thought that way.
A world filled with so many amazing things could never have happened by chance.
If you set your mind to enjoying it, there's no better entertainment than this world! I'm sure there's an entertainer writing the story of 5 billion people.
If you wanted to describe somebody like that, what else could you call him but God? Then, Ryunosuke, do you think that God loves humanity? He's head over heels! If he's spending every minute of every day writing the story of this world, well, you could never do that without love! I bet he's totally into it! While he enjoys his own work He loves the things that make humans look good, like courage and hope! And he loves screams and blood and despair just as much! If he didn't, there's no way people's guts would be so colorful! So I'm sure the world is filled with God's love, Big Guy! In this era where the people no longer believe and the state has abandoned God's will, I had no idea that such a vivacious new faith had taken root! You have my admiration, Ryunosuke.
My Master! Aww, cut it out! I'm blushing.
But according to your view of religion, were not all my blasphemies nothing more than a farce? Nah.
You know, the best entertainers can get smiles out of playing the villain.
If you ask me, I bet God just loves playing against your villain routine! So you say that both blasphemy and devotion are worship in your eyes? Ryunosuke! Truly, you are the bearer of a new philosophy! A God who makes puppets of all men for his sport, and he himself is but another clown! I see.
His vicious ways all make sense now.
Very well.
Then let us paint the gardens of God with ever more brilliant despair and terror! We will show the author in his Heaven that God is not the only one who knows what entertainment is! We're gonna do something awesome again, aren't we, big Guy? Cool Cool! All right, I'll be in this bookstore for a while.
As for you, do whatever you want, but you're not to leave this arcade.
If I'm attacked, it's curtains for you, too, got it? No conquering.
No plundering.
Pay attention to me, damn it! There's to be no shoplifting, and no eating without paying! If you want something, pay for it with money! Or do I have to use a Command Seal to make you behave? Don't be rude.
Macedonian etiquette was the mark of a man of culture in palaces everywhere! Well, I'm off.
Until later, kid.
The king gave control over the lands he conquered, as well as the rights to their taxes, to the local nobles, and took his armies further east.
Just like what I saw in my dream.
He continued his campaign because he wanted to reach Oceanus, the furthest ocean? Hey, kid, where are you? There you are.
You're so small, you're impossible to see between these bookshelves.
It was hard to find you.
Normal people are smaller than bookshelves, idiot.
So, what did you buy? Check this out.
Admirable Grand Strategy came out today! And I got the first-run special edition! My LUC must be pretty good! You know, there's no point in buying the software for that if you don't have the game console.
I took care of it.
Come on, kid.
When we get back, we're playing two-player mode.
I bought us two controllers.
I'm not interested in low-class entertainment like that.
Why do you always try to narrow your own horizons like that? Don't you ever want to seek out anything fun? Shut up.
If I have time to waste on that, I'd rather spend it on the search for Truth.
So, what was so interesting to you over here? This book? Hey This is a book about me! You're a weird guy.
I'm right here.
If you want to know something, just ask me to my face.
Fine, I'll ask! I'll ask you, then! History says you were really short.
So why are you materializing in such a huge body? It says I'm tiny? You can't trust books when you don't know who wrote them.
You're not mad that it's wrong? No, it doesn't really bother me.
Is that odd? In any age, the people in charge always try their hardest to make sure future generations remember them.
I suppose having your name recorded in the history books is a kind of immortality.
But if that just means that my name gets passed down for 2,000 years and nothing else does, I'd have preferred to have even a hundredth of that added to my life.
Then is it true that you died in your early 30s? Yes, that one's true.
Hey, Big Guv! Get out there and show us something that's gonna shock even God! Big Guv! Look forward to it, Ryunosuke! I shall give you the greatest "Cool!" you have ever seen! Seriously? I can't wait! Something awesome's gonna happen! Why are you so quiet? Nothing.
I was just thinking how boring you were.
What? I knew it, you're bored! Then quit your whining and play this game with me.
That's not it! Even if I get the Grail for a Servant like you, who's practically guaranteed to win, I couldn't take pride in that at all.
It would've been better if my pact had been with Assassin! I don't know if that would've worked.
I think you'd be dead.
That's fine! If I'm going to die in my own battle, then I'm not going to complain.
That's why I joined the Grail War.
And now I don't know what to tell you.
If the wish you have for the Grail was something that impressed me, I would be more inclined to obey you.
But if you just want to use it to get taller You don't know what you're talking about! You don't need to be in such a hurry.
Nobody said that the Grail War would be the most important event of your life.
What? When the day comes that you find a way to live that you can truly be proud of, you'll be forced into your own battle whether you want to or not.
You'll have plenty of time to look for your battlefield then.
I'm not the only one who isn't satisfied with this pact, am I? You don't like it either! Having me as your Master.
You would've been able to win a lot easier if you'd contracted with a different Master, right? Probably, yeah.
Take a look, kid.
This is the enemy I'm facing.
Now, try to draw us standing alongside this enemy.
So that you can compare the two of us.
But that's Impossible, right? Next to the enemy we're about to fight, you and I are the same.
Just little dots.
What point is there in comparing our size? That is exactly why I am so excited! The weakest, the smallest, that's perfect! With a body smaller than a poppy seed, I will someday surpass the world! In my chest beats the heart of the King of Conquerors! So what you're saying is, who your Master is makes no difference, right? No matter how weak I am, it doesn't matter to you.
Where'd you get that? That miserable nature of yours is the sign of a conqueror.
No matter what you say, you know how small you are.
And yet you still struggle to reach heights greater than you can imagine.
That's not a compliment.
You're making fun of me.
Indeed, kid.
You're an incorrigible idiot.
Your desires are greater than yourself.
Like they say, "Glory lies beyond the horizon.
" In the world I lived in, that was the most basic rule of life.
Is that why you kept rushing towards the east like a fool? Yes.
That's right.
I wanted to see Oceanus with my own eyes.
But my dream never came true.
He doesn't see that sea? Even now, Oceanus remains the place I strive for.
It's an endless dream.
That sea is the mental image that Rider has of it.
Laugh if you like.
I, who still dream the same dream after 2,000 years, am another great fool.
So, kid A pact with an idiot like you feels perfect for me.
The river.
Can you see what is happening, Lancer? It is Caster, all right.
He has taken up a position on the river and appears to be doing something.
However, I cannot make out what, exactly.
This is the perfect opportunity to put him down.
If I defeat Caster, I can regain one of the bonds with Lancer that I lost.
I will go forth to engage him.
You stay here, Mistress Sola-Ui and bear witness to my deeds.
What? I'm a Master now! I will stay by your side and assist you.
You mustn't.
You could not possibly understand military matters as Master Kayneth did.
That river will become a deathtrap.
Please understand.
But I Or is it that you still harbor doubts as to where the loyalty of Diarmuid lies? That he would fight to serve his own ends? Lancer, I leave all field decisions to you.
Fight freely, and without regret.
I am in your debt.
If you return victorious, Lancer, grace me with your smile.
Caster This incredible outpouring of mana makes it clear that Caster is in the process of some incredible magic.
Welcome, Holy Virgin.
I am overjoyed that we have met again.
You never learn, fiend.
What are you trying to do tonight? I'm terribly sorry, Jeanne.
But you're not the guest of honor tonight.
But if you would care to join us, it would give me the greatest pleasure.
At this banquet of death and decadence that I, Gilles de Rais, have prepared, everyone may eat their fill! Now we once again raise the flag of salvation! Caster is being absorbed? You who have been abandoned, gather here! I shall lead you! I shall rule you! The resentment and rage of we, the oppressed, shall reach unto God himself! God in Heaven, with words of condemnation, I praise Your holy name! That's O Arrogant God! O Cruel God! We shall pull you down from your throne! Hey, King of Knights.
King of Conquerors Hey, stop it.
We're calling a truce for the night.
We won't be able to have any kind of fight unless we deal with that thing.
I've been going around and telling everyone.
Lancer agreed.
He should be here soon.
We have no objections to fighting alongside you, either.
King of Conquerors, ours will be a short alliance, but let us pledge loyalty to one another.
Einzbern, you guys got a plan? Lancer told me that this isn't your first time fighting Caster.
We need to defeat him as quickly as we can.
That monster is maintaining itself in this world with Caster's mana for now, but if it gets its own food source and starts to become self-sustaining, there'll be nothing we can do.
We must stop Caster before then.
I follow you.
We need to settle this before it comes ashore and starts to feed.
But Caster himself is deep inside those thick walls of flesh.
What do we do? Drag him out.
That's the only way.
If we can expose his Noble Phantasm, then my Gae Dearg can destroy the spell with one strike.
Lancer, will you be able to throw that spear through his Noble Phantasm from the shore? If I can just see it, it will be child's play.
Then you and I will act as the advance guard.
Is that acceptable, King of Conquerors? That's fine.
My chariot has no need of roads, but how are you going to attack the enemy in the river, Saber? My body has been blessed by the Lady of the Lake.
No water can bar my way, however many fathoms deep it may be.
That's a rare skill to have.
I want you to serve under me even more now.
You will pay for your words some other time.
But for now, we need to drag Caster out from within that monster.
Indeed! Then I shall take the lead! Saber Good luck.
Let's finish this, Caster! Episode 13: The Forbidden Feast Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Omoide ni yorisoi nagara kimi wo omoeru nara All I wish is to love you as I snuggle your memory.
Itsumo minareteru madobe ni utsutta Your eyes, which I see reflected in the window so often, Sono hitomi wa ashita wo muite ita were looking out towards the future.
Aa sakaraenu sadame to shittemo Kowaku nai Even if I learn that my fate cannot be changed, I will not be afraid.
Kokoro kara shinji te iru I believe in you from the bottom of my heart.
Shizuka ni utsuri yuku tooi kioku no naka In my distant, shifting memories, Kimi to sugoshita akashi wa tashika ni koko ni aru The proof that we spent time together does exist here.
Afure dasu kimochi wo oshiete kureta kara Because you told me of your feelings that could not be contained, Kono sekai ga nakunatte mo watashi wa soko ni iru even if this world vanishes, I will be with you.
Get 'em, Bluebeard! A failure of these proportions is unprecedented.
You want me to unleash my greatest treasure, Ea, here? Saber! King of Heroes, please, wait! What a crazy guy.
Kill all of them! Every last one!