Fate/Zero (2011) s02e01 Episode Script

The Bloody Battle of Mion River

1 If there really is a giant monster up there, will they give us permission to engage? If this were a monster movie, we'd be goners.
We'd just be there for it to kill us before the Giant of Light shows up.
That isn't funny.
Well, we'll know for sure soon enough.
It's no use It's restoring itself.
Its regenerative power is incredible.
It's all they can do just to keep it from coming ashore.
I cannot reach Caster like this This is amazingJust amazing! Seriously amazing, Big Guy! God is with us God is with us! Ato ichido dake kiseki wa okoru darou A miracle is sure to happen just one more time Yasashii koe de egaku yuganda mirai The twisted future described with your gentle voice.
Mou daremo nakanai sekai no tame ni For the sake of a world in which no one will ever cry again, Akaku kegasareta sora no My screams and prayers Doko nimo todokazu kieru sakebi to inori don't reach anywhere in the red-stained sky.
Nagusame wa sutete ikeru I can give up consolation and leave this place.
Kirei na tsuki no hikari ga The pure light of the moon Hajimari he to shizumi yuku sinks down towards the beginning, Sono Kanata he down ever further.
Tozasare teku hitomi de With my closing eyes, Mada tooku he I reach out once again Te wo nobasu far into the distance, Kimi no nageki wo shinji te believing in your grief.
What a complete disaster.
In the Holy Grail War's long history, there has never been a failure such as this.
According to observer reports, the Mion River area is engulfed by a thick fog.
But a large number of bystanders is beginning to gather.
This is now beyond our ability to control.
We shall have to request aid from the Mages Association.
And where is Tokiomi? My master heads there now, with Archer in tow.
Kirei I will handle the cover-up.
You go and assist Tokiomi.
Understood, Father.
What an utterly hideous sight to behold Mongrels or not, they are still supposedly famous warriors.
Yet not even together can they finish that disgusting thing? How very pathetic Do you not agree, Tokiomi? We must eliminate that monster before further witnesses see it.
In the name of the Tohsaka family King, that monster is a destructive pest that tears apart your gardens.
I implore you to execute it.
That would be a gardener's work.
Or, Tokiomi, do you dare imply that my Noble Phantasm is nothing more than a gardener's spade? Not at all! But as you can see, the others are unable to handle it themselves.
This is an excellent chance to display the power wielded by a true hero.
I beg you Unbelievable.
We're leaving, Tokiomi.
I cannot bear to look upon that nauseating thing further.
No King of Heroes, please wait! Tokiomi, I have sacrificed four of my swords and spears for you.
Now that they have touched that thing, I no longer even desire their return.
Do not impinge further on my generosity.
You are the sole hero capable of defeating that monstrosity.
Given how rapidly it regenerates, it must be destroyed with a single attack! And King of Heroes, the only thing capable of that is your Sword of Rupture-- You dare?! You would have me draw my greatest treasure, Ea, here? Know your place, Tokiomi! To speak thus to a king is punishable by death! I could use a Command Seal, but it would severely damage my relationship with the King of Heroes.
Father Risei and I devised this entire plan to restore my lost Command Seal by eliminating Caster.
Why did it turn out this way?! Damn it What is that? There's a strange light at six o'clock, too.
That's no helicopter.
Is it a UFO or something? Control to Diablo-1.
What is your situation? My situation Um Well I'll drop altitude and get a bit closer! Wait, Kobayashi! Get back here, Diabolo-2! If I can get closer, I should be able to see what that thing is! Kobayashi? Kobayashi! What is that thing? It It ate it.
Control to Diabolo-1! What the hell is happening up there? Report! Eyes There are eyes Eyes everywhere! Eyes? What do you mean by eyes? Is it going to eat me, too? Captain Dug“.
! Diabolo-1, engaging! W-Wait, Ougi! What's happ-- I'll kill it before it eats me.
I'll avenge Kobayashi I'll hit it with everything I have! Berserker? What's he doing here? Fool! Stay down! Him again? Why now? That's Oh? The mad dog again? Interesting My King, I shall engage his Master.
Very well.
Go and play with him.
Good luck, then.
A dog belongs with its face to the ground.
You dare take to the heavens, a king's realm? Do not be arrogant, mongrel! Such impertinence Fascinating.
I've not done anything like this for a long time For a lowly beast, you do keep me entertained.
You've certainly changed for the worse Kariya Matou.
You abandoned magecraft, but were still drawn to the Grail.
And now, you've returned looking like that.
Your disgraceful behavior reflects very poorly on the Matous.
Tokiomi Tohsaka, I have one question for you.
Why did you give Sakura to Zouken? What? Should you really be concerned with that right now? Answer me, Tokiomi! There is nothing to say.
I simply wished my daughter to have a bright future.
What? Any mage with two children must face a painful dilemma.
Only one may inherit the family secrets.
The other must be cast out to become one of the rabble My wife's womb was too bountiful.
Both Rin and Sakura were born with a rare level of potential.
Both daughters required the protection provided by a mage clan.
To destroy the possibilities held by one for the sake of the other? What father would desire such a tragedy? One of the rabble The mother and two daughters I saw on that day He would simply dismiss them as rabble? To fulfill my wish that both their talents might be developed, I had no choice but to send one away to be adopted.
And so, the Matou family's request was like a blessing from Heaven.
As a clan that knows of the Grail, their odds of reaching the Root become that much greater.
A mage is one who is born with power.
And one who will someday attain still greater power.
Even before they are aware of this fate, the responsibility lies in their blood.
That is what it means to be born a mage's child.
If I cannot attain it, Rin will.
And even if Rin cannot, Sakura will.
She will carry on the Tohsaka family's wishes.
You You'd have them fight? Sister against sister? Even should that happen, my descendants will be happy.
What? The glory goes to you if you are the victor.
And if you are not, it goes to your ancestors' clan Could a more joyous battle exist? You're insane! It isn't even worth the trouble of trying to explain it to you.
Not to a man who is blind to magecraft's nobility, let alone a traitor who turned his back on it.
Shut up! I'll never forgive you people.
You disgusting mages I'll kill you.
Zouken and you, too! I will kill every last one of you! You refused to carry on the Matou line, so its magics went to Sakura.
Perhaps I should thank you.
But even so I cannot forgive you, either.
Your weakness, in running from the responsibility of your blood.
Your baseness, in failing to see anything wrong in doing so.
Kariya Matou, you are a disgrace to magecraft.
Having once more encountered one other, what else can I do but kill you? Shut the hell up You inhuman monster! No.
Taking responsibility for yourself is the first condition of being a human.
One who cannot do even that is less than human, Kariya.
A dog.
Insects, devour him Eat him alive! Get 'em, Bluebeard! Crush 'em! Kill 'em! This whole place is God's toy box! Saber! I am in your debt, Saber! It's time to say goodbye to boredom There's no need to go out of my way to kill anymore.
I can just sit back and watch them die.
CrushedTorn apart Smashed Eaten! They'll die, and die, and die! I'll see all kinds of guts and gore I've never seen before Every day Every day.
Around the world! Everywhere! Never ending! Never even-- It stopped? What? Hey, what was that? Wow, that's so pretty I get it Yeah, that's why I never noticed.
Sometimes you can't see what's right in front of you.
What I was looking for It was in my own guts this whole time Ryunosuke? I finally found it.
I've been searching for it forever What's wrong with you? If it was inside me, why didn't you ever tell me? You should've just told me Ryunosuke My Master.
You have died and left me all alone.
But do not worry, Ryunosuke.
For I, Gilles de Rais, shall fulfill my promise to you.
Behold, Ryunosuke! A gift to see you to the next world The greatest COOL! I've shot the man we believed to be Caster's Master.
Appears we were right.
Shall we eliminate our next target while the Servants deal with the monster? Wait, Maiya.
That is no mere monster.
It's an immortal creature, infinitely regenerative.
It will reach the shore before it vanishes.
If it starts feeding, it's all over.
With a new source of mana, Caster can sustain his material form.
Then the damage would only spread.
The Holy Grail War itself may need to be abandoned.
That's correct.
But how do we eliminate an immortal monster? Our only option is to destroy it all at once.
To destroy every single scrap of it, completely incinerating it in a single strike.
Anti-personnel or anti-army Noble Phantasms won't be enough.
We need an anti-fortress Noble Phantasm.
And Saber possesses one.
Unfortunately, Lancer's curse leaves her unable to use it now.
I say that we have them show us this chivalry that they are so proud of.
Episode 14: The Mion River Battle Doushite sora wa konna ni aoku te Why is the sky so blue? Nani mo kanashimi wo shiranu youni As if it knows nothing of sadness, Itsumo tamerawazu ashita he to kuzure ochiru it always caves into tomorrow without hesitation.
Inochi wa tarinai mama umarete kuruno ne When souls are born, they're lacking something, aren't they? Kake ochita kokoro ni anata ga furete You touch my broken heart.
Futari de yuku mirai wa The future we're heading towards together Kegare no nai tsuyosa de with unsullied strength.
Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau The sky is high and the wind sings.
Yume wo miteta Yorokobi he to I had a dream to reach joy.
Hito wa itsuka tadori tsukeru Everyone will reach the goal some day.
Kodomo no hitomi de anata wa shinjita You believed that with childlike, pure eyes.
Soba ni iruyo I'm here at your side Koori tsuita mori wo nuke te while passing through this frozen forest Sono hitomi ga sekai no nageki ni so that your eyes won't be distracted Mayowanu you ni by the grief of the world.
This light Such a futile effort.
The undefeated king sings aloud the name of the miracle held in her hands.
It is too painful to gaze upon.
Is he trying to destroy himself? We must stop him here! Next Time: Golden Shine I shall place my faith in you, Saber.