Fate/Zero (2011) s02e03 Episode Script

The Terminus of Honor

1 My apologies for the wait.
Things have been rather hectic this evening.
It couldn't be helped, given the situation.
It will be difficult to cover all that up.
Yes, perhaps This is far too much for the Church to handle by herself.
We are accepting any aid proffered for this effort.
Now then, Father Regarding my request, what is your decision? Regarding the reward offered for the defeat of Caster Ato ichido dake kiseki wa okoru darou A miracle is sure to happen just one more time.
Yasashii koe de egaku yuganda mirai The twisted future described with your gentle voice.
Mou daremo nakanai sekai no tame ni For the sake of a world in which no one will ever cry again, Akaku kegasareta sora no My screams and prayers Doko nimo todokazu kieru sakebi to inori don't reach anywhere in the red-stained sky.
Nagusame wa sutete ikeru I can give up consolation and leave this place.
Kirei na tsuki no hikari ga The pure light of the moon Hajimari he to shizumi yuku sinks down towards the beginning, Sono Kanata he down ever further.
Tozasare teku hitomi de With my closing eyes, Mada tooku he I reach out once again Te wo nobasu far into the distance, Kimi no nageki wo shinji te believing in your grief.
Thank goodness Now, once I get the Command Seal for killing Caster, Diarmuid and I will be truly connected.
My right hand It's gone! My right hand! My right hand! I need it! Or I cannot call Diarmuid! I won't be able to make him care for me! My right hand My right hand.
My right hand.
My right hand! My right hand! Hand My hand I have secured Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri over in New Town.
I removed the Command Seals along with her right hand.
Get out of there immediately.
Lancer should return any time now.
I saved Kariya Matou Without doubt, he could threaten my Master.
There is no excuse.
This is an act of rebellion.
But what is this I am feeling? It is not regret Could I be excited? It's true that in the defeat of Caster, the Servant Lancer played an important part, as verified by observer reports.
Then I have the right to receive one of the Command Seals? About that Mr.
Kayneth Archibald, I am unsure whether it is appropriate to consider you a Master at this point.
My pact with Lancer was executed jointly by my fiancée, Sola-Ui, and me.
And is Sola-Ui not the one currently supplying mana and acting as caretaker for the Command Seals? That is true.
I have temporarily given her the Command Seals.
However, the rights of the pact still reside with me.
First off, the petition submitted to the Church to be a Master was filed in my name.
Very well.
The rights are yours.
Now, Mr.
Kayneth Extend your hand.
Take this, and drink from it.
This is my blood, which will be poured out for you and for many.
The blood of the covenant! I hope you will continue to fight a noble battle as a Master.
Yes, of course.
I'm down to a single Command Seal.
My situation remains dire.
I cannot allow the other Masters an additional seal! Mistress Sola-Ui! You complete incompetent! Useless, bumbling fool! You fail to protect even a single woman? I'm sick of all your talk of chivalry I am grievously sorry.
She may have been a mere substitute, but you still failed to protect even your own Master! What are you good for as a Servant? I'm amazed you had the nerve to return here alone.
I am afraid, my Master, that Sola-Ui and I never entered into a proper pact.
We could not sense each other's presence.
And so you should have taken special care! My Master, Mistress Sola-Ui lives yet.
She still supplies me with mana.
Irrelevant! If you are not properly her Servant and cannot discern her location, it doesn't matter! Sola-Ui, I should never have given you those Command Seals I could not dissuade her.
I share in the responsibility.
I can't believe you have the nerve to say that.
Don't try fooling me, Lancer.
You were the one who encouraged Sola-Ui.
Never, Master! It's just as in the legend Are you truly incapable of seeing your lord's fiancée without attempting to seduce her? My Master, please retract those words.
Oh, have I struck a nerve? You're only a beast.
You swore eternal loyalty, and then gave in to lust! Kayneth why Why will you not understand? I I wished only to defend my honor.
To fight in noble battle with you.
Don't speak to me like that, Servant! Understand your place.
You're nothing but a ghost, granted form by magic! You dare to lecture your Master? Absurd! If you are so dissatisfied, use your precious pride to resist my Command Seal.
You'll never win.
You Servants are mere puppets, and here is your string.
Kayneth Master What? You still have something to say to me? No, that isn't it.
Something is approaching.
It's just as Kiritsugu said.
There are traces of a magical barrier.
But it's strange It hasn't been properly maintained.
It's already starting to fall apart I did not expect you here, Saber.
My My ally found this place and informed me.
They said this was your location.
You would not happen to know where my Master's betrothed is, would you, Saber? I do not.
What of it? No.
Forget it.
In any event, are you certain about this, Saber? You did not come to engage in idle chit-chat, I'm sure.
After employing that technique against Caster, you must be exhausted.
No more so than the other Servants.
None will be fighting further tonight.
They will focus on defense.
That is why we needn't worry about being interrupted.
Dawn nears, but I believe this may be the best night to finish our battle.
What say you, Lancer? Saber The only thing that still grants my heart peace is your pure fighting spirit.
Her attacks are too weak.
Saber, you You will not use your left hand? Don't get the wrong idea, Lancer.
If I use my left hand here, the shame is certain to dull my blade.
Against your spear, that would be fatal.
Saber Therefore, Diarmuid, this is my best strategy to defeat you.
Pride rests in the blade of chivalry! I I am glad that I was given the opportunity to meet you.
I am first spear of the knights of Fianna, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.
Here I go! Splendid! I, Arturia Pendragon, King of Britain, accept your challenge.
Come, then! Why does he not win? If he has no certain path to victory, should he not escape with his Master? Right now, our highest priority is to rescue Sola-Ui Why can he not understand even that? That useless Servant! Why him, of all people? This is a Self-Geas Scroll.
A magical item, used by mages to forge an unbreakable pact.
Binding Spell Affected Party: Kiritsugu Emiya.
The Crest of the Emiya family orders the following.
The pledge is to be obeyed by the Affected Party upon fulfillment of the terms described herein.
Pledge: That Kiritsugu, son of Norikata, fifth heir to the house of Emiya, will be forever forbidden from harming Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald and Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri or intending them to come to harm.
Terms In principle, the curse of the Geas cannot be removed by any means.
Even if you forfeit your life, as long as the Magic Crest exists, it will bind your soul, even in death.
It's true that if I do what's written, he cannot kill me.
But under these terms, my fight will end here.
The Grail And the Archibald family pride He asks me to throw it all away? Sola-Ui Use all your remaining Command Seals to compel your Servant to commit suicide.
The terms have been met.
You want to win You want to win so desperately? You desire the Grail so desperately? You have crushed You have crushed my sole remaining wish And you You feel no shame at all?! I will never forgive you.
I will never forgive you for this! You inhuman monsters who have ruined the honor of a knight, let my blood taint your dreams! May the Grail be cursed! May the wish it grants bring disaster! And when you fall into the pits of hell, remember the rage of Diarmuid! Now the Geas binds you? Yes, the pact has been sealed.
I can no longer kill you.
I can't, anyway- Kill me Kill me, please Sorry.
Our pact forbids me from harming you.
Kiritsugu Emiya I finally understand what a terrible man you are.
I believed that our paths differed, but we shared a mutual goal.
I was a fool to think this.
Until now, I placed my faith in Irisviel's words, and thus did not doubt you.
But now, I can no longer believe that your desire for the Grail has anything to do with salvation.
Answer me, Kiritsugu! What is the true reason you desire the Grail? Even should my sword win the Grail, if that means I must yield it to you, I Answer her, Kiritsugu.
After all this, you owe her an explanation.
Come to think of it, this is the first time I have shown you the way I kill, Iri.
If you only eliminate a Master, the Servant may enter into a pact with another party.
So I had to eliminate the Master and Servant simultaneously.
Kiritsugu, speak to Saber, not me.
She needs to hear your words.
Honor, glory There's no point in speaking to a killer who extols the virtues of such things.
You would even insult chivalry to my face, monster?! A knight cannot save the world.
Knights call certain methods of fighting good and others evil, acting as if there were some nobility to the battlefield.
Such illusions, created by heroes throughout history, have led countless young men to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this glory and honor.
They are not illusions! Even the taking of life, as a human act, must have laws and ideals.
Otherwise, every war would bring hell to this world! And there you go.
You heard her, Iri.
Our Heroic Spirit considers a battlefield to be something better than hell.
What a joke.
It's hell itself.
There's no hope to be had on a battlefield.
There is nothing but unspeakable despair.
Just a crime we call victory, paid for by the pain of the defeated.
But humanity has never recognized this truth.
And the reason is that, in every era, dazzling heroes have blinded the people with their legends, and kept them from seeing the evil of bloodshed.
True human nature has not advanced a step beyond the Stone Age.
Then, Kiritsugu Is the reason you force Saber to endure such humiliation because of your hatred for the Heroic Spirits? Of course not.
Such personal feelings don't enter into it.
I will win the Holy Grail and save the world.
And I will wage that war with the most appropriate weapons at my disposal.
Justice and righteousness cannot save the world.
I care nothing for such things.
Kiritsugu Do you fully understand? If you do evil out of hatred for evil, that rage and hatred will merely give rise to new conflict.
Kiritsugu Emiya, I do not know what betrayed you, or what has caused you to lose all hope.
But your rage and sorrow are found only in those who once sought justice.
Kiritsugu, in youth, your truest self wished to be a hero, did it not? A hero to save the world.
You believed in that You desired it more than anyone.
Or am I wrong? I will break this endless cycle.
The Grail will make that possible.
I'll ensure that the blood I spill in Fuyuki is the last blood that humanity will ever shed.
If that means I must stain my hands with every evil in the world, I don't care.
If that will save the world, I do it gladly.
Kiritsugu has left, hasn't he? Irisviel? Irisviel! Episode 16: The End of Honor Doushite sora wa konna ni aoku te Why is the sky so blue? Nani mo kanashimi wo shiranu youni As if it knows nothing of sadness, Itsumo tamerawazu ashita he to kuzure ochiru it always caves into tomorrow without hesitation.
Inochi wa tarinai mama umarete kuruno ne When souls are born, they're lacking something, aren't they? Kake ochita kokoro ni anata ga furete You touch my broken heart.
Futari de yuku mirai wa The future we're heading towards together Kegare no nai tsuyosa de with unsullied strength.
Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau The sky is high and the wind sings.
Yume wo miteta Yorokobi he to I had a dream to reach joy.
Hito wa itsuka tadori tsukeru Everyone will reach the goal some day.
Kodomo no hitomi de anata wa shinjita You believed that with childlike, pure eyes.
Soba ni iruyo I'm here at your side Koori tsuita mori wo nuke te while passing through this frozen forest Sono hitomi ga sekai no nageki ni so that your eyes won't be distracted Mayowanu you ni by the grief of the world.
This cannot be allowed! An alliance? Now? Let me tell you the truth behind the Holy Grail War.
I accept.
Die, to make his dream a reality.
Such a boring ending.
Next Time: The Eighth Contract Goodbye, Father.