Fate/Zero (2011) s02e04 Episode Script

The Eighth Contract

1 Ato ichido dake kiseki wa okoru darou A miracle is sure to happen just one more time.
Yasashii koe de egaku yuganda mirai The twisted future described with your gentle voice.
Mou daremo nakanai sekai no tame ni For the sake of a world in which no one will ever cry again, Akaku kegasareta sora no My screams and prayers Doko nimo todokazu kieru sakebi to inori don't reach anywhere in the red-stained sky.
Nagusame wa sutete ikeru I can give up consolation and leave this place.
Kirei na tsuki no hikari ga The pure light of the moon Hajimari he to shizumi yuku sinks down towards the beginning, Sono Kanata he down ever further.
Tozasare teku hitomi de With my closing eyes, Mada tooku he I reach out once again Te wo nobasu far into the distance, Kimi no nageki wo shinji te believing in your grief.
Murdered?! Impossible Why would even the priest have been killed? It's unthinkable.
This cannot be allowed! I'm sure it must also be regrettable for you to lose the Father in this way.
Father Risei was like a second father to me.
It has been one unexpected disaster after another It might prove necessary to formulate a plan of some sort at once.
Why did you not tell Tokiomi? Tell him what? I pity your father He died, believing his son to be a man of God.
Or rather Perhaps that might have been his salvation? Does your father's death arouse no feeling within you at all? He was killed, after all.
You could at least try to look a little sad.
It does.
I am frustrated to no end.
Frustrated, eh? Are you frustrated because you were unable to kill him yourself? Saber Irisviel, how are you feeling? It appears I've made you worry.
I'm sorry No, as long as you truly are all right, that is all that matters.
But It's okay.
It is Maiya's presence that you are sensing.
From Tohsaka? Yes.
Tokiomi Tohsaka requests that we present a united front.
An alliance? Now? Surely Tohsaka is uneasy at the thought of dealing with Rider and Berserker.
So he has invited us to meet, assuming that we would be most amenable.
Meaning that, compared to the two other teams, he believes us the weakest.
Tohsaka said he wishes to meet tonight at the Fuyuki church.
From the start, Tokiomi Tohsaka has made elaborate preparations for this Grail War.
And it's also likely that he secretly controlled Assassin's Master, Kirei Kotomine.
If Tohsaka exerts some influence over Kirei Kotomine, then I believe we cannot ignore this offer.
You're right.
Kirei Kotomine Keep this in mind, Saber.
If there is anyone in this Grail War who can defeat Kiritsugu and claim the Holy Grail, it is Kirei Kotomine.
We shall accept.
Father? Father! Rin, your father says that he would like to speak with you.
Until you reach adulthood, keep the Mages Association in your debt.
Beyond that, I leave the rest up to your judgment.
You'll be fine on your own.
One day, the Holy Grail will appear.
It is the Tohsaka family's duty to claim it.
Above all else, if you wish to be a mage, that is the path you cannot avoid.
Take this.
Well, then I'll be going.
You know what to do now, right? Yes.
I'll see you soon, Father.
First, allow me to thank you for coming at my behest.
Let me introduce you.
This is Kirei Kotomine, my student.
While we were once competitors for the Grail, all that is now in the past.
He has lost his Servant, and has yielded his rights as a Master.
This Grail War is heading toward its conclusion.
The ones remaining are, as anticipated, the Masters of the three great houses, along with one outsider.
Now, what is your appraisal of the state of the war? I have no opinion.
We control the most powerful Servant, Saber, so we have no need to await an opportune time to strike.
We shall simply continue to win each battle.
I see.
Unfortunately for the Matous, it is my opinion that they erred in their strategy.
They seemed to have imposed a draining Servant upon a frail Master, thereby hastening his self-destruction.
Rider is likely to be the victor in a match between the two.
The Grail must not be allowed to fall into outside hands.
We two should be able to agree on that much.
Any alliance is out of the question.
However, if you wish to discuss the order in which we approach our enemies, we may be able to come to some agreement.
We can settle things with the Tohsaka team after we have defeated the other Masters.
We are prepared to agree to such a proposal.
So a temporary, conditional ceasefire? A fair compromise.
We have two conditions.
First, that you share any information you have concerning Rider and his Master.
Ag reed.
Our second condition is that Kirei Kotomine be removed from the Holy Grail War.
Kill Kirei? I am not suggesting that he be killed.
But I insist that, until this battle is over, he be expelled from Fuyuki, or better yet, from Japan entirely.
Before tomorrow morning.
Would you explain why? There is bad blood between the Einzberns and the Executor.
If the Tohsaka team continues to protect him, we will find ourselves unable to trust you under any circumstances.
To what is she referring? Kirei.
Well? How do you like Kiritsugu's present? It's much more like a horse than a car is.
This seems to suit me better.
I shall go ahead, then.
I shall scout out the route ahead.
Let us go, as well.
M-Madam? What's wrong? Drive, Maiya.
But you-- Tohsaka will realize there is something amiss This isn't unexpected It was inevitable.
Honestly, the fact that I've been able to function for this long as a human is a miracle.
Does Kiritsugu know of this? Don't tell Saber.
She has a crucial battle ahead of her.
I don't want to distract her with any undue concern.
But Maiya There is something I want to speak to you about.
I am a homunculus created for the Holy Grail War.
You know that, right? Yes.
Grandfather Acht gave the vessel an instinct for self-preservation so that it would avoid all danger and safeguard the Grail to its completion.
He disguised the vessel, and called it Irisviel.
That is who I am.
But how Then you are— Very soon, I will revert back to what I was.
Next time, I won't even be able to talk to you like this.
That's why Kiritsugu gave me Saber's scabbard.
Avalon Are you familiar with its effects? It halts aging and provides an infinite healing ability.
Or so I'm told.
Its effects are what has prevented the hollow shell that is me from collapsing.
Of course, it stops working as soon as Saber is no longer nearby.
Why tell me this? Maiya Hisau You would never pity me.
You'd accept me.
That's why.
Madam, I I have always thought of you as distant.
That's not true Do you understand? Yes.
Even if it costs me my life, Irisviel, I will see you through to the end.
So please, die for Kiritsugu Emiya.
To make his dream a reality.
Thank you.
I wish you had told me of your history with the Einzberns.
Unfortunately, I am left with no choice.
You must withdraw from this war, Kirei.
Kiritsugu Emiya Who are you really? Will I leave this place, never even learning that? Still thinking, even now? Could you truly be so slow, Kirei? The Grail beckons to you still.
And you yourself still long to fight.
For as long as I can remember, I have spent my life in search of a single thing.
I've devoted every moment to it.
Endured great pain for it.
But all of that has come to naught.
And yet, I sense that the answer to my question is closer now than it ever has been.
After all that self-reflection, why in the world do you hesitate? I have a deep foreboding.
That when I've learned all the answers, it will result in my destruction.
Well done.
You've received an exciting bit of news, I take it? We've learned the location of the stronghold where the Einzberns have been hiding.
As I live and breathe, Kirei! You honestly amaze me You were planning to continue all along! I did hesitate.
I was even prepared to give up.
But in the end, it is as you say, King of Heroes.
I know no other way than to keep asking the question.
What is that? A gift from my father.
The Gospel of John.
God is spirit.
And those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.
However, Kirei There remains a rather grave problem.
Should you participate in the Grail War of your own will, Tokiomi Tohsaka becomes your enemy.
In other words, you have entered the same room as an enemy Servant with no plan to defend yourself.
A dire situation, would you not agree? Not at all.
I came prepared with something to trade for my life.
Gilgamesh Let me tell you the truth behind the Holy Grail War that has been kept from you.
Which is? The ritual held here in Fuyuki is an attempt to open a passage to the Root, by means of the sacrifice of the souls of seven Heroic Spirits.
The Great Grail is activated by killing all seven Servants.
Yes, all seven.
You understand? That's the reason my master has worked so hard to avoid using his Command Seals.
Because when all the battles are over, he will require them to force his own Servant to commit suicide.
Then you claim the loyalty Tokiomi has shown me has all been a lie? Put another way, my master is a mage to his very core.
He may worship a Heroic Spirit, but he harbors no illusions about his idols.
Tokiomi At last you have shown some hint of promise.
That boring little man will finally be able to entertain me.
Now then, what will you do, King of Heroes? Knowing what you know now, will you remain loyal to my master and punish me for rebelling against him? A fair question, indeed.
Regardless of his treachery, Tokiomi still supplies me with mana.
Were I to abandon my Master, it would hamper my ability to remain materialized.
Oh Come to think of it, there is a Master with a Command Seal but no partner.
One searching for a Servant unbound by contract.
Now that you mention it, you're right.
But there is a question of whether that man is a worthy Master in the eyes of the King of Heroes.
He will suffice.
He is a bit stiff, perhaps, but he has great potential for growth.
He may yet prove a fine source of entertainment for me.
I've been waiting, Kirei.
I came to have a word with you before you depart Fuyuki.
I'm still proud to have had you as my student.
I hope you will maintain good relations with the Tohsaka family, as your late father did.
What do you say? Your words honor me.
Once this Grail War has ended, I'd like for you to help train Rin, Kirei.
It's simple, but in essence, it's a will.
I thought it prudent to be prepared for the worst.
It leaves the Tohsaka family wealth to Rin, and names you as her guardian until she comes of age.
Leave it to me.
I shall do all I can to look after your daughter.
Thank you, Kirei.
What is this? It's for you.
A gift from me.
Open it.
An Azoth dagger.
It symbolizes your mastery of the Tohsaka family magics, and marks the end of your apprenticeship.
You are far too kind to me, sir.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude, my master.
It is I who must thank you.
Kirei Kotomine.
Now I can prepare for the final battle.
Look at the time.
I'm sorry to have kept you.
I hope I haven't made you miss your flight.
You needn't worry, my master.
I never bought a ticket.
Master How like my father you are.
Even at the very end, you never understood me.
Such a boring end.
Look at that.
Such an idiotic expression on his face.
He did have a dematerialized Servant at hand.
It was only natural for him to lower his guard.
So, you have learned to jest already.
I shall praise you for your aptitude at studies.
Well, Kirei? Do you feel a little better about not having had the chance to kill your father? You really have no qualms, King of Heroes, Gilgamesh? Not so long as you continue to amuse me.
Otherwise, Kirei Well, you are the one who ought to question his own resolve.
My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny.
If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason I hereby swear.
Your offering will be my flesh, Kirei Kotomine.
My new Master.
Now, Kirei.
Let us begin.
Put an end to this farce in whatever manner you see fit.
And as a reward, I shall give you the Grail.
Very well, King of Heroes.
May you have your fill of amusement.
Until such time that I find the answer I seek, I shall gladly play the fool.
Episode 17: The Eighth Contract Doushite sora wa konna ni aoku te Why is the sky so blue? Nani mo kanashimi wo shiranu youni As if it knows nothing of sadness, Itsumo tamerawazu ashita he to kuzure ochiru it always caves into tomorrow without hesitation.
Inochi wa tarinai mama umarete kuruno ne When souls are born, they're lacking something, aren't they? Kake ochita kokoro ni anata ga furete You touch my broken heart.
Futari de yuku mirai wa The future we're heading towards together Kegare no nai tsuyosa de with unsullied strength.
Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau The sky is high and the wind sings.
Yume wo miteta Yorokobi he to I had a dream to reach joy.
Hito wa itsuka tadori tsukeru Everyone will reach the goal some day.
Kodomo no hitomi de anata wa shinjita You believed that with childlike, pure eyes.
Soba ni iruyo I'm here at your side Koori tsuita mori wo nuke te while passing through this frozen forest Sono hitomi ga sekai no nageki ni so that your eyes won't be distracted Mayowanu you ni by the grief of the world.
Kerry, what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? Stop going to that mansion.
What is this? Decide the rest for yourself.
It's still too early for you.
It's a power that can change the world, and one day, it will be yours.