Fate/Zero (2011) s02e05 Episode Script

Distant Memories

1 Kerry! Kerry! Hurry UP! Hurry up! Hurry UP! Kerry! Wow! Amazing! Nah That was nothing! Shirley Shirley! Kerry! Sorry I'm late.
Say, Kerry Do you know where this island's name comes from? Nope.
Oh, isn't Arimago the word for "crab"? Yup.
Long ago, this was a place where they made offerings to the sea gods.
But one day, a girl who had nothing to feed her sick mother took some of the food that had been set out as an offering.
And so the girl was cursed, transformed into a crab.
That's where it comes from? What an awful story.
And they say the shrine where they worshipped those gods stood up in the mountains, right where your mansion is.
That's why none of the villagers want to go up there.
They say it's bad luck.
They keep trying to spook me, too, saying that if I go there too often, I'll be cursed.
You're kidding.
But everyone's nice to me.
Because they don't think of you as an outsider anymore.
In the village, they treat you like my little brother.
Oh Little brother, huh? You've really settled in here.
Yeah? When you first arrived, everyone used to bully you, saying you had a weird name! That? You were the first one to use it! And it was your big idea to call me Kerry Because your name's really hard to say! Keri Keri It's Kiritsugu.
Kerytugu! Not even close Oops.
Really? Okay.
Dad, is that new? Yes.
This is my hundredth success.
These flowers never wither.
Yes, because I've altered the flow of time.
They'll never grow beyond this.
But they'll also never wither.
Amazing The problem is whether we can get the same theory to work on humans.
Sorry for the wait! Shirley, is that a-- Look! My first success! Shirley's been watching and learning while she assists me.
She does seem to have the natural gift to be a mage.
Oh, come on, you did most of the work, Professor.
I only did a little, right at the end.
But it's amazing! Hey, Dad Hmm? What? Can I also give that a try? What Shirley did? That'd be great! If you had some help, you could do it! - Right, Professor? - No.
It's still too early for you.
This isn't a game.
There are dangers involved.
I only let Shirley try it because I decided she has the necessary knowledge and experience.
Father Simon, why won't you understand? Shirley Everyone has the Professor all wrong! Listen, Shirley Stop going to that mansion.
Let's talk inside.
Dad should spend time with the villagers, too.
Maybe Father Simon really has it in for him.
He keeps lecturing me all the time.
He says if I keep working there, I'll get possessed by a demon someday.
Look at this.
He gave me this and told me to keep it near me at all times.
He says that it's a powerful talisman.
Aren't you scared of my dad, Shirley? Nope.
Sure, magical research isn't exactly normal.
But the Professor's research and discoveries are a big deal! They could make history! I'm not scared of him, I think he's amazing.
Are you sure you-- It's sharp and really easy to use.
See you tomorrow.
Shirley, is something wrong? Making a flower bloom forever It really is an amazing magic.
Shirley, you're doing it, too.
The work with flowers is all I can do.
He can do a lot more.
Medicines he makes could make humans effectively immortal.
I want him to use his power for the good of the whole world so everyone will understand how incredible he is.
He's given up on that.
But, Kerry, I think you can do it.
Oh, come on.
You're his best student.
If anyone can do that, it'd be you.
Not me.
I'm not his student.
At best, I'm his assistant.
Running his errands.
Helping out.
I'm not his student.
Far from it.
So even when Father Simon says bad things about him, there's nothing I can say.
You're his heir, without doubt.
Everything he's working on, he plans for you to continue.
It's just a little too soon.
Hey, come with me.
Kerry, what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? If you take up your dad's work, what will you use it for? It's a power that can change the world.
And one day, it will be yours.
Yeah, change the world.
You can do it.
I guarantee it.
Well, I That's a secret.
Then, when you grow up, let me see what you can do.
I'll stay with you until then.
Okay? Wh-Whatever Stop it! Gotcha! Oh, good morning, Dad.
Kiritsugu, you didn't enter my workshop last night, did you? Nope.
You didn't? Kiritsugu, don't go to the village today.
Don't leave the house.
What's gotten into him? Shirley's late Hey.
Have you guys seen Shirley? Shirley? Shirley? What happened to you? Kerry Shirley! I I only wanted to prove it worked! His research But I guess It didn't work Kill me.
Use that.
Please You have to kill me.
Do it now, before it's too late Please! I can't stop it I can't hold it back anymore! Hurry! Are you sure it was Shirley? Kerry, stay here for now.
I'll go inform the village.
Wh-What is this? Father Simon? Looks like I'm too late.
W-Wait! Who are you? Shouldn't you worry about yourself first? Well, if you just sit there, you'll join them soon enough.
What happened? What's going on? Who did this? Why would they burn the village? Surely you've heard of them Vampires.
We call them Dead Apostles.
Dead Apostles? They drink blood to increase their numbers.
Nearly everyone on this island is one now.
So we're cleaning up the mess.
Two groups are down there now, trying to eliminate them.
One is the Church's Executors.
People who believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's all right to slaughter anyone who defies the will of God.
Of course, they'll show no mercy to any Dead Apostles they find.
They'll kill anyone they even suspect of having had their blood sucked.
As for the other, the Mages Association Well, they're harder to explain.
But they'd like to keep the secret of who made such a bizarre thing as the Dead Apostles all to themselves.
Naturally, since their motto is "All to Ourselves," they'll kill anyone they suspect of knowing the secret.
They'll do whatever they can to cover up what happened.
They're the ones who torched the village.
Whose side are you on? I'm something like a salesman to the Mages Association.
Now, kid Answer my question.
I'm looking for a mage who's been marked for sealing.
A mage I guess that word doesn't mean anything to you.
The first person to become a Dead Apostle here There's a Think of it as a medium that makes people turn into Dead Apostles.
A trigger that causes them to transform.
The bad mage who made it should be hiding, somewhere on this island.
Can you think of any likely spots? Oh, Kiritsugu You're safe.
Thank goodness.
I told you not to go to the village.
Dad Why were you researching Dead Apostles? Kiritsugu, how did you-- Shirley used the magic on herself.
Oh Well, it's very sad.
But you can't change the past.
This just means that Shirley gave me my answer sooner than I had expected.
Dad, will you use me like you used Shirley one day? Don't be stupid.
A Dead Apostle that can't control its bloodlust is a failure.
But the Emiya family research requires unlimited time.
The Root will never be attained with a mortal body.
It was a time-consuming experiment, but it seems to have failed.
I'll have to reconsider my theory in its entirety.
Kiritsugu, let's save this matter for another time.
For now, escaping comes first.
It's not too late to escape? I suspected something like this might happen, so I hid a motorboat on the south coast.
I'm sorry, Kiritsugu, but I don't have time to let you gather your things.
Come on.
I'll do it.
There's a bounded field around the forest.
A powerful one.
It'll take time to break through.
But I can get in.
I have to do this.
Kerry/ what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? I was able to break through that bounded field fairly easily.
Are you mad? It was only dumb luck that you showed up in time.
If this man had escaped, he'd have continued his Dead Apostles research somewhere else.
That's a crappy reason for a kid to kill his father.
You're a good person, aren't you? I'll get you off the island.
You can decide the rest for yourself.
Do you want to take anything? Nothing.
Shizuka ni matataku Hoshi tachi no chiriyuku sora In the sky where stars twinkle quietly, Todokanu inori ga Ten to chi wo mitashiteta unheeded prayers fill the heavens and the Earth.
Episode 18: Distant Memories Todokanu inori ga Ten to chi wo mitashiteta unheeded prayers fill the heavens and the Earth.
Todokanu inori ga Ten to chi wo mitashiteta unheeded prayers fill the heavens and the Earth.
Hosoi eda ni hikaru no wa What you see shining on that slender branch Saki wasureta mirai is a future that forgot to bloom.
Mada nagori oshisouni tsubomi wo otoshita It sheds its flower buds, as if unwilling to let go.
Hora mou toki wa michite Look, the time has come.
Minoru kin no kajitsu Sono te de tsumitoru dake de All you need to do is pluck that ripe, golden fruit Sekai wa owaru kara to end the world.
Kegarenu mono toshite furu yuki no shirosa wa The pure white of the snow, falling from the sky as something unsullied, Nukumori wo shireba kiete shimau no will vanish the instant it knows warmth.
Kirei na yume dake ga anata wo kirisaita Only beautiful dreams sliced you.
Tsumetai hitomi no yasashisa to shinjitsu The kindness and truth of cold eyes.
Hageshiku matataku hoshi tachi wa ten ni somuite Harshly twinkling stars defy the heavens Adanasu inori ga Kono sora wo otosu bring down the sky.
After leaving the island, I spent the next several years with Natalia Kaminski, the woman who took me away from there.
That meant choosing the same path as Natalia.
The path of a hunter.