Fate/Zero (2011) s02e06 Episode Script

Where Justice is Found

1 Hurts, doesn't it? Mages carry the pain of that Crest their entire lives.
Your dad really gave you the perfect name.
Your origin is based on cutting and tying, kid.
The nuance is a little different than destruction and regeneration.
If you cut a thread and then retie it, it will be thicker where it was cut, right? In that sense, it carries a connotation of irreversible change.
"Kiritsugu," with the characters for "cut" and "tie.
" I have the perfect Mystic Code for you.
I've powdered some of your ribs and put part in here.
Your origin will materialize in anything shot by this.
If you fire when your target's Magic Circuits are active, it will cut his circuits, then tie them improperly.
One shot will incapacitate most any mage.
I've made sixty-six in total.
Don't waste them.
Natalia, do you read me? I'm almost there.
Natalia, now.
In the end, after leaving the island, I spent the next several years with Natalia Kaminski, the woman who took me from there.
That meant choosing the same path as Natalia.
The path of a hunter.
Natalia belonged to no organization.
She was a total freelancer, only interested in the money.
The Mages Association and the Church.
The rivalry between those two enormous organizations kept her business booming.
Since that time, I'd witnessed many tragedies like the one at Arimago Island.
I'd learned that all across the world, the same horrors happened every day.
Are you trying to be a hero? Was there no meaning to it? I thought I had killed my father to keep more people like them from dying.
Killing one man isn't the solution.
Kill every single person, all around the world, who is like our target here.
If you could do that, maybe it would be possible.
I was kidding.
Don't take it seriously.
No matter what happens, do what you must to survive.
That's a rule I set for myself when I got started in this business.
No matter what happens, put your own life ahead of anything and anyone else.
If you try to save someone and you die, it'll all be for nothing.
I don't think it's possible to save everyone.
But I do want to save as many as I can.
Suit yourself.
This target is a nasty piece of work.
Do you know him? The mage Odd Vorzak.
He's a Dead Apostle who uses his bee familiars to increase his number of ghouls.
The Mages Association has put a huge bounty on his head.
You know a lot about him.
He causes a lot of destruction.
The last town he visited was utterly destroyed.
A town Natalia, can I have one? How old do you need to be to smoke in your country? I won't stop you, but they aren't good for you.
Where's he going? The flight from Paris to New York in four days.
Vorzak will be on board.
I'll be on it.
He's a target who gave me the slip once.
You've gotta clean up your own messes, right? So even you fail sometimes? That should tell you how tough he is.
What should I do? He probably has associates in New York.
I want you to eliminate them.
You'll fight Vorzak alone? He can't keep his bees with him in a carry-on.
There's no risk of him getting away from you this time.
Shut your mouth, kid.
Kid, do you copy? Okay, loud and clear.
All right, good luck to both of us.
Easier than I expected I'm just glad that you were able to kill him with a minimum of force, Natalia.
All right, Kiritsugu, his corpse is in the passenger cabin Are you ready to carry it out? I've secured a vehicle.
All we need now is a doctor who's ready to carry out a sick patient.
I don't have a license, if that's okay.
Hey! Natalia, what's wrong? A ghoul! We have a problem.
He was keeping the bees inside his own body? Natalia, you have to get out.
How high up do you think I am? Unfortunately, I didn't come prepared to skydive out of-- This isn't good.
Looks like they've taken the cockpit.
I have no choice.
Natalia, don't tell me you're-- I'm going home.
I'm going home alive, carrying Vorzak's body.
For that to happen, I need to do something about this plane.
Anything you want to say? Yeah.
Natalia, you can do this.
That will do Prepare a nice, warm bed for me, and then wait.
Do you read me, kid? You didn't fall asleep, did you? Reading you loud and clear, Natalia.
We've both been up all night.
It's a rough morning.
If you'd slept in a bed last night, I really would have to kill you after all this is over.
Now, I have good news and bad news.
Which do you want first? Isn't it the rule to start with the good news? Okay.
First, the good news.
For the moment, I'm alive.
The plane is also undamaged.
I made it up to the cockpit fairly easily, though repairing the comms array wasn't so easy.
I also think I can pilot it, assuming the controls are similar to a Cessna.
Have you contacted the control tower? I have.
They thought I was pulling a prank at first.
Those kind folks say they'll escort me in.
And the bad news? I'm the only one who hasn't been bitten.
Three hundred passengers and crew.
They've all become ghouls now.
All that separates me from the night of the living, flying dead is the cockpit door.
Spooky, right? Given all that, will you be able to make it back alive? Well, the door's pretty tough.
They're scratching at it as we speak.
But they can't break it down.
It's the landing that worries me.
This thing may be too large for me to handle.
I know you'll be able to manage it.
Were those words of encouragement? Good to hear them.
I can handle the landing, but what do I do with these monsters in back? Don't worry about that.
I have it all worked out, Natalia.
I can always count on you.
Fifty minutes to the airport.
Too long to spend praying.
Kid, keep me company for a while.
No problem.
When you said you wanted to help with my work, I really didn't know how to respond.
You didn't look ready to relent, no matter what I said.
I showed that little promise as a student? No, it's not that.
You had too much potential.
Far too much What does that mean? The ability to pull a trigger, regardless of your feelings, is a skill most killers take years to develop.
You had it from the start.
It's a hell of a gift.
But choosing your occupation based solely on your talents doesn't necessarily guarantee your happiness.
If you think only of what you should do, and ignore what you want to do, you're just a machine.
A force of nature.
That isn't how a human being should live.
I always thought of you as a much colder person.
What are you talking about? Of course I am.
Have I ever spoiled you, even once? True.
You've always been a strict teacher.
You never held back.
You did whatever you could to teach me.
Normally, raising a boy is the father's job.
Well, ah In your case, I basically took away your chance for that.
Well, anyway, I did feel a little bad about it.
This was the only way of life I could teach you.
So you consider yourself my dad? Don't get my gender wrong, you rude little jerk.
At least call me "Mother.
" You're right.
I'm sorry.
I spent a long time on my own in this bloody business.
So long, I forgot I even was alone.
Well It's been pretty entertaining, in its own way Having something like a family.
For me, too.
I really did think of you as a mother.
I was happy not to be alone.
Hey, Kiritsugu Quit saying stuff that'll embarrass us next time we see each other.
You're throwing me off.
I gotta land in twenty minutes or so.
If I'm laughing over what we were just talking about while I'm trying to land this thing and screw up, I'll end up dead, you know? Sorry, I'll stop.
Maybe I'm getting too old for this Maybe the reason I screwed up so badly is because playing at having a family made me lower my guard.
If that's the case, it's time to walk away.
Maybe I should retire.
If you quit this job, what would you do then? If I weren't working The only thing left would be to really act like a mother.
You are my real family Did you see that, Shirley? I killed again Just like with my dad.
I didn't screw up, like I did with you.
I saved a lot of lives If Natalia had landed safely, there's no telling how many people might have died.
Her sacrifice prevented that So So Shirley I Shut up! Shut up! You bastard! Kerry, what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? I Shizuka ni matataku Hoshitachi no chiriyuku sora In the sky where stars twinkle quietly, I Shizuka ni matataku Hoshitachi no chiriyuku sora In the sky where stars twinkle quietly, Shizuka ni matataku Hoshitachi no chiriyuku sora In the sky where stars twinkle quietly, Todokanu inori ga Ten to chi wo mitashiteta unheeded prayers fill the heavens and the Earth.
Episode 19: Where Justice Is Found Todokanu inori ga Ten to chi wo mitashiteta unheeded prayers fill the heavens and the Earth.
Todokanu inori ga Ten to chi wo mitashiteta unheeded prayers fill the heavens and the Earth.
Hosoi eda ni hikaru no wa What you see shining on that slender branch Saki wasureta mirai is a future that forgot to bloom.
Mada nagori oshisouni tsubomi wo otoshita It sheds its flower buds, as if unwilling to let go.
Hora mou toki wa michite Look, the time has come.
Minoru kin no kajitsu Sono te de tsumitoru dake de All you need to do is pluck that ripe, golden fruit Sekai wa owaru kara to end the world.
Kegarenu mono toshite furu yuki no shirosa wa The pure white of the snow, falling from the sky as something unsullied, Nukumori wo shireba kiete shimau no will vanish the instant it knows warmth.
Kirei na yume dake ga anata wo kirisaita Only beautiful dreams sliced you.
Tsumetai hitomi no yasashisa to shinjitsu The kindness and truth of cold eyes.
Shizuka ni matataku hoshi tachi no inori no sora The sky is full of the prayers of the quietly twinkling stars Anata no sakebi de Kono yume ga owaru will remain until this dream ends with your screams.
Who are you? You take your jokes too far.
How does the life you took from Sakura feel? By my Command Seal, I order my puppet That's the expression you used to wear.
This is a battle I began.
Next Time: Return of the Assassin You know, I really am happy.