Fate/Zero (2011) s02e10 Episode Script

The Sea at the End of the World

1 Rider, look.
Are you scared, boy? Yeah.
I'm scared.
Or maybe this is what you mean when you say your heart is dancing.
It seems you're starting to understand.
The enemy is inside? Berserker? Ato ichido dake kiseki wa okoru darou A miracle is sure to happen just one more time.
Yasashii koe de egaku yuganda mirai The twisted future described with your gentle voice.
Mou daremo nakanai sekai no tame ni For the sake of a world in which no one will ever cry again, Akaku kegasareta sora no My screams and prayers Doko nimo todokazu kieru sakebi to inori don't reach anywhere in the red-stained sky.
Nagusame wa sutete ikeru I can give up consolation and leave this place.
Kirei na tsuki no hikari ga The pure light of the moon Hajimari he to shizumi yuku sinks down towards the beginning, Sono Kanata he down ever further.
Tozasare teku hitomi de With my closing eyes, Mada tooku he I reach out once again Te wo nobasu far into the distance, Kimi no nageki wo shinji te believing in your grief.
They're going to drink here? Where is your little chariot that you are proud of? Well I'm embarrassed to say that I lost it to Saber.
Did you forget my decision? I believe I told you that I would defeat you when you were at full strength.
True, the weapons at my disposal are somewhat depleted.
But Iskandar tonight is less than perfect, and thus, is greater than perfection.
So I see.
Indeed, the aura that is emanating from you it is unusually potent.
It appears that you have come before me believing that you have a chance of victory.
King of Babylonia, a final word.
Our banquet's last question.
I shall allow it.
Purely hypothetically, were my Ionian Hetairoi armed with your Gate of Babylon, it would create the most powerful army imaginable.
What of it? Would you not ally yourself with me? Together, the two of us could conquer the very stars.
You never cease to amuse me.
It has been ages since I laughed so hard at gibberish spouted by one who is not a fool.
But unfortunately, I have had but one comrade, and he is all I shall ever have.
And there is no need for two kings.
The lonely path of kingship, eh? I shall challenge your unwavering spirit with respect.
Very well.
Show me what you can do, King of Conquerors.
You are a usurper worthy of my judgment.
Are you guys actually friends? I could hardly be unfriendly to him.
He may well be the last person I ever see.
Don't be stupid You can't be killed! I won't allow it! Have you forgotten my Command Seal? You're right You're exactly right! To me, my comrades! Tonight, we become the greatest legend in history! Our enemy is the mighty King of Heroes, a worthy opponent! My warriors, let us show the very first Heroic Spirit our path of conquest! Come to me, lord of conquering armies.
Now you will behold the sight of a true king.
Why are you suffering so much? Because Berserker must fight Why? Because that priest said so.
That priest? Yeah He promised me.
That he'd give me the Grail.
If I have the Grail, I can save you.
You're going to save me? Yeah, I promised you, remember? That we'd all play together like we used to.
Then I'll be able to see Mom again, right? Mom NOW! I barely scratched him? Can he see it? He knows the length of my blade Could he be some knight I once knew? From your skill, I assume you to be a knight of some renown, and so I ask you this: If you know me to be Arturia Pendragon, King of Britain, name yourself, as a knight's pride demands! Challenging me with your identity concealed is tantamount to attacking using deceit! You are N-No Arondight? You can't be Arthur Sir Lancelot Why, my friend? You were esteemed as the greatest of the Knights of the Round Table! Why, then? How could you fall so low as to become Berserker-- Lancelot? Lancelot You saved them, but you never led them.
Because I never led them Enraptured by a false idol of the king who serves others My ideals My kingship Only a little girl.
Did they drive you to this?! Arthur! Lancelot To unite dreams beneath a banner of conquest.
I praise your efforts at least.
But, warriors Did you not learn? That all dreams must disappear when the dreamer wakes.
Every last one of them.
Therefore, it was inevitable that I would stand in your way, King of Conquerors.
Now, know the end of your eternal dream.
I, myself, shall show you harsh reality.
Here it comes! Now awaken, Ea! A stage worthy of you has been set! Look up and behold Enuma Elish! Hang on, boy! That That sword is the anti-planet Noble Phantasm that can destroy all creation? Rider Come to think of it, there is something I must ask you.
Waver Velvet, would you like to serve as my retainer? You You are my king I will serve you.
I will devote myself to you.
Please lead me Let me dream your dream! Very well.
As king, my duty is to inspire others to dream.
And as my retainer, it is your task to see my dream to the end, and to speak of it to future generations.
Live, Waver.
See all of this to the end.
Live long, and tell everyone.
Of how your king comported himself! Of the charge of Iskandar! Now Let us go, Bucephalus! Rider! Glory lies beyond the horizon Challenge it because you know it to be unattainable.
Speak of conquest, and make it real.
For my men, who watch behind me! I swear It's one strange toy after another with you, isn't it? Have you awakened from your dream, King of Conquerors? I suppose I have My heart danced a good deal during this campaign Feel free to challenge me again as many times as you like, King of Conquerors.
This entire world is my garden until the end of time.
Thus, I guarantee you this.
It will never bore you.
I am glad to hear it Now I see It was the beating of my heart that was the sound of Okeanos' waves Child Are you Rider's Master? No I am his retainer I see.
But then, child, if you are truly loyal to him, your duty is to avenge your fallen king.
If I challenge you, I will die.
Of course.
I can't do that.
I was ordered to survive.
Your loyalty is splendid! Never tarnish it.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff-- they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil.
My cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.
My cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.
Episode 23: The Sea at the End of the World Doushite sora wa konna ni aoku te Why is the sky so blue? Nani mo kanashimi wo shiranu youni As if it knows nothing of sadness, Itsumo tamerawazu ashita he to kuzure ochiru it always caves into tomorrow without hesitation.
Inochi wa tarinai mama umarete kuruno ne When souls are born, they're lacking something, aren't they? Kake ochita kokoro ni anata ga furete You touch my broken heart.
Futari de yuku mirai wa The future we're heading towards together Kegare no nai tsuyosa de with unsullied strength.
Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau The sky is high and the wind sings.
Yume wo miteta Yorokobi he to I had a dream to reach joy.
Hito wa itsuka tadori tsukeru Everyone will reach the goal some day.
Kodomo no hitomi de anata wa shinjita You believed that with childlike, pure eyes.
Soba ni iruyo I'm here at your side Koori tsuita mori wo nuke te while passing through this frozen forest Sono hitomi ga sekai no nageki ni so that your eyes won't be distracted Mayowanu you ni by the grief of the world.
You would steal the Holy Grail from me?! What are you doing, Saber?! What a difficult person you are Impossible! It longs for its own life! For its own birth! Welcome home, Kiritsugu! Next Time: The Last Command Seal I knew you'd come.