Fate/Zero (2011) s02e11 Episode Script

The Last Command Spell

1 Ato ichido dake kiseki wa okoru darou A miracle is sure to happen just one more time.
Yasashii koe de egaku yuganda mirai The twisted future described with your gentle voice.
Mou daremo nakanai sekai no tame ni For the sake of a world in which no one will ever cry again, Akaku kegasareta sora no My screams and prayers Doko nimo todokazu kieru sakebi to inori don't reach anywhere in the red-stained sky.
Nagusame wa sutete ikeru I can give up consolation and leave this place.
Kirei na tsuki no hikari ga The pure light of the moon Hajimari he to shizumi yuku sinks down towards the beginning, Sono Kanata he down ever further.
Tozasare teku hitomi de With my closing eyes, Mada tooku he I reach out once again Te wo nobasu far into the distance, Kimi no nageki wo shinji te believing in your grief.
Did you hate me Did you hate me so much? Origin rounds.
They cause the target's mana to go out of control, causing their body to rip itself apart.
What? Time Alter: Double Accel! The origin rounds aren't working.
No I understand.
He's using Command Seals as his mana source.
By the time the round takes effect, the Command Seal mana source has already vanished.
Since he doesn't use his own Magic Circuits, the origin rounds' magic won't work.
But if I can hit him it'll still be strong enough to kill him.
Don't think you'll escape next time.
Now that I know you're moving at double speed, I simply need to adjust my timing to compensate for it.
He's fast! The depth of your madness Is that my fault, as well? My.
" My Time Alter: Double Accel! I'm at a massive disadvantage at close range.
I've lost my Calico.
My Contender needs reloading.
However Avalon He has a healing ability that allows him to instantly regenerate a demolished heart? Then I'll have to destroy the brain.
But I can't use my right arm.
Avalon's healing powers will even work on self-inflicted wounds I have a knife and two grenades left.
I have twelve blades remaining.
And eight spare Command Seals.
Time Alter: Triple Accel! Time Alter: Square Accel! Even so, I will win the Holy Grail.
If I do not, there will be nothing I can do to atone to you.
Even after all of this you would still take up your sword for such a reason? What a difficult person you are This is I knew you'd come.
I had faith that you would reach this place.
This is where your wish will be granted We are inside the Grail you sought.
That is the Grail.
It has yet to take form, but the vessel is more than filled.
All you need do now is offer it your prayer.
Only then will it be able to go outside.
Now, please Hurry, give it form.
Kiritsugu, you are worthy to define its existence.
Who are you? I am Irisviel.
No If the Grail is prepared, then she is already Answer me! True.
I will not deny that this is a mask.
Unless I use a pre-existing personality as a shell, I cannot communicate with others.
However, the personality of Irisviel that I recorded is inarguably the real thing.
And so, I have inherited her last wish.
Are you the will of the Holy Grail? Yes.
That interpretation is not incorrect.
I have a will A wish.
The will to be born into the world.
In that case, how does the Grail intend to grant my wish? That is something, Kiritsugu, that you should know better than anyone.
What? You learned how to save the world a long time ago.
So I will do as you did, to carry out your will, and to answer your prayer.
What are you talking about? I suppose I have no choice.
The only way is to have you ask your inner self.
Where am I? Three hundred on one ship.
Two hundred on another.
What? Five hundred total passengers and crew, plus Kiritsugu Emiya.
Let's posit that these five hundred and one are humanity's last survivors.
Giant holes simultaneously open up in both ships, crippling them.
Kiritsugu alone has the skills needed to repair a ship.
Now then, which ship would you fix? Obviously, the one with three hundred people.
As soon as you make that decision, the two hundred passengers on the other ship take you prisoner.
They demand that you fix their ship first.
So what will you do? I'd Kill all two hundred.
That is correct.
That is what Kiritsugu Emiya would do.
Next, the surviving three hundred abandon their damaged craft, split themselves between two new ships, and continue their journey.
This time, there are two hundred on one.
One hundred on the other.
But again, holes open in the hulls of both ships at the same time.
The hundred in the smaller ship take you prisoner, demanding that you fix their ship first.
Now, what will you do? You already know.
But Yes, you made the right decision.
Impossible That's impossible! How can that be the right decision? Two hundred survived But three hundred died so they could live! The scales are tipped the wrong way! No, your calculations were correct.
You chose to sacrifice the few to save the many.
Isn't that right, Kiritsugu Emiya? You have always chosen to kill those on the lighter side of the scales.
Even if it meant leaving a long trail of bodies behind you.
If it saved lives, the lives of the saved must have been worth more.
This is what you wanted to show me? Yes.
This is your truth.
The answer that lies within Kiritsugu Emiya.
In short, the course of action that should be taken by the Grail as an all-powerful wish granter.
No This isn't what I want! I want there to be another way! That's why I believed that a miracle was my only hope! Your wish cannot include a method you yourself don't know.
If you wish to save the world, it must be done in a way that you comprehend.
Like hell! How the hell can you call that a miracle?! But it is.
The deed that you tried and failed to do on your own can be accomplished on a scale beyond the power of any man.
If that is not a miracle, what is? Dad Natalia! Kiritsugu Emiya, you truly are Angra Mainyu.
The one worthy to bear all the evil in the world.
Now, the final question.
Three remain.
Will you save two? Or choose one? Welcome home, Kiritsugu! You're finally back! You understand now, right? This is the Holy Grail granting your prayer.
All you need do now is to wish for it.
To bring back your wife.
To take back your daughter.
I won't be able to go looking for chestnuts with you anymore.
It's okay.
I'm happy, as long as you and Mother are with me.
Thank you Daddy loves you, too, Ilya.
If nothing else, I swear that to be true.
Good bye, Ilya.
“Ilya! "Ilya, Ilya, Ilya Ilya! Ilya Why?! Why would you do this?! My love, you killed our Ilya! M-My love Wh-Why? Why do you refuse us? Refuse us and the Grail? Six billion people I curse you, Kiritsugu Emiya.
Versus two family members Angra Mainyu curses you I Suffer I until the day you die.
- I will kill you - I will And I will save the world.
never forgive-- What a boring conclusion.
Why did you refuse it? You saw that, too? I thought you sacrificed everything you had to make it this far.
How can you deny the worth of something you worked so hard to attain? It's so foolish, I cannot understand it.
Its cost is greater than any benefit it offers.
That's all.
That thing is no omnipotent wish-granter.
Then give it to me! You may not need it, but I do! If it If it is given life, then it can certainly answer my every doubt.
It longs for a life of its own! For its own birth! Please, don't kill it! That's No, you are so foolish that I can't understand you.
Irisviel You're late, Saber.
I realize that you were enjoying yourself with your old mad dog, but it is imprudent in the extreme to keep me waiting.
Archer Look at that expression, like that of a ravenous, wild dog.
Get out of the way The Holy Grail belongs to me! Saber, it is when you are delusional and crawling in the dirt that you are at your most beautiful.
Lay down your blade and be my wife.
A Grail that grants miracles? Where is the sense in obsessing over something so dubious? Abandon these foolish ideals and vows of yours.
From now on, seek only me, and devote yourself to me alone.
If you do, I swear, as king of all creation, that I shall give you every pleasure the world has to offer.
You would steal the Holy Grail from me? For such nonsense?! I was not asking your opinion.
I am informing you of my decision! Now, let us hear your response.
I refuse! I would never-- Shyness has left you at a loss for words, I see.
That's fine You may give the wrong answer as many times as you like.
If you would learn the joy of serving me, you must first learn pain.
Kiritsugu Then you have finally made your decision.
In the name of Kiritsugu Emiya, I order you with my Command Seal Give me the Holy Grail.
Saber, use your Noble Phantasm to destroy the Grail.
Impossible What are you doing, Saber?! No! By my third Command Seal, I order you again Why, Kiritsugu? You, of all people Why?! Curse you You dare interrupt my wedding ceremony, mongrel?! Saber, destroy Stop! the Grail.
Episode 24: The Last Command Seal Doushite sora wa konna ni aoku te Why is the sky so blue? Nani mo kanashimi wo shiranu youni As if it knows nothing of sadness, Itsumo tamerawazu ashita he to kuzure ochiru it always caves into tomorrow without hesitation.
Inochi wa tarinai mama umarete kuruno ne When souls are born, they're lacking something, aren't they? Kake ochita kokoro ni anata ga furete You touch my broken heart.
Futari de yuku mirai wa The future we're heading towards together Kegare no nai tsuyosa de with unsullied strength.
Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau The sky is high and the wind sings.
Yume wo miteta Yorokobi he to I had a dream to reach joy.
Hito wa itsuka tadori tsukeru Everyone will reach the goal some day.
Kodomo no hitomi de anata wa shinjita You believed that with childlike, pure eyes.
Soba ni iruyo I'm here at your side Koori tsuita mori wo nuke te while passing through this frozen forest Sono hitomi ga sekai no nageki ni so that your eyes won't be distracted Mayowanu you ni by the grief of the world.
I remember that face With tears in his eyes, and joy filling his heart It was a man.
The man was grateful to someone or something.
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