Fate/Apocrypha (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Will of Heaven

1 Do not forget.
What? I am Servant Ruler.
My true name is Jeanne d'Arc.
By my oath, I shall protect your life, your soul.
sore wa oroka naru natakai toki wo motomu This is a tale of immortal heroes fukutsu no eiyuu sono monogatari wo seeking glory in vanity The quiet words of love are lost in the cracks of time chiisaku kanadeta ai wa hazama wo samayou todokanai unmei ga azawarau and the mean fate they fail to move just sneers hedateru sekai wo mite anata ni oitai Stare at the world from the outside, remembering the tune mi wo kogasu sono ai ga wakatsu made they try to follow until the love burns them to ashes hito wa sakenda: seigi wo The people cried for justice sono hata wo takaku kakage and rose its banners high rejecting the destiny from the past kako no unmei tate yami wo harai susume kono mi ushinatte mo Keep banishing the darkness to the bitter end osore wo hirefuse watashi ga hasha to naru I'll be the victor who knows no fear sei araba susume kanzen na shouri wo Head for complete victory while your breath lasts akatsuki tabitate yoake wa mou sugu Wait for the dawn when the sun ends the rule of night I'm so glad you're alive! Thank God! I was so worried.
Let me see him.
Step aside.
Excuse me.
Siegfried's heart seems to be functioning fine.
There are no records of such an incident in previous Holy Grail Wars.
Siegfried? The hero from the Song of the Nibelungs? I have his heart? Don't sweat the details! You're okay now! That's what matters.
Right? I cannot deny that.
Hello, there.
Rider, care to explain? Who is this here Servant? Uh, well I'm Ruler, in charge of overseeing this Holy Grail War.
What happened to Saber? He took his own life, I guess I could say? Then why does that homunculus hold his heart? Answer me.
What transpired here? Actually I can't believe we lost our Saber to such a frivolous reason.
This sucks.
Darnic, I could use that homunculus for the core.
Rider, hand him over.
I refuse.
Do not make us waste a Command Spell on this! Enough.
You may not drag him into this Grail War.
What? Even the Great Grail War has rules.
He did not willingly join the fray.
But he isn't unrelated either.
He has the heart of Saber.
Even so, he hasn't become a Servant.
You ought to know, Caster.
Indeed, he is a homunculus.
And that is what matters to me.
He is a resource we prepared for this War.
No personality, past, nor family, made simply to fight.
That might be the case.
However, he acted to preserve his life.
And he wasn't the only one who did.
Who helped him? Siegfried, huh? The hero wished to save the homunculus? It was his last wish.
I will not let it go ignored.
I swore upon this flag.
The Maid of Orléans! By my true name, I will not hand him over.
Archer, do we have a chance if all our Servants attack her at once? No.
We do not know her Noble Phantasm.
Ruler always has an overwhelming ability.
An absolute power over us Servants.
The same Command Spells you Masters wield.
Do you consider what you did a despicable act of treason? No! I believe that I did the right thing! Yet, you may not go unpunished.
Caster! Oh well.
Let's go.
Wait, we're not done— We are.
Ruler, as my sister before God, will you join forces with us? No.
As long as you fight for the Grail in an honorable fashion, I will not interfere whatever may happen.
Well, then.
This is the extent to which I'll help you.
Goodbye! You'll be fine! You can live on your own now.
Go to town, see new faces, learn to love and hate people.
Live a happy life.
Got it? Then he and I won't have fought in vain! I Live! You're allowed to now.
Shall we go? Go where? A place where you can be free.
By taking you there, I'll fulfill my vow.
You can trust me.
The enemy seems to have taken Spartacus.
Nothing we could've done.
He just ran in by himself.
We had no way to save him.
If you say so, I will not doubt you.
By the way, Saber of Black has fallen.
Any idea what might've happened? Is that so? The circumstances are baffling.
It seems he ended his own life.
He must've opposed his Master.
It is not uncommon.
What do you think? He did not strike me as the suicidal type.
Something must've happened to him.
Such as? Who knows? Ow, ow ow! Do we really have to do this? We lost our strongest Servant, Saber! All because of you! It's not my fault.
Saber chose to sacrifice himself for what he believed in.
Sadly, I can't claim credit for anything that happened.
Homunculus, homunculus, homunculus! Owie She's so mean! Should I've done something? It's not your fault.
I do something stupid; they chew me out and give me a slap on the wrist.
Simple as that.
They said you'd lost your mind, but it hardly seems misplaced to me.
Count Vlad is a wise leader.
You should be released soon.
Now if only that boy could live a happy life If Saber's heart also strengthened his body, he should be fine.
He will be able to live freely as a human being.
Jeanne d'Arc swore to protect him too.
Though I'm slightly annoyed she gets to steal the show right after showing up.
I can breathe more easily now.
You ought to remember that feeling.
What do you mean? To live is to endure hardships and occasionally suffer.
But if you remember this sensation, it should give you the courage to keep going.
Courage? I have no such thing.
Rider told me how you refused to die and chose life instead.
You didn't passively accept death, but instead picked the path that required courage.
I'm sure that's why he was protecting you with all his might.
Could that be Rider's sword? He gave it to me for when I needed it.
Should I have returned it? If he gave it to you then it's yours to keep.
I see.
I just realized we are yet to introduce ourselves.
I don't have a self to introduce.
Not even a name.
Then let's start with that.
A name's an important piece of one's identity.
Sieg? Siegfried was the hero who gave his life for me, right? Then I want to honor him by carrying his name, even if just half of it.
I don't ever want to forget him.
Sieg, then.
I think that's a wonderful name.
Nice to make your acquaintance.
What should I call you? Holy Maiden? I'm just Servant Ruler.
I'm not worthy of such a grandiose title.
Just Ruler then? If you would.
Sieg, allow me to teach you a vital part of staying alive.
What is it? An army marches on its stomach.
I see.
So that is what this weird discomfort was about.
Go ahead.
Amazing! What should we do about Astolfo? Release him once the sun rises.
You are generous.
No point in punishing someone who won't repent.
What about Spartacus? We probably can re-contract him.
I plan to send him to battle with Caster as his Master.
The problem is Assassin.
Assassin's Master, Sagara Hyoma, was found dead.
However, it doesn't seem like it was the Association that killed him.
Uncle? I was told you asked for me.
I did.
Look at this.
Oh my! Everyone suddenly disappeared.
Such a drag.
A real drag.
I'm hungry.
The next town over is Trifas.
Do you want to try going there? But there are Servants.
We can trust neither the Red or Black faction.
Such a drag.
A real drag.
But still, we should go take a look.
We can just hide our presence, but what about you, Mom? I'll be fine.
Don't worry about me.
I see.
But don't push yourself.
You shouldn't push yourself too hard.
Let's rest for a bit.
Good night, Mom.
What is it? How come you felt hungry? Servants shouldn't be.
Ah, that? I wasn't summoned by a Master, but by the Grail itself.
When I was summoned, however, I couldn't construct a body for myself.
Then what's this body you have now? I possessed a French girl called Leticia.
I'm merely borrowing her body.
It's as if I'm wrapped around her.
While I take damage on the surface, she will not be harmed.
Leticia was kind enough to answer my plea.
I cannot properly express my gratitude.
However, the very fact that my summon failed shows that something is wrong with this Great Grail War.
Maybe I wasn't summoned as the judge, but for some other purpose.
Could I be such an anomaly as well? The fact that a homunculus was given the heart of Siegfried.
Maybe there is a meaning to this too? No.
Do not search for a justification for your existence.
You stood up to fight for your life, and are here now.
Not by the will of the heavens, but yours alone.
Otherwise Wouldn't that be too sad? Sad? Nothing is sadder than having someone rule over your life.
Didn't you break out because you wanted to escape that? I just didn't want to die.
Then, if you don't want to die, do you want to return to your former place? You now have the freedom to go wherever and act however you please.
Freedom? Are you be worried about the other homunculi? I don't know.
But they would never try to leave.
So long as they're not ordered to.
Then you mustn't go back.
They let you go because they wanted you to live.
Do not waste their wish.
You're right, Ruler.
I'm free.
I should find something.
"You don't have to do anything"?! To hell with that! I did nothing wrong! Why did such a great hero sacrifice himself for trash like you? I can't even comprehend the emotions of humans, let alone heroes.
Thus logically thinking, I conclude that for Siegfried, saving that homunculus' life was more important than your orders.
In the end, it all came down to a lack of communication.
The relationship between Master and Servant is more than simply owner and familiar.
Heroes have beliefs, ideals, and a sense of justice.
Do you have any complaints? I see.
Just tell me if you do before you explode.
Caules! Fiore? Tomorrow we head to Sighisoara.
Sighisoara? Why? Jack the Ripper showed up.
"Head to Sighisoara.
\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nDetails to follow.
" Lord El Melloi II Sure, why not? Thank you very much! His name is Serge.
He agreed to take you in for a while.
He is a righteout person.
I'm sure he'll show you how to live a good life.
I see.
This is all I can do for you.
From here on, your own choices should govern your life.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
Thank you, Ruler.
I'd like to express my gratitude, but I have nothing to give you.
I just fulfilled my vow to him.
But if I may have a request, would you try smiling? Come on, show those pearly whites! No use.
I can't do it.
You'll need to work on that.
But it's fine if you can't do it now.
Your life to come is bound to make you smile! I'll practice.
Okay! Ruler.
Yes? Can I see you again? No.
I belong to the battlefield; you, to a peaceful life.
That is the way it should be.
I see.
But if we do end up meeting again, please show me the result of your practice.
I'll do my best.
I lied.
He must fight.
I don't know why, but that's his destiny.
But even if fate demands his life, even if his death opened the path I yearn for, I will still defy fate.
He has been robbed of everything already.
For his life to be claimed would be just too cruel.
He shouldn't have to be covered in blood.
That is a hero's job.
Will of Heaven Episode I realized that the future I wanted donna ni nozondemo kanawanai was forever out of reach, and closed my eyes, ashita ga aru to me wo tojite but still I advanced sore demo aruikitsuzuketa ikutsu yoru wo kasanetemo I am in search of a light that will not perish kesenakute through a million nights hikari wo motometeru There is no turning back furikaeru michi ni wa on the path I walk mou modorenakutemo sekai wa mawaru But the world keeps on turning, kiseki wo inotta shunkan ni hoping for a miracle hoka ni wa nanimo We can stand together in the wasteland iranai to toriau no wa and work towards that goal negai negai todoketai yo because we harbor wishes in our hearts kizu tsuite kizu tsukete No matter the wounds we bear and inflict No matter all that we will lose subete wo nakushita to shitemo kamawanai I don't care kanaetai I have something omoi wo nigirishimete that my heart commands me to do Rejoice, everyone.
The Great Holy Grail War has ended and we have won.
I hope you won't mind that as we agreed, I'll be taking your Command Spells as my reward.