Fate/Apocrypha (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Knight of Rebellion

1 Where are you, King Arthur? Show yourself, King of Knights! Look! How do you like it, King Arthur? Your country is now finished! Face retribution for your refusal to relinquish the throne! Do you hate me? Do you have such a deep hatred for me? Because I'm a child of a witch? Answer me, Arthur! Never once have I harbored hatred toward you.
The reason I did not relinquish the throne to you was that you lacked the qualities required of a king.
Father sore wa oroka naru natakai toki wo motomu This is a tale of immortal heroes fukutsu no eiyuu sono monogatari wo seeking glory in vanity chiisaku kanadeta ai wa hazama wo samayou The quiet words of love are lost in the cracks of time todokanai unmei ga azawarau and the mean fate they fail to move just sneers hedateru sekai wo mite anata ni oitai Stare at the world from the outside, remembering the tune mi wo kogasu sono ai ga wakatsu made they try to follow until the love burns them to ashes hito wa sakenda: seigi wo The people cried for justice sono hata wo takaku kakage and rose its banners high kako no unmei tate rejecting the destiny from the past yami wo harai susume kono mi ushinatte mo Keep banishing the darkness to the bitter end osore wo hirefuse watashi ga hasha to naru I'll be the victor who knows no fear sei araba susume kanzen na shouri wo Head for complete victory while your breath lasts akatsuki tabitate yoake wa mou sugu Wait for the dawn when the sun ends the rule of night Our king, Arthur Pendragon! The promised king! Bring peace to Britain! So that's Arthur, King of Knights Indeed.
That is the one you must set your sights on, the enemy you must defeat.
"That's impossible", I thought.
After all, he was blindingly perfect.
So I decided to serve him.
I would become the tip of his sword and dispel the impurities in his path.
Answer me.
For what reason did you rise against our king? The king is perfect to a fault.
What's there to object to in a perfect king? Indeed, the King of Knights is selfless.
Possessing exactly the attributes fit for his role and none beyond that.
He has no dreams and holds no ambitions.
Mordred! How long will you keep playing the knight? Mother? You're the legitimate heir to King Arthur.
An exact duplicate of his life essence! I'm King Arthur's son? You do not recognize me as your son, King of Knights? All I wanted was to be your shadow.
Yet you refuse to turn back and look at me even once.
Curse you, kin of mine! I will destroy your everything and bring you ruin, Arthur! Stop showing me weird dreams.
What are you on about? Never mind.
We just moved out of that catacomb, and you're now complaining about nightmares.
Give me a break.
Necromancers sure are a delicate bunch.
What? Don't just stare at me.
Oh, it's nothing.
Let's go grab some food.
News update.
Regarding the ongoing serial murder case that started a few days ago, the authorities have noted the location of the incidents has spread to a wider area.
After the first killing, which took place in the capital, Bucharest Bizarre serial murders, huh? Hello.
Oh, Lord El-Melloi.
Thanks for checking in.
The second.
My bad.
Well, never mind that.
Are you up to date on the serial murder taking place over there? More or less.
Then I'll get right to the point.
All the victims are members of the Mage's Association.
I see.
All the mages stationed in Sighisoara have been killed.
Probably safe to assume it was the work of a Servant.
Strange it'd happen here instead of Trifas, though.
Soul draining? Indeed.
Special as they may be, Servants are still but familiars.
Their vast magical powers require a source to draw from.
What's Father Shiro say on this? He says that the Servants of Red have all gathered and none has drained any human.
It's too conspicuous for it to be Yggdmillenia messing around on their own grounds.
It must be a third party.
There have already been over ten victims.
The police is on high alert and has commenced an investigation.
In any case, this is a blatant public display of magecraft and a direct violation of the Mage's Association doctrine.
I see.
This certainly sounds like a job for me.
What the hell? What's so special about that homunculus? Unforgivable! Astolfo should have eyes for me and me alone! Oh, I know what I can do.
I'll gouge out that toy's eyes, rip off his arms, and pull out his tongue.
If I do that, even Rider ought to feel something! That's right! I'll violate you! The day we win the war, I will use all my Command Spells and humiliate you, Astolfo! Sooner or later, the Red Faction will notice Saber's disappearance.
On the other hand, they've lost Spartacus.
They won't miss such a good opportunity to turn the tables.
We need Caster's Noble Phantasm.
A shame we let go of the homunculus.
Stop obsessing over trifling matters, Darnic.
There's no need for it should we simply sacrifice a first-rate mage.
Avicebron's Noble Phantasm is said to reflect the performance of the core directly.
If we were to choose someone possessing a sufficient Magic Circuit among our clan It would be that fool, realistically speaking.
What a bizarre turn of events.
Who would've thought a Servant would take his own life? All the more reason to love Golems! They always listen to you! But the professor's Noble Phantasm should be a hell of a lot more amazing! I can't wait to see it! I will emerge victorious in this Holy Grail War and get the professor incarnated! Then I will learn the secret art of Golems! For the strongest Golem! For the invincible Golem! To make that a reality, I don't care how many mages and Servants die in the process! All right.
Berserker! Sorry, but I need you to hold the fort.
Don't worry.
I'm just going over to lend my sister a hand.
Mages from the Association are getting murdered one by one in Sighisoara.
If it's not Yggdmillennia or a minion of the Church killing them, they'd need help, right? Oh, it's okay.
The enemy is likely to be Assassin of Black.
That means right now we can't afford to lose my sister and Chiron.
But we still need someone to look after this place.
I'll summon you via a Command Spell if need be, so don't worry.
I have no intention of putting my life on the line.
Someone who decides to fight when outnumbered two-to-one either has a lot of brawn or very little brains.
You look kind of ticked off.
I was hoping to do some sightseeing.
But this stupid town's got no big tower, no amusement park, no nothing! Did a thousand years really pass since the age I lived in? Sure did.
It's just that this town is famous for preserving its medieval heritage.
But man, you sure eat a lot.
Everyone needs a hobby.
Mine is to indulge my stomach.
But I just do this for fun! My true calling is kicking up a storm.
You're in luck, Saber.
You're gonna like this.
I've checked out the bodies at the morgue.
Some of the victims seem to have fought back with weapons or magic, but they were all shredded into pieces and had their hearts gouged out on top of that.
It was absolutely atrocious.
Their hearts? For Servants, it's where their Spiritual Core lies and for humans, it's the source of life.
They might be bulking up on magic by eating them.
That's pretty disturbing.
Anyway, I hope it's a Servant! It almost surely is.
Early victims were thugs and gangsters from Bucharest, but since the Association deployed, mages have been exclusively targeted.
Which means the only mage in town right now will be the next target! Fortunately, with everyone in town talking about the murderer, nobody's about at night.
Saber, suit up.
Got it! About damn time, Master! Now, shall we be on our way? It looks like another mage came.
Oh, really? Then should we make it your last meal at Sighisoara? Yep, sounds good! But, Mom, you should stay home today.
Looks like he's got a Servant with him.
All right.
I'll be here cooking some Salisbury steaks for when you get home.
Okay! How I've missed this garden of mine, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! What do you think, Master? Beautiful.
I hope you didn't forget to work in my requests.
Of course, Master! The Servants of Black will be scared out of their wits.
Thank you.
Something happened to Saber of Black which resulted in his disappearance, so now is our chance.
Our own Saber is already on the move.
It will be an all-out war.
I look forward to an exciting opening ceremony! Let's go, Assassin.
The tragedy will not be repeated.
The Greater Grail will be ours.
Who are you people?! A-Armor? Stay right there! We're officers from the Public Safety Division of the Ministry of Interior.
We'll take over from here.
Good work.
Goodness If we don't take care of this quick, we can kiss the idea of keeping magecraft secret goodbye.
Hey, isn't something off? This fog Master? It's poison gas! Don't inhale it, Saber! As if that'd work on me! Anyway Yeah, let's get out of this fog! Hold on to me.
Let's go! This way! All right, we're out.
Hey, so now— Sorry, but that's my Master you tried to kill.
Aw, I got cut.
That's mean.
"Mean"? Are you kidding me? You're one to talk when you're going around eating souls! Is there anything wrong with that, though? Stay right here, Master! I'll leave it to you.
Bounded Field of Isolation, come forth! Not bad! Shut up, you lowly Assassin! You're no hero, just a murderer! Huh, how'd you know? What?! Our name is Jack the Ripper.
Jack the Ripper?! Hey, you know what? You should tell me your name! I knew it! You're a girl! In that case Yeah, in that case, I know what to do! Don't take me for a fool, brat! Red thunder! This is it, Assassin! Now's the time to scream and wail.
You won't have that luxury anymore once I behead you! No thanks! I'm still hungry! Then you will regret it, Jack the Ripper! Did we get them? No.
Unfortunately, Saber managed to dodge it.
Living up to the reputation as the strongest class, I see.
What about Jack the Ripper? We also failed to finish off Assassin.
However, it appears she decided to retreat.
She probably suffered some injuries.
Then as planned, I'll handle Sisigo Kairi.
Master, please be careful.
I know! I've got the enemy Servant! Thanks! I'll deal with the Master! Cool! I never thought I'd come to trust a Mage.
I got you, Archer! What?! Why you I won't be able to avoid injury if I want to win.
Go to hell! My bad.
That was Pankration.
All right We can skip the self-introductions, right? I'd say so.
Surely we know each other's name.
But do you mind if I give you a warning? Go ahead.
Leave, Necromancer.
This land belongs to us, Yggdmillennia, Tree of a Thousand Realms! Your disrespectful intrusion will be excused if you comply.
If you ignore this warning, we'll make you pay for your foolish actions with death! Oh? And? You think I'll listen? Nope! I just needed to make some kind of declaration to prep myself up.
I see.
Jupiter, intercept! What?! Mars, fire! God dammit.
Is there anything those arms can't do? I see.
That must be the Bronze Link Manipulator.
The Clock Tower's description does not do it justice.
Then Wind Saturn, crush! How reckless can this guy be?! You It's over.
Knight of the Rebellion Episode donna ni nozondemo kanawanai I realized that the future I wanted was forever out of reach, and closed my eyes, ashita ga aru to me wo tojite but still I advanced sore demo aruikitsuzuketa I am in search of a light ikutsu yoru wo kasanetemo that will not perish kesenakute through a million nights hikari wo motometeru furikaeru michi ni wa There is no turning back on the path I walk mou modorenakutemo sekai wa mawaru But the world keeps on turning, kiseki wo inotta shunkan ni hoping for a miracle hoka ni wa nanimo We can stand together in the wasteland iranai to toriau no wa and work towards that goal negai negai todoketai yo because we harbor wishes in our hearts kizu tsuite kizu tsukete No matter the wounds we bear and inflict subete wo nakushita to shitemo No matter all that we will lose kamawanai I don't care kanaetai I have something omoi wo nigirishimete that my heart commands me to do