Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

The Fifth Contractor

1 I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.
So that's how he became a Heroic Spirit.
How stupid.
How long do you intend to keep playing around? #10 The Fifth Contractor How long? Just until 7:30.
Any longer, and I'll be late for school.
I wasn't referring to your leaving for school.
I was referring to the Holy Grail War.
Cooperating with another Master isn't a bad idea.
But the partner you've chosen is the worst possible one.
Didn't I say I wouldn't break my agreement with Emiya-kun? I admit he isn't much use in a fight, but I have no complaints with him as an ally And I feel Emiya-kun would never betray me, no matter what.
Listen He won't live to see the end of this.
If you insist on choosing an ally, Caster would be better.
Don't be absurd, Archer! Are you telling me to take a common stance with that monster? True, she is a monster, but she behaves like a real mage.
If you are a mage, you ought to prioritize results over ideals.
Your snide remarks won't work.
I won't change my position.
What in the world has gotten into you? Ever since you met Emiya Shirou, you've acted strangely.
Where has your cold rationality gone? Yes, I know I'm not myself.
But, Archer, it's all due to the nonsense you've been showing me.
What? It's nothing, forget it.
Anyway, since you're my Servant, I'll only do what I think is right.
I am not as naïve as Emiya Shirou, but there are some things I won't budge on.
I won't compromise on those, not for anyone! What do you have to say, Archer? What can I say? It's the vassal's duty to support his lord when she's out of sorts.
Until you are yourself again, I'll watch over you from the shadows.
What's wrong with me? Lately, I've been waking up exhausted.
Well, those really were beautiful swords.
Yeah, that's right.
I like them.
Is that so bad? That's my message.
I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but don't forget to lock the doors.
Of course.
That goes without saying.
Hey, Issei What is it, Emiya? I've been curious about this for a while.
Are you and Kuzuki close? Oh, I guess I never told you, did I? It's only natural we're on good terms.
After all, he's like a surrogate big brother to me.
A big brother? Souichirou No, Kuzuki-sensei has been staying at the temple for the past three years or so.
He's the quiet type, but he's a forthright and truly conscientious man.
My respect for him is based on living under the same roof.
It's only natural that I look up to him as a brother.
Kuzuki lives at Ryuudou Temple? Wha— Tohsaka? Tohsaka? Student Council President, if I may ask about your big brother Has anything happened at the temple recently? I have nothing to say to someone who'd resort to eavesdropping! Issei, I'd like to know, as well.
Wh-What's going on with you two? Speaking of that last incident, too Well, I suppose one thing comes to mind Kuzuki-sensei is going to marry soon.
About two weeks ago, he brought home a woman he introduced as his fiancée.
Although it does strike me as a bit odd, I'm happy for them.
We've given her special permission to live there.
For now, they're living together in quarters separate from the main temple.
We've found him.
After what happened with Issei, I think it's crazy to suspect someone just because he lives at Ryuudou Temple.
Why? Someone that dubious must be the Master.
His "fiancée" is Caster.
There's no doubt.
We attack tonight.
Emiya-kun, you should go prepare, too.
Hang on Tonight? Of course.
There's no guarantee that Kuzuki-sensei will come to school tomorrow.
We'll test him on his way home to see if he's a Master.
Test him? How? I'll hit him with a light Gandr shot.
If Kuzuki-sensei's a normal person, he'll just end up in bed with a cold for a few days.
That would be a problem, too.
If he is a Master, it'll turn into a fight, then and there.
Then it'll be too late to talk it out.
That would be all the better for us.
How is that a problem? Well, if that happens, you'll be in danger Oh, I don't really mind.
I'll just handle him myself.
Fine, I'll go with you.
Then you intend to attack Caster's Master tonight? Yeah, we still don't know for certain that Kuzuki-sensei's the Master, but at this point, we'll just have to test him.
That's true.
I understand your reluctance, Shirou.
But for now, let us go along with Rin's plan.
I wish I could make these more like his.
What am I thinking? When I called Fuji-nee No, Fujimura-sensei just now to check, she said Kuzuki hadn't left school yet.
Which means that he's still following his usual routine tonight.
In which case, he'll be leaving school any time now.
Rin, why is Archer not here? I left him at home.
I don't want him around Caster.
What does that mean? Let's hurry.
There's only one road from here to Ryuudou Temple, so Kuzuki has to pass this spot.
We'll set our trap here and ambush him.
It's an ideal location, isn't it? It's nothing fancy, but by placing a Bounded Field, although we'll be visible from outside, it'll be completely soundproof.
A missile could land here, and no one would hear a thing.
Well? Excellent work.
Okay, Saber, as for the plan itself Tohsaka! Looks like he's here.
Hey, Tohsaka I'm thinking it really isn't Kuzuki.
Well, we'll know once we do this.
Here goes.
I thought I warned you, Souichirou.
That this was bound to happen, so you ought to remain in Ryuudou Temple.
That's not the case.
We have caught our prey.
Now, come on out, foolish little mage.
I shall give you three seconds.
After that, I shall respond in kind to the action you take.
Emiya-kun, are you ready? When I give the signal, we start.
Save that for later, Tohsaka.
Huh? Shirou! Well, this is a surprise.
Have you a better grasp of your situation now, boy? Tohsaka and Emiya? So it isn't only Matou.
You two are Masters, as well.
You may be mages, but it is still unfortunate.
Kuzuki, are you being controlled by Caster? You're such an irritating boy Perhaps I shall kill you.
What makes you ask that question, Emiya? There must be a reason why you'd suspect that.
Tell me.
You're a decent human being, right? If you are, you couldn't possibly overlook what Caster's doing.
What Caster is doing? Yeah.
Caster's taking mana from people all across town.
To her, humans are no more than sacrifices.
As long as Caster keeps draining people, she'll kill someone eventually.
It won't be long before she does something that can't be fixed.
I understand.
You think that I, her Master, was ignoring her actions because I was under her control.
So if that's the case, we'll only defeat Caster.
But if you gave Caster free rein, knowing what she was up to, that makes you no more than a killer.
I won't show you mercy, either.
No, this is the first I've heard of this.
However, Emiya Are Caster's actions really so terrible? What did you say? The deaths of strangers, no matter the number, are of no concern to me.
Just as they are not the least bit concerned about my life.
Kuzuki You're a mage, but you'd involve outsiders?! I am no mage.
I'm simply a man who was once a killer.
I will not participate in the Holy Grail War.
If Caster and the rest of you kill each other, I will only watch.
I will bear no responsibility for your fighting, and neither should any of you bear responsibility for my life.
Do as you wish, Caster.
Whether you let them live or kill them is up to you.
I see.
Then you have no qualms about dying here, Master of Caster? Saber! Not so fast, Saber.
Magic resistance? Souichirou-sama! You underestimate me, Saber.
His fists are being strengthened with magic? You evade well.
Ah, it is not your eyes that are keen, but your intuition.
That's not possible.
It's fine to assume that a Master's role is to provide rear support.
But there is an exception to every rule.
There are also Masters, like me, that can only fight on the front line.
Master What is it, Caster? I shall handle Saber.
You see to the other Masters.
Very well.
Suits me.
You caught Saber by surprise, but we just need to take you out before you get close.
Tohsaka! If I get taken out, Tohsaka is dead.
I can't let that happen A weapon I need a weapon that will let me fight.
A powerful weapon Powerful weapons like the ones he had.
Trace on! No way.
Those are Master! Saber Wait.
That's enough.
Withdraw, Caster.
As you wish.
Shirou, are you injured? Saber We blew it.
Now, Kuzuki won't set foot outside of Ryuudou Temple.
You mean to give up on slaying Caster, then? You must be joking! We can't let her run loose.
Of course we can't.
Anyway, Emiya-kun, what were those? I thought that strengthening was the only magic you could do.
Well, it is But projection was the first magic I succeeded at.
I'm angry that you didn't think to mention it.
Then this wasn't your first time using projection magic, was it? I guess not.
But I could only mimic the exterior of things.
Inside, they were always hollow.
That's why what happened surprised me just as much as you.
You mastered projection before strengthening? Look, that was all I could do.
Kiritsugu said it was totally useless, so I should focus on strengthening.
That's true.
I probably would have said the same.
Still, it's awfully strange.
Tohsaka? Let's go home.
Shirou! I'm fine.
Oh, so this is where you were? I didn't come to complain.
I don't care where you go or what you do.
But listen to this.
I have great news! Kotomine says he'll turn a blind eye to anything we do.
Kotomine seems to think rather highly of you.
Well, he's a good judge of character.
I'm thinking of giving him something as a token of thanks once we get the Grail.
So we should start killing everyone in sight.
Eat up souls, and make yourself stronger! And then, it'll be their turn! I have to even the score with Emiya Shinji, you fail to comprehend the Grail's true nature.
If you truly desire the Grail, ignore the other Masters.
They are nothing more than sacrifices.
There are other matters that must be attended to first.
Attended to? Still, I am not unsympathetic to your feelings.
Revenge feels wonderful To seek pleasure is proof of being human.
Once I have done what needs to be done, I shall join in your games.
C-Come to think of it, I never asked what your wish was, did I? I approve of luxury.
Extravagant decoration is to be admired above all.
But there is no sense in wasting that upon the superfluous.
The superfluous? Long ago, I selected ten slaves, with the intent of slaying one that would not be missed.
What do you suppose happened, Shinji? You killed them all, right? I found that I could not slay any of them.
They were simple laborers, but in the old world, none were without value.
But this world overflows with the superfluous.
I could choose not only ten, but thousands, and I'd not find one amongst them that I could not kill.
I don't get what you're saying.
What is it that you want? That is simple.
Too many of anything is sickening.
Something that was closed has been opened? If you mean to continue, you must be prepared to pay the price.
Tomorrow, I'll make you admit defeat! I wanted to be a hero of justice, just like Kiritsugu.
Next Time A Visitor Approaches Lightly That is why your ideals are meaningless.