Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

A Visitor Approaches Lightly

1 Let's skip training today.
You were hurt pretty badly.
No, my injuries pose no problem.
I am more concerned about you, Shirou.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
If you are in pain, do not hesitate to speak up.
#11 A Visitor Approaches Lightly That's a relief The pain is gone.
Yesterday was pretty rough, I guess.
I think I'll make breakfast as thanks.
Shirou? Kuzuki-sensei has called in sick today.
Seriously? Kuzuki-sensei did? Isn't it supposed to snow today? Sweet! Study hall! Settle down, everyone I know that normally, this is your World History class, but since I'm here, let's have an English pop quiz! No quizzes! Tyrant! Taiga! Shut up! If I make last period on Saturday study hall, it'll just turn into playtime! So graciously accept your teacher's kindness! School has now ended.
Students are not permitted to remain on campus after school hours.
Please leave immediately.
Should I be worried? My arm's numb, but somehow, it feels heavier.
I forgot to talk to Tohsaka.
Well, if she didn't come to me, I doubt there were any major developments.
Sorry I'm home late.
I'll have lunch ready in a minute.
Shirou? That's the first time I've ever broken a dish.
I'll clean it up right away.
Don't worry about it.
Just sit at the table.
You must be fatigued, Shirou.
It's all right.
I will clean it up.
Maybe I am tired Thanks.
Coming! T-Tohsaka? What are you doing here? I'm here because you stood me up at our regular check-in.
Stood you up? Okay, I admit that I forgot to meet you But did we agree on regular check-ins? Sorry! I apologize for forgetting.
As your partner, I should check in with you regularly.
Let's use this opportunity to hold our meeting here today.
Hang on, we were just about to have lunch! That's perfect.
I haven't had lunch yet, so I'll join you.
Hey, not so fast! So in the end, our only option against Caster is to resort to using force.
I believe so.
There is a powerful barrier against spiritual beings erected around that mountain.
The front gate is the only way in.
So if we force our way onto the temple grounds, Caster will be waiting.
I suppose Wait, why are you sitting so far away? Because you poached my usual place! Anyway, once we're on the grounds, the question is how we'll corner Caster.
If we play our cards wrong, she might take out all of Ryuudou Temple.
True, that is something Caster could do.
Saber, don't say scary stuff like that so casually! Are you saying that Caster will self-destruct if we corner her? It's likely, yes.
I believe she would.
You two are totally in sync Wow, it's this late already? I guess we should wrap things up.
I need to get dinner started.
What is it, Emiya-kun? Why are you staring at me? No, I was just Oh, I get it In public, we're fellow Masters, so I don't bother you there, but inside your own home, you revert to your natural instincts.
I'm a guy, so it's a perfectly ordinary reaction.
But it's odd, isn't it? Saber is a girl.
And from what I hear, Fujimura-sensei and Sakura are always coming over.
I shouldn't be any different.
Look, just go home, okay? Oh? How can I go home, when we've yet to settle on a strategy? Shirou, Rin's point is valid, is it not? I see no issue with her staying here.
Don't you start, too All right, fine.
But Fuji-nee Fujimura-sensei will probably show up later, so you'll have to persuade her yourself.
I know, I know.
I know all about Fujimura-sensei, so don't worry about that.
Don't blame me if this blows up in your face.
I'm home! Welcome back.
Boy, it's cold! I think it's gonna snow! Ah, you're making a hot pot! That's my Shirou! You're freezing! I bet you're awake now! Be careful! I'm working over a fire here! Whatever Hurry, hurry, hurry! Hot pot! Hot pot! Hot pot! Come on, get off me! I hope you don't mind my joining you, Fujimura-sensei.
Why, it's Tohsaka-san! It's unusual to run into you at Shirou's place Hang on.
What are you doing at Shirou's place?! Hang on, Tohsaka-san! What are you doing here at this hour? This is thoughtless of you! What am I doing here? I'm being treated to dinner at Emiya-kun's place.
I think it's far more thoughtless of you to barge in without even ringing the doorbell, don't you? I-I'm the household chaperone! I was left in charge by Emiya-kun's father, so we're practically family! Oh, I see.
After dinner, Emiya-kun and I will be studying for a test, so don't mind us.
Ouch Shirou? I mean, Emiya-kun! What's the meaning of this? If it's difficult to address him formally, don't push yourself to do so.
What you call Emiya-kun is none of my concern.
Tohsaka-san, did you hear about this from Sakura-chan? Who knows? Unfortunately, anything that Matou-san told me must be treated as confidential.
But I hope it's exactly as you think.
Game, set, and match.
I'll leave these here.
Oh, thanks.
Shall I do the dishes? It won't be fair if I do nothing in return for dinner.
No, just owe me one.
Fujimura-sensei, is Emiya-kun always this clumsy? No way.
As long as I've known him, he's never broken a dish.
I bet he's self-conscious because you're here As a foreign invader, naturally.
Emiya-kun I'll take it from here, so go get some rest.
No, I'm fine.
I've got this, so go drink some tea.
Are you sure you shouldn't help? You asked her over, and if you leave her alone, she's gonna hate you.
Wh-Why are you reading too far into this, you idiot? I didn't invite her over! And anyway, I don't really care if Tohsaka hates me.
Huh? Where's Tohsaka? I believe she went out into the courtyard.
The courtyard? Tohsaka? I like your Bounded Field.
Unlike the one at my house, you can sense human emotion in this one.
Care to join me? What? I was just curious.
This house is unique.
It occurred to me that maybe you're better off the way you are.
A hopeless amateur, you mean? I didn't mean it that way, but maybe that's exactly it.
I don't know what Emiya Kiritsugu was like as a mage, but this compound is incredibly natural.
For a mage's workshop, it's quite open.
It's like you're welcome to come and go freely.
It isn't like that at your house? No, it isn't.
It tries to keep people out, but once you're in, it doesn't let you leave.
At times, I think it's wrong, but it isn't something I can change.
Personally, I like it the way it is.
I was probably chosen as the heir because my personality is this way.
Was it hard for you? Training to be a mage? Sorry to say, but I never found it hard.
Plus, learning new things was fun.
Didn't I just tell you? That's how I'm wired.
So if you're worried about me, it's misplaced.
Then why are you at school? If you're going to live a mage's life, isn't it sort of pointless? It may be a detour, but it's not pointless.
It's fun to be a student.
And at heart, I'm a hedonist.
Succeeding my father is my duty, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it.
Even the reason for my partnership with you is because you're interesting.
I see.
Well, I'm glad you're having fun.
And? It's been fun for you, too, right? Why aren't you saying anything? Well, I just Give me a straight answer, Emiya-kun.
Because I might have completely misunderstood you.
I guess I never thought of mage training as fun.
Even magic itself.
But if the people around me were happy, I was happy.
So if I studied magic, I might be able to help someone someday I wanted to be a hero of justice, just like Kiritsugu.
That's why I studied magic.
Anyway, that's my reason.
So then, you didn't study magic for yourself? Didn't I, though? Because it makes me happy to be useful to others.
Look, that's just being happy, not having fun! Listen, what I'm asking is if you personally enjoy it.
I don't care about others, I'm asking if there's anything about magic that you consider fun! It's hard to say if I personally enjoy it I sort of feel like I don't deserve more wishes Hey! Give me a straight answer! Well I guess I don't.
Oh, I'm so angry! So basically, you're always worrying about others, but never focusing on yourself! Whoa, hey— Shut up! No backtalk! I always thought you were similar, but I never imagined you were this alike! Calm down, Tohsaka Why are you so angry? I'm angry because you don't get why I'm angry! All right.
That settles it.
Tomorrow, I'll make you admit defeat! You're going to go back to chasing me around? I am! I'll give you a taste of something special I've been saving! Hey, Tohsaka! You're going home, right? I'll walk you.
Tohsaka! Enough with the "Tohsaka, Tohsaka"! Tohsaka, what are you wearing? I spoke to Archer and had him bring me an overnight bag.
I got Fujimura-sensei's permission, so it's fine.
I'll use the guest room on the right.
Trace on.
Tracing fundamental structure.
Strengthening component materials.
More magic training tonight? Yeah, Kiritsugu taught me to never miss a day.
But I guess that was the only thing I really learned from him.
Only that? He taught you nothing of the wisdom or behavior expected of mages? No After all, the guy who was supposed to teach me wasn't really like a mage himself.
He was a poor excuse for an adult.
He'd say that if you're going to enjoy something, enjoy it to the fullest, and then he'd play around like a kid.
I understand.
You enjoyed having such a master, didn't you? Yeah, I looked up to him.
He was carefree and nothing like a mage, but to me, Kiritsugu was a true magic-user.
Shirou What is wrong with your left side? You noticed, Saber? Yes.
It's just a little numb.
It isn't slowing me down at all.
Then the cause is Yeah, I think it's a reaction to the projection magic I did last night.
Is most of your body still numb? Archer That's hardly surprising.
What do you want, Archer? I thought we had a non-aggression pact.
Stop right there.
If you come any closer, you must be prepared for the consequences.
Wait, Saber.
He doesn't want to fight.
But he It's okay.
What do you want, Archer? Knowing you, you didn't drop by to say hello.
Rin told me that you performed a projection, and it really is true.
You have no sensation in half your body, and your center of gravity is 7 cm off, right? I might be of some assistance.
You're fortunate.
I expected to see necrosis, but something that was closed has been opened.
Something that was closed has been opened? Circuits you were meant to use from the beginning had grown dormant from neglect.
The numbness is only temporary.
By suddenly flooding circuits you never used with mana at full power, you sent them into a state of shock.
This means that the circuits have returned to an active state.
That should do it.
You'll recover in a few days.
When you can move properly again, you should be a better mage than before.
You certainly know a lot about this, Archer.
I went through something similar.
At first, I lost the use of one arm.
What? I want to ask you something.
"Let your ideals drag you to your death.
" What did you mean by that? It seems self-explanatory.
There's nothing to add.
Then what the hell are you fighting for? That's obvious.
My reason for fighting is simply for myself.
Just for yourself? That's right.
If your desire is to fulfill the ideal of not hurting anyone, then do as you wish.
But only if that desire is truly yours.
If you fight of your own free will, any resulting crime or punishment is of your own making.
Accepting them is a part of that ideal.
But if that desire was borrowed from another, the ideals you uphold are mere fantasies.
There must be a reason for fighting.
But that reason must never be an ideal.
If you fight for an ideal, you can only save ideals.
That doesn't entail helping others.
A reason to fight is the desire to save something.
At the very least, it is for you.
Right, Emiya Shirou? But salvation by the hands of another is not salvation.
Such salvation is like money.
When used, it passes into another's hands.
It's true that you can probably achieve your wish to save others.
But there's no hope of saving yourself in doing so.
You will repeat the cycle until you die, still clinging to ideals that are not your own.
That is why your ideals are meaningless.
Nothing comes of helping others.
In the end, you can save neither others nor yourself.
A lie of a life.
You're wrong That isn't true.
You don't have to go to such extremes to help others! You truly are a foolish child! You still have no stomach for brutality, do you? I promised myself that I'd fight to stop people like you! Next Time The Final Decision Run, Shirou!