Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

The Final Decision

1 Huh? The bread I'd bought is gone and has been replaced by three 100-yen coins.
Do I take that as a sign of sincerity? Tohsaka.
Tohsaka! You in here? I wonder what this is? Sorry.
It'll just take a little longer Shirou, how are you feeling? The numbness on my left side is gone.
It still feels a little heavy, though.
That is good news.
Good morning, Rin.
'Morning You seem to have slept quite soundly last night.
Not really.
Somebody was making noise past midnight.
Oh, we're going out today.
Hurry up and get ready.
Going out? Where? The next town over.
To do what? What else? To go have fun, of course.
It's a date, dummy.
A date? Between who and who? Me and you.
Oh, okay.
You and I are— Wh-What?! Shirou? What's this about you going on a date with Tohsaka-san? #12 The Final Decision This is make-or-break time! Stop messing around.
I don't know what's going on here, either.
Look at you, getting all embarrassed! I'm so jealous! Oh, to be young and in love! You have a date today, too, don't you, Fujimura-sensei? You do?! That's right, I do.
But I don't want you two getting too crazy, got it? See you later! We should go, too.
Okay! So, where should we go? Do you two have any requests? I can't really think of anything.
Should've known.
And you, Saber? No, I merely came along as Shirou's guard.
Please act as if I were not here.
Really? Then you two are okay with completely submitting to my plans? Don't be so sinister! Anyway, I said I'd tag along with you, not go out on a date with you.
I thought it would be nice to take a breather.
- All three of us.
- So sorry! But that's what the world calls a "date.
" Girls hate guys who don't know when to give in.
What girls? What girls, indeed? Shirou.
Fine, whatever! I'll tag along with you wherever you want, then! Well? Good, huh? It doesn't really taste like anything.
Don't be like that! You can tell it's sweet! Well, I guess it's sweeter than it looks.
Well? Well what? They're not bad, I guess.
They make you look intellectual, Rin.
Thanks! Which ones next I think these would look good on you, Saber.
Looking good, Saber! And you try these on, Emiya-kun! That's hilarious! I will never, ever wear glasses, got it?! I look young enough already! Oh, right.
You're self-conscious about that.
I don't think you have anything to worry about, Emiya-kun.
You're perfectly fine as-is.
No, I'm not! I have to grow a little taller.
You're pretty average, I'd say.
I'm nowhere near average! I have to grow at least as tall as Issei! Come on, don't worry about it.
You'll grow a lot taller.
Based on what? Um, you've got a solid build, so I bet you'll fill out if you eat right.
With plenty of photosynthesis, you'll grow good and tall! Do I look like I have leaves? Wait, are you angry? Not really.
I'll follow half of your advice.
I can't make you any promises about your height, but I'm sure you'll become a great-looking guy.
You have my guarantee on that part, Shirou.
You're blushing, you're blushing! I love how everything is written on your face, Emiya-kun.
Geez, you're evil! Do you get your kicks from teasing guys in the same year as you? Of course! You have the best reactions! Let's stop playing with Shirou and start on the main event! Before lunch, let's knock a few out of the park! One more time! That machine's set to 120kph Shirou, what are you standing around for? Yeah, I can't get one-upped by Tohsaka! Saber? What is it, Shirou? I find it uncomfortable to be stared at in such a manner.
Talk about hating to lose I miscalculated.
I had no idea Saber would get so obsessed with competition.
Yeah, she gets angry if you go easy on her, and sulks if you get too far ahead You yourself were overcome with combativeness against Rin, Shirou! When the person in the next cage answers you hit for hit, you get worked up.
And seriously, you're way too good at batting, Tohsaka.
Do you do pushups before going to bed or something? Y-Yes, I do.
What's wrong with that? Uh, nothing Good game.
I'm surprised.
I had no idea you'd gone to all this trouble.
Of course.
I asked you out, so I had to pull out the stops.
Oh, this clears up one mystery.
This is what you used the bread for.
I assumed you got hungry in the middle of the night and ate the whole loaf.
Emiya-kun? Shut your mouth, and let's eat.
Let's eat! Thank you for the meal, Rin.
What, you don't like spicy food, Shirou? No, I'm okay.
The seasoning is intense, but this is really good! Oh? I'm glad.
You have some sauce on your face.
Shall I get that for you? Wh-Why would you say that?! Oops, maybe I took the joke too far.
Sorry! I knew exactly the reaction I'd get, so I couldn't help myself.
But just you wait.
I'll be totally unflappable starting tomorrow.
Oh, so that means I can go after you with no holds barred starting tomorrow? What a relief! I was so sick of taking it easy on you! Uh, I take that back.
I'll need a little more time, so if you could keep it at our current level, that would be great.
Really? If you say so.
But when you're ready to up your game, let me know.
I'll stop pulling my punches and knock you on your butt.
You assume you'll win, huh? Are you sure that you aren't Satan? I mean, you're always wearing red.
You seem to be feeling better.
Are you back to normal? I'm glad.
What? Why did you come over yesterday? To say nothing of sleeping over.
Why? I felt like it, that's all.
I thought it might be a nice change of pace.
True, it was fun to have lots of people over yesterday.
Right? Yeah.
It turned out to be nothing, but thanks.
D-Don't get the wrong idea! I wasn't concerned about you! Yeah, you'd be at a disadvantage if you lost your partner.
So you came to see how I was doing, right? Th-That's right! I'm glad that you see that.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
I don't know what you had up your sleeve, but you really were concerned, weren't you? That boy Shirou is going on dates now, bold as can be Oh, and get this, Kiritsugu-san.
Do you remember a girl named Saber-chan? She says she's the daughter of someone you knew abroad.
She came all this way to visit you.
Abroad, huh? You never had a chance to take me We made it Did you have fun today? We only got through half of what I had planned, but what did you think? Well, I haven't goofed around like that for a long time.
Look, if you had fun, just come out and say so.
It's rude to me after playing host all day.
Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
Yes, you did.
You're subconsciously slamming on the brakes.
I don't know what happened to you, but if it was that bad, wouldn't your life be a lot happier if you let it go? Shirou, look outside.
Is something wrong? I don't know, something is weird.
What?! What is this place? I can't get through to Archer.
We're completely sealed in.
These are— This is only serving to increase their number.
Fighting within my bounded field will only expend your mana to no avail.
You're pulling out all the stops for us.
As long as there's water, you have an endless supply of troops, is that it? We cut them off at the source, then.
How valiant.
But perhaps you ought to look at this before you raise your sword at me, Saber.
Fuji-nee! What do you hope to accomplish by taking a hostage? I have no business with you.
My interest lies in that boy there.
Your Magic Circuits are fascinating.
I'd like to take them without killing you.
Do you understand? I'm resorting to these crude tactics because I wish to win you over, not kill you.
If you become my puppet, I shall refrain from any further violence.
Listen to you! You're doing all this behind your Master's back! Is that jealousy I hear? I hate to disappoint you, but it is not perfect omnipotence that I desire, but rather imperfect, unique abilities.
So, boy, what is your answer? Such a difficult child.
This should be an easy decision.
No matter how skilled your Saber is, she cannot defeat me with my limitless reserves of mana.
My power is being fed to me by all the denizens of this city.
It is as if I have thousands of Masters.
Do you understand what I am saying? You wouldn't dare! Yes.
Even humans who are devoid of mana still have souls, yes? We are soul eaters by nature, are we not? By stealing mana in the form of life from these Masters, I can extract as much as I like.
Listen, boy, you have no chance of winning.
Serve me with Saber.
Let Fuji-nee go Were you not paying attention? I said to surrender to me.
Like hell I will! Let Fuji-nee go! You mean to say that you have no interest in working with another Master? No, just not with you.
I seem to be on your bad side.
That really is a shame.
Had you worked with me, I would have been willing to share the Grail with you.
I don't want your help! I promised myself that I'd fight to stop people like you! The Grail has nothing to do with it! What's so funny? Oh, did I touch a nerve? But you have only yourself to blame, saying things that you don't mean.
After all, you yourself are a victim of the Grail.
It has nothing to do with the Grail? When you say those words, is it not out of hatred towards it? Shirou? I know everything, Emiya Shirou.
You lost everything in the last war.
You were found by Emiya Kiritsugu as you were alone in the flames, waiting to die.
How you must have suffered, being made his son solely for the purpose of the next war and having magic forced upon you.
No way Emiya-kun? Is that true? Yes, the Grail has always been a hated enemy to you.
It is for that very reason that you have every right to claim the Grail as recompense for ten years ago.
And the Grail is as good as mine.
It would be child's play to grant you your wish.
You speak nonsense, Caster! The Grail will not appear until but one Servant remains! No, there is a way to claim the Grail without fighting.
As a Caster, I can sense the inner workings of the Grail.
Yes, if you, with your massive mana output, were to assist me, I could summon the Grail right now.
This is your last chance, boy.
You wish to avoid senseless fighting, do you not? Then serve me, Saber's Master! Never.
I won't go along with that.
Are you mad? Do you understand the position you are in? I won't help a witch who treats people as food.
Your methods are wrong.
And one more thing I wasn't forced to become a mage.
I made the choice on my own to follow in my old man's footsteps.
Witch You called me a witch? I see.
I have no use for you, then.
Die here, then.
Why, you— Don't move, Saber! I'm begging you.
Stay where you are.
Shirou, but she— Oh, my.
I had thought that you were utterly irrational, but you do understand your situation, don't you? Coward! You're going to kill Shirou in cold blood?! Of course not.
I'm merely going to strip him of his status as a Master.
You will not join me, but you wish to save this girl.
That tells me that you are prepared to hand over your Command Seals.
All right.
How do I do that? Shirou, no! Even if you do that, she will still— I will take them, arm and all, of course.
That is enough, Shirou.
I cannot allow you to continue to play into Caster's hands.
Same here! Anyway, do you honestly think she's the sort who would release a hostage? Take it.
That's all you want, right? Shirou! You don't have to go to such extremes to help others! I do! If my arm will save Fuji-nee's life, I don't have to think twice.
You truly are a foolish child! You are a nuisance, so die! No! Stop! Saber! Saber! Are you surprised? This is my Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker! It nullifies any and all magic cast in this world.
The dagger of betrayal and denial.
The pact has been forged.
I am now your Master.
You are now as I am.
Betray your Master and pledge your blade to me! You You're a Servant, and you've taken a Servant? Yes, I have made her my familiar.
Saber now belongs to me.
And now, here is your friend back, little fool.
Fuji-nee! Fuji-nee! Are you okay? Fuji-nee! Fuji-nee You know, I think I shall let you go.
That show you put on was so wonderful it was almost annoying.
However Oh.
I suppose that's how these things usually work.
Playtime is now over, young lady.
Now, Saber.
Strike down Archer's Master.
Never Who would obey the likes of you? No, you will obey, Saber.
As long as I have these Command Seals, you cannot defy me in either body or soul.
Idiot! Why did you do that?! A pity.
Such a waste.
That boy was so fascinating.
Obey my Command Seal, Saber.
run Run, Shirou! We have to get Fuji-nee Just come on! Impossible! Saber's magic resistance is even effective against the binding of a Command Seal? But be that as it may, I won't let you escape! It's about time! My apologies.
Breaking through that bounded field took quite a while.
From the inside, however Archer, take Fujimura-sensei! Now, while we still can! Saber This was for the best.
At least you're alive.
For now, get some rest, Emiya-kun.
I see.
While I was breaking through that field, Saber was taken.
That's all you have to say? Yes.
But we should count our blessings that we now know what Caster's Noble Phantasm is.
That Caster Always sloppy on the follow-through.
Deep down, she might actually be a decent woman.
You don't seem very concerned, Archer.
Weren't you rooting for Saber? I don't recall ever giving that impression.
What makes you think that, Rin? Well Would you believe women's intuition? No.
Are you even old enough to qualify as a woman? For starters, you are lacking in feminine charms.
In refinement, as well.
And in addition Oh, and this is the most damning.
Your appeal is hard to see.
Well, well.
You've finally found your groove again haven't you? Getting back to the topic at hand, here's damning evidence #1 that you were rooting for Saber: The first time you met Saber, you went easy on her, didn't you? No matter how powerful Saber is, I doubt she could have gotten the better of you, not with your defenses.
She caught me unawares.
Like you, I'm vulnerable to unexpected developments.
Oh, get off my case.
Damning evidence #2: After the incident with Rider, you tried to provoke Saber, remember? That was out of character for you, no two ways about it.
But when I looked at it from another angle, it made perfect sense.
You were actually scolding Saber, weren't you? I'm right? I knew it! I don't know if you two knew each other in a previous life or what, but it's unusual for you to be so cold to someone.
Is it? I think that I respond to everyone in that way.
It only looks that way to you.
The way I see it, you're only awkward when it comes to things dealing with yourself.
You're smooth when it comes to others, which is why no one notices.
So, have you finally remembered? Do you know what land's Heroic Spirit you are? If you have some connection to Saber, you ought to be from an era that's close to hers, right? No, everything is still hazy.
But as you say, I do have memories of this Saber.
But she does not seem to know me, so we could not have been very close.
More to the point, Rin, how is the visitor you brought here? Luckily, she missed anything vital.
But his wounds aren't healing at all this time.
Their pact has been broken, so he might have lost the healing ability he'd been getting from Saber.
No, not him.
I meant the other.
Oh, Fujimura-sensei? Caster seems to have put her under a sleeping spell, but she has lots of energy.
I've treated her, so she could sleep a whole week with no problems.
Knowing Fujimura-sensei, she might jump out of bed any moment.
Perhaps, but what that woman casts are more curse than spell.
The simplest way to break it is to kill the person who cast it.
That's true.
Defeating Caster is our top priority.
I know.
If possible, I want to do it before Saber falls completely under her control.
So your pact with that boy is also over, then.
What? Don't give me "what?" Emiya Shirou is no longer a Master, correct? What's this? Surely you aren't going to say that you mean to look after him as a fallen brother in arms.
I'm not that big a softie.
What, then? It isn't over yet.
My promise still stands until he himself says that he wants out of the war.
I can reject him all I want, but nothing is over until he says he wants out.
Rin That's our course of action.
Do you have a problem with it, Archer? What else can I do? I know painfully well that you are that sort of person.
Let's go, Archer! Huh? Where am I? Nobody's here? Which means that she's out there by herself right now Sorry I made a mess Tohsaka.
This looks familiar Oh, right.
It's the same as the one from that night.
Oh, come on! Why are you here? Why did you have to pick this hour on this day to be here? There's still a way.
Crap What's she doing? She's always going on about debts and favors, but this is one debt that I can never repay! Tohsaka Are you listening, Assassin? I said that I want you to continue guarding the front gate.
There was an intruder, you see.
I spotted an unusual bird, so I struck it down.
Is this something used by your kind? Yes, it is a familiar used for spying.
That young lady has terrible luck.
If she were slightly less talented, I would have taken her on as my pupil.
I leave my Master's defense to you, Assassin.
Guard the gate with your life.
Actually, this person whom you address as Kojiro does not truly feel alive.
Ordering such a person to do anything to the death is meaningless, is it not? Don't quibble.
You are a Servant that I summoned.
If you cannot pledge fealty to your lord, I shall simply eliminate you right now.
I see.
Goodness me.
My life is as insubstantial as the shimmering heat haze, but I would rather it not be extinguished just yet.
After all, I do have a promise to keep.
Then hold your tongue.
Your only concern is guarding this place.
Then guard it I shall.
But is this wise, Caster? I am also disloyal to my lord, but you are acting on your own authority far too much.
Your errand tonight is also without your Master's knowledge, I'd wager.
Day by day, you overstep your bounds ever further, Caster Silence.
The next time you make me repeat myself, I'll eliminate you without waiting out the next five days.
Oh, dear The saying that women and short men are difficult to manage is true, I see Worry not, I understand.
All is to be carried out without your Master's knowledge, yes? Yours is a touching tale.
I only hope that your love for your lord gets through to the man.
Assassin, mind your— I am a sore loser.
Allow me these poor jests.
On my blade, I swear I shall protect this gate from all, no matter who they be.
But where are you going? You do not trust my protection? Of course not.
You are merely my insurance.
But I no longer require that, either.
With Saber now mine, I no longer need to make this rustic place my temple.
A change of position? Meaning that you have no further use for me.
There is a sacred spot superior to this mountain? Yes, there is a place that suits me perfectly.
Yes, I am leaving to claim my prize early.
I now have a new fortification, the Grail, and even a new pawn in the form of Saber.
With all these, even my reticent Master will be unable to offer up any objections to my plan of action.
Once I have the Grail, I will have nothing to fear.
Yes, for then no one will be able to stand against me, no matter who they may be! Caster.
Have we met before, my good overseer of this mad ritual? What do you want, Caster? This place is inviolable neutral territory.
Regardless of what Heroic Spirit they may be, no Servant may enter this place.
The rules have changed.
Command Seals?! Saber Saber is now my puppet.
You understand what that means, I take it? The outcome of this war is as good as decided.
Is there something wrong with coming to claim my prize early? Indeed there is.
The Grail will not appear until but one Servant remains.
As a Servant, surely you were made aware of this at the time of your summoning.
Yes, the Grail did say that.
It ordered me to go forth and slay the other Heroic Spirits to activate the Grail.
However, that refers to the Greater Grail, does it not? Tell me, where is the Lesser Grail? You priests are in charge of the Grail's key, aren't you? There is no Holy Grail here.
Do you wish to die? Don't make idle threats.
You betray yourself, Princess of Colchis.
You still have no stomach for brutality, do you? You just want me to stand by and watch, right? No one's going to interfere.
This era has fine warriors, too, I see.
But how long will his luck hold out, I wonder? Tohsaka Where are you? Why are you here? Go home.
I don't know what you're trying to prove, but you're being a nuisance.
I won't leave.
I promised that I'd fight alongside you, remember? Forget about that stupid promise.
Anyway, what can you possibly do as you are now? You've lost Saber.
I Besides, there's no need for you to fight now.
You're not a Master anymore.
Take shelter in the church, and you'll be safe.
Don't be stupid! I can't leave Saber like that! So no matter what, I'm gonna fight to the bitter en— Take a look.
but that's what happens without her.
You've had Saber to help you until now.
Besides, for all your talk about Saber, what happens to her is none of your concern now.
You're wrong.
Even if I'm not a Master, Saber hated it.
No way am I gonna let her be the stooge of somebody like that! I see.
The problem is, you're powerless.
Even if you refuse to admit it, let me spell it out for you.
The way you are now, you can't do anything to help Saber.
That's all there is to say.
You've lost Saber, and you're no longer a Master.
There's no more reason for you to be involved in the Holy Grail War, so bow out here.
Not so fast, Tohsaka.
Even if that's true You idiot, what are you thinking?! Stay out of this from now on, or you're dead.
Can you believe to the bitter end that you're right? No, I comprehend the situation.
Has the matter outside been resolved? Shirou, get back! You protected me of your own free will, didn't you? Let us reenact a battle out of myth! Archer You're You can't be! Broadcast Starts April 2015