Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Time of Departure

1 Memories from ten years ago The words of the man who was my dad Even if I was a mistake from the beginning, the path I've chosen isn't.
To ensure that event wouldn't be just some tragic past, I wanted to become a hero of justice.
For ten years, I've embraced the ideal of a time when everyone would be happy and no one would cry.
So it was clear from the beginning what I needed to do.
I didn't fight because I became a Master.
I decided to fight because it was something that I could do.
Something I believed I ought to do.
Tohsaka #13 Time of Departure How brave you are.
You can continue to defy me all you like, but your Servant body cannot resist me.
Surely you can sense my Command Seals eating away at you, little by little.
Would it not be easier if you simply gave in and submitted to me? Oh, my stubborn Saber What are you doing, Caster? Souichirou-sama Why are you here? I thought I requested for you to remain at Ryuudou Temple.
Answer my question first, Caster.
Answer me.
What are you doing here? Yesterday, I seized the Servant of Emiya Shirou, one of the other Masters.
He escaped just before I could finish him, but he is no longer a Master.
I see.
But I do not remember instructing you to do so.
I acted on my own authority, Master.
I attacked this church in order to obtain the Holy Grail's vessel.
I slew the priest who was the overseer, but the Grail's whereabouts remain unknown.
You failed to return because you couldn't locate the Grail? I get the gist of the situation.
Now, can you explain why you acted on your own? I apologize.
However, my actions were all for you, Master.
My only goal is to help you achieve victory.
There is no other reason.
I see.
In that case, you cannot leave this place.
Search it until you are satisfied.
Until then, I will also remain here.
No, that will not be necessary, Master.
Locating the Holy Grail will take some time.
It would be safer for you to return to Ryuudou Temple.
A fair point.
But if I did so, I would be unable to achieve my own objective.
Souichirou-sama, what is Be quick about it.
If it isn't here, so be it.
I don't care how you accomplish it.
All I need is the result.
When was it that I finally figured out what that dream really was? That it was a certain Heroic Spirit's mental landscape.
Among many Heroic Spirits, the Servants, there are special Servants that are safeguards, called "Protectors.
" They are summoned into the various ages, and prevent the human world's destruction.
No, more accurately, they prevent the human race from destroying itself.
Even though he was summoned to save humanity, before he could save them, he was first forced to clean up the messes that humans had made.
It didn't take many summonings for him to determine that it was futile and start despising the human world.
In the end, he continued to be betrayed by his ideal, even after death.
If you aren't feeling well, we can put this off.
There's no pressing need to attack right away.
No, if we know where Caster is, we should deal with her at once.
That's creepy, watching me sleep instead of waking me up.
I swear I wasn't doing anything so rude.
I did hear something, though.
You muttered some very harsh things, like "This is so irritating" and "I'm pissed.
" Oh, that's a relief.
Say, Archer Have you ever regretted the things you've done? If I can help it, I want to avoid any regrets.
I bet that'll be hard, though.
Even more than I imagine.
Some can do it, and some can't.
I'd say that you are the former.
People of that type don't make mistakes, and they don't even think they'd make mistakes.
Rin Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones.
They never regret or agonize over what they've done.
And you are most definitely that sort of person.
Tohsaka Rin can believe in her own path to the very end without regret.
What about you, then? Will you be able to believe that you're right to the very end? I'm sorry, but that question is meaningless.
Why is it meaningless? Have you forgotten, Master? My "end" came and went long ago.
She attacked the overseer? I'd say that's a bold move.
Kirei was probably prepared for it, though.
Rin, I must ask you again.
What, you're still worried? I'll take on Caster.
If you get too close, she might use Rule Breaker on you, too.
So, you see to her Master, Kuzuki.
I'm fine with taking on that man.
But do you understand that no mage is a match for Caster? Relax.
If I didn't have a chance, I wouldn't have said it.
You can leave her to me, Archer.
Very well.
I'll trust in you.
All right, let's do this.
I'll take out Caster here, no matter what.
And when I do, Saber will probably return to normal, and be able to forge a new pact with Shirou, right? So, did you make sure he was dead? Saber And what is that supposed to mean? Nothing.
If you didn't see his corpse, he's still stubbornly clinging to life somewhere, that's all.
But enough about him.
Let's get this over with.
This time, you don't have a human shield, so I can go all out to beat you.
Do you think you can beat me in a magic battle? It depends on how I go about it.
And thankfully, you don't seem to have full control of Saber yet.
Plus, I also know how strong Kuzuki-sensei is.
He's no match for my Archer.
Are you ready, Archer? I am.
As planned, then, Rin? Yes.
Don't hold back.
I'm using everything I have! How adorable.
You think you have a chance against me, one-on-one? Are you forgetting my trump card? With my Command Seals, I can make her my puppet now.
Even if you use a Command Seal on her, Saber would be able to resist it.
I don't know if it would be for one minute or two, but that's more than enough time to take down the likes of you! A distraction? I'll start by pulling you down from there! Archer! Huh? Archer? What do you think you're doing, Archer? You see, defeating her here struck me as idealistic.
When it comes to escaping, she's the best there is.
After all, she's a woman who would tear apart her own younger brother to escape.
You talk as though you know all about me.
Do you know my true identity? Familiars that use dragon teeth as vessels are the hallmark of the King of Colchis's magecraft.
His daughter, Princess Medea, was hailed as a witch without peer.
I don't believe it, he's If I may ask, Caster, do you still have reserves to spare? Archer, are you Of course! I have sufficient mana to sustain not only one more, but all the Servants! Then that simplifies things.
I will take you up on your earlier offer, Caster.
Even though you turned me down before? The situation has changed.
If Saber is under your control, isn't it only natural that I go over to the winning side? I distrust traitors.
As well you should.
I'm only yielding to you for my own benefit.
There is no trust or loyalty in that.
But is that not how Servants are by nature? Very well.
If I could not control you myself, it would speak poorly of my abilities.
Then I shall give you what you wish.
Tohsaka! Trace on! Shirou, you idiot! What do you think you're doing? So that appears to be that.
Your rude interruption was a surprise, but the outcome remains unchanged.
I shall finish you here.
Wait, Caster.
I want to attach one condition to my joining your forces.
A condition? I offered my freedom without resistance.
My price is that you let them leave.
For all your words and actions, you're soft.
No, I merely thought it would be wrong for a Heroic Spirit to cut down his heartbroken former Master.
Hearing common decency from a traitor's mouth is odd.
Very well, I shall let them go.
But if they ever get in my way again Of course.
If they are fools who would embrace a hopeless fight, they will be cut down without mercy.
Let's go.
For now, he's right.
If you hate me, it is misplaced, Rin.
This woman is the superior Master, that's all.
I side with the most powerful.
That's true.
But you'll regret it.
I'll never quit.
You hear me? I'll defeat Caster and take you back.
And when I do, I won't forgive you, no matter how much you apologize.
That's what you get for pulling a stunt like that! Get some rest! No, let's get back to my place as soon as possible.
Don't worry, it doesn't hurt that much.
You can't be serious! Don't tell me it doesn't hurt, not with an injury like that! Hey, are you listening? Why is this even happening? Couldn't you tell immediately that the church wasn't safe? I'm not that stupid.
Of course I could tell! Then you should have turned right around, idiot! How could you try a projection with those injuries? That'll only make things worse! And you're telling me you aren't in pain? I swear, you're so messed up! Well, you're hurting worse than I am, right? So let's go home.
You can gripe and moan once we get back.
Uh I can't believe this.
A guy made me cry.
T-Tohsaka, my hand— Shut up.
You're going to make this right, jerk.
Listen, don't you dare turn around.
If you see my face, I'll get really mad.
Archer was right.
I should have defeated Caster when I had the chance, no matter what it took.
I'm not whining or anything, but I always mess up the most important thing.
I can handle the second or third most important thing easily.
But I always mess up the most important one.
I can't only blame him for going over to her side.
I'm beaten.
After all I said, I suddenly found myself cornered.
I think this is where you're supposed to say, "By what?" Oh.
Then, cornered by what? You said a thing like that, so I got even more depressed that I failed.
That's only temporary, right? You haven't done anything to beat yourself up over.
Why not? We're in this mess because my strategy was so wrong.
That just means you failed at one thing.
But that doesn't mean you're wrong, Tohsaka.
To be honest, you look blindingly brilliant to me.
I don't regret things, either.
I believe what I've done was the right thing, but That belief is a mess of patches.
But once you get that regret out of your system, I bet you'll pay them back twice over.
By the way, why did you save me? Huh? How did you get that? Anyway, you can have it back.
I have another pendant just like it at my house.
After Lancer nearly killed me at school, it was lying next to me.
I picked it up, and I've had it ever since.
You have one just like it? Huh? Did I say something strange? No, not really.
Anyway, why would this be a reason for you to save me? Well The truth is, that was an afterthought.
If I must confess, I've always looked up to this girl named Tohsaka Rin.
Then, inconvenient as it was When I finally got around to talking to her, I fell for her even more.
So before I knew it, I had already jumped down there without thinking.
H-Hey, if you go around blurting out things like that without thinking, people will get the wrong idea! I really do have feelings for you! Y-You jerk! You enormous jerk! Thanks for coming to my rescue.
I was really happy that you saved me.
I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but before that It works best when the raw materials are pure.
Could we work with other Masters? You are about to die here, so is that any of your concern? Next Time The Princess of Colchis