Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Winter Days, The Form Wishes Take

1 Hold it! I didn't know who to expect, but I'm surprised to see Saber's Master.
You seem to have the will to fight, but that means nothing.
Without your precious Saber, you are worthless.
Hold on a second.
That guy is an acquaintance of mine.
What a coincidence, meeting you in a place like this.
Right, Emiya? Allow me to introduce my new Servant.
#16 Winter Days, the Form Wishes Take He's way more awesome than Rider, right? Beg for your life, Emiya.
I might even consider sparing it.
Never! Is that so? In that case, go ahead and die, you bastard— That's enough! You, the Servant there If you move so much as a finger, it'll cost your Master his life! T-Tohsaka You threatened him, rather than killing him outright, because you determined that killing him would not stop me, correct? That's right.
Even for you, losing your Master would have to be a serious blow.
Wh-What do you think you're doing? The situation has changed, Shinji.
That other girl will be a satisfactory vessel.
Oh, right How about this, Tohsaka? Why not ditch Emiya and join forces with us? You have to know that Caster is amassing power.
Ryuudou Temple is her altar this time.
If we do nothing, we'll be at a slight disadvantage— No thanks, Shinji.
It makes no sense to follow someone who's just a flunky.
What did you say? Kill them, Gilgamesh! Kill both Emiya and Tohsaka! No.
Unfortunately, we have run out of time.
If we tarry any longer, this will spoil.
Damn it! You'll regret this, Tohsaka! Because I won't make that offer again! You heard him.
You have a good friend.
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! It wasn't your fault, Shirou.
There was nothing we could have done to save her.
Why? You must have known you'd be killed if you showed yourself to him.
So why would you take such a risk for that girl? What's there to say? I stopped him because I wanted to save her, that's all.
I always thought there was something off about you, but this clinches it.
Shirou, the way you live is seriously twisted.
Twisted? That's right.
The way you value others more than yourself is wrong.
Listen, people have to put themselves first.
Yet here you are, always trying to help others.
If you keep doing that, you're eventually going to break! That isn't true.
In fact, I do it so that won't happen.
No, you're already quite broken.
So, tell me.
What happened ten years ago? Because I bet that's what made you so screwed up! You're wrong, Tohsaka All that happened was that I was saved.
Saved? Yeah.
That's all there is to it.
Something wasn't taken from you as a payment for being saved? No.
Kiritsugu saved me.
That's all.
I didn't lose anything.
It's just He looked so happy.
I admired that look on his face.
When I was rescued, that's the only emotion I felt.
I wanted to become someone like him.
That's why I thought if that happened again, I'd have to save every last person to make up for all those I turned my back on the last time.
That's my only wish.
Because otherwise, my being the sole survivor would be meaningless.
And I'm telling you that's messed up! If he saved your life, you should treat it preciously! After going through something so terrible, if you don't enjoy the rest of your life, what's the point?! Look Wishing only for other people's happiness is wrong! That's no different from a machine! Helping others is fine.
Knock yourself out.
But do it for yourself! Unless you live life for yourself, you won't even know what happiness is! Yeah.
I'm sure you're right, Tohsaka.
Then But it's okay.
I mean, wanting to live your life for others can't possibly be wrong.
Thanks, Tohsaka.
Honestly How can I say anything when you look at me like that? Fine, whatever.
If it's come to this, I'll think of something.
About that eighth Servant Gilgamesh.
He's a hero from ancient Mesopotamian myth, right? A hero who's half-god, half-man.
King of Uruk, seeker of eternal youth.
He's so powerful, it's almost unfair.
And yet What is it? He was definitely powerful, but I didn't sense much of a power gap between Blondie and Berserker.
Am I crazy? No.
On his own, he's on par with Saber or Berserker, or even less powerful.
The difference is his weaponry.
Each of the weapons he had was a Noble Phantasm, in itself.
No, I bet they're the weapons that the Noble Phantasms were based on.
Gilgamesh is the hero from the most ancient myth, so he must be a king who indulged in every luxury.
Then it makes sense that he has the origins of the myths, the weapons on which Noble Phantasms were based.
Which means his Noble Phantasm isn't the weapon itself.
The treasury that housed all the valuables he amassed in life is probably his Noble Phantasm.
In which case, it's no wonder that Berserker was no match for him.
If he has the archetypes of all Noble Phantasms, all he has to do is pull out the thing a given Heroic Spirit is weak against.
Seriously, that guy is going to be a problem.
But at the moment, Caster is the more pressing concern, so we'll have to put him off for now.
You two against her? Come on, you know that won't work.
Lancer! When did I last see you two? Not since that night? Shirou, get back! Tohsaka, run! I'll draw him off, so make a break for the forest! I'll hold him off! Keep your distance from him! Wait a second It sounds like you didn't hear a word I said when I told you to put yourself first! And I said that it's okay.
I've fought him before, so I'm better for the job.
He's infantry! My ranged attacks are better against him! That's my point! You stay clear and cover me! I don't know any pinpoint spells like that! If I did that, I'd blow you away along with him! Don't bite my head off! Why is it always overkill with you? Wh-What did you say, you jerk? He's dangerous, so I want you to stay clear! Finished already? I'm in no rush, so feel free to get it out of your systems.
Hold on now I have no intention of fighting you.
I couldn't bear to stand by and watch, so I thought I'd presume to offer my aid.
What? Did I mishear that? That sounded a lot like you were offering to help us.
What? Is that so hard to understand? You two alone are no match for Caster.
And since you aren't, I'm saying that I'm willing to lend a hand.
Yes, that certainly is presumptuous, Lancer.
Is this your idea? An order from my Master.
To form a united front until Caster's little army is beaten.
A valid reason.
But surely, there must be better candidates than us.
The guy who beat Berserker? He's no good.
We wouldn't get along.
But I'd have no complaints about his strength.
That's a smart decision.
Is that also your Master's order? No It was personal preference that led me to pick you.
You nearly killed me twice.
Do you think I'll believe a word you say? Of course.
The brains of this outfit is a fine, frank woman.
Such a woman is helping you, so you must be an eccentric softy yourself.
Meaning that you two are the best people to work with.
If you can't pick your job, you should at least pick your partner, right? I've liked you since I first laid eyes on you.
You're beautiful, stubborn, and gutsy.
If I were to have a female Master, I'd want her to be someone like you.
All right.
I'm on board.
But if Emiya-kun says he can't trust you, I'll pretend I didn't hear any of that.
You heard her.
What will it be, kid? Your character is being put to the test.
But on one condition.
If it means getting your help, we'll trust you.
But in return "In return" what? You want me to tell you who my Master is? No.
Just because we're on the same side, don't try to get chummy with Tohsaka.
Wha— Oh, I see! Right you are! That's way more important than a little thing like who my Master is, kid! Is there something wrong with that? Get this straight, I'm not giving you Tohsaka.
Of course not.
In fact, I respect you now.
Good for you, missy.
The kid is smitten with you.
Wh-What are you babbling about? Shirou and I are just, uh We're just allies, nothing more! Are you now? What's with that look, like you think you know all about us? Go on, tell him, Shirou! S-Say something, you jerk! I-It's as good as saying that we really are a couple "Really are," nothing.
You two have been an item for ages.
You're in for a bumpy ride, kid.
Well, I already know that Tohsaka is a handful.
I'll tread lightly around her.
But I must say, she's rather amusing to tease.
Surely just chatting with her isn't a problem.
All right, let's do it your way.
Until Caster is beaten, we'll accept your help.
It's settled, then.
Why, you Now I'm mad! If it's gonna be like this, I'll tear Caster apart all by myself! Shouldn't you be on guard outside? I got tired of going through the motions.
Caster's eyes cover the entire area around the church.
My standing watch is pointless.
And because of that, you act on your own? You'll prove quite a headache for Caster.
You needn't be concerned on that score.
Her watchful eye is on me, as well.
If she sees me acting suspiciously, I'll be dispatched via Command Seal.
If you know that, why are you here? You'll be scolded for shirking your duties.
I don't think so.
By the way, I never did have a chance to get to know you.
I am someone who was never able to cultivate an identity.
My own desires are indistinct.
As a result, and it's difficult for me to explain why, I wanted to make that woman's wish come true.
I believe that this is a human-like desire.
Caster's wish, eh? Her goal is to win the Holy Grail for herself, to set herself free.
You accept that? That is not a wish.
It is a duty to be carried out naturally, in the course of her life.
Even though Caster herself seems unaware of it, she simply wants to go home.
She has never desired freedom.
The decisive battle is almost upon us.
Return to your post, Archer.
If they haven't given up, this will be their final chance.
I agree.
My assumption has been that they will attack at dawn.
I forgot to ask something What is it that you consider right and proper? Let me think It is something that one does not regret, even if one has chosen wrongly.
I view good and evil as having equal value, so that is the only evidence of humanity in me that I see as worthwhile.
So, Lancer You know what your job is, right? Yes, my role is to fight Archer.
If worst comes to worst, I'll also have to deal with Saber, but keeping them busy won't be a problem.
Caster also has Assassin working for her.
A true worst-case scenario means you'll face all three.
Yeah, that bastard will be a problem.
If I had my way, I wouldn't face him even one-on-one.
But Assassin won't show up at the church.
How can you be sure of that? If Caster hasn't returned to Ryuudou Temple, wouldn't she call Assassin to her? Assassin may be a Servant that Caster summoned, but as a result, he has limitations.
He cannot leave Ryuudou Temple.
But enough about him.
Can you two really defeat Caster by yourselves? In a straight magic battle, you don't have a chance.
I suppose not But if I can face Caster alone, I think I can blindside her.
Ah, I see.
You have something up your sleeve.
Knowing you, I was certain you would come.
So, what little stratagem have you devised? You aren't the type to make a challenge without a plan in mind.
Yeah For the time being, you'll deal with me.
I'm surprised.
You made a pact with a new Servant within mere days after losing me? I know I'm not one to talk, but your fickleness is astonishing.
Perhaps breaking from you when I did was a good idea.
Something about you always did irritate me, but you're rotten to the core, aren't you? Does betrayal rub you the wrong way, Lancer? Given that it has nothing to do with you.
It just pisses me off that there are Servants like you! Lancer You two get inside.
I'll join you once I've dealt with this bastard.
But Archer is Yeah, I'll pull my punches.
He has to get on his hands and knees, and beg you for forgiveness.
Thank you.
I'm glad you were the one who offered us help.
Man, this has turned into a mess, hasn't it? What has, Lancer? It's nothing.
Speaking as someone who wouldn't dream of casually betraying his master, that little lady is pretty dazzling.
You're so softhearted, Lancer.
Do you know the saying "The grass is always greener on the other side"? What are you talking about? Like I'd know anything about that! Tohsaka? While I have the chance, let me say this.
There's really only one of these pendants.
What do you mean? This is the one that Archer returned to me On that day you were stabbed.
I always assumed that he'd just retrieved it for me.
That was all I needed to tell you.
Tohsaka Let's go.
I didn't come here to abandon something, but to retake something.
No matter what you try, you are no match for me.
You have a fatal lack of pride in your sword skills.
I told you, didn't I? Next Time The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs I only choose the option with the highest chance of success.