Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs

1 Why is Lancer helping them? What is it, Caster? Is there a problem? No, it is a trivial matter.
Please do not trouble yourself.
There is nothing to be concerned about.
I see Master There is something that I would like to ask you.
What is it? Earlier, in the chapel, you said something.
That you would be unable to fulfill your own objective.
But to my knowledge, you have no desire of your own.
The desire to obtain something.
To destroy something.
To forgive something.
You have never spoken of any of these desires that all humans possess.
A man like you had an objective? Perhaps.
I was treated as something not human.
I grew up never doubting that to be true.
As a result, I eventually took a life.
I bore that person no ill will, and it was not a matter of me standing to profit from killing him.
It was mechanical, carried out as per another's orders.
At that moment, I pushed from my mind the notion that I was human.
Regardless of any problems with the environment in which I was raised, my choices were mine alone.
As you said, I have no wish to return to my former self.
I have always believed that I am solely responsible for the way I live.
However I must return something, which must have once existed, to its rightful place.
After all this time, having a goal beyond simple existence is strange.
It is a completely self-centered thing.
But in the end, that's what all wishes are.
#17 The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs We need to defeat Caster before the fight between Lancer and Archer ends.
I know.
You're sure I can leave Caster to you, Tohsaka? Yes.
She'll probably have me on the ropes the whole time, but stay out of it, okay? You just keep Kuzuki-sensei as far away as you can.
Berserker is gone.
The one who'll be the biggest problem is Blondie.
But if we can get Archer and Saber back from Caster, we can beat him.
And then the Holy Grail War will be over.
Looks like she wants to wrap this up, too.
I graciously spared your life.
Have you come to throw it away, little girl? I didn't come to throw something away, but to take back what's mine.
Beating you, someone I really can't stand, in the process.
Saber I offer my compliments on winning Lancer to your side.
But you still have fewer pawns on the board.
Are you so transparently a child that you cannot manage such simple arithmetic? I've been thinking this for a while now.
That outfit of yours is a bit, you know A purple robe, in this day and age? What kind of bumpkin wears that? Also, this is your idea of a magic workshop? You're so stuck in the past, it's laughable.
Oh, dear.
Are all mages of this era so foolhardy? Now I understand why Archer deserted you.
Kuzuki can see everything That we're trying a divide-and-conquer strategy, and that you have a trick up your sleeve.
And even knowing that, he's letting Caster do things her way.
Shall we get started, then? This will be my third time facing you.
I'm tired of looking at your ugly face.
This time, I'll finish you off for good.
Bold words.
Do you honestly think you can defeat me, little girl? Of course I can beat your parlor tricks.
Is there any doubt? A first-rate mage like myself could never lose to a third-rate hack like you! I can see by your insolence that you are in need of harsh discipline.
Trace on! He knows exactly what our plan is.
I won't be able to buy time for long.
The Master, a close-quarters specialist, who had even Saber on the ropes Martial arts and magic.
We have no chance of winning when we're outclassed in both.
Meaning this fight will be to see how long we can hold out against superior opponents before Tohsaka puts her plan into motion! It isn't like that other night, is it? Sorry I had to go easy on you last time.
My stupid Master used a Command Seal to order me to return alive, without killing you.
But I'm not bound by that order now.
This time, I won't hold back And I'll kill you.
I can't figure you out.
You're this skilled, but you chose to side with Caster? Working with the little lady, you probably would have been a match for Caster.
I was expecting you to mouth off, but you're still going on about that? I chose the option with the higher chance of success, however slight.
Was that why? It was stupid of me to even ask.
No argument there.
But that isn't a certain path to victory.
You have a fatal lack of pride in your sword skills.
Unfortunately, I am devoid of pride.
But why does that bother you? Does it dishonor all heroes? Don't make me laugh, Lancer.
Dishonor can be washed away with success.
Feed your leftover pride to that dog.
Did you just call her a dog, Archer? It's the truth, Cú Chulainn.
If you have a hero's pride, cast it aside while you still can.
Well said.
Then you first.
You've heard of my spear's special ability, haven't you, Archer? Of course.
It has a cunning curse that reverses cause and effect.
It's certainly fearsome, but unless you get close, it's nothing but a sharp stinger.
But spears can also be used like this.
Here it comes.
Accept my blow as a gift for one about to die.
I'm well aware Gae Bolg, the spear whose curse kills with a single blow.
I know that when thrown, it is an anti-army Noble Phantasm.
It strikes for the heart.
Careful aim is crucial.
In which case, taking the blow head-on is the only way.
Gae Bolg! I am the bone of my sword Rho Aias! Son of a Not even Aias, which deflected the Trojan War's great hero's throws, can take this? I'm surprised.
To think there is a spear that can penetrate Rho Aias What you have is mightier than even the original Gungnir.
Who the hell are you? Just a simple bowman.
Do bowmen have shields that can withstand a Noble Phantasm? Under the right circumstances, they might.
But you can see that it didn't entirely work.
Even though I expended most of my mana, one of my arms is useless, and my Aias was completely destroyed.
Damn it That was the most powerful defense I had.
But enough about that, Lancer.
Have you noticed? Caster must be hard pressed.
Her prying eyes have stopped watching.
Have they now? I thought that might be what you were up to You sly bastard.
That was your intent all along? Of course.
I told you, didn't I? I only use the means that give me the highest chance of victory.
I really hate your guts, you bastard.
But my job is done.
Sieben! What was that tremor a minute ago? His goal is to take away my two swords.
I can't expect much integrity from rushed projections and impromptu swords.
I can make two more at most.
My job is to keep Kuzuki occupied.
I'm not going to quit before that job is finished Acht! You struggle so valiantly.
I did not think that you had such a trick up your sleeve, little girl.
Sieben! You are fending off my attacks beautifully.
Valiant indeed.
But surely you need not use the entire stone if you are only protecting yourself.
Yes, I know that I'm using them wastefully.
Caster's spells cover too broad an area.
Kuzuki is probably protected, but if I don't nullify her spells, Shirou will be burned to death.
You still intend to stay on the defensive? Your determination is impressive, but how long can you hold out? If all you do is block me, the outcome is obvious, little girl.
Six gems left Sechs, ein Fluß.
Ein Halt! Fünf, drei, vier.
Der Riese und brennt das ein Ende! Oh, have you finished? You have more gems, do you not? Why not keep trying until you run out? Those were my biggest guns.
If those failed, then even if I combine a hundred gems, my magic won't be powerful enough.
Oh, I see that you finally understand.
That no matter what you try, you are no match for me.
But it was quite entertaining.
It has been some time since I last fought a magic duel.
Yes, I consider you worthwhile, if only for that.
Does that frustrate you? Nevertheless, it is the truth.
You should actually be proud.
You forced me into a magic duel.
It is only a matter of time before that boy is beaten by my Master.
Let's wrap this up before then, shall we? Stark, Groß zwei! You profess to be a mage, yet you fight with your fists? Sorry, but for mages nowadays, the art of self-defense is a required subject! That's enough.
No way Tohsaka! You missed your chance.
Failing to kill her after four strikes is a sign of your inexperience.
You have my thanks, Master.
Had you not intervened, I would have been defeated.
Spare me the flattery.
What you need to do now is wake up Saber.
Clearly, these are not opponents to be underestimated.
That is a wise decision, Master.
If only you'd been a few seconds faster.
Trace on.
Souichirou! Are you unharmed, Master? Yes.
I am glad.
It would not do if you were to die.
It is a pity, though.
I had finally found my wish.
There is no need to grieve.
I will fulfill your wish in your place.
That is impossible After all, until this moment my wish was already being granted Archer I'd always suspected, but is it true? "Trace on.
" That's definitely what he said.
He spoke exactly the same words that I do.
We had a traitor within our ranks, eh? This was your goal all along, wasn't it, Archer? Yes.
But if I had to pick a metaphor, the Trojan Horse would be more apt.
Since it was a Grecian hero who was just defeated.
I see.
Caster made a mistake when she let a man like you into her ranks.
If you want to continue, I won't stop you.
Wait Why are you still going, Kuzuki? Caster's gone.
You shouldn't have any reason to fight! You're right.
I have no reason to fight.
Like you, I never had any interest in the Holy Grail.
Then why? This is something that I started.
I agreed to this, without caring about matters of good or evil.
I can't quit without seeing it through.
Saber Shirou? Wha? Damn, I missed.
Archer! What do you think you're doing? You can drop the act! Caster's been beaten, so I won't stand for any more of your nonsense! You won't stand for it? Why do I need your permission? You aren't my Master.
My pact with you was severed.
I don't believe it.
Why are you doing this, Archer? You still want to kill Shirou? Yes.
I'll kill Emiya Shirou with my own two hands.
That is the only desire I, a man reduced to a Guardian, have.
Leave this place, you and your false mentor.
Archer, your wish is wrong.
You want to give me a piece of your mind? Fine, let's hear it.
Then I entrust my fate to your sword! Next Time A Destiny Forged in the Beginning