Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

Unlimited Blade Works.

1 He's out of mana Don't get your hopes up.
Even if my Archer-class ability to sustain my life reaches its limits, it doesn't close the gap in our fighting abilities in the least.
Emiya Shirou, it doesn't change the fact that you're going to die.
#20 Unlimited Blade Works.
Rin, I will take your heart.
Kotomine, that's not what I was promised! He said he'd give Tohsaka to me! N-No! You can't have Tohsaka! Do you have any last words? I will grant any final requests.
You should know exactly what's going through my head at a time like this.
Not giving up until the bitter end is your hallmark, Rin.
You are also remarkable in that you refuse to, while simultaneously acknowledging immutable reality.
I admire that.
That contradiction is exquisite.
Lancer How did you I hate to break it to you, Kotomine, but if a scratch like this instantly did me in, I wouldn't be much of a Heroic Spirit.
Damn it all So this is how it ends, huh? Talk about stupid.
What were you saying about the Holy Grail being yours? Once useless, always useless, I suppose Isn't that right, holy man? But I won't make a fuss.
I don't hold a grudge over your actions.
And speaking ill of the dead is unseemly.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Tohsaka! We've had all kinds of interruptions, but it's finally just the two of us.
I can't have you going and dying on me that easily, Tohsaka.
It wouldn't be fair to me, not after I've been so patient, right? The Holy Grail is as good as mine! You still have a chance.
If you agree to be mine, I might even share it with you.
Good grief.
You still haven't learned anything? Don't you get it? You're the one who still has a chance, you idiot! If you don't want to die, get out of here right now! Grovel for me, Tohsaka! If I like what I hear, I might spare your life! I swear, you're beyond saving I'll warn you one last time.
Get out of here right now That's not what I was expecting to hear! Who's gonna stop me, huh?! Stupid kid.
You aren't worthy to touch that woman.
Excuse me? The dead man walking has an opinion? I won't grant you a painless death, got it? Hey, that's your cue, Gilgamesh! This guy says he wants a hero's death! Hey.
Come on What the hell is he doing? Aren't you listening? I said to get your ass over here! Damn it.
Stupid kid made me waste energy.
Thanks You saved my life.
Well, it just worked out that way.
You don't owe me any thanks.
Lancer! Crap You thought your projections were on the same level as mine? You might preserve the exteriors and material characteristics, but if there's no underlying principle to the construction, it means nothing.
Damn it! Now I get it.
That explains why you're so tough.
I've heard of magecraft that enables you to master old skills by communing with past selves and letting them possess you.
It appears that, every time our swords clash, your skills are being honed.
No kidding? Then I guess we're both copycats.
Keep talking tough.
I'll catch up to you soon enough.
Catch up to me? You have it completely wrong.
You truly don't understand anything.
I have what wrong? That you ever had the slightest chance of winning! This is how it all ended for him? I don't feel sorry for him.
I don't feel sorry for him.
I don't feel sorry for him! But But when I think that my feet will be taking me down his path, my heart feels like it will break.
What you believed in What you still believe in When I'm shown how it's really just a fantasy wrapped in lies, I Shirou! Judging by your face, that pathetic expression that says you're about to vomit, you saw it, didn't you? That simplifies things, then.
Everything you saw is true, Emiya Shirou.
That's what "catching up to me" will get you.
You should see it once more, with your own eyes.
The world where I ended up.
I am the bone of my sword.
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life.
Unlimited Blade Works.
Don't worry about me I'm used to this.
Dying because of some dumb order comes with being a Heroic Spirit.
Man, I guess we both got stuck with crappy partners, huh? You're right.
But I think mine was more "unmanageable" than "crappy.
" That's for sure.
Most humans are a pain in the ass, but that guy takes the cake.
So he was too much, even for you? Yes, but that's what made me try so hard.
As long as Archer was my Servant, I swore to myself that I would only do what I believed in.
I hate to say it, but I'm not the one to save him.
Because I think he's right.
His choices, his regret over them I think they're all justified.
I'm so dispassionate when it comes to that stuff, I even anger myself.
So all I can do is focus on myself.
Just like a certain someone once did, I'll keep going down the path I believe in.
That's the only gesture I can make.
That's about all I can do to repay him.
I wish I could have had a woman like you as a partner, but I never did have any luck at finding good women.
Damn it all.
I guess that'll never change, no matter how many tries I have.
You'd better get going.
I'll take him with me.
Goodbye, Lancer.
I didn't know you long, but I like people like you.
Silly girl.
Come see me again when you have a few more years on you.
The foolishness of appearing here, knowing you're no match for me A sham who's never had a goal of his own, obsessed with a stupid ideal his entire life.
Is it finally clear to you that that's what you really are? Saving people simply because you want to is a mistaken desire.
A defective person like you is a fake that never should have existed.
There is no point in such a person living.
I am your ideal.
It should be clear by now that you're no match for me.
I see Your refusal to accept me is only natural.
As long as I am your ideal, Emiya Shirou must reject me more than anyone.
Then let me ask you.
Do you really want to become a hero of justice? You're asking me that now? I don't want to become one I'm going to become one! Yes.
You must become one, no matter what.
And the reason is because that is the only thing Emiya Shirou is passionate about.
Even if that passion isn't something that comes from within himself.
From your reaction, it seems like you have always suspected it.
I no longer have memories of my past.
But nevertheless, I remember that scene.
Flames as far as the eye could see.
The pervasive stench of death.
Wishing for help when all hope was lost.
What I felt when that wish was granted.
The look of relief on Emiya Kiritsugu's face when he saved me.
That is where you began.
Your gratitude for being saved didn't come about until long afterward.
You simply admired Emiya Kiritsugu.
Because he looked so happy when he saved you, you were convinced that you wanted the same thing.
He's right.
I wasn't the one who was saved that day.
A huge fire without a single survivor.
A child who should have been beyond saving.
A man who found an impossible survivor.
I can't say which was the real miracle.
It's only natural for children to idolize their parents.
But what he left you when he died was a curse.
From that moment, you had no choice but to become a hero of justice.
Your ideals are second-hand.
Ideals that Emiya Kiritsugu failed to live up to.
You're just copying what he believed was right.
That's not A hero of justice? Don't make me laugh.
All your talk of wanting to help others wasn't something you decided yourself.
Someone like you thinking that he could help others That's the height of hubris! That's right.
You admired his wish to help others because it was so beautiful! Consequently, you have no passions of your own! If that isn't hypocrisy, what is? You've been driven by the obsession that you must give yourself for others Running along in your arrogance! Shirou! But in the end, you're just a fake.
Hypocrisy like that can't save anyone.
No You never knew what you ought to save.
Look! This is the result! Never knowing how to save.
Never having anything to save.
Know that embodying a cruel justice is how you will end! Your ideals are bankrupt.
Thinking that others are more important than yourself, wishing for everyone to be happy, is just a fanciful fairytale.
If clinging to that dream is all you live for, let it drag you down and drown you! Most of what he said was right.
But I felt like he was forgetting something.
I saw Hell.
I saw Hell.
I saw Hell.
I saw a Hell that I would arrive at one day.
You were Well I guess you were right.
Maybe I could have been more skillful.
You seem to have lost many things.
You have it wrong.
I'm here because I was stubbornly intent on losing nothing.
I didn't lose anything.
But Yes, there is one thing.
There is one thing that I forgot.
For the first time, I saw that Hell.
Hey, that's Hell you're walking into.
What was the point of you What was the point of my surviving that Hell? Why were we spared? Hey.
That's Hell you're walking into.
This is what you forgot.
I admit that, at first, it was just admiration.
But that admiration was built on a wish.
The wish for this Hell to be undone.
The unfulfilled wish of a man who only wanted to help others, but who lost everything in the end.
Even if that life will be that of a machine? Yeah.
Even if that life is dripping with hypocrisy.
I'll keep striving to be a hero of justice.
Now I see.
Her scabbard.
The link to Saber that Kiritsugu implanted in us, to save our life.
That is a sacred relic, not something that was summoned.
Even with the pact severed, its protection continues.
Steel is You wouldn't my body.
I can't be beaten by you! I don't mind losing to someone else.
But I won't be beaten by myself! So you're finally standing on the threshold.
But what of it? It should be perfectly clear by now that our skill levels are like night and day.
My arms and legs still work.
It was my spirit that was beaten.
I accepted that you were right.
My spirit was weak.
What? Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right.
I don't need any of that.
I'll become a hero of justice.
Just as you reject me, I'll use every ounce of my strength to defeat the me that is you! Archer is trying to kill the self that gave rise to him.
You'll lose all hope, just as I have! My dream isn't wrong! Next Time Answer